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This is the process i used with the scum bags Bristow & Sutor a criminal foreclosed corrupt corporation.

It all started when i discovered all about council tax watch this video Sandy Steel and it is unlawful, by consent and voluntary and consequently i stopped paying council tax because it is fraud. All legal transactions are linked to your Birth Certificate which is Fraud. Every letter that comes addressed to the legal fiction name is addressing the Birth Certificate and not you the living man or woman and the letter gets returned to sender and copied and the sender billed for legal fiction name fraud and copyright and trademark infringements.

A few months went by and once a month a offer of a contract from my local council Blaby District Council was posted through my door, at no time did i open any letters just sent them back return to sender and then i would send the council a bill. This went on for a while and the next thing i am getting letters from Bristow & Sutor asking me if they have the right details.
So Bristow & Sutor got treated the same return to sender and billed for illegal fiction name fraud. i never open any letter that comes addressed to a legal fiction name, return to sender EVERY TIME DO NOT OPEN.
This went on for a while just like the council and the next thing Bristow & Sutor were knocking on my door pretending i the living man owe them money when there is no debt in the first place. They were told immediately that their implied rights of access have been removed which is irrevocable and he posted a letter and left.

Bristow and sutor were then served a notice of conditional acceptance which is i will lawfully pay any/all alleged debt(s) on proof of claim. If they or the council can lawful prove i the living man have caused harm and loss over this alleged debt the i will gladly pay my due. But when they are writing to a legal fiction another corporation, one corporation demanding payment from another there is a bit of confusing. I the living man is/are not a corporation just like you reading this but in fact a living breathing flesh and blood man. So how am i liable to pay a corporation tax, this is done by deceit and coercion and you agreeing to the legal system of lies and trickery. You agree or stand under the legal system you are liable for taxes and other forms of false fraudulent schemes they purposefully create to steal anything and everything from you right from birth with the enslavement of you on the slave ship by your parents unknowingly registering your birth and therefore giving ownership of you away without their knowledge or consent. Mr/Mrs/Ms/Sir/Dr etc are all legal fiction titles and are not you and it is not being courtesy or respectful towards you in anyway whether it be knowingly doing so or unknowingly.

Separate you the living man or woman from the legal system and ignore any letters addressed to your legal fiction name and return it to sender. If they continue like most do start billing them for legal fiction name fraud and the bills (Bills of Exchange Act 1882 and Bills of Rights) soon stack up and place a commercial lien on all the CEO´s and board of directors. Find out as much information on all of them date of birth, their home address, personal email, phone number and their photo and put a lien on them personally at some point this all will come out and these liens will then come law. If you have not managed to get payment by other means ie selling the lien which is what i will be looking at also.

Next i served both the council and sutors a commercial lien and this is the process i used.

Click on the links for the pdf’s.

Notice of Interest

This is a lawful Notice and it can be served on anyone. Within the notice of interest you must state your claim and to the value of the claim should they the living man or woman you intend on serving the notice of interest too fail to reply ¨WITH SUBSTANCE¨ and they must prove to the contrary of your claims.

You give them 7, 14, 21 or 30 days to reply but it is a 90 day process (from affidavit of obligation) so you might as well given them 30 days to reply with substance and sworn under their commercial oath with the penalty of perjury. They do not reply if they do it is addressed to your legal fiction name and are trying to commit fraud with your consent. So return it to sender and bill the sender for damages of legal fiction name fraud and also trademark and copyright infringements if you have copyrighted and trademarked your name. Why do they not reply and the answer is simple no corporation can physically sign a lawful document let alone have it witnessed. These are nothing but a business trading illegally, unlawfully and fraudulently and get away with it most of the time until people wake up and realize there is no debt in the first place and you owe nothing let alone the fiat currency is monopoly money and totally worthless.

Affidavit of Obligation Commercial Lien.

The next step after the 30 days has been and gone is to serve the same men or women and affidavit of obligation commercial lien and that is where you start off by asking them do you agree with these laws and the first few pages are the laws that they use so they have to agree with those few pages on the laws. Then you state your truths in a point for point basis and make sure you have and can back up all your truths do not lie at all state what you know do not exaggerate your truths keep them true and straight and they will not be able to rebut any allegation you have claimed in the same manner ie point for point. This must be witnessed at a commissioner of oaths. notary if you can find one that will do it or have 2 or 3 witnesses to witness the affidavit of obligation commercial lien and sent it recorded delivery printing off the delivery receipt when it was received.

Give them 30 days to rebut your claims and there must be a section for leggering which is the value of the lien/claim and what will be the security of the lien/claim and also a fault and default section explaining what will happen should they fail to reply and rebut your allegations and claims for damages.

