Email Sent To MOD

I for one are absolutely sick to death of the constant chemtrails poisoning everything living on a daily basis and has been going on for decades and is being stepped up you are complicit by continuing and doing absolutely nothing to stop these total stupid idiots.

The amount of evidence of this is overwhelming a scumbag by the name of david keith harvard university geoengineering sugar coated bullshit, that is the language of today sugar coated bullshit and everyone is ok with lies after lies as long as some idiot replies with sugar coated bullshit.

The foreclosed treasonous government are committing treason but thats all good with you idiots isn’t it eh just follow orders like a good little slave don’t have a mind of your own do you murder, kill cause treason, genocide war after war all for a promise to pay all caused by the corrupt banking system that creates money out of thin air to loan to you slaves.

i can provide many many more links lets see if i get a reply and if the reply is climate change, CC=33 masonic bullshit money making scam caused by the treasonous government that were put in place by the people not the other way around. Government did not come before man therefore can never be above man let alone poison men women children pets and everything living and continue. Are you lot completely thick as shit? are you serious this stupid? it beggars belief you stupid idiots can not see it. And the pilots will be held accountable for this as well as the criminal in government what a joke you have allow this country to become. So do not be making silly sugar coated replies with the words climate change utter bullshit.

Contrails oh really we certainly are being conned and it leaves a trail of poison containing poisonous metal. aluminium, barium, strontium, lithium plus other but that all good with you stupid dumbed down morons that work for the treasonous government and the treasonous royals but thats all good.

Brexit while i’m at it treason and high treason which both carry the death penalty is being caused by this criminal paedophile government what do you intend to do about it? REPEAL THE 1972 Act paedophile Ted Heath took us into and we walk away from the EU not paying a penny but no look just how many BILLIONS go to those un-elected bureaucrats for making up childish pathetic RULES and then force others to enforce the RULES on sovereign men and women which is not acceptable and they have been push a NEW WORLD ORDER and one world government and total enslavement for everyone else for centuries they just dumb down everyone to continue their stupid sick plans and you are aiding and abetting knowing or not knowing. You are noticed now.

Why are we allowing 10,000 soldiers from 13 different countries on the 30th March in this country to do “exercises” which will more than likely turn into a live event like 7/7 and was caused by Charles Anthony Linton Blair and his treasonous government but you dumbed down yes sir follow orders sir people are totally brainwashed. Again we have 33 twice using the silly masonic numbers because they double and treble bubble everything. 

What part of TREASON, HIGH TREASON means nothing eh? all i see is a bunch of brainwashed dumbed down idiots following orders you seriously think that is going to wash? deluded. 

©Steven:of the family Kirk