PC 4258 David Gilbody Of The Leicestershire Police Utter A Fraudulent Warrant.

Living Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit [LTA]

:©Steven. /me/myself/i [Of the Kirk family]

Date: 15th July 2022


Kit Malthouse
Minister of State for Crime, Policing and the Fire Service
House of Commons

Sir Stephen House
New Scotland Yard
Victoria Embankment

Andy Cooke
23 Stephenson Street
B2 4BH

Lisa Osofsky
Serious Fraud Office
2-4 Cockspur Street

Directorate of Legal Services
Metropolitan Police Service
10 Lambs Conduit Street

Directorate of Legal Services
The Crown Prosecution Service
102 Petty France,

Directorate of Legal Services
The National Archives
Kew, Richmond

Greetings Kit, Lisa, Stephen, Andy, Directorate’s of Legal Services

i:man: the non assumpsit Living Soul Author [LSA], a living man known only as :Steven. [of the Kirk family], possessing the inviolate and unalienable rights bestowed upon all Mankind by our God. The Devine Creator in Heaven, which are presented here in the capacity of a competent man with sound body-mind-sprit, over the age of consent, do hereby affirm under oath, under the penalty of perjury and under the common law of this land known as England, that i, the living man with unalienable rights, will testify in open court that the facts stated herein are the whole truth to the best of my first-hand knowledge.

Fraud is committed by impersonating another, or by falsely assuming a certain position of status, in order to obtain or gain benefit or advantage, namely diminishing the capacity of a man or woman to a fiction with no life is statutory rape and an automatic seven years, which is known as a person, a crown construct. For the record, the Common Law Courts have declared that any public official(s), facilitating a fraud, forcing the legal-fiction-person to act as surety, is recognised as unlawful, criminal conversion, a form of debt slavery or servitude and being a breach at International and Common-Law.

Criminal Subrogation
Where a man or woman has been substituted for a legal fiction, with no life, this is used to defraud and gain benefit, and to defraud a man or woman of their rights and property, unlawfully, statutory rape, legal entrapment all are unlawful and a crime.

By subjugating we the people to PERSONS. This breaks the Fiduciary Trustee duties and reduced us to status of slave – into a debtor position – which is a breach of The Peonage Act 1867 and UCC Title 42 1994, which was alleged to the abolishment of debt slavery. See also Roman Canon 2057.

Evidence of Crimes
It is now evidenced that the Leicestershire police is a for profit private corporation, registered number on the US Securities & Exchange Commission, as evidenced by D-U-N-S number 236419578, as a private service corporation no different to McDonald’s.
This is evidence that the Leicestershire police are acting fraudulently as a Foreign Agent/Corporation and trading securities.

Under the Clearfield Doctrine, a Supreme Court Case, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States, (1943) 318 US 363-371, when the State or government enters into commercial business, it abandons it’s sovereign capacity and its to be treated like any other incorporation. The Clearfield Doctrine strips the Leicestershire police of it’s “government” cloak and protection that it offers. Because of this, the Leicestershire police are also in direct violation of the Seven Principals.–2

It is my inner standing that the Leicestershire police service corporation cannot force, living; men or women to perform, without consent and compensation, void of a lawful obligation or mutually signed, beneficial, performance contract. Any contract offered without complete and full-disclosure, without our freely-expressed consent, is fraudulent from the outset (Ab Initio) therefore, null and void.

Before any person(s) takes any action acting in their job description of providing honest services and duties and obligations to the public they must satisfy themselves first that their orders are lawful. Creating a fraudulent Crown Copyrighted Warrant and causing criminal damage deliberately is not lawful at all the exact opposite.

i wish to make the following claims not a complaint that gets nowhere, covered up, and abuse of police powers and privileges as evidenced with the enclosed CCTV footage on the disc’s.

