We are not alone, as Muldour would say, there are others who try to expose corruption in society, and this page gives you the website references to the particular areas they deal with.

First up is Martin a dear colleague who exposes corruption and wrongdoing at the Department of Work and Pensions.

Next is:

Scotland against Lawyers. Exposing endemic Legal Corruption.

For Ireland against crooked Lawyers we have.

For more on crooked lawyers etc, look at corrupt solicitors or crooked lawyers in your search window.  type in either to look at a wide selection covering this subject.

The site that reports on lawyers who behave badly and bodge cases etc,

Another site which is geared in a more personal way is:

This site deals with a certain solicitor and mentions other cases.

For viewing police corruption go to.

Other contacts are:


For the Middlesborough area including the Cleveland Police Force we have;

There is also sites in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and other regions where police corruption is aired and recorded for the viewer to study.

Merely type in police corruption and the country you wish to see or just type in police corruption in the search box to the right of the screen on your browser.

new site in 2010 — is National Police Racism

Run by David Blair mainly focusing on the West Yorkshire Police and corrupt practices.

The international whistleblower site on government corruption and secrecy etc.

If one link fails due to interference, look for other links to colleague sites that can connect you indirectly.

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