Baron David Of The House Of Ward Affidavit of Truth Statement of Fact

Download the Audio File of the reading of the Affidavit of Truth Statement of FACT

Study this Affidavit of Truth Statement of Fact, read it and read it and read it again until it sinks in just how powerful this Affidavit is. This affidavit was served on all the MP’s, 657 of them and is formally agreed on and for the record as FACT. This affidavit can not be rebutted ever and it stands as the Truth and FACT for all time. This affidavit proves, Law is nothing but a presumption, There is no government as we the people have never once in 800 years given consent to be governed, TAX is theft, Voting is a SECRET box, and money, fiat currency is no more than confidence, faith and belief.

This affidavit puts all government which is a state a company/corporation, MP’s, Councils, POLICE corporation no different to McDonald’s, Judges, ACTs and Statutes, rules, regulations and codes IN THE BIN as there is no consent of the governed.

What is “LAW” ?

“LAW” is merely a ‘presumption’, nothing more.
“Where a presumption is nothing of material substance and any presumption can be dismissed by a formal challenge”. In other words The (so called) “LAW” is just a bunch of words written down on on paper. It isn’t magical, it doesn’t appear out of thin air, it’s not just “because someone said so”. There has got to be a ‘FOUNDATION IN FACT’ of how something applies to you.
There is a claim of a “government” BY “the consent of the governed”, (that is the underlying claim), so with that word ‘consent’ there is either a contractual agreement, or there is the lack there of.
When you start looking at this logically you will think “how does this even apply to me?”, and once you become fully aware of the facts you will soon realise that it DOESN’T.

“The State” is a Legal Embodiment BY an Act of Registration, it is of no Material Substance.. So then how is this so called State/Company able to create “LAWS” ?, and these “laws”….how do they apply to you and I?

Well, the individual ‘in the Office of’ is operating under the presumption that just because you are physically in the UK these laws apply; IF this was to be the case then the individual is ‘claiming’ to have first-hand, personal knowledge that the circa 67.5 million people in the UK have formally signed the Legally required ‘Consent of the Governed’,
So that is a CLAIM.
“He who makes a claim bears the burden of proof and carries the OBLIGATION to provide the material evidence to support that claim”
ALWAYS keep the burden of proof on the claimant, NEVER make claims of your own.
Let the ‘claimant’ make the claims, i.e., CLAIM(S): –

The CLAIM needs to be supported by FACTS, Physical, Presentable, Material Evidence otherwise that claim becomes FRAUDULENT in nature, and a chargeable criminal offence not a presumption with no presentable, material verifiable evidence to support such claims being made by someone presumed to be in “Authority” like the Council or POLICE.

Basically that CLAIM implies there is a Legal and Legitimate Government that has the power to make “laws”. It implies that 67.5 million people have formally signed in wet ink the Legally required ‘Consent of the Governed’, and that the claimant has first-hand knowledge of this; It implies that 67.5 million people have formally and legally transferred their Power of Attorney every 4 years in the UK or each time there is a change in prime minister, and that the claimant has first-hand knowledge of this; It also implies that “the state/government” is of material substance, and that it has the ability to speak and act make up “LAWS” when it is a name made up from an act of registration ie a fiction.

Unfortunately for the claimant we can PROVE OTHERWISE. That Physical Presentable Material Tangible Proof is contained within the 64 pages of the Baron David Ward’s Affidavit.
This Affidavit was served on all 657 MPs in the OFFICE OF WESTMINSTER in 2015 and after 28 days the Unrebutted Affidavit created a binding, lasting tacit agreement to the content which was then made a public document when the BDW added the decree at the front of the affidavit that there is: NO LEGAL OR LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT on this PLANET.

Therefore, the ACTS AND STATUTES OF HM PARLIAMENTS AND GOVERNMENTS PLC CAN ONLY BE GIVEN THE FORCE OF LAW BY THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, the word BY creates a legal dependency which MUST be fulfilled, NEVER in 800 years has that dependency been fulfilled. There are NO governed people and there are NO governments as one cannot exist without the other by default, and ANYBODY on the planet can use this Affidavit as their own foundation in FACT.

Download the Affidavit (from the link above or from his website or facebook group below), read it over and over until it sinks in. Serve the Affidavit kept just as it is (via email, equivalent to recorded post) to all the MPs in office and any individual claiming to have authority from the “government” through an Act/Statute (Legislation) of HM Parliaments and Governments PLC Company/State.
That individual now carries the formal and noted obligation to provide a full rebuttal on a point by point basis to the Affidavit. No rebuttal means they have NO AUTHORITY and IF they continue THEN their actions are fraudulent in nature which THEREFORE, become Chargeable Criminal Offences.