  1. It is quite clear that there is due process for the execution of legal and commercial documents. Where these processes are not followed then the very presence of a document which does not comply with these processes then the document it’s self is physical and material evidence of Malfeasance in a public office and fraud in the very least. A utter fraudulent warrant with no Court seal, no stamp, no Judges or Justice of the peace’s name, no autograph taking liability for the warrant. Using the Crown seal to commit these crimes. A copy of the fraudulent utter warrant is annexed along with a copy of what should be on a Warrant annexed to this LTA.

i wish to bring to your attention and make the following claims as the truth and facts, the Leicestershire police force abusing police powers and privileges as per the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 section 26, creating a utter fraudulent warrant using Crown copyright material to enter and search premises which is a business/corporation, due process has not been followed, PACE has not been followed and the Police Operations Handbook has not been followed and have committed fraud in the very least and has caused criminal damage to my private property with no Authority to do so.

  1. Find annexed to this LTA a copy of the utter fraudulent Warrant used to enter and search premises, a premise or premises is a business/corporation, no name of the man or woman to be unlawfully arrested on the warrant, no reference or case number on the warrant, no name of the Justice of the peace or Judge that is taking liability to Authorise the search of the private property on the warrant, no autograph of the Judge or Justice of the peace on the warrant, no Court seal or stamp on the Warrant, no mention of forcing entry and causing criminal damage to my private property on the warrant. The removal of implied rights of access to the Leicestershire police was served along with a fee schedule tacitly agreed to by the Leicestershire police. Case Law Davis v Lisle, [1936].

  2. Names and collar numbers that i could get from the CCTV images enclosed on the disc’s as i have asked for all the names of the men and women that attended my private property with a utter fraudulent warrant to enter and search premises which is a business/corporation not my private property and to force entry causing criminal damage and a copy of all the body warn cameras and had no reply from the Leicestershire police.

Leicestershire police
Chief Constable
PC 4258 David Gilbody a man sometimes acts as a police constable
PC 1489 Liam Powell a man sometimes acts as a police constable
PC 2127 Michael Payne a man sometimes acts as a police constable
PC 892 Dan Bond a man sometimes acts as a police constable
PC 2860 Aran Gibbs a man sometimes acts as a police constable
PC 2198
PC 4062
PC 1351
PS 3301834 Bedwell a man sometimes acts as a duty sergeant
Nupur Chamund a man sometimes acts as a complaints officer
Alison Tompkins a woman sometimes acts as a detective chief inspector

  1. My rights end where your rights begin. Your rights end where my rights begin. Rights are not granted by government or the crown and they cannot be taken away or be violated by government or the crown. A Judge does not have the right to trespass on my private property so the judge cannot give a Bailiff or a civil enforcement officer or a policeman the right by means of a warrant or an order because the Judge, who is a company servant by default, does not have that authority unless i agree/consent. A public servant is a servant by default with the status of servant and a servant has no authority above the one who grants that authority. Until the Judge can present the agreement or the consent of the governed then the Judge has no authority to grant a warrant or a court order.

  2. On the 13th April 2022 at around 09:10am the Leicestershire police ran up my neighbours drive way smashed open my side door to my private property and then smashed open my front door, without showing a warrant, a warrant card, didn’t knock on the door or ring the doorbell and showing me the Warrant to enter and search and didn’t ask for my consent to enter the property peacefully and search my private property and i was unlawfully arrested and my private property was damaged and other property stolen and is now held at the Leicestershire police deliberately and is causing me harm and loss in the process. All recorded on CCTV evidence enclosed on the disc’s. Where the occupier of premises which are to be entered and searched is present at the time when a constable seeks to execute a warrant to enter and search them, the constable (a) shall identify himself to the occupier; (b) produce the warrant to him; and (c) supply him with a copy of it, non of this happened without any communication the Leicestershire police harassed me for months and then caused criminal damage and smashed their way into my private property without consent. No warrant was/has ever been deemed served.

  3. i require a independent investigation and all involved to be disciplined appropriately under section 26 of the Criminal Justice and Court Act 2015 and not by the IOPC which do not investigate they pass a “complaint” which this is a crime of fraud, criminal damage in the very least using a fraudulent warrant to smash my private property up back to the Leicestershire police to make up further lies and fraudulent letters making excuses up breaking the law with no recourse after smashing their way into my private property without consent, without showing a warrant just lies utter a fraudulent warrant and PC 4258 David Gilboby is taking full liability for the fraudulent warrant. No one from Derbyshire Magistrates Court will provide me the Judges or Justices of the peace’s name that Authorised the warrant nor the application made by PC 4258 David Gilboby therefore it is also a conspiracy to aid and abet in covering up this fraud, malfeasance in public office and the actions of the Leicestershire police are unreasonable and disproportionate when no crime whatsoever has been committed and no man or woman has made a verified claim of trespass that i have caused them wrong or harm.

