How To Win In Court

How to win in Court without a solicitor, lawyer. This online 24/7 course will help anyone in the following situations.

Learn How to Control Judges in Just 6 Hours.

Complete Procedure and Evidence Tactics.

Case-Winning Strategies that Work!

Rules Control Judges … nothing else does!

No more guesswork about what you’re doing.

Control lawyers.

Persuade AND control judges.

Any case. Any court.

Learn quickly, or take your time with 24/7 online access.

On smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Everything you need … step-by-step.

Covers procedure and evidence from initial pleadings to final appeals.

Sample forms with simplified explanations you can use.

Created by an attorney with 37 years of winning for his clients.

5-hour video seminar.

2½ hours of downloadable audio clips.

48 in-depth case-winning classes.

Flowcharts & Outlines.

Free online legal research tool.

Free Legal Dictionary with common-sense definitions.

Q & A Forum to get and share tactics and ideas.

Final Exam and honorary Law Degree.Law Degree

Can’t afford a lawyer?

Win without one!

Paying a lawyer?

Make your lawyer fight!

Force witnesses to answer.

Force opponents to produce evidence.

Force lawyers to obey the rules.

Force judges to obey the rules.

Force everyone to obey the rules … so you can WIN !

State or federal. Civil or criminal.

Quick and easy.


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