52 Leicestershire County Councillors Ignore TYRANNY Letter

On the 31 July 2017 I emailed the following people from the Leicestershire county council informing them that we are living in tyranny and provided solid proof to back everything up.

Below is the names of all the people I emailed and below that the actual letter I sent to the LCC.

Not one of the people from the Leicestershire County Council had the DECENCY TO REPLY absolutely disgraceful.

Dear Councillors,

As a decent honest human being I would like to bring the following to your attention.

We are living in tyranny and are forced in to debt slavery by this disgusting scam that we have been deceived into believing is reality.

Tony Blair has been found guilty in a court of law in Malaysia for crimes against humanity for the illegal war he purposefully caused and took this country to all for MONEY FOR HIMSELF.

25 Million reasons to lie his ass off deceive the public and say look black REALLY IS WHITE 25 million reasons.

Proof of exactly what I am saying except you didn’t see it on the BBC or any main stream media why because they are all paid by this hidden government who thinks they can do what they like laws don’t apply to them they murder innocent people all for money. The same hidden government that control all the paedophile MP’s, music industry, movie industry, doctors, nurses, schools, education, councillors.

WHY ISN’T TONY BLAIR IN PRISON??????????????????????????

No laws for the sick paedophiles the filthy disgustingly rich THAT MAKE LAWS UP FOR THEMSELVES and all laws, vat, tax, tax and more tax for the poor. Tyranny.

7/7 London bombings were deliberately caused by Tony Blairs government simply to take this country to an illegal war so Tony Blair could get extremely rich by selling this country out all for money. How much is Tony Blair worth last time I looked it was £25 million for being a lying bullshitting puppet selling this country out and walks around a free man. NOT IN MY NAME.

911 was caused by the American government George Bush for the same reasons as Tony Blair, took America to another war all for money. There were NO AIRPLANES on 911 the planes were digitally inserted to make it look like a plane went in to the twin towers. INSURANCE FRAUD is just the beginning also a diversion to what REALLY is going on. $2.3 trillion went missing from the pentagon the day before 911. More money lost to dishonesty, lies and deception.


2 AND A HALF INCH THICK STEEL verses 5mm millimetre thick aluminium no contest what so ever, but we were shown and then made to believe 2 planes brought 3 world trade centre towers down by a man hiding in a cave what a COMPLETE LOAD OF BS THAT IS.

Total proof 7/7 was caused by Tony Blair.

Proof of all the lies and deception that has gone on and still going on to this very day.

No planes on 911 and Larry Silverstein receives $4.2 Billion in insurance fraud has anything been done about that as well as Tony Blair? NO FA.

The Titanic yet another insurance fraud changing ships and sinking the Olympic but that is small change to the real reason why Titanic was sank. The federal reserve banking scam system was born when the Titanic sank. 3 Gentlemen by the names of John Jacob 4th, Isidor Strauss and Benjamin Guddenhein that were on the Titanic were against the federal reserve banking system and this is the reason the Titanic was deliberately sunk murdering these people and the rothschilds can introduce the slavery federal reserve banking system world wide. LOOK AT TODAY we are totally slaves all because of GREED beyond belief and these disgusting people just keep on making one BS law after another and everyone bends over and says how high. It really is about time you lot woke up and stop blowing hot air up everyone and do your job PROPERLY expose this TYRANNY.

Over the last 100 years there have been many many false flag events WHICH HAVE ALL BEEN CARRIED OUT BY THE GOVERNMENT. Here is just a few Titanic, WW1, WW2, 7/7/2005 London bombings, Thomas Hamilton, Jimmy Savile, Grenfell tower, Manchester bombings, London bridge bombing plus many many more.

All these false flag events are caused by the government and then blamed on a make believe 3rd party like “The Muslims” and off to another illegal war we go murdering innocent people so the paedophiles at the very top can add a few more zero’s to their trillions of pounds they already have.

Wars = PROFIT for the sick and twisted paedophile rich.

This brings me to the lying deceiving UN and Agenda 21 and now Agenda 2030 sustainability BS.

The depopulation of humans which is part of this sick and twisted Agenda. Who the hell do these people think they are deciding to depopulate the planet? Who exactly? And it is all hidden with BS wording like sustainability FOR WHO?

