Is Cancer A Man Made Disease

This subject is very personal to me because I lost my Mum to this disgusting man created disease and many cures for this disease have been suppressed for decades to purposely DEPOPULATE the planet along with making TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of pounds/dollas by the greedy disgusting PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES. Keeping people sick equals more PROFIT for these people who really don’t care about you or your family only how much can they get out of you by taking your money.

Below is a list of CURES for cancer that have been suppressed.

  • GcMAF
  • Cannabis oil
  • B17
  • Turmeric and Black Pepper
  • Dr Bob Becks colloidal silver pulsar machine
  • Bicarbonate of soda

Having seen exactly what cancer is and did to my Mum I was not at all happy with the treatment she received because it was SUPPOSED TO BE GALL STONES and it took MONTHS to get an oppointment from the NHS to which SHE NEVER MADE all because of delay after delay all done DELIBERATELY and we pay tax for this utter rubbish.

Let have a look at these cures GcMAF is a natural protein that is naturally produced in our own body but if you have medication from your doctors this can stop the production of GcMAF in your body.

Just as I am writting this I come across news headlines about cancer and it make my blood boil so I made this video below and you will see it is all about money yet again we have a cure and its 475,000 and as I said in the video these people love their numbers and we can get 666, 777 from the 475,000 as well as 2 eights, 33 which is 8.
So we have the creation of a so called cure for cancer at 475,000. Instead of producing GcMAF naturally in your own body that would cost NOTHING the pharmaceutical companies charge 475,000 for the treatment and has an 83% success rate 3 eights.

They create money out of thin air and it is the same with this wonder cure for 475,000 money out of nothing,

In the next set of videos Richard D Hall explaines in very good detail a number of serious diseases that have been created by the pharmaceutical companies all for profit for money remember HIV and AIDS ever wonder just how really that did get started. Cancer and other diseases are explained. There are 3 parts to the videos all around 30 minutes long but are well worth the watch to learn more on different diseases.

B17 is a vitamin and it is found in grape seeds and if you look in your local industrialists supermarket you will find seedless grapes on the shelves. This is all down to monsanto altering the dna of grapes so they don’t produce the seed to produce the vitamin B17. If you are awake and you know what is really going on you can see this is one brother helping another brother helping another brother.

All these natural vitamin and proteins that are in nature are being alter or suppressed for the big pharmaceutical companies. Lets have a look on the doctors front for a moment they just follow the latest guidelines to prescribe what drug for what disease and may push certain drugs to get the practice bonuses they do not care about you like they should do they just follow orders like the people above them do.