Bristow & Sutor Caught Trespassing

Bristow & Sutor a debt collection agency with no shame whatsoever caught trespassing when their implied rights of access have been removed and a fee of £9,950.00 is now going to be lawfully claimed. Below is the Notice of Interest sent to MR ANDREW MICHAEL ROSE, MR MICHAEL LAURENCE BYNG,  and MR RICHARD JAMES SUTOR of BRISTOW & SUTOR BARTLEET ROAD, WASHFORD, REDDITCH, WORCESTERSHIRE, B98 0FL and company registration number: 01431688.


Council tax or any tax is TOTALLY UNLAWFUL but because we the people have been deceived into thinking that ALL LAWS, ACTS, STATUTES and LEGISLATION are all the same and are the LAWS. To a degree they are but these Acts and Statutes, Legislation needs your consent for them to have any liability on you as a living man or woman. You must totally separate you the living flesh and blood man or woman from the legal fiction and it is very simple. Anything that comes address to you as a title Mr, Mrs, Ms are part of the legal system and that is where the consent is needed. Did your Mother or Father call you Mr or Ms as a child or even a grown up. After all these are the people who brought you into the world and have named you personally which doesn’t include a title. Therefore it is addressing the legal fiction and should you agree to being the legal fiction you get all the fines and taxes and penalties even imprisonment by agreeing to be Mr, Mrs or Ms which isn’t you.

The rest of the documents I sent to Bristow & Sutor can be found below: