Lawfully Enter Rebellion

Breaking News The UK Government Is Bankrupt.

Here are a few basic questions which everyone should know the correct answers too.

  • What is legal?
  • What is Lawful?
  • Are Legal and Lawful the same?
  • What is common law?

What is LEGAL, the legal systems man made legislation, acts of parliament, statutes and rules (man made laws needing consent) coming from the UN because our sovereignty is treasonously being given away by the British government. It has been going on behind everyone’s backs for decades. There must be thousands and thousands of the man made laws which needs your consent to be governed in the first place. No Act or Statutes are above our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

See for yourself below is our unalienable rights.

Here you can see our unalienable rights which was CREATED before the STATE ie the controlling government and we are forced to go down the legal systems route every time due to money and we the slaves end up paying every time unless you stand under common law the law of the land which is all LAWFUL and your given right.

Nowhere does it state that you the living breathing flesh and blood sovereign man or woman are liable to support, fund or pay TAXES of any sort. Taxes are voluntary and needs your CONSENT.  No corporation are above these unalienable rights, A lien CAN NOT be put on these rights that is what it means UN-A-LIEN-ABLE.

The councils are committing Malfeasance In Public Office and have been issued with a Notice Of Malfeasance In Public Office because they the councils are acting fraudulently whether knowingly or unknowingly.  The Birth Certificate enslaves everyone and is also fraud. Check out the Birth Certificate Fraud by kate of kaea.

What is Lawful? Answer the law of the land, common law everyone’s UNALIENABLE RIGHTS which are basically do no one no harm, cause no one no loss and be honorable in your agreements. Which are not difficult to remember unlike the thousands of statutes and acts that keep getting rubber stamped in parliament. These unalienable rights are inherent and can not be transferred or surrendered therefore our unalienable rights are and always will be ABOVE any statute or act as long as you do not give your consent.

The difference between what is Legal and what is Lawful is massive but we a led to believe they are one and the same when they are not. Lawful is common law the laws of the land and Legal are all the statutes and acts passed by parliament which needs your consent for the statutes and acts to be law on the person that consents. So the simple answer is DO NOT CONSENT, if you haven’t caused no one any harm or loss then there really is no crime being committed.  The reason to use NO ONE is because those are the words used in Magna Charta 1215 Article 40 states To NO ONE will we sell, to NO ONE will we refuse or delay, right or justice.