  4. On the disc’s enclosed only the first 2-3 minutes are relevant on each CCTV camera, no one knocked on my door or rang the doorbell just ran up my next door neighbours driveway trespassing on their private property and started smashing their way into my private property without attempting to speak to me first when no crime whatsoever has been committed. Two doors were smashed open causing criminal damage, the fees schedule and the trespass notice on my front door has been tacitly agreed to by the Leicestershire police.

  5. Fee schedule tacitly agreed to by the Leicestershire police.
    1. Unlawful kidnapping: the sum of £20,000.00
    2. Unlawful detention / false imprisonment: the sum of £3,000.00 per hour or part thereof
    3. Unlawful confiscation of personal property / conveyance: £1,000.00 per day of part thereof of lost possession
    4. Taking fingerprints unlawfully against our will: £10,000.00
    5. Taking DNA unlawfully against our will £1,000,000.00
    6. Taking photos against our will £20,000.00
    7. Distress and mental anguish: £10,000.00.

  6. Trespass and removal of implied rights of access annexed to this LTA at £250,000.00 per trespasser. Clearly the Leicestershire police think they all are above the Law and nothing applies to them whatsoever. i require a proper formal investigation and all involved disciplined appropriately instead of trying to make excuses for the criminal behaviour of these so called police constables.

i am also aware of further crimes being perpetrated against the people, including:

  • Permitting 5G Installations across the country, an unregulated technology without public insurance and proper risk assessment.
  • Using tax funds for on and off shore investment activities, pension funds and illegal wars
  • Abuse of Powers, forced closure of businesses and lockdowns, intimidation/threats of fines and penalties.
    *Installation of multiple surveillance systems to spy and collect data on it’s own people.
  • Police abuse of powers, criminal coercion, brutality, and interference in civil matters.
  • Rolling out of foreign corporation globalist plans, UN Agenda 2021/30 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Operating in Bankruptcy as all Governments were foreclosed in 2013 (Motu Proprio 2013), therefore no subject Matter Jurisdiction.

Currently, all local and central government are in violation of our Constitutional and Human Rights under:

  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948
  • The Bill of Rights 1689
  • Magna Carta 1215

We created Government, not the other way around! Yet we have seen, consistently, nationally published evidence of police cover-ups on a national scale to protect high-ranking paedophiles abusing young children, for decades often facilitated by local councils miss appropriately using funds of council tax monies, to commit and cover-up by Child Protection Services and using secret family courts kidnapping and stealing children to commit disturbing and horrific crimes of abuse within the establishment, including members of Royalty, Heads of State, Chiefs of Police, Politicians, Councillors, Lords, Prime Ministers, Bankers and even children’s (alleged) protection charities to gain access to vulnerable children.

Therefore, we are obliged by Divine Law, Constitutional Law, International Laws and human conscience, to withhold all forms of support and funding of organised crime committed by the organisations responsible for that funding.

Evidence of Fraud
If all of the above wasn’t enough i have also become aware of local councils stealing and siphoning Council Tax funds for personal gain. Councils creating fraudulent summons to members of the community and privately hiring public courts and employing staff to operate their fraudulent scheme and to rubber stamp liability orders. Then the Leicestershire police using Crown copyrighted materials to try to deceive me, cause criminal damage to my private property using a counterfeit warrant when no crime whatsoever has been committed and no man or woman has come forward and stated on record that i have caused them wrong or harm. But the Leicestershire police think they are above the Law in this country and utter a fraudulent warrant using the Crown seal to commit this fraud against a sovereign man.

A copy of the letter sent to Stephen and Andy from Mark Sexton and his disgust at how the police are behaving unlawfully and the police constables are afforded special treatments, leniency and no punishment or accountability for using Crown copyrighted material to forge a fake counterfeit warrant to cause criminal damage to my private property steal my property and unlawfully arrest and detain a man without consent and any warrant has not been deemed served. Fraud.

i have never given my express or written consent to share, hold or store my private data with any foreign entity, especially an International bank, which i find quite distressing. Seemingly, a perpetual form of illegal slavery or bond.

