Notice Of Malfeasance Glenfield Surgery

Steven: as commonly called of the kirk family

C/o address

Notice Of Malfeasance.

29th July 2019

Alison Briars

Glenfield Surgery

111 Station Road




Company No: 10753553

As requested the law the Magna Carta 1215 section 40 not acts or statutes or corporation rules that needs my consent and you alison briars have deliberately refused to use any due diligence in this matter following orders is not acceptable under any circumstances.

If you alison briars do not think Nazi Germany is here in the UK you alison briars are not paying attention by following orders plain and simple you alison briars are missing what is truly going on.

kindly watch these videos or don’t the choice is yours alison or carry on following orders, anything i say will be and is backed up with substance/evidence.

and this is no laughing matter it could not be any more serious than it is, by continuing to hinder and put as many obstacles in my way to refuse and delay my right or justice is evidence against you alison briars and the Glenfield Surgery and the CEO’s.

The Glenfield Surgery is a corporation and me/myself/i have never received a letter from the surgery stating they are no longer part of the NHS a private corporation why is that?

All this is down to you alison briars and no one else thinking they are above the law and not happy with me/myself/i not willing to follow the glenfield surgery’s rules which are by consent only and are more than willing to break the law to enforce rules your alison briars orders upon me/myself/i.

The law common law the law of this country is and always will be above any rules of a corporation and me/myself/i requires the man or womans name that have hindered this subject access request by the Glenfield surgery and the man or womans name from the information commissioners should they decide not to give me the full documents the paper documents with full disclosure that me/myself/i have requested.


steven: as commonly called, of the kirk family