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corruption in other places?

It saddens one to think that corruption is like a disease, a welcome disease to many people in society, it has a habit of spreading to all regions such as Web ISP’s, the BBC and other television networks, the water companies, banks etc.   This all contributes to the acceptance of corrupt cops and Lawyers and will indeed enable them to grow larger within this public acceptance of corruption ‘ because they are all at it, aren’t they? a phrase one hears so many times.  The Government have proved this so in the recent ‘ expenses fiddle scandal’ that rocked the foundations of this elite bunch.  It hasn’t stopped their corruption or secrecy, they will adapt and carry on with a new design that they hope will not be detected so easily by the press or any whistleblower. Corruption is frequently denied yet exists in every country and there is no country or government free of it.   The freedom of information act arrived in 2005 and that is flawed by certain conditions that still prevent the public from having a right to know.  One hears the word ‘ transparency in Government ‘ — FORGET IT.   IT’S NOT TRUE.       The only reason corruption flourishes is the public, they don’t care, they don’t mind, and they too indulge in it.

Let us begin with some other major scams and obvious corruption.


A CORRUPTION SCANDAL IN THE PRISON SERVICE was revealed after it was found that inmates offered bribes of up to £30,000 to secure moves to open jails.  Three officers were suspended at Brixton Prison for accepting bribes.  Other officers at other jails have been suspended for helping prisoners escape and seeking loans from inmates.  Some officers were suspected of running drugs for prisoners and a full inquiry into the mass corruption emerging is to be investigated thoroughly by the Met Police?

Taking a risk there eh?


CORRUPTION IN THE PRISON SERVICE revealed that 1300 officers were investigated for illegally supplying drugs to prisoners.  This works out at 13 officers in every prison.  One Officer received 18 months for supplying drugs in exchange for favours.  A woman prison officer Patricia Oillivierre was jailed for 7 years for supplying Heroine to prisoners.  Corruption Squad Officers found a substantial quantity of drugs in her car.

Recent investigations have revealed that 16 more prison officers are currently under investigation.

‘Prison Drug Problem Exposed by Whistleblower ‘

PASSING THE BUCK, TYING THE GOVERNOR’S HANDS, that’s what has led to the abuse of drugs in prisons according to an insider who worked as a Governor in the Prison system from 1993 to 1999.  He puts the blame squarely with the Chief Inspectors who ‘made a significant contribution to facilitating drug trafficking in prisons’  The Inspectorate continually criticised and undermined attempts by Prison Governors to restrict drug trafficking, especially through domestic visiting areas.  Inspectors did not approve of stringent checks as they thought it might damage ‘meaningful family relationships’ which made things more easier for the drugs to pass and the Governor unable to interfere.  They actively, through recommendations and policy changes, left a legacy of disabling staff who were keen to restrict and cut down the drugs being brought into prison. The complacency they now talk about, is the complacency they created because effective measures had no support from them.

‘ Prison Officer on Drugs charge ‘

An officer at the Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institute has been arrested over smuggling drugs into the prison for inmates.  Sources say he is facing ten years if convicted, at present, the guard is suspended while investigations continue.

‘ Female Prison Guard in sex racket incident ‘

HMP ELMLEY is investigating claims that an officer offered sex to a vulnerable prisoner for 350 and

 took him to an empty cell.  The Prison Service confirmed that an officer has been suspended pending further enquiries.

‘ Boy thrashed with leather belt by Prison Officer ‘

PRISON OFFICER STEPHEN O’GRADY of Abbey Wood, South East London, was put on probation by Maidstone Crown Court after he had been convicted of beating a seven-year old boy with a leather belt.  He was ordered to pay £150 compensation. 

‘ Guard raped prisoner in jail ‘

PRISON OFFICER MAURICE RUTTER raped a woman prisoner while on duty at Risley Jail.  In court he did not deny a sex act took place and claimed the woman would of course report it and that his word carried more weight. However, Mold Crown Court heard evidence that Rutter from Liverpool had been accused of indecent assault by a remand prisoner separate from this current case.

‘ Female Prison Guard had sex with boy in jail ‘

‘ THE UNNAMED OFFICER was suspended at the young offenders prison at Portland in Dorset.  The Prison Governor, Susan McCormick stated that an incident of improper conduct by a member of staff and an inmate was being investigated.  The teenage boy said the guard had gone to bed with him before breaking off the relationship.

‘ Sadistic Guard whips girl in prison ‘

KINKY PRISON OFFICER PHILIP HUTCHINSON whipped a prostitute with a cat’o’nine tails type whip and then appeared at Reading Crown Court charged with inflicting actual bodily harm.  He was given a suspended nine-month jail sentence.  Ex- Army soldier Hutchinson had to endure evidence that showed him caning  victims while prisoners were handcuffed. 

‘ Three Prison Officers appear in Court ‘

PRISON OFFICERS SIMON DYKES, RUSSELL THORNE and CHRISTOPHER BEVAN faced sex charges at Guildford Crown Court. The three guards were suspended after it was alleged that over a four year period they had sex with up to nine women at Downview jail.  Ten charges of wilful misconduct in public office were read out in court relating to sex offences and sexual intercourse with women prisoners.

‘ Prisoner beaten up by three guards gets £3,500 ‘

Compensation was awarded by a judge to prisoner Desmond Preedy who sued the Home Office. Police who were first called in to investigate the claim said there was no case to answer, but Judge Hutton said there was no excuse for the Prison Officers behaviour and awarded Preedy £3,500 damages. None of the prison officers faced charges or faced a trial for any offence?

‘ Prison Governors deceive Inspectors by moving prisoners ‘

WANDSWORTH AND PENTONVILLE PRISONS were discovered to have deliberately deceived the Inspection Board by moving certain prisoners before a visit by prison inspectors.  They have been brought up on disciplinary charges and several individuals will be called in over the matter.  It once again shows that deceit will be practiced when necessary in the service and strangely enough, the board remarked that this was a silly thing to do and rather petty.  They also said it completely ruins any trust they had previously over matters concerned with care and proper rights for prisoners in their care.  Further enquiries are now expected to look into other prisons because of this.

‘ Corrupt Prison staff are on the take ‘

PRISON WARDERS MAY BE GETTING up to £3,000 a month in bribes by prisoners to smuggle in drugs a report has revealed.  It says ‘ the potential proceeds for staff are huge ‘ and prisoners are finding it easier to bribe warders for the lucrative selling in jails.  An earlier investigation into drugs coming into prisons exposed the fact that at least a 1,000 prison officers were on the take for smuggling heroine and other drugs into prisons.  Findings indicated that there was an average of seven corrupt warders in each of the 139 prisons. 

‘ Prison Warder in suicide after fling with inmate ‘

KAREN MULLINER a prison warder at Chelmsford, hanged herself after her lover an inmate, ousted pictures of himself on facebook displaying the £6,000 cash he’d managed to get out of her. She had a secret love affair with the young offender, 15 years her junior.  When he was released she left her husband and moved in with him at a flat.  The relationship soured, but the young prisoner had removed £300 a day from her account. The 21 year old refused to attend court while being held in prison where he is serving a 30 month sentence for another crime.

‘ Prison Boss and Prison Officer in court over sex with inmates ‘

DOWNVIEW WOMEN’S PRISON acting governor RUSSELL THORNE and prison officer SIMON DYKES found themselves appearing before Guildford Crown Court faced charges of having sex with four inmates which breaches the professional standard of behaviour codes in the prison rules.  The prosecutor told the jury that both men were at the centre of a corruption culture at the prison.  They are charged with gross misconduct as they gave favours in exchange for sex and lewd sex games.

‘ Female Prison Warder is jailed ‘

Warder RACHEL KLEIN of  HMP Lindholme was sent to prison for 18 months after having an affair with male prisoner Steven Chapman. The judge blasted the regime at the prison where prisoners had easy access to computer games, tobacco and telephones.  Doncaster Crown Court found the Warder guilty of professional misconduct in public office. 

‘ Prison Governor jailed over child sex offences ‘

BARRY CUMMINGS a Prison Governor at Low Newton Prison was sent to jail for 4 years after being convicted on three counts of sex offences against children.  Durham Crown Court were presented with a large amount of overwhelming evidence.  Cummings, a man with a Law degree was said to be ‘an overbearing and arrogant man’ by judge Christopher Prince.

‘ Every week one prison officer gets too close to inmate ‘

We are talking here of intimate relationships of the sexual kind — a report says more than 120 prison staff faced disciplinary action over a period of two years and nine months. Only a few were actually dismissed, and even less were subject to a prosecution.  One woman officer was imprisoned herself for erotic letters and phone calls with serving convicts, some were moved to another job and Zanib Khan a warder received a 12 month jail term after her involvement with drug dealers and robbers at the jail.  The Ministry of Justice acknowledged the problem and said they were taking steps to identify guards who were smuggling in mobile phones and other things for prisoners saying those caught would face the toughest sanctions.

‘ Prisoner dies chained to guard ‘

A terminal cancer patient/prisoner of 67, died while undergoing hospital treatment still handcuffed to a prison guard.  The Prisons Watchdog  said The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman said managers at category C HMP Channings Wood did not show the appropriate compassion or act upon medical evidence by failing to remove the handcuffs from the dying man. It is said that this is but one case out of 51 incidents in the past five years, in which the prison authorities used inappropriate levels of restraint on inmates in hospital.

‘ Prisoner Death — Wandsworth Jail Condemned ‘

WANDSWORTH PRISON has a colourful History and in the light of recent events shuns the Media Attention on Deaths in Custody.  Prisoner James Best was ‘inside’ for stealing (A Gingerbread Man – Biscuit that is), during the riots across the UK in 2011.  Apparently he grabbed one when looters hit a Bakery in Croydon.  He had up to that time been working out in Portugal, and had only just returned to Britain.  One month before the riots he had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act as it was feared he would engage in ‘self-harm’  A Jury found his death ‘preventable’ at the Coroner’s Court, and his brother said they should not have thrown him into jail.  Prison staff said he ‘was failed by the system’ — and they are part of that system, but obviously forgot when they made this observation!  James Best was apparently on remand awaiting sentence.  A Report said ‘ the assessment of the performance of the staff and ambulance service was scathing’

‘ G4S Guards in struggle arrested over death ‘

AN Immigrant put on a plane to Angola, who was restrained, handcuffed in a seat, died shortly after a struggle with two guards who were later arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offence.  They were both later released due to a lack of evidence.  Prisoner Jimmy Mubenga was seen talking to his wife on a mobile phone according to other passengers. Some reported that he was shouting ‘ I can’t breathe, you’re killing me ‘    One nearby said there seemed to be a struggle with the guards and Mubenga was shouting, and then it all fell silent.  From that moment the guards looked worried and we all knew that something was wrong.  The plane was still on the runway at Heathrow when the incident took place.

UPDATE — An inquest as ruled that Mubenga’s death was ‘UNLAWFUL’ (July 2013)

‘ G4S face Fraud Inquiry for overcharging £50million ‘

THE G4S PRISON SECURITY SERVICE COMPANY has found itself ‘in the dock’ after it was discovered that they had been over-charging the taxpayer to the tune of £50 million.  A fraud investigation is now underway after MP’s called for intervention by the Serious Fraud Squad.  So far it has been said that G4S and Serco had been billing the taxpayer for offenders who were dead, back in custody or who had left the country. In one situation they had charged for handling 18,000 offenders when in reality it had only been 15,000.

‘Prison Brawl lasts seven hours ‘

AT A ‘GOOD ORDER’ PRISON there was a seven hour brawl which ended with two prison warders being taken to hospital.  The incident happened at Scotland’s newest prison, Low Moss said to be non violent and of good order by the authorities who put its first inmates in 2012.  Prisoners barricaded themselves in cells and for seven hours there was a running battle….it is now said to be ‘a police matter’ and investigation.  The brawl broke out just a week after a report said 165 assaults were carried out on inmates and staff in 2012.  The report also exposed the ‘inmate on inmate attacks’ and there were 140 such assaults of which 15 were serious.  Staff attacks amounted to 10, according to The Chief Inspector of Prisons, David Strang.

‘Prison Staff discovered tapping in on inmates Phone Calls to MP’s ‘

The Justice Secretary was forced to make apologies after covert phone tapping was made by staff at Prisons when inmates were making calls to their MP’s.  It was reported that this had gone on for some six years between 2006 and 2012 before being found out.  Staff were listening in to confidential phone calls on a regular basis and flouting the prisoners rights. 

‘ Home Office Pay £20,000 to visitor from abroad ‘

IMMIGRATION OFFICERS brought misery to one Christmas visitor from Jamaica who spent most of his Christmas holiday in custody, actually — 5 days!  The officers did not admit their mistake or atone for their behaviour, in fact they were somewhat above the law.  Justice Morland awarded Peter Honegan £20,000 and costs against the Home Office for the mistreatment to Mr.Honegan for false imprisonment at Gatwick Airport.

‘ Rising violence in Children’s’ Prison ‘

GANG VIOLENCE is said to be taking a hold in young offenders prisons and becoming frequent as a result of not being able to deal with it an inspection report indicates.  It says that gang members openly attack rivals and victims without fear of sanctions.  Security cameras have caught premeditated gang violence being carried out at Feltham Young Offenders’ institution,,,,, with up to two attacks a day.  300 acts of violence had been recorded by cameras in just six months before the Prisons Inspection.

‘ Jail Warder appears before the Old Bailey ‘

PRISON OFFICER Scott Chapman is accused of misconduct in public office, in that he sold stories to the newspapers concerning the two boys who killed James Bulger.  The Prison officer is said to have made thousands of pounds selling information about prisoner Jon Venables when the young man was sent to the prison where he worked.   Venables was convicted of downloading indecent pictures of children in his adult status and jailed for a further two years….it was also said that Chapman’s partner Lynn Gaffney helped him cover-up where the money came from.

‘Prisoner at Jail found dead ‘

Overcrowding was blamed on the jail death of Levi Smith who was found in his cell at Elmley Prison in Kent, bringing the death in custody rate to 7 in Kent in just one year.  This death came on the very day a report was published that was very damning about prison conditions etc.  He was found dead at 6-45 GMT and pronounced dead by paramedics who responded to the incident at the jail.

‘ Military Policeman on child porn charges is jailed ‘

MILITARY POLICEMAN CORPORAL ANTHONY ELLIS was jailed for two years for downloading child pornography.  He was held at the Hoehne Barracks, Germany.  It was found that he had nearly 1,300 images of children in deplorable positions.  He admitted making an indecent photograph of a child.  The Royal Military Police discovered his laptop after they had suspicions concerning child porn.  One spokesperson said ‘ It is depressingly prevalent in the forces.’

‘ Lawyer  defends serial drink-driving Army Officer in Cover-Up ‘

At a North London Court a solicitor insisted that an officer should be named or any history be read out if it went against his client.  The solicitor insisted it would breach security if the name of the Army Officer was known.  The court said this was beyond a private matter for the army as it involved a civilian.  The Officer was answering charges of drink-driving and causing an accident on the M3 near Basingstoke.  The collision injured the other driver and completely wrote off the vehicle he was driving.  luckily, the injured man suffered only cuts and superficial wounds and was checked out at Basingstoke Infirmary.  The court heard that this was the fifth crash by the Army Officer whilst under the influence of alcohol and there was two more cases pending.  The Army had sought to hush things up and instructed their solicitor to obstruct the court by claiming the whole thing was an army incident.  The Officer was not present in court.  Damages were awarded against the officer and a driving ban was ordered plus a huge fine.

NEW WATCHDOG TO TACKLE ARMY BULLYING?  Yet another attempt in the light of many such enquiries into this…..the 1980’s tried, the 1990’s tried…..and all went silent until now 2014…..and The Defence Secretary thinks he has it figured!  Philip Hammond is just clutching at straws and feeling embarrassed by the situation which will not go away.  A new Service Complaints Commissioner is appointed, Susan Atkins….and she says personnel will be able to bring their grievances and complaints to her.  But she is forgetting the power, or should it be, secretive power of the Army top Brass and Command….recent and old cases show that they have suppressed and interfered with outside influences….mistreatment on the field and drills are seen as character building no matter what harm they may cause…..and no Commissioner is going to change that unless they want it to.

‘ Royal Air Force in Assault Scandal ‘

RECRUITS IN THE ROYAL AIR FORCE were beaten and handcuffed according to a report.  A RAF Officer and six Air Cadets were arrested after a video was seized showing two recruits in a perverted initiation ceremony.  Two 14 year old cadets were stripped naked, gagged and handcuffed.  They were then smeared with shaving cream during a 90 minute video.  The boys were attending a week long training exercise at the ST Thomas School Air Training Corps in Exeter, Devon.  The attack happened at The Royal Air Force Training Facility in Stafford.

ROOKIE AIRMAN IN TORTURE HORROR – RAF Fireman Rookie Paul Headlong told a court martial that he was stripped naked, pinned on a bed and abused by Senior Aircraftsman Don Popple during an initiation ceremony at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire. Four other Airman are to face a court martial over the incident.

‘ Anti-drugs Navy ship had drug smuggling personnel on board ‘

WREN TERESA MATOS of the ship HMS MANCHESTER was arrested for smuggling 12kg of cocaine in her locker after returning from a drugs mission to South America.  Packages were found sewn into a rucksack which would have got into the UK unseen and undetected.  Her arrest led to three London contacts being held on drug charges.

‘ BULLYING IN THE NAVY UNDER INVESTIGATION ‘ — Naval Cadets are beaten according to the report as the Royal Navy are conducting an investigation into the ill-treatment of recruits.  The Probe involved the Frigate Campbeltown, where ratings of 17 were beaten with a board.  A 28 year old junior rating was removed after the matter of ‘kangaroo courts’ with punishments came out.

‘ YOUNGEST SAILOR QUITS OVER BULLYING ‘  — 17 year-old David Allen was a cadet on the HMS CARDIFF but on its return to Portsmouth, he refused to go back and quit giving his account of bullying aboard the ship. He claimed of repeated physical and verbal abuse and being humiliated by a senior rating. 


‘ Cover-up lies invented by Navy ‘

It has been revealed that the Navy invented a lie that said ‘ they had found an abandoned boat with no occupants ‘ in relation to the Chandlers, a couple who were hijacked by pirates.  The real truth shows that a Navy boat was fifty feet away when the Chandlers were taken, and they saw it all happen.  It’s yet another sad and disappointing thing to find the Navy will lie and suppress the truth so readily, but as we have shown the reader — lies are done for the flimsiest of reasons, and personnel employed or recruited will stand behind that dishonesty.

‘ Royal Navy Commander is Jailed for Fraud ‘

FRAUDSTER ANTHONY GRAY a Navy Commander at Portsmouth appeared before a Court Martial on nine charges of dishonesty. He falsely claimed £53,000 so he could send his children to boarding schools. He was jailed for six months. The Judge said it was a gross breach of trust, especially as he was not entitled to the allowances. He was also dismissed from the Navy.

‘ Sailor rapes Navy Girl ‘

ABLE SEAMAN KENNI DINNELL based at Portsmouth appeared before a court martial charged with raping a wren after he’d been out on a pub crawl.  She said Dinnell was a pal of her boyfriend and as she woke from being rather tipsy, she realised it wasn’t her boyfriend and that Dinnell was raping her after her boyfriend had gone into the bathroom.

‘ Navy Officer Slaps Girl sailor ‘

LIEUTENANT COMMANDER RICHARD BIRD was court-martialled for slapping a young female volunteer aboard a training ship it was heard.  It was said to have happened when their ‘karaoke double act’ ended in discord. It was said that there had been heavy drinking on the occasion, and the lieutenant became over friendly with Catherine Bagley when they were ashore travelling to various bars, and the incident took place in St.Nazaire, Brittany.

‘ Portsmouth Navy Chief Petty Officer in Schoolboy Shorts ‘

CHIEF PETTY OFFICER ROBIN HALFORD 45, was said to have dressed in schoolboy uniform and shorts as he took part in bondage sessions for spankings when he appeared in Portsmouth Crown Court charged with indecent assault on a 36 yr old woman. Halford who had served in the Falklands with the Navy said things got rough once in a while ‘ she’d just got out of the bath and things turned a little bit ugly’

‘ Portsmouth based Sailor commits suicide over taunts and bullying ‘

The Royal Navy tried to dismiss the ‘bullying’ accusations when the case was heard at Portsmouth Coroner’s Court.  Sailor Samuel Hatton was portrayed by them as a loner who had issues and denied the bullying as normal banter among ratings!  Hatton shot himself after brooding over another recent suicide of friend Matthew Webster who was based at HMS Hurworth.  It came out that taunting by other sailors and comments ‘ Not shot yourself yet?’ incited by senior crew only pushed Hatton harder. He was based on the Minehunter Cattistock, and took the same way out as his friend.

‘ Falklands Navy Hero steals from gang of crooks he helped ‘

FORMER NAVY OFFICER DEAN PRIESTLEY appeared at Hull Crown Court was found guilty along with his wife and sons, of conspiring to convert criminal property. Priestley had helped a gang of crooks who smuggled cash into Spain from Britain.  He decided he would grab some of the £1million and went on a spending spree with his family.  The International crooks were said to have put a £5m price tag on his head when they found out, and Priestley went on the run.

‘Royal Navy Petty Officer in Court’

This case has some doubt arising out of the possibility this looks like a dud charge invented by the state — in some ways similar to the US Bradley Manning Scandal — The state says that Submariner Edward Devenney has breached the Official Secrets Act, and accuse him of being a spy in the pay of an enemy power.  He has been remanded to appear before the Old Bailey.  His brief says that the subject of the charge is not secret information but information available to the public on reasonable investigation — which we know is out there on the Web if you spend time trawling the Internet — we accessed some vital secretive stuff from a source exactly that way for an article that was denied. It took us some months and an accident to get it from a ‘disgruntled guy’ who kept a dossier of proof, and we had to track him down after he left a page up that was three years old but never deleted, easily missed…but luckily we came across it.  So we shall see how things work out, if it turns out that he didn’t we will turn our attentions on the judiciary and government services.

‘Boozy Navy — No mention in the Press?’

The reason you don’t get to know about this was soon discovered when we accessed memos from a seasoned sailor who was about to leave the Navy and had a raw deal over his pension entitlements. He said the police in Portsmouth and Hampshire had an arrangement with the council that although they would attend a disturbance at a public house, they would detain the rowdy or drunk sailors and hand them over to the Navy for them to deal with. He said most incidents of brawling, fights etc, happened with the cadets who could not hold their liquor. All incidents that happen ashore are quickly taken care of to avoid bad press and ill-feeling in Naval towns.

‘ Army in Cover-Up over destroyed and lost evidence ‘

The Deepcut Inquiry concerning the deaths of four soldiers took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that the Army had tried to conceal information and announced that potentially vital evidence had been destroyed or lost?  This case involved ‘ bullying at the Deepcut Barracks in Surrey, and the disappearance of the log-book and clothing etc.  Investigations floundered amid the army resisting outside interference, — and where have we met this kind of thing before?   — Police investigating police and resisting public interference in their affairs.

‘ Fraudster Major in £100,000 swindle ‘

ARMY MAJOR COLIN MORRIS helped himself to money out of a charity helping raise money for war heroes it was stated at Chelmsford Crown Court.  Before being sentenced to jail for three years he pleaded guilty to theft, deception and false accounting.  The major forged signatures on cheques and it was later revealed that he cashed army cheques for for training courses that he did not go to.  Other facts emerged in respect of a sexual assault at a court martial hearing in which he was found guilty.

SOLDIER LANCE CORPORAL JOE GLENTON was jailed for being absent without leave, desertion, at a trial in Colchester.

THE MARINES SCANDAL –  Many cases during the eighties and nineties concerned the arrogant reckless way the marines acted in major towns like Exmouth and other parts of Devon.  Cases of fighting and assaults appeared at an alarming rate, and these are easily forgotten by those who would like this kind of report buried.

‘ MARINES IN ATTACK ON A PRISONER ‘  –  Two Royal Marines were dismissed from the Army after attacking a man in custody.  Captain Jody Wheelhouse and Sergeant Mark Leader, commandos, one with the Arbroath Training Centre and Leader with the Lympstone Training Centre in Devon, were found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm.

‘ ROYAL MARINES FACE COURT MARTIAL ‘ — Bullying is the charge, and one sergeant faced five charges of ill-treating soldiers, and a Corporal faced one charge of improper conduct.  The inquiry was looking into bullying at the Lympstone Barracks in Exeter, Devon. Sergeant Glyn Jones opted for trial in Exeter Crown Court.

‘ TWO LYMPSTONE COMMANDOS JAILED ‘ — Instructors, Nigel Parker and Paul Bramley were jailed for 18 months by a court martial after it heard that the two soldiers engaged in brutality on recruits.

‘ MARINES FACE COURT ‘ — LIEUTENANT MICHAEL GELDARD, SERGEANT DAVID FOGGIN and CORPORAL STEVE AMPHLET were charged with offences concerning bullying at the Commando Centre in Lympstone.

‘ SIX OFFICERS ON BRUTALITY CHARGES ‘  — KENT BARRACKS, two officers and six NCO’s were under investigation of meting out ill-treatment to eight recruits.  The incidents relate to The Sir John Moore Barracks in Kent.

‘ ROYAL HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT BEATINGS ‘  — Sergeant Brian Thomas was accused of beating recruits bare buttocks with a bat in a human xylophone style ritual.  He was charged with nine offences of cruelty and improper conduct.

‘SERGEANT ON ILL-TREATMENT CHARGES ‘  — Sergeant David Miller, Platoon Sergeant with The Devon and Dorset Regiment, was charged with assault and using C.S. gas in an appropriate manner and situation.

‘ INDECENT ASSAULTS AT THE KING’S OWN SCOTTISH BORDERERS’ — A recruit told an inquiry that he was subjected to degrading treatment by army instructors.  Private James Guthrie.20 years old said that he had been tied, punched and had a broom handle inserted into his anus while being held down. The accused are Private Ferguson and Smith and Reilly.

‘ SECTION 3, THE SALAMANCA COMPANY ‘ Beatings at Shorncliffe — A boy soldier of 16 was attacked regularly by Corporal Coleman who hit him with a broom handle.  Boy soldier Calvin says he now gets epileptic fits as a result of this treatment in the army.

‘ FALKLANDS CORPORAL JAILED FOR BULLYING ‘  — Corporal David Mellors was sentenced to six months for terrorising recruitsat Brize Norton, Oxon.  He was found guilty of whacking recruits with a broom handle and punching others repeatedly. 

‘ CORPORAL ‘PUNISHMENT’ IN THE ARMY ‘ — Corporal Julian Clayton was sentenced to 11 months jail by a court martial for making recruits strip naked on parade and spanking other teenage soldiers.  The Instructor at Catterick Camp in Yorkshire – the Cheshire Regiment, told the court the recruits failed to keep time and he was running out of options regarding discipline.  He faced 7 charges of ill-treatment and one of assault.

‘ BATTALION CORPORAL BULLIES JUNIOR SOLDIERS ‘  — Corporal Ian Latham was sentenced to six months jail for his part in systematic bullying of recruits at The Junior Infantry Battalion at Shorncliff, Kent.

‘ BATH REGIMENT NCO’S CHARGED WITH BULLYING’ — Sergeant John Drummond and Corporal Rashid Murphy faced a court martial over the assaults on recruits at the Junior Leader’s Regiment depot at Colerne, Bath. 

‘ ROYAL ENGINEERS CORPORAL JAILED’ — Army Instructor Corporal Paul Williams was jailed for six months after admitting to four charges of ill-treating boy soldiers.  The Corporal who meted out corporal punishment was also reduced to the ranks and dismissed from the army.

‘ FOUR SOLDIERS FACE COURT ON ASSAULT CHARGES ‘  — The four soldiers from the King’s Own Scottish Borderers – Thomas Lightbody, Peter Doherty admitted to 15 charges of assault on recruits while stationed in Germany at Verden. The other two were removed from their posts it stated.  Doherty was sentenced to 8 months and Lightbody got 12 months.  The report also went on to say that three officers including the Commanding Officer and Regimental Sergeant Major had been suspended.

‘ ROYAL ARTILLERY REGIMENT IN BULLYING INVESTIGATION ‘ — Recruit Lance Corporal Owen Babb 21, was ordered to bend over a Land Rover by his sergeant and whipped with an Ariel — ten strokes.  The incident took place at the Baker Barracks, Portsmouth — home of the 47 Regiment. The ‘kangaroo court ‘ held by the Sergeant was under investigation the report said.

ARMY PUNISHMENT LED TO MARINE’S DEATH — Royal Marine Benjamin Poole died on the hottest day of the year ‘needlessly’ because he was ordered that he must do ‘the punishment run’   He was carrying a 55lb pack on his back over a distance of 18 miles in sweltering heat 80 degrees Fahrenheit….. and when he didn’t show up a search party found him dead due to exhaustion… an MOD spokesman said it would not be appropriate to comment on the matter?

‘ FIVE SCOTS DRAGOON SOLDIERS CHARGED ‘  – At the Army Training College in Hampshire, five soldiers faced a court martial charged with ill-treating young soldiers.  Before the court were – Corporal Hosford, Corporal Mark Hey, of the Royal Dragoon Guards, Sergeant Carl Dakin of the Ist The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, Corporal Trevor Gray of the Queen’s Royal Hussars, and Corporal Brian Gildea of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

‘ TWO RIFLEMEN JAILED ‘  — Mark Dacey and John Puzey with the Royal Greenjackets at Bulford Camp were both jailed for 140 days.  They were charged with ill-treatment to recruits.

FORMER EX-PARA SOLDIER SELLS STOLEN GEAR ON E-BAY — Alan Peet, who had a distinguished career in the Army as a trainer to cadets, stole kit on a RAF base worth £6,500. The former warrant officer appeared before Cardiff Crown Court on charges of theft.  He was given a suspended jail sentence and ordered to do 250 hours community service with £1,000 costs.

A KINGS ROYAL HUSSAR’S SOLDIER IN GLASS ATTACK ASSAULT was let off going to jail by judge who thought it was perfectly reasonable to show anger?  Trooper Richard Evans wasn’t discharged from the Army either.  The soldier admitted to Affray and using a glass in the incident and was leniently given a 12 month community sentence by Judge Hart at Gloucester Crown Court.