Notice of Fault Opportunity To Cure

Like the rest of the corrupt corporation 30 days later and they do not reply so the next is to serve the same men and women a notice of fault and opportunity to cure and i give them 3 days to effect remedy and cure and if they fail to do so i will get a default certificate and proceed with the claim. Again this is witnessed like above commission of oath, notary or 3 witnesses and send them a certified copy of the original notice/affidavit/default certificate.

Notice of Default Default Certificate.

When the 3 days have passed and you still have not had a reply from any of them let alone with any substance you get the certificate of default again have it witnessed and you keep this safe as this is the absolute proof of your claim. You have served lawful notices and they have completely been ignored and have not been replied to.The Affidavit of Obligation Commercial Lien must have a tracer flag on from the beginning and that is when the process begins, when you have served them the affidavit of obligation commercial lien. We are at 33 plus days (which is now mature) into the 90 day process of the lien now we need to get this in the public and on record and then these lawful notices will be worth what is written on paper in your affidavit of obligation commercial lien. An unrebutted affidavit stands for the truth in commerce and is also the judgement in commerce. Unrebutted means your truth is the truth the law and the judgement and is now an account receivable after the 90 days. It is known then after 90 days as a perfected lien.

Within the affidavit back up all your claims with exhibits A-Z, 1-100 etc as proof of your claims for them to rebut but they simply can´t/won´t/don´t. You have to give them absolutely nowhere to run and back everything up with solid evidence, any false claim they can rebut and if they do rebut it you then remove that single claim if you agree with their claim and the rest of the affidavit stands as truth and law and is the judgement which is why you don´t need a court a judge or a hearing the process is going on the moment they are served notice and 90 days later when it is a perfected lien it becomes an account receivable.

UCC Filing

I filed a UCC financing statement and added bristow and sutors ceoś names as a debtor so it is in and on public record the next step is to advertise the lien as much as possible.

Leicester County Court

I have sent in today by recorded delivery number GQ3144 8086 8GB two affidavit that are matured and a few weeks from being perfected. I have already sent one commercial lien into the Leicester County Court only to be sent to Northampton and then returned to myself. This is obstruction of justice and they judges. clerks or anyone interfering in/with the commercial lien process will be added to the lien as a debtor and the standard commercial penalty of 3 plus 1 will be added as well as a notice of interest being served.

Common Law Court.

I will be uploading the lien to the common law court and will post the link to it when it is complete.

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Below is the visits i have had from bristow and sutors trying to gain joinder by continuing to commit fraud trespass by any means and totally ignoring the law.

On the 9th April 2018 the first of many visits from bristow and sutors and every time after this first visit they ie bristow and sutors were verbally told that their implied rights of access have been removed and is irrevocable and i sent their office a notice of acceptance and they are to provide with evidence of any contracts i the living man have signed and agreed to. Which to this day they never have supplied and every letter i received is always addressed to the legal fiction name and that is committing fraud against myself the living man. This applied to everyone are you a legal fiction or a living breathing man or woman, the legal fiction name is your birth certificate and not you the living man or woman and it is this confusing all caused and created by past and present governments to keep everyone in slavery without their knowledge or consent. Treason is being committed day in day out and no one gives a shit. Where has everyones backbone gone, everyone is not seeing what is really and truly going on when it is in plain sight.

Another visit from now trespassing breaking yet more laws bristow and sutor on the 14th june 2018 and he reads the removal of his and the corporation known as bristow and sutors irrevocable implied rights of access and continues to try to knock on my door as light as possible.

Bristor and sutor get billed for trespass and fraud for the illegal fiction name fraud and send yet another different interloper to try and get payment from an alleged debt of non payment of unlawful council tax. On the 10th july 2018 bristow and sutors are caught trespassing once again and continue like nothing has been served to them and have had their implied rights of access removed many times. Bristow and sutor caught trespassing.

And they continue to carry on reading that their implied right of access have been removed and the fee for damages is agreed at 9,950.00 and again i billed bristow and sutor for trespass times by seven as per their own agreement in Leviticus and it was the same when they posted a letter through the letterbox addressed to the legal fiction name and continued to commit fraud.
On the 07th august 2018 another crime of trespass and the use of the legal fiction name and again i billed bristor and sutor with Leviticus times seven for their sins. Bristow and sutor caught trespassing AGAIN.

It is now september  the 10th 2018 and a week after the above visit i had another visit but wasnt totally sure it was bristow and sutors but he came the same with a name badge but was facing the wrong way so i was unable to see it was these or not.
Its about this time they come knocking once a month and yet another different face knocking on my door looking for joinder and to offer their contract which i have never opened any/all their bristow and sutors mail has always been sent back return to sender exactly like i do with the council. Caught AGAIN Bristow and sutor trespassing.

To be continued…