With all that said, i require a substantial response from all directly, affirmed under the penalty of perjury given the gravity of the evidence provided, and this merely scratching the surface of the actual truth!

You all have a lawful and legal obligation, in your public office and in your private capacity to provide the evidence of material substance that there is lawful obligation for us, the living man or woman, to be liable for Council Tax. i require that also to provide the material evidence of:

  1. The dictionary and Grammatical styles manual you are relaying on this matter;
  2. The Leicestershire police has proof that i am a person and liable to pay non-domestic levy;
  3. The Leicestershire police has proof that i am a registered corporation or resident or occupier of a private property/dwelling;
  4. The Leicestershire police provides me with additional services outside of their statutory obligations;
  5. The Leicestershire police can not make any demands whatsoever; against a determination that STEVEN KIRK is liable, for the non-payment of Council Tax upon living men and women living here;
  6. The Leicestershire police has no lawful authority; to act over i a man without just-and-fair compensation;
  7. The Leicestershire police can not force me to implicate myself into ‘aiding’ and ‘abetting’ by funding acts of terrorism and/or illegal activities.

i am an honourable man and will be happy to settle any liability when proof-of-claim is provided and truthfully respond to the numbered and bulleted requirements above. i now at all times offer to pay the alleged debts to the woman or man, with a verified claim, where full, complete and not misleading disclosure has been given, as required for me to contract/commercial law.

i am not aware of requesting any additional services, outside of the statutory obligations of communal services that i believe we already pay in our income taxes.

i offer to give you fourteen (14) days to provide a response, in substance on a point-by-point basis, to the above requirements, signed by your own wet-ink signature under the penalty of perjury, liable in both your public and private capacity or will confirm to me that there have been or there is no verified claim against i: living man :Steven. or the legal-person: STEVEN KIRK estate.

As previously stated above, for obvious reasons, due to the severity of the allegations i am withholding all funds until each of my concerns are answered on a point- by- point basis to my complete satisfaction. Any contract made, that does NOT rebut my claims; will mean all above named agree by acquiescence. All correspondence sent to me by all the above named, will be retained and may be used as evidence in any and in all claims i make against the Leicestershire police.

Failure to provide the lawful proof requested or rebut my claims constitutes the agreement that there is no outstanding debt; lawful obligation or signed contract it will be deemed as a tacit agreement by acquiescence that the alleged charge(s) is/are: ‘null’ and ‘void’, non existent and all that remains is compensation for Trespass and deliberately causing criminal damage to my private property payable by the Leicestershire police, utter a fraudulent Crown copyrighted warrant to enter and search a business address.

All replies may (must) be addressed correctly affirmed under the penalty of perjury and a man or woman’s name taking full liability for the reply letter and its contents to be accepted as the truth.
All words herein as i define them as defined in the Oxford Dictionary of English.

We are all sovereign people and we deserve much better from our elected and civil servants.
i do not consent to these abuses. We the people, are the creators of government and as such, it’s masters not the other way around. We the people have had enough!

V.C. All Rights Reserved:


The below is what was sent to all the above named.

Canon Law Sacred Drugs.

Trespass notice on my front door which all involved will have seen and understood.

The video of the trespass by criminals pretending to be police constables deliberately causing criminal damage on the 13th April 2022 at around 9:10am.

Below is the fraudulent warrant and released under investigation papers.

This is the utter fraudulent warrant PC 4258 David Gilbody is taking full liability for and for the criminal damage caused by the Leicestershire pol-i-ce. Criminals in uniform.

Signed by PC 4258 David Gilbody accepting full liability for the fraudulent warrant.

Released under investigation after deliberately causing criminal damage to my private property and forging a counterfeit warrant to search a business/corporation which is what the word “Premises” means no wonder there is no judge or justice of the peace’s name and autograph written on the fake warrant.

Second page of released under investigation.

Last page of released under investigation and notice how it states “Under common law it is an offence….etc” so they should know the difference between common law the law of the land to legal the law of the sea, Land Air Water = LAW.