A FORMER SOLDIER, Jeffrey Lendrum of the elite SAS in Rhodesia was caught smuggling £70,000 worth of illegally obtained falcon birds eggs.  Appearing at Warwick Crown Court, it was heard that the former soldier was arrested at Birmingham International Airport. Police searched his Northamptonshire garage finding equipment such as an incubator for the eggs and climbing gear used for getting at the nests. He was jailed for 30 months.

SOLDIER APPEARS IN COURT ACCUSED OF CHILD RAPE – Trooper Simon Davies from the Windsor Combermere Barracks appeared at Reading Crown Court along with his wife, Fiona.  They are charged with three counts of rape involving a girl of 13. The Household Cavalry Soldier served out in Afghanistan the report said; not that it really matters one jot.  The Ministry of Defence were quick to point out that this is a civil matter?

TORTURE BY BRITISH TROOPS INQUIRY HITS WALL OF SECRECY – Investigators trying to find out how much involvement Britain had in torturing suspects held, came to an abrupt stop as the inquiry team realised they were being ‘stonewalled’ and less than the truth was being offered. Questions were being sidestepped and others being half-answered. When certain points were being pushed, the soldiers and their command were opting to hide behind ‘ secrecy’ and whitewash invented by nations and governments to gain immunity and claim that they were not required to answer in the guise of National Security, whilst claiming at the same time ‘ we’ve got nothing to hide ‘  — what a joke, pull the other one.

UK TROOP ABUSES IN IRAQ — Hot on the trail of the above we have yet another call for an inquiry taking place at The High Court in London (Jan 2013), Lawyer Philip Shiner is representing around 200 civilians who are accusing British Soldiers of ‘terrifying Acts of Brutality’.  He says that British interrogators were guilty of unlawful killings as well as torture.  People were handcuffed, blindfolded and heavily beaten before being taken into detention.  Barrister Michael Fordham QC has said that the Royal Navy played ‘a significant role in the interrogations’  He also went on to say it was not enough to say there were ‘rotten apples and then keep the lid firmly shut’ …..quotes of ‘a few rotten apples’ is generally used in most circumstances….but we here can show that doesn’t really hold water if you glance around the files and pages….it often goes far beyond a ‘few’…..and it emerged that the MoD had already settled or just finalizing compensation for 249 claimants at a cost of £16.2 million.  The father of an Iraq teenager has accused British soldiers of torturing his son. Mizal Karim said he found marks he did not expect and his son’s jaw dislocated, his arm broken and many bruises and the evidence of him being shot in the right foot.                                                              

NB: Blogs and replies are hotly denying that troops could do that……..but most of these are from ex-troops!

BRITISH SOLDIER IN KENYA SHOOTING IS HELD — DIPLOMATIC ROW NOW ENSUES:  An Army Sergeant who was involved in a fatal shooting of a Kenyan citizen has been detained for several months since the killing, and this has now led to a row between embassies and the Foreign Office. The soldier has been named as Sergeant Madison.   Britain is trying to ‘remove’ the soldier, but the Kenyan Prime Minister said that he believed someone should be on trial where the offence was committed. meaning he isn’t prepared to let the soldier go back to be tried by a military court in the UK.  The MoD are now facing a backlash of resentment from the African People.

‘ Drunken Army Major and two soldiers cause havoc costing £100,000 ‘

ARMY MAJOR OLIVER KING was questioned by Cherbourg French Police over an incident when he and two other soldiers were arrested and held for 12 hours.  French Police Commandant Jean-Pierre Mercier said that King on the boat ‘ the British Soldier ‘ owned by the Army Sailing Association, were arrested on the marina for being very drunk and causing extensive damage as they crashed into four other boats, and there was also an accusation that they had stolen the boat. At first the major denied things, but later acknowledged taking the boat with two friends. The ASA said they had borrowed the boat without the owner’s consent and would not call it stealing. The Army said they had dealt with the matter and the damages had been compensated for.

‘ Soldier jailed for assault on hotel receptionist ‘

CORPORAL DONALD PAYNE was convicted of a war crime and was jailed for 12 months after admitting his part culminating in the death of Baha Mousa, a hotel receptionist who was beaten to death in Basra in 2003. The report revealed that he died of gratuitous violence by members of the 1st Battalion Queen’s Lancashire Regiment — it is said up to 14 soldiers now face prosecution even though they have now retired and are no longer in active service.

‘ Army Officer in £220,000 fraud over school fees ‘

LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT (Henry) JOLLEY  appeared before Swindon Magistrates Court charged with 22 counts of false claims for boarding school fees and education grants.  He denied 14 counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception. Prosecution for the MOD said he dishonestly obtained the money, money he was not entitled to. This was said to have happened while he was still a serving officer at  the base in Upavon, Oxfordshire and Harrogate in Yorkshire.  The Court action was brought by the MOD.  It was said he fiddled £220,000 since 2002, and forged his wife’s signature.  He admitted to eleven counts of fraud and deception, most of the cash went on the fees for his three sons at Stoneyhurst School.

‘ Children abused by British Troops ‘

Sadly we feature a report here of British troops abusing Afghan Children while in the commission of freeing them from oppression.  Two British soldiers, a Sergeant and a Private are being investigated after colleagues complained about their behaviour. Both were arrested by the Military Police and laptops seized that shows them indulging in shocking behaviour in two incidents they recorded. The pair from the 2nd Mercian Battalion Battle Group have not been named.  This report comes following an incident where four U.S.Marines videoed a 40 second clip of themselves urinating on dead Afghans.

‘ Army Cadet Captain Abuses Young Boys ‘

BRIAN COURT who was a platoon commander mainly dealing with boy recruits, appeared before Southampton Crown court on three charges of abusing several young boys in his care.  The boys aged around 12 did not appear in court and were interviewed by a video link. Court married with children was sent to prison for 4 years.

‘Queen’s Cavalry Army Guard found guilty of Assault ‘

MATTHEW COONEY of the Household Cavalry Mounted regiment was found guilty of assault despite mounting a challenge to the effect the other party were to blame. However, the court did not accept his version of the events as they gave him a suspended one year jail sentence and was ordered to pay the victim £5,300 in compensation. Lawyers for Cooney are said to be launching an appeal against the sentence. The victim was Erika Vera who suffered face injuries needing seven stitches after being punched in the face by Cooney.

‘ Former Army Captain jailed over ‘date rapes’ on Internet ‘

ARMY CAPTAIN BRIAN WITTY formerly with the Territorial Army Parachute Regiment was given an indefinite jail term by the court after he was found guilty of several horrific set attacks. He contacted his victims by Internet dating rooms and agencies which led to meetings in the public bar. Kingston Crown Court found him guilty of three rapes and one of sexual assault.  The judge branded him as a danger to women and said he must be put out of the way in order to prevent serious harm coming to anyone else. He will serve a minimum of eight years.

‘ British Soldiers Investigated over murder of prostitute ‘

KENYA — News says that the British Government are giving the Kenyan Authorities assistance into the investigation and allegations that British Soldiers were involved in the murder of a young Kenyan woman.  It was stated that some in the Kenya Prosecutors Office were annoyed at the lack of speed by the UK in the matter and time that elapsed since the discovery of her body in Hotel grounds.  It was said that the young woman was with British Soldiers quite regularly until she disappeared, and was last seen with several.

‘ Another Marines story revealed — Porn on Computers ‘

SEVEN MARINES HAVE BEEN ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF MURDER — A seized Laptop Computer in the investigations of the arrested Marines has revealed Pornographic images and material discovered at the UK Base, but it has been denied that it belonged to one of the arrested marines, yet it says that this pc led directly to their arrest because they were featured on it in a video piece… who had what and what of the porn and the owner of the pc?  ….. a rather strange report with a link, but no story of the porn emerges at all! or soldiers.

‘ Former Soldier on Gun charge after siege ‘

Ex Squaddie Richard Pell was shot by police and under guard in hospital after an incident involving a bomb hoax and ball bearing rifle.  Homes were evacuated when cops swooped into a property at Knaphill, Surrey.  He was arrested on charges of making threats with an imitation firearm…another man was held for the bomb hoax.

‘Soldier on Rape and Sex charges ‘

BRITISH SOLDIER Edwin Mee will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court in late October on several sex and rape offences said to have been carried out on victims aged between fifteen and twenty-five…no other details were given other than he resides in Croydon.

‘ S.A.S. Soldier Jailed over Illegal Possession of Gun’

The jailing of Sergeant Danny Nightingale for 18 months over the possession of a prohibited firearm as led supporters numbering eleven, which includes a former commanding officer saying that the officer has been betrayed by the army, and that he is a victim of a monstrous miscarriage of justice. At an Army Court Martial, Nightingale pleaded guilty to the charge of having an illegal weapon – a 9mm Glock PistolIn

In a re-trial court martial he was found guilty (July 2013)

‘Military Prison Guard carries out sexual attacks on female warders ‘

ARMY SERGEANT RONNIE THOM appeared in court facing eight charges of sexual assault against three female guards. It was said in court that he boasted about taking part in threesome sex, and that he had innappropriate relations with a woman prisoner.  It all happened at the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester, Britain’s only Military Jail.  The offences date back to 2009 and 2010 when Sergeant Thom was a member of the Military Provost Guard Service in the position of non-commissioned officer.

ACCOUNTABILITY is not something the British Army are comfortable with, especially when you start to make inquiries about army personnel wrong-doing. They actually go out of their way to prohibit snooping into their records and say they are exempt from private and public enquiries unless ordered to do so by the MOD, and they confidently sneer and reply that they have ways of influencing that sort of action.  All in all, we found that soldiers rely on this to get them out of trouble (one we spoke to said ‘it was a family thing’ and regarded the public as ignorant claiming soldiers were special) and often cling to the belief that it will be hushed up and dealt with behind closed doors — unfortunately they are right in almost 99 percent of cases…so what we reveal is a tiny part of a fraction….but we will continue to dig behind the scenes and get some results for publication.

‘The Army High Command prevent Public Examination’

THE RAF and ROYAL NAVY responded in the same way and had similar protections and firewalls in place!

‘ The Army, Police and MI5 in ‘imposed nightmare on female Army Captain ‘

THE BREAK-IN, MI5 OPPRESSION, AND M.O.D — Carole Maychell was a Captain in the Army.  She was accused of having stolen Army property.  While she was being questioned by MI5 Officers, three in all, the Lancashire Police were breaking into her semi-detached home in Heysham, near Morecambe.  She had actually refused to sign a form permitting the search, but they went ahead having been given the go-ahead by The Army.  She was never cautioned or informed of her rights, nor charged with theft.  For three days she was interrogated.  Before Official proceedings began under the Official Secrets Act, the consent of the Attorney General is needed….it had not been given.  The High Court judges disapproved of the Army’s treatment of Carole, and the conduct of her Commanding Officer….they felt they were being pressured to go along with things which verged on the absurd.  To make things worse she was kept on remand at the prison in Colchester.  They continually blocked any requests from her solicitor Mr Porter who had a wide experience of Military Law.  ‘ They always had us going around in circles’ he said, ‘it seemed as if the C.O was an all-powerful figure, and he rejected everything out of hand’    Eventually, they dropped all charges after four months.  Carole suffered trauma and anxiety, and did not even get an apology for what they did.  ‘The Army don’t want to be seen to be giving in or losing, so they just pretend it was all routine ‘ …… Carole decided to sue the Army for compensation for wrongful imprisonment, and when that matter is concluded she is considering emigration.  She says ‘ She cannot forget that it was her own people who did this to her’

‘ The Scandal of the Army Generals ‘

AS WE CONTINUALLY SAY, CORRUPTION IS NEVER FAR AWAY — We now have Army Generals caught in a sting and on camera too — Retired Army Generals have been filmed in discussions of how to set up huge arms deals using their influence for cash!  Yes, it sounds very similar to the Politicians…..Admiral Sir Trevor Sour, Lieutenant- General Sir John Kiszely, Chief General Lord Dannatt and General Sir Mike Jackson all of whom boasted they could arrange and influence deals (for a £100,000 fee for two days work a month).  Six ex-senior officers were secretly filmed by undercover reporters…some said they could get around the rules and had access to the Ministers…all said they’d done no wrong!

‘ General gets £4 million pension as Army pleads for more cash ‘

Inequalities? there are many and its often the ones at the top of the ladder that benefit while those under suffer the cuts….. General Sir David Richards, formerly Chief of the Armed Forces will have no worry about future prospects in retirement….. according to the Ministry of Defence accounts this chief has a retirement package to the value of four million pounds….it is thought to be the largest sum ever made for a civil servant,

‘ Troops punished over Afghan Crimes ‘

BRITISH SOLDIERS appeared before a Military Court because of offences they committed in Afghanistan. One soldier was fined £1,000 after engaging with a boy of 5yrs and acting sexually.  The other soldier was convicted of racially insulting a man by photographing him with a sign around his neck which bore a racist remark.  Both soldiers remained ‘un-named’ and the second soldier was demoted in rank.

‘ Soldier charged with murder ‘

LANCE CORPORAL RICHARD FARRELL appeared in court accused of murdering fellow soldier, Geoffrey Mc Neill a member of his own unit.  Both men were in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment.  It was said that the body of Mc Neill was found in an accommodation block.   Farrell only spoke briefly when he stood in the dock of Telford Magistrates Court…..he was remanded in custody.

‘ Army Drug Tests prove positive in 520 soldiers ‘

A REPORT showed that in 2012 that there were 520 soldiers failed a drug test and proved positive.  Those that were revealed by the MOD were:  The Royal Regiment of Scotland — had 62 soldiers who failed the drug test.  The Royal Logistic Corps had 50 soldiers who failed.  The Foot Guards had 29 soldiers that failed.  It is stated that out of a number of 11,252 soldiers tested a small number had one or more drugs in their systems.  Most of them caught were thrown out of the army said a spokesman.

The Navy had 34 sailors prove positive in the drug tests out of 13,743.

The Royal Air Force personnel had 20 officers prove positive out of a total of 14,301.

‘ Six British troops in attack on Cop in the USA ‘

SIX SERVICEMEN and soldiers with the Royal Regiment of Scotland were arrested after a brawl involving a US Cop.  The six soldiers were part of a Rugby Team in New York during a tour of the East Coast.  It is said that the brawl continued into the outside street even after several soldiers kept on hitting and kicking the New York Cop who lay on the floor.  They did not respond to shouts from a fellow soldier to stop, and it continued.  The fight at the Mercury Bar was bloody so the Court in Manhattan heard.  Even though the Cop announced his status the soldiers told him to F-off, as they didn’t care.  The soldiers mentioned are – Private Iliakini Raderua, Corporal Thomas Shute, Private Felite Vunisarati, Private Mosese Kuruala, and Private Joeli Radua — accused of third degree assault.  A Lance Corporal Iosefo Yavala is additionally charged with second degree robbery. 

‘ Marine admits to lying to Police when interrogated ‘

An ‘Un-named’ Royal Marines Sergeant at his Court Martial admitted that he had lied to police when giving a statement because he thought his actions might have been misunderstood?  The Royal Marine appeared in court with two others charged with the murder of a suspect in Afghanistan….he said he foolishly shot a dead person!  In court the three are referred to a Marine A, B and C,   Furthermore the Sergeant only ‘assumed the man was dead’   The trial at a Military Court in Bulford, Wiltshire continues.

THE CASE ABOVE has turned into a silly one with pleas for clemency as one marine has been convicted of murder while the others ‘got off’ despite being involved in a cover-up as tapes offered up in evidence shows that the ‘shooter’ asks the others to keep quiet about it.  The Defence Secretary has naturally turned down any call for special leniency….just because he was a soldier….other silly polls conducted by the media have shown the public at there silliest as they use words like ‘he was in a war protecting British Interests’ etc, therefore he ought to be given a lighter sentence?   As one person said, it was murder and the marine knew it at the time.

The Sergeant has been named as Sgt Alexander Blackman.

‘ Former Soldiers jailed in Mosque Attack ‘

TWO EX-SOLDIERS OUT FOR REVENGE attacked a Mosque using fire-bombs after reacting to the News Item on the murder of Lee Rigby…… Stuart Holmes and Gavin Humphries were jailed by the court for six years.  They both wanted revenge on Muslims despite picking on innocent ones who had nothing to do with the Lee killing.  They both used to be stationed at Woolwich Barracks where Lee Rigby was attacked.

‘Suicide and Bullying Case rattles Army Secrecy’

ACCUSATIONS OF A COVER-UP do not go away as the family of the dead Corporal get few answers and experience stone-walling by the MoD.  The Military Police Officer Anne-Marie Ellement said she had been raped by two soldiers before taking her own life….but no one seemed to bother.  She made complaints that a campaign of intimidation and isolation had been mounted after reporting the rape in 2009…and the army declined to bring charges against the two soldiers.  New evidence suddenly appearing was brushed aside by the Mod saying that the omission of the material had been accidental?….two years later!  Their brief one Nicholas Moss claimed this didn’t amount to a cover-up!    Considering how meticulous the Army are, what does he call it?

‘British Soldier charged over bomb found in home ‘

RYAN McGEE of the Fifth Battalion The Rifles, was charged with making explosives and accused of offences under the Terrorism Act.  He was detained at the Army Base in Paderborn, Germany last year after the device was discovered at his Manchester Street address.

‘UK Soldier in KKK uniform is jailed for 2yrs ‘

TERRORIST ASPIRATIONS – SOLDIER RIFLEMAN RYAN McGEE appeared at the Old Bailey after being arrested for having weapons and bombing equipment meant for terrorist activities.  One photo found in the search showed him wearing the Klu Klux Klan outfit.  He was arrested by Military Police in Germany, and the items found were discovered in the search at his parents home.  He served with the 5th Battalion, The Rifles, an armoured infantry regiment and in barracks at Paderborn, Germany.

‘ Alcohol a major problem in the Army ‘

REPORT ABOUT BOOZY SOLDIERS — The Ministry of Defence admitted that there was a problem of alcohol abuse, and that around 1,600 serving soldiers had needed medical attention and care over excessive drinking in the past year.  The booze consumption has led to liver disease, mental problems and alcohol poisoning apart from reports of incidents where soldiers got into fights with locals and caused problems whilst intoxicated.

‘ Cavalry Captain in wine bar assault ‘

CAPTAIN JEREMY SUDLOW of The Household Cavalry admitted assaulting staff at a wine bar in Parsons Green, South West London.  He appeared before Hammersmith Magistrates court.  It was said in Court that he was with others and that the group became noisy and abusive.  He was asked to finish drinking and leave by staff, and retaliated by punching a member of staff and slapping another around the head.  He admitted two counts of assault and was fined £1,500.

‘Army Sergeant  – a bully and rapist ‘

 A RECRUITMENT ARMY SERGEANT, EDWIN MEE appeared before Southwark Crown Court charged with 17 counts of sexual assault.  The court heard how he carried out sexual assaults on eleven victims, leaving a cadet pregnant after a rape incident.  It said he preferred women between fifteen and early twenties and born overseas in particular.  Known as ‘Jock’ to his friends the divorced father of five worked at a Recruitment Centre in Cheam.

‘Boozy soldiers walk free after stamping on man’s head 18 times ‘

A COURT found it in their wisdom? to free two Guardsmen who were photographed stamping on the victim’s head eighteen times while he lay on the ground.  SCOTS GUARD SHAUN SMITH and Welsh GUARD JASON COLLINS walked free from the court in Teeside after inflicting a terrible and callous beating on an helpless civilian.  They are both said to be held in high regard by the army! who seem to put the behaviour down to the influence of heavy drinking.  The Judge at the civil trial said ‘he was taking an extraordinary decision’ in the light of how serious the case was, and hoped the army would do the right thing’……this was after the army lawyer had come to court to show glowing testimonials on both men, and said they were keeping the pair in the army!  All the Judge could do was order Smith to do community work for 80 hours unpaid and gave Collins a 12 month suspended jail sentence…. both were ordered to pay compensation of a £1,000 each.

‘ U.S.A. Corruption and bent cops are still a problem ‘

OUR COLLEAGUES who run sites on the web featuring crooked cops in different states throughout America tell us that clean up measures are in the main a whitewash and government agencies throughout the USA are in effect — ignoring the corruption or actively engaging in it.  It is a fact that bribery is the main tool in the states when it comes to the birth of police corruption and being a society based on wealth and the desire for it, it is no surprise that the U.S. has a very big police corruption problem.  We have recently mentioned a raid that exposed widespread corruption in cities of the U.S. and we know there are growing suspicions that government administration is not without its own corruption in the F.B.I. and C.I.A.  The D.E.A. cops have been known to operate on behalf of the drug barons for considerable bribes in recent years.  Denials mean nothing but that is what they come up with every time.

HUNDREDS OF U.S. BENT COPS LITTER THE INTERNET WEB PAGES they actually outdo the British cops. If one had the time it would probably go well into the thousands to download and file each story and page.

THE USA POLICE SCANDAL — It is utterly amazing to find that when you type ‘Cops harass or  Intimidate’ you instantly get page after page of such incidents involving every state throughout the US plus victims of police brutality on You Tube videos……some have been arrested and their rights abused for taking film of police, and have later sued the Police Departments and Officers…..but what comes across of a more disturbing nature is the attitude of the Police and how they don’t care about their behaviour at all…..many cops are on Web pages for robbery, fraud, intimidation, abuse and much more……but it never stops this misconduct.

AMNESTY SLAMS U.S. POLICE AND REVEALS WIDESPREAD MISTREATMENT OF CITIZENS – a damning report by Amnesty International claims that police officers are frequently violent, abusive and discriminatory.  The 150 page report issued in September 2005 shows evidence of brutal beatings by police particularly against gay men.  Dr. William Schulz, executive director of A.I.U.S.A. who conducted the report claimed that across the USA people were enduring injustices, entrapment, and trumped up charges instigated and carried out by the police.  The report titled “POLICE ABUSE AND MISCONDUCT” showed many cases of people being forced to the ground — handcuffed and kicked in the head during raids. Some cases included officers raping suspects followed by threats.  Michael Heflin said ‘ if we cannot count on law enforcement to be clean then corruption like this will continue to flourish’  — we can say that since 2005 there has been no changes and police corruption throughout the USA has indeed flourished and the departments responsible for policing have turned a blind eye to the majority of complaints lodged and, destroyed many in an attempt to cover up this behaviour by officers.


LOS ANGELES POLICE IN BRUTALITY ASSAULT –  The massive corruption scandal involved twelve officers who fabricated evidence and the framing of suspects.  The affair reached a new high when officer Rafael Perez was convicted of stealing cocaine at the Rampart Division.  In an attempt to have his sentence reduced he gave the names of police colleagues who were on the take. 

Another Los Angeles Police Incident revealed that officers stormed into a cell after drinking heavily at a Christmas eve party and began beating seven young prisoners.  The Mexican American prisoners were covered with blood as a result of these outlaw officers.

THE BEATING OF RODNEY KING inflamed riots after the Los Angeles officers escaped prosecution despite the assault being shown as video evidence at a court hearing. The scandal went much further than the police expected and here is the background to this appalling case — The first instinct of the police is to cast doubt or doubt the video evidence presented (Independent eyewitness George Holliday made the video). In pursuit mode on the highways of Los Angeles, a senior officer such as a police sergeant should be at the scene so no officer steps out of line. But on this night the video showed there was a police sergeant present, policeman Stacey Koon, who failed miserably.  Rodney King suffered it was said by the hospital – 12 fractures and a broken ankle with injuries to his face, of course, the police disagreed with that?  Assaulting Police Officers – Laurence Powell, Ted Briseno and Timothy Wind were charged with criminal offences – assault with a deadly weapon and using excessive force, while Sergeant Koon was still being investigated. The FBI was called in to do their own investigation.  Regarding the Patrol cars and radios, MDT’s were used on all cars and discussions/messages were logged.  The transmission of a message at 1-12am revealed a chilling admission by one of the officers who said ‘ I haven’t beaten anyone this bad in a long time’

NEW YORK POLICE SHOOT BOY 17 TIMES — Officers David Gross and Sergeant Michael Jacobellis were put on administrative leave after shooting Michael Jones who it was alleged brandished a water pistol.

BROOKLYN POLICE OFFICER JUSTIN VOLPE confessed in court to an assault after changing his plea to guilty in a police brutality case after fellow officers testified against him.  Volpe and three other police officers were to face murder charges.  A fifth officer was also arrested in connection with the murders and the cover-up that followed.

TWO MEN BEAT UP BY BROOKLYN POLICE RECEIVE $76MILLION BY COURT.  Two men who were shot at by police in New York received a record payout that staggered the Brooklyn Authorities who almost went into meltdown. Gerard Papa and James Rampersant were mistaken for robbers when they were set upon by cops. A Brooklyn jury found the police guilty of negligence, false arrest and using excessive force.

12 COPS BEAT UP SUSPECT and were filmed doing so.  Philadelphia Police face paying out a similar payout to the Rodney King case – £2.5 million.  Victim Thomas Jones was beaten as berserk officers rained blows while a TV film crew were shooting the scene in a overhead helicopter. 

GEORGIA POLICE were filmed beating up a driver by the local TV company in their helicopter only days after a similar event.  Marshall Studdard was dragged from his car and assaulted by the patrol officers.

POLICE SHOOT DEAD UNARMED MAN — Officer Randall Kerrick a North Carolina Cop has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after shooting an unarmed black man running towards him for help!  The police victim had been in a car crash and was seeking help from the police after having crashed his car.  The incident happened in Charlotte N. Carolina.  Officer Kerrick was one of three cops who responded to a call from a woman because the man knocked on her door…she didn’t answer…and when the police arrived the distraught man ran to the police thinking he could get help……but was shot dead instead!

GOVERNOR SLAMS POLICE IN MISSOURI — The Police involved in the ‘Shooting of Michael Brown’ have been accused of launching an -over-militarised response’ to disperse protestors who wished to show their anger at yet another police shooting of an un-armed teenager.  Many people are angered by the fact that the boy suffered from several shots, not just one, and the fact the police move into a position of denial which later often becomes a cover-up and public whitewash.  The Police in Ferguson are refusing to let the Press get near and actively stopped them from reporting the situation.  Governor Jay Nixon said the ‘police video appeared to cast aspersions on the dead teenager’ in order to  take the focus of the police themselves.

USA POLICE CORRUPTION — Some History — 1970 investigations — New York Police — 20 out of 75 officers in Brooklyn took bribes. ‘Plain clothes’ Detectives took over a $1000 dollars a month in backhanders in return for turning a blind eye to crimes.  It even got to the stage were cops bribed other cops to keep investigators off their backs, and inform them when any of them were named in a likely investigation. This pervasive corruption was almost dismissed by Commissioner Murphy in 1971, but he failed to impress political leaders with his statements of ‘ traitors in uniform’.  Detectives collected thousands of dollars in bribes while the regular beat and uniformed patrolmen topped their pay packets from ordinary citizens who broke the law and were willing to pay fifty to a hundred dollars for them to look the other way.  One cop told a reporter at the New York Times – ‘ He had committed sixteen robberies assisted by eleven colleagues during his duty as a cop, and didn’t mind talking about it now he’d retired.’  Corruption among officers was set to rise to a level that almost brought down the Police Department at one time.  The Knapp Commission took over and looked at the crooked cops in two ways — one, ‘the meat eaters’ – a body of cops — mainly detectives, who wanted huge bribes and pay-offs by misusing their powers. Example Two was ‘ the grass eaters’ — a large body of cops referred to as the foot soldiers on the beat, who consumed small bribes and anything that came their way while on duty.  The main trouble here was investigating the ‘grass eaters’ as they constituted the largest number, so the majority would get away with their scams and crime. Whereas, ‘ the meat eaters’ where into big crime and big bribes, so Knapp had to form big task forces which eventually took down and netted 53 per cent of the corrupt cops at the top end of the corruption pile, which was a start, but it fell short of its target.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a major police cover-up case involving corruption hit the headlines — four cops face the death penalty and five cops plead guilty to a cover-up as six people are shot by police. Micheal Lohman, a veteran cop (lieutenant) pleaded guilty to obstruction in the investigation, and another cop to fabrication of witness statements, falsifying reports and planting evidence (a gun). It is stated that all the cops involved made up a lie to cover up the fact they gunned down unarmed civilians.  The New Orleans force is already facing a federal investigation into corruption after it was stated that it was a corruption-plagued police department. Sergeants – Robert Gisevius, Kenneth Bowen, officer Anthony Villavaso and former officer Robert Faulcon were charged initially — then in addition — Sergeant Arthur Kaufmann, and now retired Sergeant Gerard Dugue and officer David Warren. Another 13 officers have been charged with conspiracy to pervert justice and collusion. The Federal investigation has turned its focus on higher ranking officers who may be involved. There are well over 22 cops in one force under investigation or charged and there may be more to come, so what does this tell us of corruption and those who say it no longer exists in a high tech society like the USA?

25 NYPD POLICE OFFICERS ON SERIOUS CHARGES, 200 MORE TO BE INVESTIGATED – scores of cops from the New York Police Department are being charged with ‘ ticket-fixing ‘ — the probe reveals that some high ranking officers have been involved besides patrolmen and inspectors, sergeants etc, A Bronx Grand Jury are investigating into police officers fixing parking tickets for friends, relatives and politically connected people.  25 officers are on criminal charges so far, and 200 more maybe charged with disciplinary counts.

NEW YORK POLICE SERGEANT ADMITS FRAMING PEOPLE IN DRUG CASES — POLICE SGT WILLIAM EISMAN appeared in court and admitted to framing suspects on drug charges. The veteran cop said he’d faked a case of marijuana against one man, and also coached trainee policemen to falsify paperwork to sidestep legal difficulties they might encounter. He was also found guilty of lying under oath.

NEW YORK COPS FRAME MOTORIST WHO GOES TO JAIL FOR FOUR MONTHS — Yet another Scandal in USA police history among thousands more — This little known and referred to case happened in July 2011 to the resident of Rochester, Jeramie Barideaux, who was nabbed by two cops for failing to stop his vehicle before the road line. Police Officers Rob Osipovitch and Ryan Hartley falsely accused him of this offence, and he actually spent four months in prison.  The officers also invented the ‘finding of drugs and weapon’ to boost their case.  However, in Court, CCTV evidence told a different story which caught both officers out and proved that the police had committed perjury. The Judge dismissed the charges and set the man free.  On July the 19th 2012 a lawsuit was filed against The City of Rochester N.Y. Police Dept and the two police officers for damages, which we can only hope is in the millions of dollars…..for the City and two cops.

