Notice Served To David Gauke Chief Secretary To The Treasury


©Steven of the family: Kirk
C/o address

Chief Secretary to the Treasury,
Unit 1 Horse Guards Road


01st April 2019

recorded delivery to David Gauke chief secretary to the treasury,
GQ6228 3788 8GB
Previous numbers GQ6228 3786 5GB, GQ6228 3768 4GB, GQ3144 8056 5GB,
GK 9584 6961 9GB

Recorded for fraud and treason purposes. We do not communicate with a PO BOX.

common law jurisdiction applies exclusively

Notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

This is NOT a complaint, a query, a request for a statement/agreement and is NOT to be treated as one. By doing so, you will agree to pay £5,000.00 in damages.
Do not refer to me as Sir/Mr/Mrs/Ms or any title, which is a legal fiction and is not me. By doing so, you will also agree to pay £5,000,000.00 (FIVE MILLION GBP) in damages.

Dear David Gauke in your personal and private unlimited capacity,
is now noticed and served.

We thank David Gauke for the evidence of proof of Treason, High Treason and continuing to enforced this on the the British public without their knowledge or their consent.

Find enclosed a correspondence from Lisa Adams replying on your behalf dated 27th March 2019 which arrived on the 30th March 2019 addressed with the postcode, do you see me/myself/i using this business address. No me/myself/i does not therefore David Gauke is/are addressing a business and not me/myself/i the living sovereign man in their private dwelling.

In reply/rebuttal to the enclosed copy of a fraudulent patronising letter, sent by Lisa Adams on behalf of David Gauke as stated above.

In a debt based economy can anyone pay?

Everything is a promise to pay and I receive a reply to get in touch with the money advice line as David Gauke believes this is an attempt to pay bills using a national insurance number or birth certificate, Lies, lies and more lies total rebut, evidence enclosed titled “Scottish Power Ways To Pay Again”. When using the word ‘we’ please state real men/women’s names so they can be held accountable/responsible should any wrong doing’s be done intentionally or otherwise, otherwise me/myself/i will assume it is David Gauke and Lisa Adams in their own personal and private capacity and their views and not actual Laws when it concerns an actual living breathing flesh and blood sovereign man or woman.

Again proof this is a bill, as stated in David Gaukes own words, which is a negotiable instrument as clearly stated in the Bills of Exchange, as being the holder/bearer it has been discharged by/with delivery and it is the responsibility of the Treasury to discharge these bills.

The registration of a birth gives ownership away, this applies to anything that is/has been registered, a car, a van, a house, a computer etc and most of all a baby, a child all are legally unknowingly given away without consent or knowledge, which is totally unlawful, treasonous, high treason.

Births and Deaths Registration Act 1874,

An Act to amend the Law relating to the Registration of Births and Deaths in England, and to consolidate the Law respecting the Registration of Births and Deaths at Sea. Full Act Enclosed.

In these circumstances, while any further correspondences that me/myself/i receive from David Gauke on any subject will be used as evidence for Treason, High Treason against David Gauke in his personal and private unlimited capacity. Failure to reply at all with substance to the contrary of these claims and allegations and fees for damages will constitute in Law a tacit agreement by acquiescence by admission. In plain English no reply with substance contrary (disproving) to the allegations and claims means David Gauke is in total admission and absolute agreement with the entirety of my claims, allegations and fees for damages.

Clearly there is a lot of mistakes in this correspondence and this is David Gauke’s opportunity to set the record straight as Lisa Adams states “You can also”, and “If you prefer”, me/myself/i, am/are/is not ‘you’ and Lisa Adams should have sent the correspondence to ‘you’ instead of me/myself/i.

Having served Scottish Power a lawful affidavit of obligation commercial lien, which was totally ignored, my question is this does David Gauke wish to be added to this affidavit of obligation commercial lien as a debtor or does David Gauke want one of his own either way failure to address this with substance will constitute in Law David Gauke being served said affidavit and the standard commercial penalty for wilful obstruction of three (3) plus one (1) will be added and the UCC filing will be amended and David Gauke will be added as another lien debtor on David Gauke’s own accord.

