Blaby District Council Served Notice Of Malfeasance In Public Office.

Any form of TAX is voluntary and NEEDS YOUR CONSENT. It is really that simple and over decades WE the people have been deceived with WORDS. Understand there is a massive difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL understand that and it is simple.

Here is a few questions:

  • Are you a corporation?
  • Are you a SLAVE?

Two easy questions and I am sure like myself did you think the answers are NO. No I am not a corporation and No I am not a slave, what planet is he on. The unfortunate truth is you are both a corporation and also a slave by the same corporation. Confused yes I was but when you look into things logically and are prepared to look beyond the main stream media’s propaganda of total bunch of lies and deceit it all makes sense.

When you are born our parents totally unknowing to our parents registered our birth because they were indoctrinated into “YOU HAVE TO REGISTER THE BIRTH” and then the corporation is created with the exact same name as yourself. Therefore your parents and yourself have been tricked by the government, councils, police force any CORPORATION that addresses you as a TITLE. The Birth Certificate is FRAUD.

Mr/Mrs/Ms are titles and are part of THE LEGAL SYSTEM and the legal system needs your consent and here is proof that policing in the UK needs YOUR consent.

In THERESA MAY’S own words she clearly say’s policing in the UK is by consent and that is ALL the Acts and Statutes they keep rubber stamping that comes from another country the UN and therefore the government have sold this country out and are committing HIGH TREASON which is exactly why I stand under Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 which the Barons invoked on the 23 March 2001 and sent a Notice Of Malfeasance In Public Office to my local council Blaby District Council.



This was the second Notice Of Malfeasance I have sent to the council as well as a letter about tyranny and I am still waiting for a reply from 52 county councillors across Leicestershire to have the decency to reply over 12 months later and they harass people for council tax. COUNCIL TAX IS UNLAWFUL and needs your consent they can harass and send offers out but fail on every level to reply to a letter let a lone a Notice Of Malfeasance In Public Office. I also billed the council for five million because they tacitly agreed by acquiescence and just like the letters it will be ignored.

More Questions:

  • Do you own your car, van, motorbike etc?
  • Do you own your house you live in?
  • Do you own your children?

Most people will say without thinking of cause I do I pay for them, it cost’s me a fortune in mortgage payments, car loans and children so I do own them. Really, if you have paid all these off in full obviously not including your children you still do NOT own them. I can hear it starting now “He’s talking nonsense” this is without looking at anything I only wish I was that intelligent to make those quick decisions. ANYTHING you REGISTER you are GIVING AWAY OWNERSHIP. Have a look at your car, bike etc’s log book and it states “THE REGISTERED KEEPER” and not the owner. So what is that all about, you are re-registering it back to them, they do not want us slaves to have anything. They want to keep everyone in total poverty while they the hidden government feast like kings at your expense and most are that stupid they can not see it. This applies to your children also why do you think they can LEGALLY STEAL your children right in front of you? THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE enslaves everyone because you and our parents UNKNOWINGLY put us on the slave ship without our consent or knowledge. This is why you do not own your children, your car or your home.


How or where do you think you get the money for your mortgage to buy a house from?

Wrong it is not the Banks they do not have the money, you get the money via a bank who accesses your TRUST account and then gives YOUR OWN MONEY TO YOU, which is your money in the first place and then asks you to sign an agreement to repay your own money back to the banks triple fold. So the corrupt, fraudulent Banking system loans you YOUR own money and then asks you to pay it all back with interest. Does that sound fair in any way to you?  These trust accounts can be found online and you use any numbers that are related to your legal fiction name. Birth certificate, driving licence, passport etc any numbers linked to you have a trust/bond on the market and these numbers are totally unique to YOU so why do they have Bond and Bank accounts linked to them?

Everywhere you look that is linked to a corporation is nothing but lies and deceit and we have all been turned into slaves without our knowledge or our consent. There will be a post on this so keep a look out for it and you will be able to see the bonds for yourself. It is accessing them that is the issue.

2 Responses to “Blaby District Council Served Notice Of Malfeasance In Public Office.”

  1. GrannyLegZ says:

    Well Done Steven!!!,
    People need to know the truth of the mass fraud being committed by the councils and the governments,
    Its time to wake up to the corruption !!