Accepted For Value A4V

What I can say to you about “Accepted For Value” is, it is 100% applicable to the UK, and it is 100% correct for use in the UK in its current bankrupt state, I say current it was Bankrupt in 1869, evidenced by the “Bankruptcy Act of 1869” now located and understood, we are in fact in the equivalent to a (Chapter 11) Bankruptcy which is “Debtors in Possession”.

Not only do we show this piece of damming legislation as evidence of the bankruptcy but we also have the Amendment to the “Gold Standards Act 1925” better known as Bill 227 or 277 if “Hansards” have it correct which dissolved the connection to Gold in our currency as the bill was finally passed on the 21 of September 1931, hence why we now operate “Fiat Currency” which is backed by the tax or labour of the citizens, furthermore to back up the Bankruptcy claim is “double entry bookkeeping” which is just a claim and counter claim balancing exercise.

Whatever you chose to research we ARE in full bankruptcy, and so in bankruptcy the agreement is that all debt is to be forgiven, after all how do you pay anything if you are bankrupt?

Not to forgive debts is in full violation and dishonour of the bankruptcy we are currently in, and in this bankruptcy we operate a prepay account, this was done because you are “involuntary” in your bankruptcy status, well, after all, I don’t know about you, but I was not around in “1869” so I found myself in this position through no fault of my own? How about you?

Bearing all of this in mind, the only way to deal with this matter is to give you a means to live other than using your sweat equity (“cash albeit fiat”, that was earned using something tangible “your sweat”)

A commercial system such as this cannot deal in tangible equity, and so your prepay account was created, this is your “National Insurance Number” cleverly disguised as a means for them to charge you for nothing!! yes we have all heard the con that it’s for the NHS etc… that is simply not true!, it is in fact your means of paying for more or less everything that you need in your life.

I am hoping that you already understand the concept of the “Strawman” a nickname given to the legal appellation granted you at your registration, this is a legal entity, a fiction if you like! After all you understand that all of this commerce is total rubbish “truly” so in order for you to traverse the high seas of commerce, you had to be equipped with a vessel that was sea worthy enough to do it, it is here that your Birth Certificate comes in, when you are called into court, it is your “Birth Certificate” that is summoned really, as you as a human cannot operate in commerce so you must use your vessel!

So bearing in mind that we now understand that commerce is merely “Rubbish” a world of illusion, then it stands to reason that the legal entity must also be of the same making to traverse these murky waters, but my friends what has happened is the system somewhere, intentionally or not, started to flip the “trust”, instead of you using this vessel to do your bidding and to that end it would benefit you, what has happened is that you are held as “surety” so when your legal appellation is whacked with a penalty, you are held as guarantor and it is you who suffers the punishment with your sweat equity of actual physical body?!

Jurisdiction is established in many ways, (explained in part at John Harris’s talks) the insipid tiers of commercial law need certain details to establish “Joinder”  these details that you give thinking they are yours are simply your agreement to play as, and be punished as, the legal fiction!

Ok after that little bit of background, AFV (Accepted For Value) is merely your choosing to use your prepay account to settle and close “Proposed Liability Statements” this is done when a bill/proposed liability statement is sent to you addressed to your legal appellation by using either all caps or the “legal Title” Mr,Mrs,Miss,Mz etc etc… as soon as you accept these you are in contract!

So to correctly pay these Bills/Statements that are all illusion you need to pay with a type of funding solution from the said same system, you cannot pay with tangible equity, it has to be paid with the illusion that bore forth the bill in the first place.
You take the bill stamp if you have bought one, or write if not:





The exemption id is you NI number write this in red and your signature (which allocates the funds from your prepay account to settle this bill) must be in blue and the current date also in blue.

This must be done at 45 degrees across the bill (Banker Style) usually lower side to the left and the upper side to the right, this effects the payment.

Ok I said that this is 100% correct, and it is, if you intend on trying this you must have a working knowledge and understand what you are doing, and worst case scenario be prepared to back yourself up in court.

