2nd Email To MOD

Just so you are aware that this is being recorded as evidence against you for being complicit in the crimes against the british people.

For the millions of people that lost their lives in a man created deliberately so they could add a few more zero’s to their bank account during WW1 & WW2,
so you could live and be in the position you find yourself in today and they gave their lives for you


you brainwashed bunch of idiots had better buck your ideas up, we the people can see what is going on and who is behind it and you have a duty
to protect the people of this country from any treats of treason and you are doing nothing just helping the criminals.

Then there is 5G which is another weaponize device against every man woman and child, is there anyone that has their own mind that is not thick as 2
short planks working for the MOD or are you all complicit and completely brainwashed and only do as you are told by a bully.

I strongly suggest you people do some research and arrest that scum bag tony blair as he has ALREADY been found GUILTY of WAR CRIMES
as shown with the enclosed evidence but nothing has been done but scum bag blair walks around free after murdering millions of innocent people
and has taken millions in blackmailed money for selling this country including you reading this out and you just carry on like nothing has happen
high 5ing lol, we the people have totally had enough of the utter bullshit you think is reality.

All the MP’s are committing TREASON against you and the rest of us by doing nothing you are aiding and abetting carry on ignoring the truth at your own perils.

©Steven:of the family Kirk

2 of the last email addresses from the MOD have block access to delivering mail and therefore are complicit in these crimes against the people.