Email To The MET

Please tell us everything you can about what you’ve seen or heard and why it raised your suspicion.

All Governments have committed crimes against all man kind and it has been going on for thousands of years here in Great Britain as the UK is nothing to do with Great Britain.

This enslavement without consent or knowledge is totally unacceptable now or at any time in the future. We as people voted to leave the EU, as is now named Brexit with conditions, we voted to leave FULL STOP. Ted, Edward paedophile child murder, child rapist Heath TREASONOUSLY SOLD THIS COUNTRY INTO THE EU, All that is needed is to repeal the 1972 Act and we LEAVE the treasonous EU. One World Dictatorship forever without PAYING A PENNY, let alone in the BILLIONS of OUR MONEY which is worthless How dare you continue to turn a blind eye time and time again, you like the government are put into position by the people and bribed to commit treason against sovereign men and women by the scum of the earth the rothschilds all for a worthless bit of paper.


video of the court trial, just how much evidence do you need, this scum bag is a murderer, committed treason and repealed the treason act which is an act of treason itself. But cause blair is as thick as shit he forgot to repeal the high treason act which carries the death penalty. i for one insist he hangs for these crimes he has already been found GUILTY OF in a COURT OF LAW. And the corruptions goes on and on here is a notice served to diana thompson still waiting for a reply and i bet i won’t get a reply from anyone here cause they have no backbone and are willingly selling every man woman and child out in this country.

You people are put into this position by us the people and you follow CORPORATION RULES and try to enforce them on the people just WTF do you think you are doing? are you not sick to death of talking billy bollocx cause i’m sick of listening to it.

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