Not Quite Legal

In this section we look at Lawyers involved in strange circumstances that beggars belief and needs explanations.


As two prisoners sat in the dock, Barristers Benjamin Aina and Francis Laird lunged at each other until colleagues and staff pulled them apart.

This all happened at The Law Courts in Croydon.  Judge Michael Devonshire ordered that incident was kept secret from Jurors, but after verdicts were returned in the actual trial, the banning restrictions were lifted on reporting this incident that was eventually reported to the Bar Council.   The Professional Standards Committee were not prepared to comment and simply stated there was a range of disciplinary measures available.

Barrister Benjamin Aina was based at the Temple Gardens Chambers in London, and Barrister Francis Laird was with The Fountain Court Chambers in Birmingham.


Solicitor ADAM DOWDNEY of Shepherd’s Bush was said by his partner Clive Hopewell, ‘ to have sent these e-mails as a joke, a rather childish prank.’  The e-mail requested ‘A busty blonde to replace a black secretary who had just resigned.’    Another message referred to ‘ Can we go for a real fit busty blonde this time?  — she can’t be any more trouble and at least it would provide some entertainment.’ 

The woman’s solicitor, Richard Leong intended to fight the case on the grounds of race and sexual discrimination, and Simon Watts, solicitor from the firm Simmons and Simmons, claimed there could be a five figure payout, — ‘ she can get damages for injuries to feelings, in fact, there is good liability potential here.’


Prosecutor Philip Bolam let it slip that some Defence Lawyers were ‘Con Merchants’ making a fortune out of Legal Aid.  The taped conference also revealed that he was in favour of Birching for thugs and slamming guidelines which urged the police and solicitors to divert young offenders from the court by issuing warnings instead.  ‘ I’d send them to an island where they could fight each other.’ he said.

Prosecutor Philip Bolam was Head of the Crown Prosecution Service in Cleveland.  This all came to light because a student in the audience secretly recorded his speech and then promptly sent it to the CPS.


Police were brought in to investigate claims that Barrister Barry Stewart of the Middlesborough Chambers spanked pupil Lawyers who made mistakes during their ‘Pupilage’ stage of learning.  Complaints were lodged with the Cleveland Police about his bizarre behaviour to trainees from several who had left his chambers.

MR. Stewart hit out by saying :  ‘ I’ve done nothing wrong, and I haven’t been contacted by the Bar Council over this.  I’m aware of the rumours, but I know I have been stabbed in the back by people who owe their careers to me.  As for Barrister leaving my chambers, well, that’s happened before.’ he said.

The Poilce said as the allegations were of a sensitive nature, they could not comment until all inquiries were properly investigated.


The Law Firm ALLEN & OVERY, yes, the firm who feature as earning top salaries – £752,000 profits each on the league table, have banned International Finance and Projects Lawyer Deidre Dare posting weekly instalments on her website telling of drug-taking and casual sex exploits in detail.

A Company Spokesperson said that the site could bring the firm into disrepute and that their colleague would have to stop until there was an appropriate time when she could write again of these adventures.  ‘We have to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct.’ he said.


Sad to say, innocent Peter Bacon, should have seen things coming when he dated a prominent female Lawyer who eventually put him through 13 months of hell.  She contacted him twice and as a result accepted an invitation to call on her with more alcohol.  Bar Owner Mr. Alexander who knew the solicitor fairly well said – ‘ I think the drinking came with the territory, she had some tough cases and would go with solicitor friends boozing to wind down afterwards.’  Peter Bacon thought he read the signs from her and had sex, but the very next day all of that changed.  Instead of the charming Lawyer he met before, here was wrath of the worst kind that nightmares are made of.

He was arrested for rape as she told him at the time, and amazingly Judge Patrick Hooton let the case go all the way to a jury, yet, the case was so one-sided and evidence was so slim?

Luckily for Peter Bacon, the Jury of seven women and four men dismissed the rape charge in 45 minutes.


Solicitor Sally Clerk appeared before the court on the charge that she murdered her two baby sons, she denied this emphatically throughout the proceedings.  She was also accused of previous abuse in relation to the two boys.  Her husband solicitor Stephen Clerk gave evidence in her defence and said they were loving parents who had got over an earlier death of their other child Harry.

A recent programme Panorama told the public about a leading paediatrician who had been involved in many of these cases having been dismissed because of substantial mistakes. It seems as if he were alone the judge and jury when it came to expertise and what he said must be the truth and findings.  The struck off expert claimed he never got it wrong even though eventual complaints led to him being dropped.


Recent press says that Barrister Mark Saunders – deceased, is to be represented by family as they intend to charge police with manslaughter over his death.  It states that the gun squad, the elite CO 19 Unit need not have killed him considering they could have used tazer guns that would have knocked him out instead.

One question really remains about the city barrister who took out his shotgun, why and what made this Barrister go beserk with a shotgun firing it across the road?


Secretive Barrister Peter, well David actually, Peter was his alias when visiting the lady with the advert in Lonely Hearts.  The 48 year-old solicitor liked seeing girls in their school scenarios and spanking them for naughtiness.  The London Lawyer wanted a bit of fun not far from the firm and while his wife was away. 

‘I only use the Peter for people I don’t know, otherwise the others at Chambers might get to know of this and that would present me with problems.’ he said as he often described himself as five foot ten, twelve stone and good looking.   Peter would switch roles too and have his bare bottom spanked by the saucy organiser.

The specialist in Personal Injury cases certainly knows how injury of another sort can harm as he suddenly stopped writing and calling when he got news that the press had caught onto his exploits.


Judge Richard Benson told Carol Farrell who had been brought before the Crown Court on charges that her dog bit a policeman, ‘ You can sue the police for bringing this prosecution and blame the tin-pot silliness of the Crown Prosecution Service who should have known that it takes only half a brain to see that this case is flawed.’

The Leicester branch of the CPS said ‘ The decision to prosecute was entirely justifiable.’


LAWYER MOIRA KARSTEN gave away nearly a million she says, because of love?  And now she turns to her pals in the Legal Profession in a bid of revenge to get the money back because of her bad decisions.  She called her 66 year-old boyfriend a conman, but that’s a bit rich from this spoilt lawyer.  Using her power she is able to throw suspicion and hurl accusations at the mere mortal — the boyfriend.  His story throws a different light on the matter but eh presto, the venerable judge doesn’t believe it, well he won’t will he?  We already know before the claim starts whose side he is on from the start to the finish.  She just can’t get over that she has lost a man again for a second time, her first judge husband Ian Karsten left her in 2002 after 18 years of wedded bliss!


Bristol Magistrates heard that Alexander Lacey for the city company Masons, took £4,500 and stated that he didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.  Although he admitted stealing, he did not see why there had to be a hearing in the first place.  ‘ I did everything to put the matter right and they could have helped me’ he said.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal said that Lacey had broken the terms of the Solicitors’ Act and therefore an order had to be issued barring him from working in a solicitor’s office as a clerk without the consent of The Law Society.


    CLERK IN CHAMBERS EDWARD TINDALE of Essex earned around £65,000 a year in his comfortable job with a top Law Firm.  He was jailed at the Old Bailey for 15 months on tax evasion charges.  He admitted 10 charges of false accounting.  The Inland Revenue (and this site has no love for them) claimed he had cheated them of £82,000 over a period of nine years.


CROWN PROSECUTION CLERK ANGELA WATTS who works with the Devon service was found guilty of defrauding the service at Plymouth Crown Court.  Court Clerk Watts gave out witness expenses forms and relevant information to people who claimed the money, but had not actually attended court.  Eleven people had already pleaded guilty to conspiracy over £64,000 being wrongly claimed. 


CIARAN WHELAN was found guilty of ‘ unbefitting conduct’ by a tribunal who considered allegations of his conduct in that his conduct on his part was undesirable in a legal practice.  Claims that he acted on behalf of a client and took instructions – yet were not recorded or on file, were not accepted by the tribunal.  The clerk of CANTY WEXFORD being a clerk to the solicitor was ordered to pay costs of £5,000, and was banned from working at a law practice without certain conditions attached.


KEITH COLTON, Clerk to Murdock Solicitors, 45,High ST. Wanstead, London, had been party to dishonest dealings carried out by solicitors – PHILIP DOUGLAS and TREVOR ROBINSON in a mortgage fraud.  A tribunal came to the decision that he must have known what was going on at the time and actively covered it up or assisted them.  The clerk was banned from working as a solicitors clerk.


GEOFFREY LLOYD, Clerk to solicitor Carol Ann Rogers of Llanelli in Wales, was ordered to pay £8,250 costs after it was found that he misappropriated client money and showed serious dishonesty.  He had condoned the improper use of client money from the accounts and knew the cash was missing from some of them.  It was apparent that he enjoyed controlling the naive solicitor and accounts in the full knowledge that he knew he was in the wrong.


SOLICITOR’S CLERK VANESSA GLOVER of Farnborough, Hampshire, was dismissed from acting in the capacity of clerk to a solicitor and ordered to pay costs of £3,000.  It is said she misused client money, ignored solicitor’s instructions and actually misled solicitors in regard to conveyance business — for which she was head of that department. Conveyances were delayed and she ignored complaints — and repeatedly failed to supervise and monitor staff at the firm.


LAW FIRM ROBINSONS, THE CRIMINAL SOLICITORS IN CHELTENHAM, were the subject of a huge legal aid scam, and SOLICITOR TIM ROBINSON was jailed for 7 years.  11 people were arrested, and ten brought to trial.  Managing Clerk – RICHARD HILL pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 14 months in jail.  CLERK HOWARTH BANTEN received a total of 4 years imprisonment.  CLERK MARGARET ANN LEIGH got a sentence of 8 months suspended.  CLERK JOHN RANDALL was sentenced to 9 months jail.  CLERK GERALD DAVIES received a 9 month suspended sentence.  CLERK ERROL PITTER got 2 and a half years in prison.  CLERK PATRICK GORDON PRICE received a 12 months prison sentence.  CLERK CHRISTINE ANN NOBLE got a 12 months sentence of imprisonment.  CLERK KEITH PENGELLY was jailed for 18 months.  They were all found guilty of ‘ Conspiracy to defraud ‘


CLERK ELIZABETH GOUGH was branded as a crook as she paid off £4,000 of debt incurred by one client using another client’s account to do so.  She also went on to pretend that she had recovered the money owed by the client in court judgements, when in fact she hadn’t.  The clerk who worked for BLAKE, LAPTHORN, LINNELL on Westway, Oxford, took leave and then resigned over the matter by letter saying she apologised.  The tribunal made an order to the fact that she would be denied employment as a clerk unless they gave permission.  She was ordered to pay costs of £1,221.


CASHIER LOUISE MARTINI appeared in court charged with stealing £1.7million from her firm of solicitors — WILLIAMSON AND SODEN in Solihull, Birmingham. Gloucester Crown Court heard how she spent vast sums of money on five cars, a trip to Las Vegas and the purchase of the Crown Inn in Worcester. The greedy cashier was jailed for five years.


FRANCIS JONES who worked as Practice Manager in the Law firm GROSBERG AND CO was convicted of defrauding the Legal Aid Board (as was the solicitor Gary Grosberg). The court was told that the Law Society closed down the firm as a result of the matter. Jones was jailed for eight months.


CLERK DAVID KIRUNDA was barred from the legal profession as a solicitor’s clerk after a tribunal heard that he disappeared with 325 files from the office. It was also discovered that he had been working for another firm at the same time  ‘ moonlighting’ — and unauthorised, wrote out a reference for a relative who had never worked at the firm.


CLERK HASSAN VAHIB  of London, appeared before a tribunal to face charges that he permitted money that was not client money to pass out of the firm’s client account, did not carry out client instructions, and engaged in breaches. It was the second time he’d appeared before the board, previously there had been charges concerning inappropriate dealings with the firm’s client account. He was ordered to pay costs of £6,192.


SHARON KNOWLSON and STACEY TEAGUE clerks at a Bristol Law firm, appeared before the tribunal charged with falsifying records (data in the firm’s computer records) in order to get bonuses. THe tribunal ruled this to be misconduct within the profession saying Knowlson should not be employed by any firm other than being given permission by the Society. It was heard that Knowlson had been messing around with ‘data’ for a year in order to financially gain. She was ordered to pay costs of £1,000. Teague was was nor proceeded against in the light of Knowlson having instigated the actions and orchestrated the wrongdoing.


SOLICITORS CLERK NEIL BROMLEY of RUTHERFORDS SOLICITORS of Tamworth, appeared before a tribunal for dishonesty, issuing unofficial receipts to clients and misappropriating client funds. It was also stated before the tribunal that he managed the office accounts in such a way as to be inappropriate to law office regulations. He was ordered to pay costs of £18,445.


Not a solicitor but acting much in the same way, ACTING CLERK LETICIA RICA MOFUS was involved in the legal profession taking on the managerial duties, which involved conduct on her part that was undesirable for her to be so the tribunal said. She worked at the Stratfod, Romford Road London Practice, and allegations were made that she ran the legal firm of MICHAEL MOFUS SOLICITORS at a time when no principal solicitor was in place, and had made two false claims regarding partners at the firm, it was alleged that her behaviour had been dishonest, but the partners Mr C and E? and Ms MDM did not show up at the tribunal to answer on her behalf or clear these matters up.


LINDSAY BIDGWAY, Solicitor’s Clerk, appeared before the Disciplinary Tribunal after having dishonestly using a signed client account cheque for here own purpose, with or without the connivance of a solicitor it was stated. She was found guilty of misconduct, and it was agreed that she should not be employed as a clerk in the legal profession. She was ordered to pay costs of £9,062.


SURESH LADWA a Solicitor’s Clerk in Mosely, Birmingham, was found to have persistently engaged in a conduct which was a detriment to clients and the profession, the tribunal said.  They decided that he should not be employed in legal practice.  He was ordered to pay costs of £2,004.


SOLICITORS CLERK MUHIBUR RAHMAN of Cavell Solicitors LLP was prevented from being a clerk or employed as such by the Disciplinary Tribunal sitting in the class action case of Solicitor John Warner-Smith and the LLP downfall (listed in featured Lawyers). It was said that he occasioned to be party with or without the connivance of the solicitors by who he was employed, and by his own conduct the SRA considered that it would be undesirable for him to be in a legal practice employed as a clerk. Muhibur was brother of Solicitor Ahmedur Rahman in Cavell Solicitors LLP, who’d allowed the clerk to operate a client account without any authority.


SOLICITOR’S CLERK LUCY ISON appeared before Judge John Curran charged with 4 counts of theft, 2 counts of fraud, 3 counts of forgery, and burglary at the firm premises of RLE.  She was sentenced to 9 months in jail after the jury heard how she misappropriated payments made by clients to her employers and used a false instrument with intent to commit fraud and theft, burglary and stole a total of £30,681.57, for which there were no records — in respect of matters arising from her employment.


MUNIR PATEL a court clerk to Redbridge Magistrates Court in East London was found guilty of taking bribes to boost his income of £17,978 a year.  He was jailed for six years, it was said he wiped the convictions of motorists from the official databases in return for £500. It was alleged that he did this for around 53 motorists, yet states he earned £20,000 to £96,000, but no-one seems to really know?  He appeared before Southwark Crown Court and it is stated that he is the first person to be convicted under the new bribery laws.


PATRICK CONNOR a Solicitor’s Clerk to Solicitors CYRIL WATERTON was convicted at Maidstone Crown Court of engaging in robbery.  Connor was an ‘outdoor’ investigative clerk, and was sent to prison for 9 years. But this was not the end of the matter, he was also convicted at Worcester Crown Court of Conspiracy to obtain property by deception and was given 33 months.  A tribunal ruled that he was not to be employed as a clerk and ordered costs against him for £1,500.


The tribunal said that SOLICITORS CLERK PHILIP ELKINS misled clients and his employers in connection with litigation cases, and he was also taking cash from the firm’s client account dishonestly for his own use.  While being in full control and having the trust of the solicitors he made false claims for expenses and disbursements. He was ordered to pay £1,638 costs and banned from employment at a solicitors or legal firm.


LEANNE HARRIS a Legal Secretary with the firm of ARSCOTTS SOLICITORS, now closing, stole £419,000 from Joan Watson’s savings and pensioner Miriam Turnbull of £64,815 acting as her power of attorney.  What began as a £2,000 ‘borrowing’ from the firm at Hove, near Brighton, got worse until there was no end.  She had access to the firm’s cheque-withdrawal system and was able to write out cheques, concealing her actions from clients and the firm. Thirty-six members of staff were made redundant and the family firm closed as a result of her actions that affected the insurance. She will be sentenced in Jan 2012.


