Council Tax Is Unlawful

This just in from one of our “whistleblowers” inside a Council in the East Of England. Council tax insider breaks cover to reveal councils dirty secrets

For reasons of protecting the identity of our “source” we have removed any reference that could lead to him/her

I started working in the council tax department in 2007. After a training period of around 4 months i was considered trained to a sufficient standard, and was let loose.

I noticed immediately the attitude of 90% of my co-workers. It was very negative. Typically, they were very confrontational with the tax payers, the people we were employed to help (allegedly).

It quickly became quite clear that the behaviour of the council tax machine was infkuenced by one thing: collection rates.

Its worth noting that the target rate is around 99%. In fact, its probably worth noting a few things at this point:

there are 8 bands of council tax, A-H, H being the highest
A= £950 pa, B= £1120 pa, C= 1300 pa D= £1450 and so on
In the time that I’ve been there, i’ve learned a lot.

I’ve learned several ways that people shoot themselves in the foot, and i’ve learned the ways that people can avoid paying, and often get away with it.

If you’ve applied for any type of housing or council tax benefit in the financial year, you have inadvertantly agreed to pay council tax. not nice, but now you know. Always read the small print.
When you receive your council tax bill for the forthcoming financial year, if it does not include a little booklet (usually A5) the bill is not valid.
For any bill to be valid, it needs to be considered as ’served’. Returned mail is not considered ’served’.

Like it or not, council tax is actually due in full on 01 April every year, as per the Local Government Finance Act 1992. Councils offer a monthly installment scheme as advised by central goverment.
Once you start paying for any financial year, you’ve already accepted the services being offered, so if you dont want to pay, dont pay at all. Look up ‘deemed contracts’ – similar thing.

If you get summoned to court, the summons is only considered served if it not returned to the council. If the summons is returned to the council, it is invlalid, and no court hearing will go ahead. Very simple.
No court hearing = no enforcement, AT ALL.
once a court hearing goes ahead, the council are obliged to collect the money by any means: bailiff, attachment of earnings, charging order – i can expand on these at length if you want me to.

I dont agree with any of the above, but i do know a lot about it, so i invite you to use my knowledge as a resource. If its council tax related, i’ve done it. If its bailiff questions, I probably know the answer. If you need to know about how the council trace you, I know this too. I know what will work, and what wont and am happy to share my knowledge with you.

“We will be bringing you a lot more from our source and its surprising now how many good people there are in the councils who are now coming forward and talking to us – thanks again to our source for this intro”

If you are a Council Employee and you are fed up with the way that Councils abuse the rest of us then I encourage you to come forward – drop us line here at the site by adding a comment to a post – we wont publish it – but we will contact you and rest assured your identity, if you choose to give it, will remain secret at all times.