COPS AND THE ‘HOLLYWOOD BURGLARIES’ SCANDAL — Blamed on the ‘Hollywood Distraction’  250 Cops in the Hollywood Police Division were investigated, Eleven were indicted for serious criminal activities.  The story started with two ‘enterprising’ cops of long serving careers, Officer Jack Myers and Officer Ronald Venegas, both assigned to ‘burglary duties’ — that being responding to shop alarms. When it started was never ascertained, but on one such call out they entered the shop and before contacting the owner, helped themselves to goods and put them in the trunk of the police car for transfer to their own later. The Los Angeles cops not satisfied with genuine callouts, decided to smash shop windows and then wait in their patrol car for the radio call and zoom in and take the goods; blaming it on disappearing crooks.  They later specialised on video shops. Internal Affairs became interested and lay in wait on one call, both cops were arrested.  During investigations they implicated other police officers which turned into a corruption scandal that surprised the Division. Nine other cops were arrested, and one Sergeant Roger Gibson was found guilty on 13 counts of misconduct (he was caught in a hot tub with naked women in a vice operation prompted by what Myers and Venegas had confessed to). The Police Commander of the Hollywood Division took early retirement as investigators uncovered a wide range of offences, and some of the officers were transferred in the shake up and others given warnings.

THE USA’s CULTURE OF LYING COPS —Since the case of Officer Timothy Batt in 2002, when he took the witness stand at Alameda County Superior Court against his colleagues — perjury by the police is certainly not uncommon in the USA.  The Oakland Officer told the court of the misdeeds by fellow cops, four of themselves going by the name of ‘the Riders’   He confirmed that his training officer wrote a false version in evidence of a man he’d beaten — Batt told the jury how cops would stoop to anything illegal to cover their tracks because they were police officers and they could get away with anything?  Officers Clarence Mabanag, Matthew Hornung, and Jude Siapno were all charged with assault, framing suspects, conspiracy to plant drugs and falsifying reports.  A fourth cop, the Ringleader, Frank Vazquez fled before being arrested (it is suggested he was tipped off by fellow police) and was classified as a fugitive to be arrested on sight.  The police department and city had seventeen civil lawsuits filed against them after the corruption went public.

ORDEAL BY LOS ANGELES COPS AND NO APOLOGY OR COMPENSATION — A minor driving offence led to a nightmare jailing due to the Los Angeles Police Department, who are well known for their brash and methods of coercion towards suspects.  Emma Bowles found out the worst way of experiencing U.S. Justice which allows for nothing to get in the way of brutality and bloody-mindedness. She unbelievably ended up in a cell and unable to raise the bail.  The incident happened out on the Santa Monica Boulevard , she was pulled over by cops who did a check on her driving licence. Suddenly she was ordered to step out of the car, and then arrested. She was handcuffed, and what was the arrest for? apparently her registration had expired and that was a traffic violation.  She was then bundled off to jail to go before a judge the next day. She suffered a very embarrassing intimate body search during ‘processing’  — the court was cancelled the following morning which meant her spending 48 hours in the jail.  Handcuffed and waiting in the court in orange prison jumpsuit, the judge dismissed the charges and even after that she has to wait in a cell before finally being given her freedom.  What of charges against the cops? none, compensation for losing her liberty? none   she said ‘ I don’t like the legal system in the USA’ Emma is from Britain and she urges any tourists to beware the cops and forget about driving in another country.

OHIO SHERIFF OF 30 YEARS SERVICE PLEADS GUILTY TO THEFT IN OFFICE — Another Law man no doubt commended in his nine terms in office, probably referred to as an honourable upstanding citizen and bringer-in of baddies — Sheriff Gerald McFaul is now a ‘baddie’ himself.  His turn has come as they say — as he was arrested and charged with theft in office and ethics violations.  He pleaded guilty to all charges!

NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT DISBAND ‘SPY UNIT’ — A surveillance unit that targeted Muslims and monitored their movements in the community since 2003 has been disbanded,  The covert unit of undercover detectives infiltrate student bodies and mosques….looking for information, but created tensions instead according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.  The ‘Programme’ had been set up by police officials and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

LOS ANGELES COPS PAY $640,000 DOLLARS OVER ‘SPYING’ OPERATION — Cops were keeping surveillance on politicians, civil rights protestors and activists — they created the PDID which was manned by around 70 cops who were watching anyone who they could classify within their own terms as ‘likely’ — This suddenly hit the buffers as LAWSUIT AGAINST COPS arrived citing the police transgressions as violating constitutional rights; Police Chief Daryl Gates received this. He in turn knew the information was ‘sensitive’ and often came by means of the FBI and CIA.  Prominent City Lawyer Burl Pines (Civil Rights Lawyer) pushed the Superior Court to have the information made public. Resistance did come from the police, but not in time for a quantity of stuff being released via the media. The PDID claimed that the information could prove harmful if it was to be seen in the public domain.  The Police Commission on being too late (although making a successful court challenge) began to engage in ‘file burning’ — some 2 million ‘secret files’ — the police played it down by saying all but five percent of the stuff was too sensitive to be seen.  Eleven of the 70 officers were charged with ‘improper intelligence gathering’ — after lengthy argument it was accepted that there had been a violation of some people’s rights — the trial and indictments were dropped in favour of the settlement. The PDID folded and was replaced by the ATD — The Anti-Terrorist Division — new name, new folk? we will never know, but the game remained the same!!

U.S. KING COUNTY POLICE PAY OUT $10 MILLION IN EXCESSIVE FORCE CASE — U.S. Judge Stephanie Arend ruled that King County Police Deputies withheld information in the appalling case of Christopher Harris who suffered brain damage as a result of police brutality — being slammed against a wall by a Deputy of the King County Sheriff’s Office in 2009.  The Judge ordered them to pay a fine of $300,000 dollars for misconduct, and that is in addition to the Ten Million dollars damages the police had to pay the Harris Family. (Tacoma News)

EX-CHICAGO COP TURNED PROSECUTOR OPENS CAN OF WORMS AS HE ADMITS CORRUPTION IN OFFICE NAMING JUDGES AND FELLOW COPS — In what seems a local issue, ex-Chicago Cop reveals a scandal that has a huge question mark and wider implications to consider over the Judiciary, cops and every state in the USA.  James J. Costello admitted in court that he bribed Judge Daniel Glecier and Judge Francis Maher of the Cook County Circuit Court.  Both judges are on trial along with Lawyer David Dineff who has also been bribing other judges on a regular basis.  Costello said as a police officer he was suspended 19 times for misconduct.  When he became a defence Lawyer he regularly met up with judges to fix cases and do a ‘one-to-one’ deal.  He admitted when he was a cop he accepted bribes from around 40 lawyers.  The corruption began in 1961 shortly after becoming a policeman when he took bribes from traffic violators and bookies.  In 1976 on becoming a lawyer assigned to narcotics cases, he bribed Judge Wayne Olson, who was later convicted for corruption. In 1986, Costello was finally caught, tried and jailed.  But that was not the end of this story, because hot on its heels came another Chicago Cop – former Officer Peter McElligott admitted to bribing another County Cook Circuit Judge John McCollom 20 to 25 times each month. He also revealed that he handed out fifty dollar bribes to hundreds of other officers in Chicago as ‘Keeping Quiet’ payments. One more ex-Chicago Cop Officer James Fallon came forward and testified to half a dozen bribes he’d given to McCollom.  Other Judges – former Judge Allen Rosin was involved, plus Judge John Murphy who served ten years for corruption.  Judge John Divine was also convicted of court corruption along with Judge Edwin Kretske and Judge James Conon (deceased).  Judge McCollom was on trial for racketeering, mail fraud and income tax violations besides the allegations of bribery.

The above article shows the ‘tip of the iceberg’ even though the US authorities would rather you believe this to just exist in Cook County and Chicago, but that doesn’t add up, It gives a clear indication that if it happened there it could well happen in many counties and states throughout the US but remain undiscovered or suppressed. Even now they act as if this was nothing at all, which shows complacency and widespread arrogance throughout the legal authorities and a government hell bent on secrecy and cover-ups to hide corruption.

If the above happened in London, which is far bigger than Cook County, over 103 cops, 40 lawyers and 8 judges on corruption would be a massive scandal attracting world news coverage, and it’s implications would certainly rock the judiciary and the police for months in the UK; if not years, but in the USA it’s just another day!

CHICAGO COP REVEALS POLICE CORRUPTION IN CITY — Former Police Officer Lopez turned book writer has revealed how one gang (the cops he was with) were one of the most corrupt on the streets.  He admits to being drawn into the badges of dishonour and how to fabricate charges and take bribes shortly after becoming a narcotics officer.  He tells of random beatings and brutality being done by cops and the abuse of power that goes unchecked along with how to fool and despise Internal Affairs.  He says crossing the line from police officer to criminal is easy and once you are doing it you know several mates within the department are with you too. He says that once you are in there is a code of silence that keeps law enforcers untouchable!

FOUR CONNECTICUT COPS ARRESTED BY FBI — The East Haven Officers were arrested for civil rights offences including harassment and intimidation of Latino residents.  Sergeant John Miller, and officers David Cari, Dennis Spaulding and John Zullo….. one of them being the president of a local police union.  The report says they among other things, created false reports to cover up the abuses…..and no-one at the Precinct seemed to bother.

TWO BRIBE-TAKING COPS ARE NABBED — In the Queens Area, off-duty officers Robert Espinal and Danny Cano were arrested for selling accident reports in an alleged insurance scam….. they had been accepting payments for NYPD Reports.

Another New York Cop, POLICE DETECTIVE Wojcicch Braszczok…. who works undercover was arrested for an active part in an attack on a motor vehicle.

WASHINGTON DC OFFICER ARRESTED ON CHILD PORN CHARGES —  Metro Police Officer Marc Washington is accused of taking photos of a nude 15 year old girl while on duty.  It is reported that he forced the teenager to strip for the 12 photographs.

SCANDAL HITS NEW YORK COPS — A Video has revealed that a police officer placed a man in a choke hold similar to that of a recent video showing cops acting badly…..despite the move being banned as unlawful apart from dangerous.   The video that caused an outcry and the suspension of several officers after the victim Mr Eric Garner died in police custody.  This new case shows the chokehold arrest on the subway when a man is caught fare-dodging.   It says that NYPD are carrying out an investigation?

NEW BLACK YOUTH SHOOTING SCANDAL — COPS KILL TEENAGER — Yet again we have another incident were cops have killed a black man.  Police of Ferguson, Missouri have sparked outrage after shooting teenager Michael Brown 18, whilst in the back of a police car?  The St Louis County Police said that they had to use 800 cops to control the angry crowd that surrounded the police station.  It is said that the officer involved in the shooting has been put on administrative leave…. while they conduct the investigation?

COP GET OFF IN MICHAEL BROWN KILLING — Officer Darren Wilson was cleared by a judge, despite the black teenager having several shot wounds.  The verdict caused widespread anger and inadvertently revealed that the cops were ‘militarised’ and moved on the demonstrators like an army…..something the police were not supposed to be when they go around in cars with ‘Protect and Serve’ written on them.  Self-serving seems to be more apt as officers all over the USA appear on the Internet pages involved in violence, robbery, fraud and much more.  Behind the badge there lurks a crook and the number of cops listed on the Internet is alarming, and it is growing day by day.

UN SAYS US COPS PROBLEM SHOULD BE TACKLED — Even the United Nations have called for the American government to tackle the public’s mistrust in the police and law enforcement.  The Race relations issue was most concerning, especially as there was a disproportionate number of young African Americans who have died in encounters with the police.  The UN Human Rights Chief said this also applied to those in US Prisons and black people on Death Row.  UN Leader Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the US Law enforcement to protect the rights of people to demonstrate peacefully.  

Sadly….. America have not seen the situation as a problem and ignored it for many years, so there is little hope with a country that still has ties with the KLU KLUX KLAN……thought to have vanished from History…..which in fact went underground amid the Press it got, and there were very few ever brought to justice, the police and government simply stopped looking and let them go….in order to conceal the wealthy and powerful who were holding the purse strings…..murder was possible for a price….especially if it was a black man.  Luckily in Europe The Nazi hunters never gave up on seeking out the guys who committed murder and worse, and some of those Nazi defectors fled to America where they were welcolmed.

ANOTHER BLACK SHOT BY POLICE – SHERIFF APPEALS FOR CALM — Yet another shooting, this time it is victim Cedric Bartee in Orlando, who it is said had his hands above his head when cops shot him.  Sheriff Jerry Demings called for calm as he feared the backlash from the black community.  There is already much anger of the killing of Eric Garner in New York…who was killed by officers attempting to arrest him for illegally selling untaxed cigarettes on the street.

LATEST COP SHOOTING IN ST LOUIS AGGRAVATES SITUATION — A black man shot at a petrol station by police only helped to worsen relations between the police and the ethnic groups who see the ‘bad old days’ return as if they had never gone away, but covered-up.  Officials in Berkeley were desperately trying to distance the killing from others that are proving to be explosive to the government and police.

COP LIES ABOUT SHOOTING WHICH IS CAUGHT ON CAMERA — Another Policeman has raised the temperature of credibility after claiming a self defence situation that badly backfired when he was filmed shooting the man in the back several times.  Police Officer Michael Slager was arrested after the film was shown and charged with the murder of Walter Scott a black man who was running away from the Carolina Officer.  Many are saying that without the video evidence it was more likely the officer would have got off absolutely free and his lie accepted without much question.  Slager apparently tasered the man but that didn’t stop him running away, and he then pulled his gun and shot the man in the back not just once, but several times.  It was said this happened over a vehicle check stop…. a faulty brake light!

BALTIMORE COP CHARGED WITH MURDER, FIVE OTHERS IN COLLUSION — Resulting from the death of Freddie Gray a young black man who died in custody, one cop has been charged with murder and five others have been charged with complicity in the incident.  The charges on the five were said to be second-degree murder, assault and manslaughter by Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.  The arrest was illegal she said and his treatment at the police station amounted to murder and manslaughter.  The black boy’s death sparked riots in the city….the cops in the van claimed the boy died as an accident in the van….which was not accepted, the boy was in shackles and hand cuffs….his neck was broken!

‘LAWYER IN TWADDLE SAYS BALTIMORE COPS DID NO WRONG’ — Not unusual for Lawyers really, who play many roles in making the Legal System a farce. Police Lawyer Michael Davey (equal to a Police Federation lawyer) expressed his concerns about fairness and integrity for the six charged offices in the Baltimore killing.

AIDE TO ATTORNEY LAWYER ARRESTED  OVER FAKE COP FORCE — Branden Kiel was arrested in California for running a fake police force and impersonating the police.  The aide to The Attorney General’s Office is said to have been running a fake police force with several others, Producer David Henry and Tonette Hayes…calling it a ‘Masonic ‘buddy boys’ federation’….said to be connected to the Knights Templar ideology….from which came the Lawyers, Judges and solicitors of Modern times.  The Force claimed to have jurisdiction in 33 States and operating in Mexico City too.  Raids in the Beverly Hills district on members homes revealed ‘Officers Badges’ weapons and uniforms.

RIFF BETWEEN MAYOR AND POLICE WIDENS — The City Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio was finding it difficult to repair relations with the police as officers turned their backs on him.  This situation came about as a lone avenger took out two cops in revenge for killing two black men.   He said at a press interview, ‘Who would have thought that we would be back where we were 40 years ago’ he said as NBC reporters looked on.

COP PROBLEM NEVER WENT AWAY — The dirtiness of the US Police has never been properly exposed or investigated, and will never be due to the intervention of government officials anxious to play things down and keep a cover-up in place.  Law Enforcement relies on secrecy and being able to operate with the minimal of accountability….. and while this exists there will be cops appearing over the Internet daily, with many citizens reporting things they’d rather not be seen……but then again, they are quite blaze and this helps the arrogance.

THE PENNSYLVANIA BRIBED JUDGES SCANDAL —  District Judge Mark Clavarella and District Judge Michael Conahan faced allegations of taking around $2.6million dollars for a deal to send young offenders to private detention centres where excessive punishments were given to underage youths for relatively minor offences. This raised the suspicions of the community and raised the ugly head of ‘abuse to minors’ and what might be going on in the name of law and justice.  Another Pennsylvania District Judge, Willie Singletary was also found guilty of accepting bribes in another case. 

MORE CORRUPT JUDGES – G.Thomas Porteus Federal Judge for East Louisiana, impeached for perjury and corruption.  Samuel B.Kent Federal District Judge for Galveston, Texas, who was jailed for 33 months for deception and lies. Federal Judge Robert F.Collins was sent to prison after taking bribes from a drug dealer, and later faced impeachment charges.  District Judge Wes Teel and District Judge John Whitfield were convicted over taking bribes for favourable rulings  —- Lawyer and Attorney Paul Minor serves 11 years for bribery — District Judge Michael Murphy a leading judge at Los Cruces was indicted on bribery charges, and the list goes on….and on.

County Court Judge Dolores Briones charged with conspiracy to commit theft or embezzlement was caught up in a Public Corruption Investigation.

LAWYERGATE – THE SCANDAL The dismissal of U.S.Attorney’s by President Bush–without explanation, despite having appointed them in the first place. They were: Alberto Gonzales Attorney General of the US.  Michael Battle, Director of the US Attorneys Office Justice Dept,  Bradley Schlozman, who replaced Battle,  Michael Elston, Chief of Staff to the Attorney General,  Paul McNulty, Deputy Attorney General,  William W.Mercer, Associate Attorney General,  Robert Coughlin, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, Kyle Foggo, Ex-Director of The CIA who was jailed for fraud. Harriet Miers, Legal Counsel to Bush.


THE JUDGE BORK CASE — 1987-88 — The former Yale Law School Professor Judge Robert Bork failed in his attempt to be selected for The Supreme Court despite President Reagan’s backing; the Senate Judicial Committee rejected him. He was a controversial choice in that he had followed ‘disgraced’ President Nixon’s advice to dismiss Archibald Cox, The Watergate Scandal Special Prosecutor. Two of Bork’s colleagues resigned rather than support his actions.  Judge Bork made a serious blunder of the ‘racist’ kind — in that a magazine article in 1965 he advocated that ‘whites’ should be able to discriminate against blacks (Restaurant owners should have the freedom to choose who to do business with) and exclude them. This then exposed him to the wrath of the ‘Anti-Bork’ league — Ronald Dworkin led a multi-million dollar campaign against Bork and depicted him as right wing using ‘original Intent’ constitutional theory as a mask for lawless judging. Another character of the league was actor Gregory Peck who blasted Bork in as many ways possible.

FALLING JUDGES — The impeccable Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black fell on his sword when he admitted to a committee that he had been a member of The Klu Klux Klan in the latter part of the 1920’s.   Chief Justice William Rehnquist was quizzed by The Judiciary Committee about three allegations against him — that in his position as a clerk to The Supreme Court Justice in the 1950’s, he wrote a memo arguing against a decision in ‘Brown’ to order desegregation of the schools, and that he bought and sold houses with restrictive covenants against Jews, and that he also harassed black voters in the 1960’s.

LAWYERS AND JUDGES STEAL MILLIONS OF DOLLARS – 2008 — The case that is now called ‘The Maryland Scandal’ — The not widely known CNN News Report is hidden away in the vast pages of the Internet — it says it is by Cazain — The place = Cecil County, Maryland. Crooked Lawyer William F Riddle is the ‘key position figure’ along with Riddle’s secretary Chris King. The scandal involves players a woman at Cecil Federal Savings and Loan.  It suggests Money laundering.  Court Clerk William Breuckman is accused of taking bribes.  Judge Karwacki a Circuit Judge is accused of Jury tampering. Other judges – Judge Lidiums, Judge Dexter Thompson — accused of taking bribes from Lawyer William Riddle.  Then we have property stealing to the value of $1.8million. leading onto accusations that Lawyer Roger Schlossberg was aiding and abetting Ann Mace to steal the property, and to make matters worse, a huge amount of the article is supported by victims who have connected up with the web pages to support the allegations of criminal impropriety.

COURT OFFICIAL’S WIFE ARRESTED OVER THE KILLING OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY — The killing of the District Attorney Mike McLelland of Kaufman County District, along with his wife Cynthia. The report says that Law Enforcement Officials are ‘trying’ to build a case against former Justice of the Peace, Eric Williams….whose wife Kim Williams has now also been arrested.  The Police are treating the case as a ‘terrorist threat to the DA’ in that they say the pair made various demands……this comes after JP Eric Williams was convicted of stealing three computer monitors from an office?

FBI SCANDALS AND CORRUPTION — The Hanssen Scandal —- Reporter Toni Locy managed to get at information that was not previously released or known when she exposed the story of 30 FBI employees who failed polygraph (Lie Detectors) tests, and no one was dismissed? The Hanssen Case exposed the fact that Russian Agents had been working for the FBI, which led onto a ‘knock-on effect’ causing embarrassment for the bureau.  ‘The Exam Cheats Case’ — FBI Director Robert Muellor said he didn’t actually know how many operatives had cheated in exams, but he didn’t deny that they had. This was in regard to techniques and surveillance on US citizens without evidence of wrongdoing.  Two Scandals, one connection: The FBI link between Penn State and U.C.Davis….. go to  for more on this and other cases.

FEDERAL JUDGE ACCUSES FBI OF CORRUPTION — FBI COVER-UP:  The Justice Department came under question and a scathing attack by a Los Angeles Federal Judge — US District Judge Howard Matz, he accused the US Justice Department Attorneys of allowing an FBI Agent to present false testimony to a Grand Jury.  Also, that the agent and indirectly the Bureau inserted false statements in a search warrant application, and unlawfully intercepted e-mails between a defendant and his attorney.

FBI – 100 AGENTS CAUGHT SENDING EACH OTHER NAKED PICS — In fact 1,045 employees were disciplined in 2010 to 2012 and 85 were dismissed.  Offences detailed in a confidential internal report shows that around 36,000 staff fall short of the requirements in conduct and behaviour expected.  It mentions hiding recording devices and sending nude pictures among many other things unsuitable for publication.

FBI SECRET FILES — Attorney Jesse Trentadue filed new evidence of this in his lawsuit against the Bureau. The FBI withheld disclosure documents in the Oklahoma City Bombing Case — many questions unanswered as a cloak of secrecy shields the FBI and other Government Agencies involved.  For more on this and others, go to  ‘More proof of FBI Corruption’.  It seems that the days of Mulder and Scully are here with FBI top brass acting like the enemy in devious practices, rule at any cost, and good guys in their minority suppressed in order to please the White House and Senate. The FBI more or less crashed when Hoover was found to be compromising them – by him sneaking out in women’s clothing and publicly pretending to be the scourge of deviant citizens.

FBI ACCUSED OF PERJURY — and Obstruction of Justice — in order to cover-up the misuse of FBI Computers for criminal activities by felons.  This is featured on a video showing on

FBI ACCUSED OF MAJOR FIDDLE BY EX-FBI MAN: In an open letter on the Internet, Kevin B. claims he was a member of the FBI attached to the World Bank Office in Washington, and that he resigned when he discovered activities of colleagues were suspicious during an investigation.  He says his boss was ‘conniving’ with top officials to divert funds approved to settle lottery win claimants, and that there were deliberate delays over payments?  In the blog he mentions (Local and Foreign Debt) being something to do with the job….so what is going on here? (we have the full e-mail letter on file)

FBI STILL PERSECUTING UK RESIDENTS OVER OVER-SEAS HACKING ALLEGATIONS — The big Sheriff of the world strikes again with yet another attempt to extradite a British citizen. They have now got their target – Ryan Cleary 20, who they say has hacked into US TV Networks, Fox and Sony Corporations. They say he faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted, perhaps that should be when?  This all comes at a time when the FBI are being investigated themselves by two central groups, which indicates how eager they are to throw the spotlight off themselves and get enough time to have someone in government railroad any paper trails and disc evidence.

FBI ARREST FOUR COPS — In Haven, Officers – Dennis Spaulding, David Cari, Jason Zullo and Sgt John Miller are to go on trial charged with ten counts – Creating false reports to conceal their activities, false arrest of five activists, using unreasonable force and unreasonable search and seizure of items — ( Civil Rights Abuses) — it was also said these officers were a sort of cancer, bullies with badges involved in a conspiracy to corrupt justice.

NB: One minute it’s cops arresting FBI agents, then the turn of FBI agents to arrest Cops…and so it goes on.

SECRET SERVICE AGENTS INVESTIGATED OVER SEX PEST ALLEGATIONS — 64 Complaints have been lodged against US Secret Service Agents accusing them of sexual misconduct over a five year period.  A Senate Hearing were told that much of this involved suggestive e-mails with explicit sexual references, and three concerned inappropriate relationships with a foreign national…it was also stated that agents visited bars and brothels in Columbia prior to the President’s visit.

COVER UP TO SAVE PRESIDENT’S EMBARRASSMENT  — In relation to the above story, it now appears that the Sex Scandal involving agents were kept secret and handled behind closed doors in a ‘damage limitation’ exercise.  The Secret Service Agents nobbled amounted to nearly two dozen along with members of the military following the 2012 prostitution scandal.    At the time the Columbia situation was constantly denied by the White House, but new developments drawn from government documents reveal that senior aides in the Whitehouse were kept in the loop about what was going on.

CIA CHIEF IN RESIGNATION — CHIEF OF CIA DAVID PETRAEUS resigned after having been discovered in having an affair outside his marriage, which brings his career to an abrupt end.

CIA AGENT FOUND GUILTY GETS 7 YEARS — Found guilty in Absentia, CIA Station Chief, Jeff Castelli, now free will no longer be able to return to Italy, as a court in Milan has found him guilty in a case of kidnapping a Cleric from Egypt in 2003.  Should he ever be caught in the region he will go to prison immediately and serve the seven years. This decision was handed down by an Appeals Court.  (28 other Americans have been convicted in their Absentia in Italy over rendition charges).

CIA IDENTIFIED IN RENDITION — 54 Countries were tainted in covert operations of ‘kidnapping and transporting nabbed prisoners to secret prisons and locations around the world say the Open Society Foundation in New York. Over a quarter of the world’s countries provided assistance to the CIA in an extraordinary rendition programme.  Exposed by a report ‘Global Torture’ the activities of the CIA are made public, it says the USA violated domestic and International laws.

NEW CIA CHIEF KEPT QUIET ABOUT ABUSES — John Brennan who is now Obama’s choice to head the CIA admitted knowing what the CIA got up to with abuses like ‘water boarding’ but felt it was nothing he should do anything about, so he didn’t stop it.  He says he knew about the harsh interrogation techniques when he was just a member of the agency…..he claimed he was absolved of following his conscience because he was not in the chain of command at the time!

CIA History — Secret Service Assassinations of third world leaders,  The CIA asked Britain’s MI5 to help in the assassinations of third world leaders (1955-1975), but Senior Intelligence Officer Peter Wright turned down the request suggesting the CIA go to the French, ‘it’s more their type of thing’ he told them. (Spycatcher’ the book)

WHISTLEBLOWER REVEALS USA SPYING AND GOVERNMENT PARANOIA — Just as they thought they had everything figured and Bradley Manning locked away…….along comes Edward Snowden an Operative with the CIA…..who like Bradley, realised what harm the NSA and CIA were doing to democracy.  They are currently calling Snowden a ‘fugitive’ and have him at the top of the FBI wanted list, in fact they are virtually threatening countries who will not hand him over.  The UK were told to tell airlines that they would be fined if he boarded any of their airlines.  The ‘Sheriff of the World’ are actually acting very weird and getting into a state of Paranoia as they hunt for this CIA man who left the country on a holiday which turned out to be their nightmare. He said’ The NSA were invading people’s liberties around the world spying on the Internet, intent on making every conversation and every form of behaviour in the world known to them, which poses a threat to democracy’   He also revealed that Britain’s Spy station GCHQ were assisting the CIA and NSA and running spy programmes on the UK citizens via phone and Internet.  (June 2013)

SNOWDEN REVEALS USA SECRET ‘DISHFIRE’ PROJECT — Another spying on e-mails programme that is collecting data on millions of people, and storing it.  The UK is right in there acting as co-partners…whilst pretending that they weren’t in the driving seat.  The secrets game goes on, and America are deep in it.

SNOWDEN REVEALS NSA PLAN TO  ‘BLAME DIRTY TRICKS ON OTHER COUNTRIES’ — Holed up in Russia, former CIA man has revealed another episode of ‘America’s dirty tricks’ to the public.  This sneaky one involves letting other countries take the blame…in that the NSA has a secret cyberwarfare program that can automatically fire back at cyber-attacks from foreign countries without any human involvement.  He says that this program could start a war (possibly accidentally) because the cyber attack can be launched to look as if it came from a completely innocent country, and they’d find it almost impossible to track or discover the real source.

In connection to the above article — USA SPY GETS CAUGHT IN RUSSIA — In January CIA Operative Ryan Fogle was arrested by the Russian Secret Service when he was supposedly ‘recruiting’….much of the reporting centred on the ‘amateur theatrics’ Fogle aspired to. Because of his Diplomatic Immunity the Russians handed him back over to US officials as he had been expelled from Russia.

CIA FORMER CHIEF WANTS PARDON GRANTED OVER KIDNAPPING CONVICTION — Robert Seldon Lady a former CIA man was sentenced to nine years jail in Italy, and cannot go anywhere near there because he will be arrested and taken to prison.  An Italian court found him guilty in a 2003 kidnapping, and he fled before the verdict back to the USA.  Italy has issued an International warrant for his capture and arrest.  He has requested a pardon from the country’s President saying he did nothing wrong at the time because his actions were in accordance with US and International Law in force between the two countries.

CIA AND THE RENDITION TORTURES — The sordid news took a long time to surface, and the CIA and US Govt were totally against that.  The authorities pulled a blinding stroke on how to get away with torture bringing in a law that shielded them from public inquiries…..RENDITION was brought in after 9/11…. using this event and tragedy to covertly indulge in actions of the most sinister kind.  The CIA and other Agencies claiming to be doing it in the interests of National Security kidnapped targets, imprisoned them (without any due process of law) and assaulted them ‘torture style — even sexually’ without fear of prosecution.  They were immune, and agents of these acts such as Police, Warders and Prison Governors could lie, cheat, and commit crimes against the person in secret…. and even kill them without being brought to book…. because of this law and a Government that could not be challenged.  These so-called ordinary men with families would hurt, torture and defile a suspected person in a ‘matter-of-fact’ way to get information and go to any lengths to get a confession or statement…. they were not concerned about what the public thought….. because they were not being told.