BEVANS LAW FIRM lost their ACCOUNTS MANAGER ANDREW ERSKINE at their Bristol branch after he was jailed for theft by Bristol Crown Court. He worked at the city branch where he stole £60,000 of client account cash to buy cars and holidays. The court jailed him for 2 years.


LEGAL PROBATE MANAGER GARY BEALES stole £19,000 from client accounts/estates to pay what he owed in gambling debts at the Suffolk Solicitors firm. HE withdrew money at cashpoints from bank cards given and held in trust for safekeeping. Ipswich Crown Court found him guilty and he was sent to prison for 18 months.


THREE SOLICITOR’S CLERKS appeared before the Disciplinary tribunal on misconduct charges, those named were KEVIN BARRY MUTAGH and YOUNUS MUHAMMED and SRIRANGAN BALAKUMAR – (January 2012)



The Barristers chambers are run by clerks, clerks who earn more than you realise.  The system reveals a ‘closed shop’ in its father-to-son arrangement that has been going on behind closed doors for many years.  You may be unaware of this situation of wheeling and dealing in Law today and you are not meant to either.  The public are prevented from instructing a barrister direct — and must use or approach a solicitor first.  The solicitor, except in very unusual circumstances, must deal through the barrister’s clerk.  These clerks actively engage in negotiating cases with the solicitors.  They get about 2 per cent commission regarded as part of their salaries.  They keep the chambers diary, plan conferences with prospective clients and liaise with court staff in regard to hearing dates.  ‘ No Entry – it’s a family affair’ echoes around many chambers and tradition hardly breaks this accepted practice.  A Masonic Lodge in the Temple (one of the Inns of Court) for non-lawyers working in chambers, is dominated by senior clerks.  So, if you are contemplating any court action and come to any dead ends with counsel or cannot get access to information regarding your case or position?  it just might well be this undue influence that inevitably might lose your case.


In November 2008 reports came out of Liverpool concerning disruption when corruption allegations were made against Judge David Taft, solicitor Kevin Dooley and six court clerks.   Immediate attempts were made to hush up the incident and since it happened there is nothing known of the enquiry that was supposed to have taken place — therefore it must have been suppressed.


The recent expenses scandal which smacks of corruption seems hardly right for solicitors or barristers to get involved with, so it is quite sad to see a group I normally admire — The Taxpayers Alliance, suggesting their Lawyers actually investigate the expenses cases.  Matthew Elliot has many qualities besides their own connection with the Legal Profession.  but I would have thought considering the Profession has a good deal of corruption itself, it is unwise to have Lawyers considering anything to do with money??`


Rogue House of Lords peers Lord Taylor of Blackburn, Lord Truscott, Snape an Moonie were accused of discussing fees of up to £120,000 to influence and amend legislation.  They instantly denied wrongdoing as we often here these days or within the rules. 


£200,000 WAS CLAIMED IN EXPENSES BY PEER VISCOUNT FALKLAND ON A HOME HE DIDN’T OWN.  The Viscount has been claiming on the house for several years and claimed he was an impoverished peer.  He said the rules allowed it and as he had no real income, he needed it to live on.


A robbery case for the third time had to be abandoned mid flight and adjourned to another date.  The case against John Twomey and associates started in 2005, and each time it has been beset with problems the Judge could not overcome. 


A Computer scheme costing £319 million of taxpayers’ cash became a fiasco as costs spiralled out of control and software programmes failed.  The Fujitsu services system  was intended to speed up the whole business of prosecution at 400 courts, and help the police and other services.  The Lord Chancellor’s Department said there were serious concerns over the contract especially in regard to the delays.  £87 million was cancelled out by the Government over the Libra project. 


Judge Jeremy Carey said in the light of all these alcohol based criminal activities, he is afraid to go for an evening walk.  His comments were spoken as he presided over a brutal knife crime fuelled by strong lager on part of the accused.  ‘ It is the reason why you and I are fearful of being on the streets late at night.


JUDGES, BARRISTERS AND CHIEF CONSTABLES are being investigated over claims by plumber Mr. Douglas Wood from Hockwold.  He has made numerous complaints about the conduct of lawyers, judges and court officials.  The allegations are of a criminal and disciplinary nature about the handling of court cases.  This incident arose from when he was a victim of a company fraud and the legal proceedings that followed.  The chief constables named are – Cambridgeshire Chief Constable Ben Gunn, Norfolk Chief Constable Ken Williams, Suffolk Chief Constable Tony Coe and a number of officers from those police forces.  The identities of the Judges and Lawyers have been withheld?

No doubt this investigation will sink like the Titanic and all evidence erased or scattered beyond recognition.


The revelations of a document showing a company at its worst in the disposal of toxic waste hit the news because a Judge served an injunction on anything being printed by the newspapers or said on the TV.  To make matters worse it appears that this injunction was not to be known of by the public and kept a secret.  How can transparency and accountability be spouted by Lawyers, Judges and the Government?  It can’t and it should never be believed that it  ever will tell the truth.  It proves that they will always cover-up information when it needs to do so.  This was over the public image of a company, not the most important thing at all — small really, so what do they do when something more important comes along — apply this secrecy of course, which of course does not exist because a judge has said that in the interests of covering their own deceit — it must not be revealed.  The case concerns TRAFIGURA and the Minton Report on toxic waste being dumped on the ivory coast of south Africa.  Threats were issued by their lawyers Carter-Ruck who processed the injunctions.  — Go to ‘Featured Lawyers’ for more info on this case.  On a separate and unrelated level  it also shows that these denials of involvement in torture by the Americans and the UK are probably true –Apparently judges have said the 7 points evidence can be seen in court — which is said to point conclusively to collusion and deception by the UK and USA Governments.  The USA are outraged at being discovered engaging in torture but you won’t find any evidence existing because it is covered by secrecy. — and injunctions no doubt.

BRITISH GOVERNMENT LAWYERS are no doubt hiding being the shirt tails of the BIG NOISE — USA in the hope they will get them out of explaining why the UK Authorities lied over the torture of one British Citizen.  Suppressing American crimes and aiding and abetting them was a comment the judges made by this attempt to hide things from the public — secrecy is being done to cover up the British Government’s embarrassment.

‘ Accidental, Incidental, or Pure Exploitation? ‘

Well — opportunistic and ambulance chasers, indeed, that’s what they were referred to.  The Lawyers who act for claims as a result of accidents and other litigant problems, and some they can invent.  Compensation that is the game, INJURYLAWYERS4U  and FENTONS SOLICITORS claim that they can get 100 per cent for clients if they handle the claim, and they advertise ‘expensively and often’ to show you how dedicated they are at getting you a payout.  But that’s not the whole story.  They don’t bother to explain that many County Court judgements never get paid despite winning damages.  It’s very misleading of these solicitors to suggest they can achieve this when the court fails badly in this area.  A claim might possibly work against a large company, but small concerns can merely close up. move away or ignore the court simply because the warrant or order applies to the name and address of the plaint document heard by the court.  An individual owing money ordered by the court can simply disappear, change their name, move address or become self employed — this works because the court has no authority to issue an attachment of earnings.  If as I have mentioned, a debt recovery or bailiff is involved, then lose your ownership on whatever you have to another party and then there is nothing they can seize (and do include your bank account in the process by moving the bulk of the cash so that a mere pittance is supporting any account — the court must leave you with enough to live on including allowing for standing orders) so there you have it.  These Lawyers are out to exploit the situation by raising the expenses surrounding a case, and it will have to be a lucrative case before they accept to pursue it.

One Lawyer I knew involved at the fringe of this so-called business told me – ‘ we never mention failures or discuss lost litigation actions, it wouldn’t be good for business.’

‘ Vulture Fund Lawyers ‘

In the High Court, London, ‘ Vulture Fund Lawyers ‘ are pursuing Liberia for millions knowing that they are one of the poorest African states.  These Lawyers are corrupt and cruel in that they have worked out how to profit on this country at a time when poor is mirrored by a rock bottom living.  These Lawyers live good — that is certain, and they use the law to their own advantage.  Of course they have a client, a client company that has seized its chance to bring a country to its knees by buying a debt from the 1970’s.  These Lawyers ought to be dropped off in the middle of the Atlantic in a boat that has its plug pulled out  — and even drowning would be too good for them.

