IOPC Complaint

Affidavit Statement of Truth

A plain statement of facts.

©steven: as commonly called, of the kirk family
Care of address

To, Rosemary Gannon and Amy Roscoe

Independent Office for Police Conduct

PO Box 473


M33 0BW

01st July 2019

common law jurisdiction applies exclusively

notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

this is not a complaint, a query, a request for a statement/agreement and is not to be treated as one. by doing so, you will agree to pay (£5,000.00) five thousand gbp/personal property in damages.
do not refer to me as sir/Mr/Mrs/Ms or any title, which is a legal fiction name fraud and is not me. by doing so, you will also agree to pay (£5,000,000.00), 5 million gbp/personal property in damages.

to treat these notices/affidavits/documents/correspondences with the respect they deserve and by not doing so ie re-naming them you also agree to pay (£10,000.00) ten thousand gbp/personal property in damages. all correspondences must be under common law.

Do not CAPITALIZE any part of the legal fiction name and private dwelling the care of address above this is A-S-L American-Sign-Language and me/myself/i do not understand A-S-L should you do so, you will agree to pay £5,000,000.00 (five million GBP/Personal Property) as this is GLOSSA hidden/corrupt/poisonous text which is fraud.

Dear Rosemary and Amy/you

Me/myself/i come in peace and me/myself/i expect to be treated as a man/freeman and nothing else.
A freeman is one not of a slave and my question to you is which are you a freeman/woman or a slave.

Me/myself/i am/are not no ones slave and neither are you reading this and me/myself/i am/are sure you agree also.

Me/myself/i will be respectful if the respect is equal, by that to be honest, truthful, to reply with the truth and nothing but the truth, to swear under the penalty of perjury on your full personal and private unlimited commercial liability.
The exact same to which me/myself/i have done. Anything else will not be accepted as the truth and must be also written in plain English no legalese whatsoever and stated so.

This complaint is written as an affidavit and has been witnessed and will be used against all the Lien Debtors in their private and personal unlimited capacity the police constables that have not been standing under their Oath of office should me/myself/i have to take this to a small claims court to get the remedy.

Police constable Michael Payne actions so far, for an alleged offence:

  1. On the 05th May 2019 two (2) totally different police constables breached my peace a third time, trespassed, knocking on my door and ringing the doorbell, came uninvited and without an appointment. Police constable michael payne and police constable Jodie Neal. Exhibit L.M.
  2. A postcard is posted through the letterbox. Exhibit T.
  3. The result of the postcard was an exchange in emails between me/myself/i and police constable Michael Payne. Exhibit E.
  4. Chief Constable Simon Cole was copied in on the email.( E.
  5. Michael Payne has been served the following notices in the email exchanges: Exhibit E, UCC 1-308.
    1. Second Notice First and Final Warning served on the 05th May 2019 by email ( Exhibit F1.
    2. Notice First and Final Warning served on the 23rd April 2019 by signed for delivery service recorded delivery number NJ 5093 1017 5GB received on the 24th April 2019. Exhibit F.
    3. Notice of Removal Of Implied Rights Of Access. Exhibit H.
    4. Case Law on Removal of Implied Rights of Access. Exhibit I
    5. Me/myself/i Notice of Understanding, Intent and Claim of Right. Exhibit G.
    6. The same said Notice of Understanding, Intent and Claim of Right was served to Chief Constable Simon Cole by signed for delivery service recorded delivery number GK 8411 0264 1GB on the 30th April 2018 and was unrebutted by Simon Cole Chief Constable of the Leicestershire police. Exhibit G.
    7. Bills for orders and Trespass.
    8. Unalienable rights. Exhibit Y.
    9. Universal agreement. Exhibit UA.
    10. Mandallhouse enslavement pdf. Exhibit P.
  6. Within the email exchanges me/myself/i am/are threatened by Michael Payne by asking me/myself/i to attend a voluntary interview but if refused me/myself/i will be arrested which is a contradiction in a sentence and totally unlawful. Exhibit E, UCC 1-308, Exhibit Y.
  7. Michael Payne copies Ian Burton (637) ( in on the emails without me/myself/i consent and without knowledge. Exhibit E.
  8. On the 08th May 2019 me/myself/i knowingly have not committed no harm, no loss or no injury to no one or no one’s property, me/myself/i postponed the agreed appointment and served a Notice Affidavit of truth until due process of law is followed and a new appointment will be then made. Exhibit E.
  9. Simon Cole Chief Constable of the Leicestershire police was copied in on the email. Exhibit E.
  10. Having replied to my emails Michael Payne police constable 2127 advised me the following:
    You are entitled to independent legal advice and if you feel you require this you will need to organise this for the voluntary interview. Your rights will be explained during the Police interview is this Lawful as part of acting under your Oath of office to advise me/myself/i in a legal capacity. 2612, 49663664, 1215, 39, 40, 45, 61.
  11. No reply nor rebut to my Notice of Understanding, Intent and Claim of Right has not been received by me/myself/i. Exhibit G.
  12. No reply to my email postponing the agreed appointment until due process of law is followed, has not been received by me/myself/i. Exhibit G, Exhibit Y.
  13. Me/myself/i Affidavit Statement of Truth was respected by police constable Michael Payne and no one came to the private dwelling, breaching my peace or trespassing.
  14. All the above harassment, deceit, conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud, trespass, voyeurism, improper conduct by use of police powers and privileges by police constables, threats with menace, and not following due process of law, for an alleged offence.
  15. That this is a common law country. 49663664, 1215, 39, 40, 45, 61, Exhibit Y.
  16. That on the 10th June 2019 me/myself/i receive a rebuttal to my allegations from Michael Payne. Exhibit B1.
  17. Michael Payne copies Ian Burton (637) in on the email without consent or me/myself/i knowledge. Exhibit B1.
  18. That the email title is written in all capitalized letters which is American Sign Language and not English and therefore me/myself/i do not understand as this is corrupt text GLOSSA. Billed as Michael Payne agreed to the fees for using A-S-L. Exhibit A, highlighted in green. Exhibit B1.
  19. Within the said email from police constable Michael Payne it states the following: “I still require you to attend a police station to be interviewed about allegations of harassment and malicious communications”.
    1. That me/myself/i is/are not ‘you’.
    2. That ‘require’ means “To direct, order, demand, instruct, command”, blacks law dictionary 4th edition page 1468.
    3. That ‘I’ has not been identified.
  20. Police constable Ian Burton has been added to the affidavit of obligation commercial lien as a Lien Debtor for wilful obstruction by that allowing this unlawful actions to continue.
  21. Police constable Ian Burton has thirty (30) days grace to rebut the allegations with substance.
  22. That Treason still carries the death penalty in this common law jurisdiction country. 27
  23. That High Treason carries the death penalty in the common law jurisdiction country. 27
  24. On the 28th June 2019 around 10am police constable Rachael Hughes 4231 trespassed on the private property knocked on the door then moved away from the door and stood directly in front of the bay windows looking through the windows, next police constable Rachael Hughes cups her hands onto the window and has a good look inside my private dwelling. After a short while police constable Rachael Hughes writes out a postcard deliberately ignoring the lawful notices on the front door which are enclosed and Rachael Hughes agree to pay the fees by knocking on the door and posting the postcard through the letters box. Links to two (2) unlisted videos of the police visit below on the 28th June 2019 around 10am:
  25. The postcard, photo of the original is enclosed, says to contact pc mike payne when pc mike payne does not exist, there is no pc mike payne on the Leicestershire police website. Fraud, deception, coersion.
  26. Police constable Rachael Hughes walks away after posting the postcard through the letter box and goes to see my next door neighbours. Defamation of character for an alleged offence, voluntary interrogation.
  27. The male police constable that has been sat in the car all this time, gets out of the car and goes to see my next door neighbours. Defamation of character for an alleged offence, voluntary interrogation.
  28. It can then been seen on the videos the male police constable visits the men and women that live over the road from me/myself/i and was joined by police constable Rachael Hughes 4231.
  29. Police constable Rachael Hughes is Billed for trespass as Rachael Hughes agreed to pay the fees.
  30. All of the above can be clearly seen in the two (2) videos.

The above is from me/myself/i witnessed affidavit and you have the evidence already on file, except for the enclosed.

By police constable Michael Payne actions alone, me/myself/i have now added two (2) police constables Ian Burton and police constable Rachael Hughes to the affidavit of obligation commercial lien as Lien Debtors. Police constable Michael Payne seems to believe that he/Michael Payne is above the law and is lying, deceiving, trying to coerce me/myself/i into a voluntary interrogation, (interview means questioning a person by the police) me/myself/i am/are not and never will be a person (corporation. legal entity). Michael Payne requires (order, demand, instruct, command) me/myself/i to go to a voluntary(given of ones freewill) interview/interrogation as above person.

Allowing police constable Rachael Hughes to trespass knock on the door deliberately look and then peek through the bay windows with cupped hands on the glass, deliberately ignore (oh she didn’t see the signs, don’t wash with me)the lawful removal of implied rights of access warning sign that do apply to police constables.

Then police constable Rachael Hughes/she writes out the postcard on behalf of a non-existent pc mike payne, what is the excuse for that, oh she calls him mike, she don’t know his proper name, incompetence or is this all deliberate which is exactly what me/myself/i believe police constable Rachael Hughes actions prove it. Then police constable Rachael Hughes deliberately goes and knocks on the doors of my neighbours and the men and women that live across the road. This can be seen in the two (2) videos above in section twenty four (24) please confirm you have watched the two (2) videos.

In a field with warning electric fence danger high voltage signs in place would police constable Rachael Hughes or anyone for this matter ignore these signs and then not expect to get a electric shock if police constable Rachael Hughes were to touch the fence, when in reality everyone knows exactly what would happen.

Another example warning private property do not park or the car will be clamped and a release fees of £200 plus is payable, would police constable Rachael Hughes ignore these warning signs also and not expect to get the car clamped or anyone for that matter.

If anyone is that stupid enough to ignore these warning signs they deserve everything they end up getting, a fine, a electric shock for ignoring lawful warning notices, just exactly who’s fault is it there.

Please tell me if this is the correct actions of a police constable(s) acting under their oath of office to continue to persist in harassing me/myself/i for an alleged offence, harassment, trespass, defamation of character when there is no crime been committed at all. As me/myself/i are sure you will agree is most certainly is not the correct actions for an allegation. Improper use of police powers and privileges section 1 and 2 of the Justice criminal and Courts Act 2015.

This does not include the first two visits where the police constable rings the door phone camera and immediately covers the camera with the palm of his hand all caught on CCTV.

These are the actions of men and women acting under their oath of office which they are bound by as police constables, to continue to trespass, harass, lie, deceive, coerce for an alleged offence, harassment and malicious communications.

Me/myself/i can assume this is regarding council tax which is totally unlawful and standing under the law of this country common law me/myself/i have served the following lawful notices and affidavits to all the CEO’s at blaby council in their personal and private capacity and me/myself/i have lawfully sued the CEO’s and at no point have me/myself/i gone to any of the CEO’s personal and private dwellings and harassed them, knock on the door, rang the door bell 17 times if they had one, peeked through their windows, peeked through gaps in doors, sent bailiffs around to collect an alleged debt over fraudulent council tax, nor got the police involved.

  1. Notice of lawful objection 08/03/2018
  2. Notice of obligation 02/04/2018
  3. Notice of unlawful malfeasance 25/04/2018
  4. Notice of malfeasance in public office 08/05/2018
  5. Notice of Interest 25/05/2018
  6. Email to 52 councillors across Leicestershire 26/05/2018
  7. Affidavit of obligation 26/06/2018
  8. Affidavit of obligation commercial lien 06/07/2018
  9. Notice of interest 16/07/2018
  10. Notice of fault opportunity to cure 09/08/2018
  11. Default certificate 13/08/2018
  12. UCC filing number of the default certificate 2018-313-7685-6
  13. Notice of Fieri Facias Diana Thompson high sheriff 27/03/2019

Knock knock by police constables start harassing me/myself/i for an alleged offence/harassment malicious communications. 25/04/2019

Months later me/myself/i are still being harassed by police constable Michael Payne plus others as Michael Payne seems to have a different work colleague each unlawful visit the police constables make to my private dwelling.

With the above said and having served lawful notices and lawful witnessed affidavits under the law under my full commercial liability, with the penalty of perjury for each and everyone of the lawful affidavits and lawful notices to be totally ignored, no reply, no rebuttal to all allegations, no rebuttal to the fees for damages which are in the millions all under the law in the CEO’s personal and private unlimited capacities and police constable Michael Payne refuses to let me/myself/i know what the alleged offence is about and claims it is harassment malicious communications. But police constable Michael Payne will explain all that when me/myself/i go to a voluntary interrogation which is totally unacceptable. Hypocrite comes to me/myself/i mind, but will fail deliberately not to see it or just ignore it.

