Affidavit To Ross Mcewan Natwest Bank

Affidavit Statement of Truth

A plain statement of facts.

©steven: as commonly called, of the kirk family

Care address

Private and confidential.

To, ross mcewan/you

25th july 2019

common law jurisdiction applies exclusively

notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

this is not a complaint, a query, a request for a statement/agreement and is not to be treated as one. by doing so, you will agree to pay (£5,000.00) five thousand gbp/personal property in damages.
do not refer to me as sir/Mr/Mrs/Ms or any title, which is a legal fiction name fraud and is not me. by doing so, you will also agree to pay (£5,000,000.00), 5 million gbp/personal property in damages.

to treat these notices/affidavits/documents/correspondences with the respect they deserve and by not doing so ie re-naming them you also agree to pay (£10,000.00) ten thousand gbp/personal property in damages. all correspondences must be under common law.

Do not CAPITALIZE any part of the legal fiction name and private dwelling the care of address above this is A-S-L American-Sign-Language and me/myself/i do not understand A-S-L should you do so, you will agree to pay £5,000,000.00 (five million GBP/Personal Property) as this is GLOSSA hidden/corrupt/poisonous text which is fraud.

Dear ross in your personal and private unlimited capacity,

Me/myself/i come in peace and me/myself/i expect to be treated as a man/freeman and nothing else.
A freeman is one not of a slave and my question to you is which are you a freeman or a slave.

Me/myself/i am/are not no ones slave and neither are you ross and me/myself/i am/are sure you agree also.

Me/myself/i will be respectful if the respect is equal, by that to be honest, truthful, to reply with the truth and nothing but the truth, to swear under the penalty of perjury on your full personal and private unlimited commercial liability.
The exact same to which me/myself/i have done. Anything else will not be accepted as the truth and must be also written in plain English no legalese or capitalized words whatsoever and stated written in plain English.

Having wasted two (2) phones calls to the staff at call centres to be totally ignored due to ignorance on their behalf deliberately deceived by and from those working above them to deceive the people. As you ross can see the account was created a number of years ago ending in xxxx is always overdrawn in banking charges which when the bank started claiming me/myself//i owe the bank fake fiat currency or promissory notes me/myself/i first phone call to the call centre and they were told the account will stop overdrawn in the banks charges which me/myself/i do not under any circumstance consent to now or at any time in the future.

2nd call was recorded and here it is link to video on youtube private for now.

Should you ross fail to address these unlawful charges by a foreclosed banking system that helps themselves to everyone hidden cestui qui vie trust 1666 at any opportunity they see fit, and now the criminal banking system have stolen 2 billion in currency to every man, woman and child world wide and 1200 a month for life by the swissindo to end world-wide poverty and enslavement caused by the bankers.

War after war and war caused by the bankers we the people have totally had enough of this utter nonsense under the foreclosed legal system and foreclosed banking system.

me/myself/i are the bank and not natwest a foreclosed corporation therefore trading illegally, unlawfully and surprise surprise fraudulently, create money out of thin air by fractional reserve lending up to 10 times of what the people have put into their own account for the banks to loan them their own money and fraudulently make the customer pay it all back plus interest, money out of thin air. When money is fiat currency totally worthless backed up with nothing, a promise to pay because we are in a two (2) trillion plus debt based economy an IOU and nothing more, and you ross have the nerve to charge interest on everything when you ross and natwest do not have any money to lend in the first place, utter disgrace to every man woman and child.

All corporations as of the 25th December 2012 are foreclosed this includes the legal fiction name your n-am-e which is a corporation


Therefore ross in your personal and private unlimited capacity making worthless money out of thin air should you not a bra-cadbra the account ending in xxxx back into credit with the exact same amount as the foreclosed bank are trying to steal from me/myself/i the flesh and blood living man then ross me/myself/i will sue you in your personal and private unlimited capacity for loss of my time as per the fee schedule and universal agreement sorting out a fraudulent claim of a debt created out of thin air by a foreclosed corporation.

Alternatively you ross can credit the enclosed promissory note in to the said account ending in xxxx which is backed up with a perfected commercial lien which has been uploaded to the UCC as security.
UCC filing 2019-075-7296-0 this must be returned to me/myself/i should you ross fail to use this remedy.

Finally prove me/myself/i ‘steven’ the flesh and blood living man/freeman owes this alleged debt to the foreclosed bank that creates money lol out of thin air by proving the actual accounting’s and to prove where the promissory notes came from to lend me/myself/i to go overdrawn in a debt based economy in the first place and that the foreclosed bank is financially out of pocket for a digital transaction money/IOU’s out of thin air a bra-cadbra and the money appears from nowhere created by the bank. If you ross fail to provide this information and fail to use either of the two (2) remedies a commercial lien will follow and all costs involved will be reclaimed.

Should you ross think for a second anyone in their right mind will have a RFID chip implant so the corrupt bankers can continue to enslave everyone, a cashless society well me/myself/i have news for you ross not a chance.

ross mcewan
135 Bishopsgate
Company No: 4070699 (foreclosed as of 25/12/2012)



*sui juris Without Prejudice UCC 1-308.

Sovereign steven: as commonly called of the kirk family. All Unalienable Rights Reserved.