Are The Leicester Magistrates Court Aiding And Abetting In Fraud

Having received a letter from the Leicestershire police with no wet-ink signature on not from the Leicester Magistrates Court with no court seal on due to PC David Gilbody forging a warrant to cause deliberate criminal damage to my private property on the 13th April 2022 the fraud continues, the cover up continues, the malfeasance in office continues trying to set me up when no man or woman have made a verified claim that i have caused them wrong or harm as i would offer remedy to any and all verified claims. The Leicestershire police service corporation ignore everything forge warrants, forge court paperwork, cause criminal damage to my property are acting in treason FCO 30/1048 enslaving themselves and everyone else when no man or woman in this country has given legal consent to be governed thats 67.5 million people have not signed a legal consent form/contract to be governed. This is no different to Nazi Germany and employ brain dead people that are just dumb enough to operate the machinery and follow orders without thinking for themselves and question the orders. Following orders, just doing my job is no excuse whatsoever. We are policed by consent not by forging warrants and court paperwork, cover up after cover up, the criminals are in office masquerading as upstanding pillars of the community.

No paperwork has been served by recorded mail from any court, just forge warrants and court paperwork, no wet-ink signatures on any documents, no court seals, use iphones and pretend theres a warrant on the iphone no copies of the warrant are produced. The truth is now days the police a service corporation no different to McDonald’s and are the criminals, and protect other criminals, protect war criminals, protect MP’s that commit treason against their own people and the country are nothing but lairs, dishonest people that rip the people off every day and are morally bankrupt, which is a shame as i remember growing up in the 70’s people had respect for the police and the police had respect for the people unlike today.