Email sent to over 300 treasonous traitor public servants MP’s did you receive it David as I am sure David Gauke was on there didn’t get a reply from you David. 4 Replies says it all doesn’t it. High Treason.

Lets not forget that the corrupt high treasonous foreclosed government are FORECLOSED and trading illegally, unlawfully and fraudulently. Right Honourable my arse another joke well I am not laughing.

Find enclosed the foreclosed flyer please copy and spread around make it global.

Lets also mention Swissindo where the treasonous traitor the queen along with 12 other so called world leaders signed an agreement where every man woman and child would be given eventually 2 billion in currency and 1200 a month for life ending this utter bullshit you treasonous criminals have deliberately forced upon myself and the rest of the decent people in Britain, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the world enslavement without knowledge or consent. Back 2 pages showing all the people that agreed and signed it to release this currency but decided to try and hide it and keep it for themselves.

This is High Treason what you are all aiding and abetting in, plain and simple and just a matter of time before the rest of the deliberately dumbed down population wake up to what really is going on and David Gauke and the rest of the treasonous traitor criminals will be facing the gallows we the people have totally had enough of this utter bullshit you call reality.

Tony scum bag Blair found guilty of war crimes but you ass-holes protect him ,we don’t, we the people want him hung for these war crimes he has already been found guilty of in a court of Law.

The Actual trial held in Malaysia oh and all of a sudden MH370 goes missing without a trace wow what a coincidence that is, just like training ops that just happen to go live due to terrorists ie the British Government murdering and killing their own British people blowing trains up and then blaming a non existent enemy to go to yet another billy bullshit so called war to make more money, just how stupid are you sick idiots pretending and making out your honourable, absolute insult.

Find also enclosed proof of my claims bonds do exist in my unique national insurance numbers which are worth millions, a bond is put on the bond market once a month going back to 1981 when some bonds first started. These bonds are valued between £5-10,000.00 per month and this is the same with my passport number, driving licence number, BC numbers my UTR number any number linked to me/myself/i have a bond to it valued between £5-10,000.00 per month per number. 12 bonds a year per number at £5-10,000.00.

This is just a few and when calculated they are in the billions of dollars due to it being commerce, and David Gauke claims the Birth Certificate is a simple recording of the event (that is, the birth) that took place, and does not involve the creation of a bond, stock or trust. When the evidence inclosed/enclosed is contrary to David Gauke’s admissions.

David Gauke in his personal and private unlimited capacity you are now served and have fourteen (14) days to reply failure to reply will constitute in the following:

  1. A certified copy of the original affidavit of obligation commercial lien sent to Scottish Power will be served to David Gauke in his personal and private unlimited capacity to rebut the claims and allegations and fees for damages.
  2. Failure to rebut with substance the said affidavit David Gauke will have tacitly agreed by acquiescence by admission to the said affidavit of obligation.
  3. An amendment will be uploaded to the UCC and David Gauke will be added as a debtor and the value will have increased by 4 due to the standard commercial penalty of three (3) plus one (1) has been added by David Gauke own accord.
  4. A common Law court will be created and David Gauke will be noticed to attend to defend the claims, allegations and fees for damages along with all the lien debtors named within the unrebutted affidavit of obligation commercial lien care of Scottish Power.
  5. Any one else that interferes in any way with this affidavit of obligation commercial lien agrees to be added to the lien as a debtor to the value stipulated within the said commercial lien and the penalty for interfering is three (3) plus one (1) the value of the commercial lien.

In sincerity and honour, without ill-will, prejudice, frivolity, or vexation with clean hands in equity.

By reasonable Accommodation

Crown: DOE (De Facto)________________________

Sovereign: John-Henry [CD](De Jure)__________________

Private Persons Personal Representative [AB]: Christian________________

Unit 1 Horse Guards Road

Sui Juris
Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

By: Sovereign ©Steven of the family: Kirk
Authorized Agent and Representative for STEVEN KIRK™
No assured value, No liability. Errors & Omissions Excepted. All Unalienable Rights Reserved.


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