Notice of Malfeasance Ross Mcewan NATWEST

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Care of address

Notice of Malfeasance

Recorded Delivery NJ 5093 1028 6GB

Private and confidential.

To, ross mcewan/you

01st august 2019
common law jurisdiction applies exclusively
notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

this is not a complaint, a query, a request for a statement/agreement and is not to be treated as one. by doing so, you will agree to pay (£5,000.00) five thousand gbp/personal property in damages.
do not refer to me as sir/Mr/Mrs/Ms or any title, which is a legal fiction name fraud and is not me. by doing so, you will also agree to pay (£5,000,000.00), 5 million gbp/personal property in damages.
to treat these notices/affidavits/documents/correspondences with the respect they deserve and by not doing so ie re-naming them you also agree to pay (£10,000.00) ten thousand gbp/personal property in damages. all correspondences must be under common law.
Do not CAPITALIZE any part of the legal fiction name and private dwelling the care of address above this is A-S-L American-Sign-Language and me/myself/i do not understand A-S-L should you do so, you will agree to pay £5,000,000.00 (five million GBP/Personal Property) as this is GLOSSA hidden/corrupt/poisonous text which is fraud.

Dear ross in your personal and private unlimited capacity,

me/myself/i strongly advises you ross to seek lawful advice on this issue as this is in your private and personal unlimited capacity, man to man and you ross are wilfully committing fraud, treason, trespass and a common law court will be convened in the near future and you ross will be served notice to attend to defend yourself ross in a common law court where statutes and acts, banking rules do not have any effect under common law, with a jury of peers.

you ross were told in plain english what options were available and you ross decided to make one up of your own which is not acceptable neither do me/myself/i consent to this fraudulent behaviour.

this is your ross mcewan last and final warning ignore it at your ross own accord, me/myself/i do not under any circumstances tolerate corruption, treason, fraud, war after war to mention a few the list of crimes you ross and the corrupt fraudulent criminal banking system are responsible for is beyond a joke. The Great British Mortgage Swindle can’t wait to see that happen, and it is coming very very soon.

war after war after war all created by the scum of the earth bankers and that includes you ross, me/myself/i hope you ross can feel just how much you scum bags bankers are well and truly detested all across the UK, we the people are most definitely coming for all of you corrupt foreclosed bankers, and this is simply history repeating itself once again if you ross know the true history which me/myself/i do. remember sticks and stones, if the cap fits.

as you ross have increased the debt you ross have created out of thin air me/myself/i will increase the amount to be credited by the standard commercial penalty of three plus one (3+1) therefore being as you ross have made the account ending in 4632 overdrawn in your ross criminal banking rip off charges which under any circumstance me/myself/i do not consent to, up to £132.57 me/myself/i require £530.28 crediting into the account ending in 4632.

me/myself/i also requires the promissory note valued at £500,000.00 that you ross received on the 26th july 2019 by signed for delivery service number NJ 5093 1026 9GB returning by return post to the care of address above, failure on your part ross to return the promissory note will constitute a commercial lien being served on you ross mcewan in your personal and private unlimited capacity for the value of the promissory note five hundred thousand in gold, silver and your personal and private property. your behaviour ross is totally unacceptable, me/myself/i hopes you ross will ignore all this and me/myself/i can’t wait to serve you ross a lawful notice to attend a common law court in your personal and private unlimited capacity. it is no wonder you ross are resigning a rat leaving the sinking ship, you bankers are a complete joke traitors to this country, no morals, scruples, no values just rip everyone off, shame on you ross.

me/myself/i have now added you ross onto me/myself/i website

and while you are there have a look at this another corrupt foreclosed bank santander and what happened to them.

and the CEO’s were uploaded to the UCC just like you will be ross should you ross not address this situation you ross and the criminal foreclosed banking system have created out of thin air, UCC filing number 2018-251-1922-3.

you ross have seven (7) days from receipt of this instrument to redress this fraudulent behaviour by crediting the account ending in 4632 by £530.28, or crediting the account ending in 4632 with the secured promissory note that you ross have already received photo copy enclosed to the value stated on the promissory note five hundred thousand in spendable currency (£500,000.00) and or to return the promissory note as instructed should you ross fail to credit this amount into the account ending 4632.

the choice is yours ross credit £530.28 or £500,000.00 failure to do either will constitute in a commercial lien being served on you ross in your personal and private unlimited capacity to the value of both £500,0530.28. do not think ross for one second me/myself/i am/are messing about, me.myself/i mean exactly what me/myself/i says.

should you ross childishly continue and create more money out of thin air and put the account ending in 4632 further into debt the amount on the commercial lien will be Leviticus times by seven (7) each time you ross fraudulently continue to trespass on me/myself/i and increase a fraudulent debt created out of thin air by a corrupt foreclosed bank.

we the people have totally had enough of this treason, corruption, war after war by the foreclosed criminals within the corrupt banking system, find enclosed a bill for wasting me/myself/i time over your ross mcewan fraudulent behaviour.

ross mcewan
135 Bishopsgate
Company No: 4070699 (foreclosed as of 25/12/2012)


                    *sui juris Without Prejudice UCC 1-308.
                                                            Sovereign steven: as commonly called of the kirk family.                                                             All Unalienable Rights Reserved.