CIA INTERFERES IN TERROR INVESTIGATION — The Senate Intelligence Committee accused the CIA of interference when they were investigating ‘interrogation methods and detentions’ of terrorism suspects during the Bush Administration.  Ms Feinstein on the Committee, in an irate speech, accused the spy department of ‘silently removing reams of documents pertaining to the probe from computers that it had previously provided to her committee’s research staff to help them get the bottom of whether torture laws were broken during the interrogation of suspects.  She additionally made it known she was not happy with the CIA’s tactics of allowing one of its senior lawyers to refer to the Justice Department…. a criminal complaint against her research team alleging that they had illegally copied a confidential internal CIA review of what happened during the Bush years.  She viewed this move as an attempt to ‘intimidate’ her staff, and considered it an abuse of power.

CIA MISLEAD GOVERNMENT ABOUT INTERROGATION BRUTALITY — The Infamous CIA cannot speak the truth or even adhere to it, and were censored by the Senate Committee over it misleading the government in relation to aspects of interrogation and the use of brutality over a number of years, kept secret and often denied or played down.  It was found that the Agency concealed  the severity and politically sensitive methods of forcing prison detainees into surrender.  The Report still classified  referred to anonymity and disturbing incidents at the Agency’s secret prison in Thailand…causing some employees to leave.

CIA GET POLAND INTO TROUBLE — Judges in Strasburg ruled that Poland was wrong to allow the USA’s CIA to torture two men detained as suspect terrorists on its soil.  The European Court of Human Rights ordered the country to pay the two men a total of £180,000 in damages.  The men were held and detained 2002 to 2003.

CIA SHAMES AMERICA – BUT THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS! — Most Americans are not even bothered, their humanity and values slipped away years ago in return for greed and corruption.  The torture that has now been revealed is only out in the open because the people who did it have been granted immunity from prosecution.  So as you might just realise, owning up to these atrocities detailed in the report doesn’t really matter, a USA government will look after their own first, even if these things amount to a crime against humanity, democracy comes a poor second to those in power, and the Law is theirs to interpret and act upon as they see it with the advice of their twisted lawyers who play out the game….. and being paid with public cash…..immunity is not given to ordinary folk, it is reserved for the elite and corrupt!

The UN say these CIA torturers should face a day in court?  and say this organisation was backed at a very high administration level pointing to the Bush Administration…..but this plea is just rhetoric, these animals already have immunity.  Those who carried out the torture are probably ‘family men’ living a lie and being seen as good Joe’s in bible-bashing states…… so were the Klu Klux Klan.  Former Head of CIA Operations Jose Rodriguez said this report was like throwing him and his team under a bus…..but he hasn’t had it that lucky yet!

AMERICA SPIES ON EUROPE —  Whistleblower Edward Snowden ‘ dropped’ the USA into it again, as Germany lashed out at the US after finding out that they were labelled as ‘an unreliable ally’  The outrage has sparked an investigation into American covert surveillance (as revealed by Snowden).  France also voiced its indignation with the USA as it was told that it too was subjected to around two million such connections by the Spy program.

NSA AND GOVERNMENT SPY ON YAHOO AND GOOGLE ACCOUNTS — Spies are everywhere said one American citizen, even in your own country, and its your own elected government that is lying to its voters.  Yes, the USA are tapping into Internet accounts just about everywhere in the World (with the Search Engines help) assisted in many cases by the UK spy network GCHQ.  The NSA have as the report says secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google according to revealed communicates and documents supplied by Whistleblower Edward Snowden.  The NSA are able to collect at will – any and all information from hundreds of millions of user accounts.  When questions were put to the NSA and White House Officials, they declined to answer or comment?

NSA IN TELEPHONE SPY ACT NOT AUTHORISED —  In a Federal Appeals Court an appeal by the NSA was dismissed and their acts declared as ‘unauthorised’ by Congress.  The NSA tried to justify their plan to spy on millions of Americans collecting secretly recorded calls by citizens by bringing a lawsuit challenge to the constitution.  The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan said the surveillance violated people’s privacy.

AMERICAN GENERAL JOINS THE WHISTLEBLOWERS — The season is truly underway as we now have an American General — Marine General James ‘Hoss’ Cartwright under investigation for leaking secret information about the Stuxnet Computer Virus, which temporarily disabled 1,000 centrifuges used by Iran to enrich uranium. A  US planned covert and ‘classified’ cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

US GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF INVOLVEMENT IN ASSASSINATION PLOT — Venezuela has accused the USA government of plotting the murder of a politician in the forthcoming presidential election.  The CIA and Pentagon were accused by the acting leader Nicholas Maduro with conspiracy to assassinate an opposition leader, Henrique Capriles.

USA PENTAGON GUILTY OF BILLION DOLLAR FRAUD — But no action taken……A Reuters Investigation revealed that the US Pentagon discovered massive accounting fraud within the Pentagon itself.  They discovered unauditable legers and corrupted data etc, in the accounts leading to the disappearance of Eight Trillion Dollars of taxpayers money.  The US Government as usual, denied that it meant stealing or lies being involved, and only just agreed to the possibility of ‘some sort of profiteering’   It is being categorised down  to ‘ a miscalculation of resources’   which means, the money has gone, no one is to blame, and you can’t do anything about it!

POLITICAL CORRUPTION — Lewis Libby, Chief of Staff to Dick Cheney, convicted of perjury in the ‘Plame Affair’ who got 30 months in prison and was fined $250,000 dollars.  Alphonso Jackson Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, resigned amid being investigated.  Karl Rove, Senior Advisor to G.W.Bush was investigated for improper influence.  State Senator Joseph B Montoya was convicted of corruption.  Senator Ted Stevens for Bribery and Tax Evasion.

REPUBLICAN POLITICIAN JAILED FOR THEFT – Florida’s Former Chairman of the Republic Party, Jim Greer was sent to jail for 18 months after pleading guilty to 4 counts of theft and one of money-laundering.  It was said that he took $125,000 of party funds, and that by pleading guilty he had averted a trial that had threatened to expose the underbelly of Florida’s dominant party.  He was once one of the most powerful political figures in Florida.

PUBLIC KEPT FROM THE TRUTH — THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION — Washington Post’s Bob Woodward tells of how in 2007, Chief of Staff, Andrew Card with indirect support from other high officials in the government, made attempts to get rid of the then Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfield who knew about the secrets, and the plan to hide the truth from the US voters and citizens.  More on this can be read in his book ‘State of Denial’ Bush at War Part 3.

THE STENCH OF AMERICAN JUDICIAL CORRUPTION — One would not suppose the USA could sink lower, but it can and does.  They have now got a man who intended to honour his innocence to refute it by pleading guilty — in order to get out of jail earlier — that man, the victim, is UK Citizen Christopher Tappin extradited by the bent UK Law System on charges of helping the Iranians, and involving the supposed attempt to supply missile batteries….he has now been urged to plead guilty as they tormented him with the prospect of serving up to 35 years. To get what they want he only serves around two years and they might if they feel good, let him serve it in the UK.

THE WRIT AGAINST MAYOR TOM BRADLEY — Los Angeles. Around the Time of the Rodney King incident, Mayor Tom Bradley was up to his neck trying to squirm out of misconduct allegations. The City Attorney filed a lawsuit against him — a six count lawsuit of ‘intentionally or negligently’ failing to report at least $222,000 in financial holdings as required by the State Political Reform Act.  The Mayor agreed to pay a $20,000 fine for failing to disclose his investments…other accusations that he misused city resources prompted him to return $55,000 to ‘questionable fundraisers’  Even the FBI were looking into his dealings; especially Insider Dealings’ amid talk of his dishonesty, lying, and breaches of integrity. Mayor Bradley was never pushed out of office, he had friends!

THE JACK ABRAMOFF SCANDAL — Jack Ambramoff was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy, he was the key figure in a corruption investigation in The White House –Officials J.Steven Griles and David Satavian, Bob Ney and nine others were arrested. Abramoff was given 6 years prison, but was released after doing three and a half years in a federal jail.

THE FREZNO COUNTY CORRUPTION SCANDAL — California FBI Agent Jim Wedick hoped he could close the case on one of the biggest corruption cases of his career — when they arrested four crooked state senators and ten other public officials.

FOR MORE ON U.S. CORRUPTION go to —  which relates 25 years of data state by state, and convictions from the US Department of Justice.  Another one to visit is  tells of transparency and disclosure and the attempts to circumvent them. (Political Corruption in The United States) and finally for this paragraph —  The Los Angeles Times list on US Political Corruption.

CORRUPTION IN THE USA continues with the related case of The Stanford Fraud Case involving a $7billion fraud involving cricket. The American tycoon Allen Stanford wants his trial delayed for a long time. His lawyers say that he is ill — he has been held since 2009 and it is now 2011, two years and no end in sight. He faces 21 counts of fraud. The big-time swindler ran a ‘ Ponzi type ‘ scam carried out through his bank in Antigua. This pillar of society, yes, a familiar word used before they are discovered, even had a knightood. Wikileaks released info suspecting this man was involved in a huge fraud, but of course, the Americans didn’t take any notice at the time – when it said ‘ The controversial billionaire companies are rumoured to engage in bribery, money laundering and political manipulations’ — and now this important man is at the centre of a huge financial fraud.

THE MEDICARE $295 MILLION DOLLAR FRAUD — 91 people have been arrested and charged across eight cities in the USA for ‘ false-billing’ according to news reports. Doctors, nurses and medical professionals have been involved in medicare fraud schemes stealing precious taxpayers resources it said.

THE BCCI FRAUD SCANDAL — America’s great banking scandal, regarded as the financial scandal of the century at the time.  The fraud was exposed in 1991 with the amazing abrupt closure of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.  The World suddenly received a wake-up call that banking was not what they thought, yet others had been trying to get this across.  Questions arose about the CIA and why they had not passed on their knowledge of this BCCI corruption to Government sources?  The links to terrorism at the BCCI went ignored, and even the Bank of England did not act on the strong evidence of fraud, and the inherent deceit that moved into place to cover up this story. Corruption in the BCCI was said to have begun in the 1980’s when operations within the banking system at BCCI offered Muslim Groups banking deals which resulted in a good time for terror gangs, money-laundering and under-the-table arms deals involving International Security Services, drugs, and dictators. When the BCCI collapsed it left a huge amount of small shareholders adrift….their money had been used in many corrupt schemes involving billions of dollars used in charming oil rich Arabs and making loans to Middle East concerns that had other agendas. Politicians fell headlong into the glitz and did not question the lavish spending on big business entertainment and charity events, all of which hid the real truth of BCCI’s financial scandal.

BUSINESSMAN RAJ RAJARATNAM IS JAILED –U.S. Hedge fund boss of the Galleon Group was jailed for insider trading and received a sentence of 11 years in prison.  It was said by the Judge that ‘ crimes and the scope of crimes reflect a virus in our business culture that needs to be eradicated ‘  Raj was found guilty on 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy charges.  It was said that 24 co-conspirators had already been sent to jail. He was fined £6.4 million and ordered to hand over £34million in illegal gains.

TEXAN BILLIONAIRE GETS 110 YEARS— accusing the Government of involvement and ruining his business in order to substantiate the charges. Allen Stanford who had a global financial empire was accused of swindling investors of around 12 billion dollars.  Houston Prosecutors were looking for a 230 year jail sentence!!

THE PRIME MORTGAGE SCANDAL has been firmly associated with the U.S. Government and the way they concealed their involvement in allowing loans with the banks to people who could not afford them, thus creating the grounds for the financial crisis that dogs the world today.  It has been revealed that they deliberately took no notice of advisors well before the matter became unmanageable. The loans far outreached what was normally expected and homebuyers without security were allowed to get into huge debt.

AMERICAN GANG BEHIND £30 MILLION GLOBAL CYBER ROBBERY: Yes, the Americans certainly have the Internet figured out….they have a monopoly over its software, search engines and much more… it comes as no surprise to find that an American gang made an online heist of grabbing money from cash points in many countries all over the globe.  The well trained hackers only took ten hours to make 36,000 unlimited cash withdrawals using swipe cards with hijacked data.

US — STANFORD EXECUTIVE IN $8.6 BILLION FRAUD SWINDLE — Texan R.Allen Stanford was sentenced to 5 years in jail for swindling investors in one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes in the history of the USA.  He pleaded guilty after doing a deal with State Prosecutors who’d originally asked for a 30 year prison sentence.

FAKE WINE MAKER OF ‘VINTAGE ORIGIN’ IS JAILED —- Collector and seller of vintage wine Rudy Kurniawan was jailed for ten years by the court for trading in and making false vintage wine in his Californian kitchen.  He sold the stuff for tens of millions of dollars said the prosecution.  The cheap ‘witch’s brew’ was deemed not safe or confirmed safe by the foods and drink watchdog…and the public must be protected said the judge.

US FINANCIAL GROUP IN CRIMINAL INQUIRY —  Former staff at the firm of Combined Insurance, a subsidiary of US Financial Group ACE are under a criminal investigation concerning the Australian Securities and Investment Commission over allegations that they used fake mobile phones to steal clients’ identities and maximise their commission payments.  It says that up to 60 percent of Combined Insurance 70,000 Australian policyholders could be affected by the scam.

THE LYNCH MOB techniques in the law to silence Wikileaks reminds one of the USA Racism and Prejudice that hammers down anything that might challenge its supremacy or reveal the real face and agenda of those in power. History has shown us that black people stood trial for crimes they did not commit amid bent judges, power mad lawyers and cops who made sure the evidence disappeared. Some of these innocents were executed while those who were instrumental in putting them there and covering up retired unconcerned about what they really were. Some left prison without a penny of compensation with the authorities thinking they never owed it and why? because the USA isn’t the great freedom giant it pretends to be. — it lives the lie!

CORRUPT U.S. GOVERNMENT bring bogus charges and jail whistleblower who reveals their criminal acts; they are holding Bradley Manning who supplied Wikileaks with confidential documents that showed government cover-ups, lies and deceit at the very top of the political system.  He wanted to show the world how corrupt the Americans are and what they will do to silence opposition, and being jailed has proved this beyond a doubt. The U.S. Government say it has to do with Security hoping to justify the arrest, but it merely shows you how far they will go to remove opposition to their schemes and criminal acts they wish to keep a secret.

U.S.PRESIDENT OBAMA NAMED IN COVER-UP — as he dismisses Inspector General Gerald Walpin who was investigating prominent Obama Supporter, Kevin Johnson. The tax and finance chief Walpin said this was an attempt to suppress wrong-doing by Johnson who was misusing taxpayers cash for political activities.

THE DEAL WITH CHINA THAT COMPROMISES AMERICA — Wikileaks revealed the thing that probably annoyed the USA the most, and that was the Chinese bailing out America’s Internal Debt Crisis. Before this happened leaked cables showed America increasingly alarmed by China’s increasing military power. In 2007 the little known incident of the Chinese shooting down one of their own satellites displeased the US. This led to a communicate saying America would defend its space hardware and interests. Then as if in retaliation and to show similar power, the USA shot down one of their US satellites in 2008, but claimed they were getting rid of a used and obsolete model. It was also revealed that after the Chinese bailout Hilary Clinton said in a cable, ‘How do you deal toughly with your banker’ America’s largest foreign creditor. It was also at the same time America appeased China by banning protestors on the Olympic torch journey…contrary to what it preached about freedom of expression. This was obviously to please Beijing, which it did for a while!   

AMERICA’S WAR GAMES CHINA-STYLE AND HALF A BILLION DOLLAR LOAN — Mixing it in Asia has been a side show that the US have been playing since the start of the Second World War.  They even ‘courted’ China’s leader Chou En-Lai (who along with Chairman Mao symbolized a regime of oppression and corruption). President Roosevelt showed a keenness to open negotiations with Yenan at the same time the half billion dollar deal was being given to Chungking (who was getting ammunition from Germany). Even the Nazis supplied China with sixty percent of its ammunition in 1939 when the USA’s ally Britain was at war with Germany!  Yet, there they were, the Americans backing Chungking forces with American Forces…Kuomintang were astonished to find the Americans supporting both sides and wanting Kuomintang and Chungking to be a partnership as war raged around the country. America was also mixing it with Japan before Pearl Harbour ruined the economic plans in Asia. When this happened they threw all their weight into supporting China to overthrow their aggressive neighbour…and out came another ‘lend-lease’ agreement.

WHICH STATE TOPS THE LEAGUE IN CORRUPTION? — A report says that goes to North Dakota, where Government corruption apparently oozes. Federal Agents arrested Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich after a ‘wiretap’ recorded him committing a crime. He actually ran for office in an election on ‘a clean-up’ ticket after his predecessor, Republican George Ryan was convicted in 2006 of racketeering, bribery and extortion.  Alaska booted out Republican Senator Ted Stevens who was found guilty of not declaring or reporting gifts from wealthy friends.  Louisiana Democratic Republican William Jefferson was indicted in 2007 on racketeering and bribery after investigators found $90,000 in marked currency in his freezer!

ONE MUST NOT FORGET WATERGATE when looking at the USA, it revealed corruption right at the top of government — the President, Nixon, who said he could not be touched — he was the law! and he never did a day in jail for what he did.  People around him, and that was officials like FBI and CIA subverted investigations and tried to cover up evidence in order for lies to be told to the people of America. Investigations never revealed how many people carried out covert activities to cover up the real amount of corruption, they were mysteriously discontinued. Many high ranking officials and police officers walked away from being exposed as it was best for ‘damage limitation’ and besides, some were near to pension so it wasn’t in the public interest to pursue them?

THE DANIEL ELLSBERG ‘Pentagon Papers’ which led to ‘WATERGATE’  — National Security as we now know all too well these days includes the covering up of lies, sacrificing the innocent in order to sustain those lies, and making it impossible for the truth to be exposed by virtue of laws designed to suppress and defeat challenge. This is what Daniel Ellsberg faced when he realised documents had been altered, changed, and re-presented in order to fool the Nation. He was a key worker in that 7,000 page ‘Top secret’ analysis and felt he had to expose the truth even if it meant that he could be charged with treason.  Ellsberg was incredibly lucky really, in that the Pentagon reacted like a bull out of a gate. Due to Nixon Aides, officials resorted to burglary and break-ins and were caught. The FBI aided these moves at times and became ‘jobsworths’ as they too got caught up in the object of silencing Ellsberg…but no FBI men were ever arrested or charged…neither were some policemen and Pentagon staff who stood on the sidelines knowing that senior staff were carrying out something wrong, they would have happily seen Ellsberg jailed for life…and continued their lives without a care…yet many got away with their part in the scandal, only a handful were ever charged and did jail time….such is democracy and truth!

THE RODNEY KING RIOTS —Los Angeles was burning for six days, all because justice failed the impoverished and poor besides the American Blacks. The four cops who beat up Rodney King were acquitted? despite camera footage…and that sparked the riots of the 90’s….it highlighted the corruption within the legal system and the police force, who later said the legal system did not find the cops guilty??

THE MIAMI RIOTS OF 1989 — was another Police Brutality Issue that raised questions on police tactics etc.

THE KLU KLUX KLAN were an extreme organisation led and controlled by bigoted US white males who despised the coloured race – blacks — and sympathisers with acts of murder, destruction and torture. Some were unmasked as police officers, town officials and businessmen all hiding behind masks to carry out despicable deeds that shamed America.  They burnt, terrorised and committed a sort of genocide acting much like the Hitler SS. Like their cowboy past, they lynched and executed blacks. Many of them got away without prosecution because the American Judiciary were not willing to expose who among them had assisted the massacres.

THE SHOOTING OF CIVIL RIGHTS CAMPAIGNERS — The US Government ordered police and troops to shoot civil rights marchers, which led to one of the bloodiest atrocities in the History of America, something they would prefer to forget!

USA OPPOSE BAN ON LAND MINES BECAUSE OF FINANCIAL INTEREST and they supplied these weapons that don’t just kill the enemy.  During the condemnation of land mines in Angola and other regions, in which several countries united to ban this weapon, the U.S.A. opposed the ban — largely because they were making money in deals to supply mines. The atrocities caused by these mines to civilians angered and shocked Europe, the UK who called for them to be outlawed, but the only outlaws that could be seen afterwards were the Americans!!

MANY US JUDGES ARE CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION, but too many for us to list here, (we have featured a few) — in fact, we’d probably use up all the available web size to accommodate the hundreds and thousands we’d have to list — which would include the lawyers too. It would probably make interesting and sad reading so we shall leave Wikipedia to guide you to those cases scattered all over the Internet. Many such cases involve bribes and sex scandals, but our own judges we feature have similar incidents, so we shall leave it to you to scour the internet and enjoy yourself.

JUDGE UNDER CORRUPTION ALLEGATIONS — JUDGE LAYNE WALKER is facing allegations that he may have misused funds….. reports say that he is lashing out at his accusers and those he sees against him.  The County Judge of Jefferson is being investigated by the Texas State Commission and The FBI.

THE STRANGE U.S. LAW AND JUDGE JUDY SHEINDLIN — The exported show purports to be about a small claims procedure — amounts being $5000 yet, much of the material is about crimes, criminal acts such as assault and theft etc, one recently (2007)covered a young guy having set fire to a letting where he was building a marijuana farm, and had most of the stuff in place.  Yet, he was not in jail for conspiracy to supply a drug by the act of providing the means to support the growing of and the quantity beyond any personal use?  One hears about how countries should be getting tough on drugs, suppliers etc, especially the U.S. and Columbia, and this individual was just being sued for damages? others in countries like Singapore and Malaysia are serving up to 20 years for less than what this young man did… the U.S. really a Sheriff or just trying to make it look that way?

USA PROSECUTION LAWYER CAUGHT WITH DRUGS — A Prosecutor for New Orleans, Attorney Jason Cantrell was caught in possession of marijuana when a joint fell out of his pocket (an  unfortunate incident) in front of a cop at the Parish Magistrates court.  He was charged by the Police and suspended from his position.

U.S. SCAM LAWYERS CONVICTED OF FRAUD — In Frankfurt, Louisville, a Federal District Court convicted Lawyers William Gallion and Shirley Cunningham Jr, of scamming 440 Kentuckian plaintiffs on nine counts including wire fraud and conspiracy.  The seven week trial resulted in the men facing up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.  In Aiken County, Lawyer Anthony Clark Odom, once the former Aiken County Assistant Solicitor General, was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct against a minor.  The victim was an undercover agent.  She said ‘he believed he was chatting up and soliciting sex from a 13year old girl’

JUDGE IN ASSAULT ATTEMPT AT LAWYER — A Florida county Judge John Murphy took a hit at the assistant public defence lawyer, because he was annoying him.  Court video caught the scene on camera as the judge threw a punch at lawyer Andrew Weinstock as they were attempting to settle a disputed trial date.   The Judge challenged him to go outside and settle it in ‘the old way’    The Judiciary asked him to step down and attend anger management counselling.

CRAZY LAWYER SHOT BY COPS IN FLORIDA — A graduate Lawyer, Myron May, was shot by the police at the Florida State University Library after he shot three people, none of whom died from their wounds.  Myron May was killed.

MANY US LAWYERS are there on the Web having committed fraud and bribery etc, too, so go to the Internet and follow the advice above if you wish to see them and have the time to read most or all of them. Just type in Bent Lawyers, thieving Lawyers, corrupt lawyers etc, and you should find a list of results…also use the word solicitor or attorney, barristers to widen your search.

P.S. There are hundreds of cops having been indicted and committing crimes also on many, many pages.

‘CORRUPTION BY THE USA OVER INTERNET POLICIES AND MEDIA POWER BACKED BY CORPORATIONS AND GOVERNMENT — Robert McChesney let fly at the U.S. Government in his recent book looking into ‘ The corrupt and Secretive Enactment of Public Policies Surrounding the Internet ‘ – Class Privilege over Democracy tells us that the United States connived within the powers of government to create myths so that the people would not look too closely into the U.S.Media System.  They deliberately gave the impression to the public of ‘ this new technology will set you free ‘ when in fact, it was meant to cut off and suppress all possibilities of informed public debate.

THE USA INTERNET GIANTS CONTRADICT US BELIEFS OF FREEDOM — Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Cisco were called into answer questions at a special Congressional sub-committee for aiding and abetting Chinese repressive policies on repression. One Chinese dissident and critic has already been jailed because of info given by one of these search engines. The committee reacted to the displeasure of Internet users who said there was double standards operating in secrecy. Capital Hill rapped the four and said they were co-operating too closely with Hu’s crackdown on China’s critics. The American slogan ‘The Brave and Free’ is not that true.

Big business, corporations, professionals and legal bodies, began to see how they could bend the meanings of ‘ The First Amendment ‘ to their advantage and undermine the balance of Citizenry power so that a fraction of the citizenry could benefit greatly, and give them undue political power.  By the same token these same people were eager to keep ‘ The Telecommunications Act of 1996 ‘ as it was so that they could benefit more as the Internet opened up more to commerce. There were no public discussions on how best the Internet could serve the people — these corporations were ‘ self-regulating ‘ without accountability, keeping for the most part very secretive while getting the nods and winks from politicians on their payroll.  Many governments outside the U.S, including the U.K. seek overall control of the Internet so that they can manipulate and suppress public criticism, investigation and free speech, because WHAT THEY REALLY FEAR IS  ‘ BEING FOUND OUT ‘

ANTI-VIRUS INTERNET BOSS JOHN McAFEE was evicted from his Oregan apartment and accused of stalking.  It is said that McAfee had fled from Belize where police wanted to interview him about a fatal shooting of a US expatriate who lived near his property…he arrived in Pacific Northwest last winter (2012).

THE PERSONAL SERVICES VICE SCANDAL USA MANHATTAN STYLE — Spanking, fetishes and sex in the USA, at last revealed as the USA have their own ‘Cynthia Payne’ — In court is a British Madam who has the goods on the super rich and officials in Government.  Anna Gristina has her black book with many names — powerful people in politics, law enforcement, lawyers and the ultra wealthy in American Society.  She was denied bail by the judge because of the possibility that others in the police or government might help her escape in order to prevent themselves being exposed and embarrassed. The ‘Madam’ is charged with promoting prostitution. She fled to Canada after a tip-off before finally being arrested. This comes after the Prostitution Scandal involving New York Governor Eliot Spitzer whose career ended abruptly. She was stated as having a brothel on East 78th Street.

INTERNATIONAL CHILD PORN SQUAD NET 222 USA CITIZENS — The Child pornography Investigation Unit along with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency arrested 222 Americans and 23 others from six other countries.  Agency Director John Morton said that although they’d arrested 23 other people from six other countries outside the US the majority of suspects and offenders were Americans.  ‘Operation Sunflower’ was ongoing for five weeks from Nov 1st to December the 7th 2012 identifying people who own, trade or produce child pornography.

AMERICAN AIR FORCE SEX SCANDAL — Air Force Training Instructor Tech Sgt Bobby Bass was jailed for six months and reduced in rank, plus a fine of $3,000.  The Military sex scandal revealed that Bass had forced recruits to stand naked as he looked on; he was found guilty of 31 charges including wrongful sex, assault, cruelty, assault and maltreatment, and dereliction of duty.  He was charged initially with male rape, but got off?

US MERCENARIES SCANDAL — Four guards who worked for Blackwater a controversial US Security Firm have been found guilty of 30 Iraq deaths.  They opened fire into a crowd of unarmed civilians in Baghdad.  Three of the men were found guilty of manslaughter, and one of first degree murder.  Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard were found guilty of killing at least 12 people….and the attempted murder of 11 others.

THE MILITARY VICE SCANDAL — It has been reported that five American Soldiers are involved in a vice scandal in which Eleven Secret Service Guards were booted out of Columbia.  The soldiers have been confined to barracks after the scandal involving prostitutes became public. It has been revealed that both the soldiers and Secret Service Guards took prostitutes to their rooms, and that the five soldiers violated curfew….and this was all before Obama’s visit…..and they were there to check out security.


‘ U.S. Government and FBI in huge unreported Financial Scandal ‘

We have made great attempts to verify this story. Our source relied on a confidential letter handed to us by a Prison Warden on the Isle of Wight, a Mr Thomas Curran, who incidentally failed to turn up at a secret meeting in Portsmouth. He had previously told us he had a huge file and proof to back up his story, and that he had contacts in the U.S.  He had hoped initially that this should go to Wikileaks, but his non-appearance or receipt of the file meant that we could not forward it to our friends.  However, other lines of investigation did connect with the document and we shall now begin.  Mr. Curran said his suspicions did begin in 2008 whilst watching a BBC programme about tower 7, the third tower to come down on 9/11. He said he was shocked to later learn that tower 7 contained ‘one dreadful secret’ — files and documents of an FBI investigation of banks/financial houses that had been placed in the tower had all been destroyed, conveniently so, he said.  Mr.Curran pointed out that his relative Hugh Curran who was killed in the early hours of 14th December in Ossining, New York had money in a trust fund that was held by the Chase Manhattan Bank (one of the banks under investigation). He states he received along with others, a set of accounts regarding the financial fund – which did not ring true. Legal Representatives at the Law Firm kept saying ‘ We represent a respectable bank ‘ but  Mr Curran had no intention of signing for the release of the fund. In early December 2001 the eldest of the ‘ remaindermen ‘ pleaded for him to sign promising that as soon as they got the money they would take the bank to the cleaners. The truth began to take several years to emerge and the programme in 2008 changed it all.  When did the FBI begin the investigation? what information made the FBI investigate the bank?  Did the FBI cover-up what was going on?  Who stopped the investigation?  What happened to the investigation files, discs, computer hard drives and paperwork?  When was all the results of this investigation placed in a dept in tower 7?          He goes on to say the convenient atomising of this evidence was the work of Dick Chaney taking orders from George W. Bush, whom he believes was looking after his own interests and those of his friends on Wall St.  He says The White House Administration saw their chance to benefit from this when that fateful day 9/11 happened and the attack took out two towers, whereas a careful explosion designed to make the building fall in itself befell the tower 7 and the financial horror would be kept secret – which was very convenient for the banks who’d been under investigation?