‘ Jack Straw allows Judges to keep secrecy over Masonic involvement ‘

11 YEARS AGO THEY WERE REQUIRED TO ADMIT FREEMASON INVOLVEMENT, but it appears that this will no longer be required. It was a move to ease concern over corruption in the judiciary regarding ‘favours to fellow members’ named the brothers.  Jack Straw claims there is no evidence of corruption happening  — but how would he know? — it isn’t going to be revealed to him in official communicates, corruption is hard to detect in these guardians of justice — and it does exist Mr. Straw whether you know it or refuse to accept it.  He will now successfully allow these judges and magistrates to feel immune and continue unchallenged at all levels.

‘ Trial fiasco of the Serious Fraud Office – judge slams errors ‘

A BOTCHED CASE BROUGHT BY THE SFO COST THE TAXPAYER MORE THAN £2 MILLION – due to the many errors they claim cannot happen because they are professionals in the investigation of fraud.  The case surrounded a fraud over the collapsed finance company SEIL Trade Finance.  Two brothers went on trial, but they have now been cleared.  The expert witness for the SFO Paul Crake, an accountant admitted his evidence was so flawed  that it would be a miscarriage of justice to rely on it.

‘ Courts assist bent cops in avoiding the press ‘

Yet again we have received confirmation that several magistrates courts are covering-up for the police federation.  It has been verified by our contact that courts are deliberately ‘ holding court’ earlier, in fact before normal hours to process cases in which police officers are on trial for a criminal offence.  This move is to keep the public and press away from the court as they can only officially be admitted at the opening times.  Our whistleblower says this is arranged with the consent of the Chief Clerk who probably receives a memo from the Chief Constable or ‘ confidential letter ‘ from the Home Office.

‘ The strange case of the court delays involving an MP ‘

THEY SAY THE LAW DOESN’T DIFFERENTIATE, but it does show favour in some cases, and this one smells of it.  Sir Peter Emery had his ‘ driving without due attention’ adjourned for a second time.  The Magistrates at Exmouth had no difficulty allowing this, then of course, it could be the influence of his lawyer, MR.PAUL MAXLOW-TOMLINSON.  It is rumoured that such an expensive brief can redirect a case and its outcome way before a judge or magistrate can sit.

‘ JUDGE and CPS in ‘ Railroad Trial ‘   ‘

DISTRICT JUDGE WILLIAM ASHWORTH, accompanied by A Barrister from London acting on behalf of the CPS entered into what can only be seen as a piece of theatre.  The accused was ‘ Ex Navy man Andrew Goodhall, who attained a respectable rank in the service.  He risked all to expose a Police Sergeant in the Hampshire force and because of it the legal profession went into high anxiety.  Police Sergeant Terry Clarkson could not have had better cover, and concealing his own involvement in a past incident was absolutely easy.  Sadly for the accused, they had ample to throw at him, after all, the police and this particular sergeant had ruined his family life and walked away without a care in the world.  The injustice revealed here is the JUDGE and CPS who took advantage and allowed the law to be blinkered and self-serving – thus covering up pre-trial arrangements and talks behind closed doors, at which point the whole trial had been mapped out before its ‘theatre debut ‘


MR JUSTICE GOLDRING chairing an Asylum Hearing in the High Court, blasted both the solicitor and barrister for wasting his time on a case that lacked competence.  He told the barrister MR. SAMWIR GANFA representing solicitor ABBOT OZUZU ‘ I have come to the conclusion on the merits of this case and its history, that your solicitor is not competent to deal with it ‘  The LCS said they would be taking serious action against Mr. OZUZ’s South East London Practice ABBOT & CO.

‘ Emotional Blackmail forced on Legal Trainees ‘

A REPORT REVEALS THAT many females in solicitors training are being blackmailed by male colleagues, and goes on to say they are being required to perform sexual favours in exchange for employment within the legal profession.  The Trainee Solicitors Group spokesman Peter Wright said that trainees had written to him about the demands put on them by practising Lawyers, and that many were sexual in type and all of them carried a threat of ‘ if they didn’t comply they would not be considered as suitable ‘ Mr Wright said this points to widespread abuse and exploitation in law firms, which is quite awful and should not be tolerated. He said there had been a record 2,241 phone calls by female trainees claiming harassment and bullying, and many of them admitted to have carried out the requests before telephoning the TSG.  This kind of thing also existed in partnerships on offer and any female solicitor wanting it would often have to go on a date and please the male partner before being accepted as a partner in the firm said Mr Wright when he spoke to the Law Society Gazette.

‘ Law firm accused of emotional blackmail to retire solicitor ‘

FRESHFIELDS, BRUCKHAUS DERINGER a top city firm of lawyers were accused of using emotional blackmail to force retirement on a lawyer in a £4.5million legal claim.  Lawyer Peter Bloxham who was the former head of the insolvency division of the firm said he was put under massive emotional pressure by the firm to retire as a partner at the firm.  They offered to pay him a smaller pension if he wanted to continue, and that could only be in the role of a consultant.

‘ Secret Court Deal lands Cops with £100,000 legal bill ‘

A DEAL IN COURT SECRECY BY THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS led to the cops footing the bill in the case against the Home Secretary Michael Howard who illegally authorised the police to seek a warrant to raid and search a Top Law Firm in the city.  THE CPS pulled out of the case at the last minute, promising not to pursue the charges surrounding a tax inquiry into the Australian, Sydney based firm.  Michael Howard had sought to put pressure on the cops to search and seize papers at the offices of the law firm, instead he left the cops to pick up the bill of £100,000, which is of course — taxpayers cash.

‘ The Secret Family Courts and Child Abduction ‘

89,000 children were put in care by these courts and the Social Workers were able to do it rather easily, have Social Workers indulged in a fantasy of righteousness which led to these children being effectively  ‘stolen’.  Are these kids forcefully adopted through the secret family courts against the wishes of the parents?   Are Social Workers ‘following orders’ as they frequently claim — and who gives the orders?

OBSERVER journalist Nick Cohen and THE TIMES columnist Stuart Wavell have openly claimed that the courts ‘imprison’ parents who dare to complain publicly.  They both revealed in their articles that Legal Aid Solicitors rarely ever challenge anything the social workers say, and are reluctant to call witnesses on behalf of the parents.  They furthermore going on to reveal that older children placed in Foster Homes are forbidden to telephone or contact their parents even though no judges make such an order! (2012)

‘ Judge throws out case involving sausage ‘

The case was ‘ an assault by sausage ‘ and was brought before a Crown Court Hearing. Judge Anthony Goldstaub said the case was stale and so was the sausage when he dismissed it. He also questioned the CPS and why this case was in the public interest?  A spokesperson for the CPS said a jury would have to have considerable persuasion to find in this particular case, and was it really a criminal act.

JUSTICE SECRETARY KENNETH CLARKE has suggested that shoplifters should be set free if the apologise?

THE HOME OFFICE has rendered new plans to grab the passports of yobs in order to deal with hooligans and football match rowdies who commit anti community offences and anti-social behaviour.

‘ Property owning solicitor on Isle of Wight threatens this site again’

Lawyer Christopher Prew of ROACH PITTIS on the Isle of Wight has yet again seen fit to use his weight behind another threat in the ‘defamation’ category that is being used by many to suppress critics and have its uses in cover-ups and preventing scandals.  The practice of using libel and defamation seems to be a pastime of lawyers who reach out for it immediately someone starts an investigation into them or their backgrounds, and we have done this into Mr Prew….but cannot print this because he will say the intention is to defame him even if the article points in the right direction and contains facts (which it does).  He attacks the wording and says everything is a lie or fabrication.  As a Landlord, he was in the press over an order to shutdown an hotel, an hotel he owned.  Our Investigator did find out some things on a three day assignment to uncover Mr Prew’s personal life back in Blackpool, and where he qualified in Law, Richard did make inquiries and eventually got to people who knew him in his student days at Arnold School and then later with his tenants on the Isle of Wight, which was not published (and still have on file). We still have a letter supplied by someone on a partner at his firm Mr Holmes, which he does not want seen by the public, and maintains that it cannot be seen or used, as he sees this as defamatory….in fact, this man could actually turn any view held into a defamatory case…and why is that?           He will probably deny he has attacked this site twice and say that is a defamatory allegation made to make him look like an ogre with evil intentions and manipulating the situation…..but of course, in the case of the latter, it is exactly what lawyers do.

IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION, PROFESSIONAL OR PERSONAL ON CHRISTOPHER PREW (His past particularly in his trainee period at University (The University of Wales, Cardiff late 70’s  80), family, and even in his schooldays which we didn’t cover thoroughly) please get in touch with our Private Investigator Richard Barrymore at —   We are willing to offer a substantial payment for a substantiated story of substance with proof backed up by documents or photos that cannot be denied in court.  Also, as this firm do conveyances and property contracts, please tell us if you have had trouble, been misled, or dealt very badly by any solicitor in the firm.

We  have recently received information that suggests that Christopher Prew was a Policeman in Lancashire? working with prosecutions, and that he became a duty solicitor……we need more on this.  Richard received the message and put the question to Mr Prew on the 4th of January, but he chose not to affirm it or deny it, so we are following this up….Richard will be seeking some inside info from his old colleagues at the Met (the ones he can trust?)……. as there is often something to find.

Update — Policeman in Lancashire? No, that doesn’t work out for Richard…there’s no trail that suggests it being so….but Duty Solicitor?  Yes, we have proof on that…..he was a duty solicitor in Hampshire until his arrest by the Economic Crime Unit, but had to remove himself from that position and stay with civil work….which all centred around his ‘conditional police bail’……a certain case involving him went to The Legal Complaints Service and then referred to the SRA…who sat on it and kicked it around for two years……we now know why they were hesitant to answer questions when we approached them some 12 months ago.

Richard is  trying to track something down — two school boys who were at Arnold School at the same time as Christopher Prew who maybe able to help with something he got when he tracked down the address where Prew lived as a boy.  David Ball and Christopher Lowe were pupils at that time period when Headmasters Cochrane or JP man Rhodes were in charge of the school.  We are still waiting to hear from you please respond.. We can wait, but the sooner the better please.

‘Woman frightened of Roach Pittis’ — We are currently searching for the identity of a ‘vulnerable’ woman of age, who is involved in some property situation….our info supplied by an e-mail sender says that she is too frightened of this law firm…..but has now obtained legal representation because of her vulnerable status….so if you are that woman or a friend….contact   and will the e-mailer get in touch.

Update: June 2013…We have been given info that woman is in Ventnor and she is to be represented by the firm Bolitho Way in Southsea, Portsmouth……we hope to know more on that soon…….if anyone knows or lives near to her…please get in touch, because her case is of great use to one we are now aware of….we want to speak to her.

Update: We are now aware that Mr Prew can be brought to court on serious charges but that it will cost around £10,000 to begin the case… we need a benefactor who would like to see this happen contact us via Richard to enable us to inform ‘the contact’ that they will have the fee guaranteed.

The term ‘Publish or be damned’ comes to mind in our decision to reveal that letter Mr Prew does not want seen, and we feel it in the Public Interest to show it as a fact……we apologise to the present owners of the property. The presentation of the letter has been changed, but not altered, in order to publish it here, and it is true in every detail…..and we have the ‘original documents’ on file and in our possession.

From David Froome, Middlefield  Barn, Church lane, Seavington St Mary, Ilminster, Somerset.

5th of November 2010

Re: Flowerburn Cottage, Wellow (Isle of Wight)

Thank you for your telephone call regarding Flowerburn Cottage and apparent irregularities in the transfer to your friends who purchased the property.

I have now had the chance to dust off the file and remind myself of what happened six years ago.

Mr Cooke put the property on the market with Messrs Pittis of Freshwater and in May he received an offer of £245,000 from Mr Gurd.  However, Mr Gurd had not sold his own property  and Mr Cooke had already found the property he wished to purchase.  Accordingly, we expressed interest in Mr Gurd’s offer but continued the marketing through Messrs Pittis.

Subsequently, Mr Gurd claimed that he now had a cash purchaser for his property and, on the 27th of May, Mr Cooke instructed Pittis of Newport and, specifically Mr Tony Holmes, to undertake the legal aspects of the sale of Flowerburn Cottage and purchase of his new property.  The price agreed with Mr Gurd was £233,000.

Mr Cooke then discovered a plan to build a wind farm to the rear of Flowerburn Cottage and further that Mr Tony Holmes of Roach Pittis was a director of the company responsible for the development, ie, he had a financial interest in the wind farm.

Mr Cooke and I felt that this meant that Mr Holmes had a clear conflict of interest which he should have declared when he accepted Mr Cooke’s instruction to handle the sale.  We felt that his acceptance of the instruction was unethical, Accordingly, we withdrew the instruction to Roach Pittis.

David Froome.

Mr Prew likes one to stick to the facts, and make no comment about guilt or apportion blame that he can label defamation, so we leave this relevant part of that letter for the public to examine and decide who they think did what…….all we can add is, that there is a section under the Solicitors Rules of Practice that deals with ‘A conflict of Interests’ and the penalties handed down by the SRA and Disciplinary Tribunals…….Mr Holmes was not reported, and no records are to be found on this matter being reported even though we contacted the SRA and SDT and they appear not to be bothered.

‘ Ministry of Justice Civil Servant – the paedophile — US Extradition ‘

Senior Civil Servant Sarah Smith it was revealed was involved in a secret marriage ceremony to a ‘most wanted’ paedophile who is fighting an extradition warrant issued by the United States.  The embarrassing story broke and officials at the Justice Ministry immediately said there was no wrongdoing by this member of staff.  Current fears are that the pervert will use his married status to a UK citizen in accordance with a human rights claim to avoid extradition it is said.  Interpol was said to have tracked Shawn Sullivan to London. He is said to have committed the crime in Minnesota that of raping a 14yr old and molesting two 11 year olds. It is said Sullivan fled the US before an arrest could be made and went to his native Ireland where he stood trial for sexually assaulting two children. Although he pleaded guilty he walked free from the court in Dublin. Previous investigations and the US incident were not known to the court so before anything could be done he fled to Europe for almost ten years. In 2007 he was arrested by the Swiss Police but not detained, but was later picked up by the Met Police in England.

‘ Sussex Law Student is Credit Card Hacker ‘

19 year-old Zachary Woodham of Brighton, a student of Law at Sussex University, was a notorious hacker calling himself ‘Colonel Root’ with a vicious streak. Randomly he chose the target – Punkyhosting and succeeded in putting it out of business. He redirected pages to porn sites and targeted online gambling sites. With an accomplice he stole thousands of credit cards and built up a bank account out of the proceeds of his thieving. In court the Judge said he was lucky that his age prevented him from sending him to jail for three years — all he could do was give him 400 hours of community service unpaid.

‘ Judge sentences teenager for wrong crime ‘

JUDGE DAVID LANE QC had to make a quick revoke of a two year prison sentence he gave to teenager Daniel Donohue, after solicitors at Gloucester Crown Court pointed out that the boy hadn’t admitted to a rape crime. His solicitor told the judge that his client hadn’t been convicted or admitted to rape charges, but had pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing on a charge that he had sex with a girl of thirteen.  The mention of rape was made by the prosecution on an indictment earlier and not in this case.

‘The honourable Law that isn’t as quite as honourable as it claims ‘

Many cases we get in addition to those we chase on files etc, come indirectly via another web page owner, and one such case merited our attention and inclusion here.  It concerns whether the law is what it seems and the transparency they never really show.  The couple who gave us this are Mr M and Miss C….as they don’t want reprisals from the police or judiciary for giving out this story.  Apparently Mr M was wrongly and arrested in connection of insurance fraud….the cops swooped in and made their lives hell.  It turned out they had got the wrong name and blamed it later on how close it was!  When he appeared in court charged by the Insurance Company and police, he noticed that the Judge was whispering to the accusers, and had done so in a corridor a few minutes before.  He was found guilty within minutes and protested about being stitched up.  Luckily within a week he had cleared his name and and the police interviewed the right man.  The mess of a conviction had to be cleared by him, he had to apply and go through hoops to get himself clear at his own cost.  The Insurance firm hid away from him and actually denied him entry to the company when he went to confront them.  They actually called the police!  Mr M told the Insurance Company he would sue them but got no reply to his letter.  He wrote to the Court and said he was going to sue the Judge for inappropriate professional misbehaviour, he also said this to the police……he finally did get a small payout they called ‘ not an admission of liability’…..the Insurance Company sent him a poultry £30….as a ‘good will’ gesture, no apology….yet these companies do other people for hundreds and thousands….but it doesn’t apply to them when they are in the wrong…..the Judge completely got away with his misconduct……which shows that all these people haven’t got an ounce of honour between them.