Proof of what I am saying. I prove my facts and I do not believe this or any government past or present and I do not see why I should contribute toward TYRANNY TAXATION in any way. This includes any TAX council tax included. I am totally fed up with all this deception, lies and utter bullshit being spouted by the so called prime minster and the sheep that follow.

Just look at all the insurance FRAUD that has been committed by the hidden government the government and other sick extremely rich people. Billions and billions paid out in FRAUD. What happens all insurance premiums go up why because they have paid out in claims in billions to their friends and the poor have to keep paying more for one BS insurance scam after another.

Now here is the main question ARE YOU AWARE OF THIS? If the answer is NO then where the hell have you been on vacation. NOW YOU ARE AWARE WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

I have provided you with CONCRETE evidence to EXACTLY what the hell has been going on behind MY BACK, YOUR BACK AND EVERYONE ELSES BACK. I hope you can feel exactly how angry and PI@@ED OFF I am finding all this BS out and it is coming from the VERY PEOPLE WE ARE MENT TO TRUST??? What side are you on YOUR OWN? THE GOVERNMENTS? Or the TOTALLY INNOCENT LIED TO DECEIVED TURNED INTO SLAVES WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE BRITISH PUBLIC????

Any SCUM FREEMASON OR SECRET SOCIETIES that are within the council need removing as these scum bags can not be trusted they are part of this and do everything and anything to make the agenda they have planned come about which includes MURDERING innocent people all for money it is totally pathetic.

Then we have the banking scam FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING if a bank has £10,000 of a customers money in their bank which is nothing but digital numbers the money is not backed by ANYTHING it is a simple IOU the bank can LOAN with interest 10x that amount. So with £10,000 the bank loans you £100,000.00 charges you huge interest on and if you don’t pay it back they take your house if you have a mortgage with them after they have created A DEBT from thin air and then charge you interest and the actual investor with the £10,000 is lucky if they receive £10.00 in interest from the bank and then you pay tax on the £10.

It is nothing more than A MASSIVE CON all by the banks which is backed by the government why to keep people as poor as they possibly can and make themselves as rich as they possible can because there is NEVER ENOUGH for these greedy disgustingly rich sick and twisted people more more more is all they want. More wars, more debt, more murders to get their own way, more money.

I have emailed this to all you councillors across Leicestershire lets see how many reply and what you have to say as I already know what you are likely to say. There is far far more what has happened and what is going on like GcMAF a cure for cancer suppressed for 25 years because of the phama drug companies. Money again they cause all diseases to give everyone a drug as a cure to continue to make profit at every given opportunity. Free energy Stan Meyers invented a car which ran on WATER what happened he was murdered poisoned in a restaurant.

Cancer is nothing but a massive scam another money making scheme how many charities are there for cancer and who owns them? I personally believe we have been using Nikola Tesla free energy for decades and being charged for nuclear energy. Money out of thin air exactly like insurance scams exactly like the banking scam. Money for nothing out of thin air deceived in to believing we are getting what we are paying for.

If all these departments are in total control by this hidden government it is very easy to do exactly what these sick people want because they keep making all the laws to suit themselves making them richer and richer and richer while everyone else suffers and are made poor due to their obsession with greed they have a incurable disease which is nothing but pure evil.

We are being deceived on a massive scale which has been going on for hundreds of years it is a slowly slowly catch the monkey approach which is why it is hard to believe or accept and any typical knee jerk reaction of it’s a conspiracy theory hahahaha. Please ask yourself who told you about conspiracy theories because it came from the CIA to do exactly that belittle people and make a show of them. You are not in control you are just following and repeating what the government wants you to say use your common sense if you have any.

I look forward to hearing from you with your enlightened reply.

Download the letter and send it to your council letter_emailed_to_52_lcc


In the video below you can see the so called ignorant councillors who think they are above everyone deceiving people and have no answers when presented with the truth that is backed up with facts.

Do you see all these councillors do any of them look like they are suffering in any way they all don’t look poor by any means and most look like they SHOULD HAVE RETIRED by now. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?

It is nothing more than a big boys club keeping everyone poor while making these people rich all these tax cuts are a joke and only end up in their pockets. These people are enforcing Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 causing TYRANNY.

I also emailed the very same letter to and once again there was no reply.

All these people are a complete disgrace haven’t the decency to reply and the main question is WHY???

Download the letter and send it to your council letter_emailed_to_52_lcc