Mr.Curran’s claims of a crooked Law Firm in White Plains led us to McCarty Fingar Donovan and Drazen, cash paid to a judge and the Estate of Margaret McKeown and the Hudson Valley Bank who made payments of thousands of dollars to Judge Scarpino in loans?  The law firm appeared before a court in a case concerning relief against McCarty Fingar who implied they had a special relationship with a judge.  She, Justice Sandra Miller denied this, but was later found to be employed by the law firm?      Proceedings involving Carvel Ice Cream Estates led to an amazing clash as Surrogate Judge Scarpino refused to disqualify himserlf in rulings regarding Frank Streng and McCarty Fingar, even after he’d finally re-accused himself in the McKeown estate for similar reasons.  In a paper report Surrogate Scarpino denied an application to disqualify himself despite the production of undisputed documents showing his rather fortunate connection with the Hudson Valley Bank, another of the banks under investigation and benefiting from the Tower 7 demise.

There is more on this and it can be accessed by going to McCarty Fingar Donovan, Drazen, in the search box on the Internet which goes much further than we have in establishing dirty dealings in the judiciary, legal profession, and Government. We only scratched the surface so it may need more excavation deep style!!

AMERICAN TROOPS POSE WITH AFGHAN BODIES — Outrage erupted on the discovery of American troops grinning as they hold up the severed legs of a suicide bomber. The troops form the 82nd Airborne Division smile happily for the camera. This follows the paratroopers in the same platoon posing with three bodies of insurgents who had fallen foul of their own bomb device. Two soldiers hold up the hand of a corpse and so it went on.

THE EMBARRASSING STAND BY RUTLEDGE AND THE TREATY WITH BRITAIN — George Washington’s nominee for Chief Justice — John Rutledge, was rejected because he opposed ‘The Jay Treaty’ with Britain in 1794. This was a treaty of Commerce and Navigation to facilitate ten years of peaceful trade between America and Britain. It specified the withdrawal of British Army Units and wartime debts to be sent to arbitration. There was also the matter of Canadian boundaries which had been fiercely contested. The Americans were granted limited rights to trade with British possessions in India and the colonies in the Caribbean in exchange for some limits on American cotton exports. The treaty was ratified on February the 29th in 1796.

IN 1947 THE USA PLACED TIT-FOR-TAT EMBARGOS ON THE UK OVER FILM DISTRIBUTION — America’s film Industry actively thwarted J.Arthur Rank from getting its films into countries and signing deals. They feared competition, much like Microsoft now, practised unfair competition tactics in order to profit from a monopoly.

USA AND THE ‘FALKLANDS’ THREAT TO UK — A report reveals that the good old USA more or less were prepared to  throw aside the so-called ‘special relationship’ in favour of telling the Argentineans that British Troops were about to come ashore on South Georgia.  Files exposed the decision by the Americans to stay neutral, which meant they could stay friends with Argentina…..said by Al Haig US Secretary of State.

THE USA LIES AND ATROCITIES — We can only feature a mere look at this as there is so much, and much of it is very disturbing…..but it happened, it is documented, some hidden, but it is here for you to see:

For American Government lies is the website which details and lists what THE FBI and CIA got up to and still do.

For more facts of a truly staggering size visit  an archive of America’s lies, treachery, torture, deceit and murder etc. 

American Atrocities in Iraq is a very disturbing and detailed work of research with U.S. Soldiers named and in some case photographed.  Go to  – the Iraq War Atrocities by the USA.

In Korea the American soldiers regularly levelled cities, towns and villages causing great numbers of innocent civilians to die horrifically claiming it was all part of the war.

THE MY LAI MASSACRE 1968 — The worst case of American War Crimes — A company of American Soldiers murdered nearly 500 Vietnamese civilians  — note: The Court Martial Transcripts were ‘sickening’ to read — it showed the random execution of babies, men. women and children along with sexual assaults and other perverse brutalities.

Neighbouring CO LOY another village massacre had 100 citizens wiped out.

During 1965 – 1973 trials did take place concerning crimes against Vietnamese civilians — 241 cases of war crimes were dealt with and alleged against US troops.  36 court martial’s were set up — 201 US soldiers and 77 marines were convicted of serious crimes.

AMERICA’S DIRTY WARS and Practices — These are exposed on a webpage and level acts of Abuse, the framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal. the framing of Elmer Pratt — Prisoner abuse — The Bradley Manning abuses — The Lynne Stuart Case and oodles more that we cannot cover here — go to  for more on this.

THE AFGHAN MASSACRE 2012 —- One US Soldier, a Sergeant, kills 16 people and nine of them were children…. and three were mothers. Sixteen civilians shot at night in their beds. The rampage by a soldier stationed in Afghanistan who was there to protect them has set back relations to an all time low apart from outraging the ordinary people. There was talk of the soldier going on trial in Afghanistan where he would most likely go to the hangman.  However, it has now been revealed that the Americans have whisked him away back to the USA so as not to have a diplomatic incident over the real fact the death penalty would have been surely given in the light of this crime whether US or not….and getting that changed would have been unlikely.

U.S. AIRMAN CHARGED WITH ASSAULTING JAPANESE BOY — The incident is said to have happened on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, two weeks after a curfew was called on 52,000 U.S.Troops, which followed after the arrest of two U.S. Sailors accused of raping a woman.  The 24 year old Airman was said to have entered an apartment block and punched a 13 year old boy before trashing a TV set.  It says his escape went wrong and was taken to a Military Hospital.

U.S. SOLDIER ADMITS TO SLAUGHTER OF 16 CIVILIANS — A Veteran of four combat tours, Staff Army Sergeant  Robert Bales pleaded guilty to having murdered 16 Afghan citizens in cold blood.  In the Military Court it was discovered that the killings were premeditated, but in a move to avoid the death penalty a deal was made with the Prosecutor.  It was heard that he gunned down men, women and children who were completely unarmed.  The ‘decorated’ soldier is awaiting sentence from the Court Martial, and it is even said that the sentence will include the possibility of parole?

ARMY OFFICER KILLS 13 AT FORT —  A Officer – Medic Corps Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire killing 13 at the Fort Hood Centre in Texas in 2009 has had several delays which finally sees the defendant at a court martial where it is said that he has the authority to cross exam the survivors of his shooting spree….he is facing thirteen counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder.

MORE ON THE USA DOUBLE STANDARDS — The soldier has been named as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales who is now in Kansas — his lawyer has come forward with the ‘get out clause’ that of trauma and battle fatigue’ despite a US official claiming he was drunk when he went on the massacre?  However, that aside, we have uncovered a similar incident where the US removed the crew of a Military plane that crashed into a cable car in Italy killing twenty people — the crew were quickly flown back to the USA to avoid a trial and the authorities in Italy before they could do anything to hold the suspects. They later appeared in a US court and received very lenient sentences!!  — this happened in 1998.  Yet when the US demands to try others from countries like the UK etc, the extradition is granted  which clearly shows a two-faced totally different form of justice — one for its own, and another for everyone else.

U.S. IN SECRET TRIPS TO FLIRT WITH NORTH KOREA — Are the American Government running scared? or feeling rather afraid….. The Los Angeles Times reveals that two trips to North Korea have already been made as US Officials try to improve relations with the Koreans as Leader Kim Jong-un makes the Americans nervous over launch tests of nuclear long-range missiles, and openly tells the Press that the USA is a definite enemy.

THE TRAYON MARTIN SCANDAL — The US Government are reeling as unexpected reaction from an outraged public gathers momentum in Florida. At first they pondered and thought it would fade away, but not this time. Trayon Martin unarmed, was shot dead by a white man assuming status of local neighbourhood defender. He was not charged with the killing and claimed it was done in defence. Bill Lee, the Chief of Police in the Sanford Force has stepped down and calls for Commissioner Mark McCarty to resign abound as protestors mount rallies backed by the Florida Civil Rights Association. NAACP is taking statements from people who have accused Sanford Police of abuse and non-existent investigations. President Obama became involved and went on TV to give a personal statement assuring the people of Sanford that a thorough investigation would be carried out.

USA DEMAND PROBE ON UK BANKS SHOUTING LOUDLY TO CREATE DIVERSION — A British MP has spoken out against America saying the US is deliberately attempting to damage London’s banks in order to hide their own situation and capitalise on it.  John Mann MP said that Britain in turn should be allowed to investigate US Banks over the Libor situation, and reveal their motivations and dirty dealings. He said the UK are showing a weakness in letting the Americans do as they like because of the notion of great friendship so long as one friend is silent?

US GOVERNMENT TO BE SUED IN AIG LAWSUIT —  The US Government are to be sued by the American International Group, who were bailed out during the financial crisis.  It is seriously considering joining the $25 billion lawsuit filed by Starr International in 2011, a one time big shareholder in AIG.  The Companies accuse the US Government of too-onerous terms in the 2008/9 rescue package.

THE HIGH COST IN US POLITICIANS — It appears that around $3 million dollars of taxpayers cash was used in providing an exclusive club for the Presidents.  A new Congressional Research Service says they spent $3.7 million on the 4 living ex-presidents. In another Report covering ‘The misuse of Campaign funds’ the Conservative Republican Michele Bachman is being investigated for misuse of campaign funds, which is part of a Federal investigation.

IS THE USA CREATING A DIVERSION ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE IN ACCUSING RUSSIA OF SPYING? — America has supposedly broken up a spy network they claim work for Russia and the Kremlin…..they arrested eleven people and say the charges are of a criminal nature. They have informed the press that this group were into illegally acquiring US-made micro-electronic components for Russian military spy agencies?  This could well be a ploy by the FBI and CIA to get snoopers off their back, especially in an election year.  Both these Agencies have been known to ‘manufacture’ evidence and instigate a plot themselves.

THE PRISON CORRECTION SCHEME THAT WAS HIJACKED BY GREED — The United States Correction Corporation of Georgia is said to be the producer of manufactured goods made by prisoners who cannot be paid for their labour. This nice little earner racks in huge profits — the prison says that these inmates must not be paid because it might distract them from rehabilitation and education programmes.  Sadly, what is not made clear is that 200 teachers were sacked along with counsellors and librarians.  Prisoners who were being taught to read and write had their lessons etc immediately cancelled, and seventy percent of these were black and Hispanic inmates. It was also found out that serious corporate crime is by contrast allowed to go unimpeded despite it being rife……..yet another USA Scandal nicely tucked away.

EXECUTED TEXAS MAN WAS A JUDICIAL BUNGLE AND ERROR — News has emerged that a man executed in 1989 was not guilty of the crime — Carlos De Luna was hastily executed in 1989 after an ‘unconvincing’ trial and a ‘budget allowance’ lawyer.  A group of students led by Pofessor Liebman investigating the case by painstakingly going over all the evidence that led to his conviction and state murder, found that he could not have been guilty. The report is published under the title ‘Los Tocayos; Anatomy of a wrongful Execution ‘  Another man in prison who has died, Carlos Hernandez who looks identical to De Luna admitted the murder.  Liebman said ‘Flaws in the system wrongfully convicted and executed the wrong man, faulty eye witness testimony, shoddy representation by his lawyer and misconduct by the prosecution let this happen’    Of course as it is often said, something like this cannot be reversed or a life be given back, but compensation of around $125million dollars with an additional $23million paid to his family might teach the authorities a lesson…they can always take it out of public taxes!!

USA AUTHORITIES PAY $4.1 MILLION DOLLARS TO STUDENT LEFT IN CELL — A payout of over 4 million dollars was made to a student arrested for smoking cannabis who was left handcuffed in a windowless cell for five days without anyone attending or going to check on his welfare.  Daniel Chong was made the settlement by the US Government…..he had been taken into custody but told he would not be charged….but no-one came back to the cell….the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency settled the lawsuit on behalf of the American Government.

EXECUTED 14 YEAR OLD GETS NEW TRIAL? — A coloured boy of 14, executed in the USA seventy years ago is to have a retrial (despite the state already killing him).  George Stinney 14, was ‘convicted’ of killing two white girls it is said…..but Lawyers examining the case say that his conviction was ‘tainted’ by those wanting a guilty verdict in the Justice system and the scant evidence they provided.  He was the youngest person to be put in the ‘Electric Chair’,,,,,and even in 1944 there was an outcry over this.  To show how bad the trial was, it lasted less than a day….and because he failed to convince them where he was at the time of the killing he was found guilty….most likely because of racial bigots’….who at that time separated blacks.

Update: It was announced that 14yr old George Stinney has now received a pardon?  ‘Big Deal!’  I suppose America think they’ve atoned for what they did…….they murdered a boy…..and then give him a meaningless piece of paper issued by the the authorities!

TEXAS EXECUTES 500TH INMATE after resumption of death penalty in 1982…..The lawyer for the prisoner Maurie Levin uttered his sadness at Texas and the USA ‘I look forward to the day when we recognise  that this pointless and barbaric practice has no place in a civilized society’……sadly, civilization is not here, not with the Americans or Asian Countries…….they’ve hardly moved on from counting bricks and painting by numbers!

LOUISIANA HOODWINKS HOSPITAL PURCHASE —  Because the drug issue was ‘sensitive’ the State of Louisiana Department of Corrections (prison) bought a death penalty drug without informing the hospital that it was intended for use in a lethal injection.  They chose not to inform the hospital because of opposition and the EU withholding on these substances for killing people.

FREED INNOCENT MAN DIES ONE DAY AFTER RELEASE — Luckily for the Public Purse, David Ranta who’d spent 23 years in jail for a crime he did not commit died of an heart attack just 24 hours after his release.  The Judge reviewing his case said that ‘the police investigation that led to his conviction of the murder of a Rabbi in New York was seriously flawed’           Even though he could have sued for millions in compensation, he has been denied this and suffered at the hands of the American Judicial system and Law Enforcement…..who will quietly shove this away having escaped paying.

MAN FREED AFTER 30 YEARS — Yet another US Authorities bungle that could have seen an innocent man die.  Glenn Ford from Louisiana was freed from prison by a Judge who on reading the original court conviction found that there was a striking lack of evidence to support that decision.  It also revealed that he was at the time represented by inexperienced defence lawyers and the unconstitutional suppression of evidence by the court and prosecutors at the time, (none of whom are named).

DEATH ROW BROTHERS FREE AFTER 30 YEARS — Two brothers  were cleared of rape and murder after being convicted 30 years previously and sentenced to death.  Brothers Henry Mc Collum and half-brother Leon Brown were cleared after new DNA evidence showed they did not carry out the murder of Sabrina Buie in Carolina.   They were boys at the time the court convicted them, 19 yrs and 15 yrs……hopefully they will receive a multi-million payout from the US Government?  (perhaps a minimum of $120 million each or more)

INNOCENT MAN 30 YEARS IN JAIL IS FREED — Ricky Jackson was convicted of a killing on the testimony of a 12 year old witness who was coached by police to give false testimony.  The witness long after the trial, came forward and admitted the statement made was false.  Jackson was convicted of aggravated murder in 1975 of a money-order collector in Cleveland, Ohio.  Eddy Vernon the boy witness, now 51, confessed that he never saw the attack or killing and his whole testimony was prepared by the police.  The reason he gave for not coming forward was that the cops had said they would arrest his parents if he changed his story, and he feared that they would be fitted-up.     Well, its another payout, and at a million a year plus it should be around $35 million dollars that the US government owe him at least….or as seen before, perhaps $120 million, which is more like it.

USA LOSES OUT ON GARY MCKINNON EXTRADITION — Gary McKinnon a UK citizen has spent ten years being hounded by the USA for ‘hacking in the Pentagon’ – which could probably be done by many hackers. He did this from a small flat in Britain…never on American soil….but the FBI came after him.  Britain has at last seen sense and refused his extradition…..however, one might suggest that the USA stop bullying and concentrate on their old enemy JAPAN….in just 55 years after it was defeated, they have now become an economic giant about to surpass the USA….instead of weapons, they now have a means to give the Americans some real grief… and quite possibly they intend to do that.

USA EXTRADITION TARGETS ANOTHER BRITISH COUPLE —  Once again the US authorities have grabbed some UK citizens, claiming they were involved in a $1 million dollar expenses fiddle…..Bankrupt couple Paul and Sandra Dunham are said to be facing death behind bars in a dispute over work expenses.  They were arrested with British Police help at their home in Northampton in November 2012.  Groups against this American Anglo Agreement say that this is a civil case…which has been turned into a criminal accusation by the USA…. and apparently in 2011 Mr Dunham was indicted on 13 counts of fraud and money laundering by a Grand Jury in Maryland.  His wife was indicted on eight counts of fraud…the possible sentence being 240 years!  It is also stated that British Magistrates allowed the extradition to proceed!

THE USA AND THE EVIL THEY DARE NOT FACE UP TO — For a country that aspires to freedom and the right to express oneself, the USA come tops in bigotry.   They slaughtered Indian communities and abused the children in schools forbidding them to adopt any of their culture.  Kids were beaten and forced to swear allegiance to the American flag in classrooms, those that went against this sometimes disappeared and years later found in secret unmarked graves.  Officials on behalf of the government and agencies actively took part in these atrocities often helped by the Church.  History books were altered and many leave this part out in favour of depicting a more false and perverted face of reality.  America has done this for years and despite changes, the old America has not gone away, just hidden, and what cannot be witnessed is now cleverly covered up by the government.

CHILD ABUSE AND SEX CASE — 70 ARRESTED —  A Child sex and abuse Investigation  has arrested over seventy individuals including, a police officer, nurse and boy scout leader in the City of New York.   The Police were on the trail of those individuals who trafficked in child abuse images, downloading, exchanging and loading photos to others in the ‘underground’ network of paedophiles.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement led the investigation and ended with one of the largest round-ups of 70 men and one woman.  They seized around 600 desktop pc’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

NUDE VIOLINIST SUES POLICE FOR ARREST — The man 25yr old Matthew TMglej accused the authorities of excessive force and violated his First Amendment Rights and is seeking around $1 million dollars.  He was nabbed by police when he was playing his violin naked outside the Portland Federal Courthouse in 2014.

THE MENGELES AFFAIR and the AMERICANS — Dr Mengeles was the most loathed man in the Nazi Unit who performed horrific surgery on children during World War 11 at the Auswitz Concentration Camp where thousands of Jews were murdered at the orders of Hitler.  He escaped to the USA where the authorities hid him and made use of him.  He was never brought to justice because of the American intervention and even hid from the Nazi hunters who were searching for him.

US GOVERNMENT AND THE GUANTANAMO BAY SCANDAL :  A scandal that doesn’t go away despite many attempts by the USA to fob off its critics.  A hunger strike has now brought this appalling special prison back into the World headlines as it now embarrasses the Americans yet again.  The notorious detention building and site has 166 detainees on hunger strike, and the US Administration is eager to keep prying eyes and observers well away.  Reports of force-feeding are emerging as it is reported that they took 23 of the weakest prisoners and secured them to a chair by their wrists, arms, legs, chests and heads, said to be a nasty and ugly procedure of forcing a tube into the victim’s nose after gagging them and pushing it so it goes into their stomachs……resulting in blood pouring from their nostrils.  Defence Lawyers for the detained have met with resistance and silence from the US government……many of their clients have never been charged, one having been imprisoned for eleven years without a trial……….this is the true face of American Justice!

To this day the Americans are in denial over atrocities and Government wrongdoing — one angered American says only fifty per cent of Americans know the truth but prefer to ignore it and claim that it is time to move on, but to deny it is the open door that has no keeper and it is free to begin again.

America has never learned from History, it just creates more!!

THE AMERICAN CHASE FOR HISTORY & RECOGNITION — The USA has travelled far and wide to find its origins and come out in a blaze of glory, but alas, their history had no kingdoms, no grand design of honourable intentions and no real past other than migrants and the subjugation of the Indians, the true Americans.  They slaughtered most of them and took their lands, allowing a few to live on reservations, while they prospered and occupied those lands with all the entitlements……realising the only history anyone would know would be the ‘Cowboys and Indians’ tales, and shootouts, plundered gold and corporation economic power……that is what America has built itself on.

THE USA rank as one of the highest corruption capitals in regard to bent cops, lawyers and judges, and the material if it were to be placed here would go to several megabytes.

Note: What we feature here is not the full story but a mere scratching of the surface…to save on space we have created links for you to go to…..we shall look for more.

SPANISH TOP JUDGE FACES TRIAL — The Supreme Court in Spain have refused to throw out the case against their famous judge Baltasar Garzon who faces charges in two other trials. He faces accusations that he overstepped his authority— it is said he ordered an inquiry into mass killings by forces loyal to a former dictator and has violated the amnesty agreed in 1977, and that calling for such an inquiry will open war wounds. But there is a public feeling supported by thousands of demonstrators in Madrid that are demanding justice.

NB – this reminds us of the ‘Reconciliation Trials’ in South Africa when killers in Massacres and brutal Police were released from their criminal acts and confessing as part of a deal that allowed them immunity — which is by all standards fundamentally wrong — murderers are hung in some countries — so what of justice?

SPANISH DUKE IN EMBEZZLEMENT TRIAL — News in says that Princess Christina’s husband Inaki Urdangarin, who sometimes uses the title ‘ Duke of Palma’ used his position to embezzle around E6million Euros in public contracts through a foundation he set up.  Strangely, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Princess cannot be tried on tax charges (immunity granted)….despite her testifying in the case.

ARGENTINEAN COP under the influence of booze, kills English tourist. Off-Duty Cop Max Martinez failed to brake in time on a busy road killing teenager James Painton who was on holiday. The cop was later prosecuted for drink/driving and speeding. 

UKRAINE POLICE GENERAL MURDERS JOURNALIST TO KILL CORRUPTION STORY — Police General Olexiy Pukach was sentenced to life imprisonment for strangling journalist Heorhiy Gongadze who was about to expose high level corruption in the judiciary, police and government.  The journalist was kidnapped in 2000 and three months later his body was found in a dense forest.  At the time the police steered away suggestions of a political murder in order to throw off any suspicions of their involvement, but this failed when the then President Leonid Kuchma was accused of his involvement in the murder on audio recordings secretly made in his office.  In Kiev, the court convicted the former chief of the Interior Ministry’s surveillance Department.

ASIA — EVIL JAIL BOSS Kaing Guek Eav now 69, the Khmer Rouge Chief Jailor who sent more than 12,272 people to their deaths, had his 2010 sentence of 35 years prison increased at the Phnom Penh tribunal. It was heard that he oversaw and watched mass torture and executions in the 1970’s.

‘ Pleasant holiday destination, or something much worse?’

THAILAND AND TYRANNY OF JUSTICE — Bangkok Criminal Courts have secured by fear — the imposition of tough laws against anyone who oppose the Royal Family be it text messaging. web blogs, signs or discussion deemed to be insulting (decided by the judges of course!) or remarks they can categorise as being contempt — the view similarly held by Singapore and China’s judiciary. They want to crush dissenters and opposition in any form. It is stated they can impose a 7 year jail term which has sparked not only fear but accusations that the ‘judges enjoy being untouchable’   It is stated under the 112 Law that a man named Somyot could get 30 years in prison for writing two published articles.  Another person, Chiranuch could get 50 years for failing to remove ten ‘defamatory’ messages posted on her website message board?    Amnesty have launched complaints over this absurd and Human Rights Abuse, so if you are thinking of going there, don’t….your holiday may turn awful.

THAILAND, BANGKOK – ARMY COLONEL AND POLITICIAN SUSPECTED IN TRAFFICKING — Two High Ranking Army Officers are to be investigated over the trafficking of refugees, and one is said to be a colonel.  Also sought by the authorities is an influential local politician who they are still looking for.  The Press indicates they have been involved in a trafficking network of taking refugees to a third world country for profit.

THAILAND JAILS DISSENTER FOR 11 YEARS — for defaming the Monarch!  The magazine editor was convicted of writing two articles the authorities deemed offensive to the Royal Family.  Many believe this was used to silence him as he was campaigning to reform the strict defamation laws aimed at suppressing comments against the establishment, and was politically motivated. Observers say that it was unlike Somyot Prueksakasemsuk to deliberately violate article 122, as he was a known journalist. They also said Thailand was increasingly becoming suppressive and heading towards a dictatorship regime…… if you’re thinking of taking a holiday there, go West and book into a country that values freedom and rights… not go to Thailand.

THAILAND JAILS MAN FOR ‘INSULT’ — Yet another crackdown on free speech, as Akachai Hongkangwan gets sent to jail for three years and four months for selling DVD’s showing an Australian News segment he copied from the Internet which was deemed by the ‘oppressive’ court as offensive to the Royal Family.

THAILAND AND THE PASSPORT RACKET — Recent news highlighted the passport scam, and Thailand once again had to face its unwanted reputation as the place to get a false passport.  It appears that up to 10,000 passports are lost or stolen in the country…..and that the government sees ‘document fraud as a major security threat’   Passport scams are well known and corruption dogs the authorities, coupled with weak law enforcement some say that it will continue to be a problem.  Within hours of a passport being stolen, it is processed by the thieves and a new customer is found…..they pay the ‘going rate’ and it is used before the victim reports it being stolen….such is the speed of the scam.

THAILAND PREPARED TO HARM CITIZENS — The Army General Prayuth Chan-ocha said he was prepared to use force on the citizens and use weapons against them.  This was stated as protestors  caused the Prime Minister to flee after he was besieged by angry demonstrators who are anti-government.

THAILAND’S POWERFUL ARMY TAKES OVER — Overthrowing the Political wing, The Army imposed Martial Law and took over the running of Thailand in a dramatic takeover.  They immediately curtailed the media and took over national television etc, General Prayuth claimed he had not launched a coup but reflected on 1914 law, a time when the country was still an absolute monarchy.  He said the army intended to bring peace…..but some activists have already said this was coming long before the government problems, because the army was not being feared as much and its role was diminishing.

THAILAND JUNTA SEEKS CONTROL REFORMS — The Army despite its claim to do otherwise, is seeking to reform control and put in place former members of the Security Forces (120 Active or retired) as an interim legislature comprising of 200 people to keep a tight control over a body it will task with enacting sweeping reforms in the country.

THAILAND’S PRIME MINISTER APPOINTS FRIENDS TO CABINET — Despite things falling apart in Thailand such as the killing of two tourists with no arrests in sight or suspects, the new Prime Minister has awarded key posts in his Cabinet to friends and trusted allies in the Military, which critics says prolongs the existence of a country ruled and in the grip of a Military Power originally quoted as ‘temporary’    General Prayuth Chan-ocha announced the appointment of 11 active or retired senior Military Officials with no political experience whatsoever?  Some of whom will serve as Ministers of Justice, Education, Defence etc.

THAILAND THREATENS LANTERN PEOPLE WITH DEATH PENALTY — In a surprising move and unbelievable statement, Thailand’s Justice System say that a person sending paper lanterns skyward for good luck will face life jail terms or the death penalty.  The Police have been told to arrest offenders caught doing this.

THAILAND AND THE EMPTY VOW — As with most politicians or Military Coup leaders, a vow is not a promise nor can it be kept legally, just mere words that have little or no value.  The new PM who seized power in a Military Coup in 2014, says he doesn’t want to abuse his power and does not want to use force….all at the same time they have detained dozens of people for distributing leaflets against the coup!

THAILAND’S FORMER PRIME MINISTER TO STAND TRIAL — Thailand’s new military leaders who took over in a coup, have stirred up the political situation by announcing that former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is to be tried for her role in a rice subsidy programme set up by her ousted government.

THAILAND MAYOR AND POLICE IN HUMAN TRAFFICKING SCANDAL — Despite promises of a fair government Thailand is still easily swayed into corruption as Thailand’s Police Chief announced the arrest of a Provincial Mayor and the investigation of up to fifty Police Officers.  The powerful Provincial Mayor was not named, but the facts laid as to the reasons of the arrest. Their involvement in a human trafficking scandal spanning four Asian countries.

THAILAND’S MILITARY JUNTA PM THREATENS TO EXECUTE JOURNALISTS — The military ‘Government’ are showing their true colours the more they hold power….moving from their ‘relaxed role’ to announcing that they intend to kill journalists who ‘report dishonestly’ meaning against them or uncovering corruption of course.  He, the man behind the ‘threat’ PM Prayuth Chanocha who seized power in a military coup in May 2014 openly said they would probably execute journalists who did not report the truth……his truth of course…..journalists who watched said he delivered it without a smile….which kills the ‘joke’ theory that the government wanted known after realising what they had revealed.

THAILAND’S MILITARY COURT JAILS MAN WHO MADE COMMENTS…….As in keeping with Military Junta’s and a Dictatorship, a businessman has been jailed for 25 years for ‘defaming the Thai Monarchy’ for postings on the  Facebook site of which they cite five counts…..the man, Thiensutham Suthijitseranee was found guilty and was given five 10 year sentences, which were halved…..Observers in the West say this is alarming besides being one of the longest sentences ever given out for such an offence? and shows the intolerance and repression that Asia is now showing…..and that Human Rights are being eroded in exchange for a kind of slavery to power.

‘ A place of quiet evil and bizarre ritualistic laws ‘

MALAYSIA POLICE CHIEF IN ASSAULT CASE – Police Chief Abdul Rahim Noor admitted assaulting Mr. Anwar a former Deputy Prime Minister.  It is said the former minister was beaten up in his cell after his arrest on corruption charges. It is stated in Malaysian Law and Penal Codes that anyone committing Assault on another person faces a mandatory caning. However, this did not happen to this Police Chief, what happened was a cover-up that suspended the press from knowing the outcome. A blanket of secrecy dropped, and from sources we have discovered that the caning was removed on the directions of the Minister of Justice. It’s a case of one law for the people and one for the judiciary.

MALAYSIA BAN BOOK and say anyone distributing it will get 3 years in prison — The old Censorship game adopted by their ally and neighbour — Singapore.  The British born author Peter Mayle who is best known for his book ‘A year in Provence’ has apparently annoyed the country’s Home Minister over the sex educational book.

MALAYSIA SEEK TO DECEIVE — Malaysia, in its bid to seem more tolerant than Singapore, often ruin their strategy to deceive world opinion by doing an act that conveys the opposite.  This was blatant when they made a law ‘Making it illegal for young people to congregate in one place (no matter how innocent the reason was) in a way that offends the authorities’  Sentences are harsh, such as jail and whippings, which are often used just like Singapore!  They firmly believe that Public shaming and detention without trial keeps an orderly situation for society, (based on repression and suppression).  Strangely, they get annoyed and shout out loudly if their regime is shamed……which shows an odd sense of justice… only seems capable of working one way only!!