My experience has been that some honour it, some are totally confused and proceed to court out of ignorance (not a problem) and some just wish to keep “double dipping” (using your exemption to pay the proposed liability whilst hoovering up your sweat equity or cash if you like, which is fraud and stealing) OH come on you don’t think that the council that lost cash in the Iceland bank got the 50 million pounds any other way do you? Where was the interest going? Think about it?!

So you must be prepared to go to court to defend your position, we are at the tip of the spear, we are the beginning in this country, all those who follow us will hopefully have the path to freedom a bit easier.

The stages go like this:

Stage one: receive the bill/statement….. accept it for value and return it for settlement and zeroing of the account, best supplied with a set of accounting instructions.

Stage two: if the bill is returned then send it back again with a letter letting them know they are in dishonour and this is their last chance to settle and zero the account.

Stage three: If they still don’t accept payment, liquidate the bill direct to either the UK or US treasury, I use the UK now, as we have absolute proof of bankruptcy.

For more details of this process you need to study as I have.

Ok I have had two of these now, both Parking fines, one issued by “Wandsworth Council” this one has been beaten, albeit they have climbed down on a technicality (they do this often as they don’t want to give the game away i.e. paperwork stating “thank you for your payment, lol”)

What they have done here is a technical Climb down, smoke screening why they are closing the “proposed liability 
statement/charge certificate.

Yes I was parked on double yellows just outside 24 Roehampton High St unloading a PC from my car, and yes a highwayman (robber) was waiting to ensnare me and generate his bonus, and yes Indeed I moved my car, but get this! I did not drive off, I simply moved forward into a recently vacated slot few feet forward and he had already taken a photo of my car in the so called contravention to regulations.

So why if the ticket was not valid was a NOTICE/BILL to owner even served?, and why did they decide to skip the first lesser charge and state that I had ignored it and try to issue me with the trumped up charge “DOUBLE ££”

Ill tell you why, because the car was neither driven away, nor did I disappear! In fact I had to walk past him to return to my home, and let’s say that my attitude didn’t ooze happy happy thoughts of a sunny day in a field of flowers etc…

He did not give me the fine simply because he knew he was a dishonourable agent of a dishonourable corporation, he did not affix it to the car for the same reason, these guys know they are dishonourable wretches, and they fear that someone might at last deal them physical harm, at that time the someone was a scowling me, so he just whimpered back to base and they attempted to rig the game, hoping I would just roll over, however I did not!

Please see above the technical climb down, and the so called reason is just smoke!

I am at presently dealing with another for my father his car is a registered disabled conveyance and so to terminate this penalty wouldn’t have been too hard, but like me, my father wanted to go through AFV and show to the TPUC’s visitors whether this stuff is really useable, we risk cost to ourselves but it is important to make sure we are right and attempt to pave the way for you.

This one has had to go a whole lot further, we have presented payment once, and re-presented it twice more, then we liquidated it at treasury, we were threatened with Northampton Bulk clearance (Kangeroo Court) that issues liability orders like candy!

Then the Under Sheriff of Kent a “Roger Sykes Esq”, is called in to collect, BUT!! “boy do I have a surprise for him my friends!!” That will be coming up in part 3

To summarise: AFV is a valid process, it does work, and all research points to the corporation that dishonours you as being in the wrong THE RULES OF BANKRUPTCY ARE QUITE CLEAR and you have quite a few processes available to you if they don’t play ball, I tell you your power is quite massive in this arena, after all you are the ONLY sponsor of the credit in this world!

My advice is, study some of this before you use it, it will get easier, as the bold and brave people move forward and work hard to clear the path, the rest who follow will find the path less fraught with dangers.

Do not enter into this thinking it a silver bullet to waive all debts, this is a correct assumption agreed, but the insipid houses of commerce will not give up their grip on this fraud so easily!

I hope this has helped you understand a little more, and show you that people are moving forward and pressing the rules of commerce to their and your advantage.

Guy Euden