Police Enforcement Officers At My Door


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C/o address

In Your Private Capacity

23rd April 2019

Find enclosed the following:

  • My Notice of Understanding Intent and Claim of Right.1
  • A Notice of Removal Of Implied Rights of Access.2
  • Case Law regarding removal of implied Rights. Davis -v- Lisle; KBD 1936.Exhibit A.
  • 2 (two) photo’s of 2 Officers, crimes listed below. Exhibit, B, B1, C, C1,
  • Section 26 of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, highlighted for your convenience. Exhibit D.
  • Generals of the Houses of Commons pages 663-664. Exhibit E.
  • Colonel Edward Mandell House our enslavement. Exhibit F.
  • All Corporations including the police, governments and banking system are foreclosed. Exhibit G.
  • Notice of Lawful Subject Access Request Served to Simon Cole. Exhibit H.
  • Beaumont leys police station corporation number 451555. Exhibit I.
  • Copy of order posted through letter box on the 20th April 2019. Exhibit J.

Me/myself/i thanks both photographed above for their kind order and find enclosed a bill for that order, which me/myself/i do not understand as it is not written in English and therefore me/myself/i can not read it as it is GLOSSA, poisonous text, corrupt text and therefore unreadable. If not legally trained why are orders posted through my letter box written in legalese which I am not a member of the BAR and therefore do not understand legalese and therefore any Act or Statutes do not apply without me/myself/i written consent.

All CAPITALIZATION is A-S-L, American-Sign-Language and not English.

Having read and understood the Notice of Removal Of Implied Rights of Access both photographed above agreed to the fees for trespass and came back a second time to which the bill for trespass for both photographed is enclosed. This is clearly proven by the following 4 video’s that are on YouTube unlisted at the moment and therefore private. This applies to any/all police officers that are not acting under their Oath, under common law and it is irrevocable. And Notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

First uninvited, without an appointment visit was on the 18th April 2019 and the second uninvited without making an appointment was on the 20th April 2019.


  1. Notice of Understanding Intent and Claim of Right, which was unrebutted by Simon Cole served on the 07 June 2018 by signed for delivery service number recorded delivery GQ958469636GB.

Why without an appointment are three (3) officers harassing me/myself/i, by knocking on the door twice and ringing the doorbell three times and rattling the letter box Seventeen (17) times as shown in the video links below which at the moment is/are private and will go public. Trespass, peeping tommery, Voyeurism, section 26 criminal justice and courts act 2015 trying to gain entry to my private dwelling, voyeurism, trespass. Above and beyond one’s duty. That was the on the first visit and was worse on the second visit where the female in the photo thinks it is ok to peek through gaps in a door, and wants to ask my neighbours, breech of confidentiality, Voyeurism and most certainly section 26 of the criminal justice and courts act 2015.

Next the man in the photograph above rings the doorbell at least 10 times knocks the door twice and rattles the letters box this is totally unnecessary harassment.

As from section 26, 2015, Corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges. Exhibit D.
What gives the photographed above right to Trespass, Voyeurism and try to gain entry without me/myself/i consent, or permission which is by strict invitation only?.

What is required is a letter addressed to me/myself/i the flesh and blood man are/is not a legal fiction and so it is very clear, ‘steven’ no sir/surname/family name the name my mum said ‘steven’. All lowercase.

Having got the name to address the letter of an appointment correct, the private dwelling address is also required, by this no capitalization of any part of the address and no corporation postcode, therefore you will indeed be addressing me/myself/i ‘steven’ the flesh and blood living man and not a legal fiction name which me/myself/i do not in any way accept any liability for, at all times.

When the letter is properly addressed to me/myself/i the letter will be opened and read, if it is addressed to a legal fiction name or commercial address in any way it will be returned to sender and the sender billed for copyright and Trademark infringements. No CAPITALIZATION at all that is A-S-L, not English.

If addressed properly the letter to book an appointment needs to state the following:

  • The Flesh and Blood living man or womans name(s) so they can be held liable should any wrong doing be done intentionally or otherwise.
  • The lawful business of their visit.
  • List any and all questions.
  • What Law has been broken not statutes and/or Acts actual Laws.
  • What harm, loss or injury has been caused and to name the actual man or woman harm, loss or injury has been caused by me/myself/i.
  • A cheque/check as agreed within the served Notice of Understanding, Intent and Claim of Right.

Furthermore me/myself/i do not permit video or audio and or both recordings on the above care of private property at all times it is strictly forbidden and carries a ten million GBP (£10,000,000.00) fine per minute or part of.


  1. Videos uploaded to YouTube private for the time being.

To make an appointment go to this link and fill out the details.. Exhibit K.

Once I receive the filled out information from the above link me/myself/i will send a date and time for an appointment, failure to reply with substance will constitute there is no case whatsoever, and both photographed above and any/all colleagues to cease and desist with immediate effect.

If me/myself/i is/are left in peace and not being deceived by any foreclosed corporation me/myself/i will not be suing men and women in their personal and private capacities that are responsible for causing harm and loss by fraud like council tax for example, when it clearly can not be proven there is no such Law that states a man or a woman has to pay corporation taxes like council tax. Me/myself/i am/are clearly not a corporation only a complete fool would disagree. There is no signed agreement or signed contract and to top it all money is totally worthless it is a promise to pay because we are in a debt based economy, an IOU totally worthless.

If me/myself/i hear no more regarding the note through my door then that will be the end of the matter.

Just so both photographed above and all other policing officers notice to agent is notice to principal no contract, no consent, no joinder, me/myself/i have the right to remain silent and me/myself/i do not understand.

Me/myself/i hope that it can be seen by any/all me/myself/i am/are standing under the Law unlike policing enforcement officers or any other fancy title are acting under. This enslavement has been going on for hundreds of years now it is by deceit, coercion, blackmail, fraud, treason, high treason, lies, lies upon lies by any means necessary so to enslave every man woman and child and knowingly or not knowingly the policing enforcement officers are aiding and abetting in everyone’s enslavement without knowledge of this nor by consent. This will also include the policing officers everyone from birth fitted with a RFID chip and the trial version was in the dogs. Treason4.

In sincerity and honour, without ill-will, prejudice, frivolity, or vexation with clean hands in equity.

To: Photographed above Sincerely.
Beaumont Leys Police Station
Beaumont way
Company No: 4518555

Sui Juris Without Prejudice UCC 1-308
Sovereign ©steven of the family: kirk
Authorized Agent and Representative for STEVEN KIRK™
No assured value, No liability. Errors & Omissions Excepted. All Unalienable Rights Reserved.


Calls maybe recorded

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End of document.

* All words herein as me/myself/i defines them.


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ALL CAPITALIZATION is A-S-L American Sign language, it is GLOSSA, Corrupt text, poisonous text and not written in English.