MALAYSIAN AIRLINES FINED BY AUSTRALIA — A Six million dollar fine was imposed on Malaysia’s Airline for ‘Price-Fixing’ by a court in Sydney, Australia.  They said it was linked to a huge International Cargo Cartel. At the Federal Court the Airline admitted to having colluded with other airlines on fees and other charges.

MALAYSIA IN DISPUTE WITH PHILIPPINES KILLS 14 — In a coastal village, Lahad Datu, 200 Philippines were claiming ownership of the territory, saying that Malaysia stole it from the Philippines and that they had documented proof from the late 1800’s.  The three-week stand-off ended in a bloody conflict….one that the Philippines President said could have ‘triggered an armed conflict in the region’

SOCIAL INJUSTICE PLAGUES MALAYSIA — The World Bank said policies in the Malaysian Government are causing young people to leave for a better life as they continue to fear the repressive government and harsh justice that continues to blight the future. One young University student said ‘ the harsh sentencing, floggings and repression of thoughts, movement and speech is not what we want in this technological age, especially when we see other countries enjoying lives without brutality and being on the Internet talking to each other without fear of arrest’ — The 2008 Human Rights Violations Annual Report revealed that Malaysia had its own style of ‘Guantanamo Bay’ when it was revealed that four lawyers, three of whom were English trained, were imprisoned indefinitely without trial under The Internal Security Act — it went on to reveal that Malaysia’s UMNO controlled Government had been in the covert business of deception by fabricating reports on how well everything is progressing in the responsive society in relation to economic growth and social welfare.

MALAYSIAN POLICE IN BRUTALITY ALLEGATIONS – New reports emerged on a Malaysian Youth in a police cell being tortured by Malaysian Police who poured hot water over his body, scolding him to the point of screams.  A look at recent 2001 history reveals the ethnic cleansing of Indian Malaysians suffering grievous body injuries — 5 were murdered and 100 suffered the painful atrocities at Kampong Medan — a further six Indians were shot dead by police in one single day, cause and circumstances unknown or conveniently hushed up.

MALAYSIA POLICE ACCUSED IN RAPE INCIDENT — An Indonesian Law Maker has called on his own government to sever Diplomatic ties with Malaysia over the rape of an Indonesian Migrant Female Worker at the Hands of the Malaysian Police.   The authorities in Malaysia have said they are investigating officers connected with the allegations.

MALAYSIA COURT SENTENCES MAN TO 115 YEARS — This has an ‘American feel to it’ — a Court sentenced a man of 42 convicted of four counts of rape and un-natural sex to one hundred and fifteen years in jail.

 ‘ Elephants, Bollywood and Human Rights Scandals ‘

INDIA ‘THE POLICE FRAME-UP SCANDAL’  — There is much crime in India, but this case is a travesty that puts the Judiciary in shame.  Armogam Kounder was working in Mumbai, and was considered by police as an illiterate labourer, and an easy man to frame.  He has now walked free from the jail where he spent 11 years for a crime that was fabricated and pinned on him by Police Inspector Iqbal Bargir, who committed suicide and left a note saying ‘ Kounder had been framed for the crime at the insistence and order of his superiors ‘  Inspector Bargir was in charge of a rape and murder case in 1995, when he and officers from the Oshiwara Police arrested the ‘victim’ Kounder.  He was beaten up by the police at the lock up and made to confront a crime he knew nothing about.  In order to seal his fate they took him to the crime scene and showed him the 6 year old girl who had been raped and murdered. Unbeknown to Kounder, they had snared him as they had him in the crime area and left his own prints etc at the scene. Although he tried to prove his innocence, the Judges more or less refused to listen and dismissed them before sentencing him to a life-term in prison. Prison was also unkind to him in view of it being a child crime and he suffered hatred and attacks by fellow prisoners and his jailors.  If the bent cop had not committed suicide and left a conscience note, he would still be in that prison.  His Lawyer Asim Sarode is suing the police and law enforcement for compensation for ‘wrongful confinement’

What about the ‘superiors’ in the police force that were mentioned?  What about the harm inflicted on him by police and jailors, are they being charged and ordered to stand trial?  What about the original judges who denied him proper respect and his right to present his alibi ?   NOTHING is the answer to all three….they are all above the law, because they are the law, and they are not about to compromise each other over a wrongly jailed man!!

JAILED MAN ON REMAND IS POISONED IN JAIL — Far from being secure, or safe from inmates, a suspect in a rape case, Vinny Sharma was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.  The same man has also been beaten up and thrashed by other inmates without any intervention from guards at the Prison.  His lawyer A.P.Singh says this is not the first case of its kind; earlier, another suspect in the same case was also bullied and found hanged in the same Delhi Prison in March.  The authorities absence was noted and no comment was offered.

INDIA AND 1600 STUDENTS EXPELLED FOR CHEATING IN EXAMS — A Report has revealed deviousness and dishonesty at the heart of the Education system in India.  Over 1600 schoolchildren have been expelled after being caught in an unprecedented crackdown on cheats in the State of Bihar.  100 parents were detained over helping their children to cheat — the authorities were forced to admit that the problem was widespread and that they had set up ‘flying Squads’ such as police and vigilant teachers who are helping to clamp down on cheating.

INDIA AND THE ANTI-CORRUPTION PARTY — A new party out to eradicate corruption is making a bid to form a government in Delhi.  They are pledging to end corruption in politics….. the small group have quite a climb in order to make any substantial in-roads to the country’s corruption problems say observers in India.

ANTI-POLICE PROTEST IN INDIA — Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwai who took Office, promised to sweep out corruption….. and began with the Police first.  He has accused them of targeting the poor for petty offences and refusing to combat serious crime.  He said taking money from rickshaw drivers for minor offences did nothing for trust among the poor, whereas the drug trade and rich offenders received little notice….and recent scandals only made it more necessary to begin the clean up with the police first on the list.

INDIA PREFERS CORRUPTION LEFT ALONE AS ANTI-CORRUPTION MAN IS THREATENED — India yet again failed to agree about  rooting out corruption, and the Politician Arvind Kejriwal a prominent anti-corruption campaigner was targeted for a second time and fears for his life after another attack.  As he was campaigning, he was yet again assaulted.  Reporters say that the campaign as become more toxic, abusive and violent.

INDIA — MINISTERS CONVICTED IN SCAM — Two former ministers of the State of Bihar were convicted by the court of embezzling millions of dollars during the 1990’s.  The Scam involved numerous bogus bills for cattle feed.  Opposition Leader Lalu Prasad in the wake of this case brought by the Central Bureau of Investigation, with 44 others are likely to be sentenced to three years in prison.  The Special Court remanded Prasad  into custody.

INDIA — POLICE OFFICERS ACCUSED OF HELPING GANG — The Indian police have been accused of helping the gang who raped and killed two teenage girls, two officers have been arrested and charged for refusing to investigate the disappearance of two girls who were later raped and found hanging from a tree.  Information so far says five men carried out the crimes in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh.

HEAD OF INDIA’S POLICE BUREAU IS ACCUSED OF CORRUPTION — India’s boss of the police ((FBI) unit has been accused of corruption and malpractice…. Ranjit Sinha is reported to have interfered with inquiries relating to senior politicians and major corporations.  It is stated that he influenced an inquiry into the auction of 2G Spectrum licences held by the previous government, as well as the allocation of assets in coal mining companies.

TWO INDIAN COPS SUSPENDED — Two policeman who charged a toddler with ‘coercion ahead of a by-election in Uttar Pradesh have been suspended.  The boy was only 11 months old!  The incident sparked outrage and we are told that police in India often draw up lists of potential trouble-makers and send them to the local authorities.

INDIA’S FORMER PRIME MINISTER ACCUSED OF CORRUPTION — Manmohan Singh the former Prime Minister was served with a summons from the court to appear before them on charges of Conspiracy and Corruption.  It says that this refers to an illegal award of a coal field.  The special court which has powers to bring high profile figures before them granted under the Central Bureau of Investigations have ordered billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla and another official to stand beside 82 year old former PM Singh.

BANGLADESH — SEDITION CHARGES ON INTERNET BLOGGERS AND THREAT TO SILENCE, the ever-growing threat by Asian Countries to act against people’s views and thoughts is a menace that is stalking the free world that cries out for accountability, truth and to live without fear.  In a news broadcast it has been revealed that a Bangladesh student Molla Rana was arrested and is to face sedition charges over his blog on Facebook which referred to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  This claim that it is conduct likely to cause rebellion is utter nonsense and the Government must have known this before allowing the police to charge him.  They say it can carry a life in prison sentence….one sees here the same attitude to criticism repeated by China and Singapore, all very anxious to control their countries (and outsiders) like dictators.  Another student, Ruhul Khandaker, who is studying in Australia is also to be prosecuted for sedition over comments on the Web, and the foreign ministry has been asked by the court to have him brought back so they can jail him! ….not much point in convicting him, that has already been decided by a law that smacks of injustice.  A third student, Nayeem Jubaer was sentenced in his absence to 6 months in jail for posting remarks on the Internet……so he will be whisked off to jail without ever having been able to have a defence……..the same rules never applied to the PM several years earlier?  

The above might seem as if it is a necessary step….but research shows another picture concerning the PM Sheikh Hasina….in that she herself was arrested in 2007 by the State Police on charges of extortion.  Despite looking every part a martyr and the ‘good guy’ of the people, the police were held back and had to drop the charge but came up with another when the Anti-Corruption Squad pursued her on a charge of taking bribes. In 2008 she was actually indicted and charged in court, but events turned strange and inexplicably they were dropped on a technical point of law by the High Court/Appeal Court saying it was an health issue and even though two members of her family were arrested too, the whole thing melted away into the oncoming haze.

BANGLADESH POLICE FIRE GAS AT PROTESTORS — Police Squads opened fire on factory workers who were protesting, using rubber bullets and tear gas on the third day of clashes.  The workers are asking for a minimum monthly wage to be raised…but the factory bosses are unwilling to increase the minimum wage the report says.

‘Singapore  friend or foe?’  (a Republic and Dictatorship)

CANING WRONGDOERS AND SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT AND JUDICIARY  What they do with the law is their own matter and many agree with caning for adults, and that cannot be ignored especially if the Singapore people want it.. To cane a child, even a naughty child is an abuse in law, and never on the bare because that is an indecent assault and the Singapore Government recognise that. Whether one agrees or disagrees with it adult males are caned naked and on bare bottoms and it is not considered an indecent assault of any kind; and they are given up to 24 strokes, severely administered.  In the West it is termed as state justified violence and assault, and a perversion of the law by the UK and USA. Being sent to prison and then being caned in this manner are two punishments, but the Singapore Government call it a ‘deterrent ‘ and say it prevents crime ( but crime still goes on, and the same type of crime; drugs and loan sharks, which raises the question – is the penalty really working?)– At first glance it looks as if this country really tackles wrong-doers, especially to Westerners and Europe where we are losing out on crime with inadequate sentencing, and one can be forgiven for thinking the caning thing is good, but  Amnesty International has lodged complaints against this country for many years who fly in the face of world opinion. Around 33 countries in the world — 6 percent, still use judicial corporal punishment, and it does have it’s support . Singapore boast ‘ ‘ A secure place to live in’ and it is secure, but not in the way they want you to believe. Unfortunately Free speech is suppressed, and many world critics and lawyers have said ‘ that Singapore uses criminal defamation laws to silence free speech and anyone who speaks out against them ‘   The sad case we came across was —  that in 2008, a Chinese worker, Han Xin Hui who left China on a cheap flight ticket looking for work and a new life in Singapore in 2006.  He was down on his luck, he was cheated and lied to while he was in Singapore. One employment Officer took his cash and passport leaving him with nothing. Then to make matters worse, he was arrested, jailed for one month and given 4 strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks for overstaying by the country he thought would give him a better deal. He said’ I NEVER WANT TO VISIT THIS COUNTRY AGAIN ‘  and this is a rather sad reflection on the beliefs of a country that could do better.

Note: Strangely the act of ABH –Actual Bodily Harm (which the cane would do) and GBH — Grievous Bodily Harm (the cane being given deliberately severe to scar and bloody the buttocks) is a crime in most countries in the civilised world — and it poses a serious question on how a state can commit such an act in the name of the law?

THE UN DEFINES CANING AS TORTURE — BUT SINGAPORE DISAGREED and claimed it had a deterrent value?

AUTHOR PROVOKES THE SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT – Alan Shadrake was promoting his book called ‘Once a Jolly Hangman’ — Singapore Justice in the Dock  — which looked at the career of hangman Darsham Singh the Chief Executioner of Singapore, who’d done around a 1,000 executions between 1959-2006. The book looked at the legal system around this as you’d expect from someone publishing a factual book.  The author was arrested in Nov 2010 and put in court charged with ‘ defamation — impugning the impartiality, integrity and independence of the judiciary ‘  The state Prosecutor wanted him to serve 12 weeks in prison, but he was sentenced to 6 weeks and fined. The guilty verdict had been decided well before he was in the dock his followers say, he had however committed ‘criminal defamation ‘ — The High Court Judge sentenced him for ‘ Contempt ‘ normally made for someone who does not obey a court order, but the author hadn’t had any order against him, nor appeared in court beforehand. Having looked at the book it is disappointingly thin on proof and not in the least as ‘ mind-blowing ‘ a piece of journalism one would have expected; others too have re-enforced this view, and some have challenged his accuracy and cited examples.  Many so-called supporting facts are said to be completely wrong and the most blatant issue around the author is that he openly provoked the authorities by entering the country when the consulate advised him not to. Shadrake lives in Malaysia and  the consequences were known to him, but he chose to ignore them, so in actual fact he deserved what he got. No-one for Shadrake came forward when we tried to contact them, which seems strange for some-one purporting to stand up for human rights, perhaps they are not so much into human rights and more into promoting publicity of a book for profit and gain, as the Singapore Government rightly inferred… and as we can see from the book, he chooses what to reveal and what not to… a similar  ideal to those who he is attacking.

In addition to this, we have now discovered that Shadrake like Nair has activated a Google Blog calling it ‘Singapore Exposed’ which is a crusade to get police sergeant Rajkumar, which is a desperate attempt to gain more publicity to show what a champion of justice he is……another pathetic attempt to bring down Singapore!

Singapore said that clemency in a hanging case was granted by the Ruler, but in actual fact it is the Cabinet who decides and informs him — and most of the Cabinet are pro-hanging and stand by executions being the solution.

‘THE WAR ON SINGAPORE’ INCIDENT — The Netherlands people demanded that a military force go to Singapore after the hanging of ‘national’ Johannes Van Damme, to bring the country down in 1994. It was never carried through despite the anger and resentment, two embassy diplomats were dismissed and consideration was given to ‘economically’ harming Singapore and discussed after certain law and constitution analysts indicated that ‘anything that hit trade and put the country in chaos on a large scale such as hitting financial institutions, embargos and sanctions were more likely to persuade and change minds in The Justice Department and Government — something allegedly used on other occasions when foreign nationals were in the spotlight. It was said that Germany did just that! but ever so secretly and diplomatically calling for people to refrain from criticising Singapore. Strangely when one considers the ‘Five Powers Defence Pact’ the Netherlands could have approached three signatories — the UK, Australia and NZ and Singapore would have just Malaysia on their side…so why didn’t they? — The USA would have sat back, as it condemned the Law style of Singapore and many other countries disliked them too, which led to diplomatic incidents. Much of this was never explained and the Singapore Government shouted loudly at world meetings that they had to deal with drug offences in their own way even if it upset other countries.

THE CANING COMPENSATION SECRECY — Five cases of ‘over-caning ‘ were settled in secrecy, the Government forced the claimants to settle out of court in a ‘ mediation ‘ so the people would not read how much compensation they had to pay. One claimant who got three more strokes because of a court error was said to have demanded $3million Singapore dollars, which seems fair, but they denied him this. One man got 24 strokes extra and sadly we don’t know of his claim, it was hushed up. In a democratic society there is at least one case where the state has been required to have the settlement judged in a court and the sum of damages announced, just as in police payouts…Singapore does not allow this to be known or be discussed in its Press. Not one settlement has been publicised in the Singapore Newspapers?

NB. It was revealed by a former caning officer that they receive 50 cents for each stroke of the cane they give.

SECRECY OVER CANING — It has also been acknowledged by the Singapore Prison Service that no relative is allowed to visit the caned prisoner for 15 days after the punishment; not even a private family doctor or lawyer?

Singapore’s Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong may say and believe that politics do not enter into decisions, but he cannot silence critics who have many times seen that this was the case and can probably show this — saying that the judiciary is aware of its responsibilities is not an affirmative answer— and his phrase ‘ judges do justice’ is only a line, a piece of rhetoric that fools no-one when you consider the secrecy over judicial payouts for ‘over-caning’……. below is the blatant contradiction of his statement:

Parliament is now accused of violating the Separation of Powers — Politics do enter decisions of a judicial nature — This was exposed by Lawyer Mr.Kumar who is challenging The Long Term Imprisonment Law saying it clearly violates the Separation of Powers as it involves Parliament telling the courts to impose a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in jail and three strokes of the cane. The 1998 Law was needed said Parliament, but went further by classifying drugs such as Ecstasy, Ermin and Ice — and the High Court has now to also decide if Parliament interfered by using these three specified drugs in its determination for court rulings. Mr Kumar is representing a Drugs Rehabilitation Centre Inmate who faces the sentence…..9,000 men have already been sentenced by this law since 1998.  He showed that the Judiciary was not acting impartial nor fairly.

IT APPEARS THAT THERE IS A PACT CALLED ‘THE FIVE POWERS DEFENCE ARRANGEMENTS’ which Singapore relies on — with countries – The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and itself, signed in 1971 to assist this Republic in a time of war or aggression. It seems rather strange that the Western countries in their belief that Singapore does not regard Human Rights at all do not pull out of this pact. The criticism levelled at the country over caning and the death penalty seemingly does not matter over commercial and financial interests.

SINGAPORE IS ALL FOR THE DEFENCE PACT BUT WILL NOT SIGN UP TO HUMAN RIGHTS — Foreigners must not forget that they must obey the law as Amnesty International can tell you. There is no Human Rights Charter in Singapore or for that matter, Malaysia, and neither country wishes to be bound by a Human Rights Charter or contract. Many attempts have been made to get them to agree to participating, but the Singapore Government declines and in some cases arrest people who carry out protests on this topic. Many visitors go to Singapore not knowing that they have left their comfortable rights and safeguards many miles away…only to find when they overstep the laws they are arrested, most likely jailed and fined, and in many cases caned in what Human Rights Judges say is ‘ a degrading punishment where one human being employed by the state, inflicts physical violence on another human being, which is an assault on his dignity and physical integrity’ ( 1950 Strasbourg Ruling in Europe).  Perhaps it is time for the West to stop interfering in Singapore’s punishment system?

FORMER SINGAPORE LAWYER ON REVENGE CRUSADE — One lawyer who now lives in America is definitely seeking to destroy the leader of the country’s government.  Similar to Alan Shadrake he goes about it on flimsy facts and little research, or for that matter, truthful research. Lawyer Gopalan Nair uses tactics which reflect on his honesty and he breaches that in true style by issuing two hoax communicates on the Internet, and admits to doing so. This in itself shows a kind of deceit that earns him the label of ‘ bent lawyer ‘ and quite rightly the Singapore Government jailed him, as they did Shadrake, for attempting to bring down the government using flimsy evidence and conjecture.  His tirade of articles on ‘Singapore dissidents ‘ is one long revenge tactic on leader Lee Kuan Yew and his family who have brought prosperity to the country and a rule of law envied by many other countries.  His cause and Crusade he says represents many dissident followers, and we tried to find some and ended up with not one favourable result. They were either invented or didn’t exist. We contacted him but he did not offer a reply and we pushed further on a message forum hoping he could justify his cause, but this was not published. And what of all these corrupt lawyers he  says? he offers none, yet he was in an excellent position to write all their names down, and know them — yet gives not the merest supporting data to even suggest this might be so. It has become obvious that although there are two sides of a story in order to analyze it he is only interested in his and winds up Singaporeans every week and month misleading them just as one would expect from a lawyer.  He says in his profile that he studied law in England, but that’s no great shakes as you can see in the ‘featured lawyers’ on this site…and he spouts about many lawyers in Singapore being corrupt, so I think we can come to decision on what he stands for quite quickly.

TWO SINGAPORE COPS ON BRIBERY CHARGES — We start this selection with a ‘Sunday Star’ story of two police officers, one an inspector who were both arrested for bribery.  The sum was $13,350 dollars disguised to look like loans. They were said to have come from Triad gang members — ‘protection money’

TEN SINGAPORE POLICE OFFICERS IN BRIBES TRIAL — Illegal Gambling Boss Chua Chin Hoe was found guilty of corruption — he pleaded guilty to five counts of bribing police.  59 other charges were taken into consideration.  Among the ten officers the following were named as having taken bribes on duty and benefitting from favours such as ‘bar tabs and entertainment’ and cash bribes.  Police Superintendent Mark Koh Kian Tiong (In charge of the Secret Societies Branch of the CID), now on the run as a fugitive from justice.  Staff Sergeant Tan Chee Kwong, Staff Sergeant Chong Soon Ping, Staff Sergeant Lim Kay Heng, and Police Sergeant Teng Jing King….just five of the police, the others have been kept secret.  Gambling Boss Chua regularly entertained the ten cops over the periods 2008 and on.  The court jailed him for four and a half years and fined him $20,000. Nothing was mentioned of the trials involving the ten police officers?

SINGAPORE COP TRIES TO FIT UP SERGEANT AND IS JAILED for getting a friend to fill out a false report saying Police Sgt Ng Keng Lin had taken cash from immigrants in an arrest.  The Police Sergeant of Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre was then accused of taking the cash after one of the immigrants said his money had gone missing. So Cop Shah Rizal Samsir got Mohd Alfia Misnan to say he had seen the Sergeant pocket the cash. The Sergeant’s colleagues at the arrest were not mentioned nor is it clear where the missing money went..if there was any. Policeman Samsir was jailed for three months.

TWO FORMER AUXILIARY COPS OF SINGAPORE HAVE BEEN JAILED for Bribery and Passport offences. Krishna Rajahran 31yrs, was jailed for 18 months, and officer Loganathan Samugan 26 yrs, was jailed for 12 months.

AUXILIARY COP Tan Yam Teck, a former Aetos officer was jailed for assisting a loan shark and illegal money-lending operation. He was jailed for 21 months and fined 30,000 Singapore dollars.

SINGAPORE NARCOTICS BUREAU OFFICER IS CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION — Staff Sergeant Lim Tian Siew was charged with four counts of failing to arrest drug offenders and that he failed to mention a $30,000 bribe made. Lim is also known as Lang Tian Siew.

COMPUTER MISUSE COP Mohammed Rahim pleaded guilty to 16 charges of using the computer database to check on a teenager. It was said at his trial that he made around a dozen unauthorised checks. He was jailed for 20 weeks and suspended from the Singapore Police Force.

COMPUTER MISUSE POLICE SERGEANT IS JAILED FOR 18 WEEKS — Sergeant Lim Ming Kian from the Central Police Division illegally accessed the computer to find out if his wife’s former lover had filed a report against him.  He pleaded guilty to 12 counts of Misusing the Police Computer.

TWO SINGAPORE CID COPS have been questioned and accused of failing to report illegal immigrants and having involvement with illegal money-lending activities which is a criminal act. CID Staff Sergeant Idris Makrob was charged with failing to report the illegal immigrants along with being in business with three fellow shareholders who were involved in illegal money lending between 2006 and 2008.  Fellow CID Sergeant Hairy Mohd Salleh was also charged.

Cop Idris Makrob the CID Police Staff Sergeant was jailed for 10 weeks.

SINGAPORE COP Mohammed A.Roslan was jailed for two months after admitting thirteen charges in relation to unauthorised use of the Police Computer to track down an ex-lover.

FULL TIME POLICE SERVICEMAN Sularman Firdaus, with the Singapore Police was jailed for 18 months for smuggling tobacco and cigarettes to prison inmates. He pleaded guilty to three charges of corruption, 2 charges being cheating– it was said he made a profit out of the illegal supply of contraband items.

SINGAPORE POLICEMAN LET LOANSHARK USE HIS BANK ACCOUNT — Cop Tan Yam Teck a former Aetos Officer was jailed by the district court for two and a half months and fined 30,000 Singapore Dollars.

SINGAPORE COP found dead after debt to loanshark and bank became too much. Aetos Policeman Lee Kong Beng was found dead with a suicide note — it was said that he owed around $40,000.

SINGAPORE COP IN COMPUTER MISUSE IS JAILED — Sheik Farsal Abdul Kader who was a Station Inspector, received a prison sentence for unlawfully using the police computer to track down a maid over a love affair gone wrong. He asked the court to take 11 other offences into consideration.

SINGAPORE POLICE SERGEANT PLEADS GUILTY — Kempong Neighbourhood Police Sergeant Anthony Wu Zhihao was found guilty of a breach o0f trust when he pocketed 435 dollars handed in when he was on desk duty and received the wallet. He was jailed for four months.

SINGAPORE EX-POLICE INSPECTOR did nine years in jail for fraud, appeared before a court for failing to honour deal with Lawyer. Former Cop Michael Ng Fook Khau was ordered to pay  Ms Chan Pui Woo $18 million dollars. It was said that he withheld background information such as going to jail and having several failed business when he went to the lawyer. he also claimed he had assets of $64 million in a UK Bank. It was also discovered that a fund he cited as guarantee was in fact fictitious. The court told him to pay the sum, the largest known. eighteen million Singapore Dollars.

SINGAPORE POLICE SERGEANT JAILED FOR 5 YEARS — Former Police Sergeant Mohammed Farsal Mohamed Yusoff was found guilty of five counts of housebreaking and theft. He asked for ten other charges to be taken into consideration.  The offences took place during Aug 2011 and up to Feb 2012 while he was with the Divisional Intelligence Branch of the Central Police Division Headquarters. He was a cop by day, and a burglar at night!

SINGAPORE POLICE SUPERINTENDENT ARRESTED IN VICE-RING CHARGES — Police Superintendent Tan Wee Kiat (also known by another name?) was arrested and charged after 80 men were brought in over an online sex ring and sex with a minor….read the SINGAPORE VICE SCANDAL for more.

SINGAPORE CNB POLICE OFFICER IS JAILED — Senior Investigation Officer Muhammad Nur Wagiyoh was jailed for 13 months by a District Court who found him guilty of five counts of misappropriating $7,000 of suspects cash…..committed around 2010.  An officer of several years, he collected the possessions on suspects and logged them, but he pocketed the money saying they’d get it back….but that never happened.

SECOND CNB OFFICER IS JAILED — Another Investigations Officer – Staff Sergeant Mohamad Hasri Haron has been jailed for 15 months for misappropriating suspect’s money.  It was revealed that he took around S$8,000 from six suspects during 2009 to 2010.  It was also said that he forged the signature of a drug offender to deceive the authorities into believing the man had got his money back.

POLICE TORTURE CLAIM is revealed in court  — Businessman Ong Su Ping claimed in front of the Judge that he had been arrested for receiving stolen goods and subjected to a ‘unnatural personal attack’ by police officers who were conducting the interrogation and interview.  He said he had been forced to consume urine and other degrading acts over a four hour period to make him confess.  The 32 year-old said since the assault he had been having nightmares about the incident. The District Judge advised the Prosecution to bring in a new Investigation Officer to take over the case and adjourned the proceedings until that matter was dealt with.

SINGAPORE POLICE IN MISCONDUCT ALLEGATIONS — Allegations of assaults and threats against the police are to be investigated by Internal Affairs according to the Straits Press.  Two ex-SMRT bus drivers have made official allegations of mistreatment during police interrogations — the men, Ling and Xiangying say they were beaten up while in custody (punched, slapped and threatened).

SINGAPORE POLICE SERGEANT HAD SEX WITH ILLEGAL WORKER — Senior Staff sergeant Lim Yew Chuan was jailed for two weeks for neglect of duty as he had not issued a warning ticket to a 29 year old woman working in Singapore illegally. Instead, he had sex with her and tried to have the thing forgotten.

POLICE OFFICER CHARGED with neglect of duty — The Policeman who was in charge of an assault case involving three expats who jumped bail in 2011, was himself charged.  The Minister S.Iswaran would only say that an internal inquiry was looking into the case and it was in the hands of the Police Disciplinary Board.

SINGAPORE SENIOR POLICE OFFICER KEPT BROTHEL TRIPS SECRET — Station Inspector Choy Ah Kiong of the Island’s CID was fined 800 dollars for police misconduct over his secret assignation with vice woman — He was accused in court of flouting the rules and regulations because he did not record interactions with a brothel owner on two trips to China.  It was stated that he had now retired from the police and was anxious to retain a pension?

EX-SINGAPORE POLICEMAN IS JAILED FOR 14 MONTHS — Former Staff Sergeant Mohd Hisham Atan was sent to prison for fourteen months by the District Court where he pleaded guilty to fabricating evidence and forging police statements.

POLICE STATION INSPECTOR IS FINED $5,000 OVER DEATH — Senior Station Inspector Goh Sien Hiang was fined and banned from driving for two years after she admitted to driving without due care.  She killed an elderly pedestrian when she drove out without looking or considering the pedestrian.

POLICE SERGEANT GETS JAIL AND CANE – Police Sergeant Kevin Wu Zhenhao was jailed for 16 months and received 3 strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to molesting a drunk woman — the event being caught on CCTV. He was also charged with 7 counts of computer misuse which were taken in consideration.

SINGAPORE COP JAILED FOR UNDERAGE SEX — Police Officer and former Port Inspector Alvin Chen Zi Yoy was caught up in Singapore’s Underage Sex scandal still ongoing…..he received a 12 week prison sentence.

SINGAPORE VOLUNTARY POLICE SERGEANT IS JAILED — Police Sergeant Jeffrey Chua was jailed for one day and fined $1,000 dollars for the abuse of his warrant card…it was stated that he had used it to get discount in a sex situation – it was said he flashed it at the club girls intimating it should get him special treatment.