‘History shows us that the judiciary and Law experimented with lives ‘

In 1864 the Law did not allow an accused man in the dock to speak, even when he was on trial for his life, and his fate completely relied on whatever defence he could afford……and in many cases it was appalling… bore the hallmarks of ‘the spirit of vengeance’– yet the outcome is ‘proudly’ referred to as ‘Justice’   The ‘Railway Murder’ of Thomas Briggs in July of that year ended up with a young German Franz Muller being arrested on the flimsiest of evidence, much of it speculative and provided by taxi driver Matthews who the police regarded suspicious in his testimony at the time, and only came forward just as the reward of £300 was about to be dropped.  No witness actually identified the German being at the murder scene, or saw him.  It was affirmed that Briggs, in his 70’s fell from the train carriage, and could have sustained contributory wounds, but this possibility was dismissed by Police Inspector Richard Tanner. One should also realise there were no forensics then, it was all down to what a policeman saw and assumed. They also assumed he was trying to escape when he took a passage to America….but this happened to be the slower route…steam ships got there days ahead…a hat he wore was assumed to be the dead man’s, but there were many of these in London…..sadly for him his only alibi was a prostitute he befriended, and the bias judges dismissed this in favour of ‘publicly hanging’ him to satisfy the 50,000 baying crowd assembled across from The Old Bailey who really didn’t mind who the judiciary was murdering. His trial was not based on the principle of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ because it had many loose ends and facts that did not stand up to scrutiny…..but the law was not interested……as he went to the scaffold a reporter heard him ask the hangman ‘ I suppose this means I did it?’……..and this is the Great British Law no-one talks about.

‘ Delays not acceptable at the Court of Appeal ‘

SENIOR JUDGES have spoken out about the unacceptable delays that are holding up cases from lower court hearings.  The Judge cited a case where it took two months for transcripts of a county court ruling to arrive at the Court of Appeal.  He said there were too many delays occurring which were unnecessary, and quite wrongly, and something must be done to improve practice and performance in court offices.

‘Judges complicate and redefine compensation over wrongful conviction’

8 years in prison, but no compensation according to the judges — they may not like Barry George who found himself convicted of the Jill Dando murder, and was later released when his conviction was quashed.  They now say it doesn’t count as a ‘miscarriage of justice’ so they don’t have to pay….because he wasn’t innocent enough?  It could be that the police and Judiciary are in league and the former embarrassment is a ghost they don’t want coming back to haunt them.  Whatever one thinks about Mr George…he did get slammed into a jail for eight years and have ‘prisoner status’ and was not at liberty to decide for himself, the state did take this from him…and these judges think he should just forget the eight years of incarceration…how about these appeal judges doing eight years each themselves just to feel what it’s like to be the target of a wrong conviction….but they don’t think like that…they have huge houses, huge lawns, go to the golf club, garden parties etc, what do they know of suffering and a loss of freedom…..obviously nothing.

‘CRB checks found to be a breach of Article 8 of the Human Rights’

A man won in the Court of Appeal chaired by Judge Lord Dyson and two colleagues against the powers the CRB and they came to the conclusion that the disclosure provisions of The Police Act 1997 – nor those of an order pursuant to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 were compatible with Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

The ruling, long overdue, shows how long the Judiciary and The Police have been using a ‘flawed’ system not properly checked and obviously much abused in order to carry out checks and fool the people into believing the system was right and above board.  They obviously knew there would be a day when someone would figure out what they’d been doing, and it happened, somewhat late!

Article 8 was well discussed by the Government who were very selective in what they would allow, so it must have known that earlier laws complicated their compliance, but chose to ignore it and keep quiet.

‘ Lawyers Affair in Leveson Inquiry leads to doubts ‘

The Commons MP’s are demanding an investigation after it was revealed that Barristers David Sherbourne and Corine Patry Hoskins QC’s were lovers, and may have had other things on their minds during the course of the inquiry.  The Press are calling for the Regulation Plan to be scrapped claiming that the integrity of Leveson’s team was flawed.

‘Free Speech and its fright in the Judiciary ‘

The fight for free speech has never been more difficult than it is now, yet at one time some twenty years ago one hardly heard a ‘peep’ of lawyers actively engaged in trying to stop it and subvert it….yet today, those very bastions that were revered — are not… many people are realising how deceitful and divisive they can be if doesn’t suit their cause, not to serve, but to be self-servant.  Today, these lawyers, judges and quasi legal’s are interpreting the Article on free speech to mean anything but what it was intended to be.  All over the World, Government Judiciaries are getting together to intimidate and suppress legal rights by any means possible. In the UK we have many lawyers who try the word game and threats in order to devalue the comments that are made of them…..the Internet has made them feel vulnerable, and that frightens them…because ‘the skeletons in the cupboard’ might just come to haunt them….and most people, organisations alike, have a ‘skeleton’ tucked away, as we have so rightly seen in ‘The Savile Case’……because once that box is opened…it often connects to those who thought themselves safe and secure from scrutiny… speech and free thought is vital in a world of secrets….when those in power seek to hide their crimes and hide behind a ‘false image of respectability’…. they are the ones we should all be aware of…..and the next time you see the judiciary at work in sending you a threat of some sort……that often underlies that they are doing it to conceal.

‘ Man is charged with ‘Staring at Minister’

Yes, it sounds bonkers, but in Scotland Dogan Arslan was ‘nicked’ for causing fear and alarm by ‘staring’…the Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has broken new ground in law…..and will mean if convicted, there will be thousands of people in the courts from now on……silly, indeed it is, and it is sad that the Scottish Judiciary is lending its name to this absurd charge.  She said Dogan loitered within a car? and stared at the office and herself! in Glasgow where her constituency is based.  This will be good for the law books, and hopefully, a decent lawyer will have this buried…..because it says that Dogan will appear in court!

‘ The Court Computer and an E-Bay Sale complete with Data ‘

THE PLACE – SALFORD MAGISTRATES  and one computer containing 400,000 sensitive data files up for sale on E-Bay.  The court says the ‘Server’ was stolen in June of 2012 and as yet, they do not know who took it.  Insiders said that it did contain sensitive files ‘not encrypted’…… furthermore it says there has been no steps to inform any of the people in the files.  Besides the files there was other court information, but they are not saying what.

‘ Judge says Free Speech must be a Priority ‘

NOT ENTIRELY SUPPORTED by the rest of the Judiciary, Judge Sir James Munby has told his colleagues they must get used to and refrain from reactionary stands against defamatory cases in regard to the Internet rather than moan and throw up their hands.  The Family Law Judge said that despite online remarks being highly objectionable, Judges should rely on the fundamentally important principles of free speech….’its time for judges to acknowledge that the Internet allows anyone to publish articles and comments at the click of a mouse’  He said the Law must adapt to this media and work with it rather than respond in a way which only piles up the work loads of the courts…. with mildly aggrieved people using the law to an end which it was never intended to do.

‘The Legal Aid farce that invites contempt ‘

Despite cutbacks in Legal Aid, and the fact that some members of UK society are not being able to get aid or representation in the courts, an Ethiopian Farmer has been awarded legal aid by Britain in order for the farmer to sue the UK.  The farmer is suing Britain because it is sending foreign aid to Ethiopia?  The British taxpayer will be footing the bill for a claimant who will not be present in the UK, but his case will….his legal costs and funding of his defence team for the International Development will be paid by Britain…and if he wins, then presumably the payout will also be made by the UK.  The name of this 33yr old farmer has been suppressed because he has been granted anonymity,  The only winners here are the lawyers again, and why is that not a surprise?