  1. With the police a corporation which is foreclosed as evidenced with the One Peoples Public Trust foreclose worldwide if this is incorrect me/myself/i requests in affidavit format sworn under Oath on your full unlimited liability with the penalty of perjury backed up with substance proof this is incorrect. If no reply or answer to the contrary to this question me/myself/i will take it that you are in total agreement that all governments word wide, the banking system and all corporations are foreclosed.
  2. Fact we have indeed left the EU on the 29th March 2019 therefore the EU rules do not apply to this sovereign nation and never has only by deception, fraud, and most of all Treason and High Treason deliberately committed by the Government. Which have been put in place by the people Journals of the houses of commons volume 49 pages 663-664 the true power lies with the people and has been put in trust only to be abused.
  3. Find enclosed a Court Order from the Common Law Court annulling the council tax legislation from 8th April 2018.

With the three (3) section above me/myself/i can only assume that the CEO’s of the council are starting to understand the true reality of being lawfully sued and only a matter of time before me/myself/i will be able to enforce these judgements because the courts won’t record these lawful commercial liens on public record aiding and abetting in this criminality. Not fit for purpose, and that is why me/myself/i stand lawfully under common law only.

The foreclose of all government, corporations and the banking industry is all recorded on the UCC which is the Uniform Commercial Code the sea of commerce where all corporations do business on a daily basis even though it is foreclosed. The same UCC me/myself/i put the CEO’s of blaby council on and me/myself/i have the documents to prove the foreclosure which has never been rebutted. Bare in mind a person is a corporation so the person is also foreclosed under the law.

Me/myself/i assume you know absolutely nothing of the foreclosure and the legal case that we have left the EU on the 29th March 2019, D notices ring any bells, media blackout totally unlawful and the government continue to commit Treason, High Treason and nothing happens.

But in the meantime me/myself/i am/are still trespassed upon, ignored, defamation of character, voyeurism, breach of GDPR, breach of privacy, harassment by police constables in public office under their oath of office for an alleged offence and are threatened to attend a voluntary interrogation against my freewill.

Is Privacy Violated When Police Peep Through Windows?

Supreme Court hears arguments on case that could harm cops’ ability to bust drug dealers.


Acting on a tip, a police officer looks into an apartment window and – through a crack in the Venetian blinds – sees three people dividing a pile of white powder into plastic bags.

He calls a narcotics detective, who attempts to obtain a search warrant for the apartment. But two of the suspects leave the apartment and start to drive away before the warrant arrives, so the officer arrests them. In their car the policeman discovers a loaded gun and baggies of cocaine.

An open-and-shut case?

Not quite. The suspects were convicted at trial, but the Minnesota Supreme Court later set both men free. The grounds: The police officer violated the suspected drug dealers’ right to privacy when he peered through the crack in the drawn blinds of the apartment window.

Today, the case, called Minnesota v. Carter, moves to the US Supreme Court. It is seen as an opportunity to spell out a clear nationwide standard regulating how far police can go in conducting warrant-less investigations without violating the privacy rights of criminal suspects in houses, apartments, and motels.

Me/myself/i have the right to privacy especially when the police constables refuse to let me/myself/i know exactly what the alleged offence is about prior to any voluntary interrogation. The police do not have the authority to peek through anyone’s window or continue to ignore the law and trespass on me/myself/i unalienable rights, private property without a witnessed appointment from me/myself/i or a sealed signed warrant with a court embossed seal and a judges wet ink signature on.

i, steven: kirk, certify on my own full commercial liability that i have read the above five (5) page affidavit and do know the contents to be true, correct and complete, and not misleading, the truth, and nothing but the truth, and do believe that the above acts have been committed contrary to the Law.


steven: kirk

*Sui Juris, Without prejudice UCC 1-308.

Non-negotiable Autograph, under seal.
Care of address


For verification purposes only on this date,___________________________________, a man who identified or is know by/to me as steven: kirk appeared before me, a Solicitor Commissioner of Oath, and attested to the truth of the five (5) page affidavit statement of truth with his autograph above.

Solicitor Commissioner of Oath.



* All words herein stated as me/myself/i defines them written in plain English. End of document.