POLICE STAFF SERGEANT CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION — Police Sergeant Parthiven Ramaya of the Ang Mo Kio Police Division was arrested on charges of bribery appertaining to his request for sexual favours in return for recommending leniency in the girl’s theft case.  It was stated that this extended to three other occasions.

Update: Police Staff Sergeant Ramaya was jailed for 14 months for corruption.

POLICE CORRUPTION IN SINGAPORE IS REAL, but denied by the Government, as with the above cases, if a cop can try to fit up another cop, then it must be easier to fit up civilians and foreign tourists. We were in contact with a former inmate of the Shangi Prison who confirmed this, and said that other inmates talked of being able to bribe cops until the price could not be met and they were thrown to the authorities. We asked him why he could or they could not benefit from pointing out a bent cop or guard, and he came straight back with ‘ if you accuse an officer and cannot substantiate your claim they come down hard on you saying you are lying and that gets you caned and more jail. ‘ How can you get the evidence when you’re locked up or the cops have searched your home and made things disappear?’ We were ready to question that until we got hold of the Prison Rules, and that had an offence — ‘ Making false allegations about an officer ‘ listed as a serious offence, which carries 12 of the cane, and extra prison time, so we know what our contact said was the truth. (see ten cops  taking bribes)MYSTERY SURROUNDS SUICIDE OF AUXILIARY POLICE OFFICER: A Certis Cisco Auxiliary Woman Police Officer in Singapore who worked on duty at the Supreme Court shot herself.  The 20 year old was said to have gone to the toilets and discharged a gun resulting in her death. The Malaysian’s death is being investigated.

SECOND AUXILIARY POLICE OFFICER SHOOTS HIMSELF — Thirunavukarasu Sandanasamy, a Cisco Certis Police Officer shot himself in the head with his gun just two days before Christmas.  An inquest said that among other things, he was unhappy with his job.

CERTIS CISCO INSPECTOR IN MOLEST CASE — Officer Neo Chip Wei, an Inspector was jailed for three years and ordered to receive three strokes of the cane after being convicted of molesting a 12 year old girl.

TWO CERTIS COPS JAILED FOR THEFT — Two Officers who were entrusted to transport cash to bank machines were jailed for dishonestly misappropriating $146,900.  Palwinder Singh Harjan Singh and Theywa Subramiam both helped themselves to the cash…one got 3 years jail and the other got 30 months.

THREE SINGAPORE COPS ARE JAILED FOR THEFT — The three men who were on National Service with the Police raided their own police station when the commanding officer was not there.  The burglary spree involved the theft of phones, laptop computers and pc stuff.  Muhammad Erman Iman Tauhid got 18 months prison. Vigilante Corps Officer Mohammad Yunas Aziz got 14 months, and Cop Saiful Rizam Assim got 7 months jail.

SINGAPORE FORMER COP CONVICTED IN SEX CASE — Probationary Police Inspector Daniel Ong Cher Sian received 15 months probation when he appeared before the District Court.  He was charged and pleaded guilty to committing sex offences (insulting modesty) against three women.  It was said that he had rubbed himself against them for sexual pleasure – he was described as a sexual deviant who had a sexual disorder.

OFF DUTY PROTECTION OFFICER IS JAILED — Singapore Officer Jay Prakash Jageshwar was jailed for a period of four weeks following his attack on a retired man of 69yrs.  It was said that he was annoyed and lashed out at the old man Ngoh Jat Peng hitting him and kicking him to the ground.

SINGAPORE AUXILIARY COP JAILED   — For knowingly pocketing money, Cop Mohamed Yassin Sampol was jailed for misappropriating money at a checkpoint.  He saw the money bag fall to the floor when the woman was leaving, and when she did not notice, he went and pocketed it.  He also pleaded guilty to fraudulently possessing items including 5 ez-link cards.

POLICE STAFF SERGEANT ARRESTED IN KOVAK DOUBLE MURDER — Sgt Iskandar bin Rahmat  was extradited and brought back to Singapore as a prime suspect in a double murder.  The Officer who worked at the Bedock Police Division in Singapore for 14 years was said to have been badly in debt and suspended at the time of the murders and was facing disciplinary action.

SUPPORT POLICE OFFICER IS JAILED FOR 3 MONTHS —  A Senior Support Police Officer in the Singapore Police was jailed for theft after taking four iPads.   Officer Yap Bao Fa was based at the Police Headquarters in Irrawaddy Road,…. he admitted to 3 counts of theft including the iPads that he stole in September 2012.  Four other charges were taken into consideration.

SINGAPORE POLICE CORPORAL JAILED —  ‘Demanding money by threats’ — Police Corporal Shawn Lim Zi Han was jailed for five months for trying to obtain money, $150 dollar fine, from a man whom he saw vulnerable to his position in the Law.  The Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre Cop was called a disgrace by the judge.

FORMER SINGAPORE POLICE DETECTIVE CONVICTED OF LOAN-SHARKING — Detective Sergeant Choo Hock Leng was fined $50,000 dollars when he was convicted of loan sharking by the court.  The ‘award-winning’ cop was said to have committed the offences whilst in the Police Force and was assisted by fellow officers Senior Staff Sgt Tan Lay Hin and Sgt Goh Cheng Huat.

SINGAPORE POLICE EMPLOYEE IN MOTOR INSURANCE SCAM — Technical Support Officer Ruhaima Sinin appeared in court charged with two counts of conspiracy and cheating the NYUC Income Insurance by falsely claiming $21,887 in a staged accident.

FORMER SINGAPORE POLICE SERGEANT IN COURT — Facing 60 charges, ex cop Norazly Joihani a former Bedok Police Division Officer faces 60 ‘slew’ offences — including Forgery and Breach of Trust which he is said to have committed between 2009/10.  He was also accused of misappropriating $2,700 dollars he was entrusted with….he faces up to 20 years in jail plus a fine.

Joihani was jailed for 15 months for tampering with police reports and assignments,

FORMER COP JAILED — Ex -Singapore Policeman Ling Hock Huat was jailed for six months by the court for a criminal breach of trust.  He pled guilty to one count of corruption – he took $2,000 from a case he should have handed to his supervisors.  It was said in court that he used the money for personal expenses and to pay off a debt.

CNB OFFICER JAILED FOR THREE MONTHS — Narcotics Bureau  Police Officer Low Vins was convicted of making two false reports, said to be as a result of sheer laziness according to the Singapore Court.

SINGAPORE CPIB OFFICER FACES 21 FRAUD CHARGES – Assistant Director of the Police Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau – Edwin Yeo Seow Hiong faces 12 counts of using the proceeds of his crime for gambling, 8 counts for criminal breach of trust and 1 count of forgery.  He was bailed under the security of a $500,000 dollars bail bond.  He was charged with misappropriating 1.7 million dollars from the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Agency?

Update: Edwin Yeo Seow Hiong was given a ten year sentence for misappropriating money during 2009 – 2011.

FORMER CPIB OFFICER IN COURT — Facing charges of cheating and theft, the assistant with the Corrupt Practices Investigations Bureau was charged with 15 offences relating to cheating and theft.  Christopher Gan Boon Khong faces two counts of theft, twelve other charges relating to cheating, and another single charge of hurt relating to an assault incident.  Details point to stolen credit cards in this case.

THE CLOUD OF MYSTERY AND GOVERNMENT ‘FIXING’ OVER NARCOTICS CNB POLICE SERGEANT? — Much has been raised — just as it has been suppressed — concerning Police Sergeant S. Rajkumar whose evidence succeeded in hanging Vines Mourthi, and this was amid accusations against him for rape and sodomy prior to him arresting Mourthi in a drugs bust which had all the hallmarks of a USA Movie about Cops gone Bad!!     His trial was delayed for two years while they safely hanged Mourthi who claimed his innocence right up to the rope being put around his neck.  A Court handed Sgt Rajkumar  fifteen months, and that is from a judiciary that slams crime hard albeit petty crime or otherwise — they like making examples of criminals, but this was not done in the cop’s case, in fact there were no charges brought for rape and sodomy, they simply just disappeared off the radar. Instead, lesser ones were put in place at the hearing more less like a ‘Changeling’ — the real explanation as yet to be found.

NEW MYSTERY OF DIPLOMAT AND HOSTILE GOVERNMENT — Romanian Diplomat Silviu Ionescu claimed he was the victim of a Singapore State Conspiracy — as he is charged and tried for a second time concerning a road accident.  He claims that as in the previous case, the evidence has been doctored.  It was a fact that another charge earlier concerning motoring in a Diplomatic car, he contested a witness statement and proved he was at a meeting and not at the scene.  We contacted Mr Ionescu through a third party and found that his troubles began when he fell out with officials in Government at ‘privileged meetings’ of State.  His Lawyer replied in answer to his client’s claim of being framed saying ‘ This has to do with secret things that cannot be revealed publicly’  Mr Ionescu said he was not at all surprised they had tried to ‘fit him up’ again, but would rather they hadn’t.

SINGAPORE CNB – ERROR? OR ATTEMPT TO MISLEAD? – Three years of annual error, that is what The Central Narcotics Bureau blame on computers!  This led to drug abusers arrest figures being publicly seen as ‘falling’ when in fact they weren’t.  Many perceived that the numbers were down when used to support the crime figures as falling during the period of 2008 to 2010 inclusive. Ng Boon Gay the Chief of the CNB was publicly forced to reveal this error, and alarmingly added the words ‘ There’s no miscarriage of justice as a result of this error’  In 2008 they reported to the Singapore public that there was 1,925 drug abuse arrests, the real figure was 2,537 a rise of 25 percent in actual terms. In 2009 a Government statement said there was 1,883 arrests, but the real figure was 2,616, almost 30 percent more, and in 2010 they made claims of 1,805 drug abuse arrests, whereas the truth was 2,887, around 33 percent, showing a steady rise of drug crimes year by year. All three figures of the ‘the low kind’ were presented for three years showing wide discrepancies that would have led the public to believe in ‘the lower crime’ rhetoric claimed by The Singapore Government, and no-one would have challenged that — the blame on computer error is convenient, but over three years?

DISCLOSURE BY SINGAPORE POLICE SUBJECT TO ‘Behind closed doors decisions’ — sparked condemnation in the Ismil Kadar Case when he was convicted of murder, which was reduced to Robbery with hurt, and then cleared of any offence?  — ‘Serious Lapses’ by police — and Prosecution withholding statement evidence from Defence? led to Workers Party MP Sylvia Lim raising the matter with Law Minister K.Shanmugam…. but this isn’t all? —In another case of ‘flawed evidence’ and ‘unsafe verdict’ Asman Sanwan was due to be on the scaffold for murder — was acquitted after being on death row for two years in 2010…both these cases feature legal scandals.

PRISON OFFICER IN MOLEST CASE DOES DEAL — to save himself from becoming a prisoner!  Staff Sergeant Selvaraj Karuppiah settled the case with an apology and compensated for his offence by paying the un-named victim $10,000 dollars.

PRISON OFFICER JAILED OVER MESSAGE SMUGGLING — A Prison Officer became an inmate himself when he was found guilty of passing a message to a prisoner and taking out one….conveying unauthorised message to an inmate is a breach of the rules….Former Officer Parameswaran Servadurai pleaded guilty to two charges under the Prison Act…a third charge was taken into consideration.  He was jailed for two weeks.

FORMER PRISON OFFICER PLEADS GUILTY TO MURDER — Former Junior Prison Officer Lim Wee Thong faces the death penalty or life imprisonment with a caning for the murder of his girlfriend, who he stabbed to death.  He also admitted 15 offences of stealing from her.  His Lawyers are asking for the jail term and wish to have him assessed medically for suitability for caning.

PRISON OFFICER FINED OVER CAUSING DEATH — Deputy Superintendent Lim Kwo Yin pleaded guilty to negligence and having failed to supervise to subordinate warders at the Shangi Jail in Singapore, when they restrained a prisoner who had been sentenced to reformative training for rioting and theft.  In 2007 he was around 16yrs old when he was tried and convicted, and was released in January 2010, but was recalled to prison for failing to comply with his supervision order.  The matter of this ‘prison death’ has taken 3 years for this officer to be brought to book (not without delay and interference from the authorities), and the family have been ‘barred’ from knowing the exact circumstances……the report says that the prisoner’s mother is considering legal action against the prison.  The man’s death was worth ‘ $10,000’ to Singapore, that is the amount of their humanity!

PRISON OFFICER CASE TAKES NEW TURNING — Is it another Shane Todd Whitewash?   This seemingly ordinary case appears to be taking a more sinister twist as the truth collides with secrecy and a hurry to have this out of the News.  The Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran told Parliament that the State Coroner had discontinued the inquiry saying death had been established in the Criminal Court………..yet there has been a ‘reluctance’ to release this full report of the Coroner’s Inquiry…..and a Report in The Shane Todd Case was held back when Shane’s parents tried to see it.           The death of Prisoner Dinesh Chinnaiah by Warders is being challenged by the family lawyer who points out that there had been no forensic findings on how, when and where the deceased met his death…..and the Second Minister said nothing of the news that the mother of the inmate who died after being restrained at Changi Prison has launched a court bid to have the Coroner’s inquiry into his death re-opened, (Aug 22/2013)… this yet another case of the Government trying to close another disturbing case that puts the Judiciary in a bad light and reveals more than they want known?

NEWS ON ‘ Prisoner Death Case’ (above) — It has now transpired that the ‘whitewash’ is complete because the Attorney General’s Chambers have stepped in and closed the new inquiry asked for…they issued a statement saying ‘ there will not be any further inquiry into the death of the inmate’

SINGAPORE POLICE IN PUBLIC ABDUCTION — Captured on camera and subject on you-tube, the Police in more than an average number are seen harassing a woman and threatening her.  The officers are asked several times to explain and say from which station they belong. None do so, as she walks along the path, and as she points out several times, no other citizen is being challenged or subjected to this intrusive behaviour.  She is manhandled by the police several times, which could be argued as assault, but the police continue harassing her claiming she is in a ‘Protected area’ which is rather ambiguous by any official standard, yet other people are in this so-claimed area, and they are not being challenged.  In the end she and a colleague are bundled off in a police vehicle. She asks why and where they are being taken to, but no officer in the vehicle seems to know, one officer tries to seize and block the man’s camera from taking pictures of them…is this natural police activity?

Incidentally, the above police incident revealed that this was a ‘Special Operations’ task force…ordered by who?

SINGAPORE POLICE HARASS SILENT PROTESTORS — YouTube showed a 2006 Protest by 4 silent protestors in Singapore displaying their t-shirts with a message demanding transparency and accountability in Singapore’s State Managed Pension Fund and other Government linked Agencies. Officers approached the four and circled them several times until Riot Police arrived in full gear to put pressure on them.

SINGAPORE POLICE ACCUSED OF ASSAULTS — ‘the Little India Riots’…… news has emerged from Workfair Singapore that some detainees have been the subject of police assaults taking place where no cameras are placed….. and strangely, the Public prosecutor has been requested to investigate the claims, much like the situation of ‘police investigating the police’ which is neither satisfactory or reassuring for justice.  In addition to this situation, the authorities have arbitrarily deported 53 ‘rioters’ without trial!

FORMER SINGAPORE COP POCKETS 100 DOLLARS IS JAILED — A police corporal who worked at the registration department of the police Cantonment Complex, Desmond Soh Wei Feng (attached to the Bedok Police Division) was found guilty of a criminal breach of trust when he pocketed $100 belonging to man held in custody….. he was jailed for three months.

SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION OFFICER GUILTY OF DISHONESTY — Sergeant Edmund Jegan Anthony was jailed for nine months for dishonestly obtaining cash for his own use from motorist’s cash cards at the Woodlands Checkpoint where he worked on booth patrol on the Singapore border.

SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION STAFF SERGEANT JAILED FOR SIX WEEKS — Staff Sergeant Khusin Zaun was sent to prison for six weeks after being found guilty of submitting false information to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau. He was assigned to the Immigration Checkpoints Authority.

CHECKPOINT OFFICER TAKES A BRIBE — A Singapore Checkpoint Authority ICA Specialist took fees for social visit passes from foreigners entering Singapore.  Corporal Mohammed Mustaff Mohabat Ali  was jailed for 21 months by the District Court, he admitted 12 of 35 charges of corruption – he worked at the Tuas Checkpoint.

ANOTHER SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION OFFICER IS JAILED — Staff Sergeant Mohammed Saqib Mohd Ghalib who worked at The Checkpoints Immigration Authority — The Woodlands Checkpoint, admitted in the District Court to 5 charges of fraudulently forging medical certificates and making alterations without authority. 10 other charges were taken into consideration — the Sergeant who had worked with the Authority for seven years was sentenced to four months imprisonment.

SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION OFFICER IN COMPUTER MISUSE IS JAILED — Ng Chun Wei of The Border Watch Unit was jailed for two months and fined $9,000 dollars. He admitted to three charges of computer misuse and another charge of corruption involving bribery.  In addition, he asked for 21 more offences of computer misuse to be considered plus lying to the CPIB when questioned.

YET ANOTHER SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION OFFICER IS JAILED — Maznah Abdulla pleaded guilty to two charges of cheating and giving false testimony to the police.  She was involved in a car insurance sting and staged a fake accident to claim insurance money…..she was jailed for one month.

TWO MORE IMMIGRATION CHECKPOINT OFFICERS ARE JAILED — Checkpoint Officers with the ICA, Mohamed Nazrul Noor Mohamed and Lukmanulhakim Samsun were each jailed for four months for accepting bribes.

SINGAPORE CUSTOMS OFFICER CHARGED WITH FRAUD — Officer Mohamed Yusof Abdul Rahman was formally charged with corruption.  He faced 29 counts of corruptly accepting $11,400 and 103 counts of assisting fraudulent claims in refunds totalling half a million dollars.  Five others are also on trial involved in the scam.

SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT MANPOWER SENIOR INVESTIGATOR IN SEX FOR FAVOURS CASE — Senior Officer of Investigations Norezwan Em appeared in Court charged with bribery — it was said that the officer obtained sexual favours from Chinese National Liu Lihua to help her stay in Singapore.  Further testimony said that the officer also met up with her at the Oxley Hotel 88 in Geylang last year.

SINGAPORE MILITARY COLONEL IN UNDERAGE SEX TRIAL —  Lieutenant Colonel Emlyn Thomas Thariyan is accused of having sex with an underage prostitute at Hotel 81 Bencoolen — it was said that he paid 500 dollars. He is one of a number of men involved in the trials now ongoing. (Feb 2011)

GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION IN SINGAPORE — Real and identified in a leaked document — Corruption or a Dictator’s perks? — The Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement 16 detainees had been detained for their subversive activities which posed a threat to national security, and that they were not detained for their political beliefs–but this statement and claim was later rebutted by the government? Yet they went on to say 9 of the detainees were involved in Communist United Front activities in support of the Party in Malaya, which they said was committed to the violent overthrow of the Singapore Government and Malaysia — and the other seven were involved in a Marxist plot to subvert and destabilise Singapore, none of which was supported by evidence.  Around this time Seow joined the Singapore Legal Service and rose through the ranks to become Solicitor General after serving under the administration of then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, and was appointed senior counsel to a Commission Inquiry. He was later suspended from practising Law for 12 months by Chief Justice Wee Chong Jin for a breach of an undertaking given on behalf of his junior law partner to the Attorney-General at that time. He was later elected a member of the Council of The Law Society and went on to become President. This eventually led to him falling out with Lee Kuan Yew after a bitter row over the politics and role of The Law Society. He was in favour of the restoration of the role of the law society to, inter alia, comment on legislation that the government was churning out without any meaningful parliamentary debate, a role which Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew took especial dislike and exception to. Lee in retaliation drew up special legislation depriving the law society of any powers to comment on any legislation unless allowed to or sought by the government.  Seow later ran for Parliament but lost marginally. Macabre events followed when he was suddenly detained without trial and accused of having received funds from the USA and advice for the purpose of promoting democracy in Singapore. According to his released diary he had been subjected to torture, sleep deprivation and other acts of inhumanity in prison and accused of being an American stooge. Whilst waiting trial for yet another charge by Lee of tax evasion, he left the country and was convicted in his absence. All these events are said to have been politically motivated and part of a pattern of lawsuits and criminal proceedings against dissenters in Singapore.

The then former head of MI5 in the UK acknowledged that without proper balanced legislation, the intelligence and security agency becomes a repressive organ of the state at best, and this was where Singapore was heading if the Law Chiefs were not being involved in passing or debating laws of the country.

In 1996 Lee Kuan Yew and his son Deputy Prime Minister admitted to receiving discounts on purchases of luxury apartments whilst in office, incidentally supplied by Hotel Property Ltd — one director being Lee Kuan Yew’s younger brother?  with the support of Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. But no one was accused of corruption as they might have been elsewhere in the world. PAP politicians were paid salaries that superseded their counterparts in the USA or Japan?  Parliament is made up of 2 opposition members to a ruling 84 government members?  Yew controls the Press, and opposition to his rule is dealt with by fair means or foul, mostly the latter. Even today, the Judiciary is controlled by him and this is seen all too clearly in high profile incidents.

WHO  IS THE REAL LEE KUAN YEW? and what does he stand for?  Conflicting and contradictory is certainly one of the answers…and this is yet again revealed by something that happened in 1986.  ‘ Lee Kuan Yew and the Special Branch Officer’  — A Mr.Yong? who claims there was gross dishonesty practised by Lee, not once but twice.  The Special Branch man apparently worked as an undercover agent for The CIA..all with Lee’s knowledge in 1961 where the story actually began. There was a disagreement about PAP policy that was seen to be oppressive, especially as they would dock civil servant’s pay if they didn’t cooperate.  The second fallout and mistruth is somewhat more serious. This happened at The Select Committee hearing of the Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill on the 9th October 1986 — and that this officer officer had been asked to quit as Director of The CPIB in connection with the investigations of four detectives by the CPIB following an Official Complaint by the then Solicitor General, Mr.Francis Seow.  The Officer was accused of helping out his friend Mr.Francis Seow, and having the four detectives dismissed. He said the accusation was a figment of MM Lee’s imagination, and that he was able to prove that he had been appointed Director of the ISD following his time spent in the CPIB — The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau — he says these are glaring examples of the recklessness of MM Lee Kuan Yew who had little regard for the truth!!

Confusing? yes, but there’s no smoke without fire, and somewhere in there lies a truth possibly more shocking if it were known. The central players here, The PAP, Lee Kuan Yew, CPIB, and ISD (Internal Security Department) and CIA make for a very toxic combination. Mr.Yong, being with the ISD does not bode well either as you will see in the article ‘ The Evils of Singapore ISD’ …and the above article could well be ‘ a fallout and tiff finally revealed’

SINGAPORE AND BRITAIN COLLUDE TO DESTROY OPPOSITION — In 1963, Britain conspired and collaborated with the PAP and Lee to crush the opposition.  These ‘secret’ documents were revealed by Poo Soo Kai who uncovered de-classified British Archive documents relating to ‘Operation Coldstore’ in which the British were to assist the PAP crush the opposition before the 1963 General Elections.  Many of the Opposition were arrested under the ISA and held in detention without trial, many were tortured, and Lee approved it, once saying that ‘the biggest punishment a man can receive is total isolation in a dungeon, black and complete withdrawal of stimuli, that is real torture’ this is real detention for all prisoners without exception………Britain backed Lee Kuan Yew.

SINGAPORE COLLUDES WITH MALAYSIA TO HELP DESTROY BRITISH ‘ATROCITY’ SECRETS — The Singapore Government waved through several lorries through its border checkpoint in the knowledge they were carrying British Government ‘secrets’ that must be destroyed and incinerated at the Singapore Naval Base.  The secret material had it been seen would look bad for Britain — it travelled down from the British High Commission in Malaysia.

THE SINGAPORE MYSTERY MONEY — The question ‘ask Mr Goh Chock Tong about the missing S$17million dollars of taxpayers money’ seems to have angered the Singapore Government into libel claims etc, according to an American Observer USA student Bryan Murphy — And by all accounts they have never answered this.

In 1995, Deputy Chief Mr Choy Hon Tim was jailed for 14 years for taking 14 million Singapore dollars in bribes for giving out privileged information — he was a chief executive of the National Water agency.

SINGAPORE SLIDES UP TO FIVE IN CORRUPTION STATE CHART after being a relative No 1 least corruption country, meaning that it has lost it’s claim to being at the bottom of the league which is measured in opposite ends. However, it is Singapore claiming it and publishing it through its Government owned paper The Straits Times which it controls, so it’s claim to be more cleaner can be treated with a pinch of salt, as this is more likely a government publicity piece of propaganda. It says it has been polled by the Transparency International? saying Government corruption is getting less, and there is no real proof of this, and this press piece does not alter that.

JOURNALIST SAYS REDUCED CORRUPTION CLAIM BY SINGAPORE IS A JOKE — Thai Correspondent, John Symons says that the rating by the Transparency International Group is absolutely farcical and could never be calculated when no free press exists…the state is holding all the cards and can make up anything it likes. He says Whistleblowers are not protected as they are in democratic countries, and they could face imprisonment.

A case in point supplied by a contact points at the matter of Singapore Technology being blacklisted by India in a Corruption Probe to Sin City? (we have no details as yet of that but will persevere and investigate it)

SINGAPORE CORRUPTION only Hidden, not resolved despite claims by Minister — Harchand Singh, a former Branch Union Official with Semco (co-owned by the Government) says that corruption was routine government business engaged in by the PAP – The Peoples Action Party. He says he saw this over and over again until he made the mistake of upsetting one man — Chua Eng Boon who received promotion. Singh says that Corporate life has long been corrupt but few people ever dare to speak out, and those that do are in big trouble. He tells us of how he was a union man from 1987 to 1998 and during that time he saw many ‘kickbacks’ usually ten per cent of the contract agreed. Singh, who is a Singaporean, says his days were numbered when he had an exchange with Boon who threatened him. In retaliation and in the heat of the exchange, Singh said he would expose the corruption and had the documents,…and then came the attempts to frame him, so Singh quickly removed himself and the evidence, which we hope to look at as we contacted him and are waiting to discover more.

SINGAPORE PAP — THE SINISTER TOOL OF SUPPRESSION — Silencing the opposition or free-willed seems to be regular sport for the Singapore Government in its misuse of the law for its own purposes and not that of the general people. Defamation has been on a tortuous route through the judiciary and is being used like a gun or knife to wound all dissenters alike. An article recently found says that Joshua B. Jeyoretnam who was with the Workers Party was repeatedly sued by the Government and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who it says sues individuals and others. A rebuttal issued by Singapore’s Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications to the Arts — Peer M.Akbur in the Wall St Journal defending defamation actions sets about trashing the facts regarding date of the original article and spouts about the honour of protecting free speech by using defamation cases to support it which is nonsense. The Press Secretary makes no comment on the many times it was used — as it was in the Shadrake Case and The TRE-meritus actions. No mention is made of having to apply for permission to speak in public or the fact that police are sent to covertly listen in at meetings with a view to arresting or bringing defamation suits against anyone who seriously contradicts the PAP.  There is one decision only in the court, that of the Judge in sole authority (there are no juries at all in any court) and the Government have that sown up…so the conclusion is obvious. Alarmingly, Joshua was accused of saying words in an article in Tamil? a language he neither understood or could write!! so one has to question whether this really constitutes ‘evidence’ and legal proof he did it, and that would not stand up in a International Court, the prosecution would have to show reasonable cause to suspect or educational evidence to support the theory he was able to understand it and write in Tamil.. Peer M.Akbur says the article at the time was found to be defamatory? and damages awarded with an apology….but this refers to the article he did not write which may have been so proved….but it appears the prosecution in Singapore has to prove very little if nothing but the mere suggestion the defendant is guilty!  This article is in support of his son Kenneth Jeyaretnam of the Reform Party who wants to see true democracy for Singaporeans.

THE P.A.P. was formed in 1954 by an Englishman! later to be headed by Lim Chin Siong, Lee Kuan Yew and Fong Swee Suan — to bring about independence for the small Island State. Britain declined this at the London Constitutional talks, but by 1959 it was achieved but at a cost – Lim attacked Communist ideals; the Singaporean Chinese which did him harm in the long run. What followed were allegations of civil rights violations and people being detained without trial. Lee Kuan Yew won the day and many critics said the PAP had rejected Western Liberal Policies in favour of something more authoritarian. But Independence had been granted and that was it.

P.A.P –‘Not so popular now, it lost ground and face when it only got 67 per cent of the vote in 2006  — Reuben Wong said the electorate were obviously responding to a lot of public unhappiness!!

SINGAPORE POLITICS ENTER ‘DIRTY TRICKS PHASE’ — Hougang residents accused the PAP of penalising voters because they decided to vote for the opposition.  Allegations of dishonesty were levelled against the Workers Party over the candidacy of Mr Png Eng Huat, who said it was an attempt to discredit them.

P.A.P. ATTACKS ON CANDIDATE designed to destroy his credibility — Recent history reveals the case of James Gomez and the ‘ dirty tricks to smear his reputation’ actively carried out by PAP — aided by Lee Kuan Yew and Wang Kan Seng,  The incident revolved around an election form that PAP made an issue out of firing up the PM Lee Kuan Yew to call Gomez ‘a liar’ — going onto publicly to say that James Gomez had ‘perpetrated a dirty trick’ when no such evidence proved it so.  But being Prime Minister, Lee didn’t have to prove that, challenges against Lee always fail. His Deputy Prime Minister Wang said Gomez ‘showed blatant dishonesty’ — again without proof, and would never have to do so. The ‘acid criticism’ by PAP during the election continued and gathered strength, saying that Gomez did not submit the required form, a form he didn’t need to submit. He did claim to submit a registration form, but PAP said he hadn’t.  The Government STRAITS TIMES joined in under the agreeable eye of the PM and ran more than a dozen stories to harass Gomez. It only stopped when PAP Officials began to realise it was provoking a backlash that looked set to turn on them. The Singapore Government however, continued to harass Gomez and had his passport seized when he tried to return to his job in Sweden. To make their point they had police question him for eight hours according to sources, but the Government refused to confirm this.

P.A.P MISDEEDS –  Internet Singapore Activist says a long list of misdeeds by the PAP were given to Minister Heng Swee Kiat…..but nothing came of it.  At a meeting, National Conversation, it was found that it excluded opposition members or bloggers….and appeared well supported by PAP Supporters.  They claimed the meeting was ‘inclusive’      President Tony Tan claimed his best achievement in one year was going to watch the Olympics in London!