‘Unfair 300 year old Law  still jails many innocents ‘

A law passed some 300 years ago is still being used to jail hundreds of people who may have been unfairly convicted because of its interpretation.  It actually convicts those who were not directly implicated in an act of manslaughter or murder, they merely have to be in the area?  It allows someone to be convicted of homicide just for being present  at the scene of the crime, or being associated with the accused.  These are referred to as   ‘Joint Enterprise’ prosecutions (still used) once used to target people in ‘duels’…when aristocrats issued a challenge over a dispute and one got shot and died as a result….and those involved were rounded up and convicted of the offence regardless of who committed it.  In 2013 The Court of Appeal had to rule over 22 percent of these cases of ‘joint enterprise’

One Case study highlighted the case of LIAH LAVELLE-MOORE who was arrested and charged under this law for an alleged crime….he was charged with murder……he spent 14 months in prison…and was acquitted nine days after his mother had died.  The Appeal Judge said ‘ All we have is a chain of inferences and suspicious activity, and no evidence of his presence in the crime’

‘ Angry Citizens try to arrest Judge ‘

600 ANGRY PROTESTORS were thwarted by Police when they tried to put a ‘citizens arrest’ on Judge Michael Peake in Wirral.  They were denied the right and forced back by police who claimed they were ‘rescuing’ the Judge, in other words looking after their own interests if the truth be known!  The six hundred strong crowd were protesting outside the council about ‘unlawful council tax’  (July 12 -2012)

‘ Coroner’s Court says ‘unarmed man can be lawfully killed by cop ‘

Apparently, a man can be shot by police; resulting in death. according to a Judge presiding at the Coroner’s Court ….. and be declared as lawful? yet in any other situation it would be murder or manslaughter to shoot an unarmed victim.  Mike Mansfield QC posed this question in The High Court as a challenge to the validity when he asked ‘How is it a man who is manifestly unarmed can be lawfully shot?’     The family of Mark Duggan who was killed by a police marksman claim that the jury was misled and misdirected by the Coroner Judge and they seek to have the verdict overturned.  The policeman was found not guilty of unlawful killing and as expected, Lawyers for the Coroner are insisting that he made no ‘error’ in his advice to the jury.

‘Judge embarrassed as bailed killers go on the run ‘

SENIOR JUDGE BRIAN BARKER QC was embarrassed as he was told that two convicted killers he had granted bail to did not return to the court the next day.  The Judge granted them freedom for the night, allowing them to return to court the next morning…..but instead, they went on the run.  The two killers were facing manslaughter charges at the Old Bailey and had been convicted….they were due for sentencing in the morning, but did not report into the court.  The judge issued warrants for their arrest and capture, a third man was detained and held.

‘ Judge asks ‘is the recording turned off’ before making comment ‘

JUDGE GRAHAM WHITE was addressing the Parole board in connection with the ‘McGinty Case’ of thirteen years previously when they suffered a loss over the murder of a family member.  Asking if all recordings were off, and indeed the camera was…he said ‘I feel so very sorry for these families thinking that these decisions will make a difference, but ultimately they won’t’ he said.  The family were pleased at his honesty, but other watchdog groups have expressed concern and disapproved strongly in their complaint.

‘ Judge tells lawyer to get out of his courtroom ‘

JUDGE DAVID MORGAN threw a wobbly when he saw Lawyer Alan Blacker wearing ribbons and badges stuck to his gown when he arrived at Cardiff Crown Court.   Judge Morgan challenged Mr Blacker’s right to wear a wig and robes of a barrister during the trial, even to the point of asking whether he was a bona fide member of the Law Society.  The Judge left the courtroom saying that Mr Blacker’s claim that Lord Chief Justice Lord Thompson said it was appropriate to wear them in court was rubbish. ‘Since I started practising law, there has been no Lord Chief Justice of England or Wales by the name of Lord Thompson?  Mr Blacker said he was deeply hurt and puzzled that his qualifications were brought into disrepute.  Mr Blacker  said he is a solicitor advocate and is entitled to appear as a barrister.

‘Judge steps down from Whitehall Child Abuse Scandal Case ‘

Having at first said she was going to stay put, Former Judge Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, has now removed herself from the inquiry in the ‘Cover-up Paedophile scandal in Westminster’ that has recently emerged.  The 1980’s suppressed file disappeared despite having gone to the Home Secretary and Michael Havers of the DPP, who some are suggesting ‘covered up’ the matter because the file revealed suspected child abusers in the House of Commons during Maggie Thatcher’s Government.  The file was submitted for investigation by MP Geoffrey Dickens…..survivors of the abuse claim that she is not impartial enough especially seeing that she had ties with her late brother Michael Havers, who some think tried to stop Mr Dickens from naming MP’s at the time.

‘Adulterous Judge says marriage no better than cohabiting ‘

Causing a bit of a furore, High Court Judge Sir Nicholas Mostyn called for the abolition of the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage.  He said there was no difference between the relationships in regard to unmarried couples and the married ones….and went on to condemn the divorce system, which he says gives special protection to wives.  His own divorce case in 2012 seems to have some bearing on his views; he walked out on his then wife to begin a relationship with Barrister Elizabeth Saunders….who happens to be a divorce barrister.

‘Have you heard the one about the fake law firm and the SRA?’

The Law Firm was  ACORN LAW, a practice set up by Identity thieves in order to perpetrate a scam.  They picked a retired lawyer and duly reinstated him to regular practice? and told the SRA he was back in business, and they accepted this without question.  The retired solicitor had no idea this was going on, and he was never contacted about it.  The fake firm of lawyers went on to con clients out of money.  They even had a website, headed paper etc, and were accepted by the profession as authentic lawyers.  When the story broke and they’d gone, and the SRA knew about it, the bogus website remained on the Internet for several weeks?   The SRA, even though they payout compensation for lawyers who misbehave, denied liability because ‘the lawyers were not genuine’ despite accepting the firm in their lists….and the ‘clients’ who got ripped off got nothing!

‘Students get murder conviction quashed ‘

An innocent man goes to jail having been sent there by qualified lawyers and a judge in 2002…..and thanks to a group of law students ‘less bigoted’ the man, victim Dwaine George was freed.  He was originally convicted for murder by a jury of his peers……. and he had his appeal rejected by other judges……and served five years in prison.  New scientific evidence was produced by students of ‘The Innocence Project and Pro Bono Unit at Cardiff Law School.  The Judge thanked the unit for their work on the case and ruled the conviction unsafe.  Let us hope that they help him to get a huge compensation package.

In a very different story we find a SEX OFFENDER FREED BY THE COURT — Described as a ‘very dangerous’ sex offender, Jeffrey Goodwyn was released because his sentence was ruled ‘unlawful’…….Goodwyn pleaded guilty to 2 counts of indecent assault against a child in 2012….when he was imprisoned for public protection.  His barrister pointed out the IPP was not lawful at the appeal despite the crimes that Goodwyn committed.

‘Insufficient Evidence —  the biggest get out of jail clause ‘

The law have used this ‘opportunity’ almost infinitum to not just only settle for one ‘bad guy’ but enable others to walk away claiming they were innocent, when in fact innocence has nothing to do with it.  But learned beaks and lawyers, including government legal interests have successfully hidden behind this tired thread of ‘justice’ for years playing it to their advantage.  In many cases there has been reasonable suspicion that A, B, C and D were involved at some stage in the conspiracy of a crime and those working with them knew it all along, but such departments as the CPS and Ministry of Justice have had other agendas and in their own interests either dropped the case or decided that C was in a vulnerable position where they could separate him or her (under the divide and conquer rule) so that that person could not successfully involve his or her ‘partners  in crime’ to the satisfaction of the court……sometimes known as ‘boxing them in.  This ‘insufficient evidence’ criteria is also useful for crime figures enabling the police and government to categorise and push aside ‘not proven’ or cases of the arrest to letting them go as ‘no crime recorded’    Many people, professionals, government, security etc, are walking around free due to the ‘insufficient evidence’ play…and go on triumphantly to commission other crimes having gained the expertise in ‘destroying and altering evidence’ and using others to do the dirty work without any solid links of responsibility ever ‘fixing them’ in the frame.  Lawyers are only too willing to bend the rules and fix their paymasters problems by a ‘little false accounting, and exploiting the insufficient evidence’ clause way beyond the necessary…..its part of the game.  Even as we print this article, somewhere behind closed doors in a police station, chambers or government office, several people will be fixing a situation that ‘solves a case’ for them, both financially and with as less embarrassment as they can get away with.

‘The Alarming Case of a Disreputable Judiciary in a Conspiracy ‘

This next item should have alarm bells going off….but somehow never does?  It is already in the Public Domain but as we can see, needs more…..and that’s why we are going to publish it here.

We are going to call it ‘ The truth of Andrew May ‘ sworn out legally by him on the 24th of May 2012 an Investigator for INL NEWS GROUP Legal and Investigation Team exposing lawyers and Judges for the one part and The Land Registry.  This case is set to be heard in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division.

