Does Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer.

Here in his own words in the video below Rick Simpson explains of his cancer and the NATURAL CURE from a plant, a weed called cannabis but the legal system makes it illegal to use which is by consent. Lawfully you can grow cannabis which is under your unalienable rights.

There are many other natural remedies to cure Cancer this man made manufactured depopulation disease which is being suppressed by the governments and big phama companies. All to make you constantly ill reliant on their crap poisonous DRUGS, while milking the NHS not forgetting they are full of poisonous METALS and not natural plants or herbs.

Then we have the scamming CHARITIES especially Cancer research all part of the club which has been going OVER A HUNDRED YEARS milking people of their hard earned money because their relatives, their Mum or Dad is or has died from the disease. It is absolutely disgraceful what is really going on for those that can see. Red Cross in another one and again owned by the rothschilds, that evil family. ALL charities are a scam just like the banking industry. Total fraud and treason committed on everyone man, woman and child if you have been registered namely your Birth Certificate.