First And Final Warning Ross Maxwell Mcewan NATWEST

First And Final Warning

Recorded Delivery NJ 5093 1031 2GB

steven: me/myself/i
Care of address

Private and confidential.

To, ross maxwell mcewan/you/your

01st October 2019

common law jurisdiction applies exclusively

notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

this is not a complaint, a query, a request for a statement/agreement and is not to be treated as one. by doing so, you will agree to pay (£5,000.00) five thousand gbp/personal property in damages.
do not refer to me as sir/Mr/Mrs/Ms or any title, which is a legal fiction name fraud and is not me. by doing so, you will also agree to pay (£5,000,000.00), 5 million gbp/personal property in damages.

to treat these notices/affidavits/documents/correspondences with the respect they deserve and by not doing so ie re-naming them you also agree to pay (£10,000.00) ten thousand gbp/personal property in damages. all correspondences must be under common law.

Do not CAPITALIZE any part of the legal fiction name and private dwelling the care of address above this is A-S-L American-Sign-Language and me/myself/i do not understand A-S-L should you do so, you will agree to pay £5,000,000.00 (five million GBP/Personal Property) as this is GLOSSA hidden/corrupt/poisonous text which is fraud.

Dear ross in your personal and private unlimited capacity,

This is the final and last warning before a commercial lien will follow in your personal and private capacity.

Enclosed is a Common Law Court Order regarding the foreclosed banking system over fraudulent mortgages, play with fire you will get burnt.

This is the final warning if you ross fail to address this to me/myself/i satisfaction me/myself/i will have great pleasure in convening a Common Law Court to retrieve the promissory note and you agree to pay any and all costs, that you have stolen to the value of five hundred thousand GBP fiat currency (£500,000.00) against you in your personal and private capacity. Which means your personal and private property in gold, silver any property fixed or removable, Do you understand the seriousness of this claim if you do not me/myself/i strongly advises to seek lawful advice. Or do the honourable thing and credit the account ending in 632 that you have made overdrawn by unlawful charges without me/myself/i witnessed written consent to the value of the promissory note that you have already received.

Bare in mind 2 people are witness to this promissory note and 3 people agree it has value due to the perfected commercial lien which is a security.

Under no circumstances will me/myself/i be paying any of your unlawful rip off charges when me/myself/i am/are the bank and not the foreclosed bank of NATWEST a foreclosed corporation.

Find enclosed a bills for charges of unauthorized overdrawn charges, each and every time you fraudulently without consent add more of your corrupt fees me/myself/i will bill you in your personal and private capacity and the standard commercial penalty will apply of three plus one (3 + 1) and you agree.

You have seven (7) days from receipt of this instrument to address this before me/myself/i serve you a commercial lien.

ross maxwell mcewan

135 Bishopsgate

Company No: 4070699 (foreclosed as of 25/12/2012)



*sui juris Without Prejudice UCC 1-308.

Sovereign steven. All Unalienable Rights Reserved.