Statement of Truth of Andrew May dated 24th May 2012


1.     I,  Andrew May, investigator for the INL News Legal and Investigation Team, based at 15 Home Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9JR

2.     I have been authorised to make this statement on behalf of the claimants and appellants in Chancery Appeal Ref: CH/2011/0567 Claim No: HC11C00473

3.     On the evidence the  INL News Legal and Investigation Team, that has been collected and gathered covering the period 1980 t0 2012 there seems no doubt that there has been a serious criminal and civil conspiracy to defraud , conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, , along with serious criminal contempts of court for knowingly presenting false and misleading facts, information and law to the High Court of Justice,  malfeasance, collusion and dereliction of duty of public officers committed by the following in different ways and levels that have been for the main purpose of helping well know Freemason Peter Leslie Urqhuart and Jacqueline Urquhart their Freemasons legal and business partners defraud Valerie Ann Butler and her partners Stephen Carew-Reid and Thomas Allwood of their lawfuls rights to the ownership, equity ad possession of the property known as Haywicks Farm, Haywicks Lane, Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 3QE:.

4.     against Owen Rhys Actions as Adjudicator to HM Land Registry, High Court Master Teverson, High Court Judge Mann, High Court Judge David Richards, Master Price,HM Land Registry, Treasury Solicitors, Attorney Marie Clair Bleasdale, HM Land Registry lawyer Katharine Brothers, Gloucester Land Registrar Julie Jenkins, HM Land Registrar clerk Sarah Canipel, HM Land Registrar clerk Claire Francis, HM Land Registrar clerk David Hodges, Peter Leslie Urquhart, Jaqueline Ann Urquhart, Attorneys Madge Lloyd Gibson, Attorneys Langley Wellington, Julie Williams, and others..

5.     It is noted that judges, masters and/or adjudicators have been accused of playing a wrongful part of these civil and criminal wrongs. Please note that in a judicial journal that is fully quoted and referenced in the series of books called The Triumph of Truth ( Who Is Watching The Watchers?) written by Stephen Carew-Reid and published by the Australian Weekend News a subsidiary of the INL News Group, the previous Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, the highest court in Australia which has a similar and/or higher legal standing as Supreme Court in England states:

“If judges and magistrates think the law of contempt of court is there to protect themselves from criticism., then they are ignorant of the law….” Justice Mann for example has ignored the law set and confirmed by Justice Morgan in HC11C00580 whereby Justice Mann has approved the issue of a high court claim by Janice Pritchard  as trustee for Robert Carter and John Carew-Reid when Justice Morgan is fully aware that not only is Janice Pritchard not a qualified lawyer or attorney, but is also  a mentally unwell and unstable woman with no legal knowledge or experience. So Justice Morgan hs set a solid legal precedent in English Law in his rulings in HC11C00580 and Justice Mann can not say he did not have knowledge of this case,  because Justice Mann admitted in court on the 22nd March, 2012  that he had studied HC11C00580,  in detail because he wanted to use this case in support of Justice Mann desperately wanting to find a way of having  a legal excuse to issue orders of a civil restraint order against John Carew-Reid  from being able to issue any further applications and/or claims concerning legal arguments as to the ownership of Haywicks Farm to try and help his Freemasons Brothers Peter Leslie Urquhart and his Freemason legal and business partners to illegally, fraudulently, corruptly and wrongly obtain the title deed of Haywicks Farm into the name of Peter Leslie Urquhart and Jacqueline Ann Urquhart, because Justice Mann’s sworn oath to Freemasonary is more important to him that his oath to apply to law in a fair, honest and proper way as a judge in the High Court of Justice. That is why all judges, magistrates and adjudicators presiding in any court or hearing have to before they start the hearing openly declare if their a freemason and if they are, and if either of the parties involved in the litigation and/or legal representatives are Freemasons, and/or any of the parties have been involved in publicly or privately campaigning against the wrongful use of the Freemasonary Brothership etc, then they have to immediately resign form hearing the case because of an obvious and potential bias. The court is reminded that the law has to be fair and just but also seen to be fair and just, and when there is the possibility of any possible bias, and/or even the belief of a possible bias, then a judges, magistrates and adjudicators presiding in any court or hearing will have to immediately resign from dealing with the case to keep the law seen to be fair And just in the eyes of the general public.

1.     The full evidence and details of serious criminal and civil conspiracy to defraud , conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, , along with serious criminal contempts of court for knowingly presenting false and misleading facts, information and law to the High Court of Justice,  malfeasance, collusion and dereliction of duty of public officers committed by the following in different ways and levels that have been for the main purpose of helping well know Freemason Peter Leslie Urqhuart and Jacqueline Urquhart their Freemasons legal and business partners defraud Valerie Ann Butler and her partners Stephen Carew-Reid and Thomas Allwood of their lawfuls rights to the ownership, equity ad possession of the property known as Haywicks Farm, Haywicks Lane, Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 3QE:.

against Owen Rhys Actions as Adjudicator to HM Land Registry, High Court Master Teverson, High Court Judge Mann, High Court Judge David Richards, Master Price,HM Land Registry, Treasury Solicitors, Attorney Marie Clair Bleasdale, HM Land Registry lawyer Katharine Brothers, Gloucester Land Registrar Julie Jenkins, HM Land Registrar clerk Sarah Canipel, HM Land Registrar clerk Claire Francis, HM Land Registrar clerk David Hodges, Peter Leslie Urquhart, Jaqueline Ann Urquhart, Attorneys Madge Lloyd Gibson, Attorneys Langley Wellington, Julie Williams, and others.., will be made available by the INL News group at a full trial of this action HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567

1.     Annexed hereto and marked with the letters  “AM1” is a true copy of a page on the website that has been published worldwide taken from the website on the 24th May, 2012. It is my understanding that none of the information on this webpage and other web pages has been disputed by anyone to the webpage publishers and none has even written to the publishers of the webpage to even complain about the statements and information on published worldwide on this web page., even after the INL News Legal and Investigation Team have emailed this information to some of the main conspirators being attorney Marie Clair Bleasdale, Katharine Brothers of HM Land Registry, Owen Rhys Acting ad Adjudicator for H Land Registry, Peter Leslie Urquhart, the Chief Justice of the High Court of Justice and others with no objection coming back to say any of them object this information being published on the world internet after been warned that it was to be published on the world internet.

2.      It is important that Justice Mann or any other judge dealing with any application, judgement, and/or any proposed orders concerning action HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567 and/or any other court hearing concerning Haywicks Farm before making any judgement or order.

3.     It is noted that there is an application that has been listed in action HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567 which due to be heard at 10.30 am on the 24th July, 2012 in Court 10 in the Rolls Building, London requesting orders be made that the orders made by Justice Mann in action HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567 on the 22nd March, 2012 be set aside and/or deemed null and void and of no legal effect and for Justice Mann be removed from dealing with any proposed extended civil restraint order application due to be listed in action HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567 as ordered by Justice Mann. I  maintain that it is highly inappropriate for the listings office of the High Court of Justice to have listed  proposed extended civil restraint order application inaction HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567 as ordered by Justice Mann, prior to the hearing set down for the 24th July, 2012 as aforementioned and state that the hearing listed on the 25th May, 2012 should be vacated and be relisted for hearing at 10/30 am in court 10 in the Rolls Building on the 24th July, 2012.  It is also noted that there are other matters also listed concerning Mr carew-Reid and the INL News Group also listed on the 24th July, 2012 and an attorney will be present to argue and present the claimant’s and appellents case and argument and it would be highly inappropriate, unfair and wrong as well a be a travesty of justice of the hearing set down for the 25th May, 2012 for the issue of a proposed extended civil restraint order application due to be listed in action HC11C004673 and/or a full appeal of this appeal CH/2011/0567 as ordered by Justice Mann, without Mr Carew-Reid having the opportunity to have an attorney present to argue his case, who has been booked to attend the hearing on the 24th July, 2012. So I request that the court vacate the hearing on the 25th May, 2012 and relist it for 10.30am on the 24th July, 2012 in court 10 Rolls building London.

4.     I  believe the facts stated in this witness statement are true.


        IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE Chancery Division      Chancery Appeal Ref: CH/2011/0567 and Claim No: HC11C00473                   John Carew-Reid                                          Claimant and Appellant

And Gary Roger Jouai and Ors   Defendants and Respondents

Original source before website removed…