PAP AND THE TOWN COMPUTERS? — Why did the PAP relinquish ownership of the computer and financial system and how much did they sell it to AIM for? these questioned are now to be raised in a long awaited investigation that a Minister has called for.  The background of this is somewhat puzzling. It is assumed that the system was probably developed with taxpayers money by the 14 councils, with mutual input and support from tax payer-paid town council staff, unless, and it’s hard to believe — the PAP paid for the development of the system.

PAP often make demands on other countries to observe human rights, but their past records are dismal.

It is also said by opponents, that the PAP control the elections…….and they may well have a case!

SINGAPORE’S SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE RESIGNS IN DISGRACE — Speaker in the Government House, Michael Palmer made it known at PAP Headquarters that he was resigning his post in Government due to being discovered having a ‘extra-marital’ affair, and he took full responsibility for the grave mistake.  The Government and MP’s were shocked it is said by the news and sudden resignation.

SINGAPORE FORMER MP CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION — Choo Wee Khiang a former MP was accused in court of a Criminal Breach of Trust — he is accused of taking part in a conspiracy to secure payment for a trainer who was secretly engaged in another job while taking money for the one he was contracted to (moonlighting)… Three other charges of Corruption have been deferred for a later court date.

Money-laundering convictions in Singapore by Industry and Financial institutions were two a year in 2008 and have risen.  Singapore’s bank secrecy laws have attracted evaders and money laundering in recent times. An audacious banking scam by Jeanette Ang engaged in fraudulent bank transfers to Singapore from the US led to her being jailed for 9 months, and on another note, Peter Madhaven – first independent director of a financial Institution was jailed for breaking Singapore Securities Laws. Three Singapore companies involved in an elaborate ‘kickback scheme – bribery’ to do with Apple are under investigation, but the country’s Anti-Corruption Bureau are not saying they have opened such an investigation and are remaining secretive about the matter.

SINGAPORE, THE DIPLOMAT, AND UNAUTHORISED GOLD? — A tale of one North Korean Diplomat who was able to, with no indifference from Singapore, travel with $1.4 million in gold to Bangladesh.  It is without doubt that ‘rich’ Singapore know of the sanctions against North Korea, especially as the International Finance System had barred North Korea from money dealing in the International money markets.  Yet, this Diplomat Son Young Nam – first secretary of the North Korean Embassy in Dhaka was able to board a plane in Singapore carrying this gold and take it to Bangladesh….in order to sell it for hard currency (as it is suggested).        The Government of Singapore considers itself tough on crime and claims to have a rigorous customs system, catching people, jailing and flogging them etc, yet a diplomat from North Korea slips through unchallenged?  But on the other hand, Singapore is known for its love of wealth among the rich and in government, and they do business with people like Mugabe…….?

THE ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMITTEE in their quest to root out corruption have got so zealous that it has turned on them, and they are finding themselves under allegations of corruption, which is bringing a sharp focus on ‘ who ‘polices the police? and who ‘polices the corruption investigators? This kind of thing is not new, many bodies in government that set up these departments finally have the finger of corruption pointed at them. Anyone who investigates corruption needs to be free to go after colleagues or higher ranking officials, and one can see that in Singapore this is not done without trouble and undue influence to suppress such investigation which in turn will ultimately involve corruption — corruption that will inevitably be denied, but we’ve heard that before many times. Their Standards Committee will have to be changed if it is to be believed to be honest.

MYSTERY OF THE FUND MISAPPROPRIATION — As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s lawyers refuted Mr Roy Ngemg’s claim that his blog post about government transparency and accountibility, not about the unlawful misappropriation of Central Provident Fund savings……unwittingly shines more on the latter and where has these missing funds gone?

BODYGUARD TO SINGAPORE PM IN FRAUD CASE —  A former Aide to PM LEE KUAN YEW was accused of a criminal breach of trust and fraud amounting to $50,000 by an Ex-Cop who claims in a police report that he was misled into putting the money into an ‘investment vehicle’.  One is also led to believe that the bodyguard to the PM — Mr Anathan Thillagan was a policeman considering that the Ex-Cop Mr Sugendran referred to him as a fellow officer in his statement.  (Nov 26/2014).

THE EVILS OF SINGAPORE ISD — Internal Security Department — Detention without trial — torture denied? all done in prison and overseen by the ISD. We look to the work of Singaporean, Chee Siok Chin who wrote a small investigatory book called ‘That we may dream again’ in 2009. He set out to discover the tactics and behaviour of this Singapore Unit the ISD and interviewed detainees in 1987 who were bullied and persecuted by their own government.  Mr.Lee Hsien Loong was the Deputy PM at that time, and publicly stated ‘ The Government does not ill-treat detainees; it does however, apply psychological pressure to detainees to get at the truth?’ — but this appears to be ‘rather economical with the truth’ as we reiterate the story of one detainee, Vincent Cheng who said he had great anger for the injustice of the whole incident, and that the perpetrators have not been brought to account for their deeds.  ‘Operation Spectrum’ was said to be ‘Political Rape’ by those who opposed oppression, and Cheng was arrested in that sting. he said ‘I cannot forget or forgive them. The harsh treatment meted out to me in prison to extract information was inhuman — I was put in a freezing room, slapped and suffered beatings, including a savage blow to his abdomen. Another detainee, Kevin De Souza told about the many strip searches, blindfolds being put on, sleep deprivation, slaps to the face, unnatural treatment invented to humiliate and cause pain, televised interviews, solitary confinement and long term incarceration without trial.  Another detainee, Ms. Tang Lay Lee confirmed the torture meted out to detainees.

Detainee Dr Lim Hock Siew was in prison for 19 years — detainee Chia Thye Poh was in prison for 32 years!!…………THE HISTORY OF SINGAPORE THAT DISGUSTS…….Dr Lim Hock Siew Opposition Member was in jail for almost twenty years, seven more than a life sentence!  He was detained under the powers of the ISA and arrested by police and thrown into jail without a trial…1963 to 1982.  Lee Kuan Yew was in power, and like the actions of a dictator he would not tolerate any kind of challenge to his authority.  The Authorities demanded that Siew sign a statement saying he had repented, but he refused and was detained for a further 10 years. At the time of the demand he was told that Lee does not like to lose face.  The1963 General Election was rigged by The British and PAP.  Because he wouldn’t co-operate, Siew was ordered to appear before the Advisory Board, chaired by High Court Judge Winslow and a lawyer called Elias, and he was brought into court wearing handcuffs.  The Charge sheet was blank, and he was told to plead guilty…he refused saying this hearing was a disgrace to the concept of Law and Justice. The Lawyer said he could be charged with contempt and jailed! but he was already in jail.  Siew was not a convict, his crime was to disagree with the ruling party, and he was labelled a dissident. But this did not stop them from sending him to nearly every prison on Singapore.  In 1973 they tried to force him into ‘manual labour’ meant for convicts who did awful crimes, he refused.  They then sent him to one of the worst detention places, The Central Police Station which was infested with bugs and had hardly any light.  He was put into Solitary Confinement and subjected to torture, both physical and mental.  He had no right to a lawyer, they kept telling him ‘this is the law’ no matter what he requested.  His case or lack of it, never appeared in the newspapers, they had suppressed the incident on the orders of the Government.  In a video of him speaking to an audience on the Internet he says that ‘Politicians in Singapore enjoy the highest pay in the World, and the longest prison sentences in the World are meted out to those who challenge their views or system’………..

..interestingly today, anyone caught in Singapore copying or distributing this BANNED video is threatened with a fine of S$10,000 or two years in jail.   to see that video and see more of what is going on in Singapore that they don’t like you to know, go to www.singaporerebel/  and got to right of page to scroll down to the article EX-Political Prisoner Speaks Out……the video….and watch in amazement at what the Singapore Government was prepared to do to those it did not like.  any difficulties search for Singapore Rebel…and it will get you to the Wikipedia page.

‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ A SORE ISSUE WITH SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT — Intervention by the Singapore Government has caused the cancellation of the ‘opening’ of the ‘Handa Centre for Global Governance and Human Rights’ at the Law School of Singapore Management University – a report says, and the issue is over ‘Human Rights’ in the title.  Our source says that members of the Government have taken a dislike to this being paraded publicly.

THE SECRECY OVER THE CANING ERROR certainly indicates a huge flaw in the honesty of the Judiciary and Government.  Making it a condition that no-one knows what was paid out in compensation to 21 yr old Dickson Tan (who got 3 strokes more because of a court error) gives rise to asking how many other secret deals are done in other areas, and those in turn being kept from the public they serve, which is in fact corruption. If there is no openness, accountability or transparency in Government payouts of this insignificant nature, how can they be trusted with the nation’s taxpayers cash?  they might be doing deals with rogue businessmen and bent lawyers of which one Singapore ex-lawyer said there were many, and possibly judges, the list could be huge and no-one would be the wiser with a government that does deals behind closed doors and demands they are kept secret!!

‘SPANKING IN SINGAPORE’ — Indeed, and rather unbelievable in some ways, or does the judicial caning ethos encourage a public liking for it?  We came across a site called TOPIX a Singapore Forum where people discuss and get rather high on corporal punishment in Singapore.  We’ve covered the Spanking and Caning Vice in Europe, the UK and America, but didn’t expect to find it in Asia and especially not in a punishment regime of Singapore or one the Singapore Authorities condone, but I guess it happens everywhere on this globe – Earth.

We have uncovered more on this at ‘YouTube’ which has several spanking and caning video clips featuring Singapore youth, Malaysia youth, Chinese youth and Asians embracing corporal punishment — so what does that tell us??   ( emerging news in on an online vice ring in Singapore involving around 80 males)

SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT CANING CULTURE CORRUPTS YOUTH — A vice previously blamed on the West who banned corporal punishment in prisons and school by 1986, is flourishing and enticing Singapore men and boys to try it for themselves without going to prison or committing an offence!  Our Investigator visited the site Facebook and quickly found many guys swapping photos of caning and spanking — many being from Singapore, Malaysia and China. Besides other fetish devotees they chat about it and link each other to the You Tube videos which in the main come from Asia. Our Investigator with difficulty chatted online to one 21yr old Singapore lad who said he got the interest after his school group visited the prison and were conducted to the caning area and were shown canes used and where males bend over for punishment. He added that quite a few school pals were secretly eager to bend over the frame and try it — but they didn’t want to be in court first or sentenced. He also said the cane was at his school for boys up to 19, and after his visit when he was 14, he sometimes looked and held the schoolmaster’s cane and fooled about with mates and then rushed back to his desk as the master returned. The only thing he said was a put off, was blood-letting as experienced by the actual prisoners who suffered shock and trauma while cuts were ‘bleeding profusely’ during their caning……..February 2012.

TWO SENTENCES FOR ONE CRIME IN SINGAPORE? — Years ago, the Singapore Government claimed that caning was not part of the sentence when ordering a caning along with prison…and claimed it was a kind of deterrent for assault crimes so that the offender might feel the pain they had caused…..But now in 2015 due to an appeal hearing the Government and Judiciary have openly declared that ‘CANING IS CONSTITUTIONAL’ and may be given to a prisoner convicted of an offence, thus proving that there are two sentences on one crime, a thing they have denied for a long time.  They defend this action as not breaching Human Rights and International Law and deny that it is torture! when administered to a secured prisoner on a frame….they also say it doesn’t come under International Law…..and that Singapore has the right to flog prisoners in a manner they deem fit besides jailing them for years on the same offence…..logical? definitely not….but Singapore is still a ‘veiled’ dictatorship.

WEBSITE MOUSE TR Emeritus some sort of socio-political site has grovelled before its PM who threatened to sue them for defamation, and as we already know, Singapore is good at that. Unbelievably they claim the status of being a people’s voice and despite calls from its supporters has already printed a rebuttal of the piece claiming no responsibility for others views and content plus condemnation for anyone that issues statements that criticize. Richard Wan needs to watch out for moving carpets and the fences he cannot sit on.  This site hardly ranks as a bastion of freedom and should be exposed for the fraud that it is. They claimed apologising over every defamative remark would cause difficulties in running the website — but gave way again reducing them down to being another government stooge and puppy to be trained and kept in line. Can’t they see that they have been nicely pushed and positioned into the subservient situation their readers are annoyed about!!

SINGAPORE INTRODUCES CENSORSHIP ON NEWS WEBSITES — The Government in its manic desire to silence criticism is introducing licences on news websites, so as to tighten its grip on what can and cannot be said or broadcast.  Any news website having 50,000 hits a month will have to obtain a licence to operate, they will also have to remove content not approved within 24 hours….or suffer penalties.

STUDENT MADE TO APOLOGISE FOR WEB BLOG REMARKS — Even though student Reuben Wang 17, was not repentant even 24 hours later, this changed after ‘ The School counselled him’   Many students on the Netizen supported his claims but thought his choice of words wrong, and fellow student Kwan Jin Yao said the criticisms were valid but were obscured by the liberal use of expletives and profanity. The ranting was the result of being in a student meeting when Deputy P.M. Teo Chee Hean was attending. Reuben said he was angry at the way the Deputy Prime Minister was dodging difficult questions by turning the questions back onto the students.

MORE CENSORSHIP, SUPPRESSION ON WEB CARTOONIST — The Singapore Judiciary in the face of The Attorney General’s Chambers have threatened web cartoonist Chew Peng Ee (Leslie Chew) with jail and ‘forced’ him to apologise over publishing a cartoon strip considered by the government to be ‘scandalizing the judiciary of the Republic of Singapore’  they say he has committed contempt in four cartoons he put on the web in 2011 and 2012, three of them about the perceived unfairness of the courts when imposing punishment (he’s right on that as our many articles testify to)…observers say it is yet another sign that Singapore is becoming more increasingly intolerant of criticisms and opponents to it’s style of dictatorship government.

‘RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION IS NOT AN ABSOLUTE RIGHT SAYS SINGAPORE — The Singapore Authorities revealed their true face yet again in the defamation and contempt case against blogger Alex Au who is challenging the Constitution.  The Attorney General’s Chambers have been given permission by the Island Republic Leaders to take legal action against the blogger over an article they say is offensive in which he states   their is wrongdoing by senior Judicial Officials!

THE PM Lee Hsien Loong gets a salary of 3.8 million Singapore Dollars!! one of the highest paid salaries known.

Whilst on the subject of websites — We have picked up on the fact that the hackers Anonymous have shown that Singapore are backing the ACTA Bill — a bill and legislation to curb Internet freedom by internationally imposing sanctions on ISP’s and casual web surfers…. would you believe it, Singapore wanting to curb freedom!!

DOUBLE STANDARDS AT SINGAPORE PRISON AND PUBLIC LIE — The Shangi Prison Service boasted in its ‘Public Lie’  the following in one of it’s public statements — that in jailing offenders they are ‘ fulfilling the multiple goals of punishment, incapacitation, deterrence and most difficult of all — that of rehabilitation — reformation and reintegration into society?  Yet we find that a man who committed a criminal breach of trust involving less than ten thousand dollars and went to prison 25 years ago (1986) — discovered that the Council for Estate Agents (Watchdog) queried his criminal record just when he thought he’d left that all behind in order to get on in life as a good citizen.  The authorities claim officially to help and rehabilitate offenders to have a normal life when prison ends, which is called The Yellow Ribbon Project — yet they allow a man who has paid his penalty to be hindered and subject to humiliation 25 years later, what happened to ‘ the second chance?’   The Singapore Government talks about honesty and openness, but don’t deliver.

ADVERT BY SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT FOUND TO BE OFFENSIVE — This sort of ties in with the above and really clarifies this admirably. The Singapore Ministry of Community Development have been attacked by caring Singaporeans for putting out an advert that ‘perpetrates prejudice and discrimination of ex-offenders (prison), victims of abuse and people on low incomes’. It is stated four posters published in the media put these people down as not worth caring about, and should turn their back on to be excellent citizens.

THE SINGAPORE ISD and ISA —  ‘Detention without Trial ‘ – The Evil not talked about — The Republic of Singapore as it is better known from the the 60’ and 70’s, a time when Singapore and torture was challenged and exposed by Amnesty International.  A story involving British participation and the leader Lee Kuan Yew and PAP….a story that reveals real evil, that to this day has not gone away.  The ISD – Internal Security Department of Singapore was run from a very unassuming little address in Whitley Road, The Heritage Centre, where one finds the Detention cells and brutal regime staffed by Ghurkha Mercenaries who did the dirty work of using torture to extract manufactured confessions.  They enjoyed no interference from normal laws, the powers they had were extreme, and they could order the police to carry out their commands without question.  People, or suspect victims were snatched in 4 am and late-at-night raids so that it avoided public query or interest. They were taken to the ISD and placed in cells to be held for 30 days and interrogated remorselessly with torture (teams were on a shift basis), and only allowed 30 minutes a day to wash or use the toilet.  The ISA law was written up by British Lawyer Hugh Hickling in 1960 outlining detention without trial, methods of interrogation and the rule 74 where the suspect could be detained indefinitely and have no access to a lawyer or see relatives… a law so oppressive and monstrous, which proved ideal for Lee Kuan Yew (1959) in silencing the opposition — he loved the idea of keeping a prisoner in a black cell, without light or anything….that was real torture! he said.  Prisoners were kept in a cell 5ft by 7ft with no windows and the lowest watt of lighting possible….talking and singing was absolutely forbidden….penalties were harsh, such as two victims received — a broken jaw and their teeth smashed (Pang Hee Fat and Chien Tuan Sin).  After 30 days they were transferred to prison still without a trial and kept there ‘unless they confessed’              The Government would only release them if they signed and admitted their wrongdoing, so that they could tell the public and World that the accusations were true!    Many prisoners received electric shock treatment at the hands of the ISD………The Internal Security Act and Banishment Act derived from British Colonial Legislation was used many times to silence critics, dissenters, protestors and opposition groups…..these people had no recourse to legal safeguards nor any opportunity to challenge their accusers and allegations…..they were simply grabbed and disappeared off the streets and their homes.  The Newspapers couldn’t cover the incidents, they were forbidden, and Government controlled.

 Lee Kuan Yew became Prime Minister in 1959…..and this all happened on his say watch……and he ruled for many years, even in 2008 he invented the position of Minister mentor to his son Lee Hsien Loong who took over and gets a salary of around $2.6million dollars which is not far short of the $3.870 for the PM position.  The President monthly pay was $119.520……and the PM monthly pay was $115.950.

INFO on ISD detentions are in the main kept secret and little or no publicity is given to this on their Website, and omits any reference to anything to do with the 1963 to 1980 situation, and researchers say that the police were used as a tool to crush dissenters under the ‘Authoritarian Regime’…………. which still exists now.

SINGAPORE LAWYER JAILED FOR 9 YEARS – Tan Cheng Yew stole 4.8 million Singapore Dollars from clients. He was found guilty of deception and accused of perpetrating a series of scams, and travelled on a false passport to resist capture and extradition. Yew had been on the run for 6 years — the Prosecutor said the lawyer remained unremorseful.

Jail term increased for Lawyer Tan Cheng Yew — prosecutors increased his sentence to 12 years and dismissed his appeal saying the former sentence was ‘inappropriate for the crime he committed’  (Nov 30th 2012)

FORMER SINGAPORE LAWYER JAILED AND DISBARRED – Gopalan Nair fled to the U.S. after being jailed by the authorities for flouting the ethics of the Law Society and being found guilty of defaming the judiciary.

SINGAPORE LAWYER STEALS S$68,000 — David Khong was convicted of stealing from a property transaction.

SINGAPORE LAWYER IS SUSPENDED FOR 1 YEAR — Udayasurian Sidambaram stole S$100,000of client cash.

SINGAPORE LAWYERS charged with misconduct — Ang Chin Peng and Martin Decruz Lawyers of 18 yrs experience are to face a tribunal for overcharging clients — they will face three Judges at the Apex Court.

SINGAPORE LAWYER FOUND GUILTY — Leonard Loo was found guilty of serious professional misconduct. It was stated that he had mismanaged client funds and faced 14 charges, 9 of them for breaching professional rules. They said he had been criticised by judges for his tardiness and being ill-prepared to meet his responsibilities to his clients.

SINGAPORE LAWYER Glenn Knight was convicted of graft in 1992 when he was Commercial Affairs Department Director — he was disbarred in 1994…..and returned in 1998!

SINGAPORE LAWYER in $1.2 million fraud.  Mustaffa Abu Bakar was found guilty on eight counts of misappropriating money — criminal breach and misuse of client cash. He has wound up his firm and left law.

SINGAPORE LAWYER Ms Selena Chiong Chin May, a lawyer of some sixteen years experience, was found guilty of gross misconduct in that she faced five charges of misappropriating $12,900. The judge said she had an ‘attitude problem’

SINGAPORE LAWYER RAPPED OVER CLIENT LOSS of $223,000. Mr.K.Jayakumar Naidu faced four charges of misconduct after failing to protect a bed-ridden client’s interests. He was ordered to pay costs and faces being struck-off according to the report.

SINGAPORE LAWYER FIRM IN ‘CLIENT GROOMING SCAM’ were punished by a tribunal. Mr.Yap Kok Kiong, Mr. Michael Chong Wai Yen, Mr. Kenneth Tan Chong Peng and Mr.Siow Jit Thong were suspended and the head of the firm was struck off.  It was stated that they paid the firm Asprez S£680,000 to steer conveyancing clients to them.

SINGAPORE LAWYER FACES FINE FOR IMPROPER CONDUCT — Mr.Manickavasagan, who boasts of being in the profession for 24 years faced a disciplinary tribunal for pulling out of a case on the 11th hour without proper consideration and failing to adhere to the standards required.

SINGAPORE LAWYER GUILTY OF MISCONDUCT — Dixon Ng, a lawyer of 17 years experience was accused of falsely billing a client for $100,000 to help a Cambodian Political Party in a Port development plan — he is currently serving a 2 year suspension for faking court papers and deception.

SINGAPORE LAWYER FIGHTS COURT OVER EXTENSION –Lawyer Tan Cheng Yew was found guilty on four counts of cheating involving a sum of $4.8 million — the court is seeking to extend the penalty already given.

SINGAPORE LAWYER ADMITS GROSS MISCONDUCT — Lawyer Anand Kumar Beldar admitted to billing a client for $112,000 when he only did $48,000 of actual work. The tribunal ordered the lawyer of ten years standing to be struck-off. He was a former partner in Sadique Marican & ZM Amin.  Another lawyer in the same firm, Zulkiffi Amin absconded with ten million as we featured.

SINGAPORE LAWYER OF 26 YEARS IN MISUSE OF CLIENT ACCOUNT — Lawyer John Tay was fined $15,000 after being found guilty of placing $5,000 from his client into the office account, which constitutes a breach of the solicitors’ rules. The court said this was a serious matter, a matter where a solicitor is usually suspended? but they decided dishonesty was not proven!

SINGAPORE STRUCK OFF LAWYER FINED $4,000 — Low Yong Sen was suspended in 2008 for overcharging clients and in 2010 he was struck off the rolls. But he appeared again in court for practising without a certificate after a client complained and evidence showed that he signed as a witness on a deed as ‘advocate and solicitor’

SINGAPORE LAWYER IN UNDER-AGE SEX SCANDAL CASE — Lawyer Gwee Hak Theng, a former Deputy Public Prosecutor, found himself appearing from the dock in court charged with paying $300 dollars for sex with a 16 year old girl in Greylang……this is one of the many cases involved in ‘the under-age vice scandal’ now ongoing.

Update: Judge says that the former prosecutor has a prima facie case to answer, and is to stand trial.

Lawyer and former DPP Spencer Gwee Hak Theng was found guilty by the court (July 12th 2013)

SINGAPORE LAWYER TOOK $400,000 FROM CLIENT ACCOUNT — Lawyer Tan Tiong Hian. alias Raymond Tan was not charged with theft from the client when it was reported that he appeared in court, no, the 17 years experienced lawman was said to have committed four counts of misconduct!  He was found guilty of breaching the rules and was disbarred. — following that report it now states that he was back in court and charged with 31 counts of ‘ criminal breach of trust’ and was accused of misappropriating $1.4million dollars from his clients in 2009/2010, and there was an additional charge of forgery!….’all very strange….and legally disturbing’

…..Lawyer Raymond Tan Tiong Hian was jailed for 6 years for criminal breach of trust in that he did unauthorised transfers and used pre-signed cheques on 31 occasions to benefit himself and take $1.49m of client money.

SINGAPORE LAWYER GUILTY OF MISCONDUCT — Lawyer James Wan appeared before a court in connection with a $450,000 dollar gift from a client that was not disclosed for a number of years, and only during an audit of his accounts.  He pleaded guilty to professional misconduct at the hearing — it was said that he did not tell the client who gave him the gift that it had to be done after advice from an independent legal source.

Lawyer James Wan was struck off the Rolls……the court found that he dishonestly misled the client.

SIX LAWYERS DISBARRED OVER MONEY OFFENCES — The Singapore Supreme Court said that six lawyers were struck o0ff for over-charging and pocketing client money. One was runaway lawyer Zulkiffi Mohd Amin who took 10.6 million dollars from his firm over a period of 11 months — this compared to the 12 million dollars taken by Lawyer David Rasif in 2007. They ‘officially’ said there were 10 cases involving 11 lawyers.

SINGAPORE DEPUTY PROSECUTOR ACCUSED OF MISCONDUCT — Defence Lawyer Mr.Zero Nalpon has filed for a court order to investigate his complaint of misconduct against a State Prosecutor who was not named!

FIFTY MEMBERS OF LAW SOCIETY WANT AN ANSWER — In connection with the above, a group of fifty lawyers are pushing the Singapore Law Society for a satisfactory explanation and are to file a motion to hold a special meeting.  They want answers over the incident with Mr Ravi and Prosecutor Wong Siew Hong — there has been no explanation at all from the Society and members are not happy with this.

PROBE INTO JUDICIARY PROSECUTOR IS REFUSED! — Lawyer Zero Nalpon failed to get an inquiry over the misconduct of a DPP Lawyer because Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong decided he had not made a case for this action to be approved — strangely, this is the first time such an action as ever been brought, therefore the outcome is not all that surprising? especially in Singapore.

SINGAPORE JUDICIARY IN CONSPIRACY TO MUTE ‘ROGUE’ LAWYER — The story of Lawyer Ravi and the Law Society took another disgraceful turn in that they are now seeking his removal from practise using ‘ his fitness and health’ to his disadvantage if they can in order to bring him down.  They are hoping that this move will succeed so that they can ‘determine if he’s fit to practise law’ and have insisted he is examined — this comes at the same time and definitely in retaliation for him intending to increase his claim for damages from the Law Society.  An Inside contact says that the judiciary are finding his recent move annoying and want rid of him.

SINGAPORE LAWYER DISBARRED over complaints — Leonard Loo Peng Chee was charged with misconduct and was struck off the Rolls by three Judges who sat to hear the tribunal case.  It was said the lawyer failed to turn up at the hearing — there were 86 counts of misconduct and 14 complaints from clients plus accusations of dishonesty. It was stated that the lawyer of 15 years did not comply with court directions.

SINGAPORE LAWYER SERVES WRIT AGAINST LAW SOCIETY LAWYER — Solicitor Louis Joseph served a letter of demand against the Law Society’s Lawyer Wong Siew Hong seeking compensation for defamation against his client — solicitor Mr Ravi, well known in Singapore.  Mr Joseph said he was also seeking an apology too.

SINGAPORE LAWYER STOLE S$864,000 DOLLARS FROM CLIENT — Lawyer Mustaffa Bakar deliberately took client funds to the amount of 864,000 dollars. He was found guilty of professional misconduct.  The court says he now faces being ‘struck-off’ — Bakar it was said, even produced a ‘bouncing cheque’ to the client.  In 2011 he was declared bankrupt, and in February he was accused of misappropriating S$1.2million and faces criminal charges.

UN-NAMED LAWYER RAPPED FOR MISCONDUCT (Jan 2013) — A female Lawyer faces a fine for advising a client not to disclose sum of $1.4million in bank deposit box, the matrimonial assets in a divorce case.  The report says she did not promptly disclose the information as required and now faces a tribunal court.

SINGAPORE LAWYER MISAPPROPRIATES $1.2Million from Client Account — The District Court jailed Lawyer Mustaffa Abu Bakar for four and a half years after he admitted 4 charges of criminal breach of trust, it was said that he was now bankrupt.

SINGAPORE LAW FIRM IS SUED OVER BOGUS PROPERTY DEAL – Law Firm Vision Law has been accused of conning a couple out of around  $100,000 dollars, and say that Vision Law misrepresented the deal to buy a property — the owner of the aforesaid property stated they had not granted anyone an option to buy.

SINGAPORE LAWYER ROBS FROM CLIENT ACCOUNT — Fun Huay Yew was jailed for 5 years for taking the sum of $650,000 dollars from a client account belonging to Toshiba, and putting it into the firm account.  It appears he withdrew the sum and then deposited the money held for a civil case against a Malaysian Company in his firm’s account.  The District Court decided this was a criminal breach of trust, and not one of mere misconduct.

SINGAPORE LAWYER IN BID TO SUE DISABLED MAN IS REFUSED BY COURT — Lawyers RIAZ LLC took over a client (Raj Singh Shergill) from another lawyer….the client was in a serious crash that left him severely mentally damaged…. Riaz was at the High Court suing the man for money that he was unable to get from others.  The Judge found it an impertinence to heap their financial loss on a man they knew could not fend for himself or take on the complexities of the law, he was a victim….the Judge threw out the claim.

LAWYER SUED FOR NEGLIGENCE — Mr Johnny Cheo Chai Beng of Cheo Yeoh Associates was ordered to pay $841,000 Singapore Dollars to the relatives of an Indonesian Businessman after botching a will  which became invalid.  The Judge found the Lawyer showed a lack of competence allowing only one signature on the will when in Law it required two.

FORMER DISTRICT JUDGE CHARGED IN SEX FOR GRADES SCANDAL — For the first time we now have a judge on trial (The search for misconduct judges is always nil – because they are hidden and unavailable) — National University Law Professor Tey Tsun Hang was identified by 23yr old Darinne Ko Wen Hui when charges were filed against the former District Judge who is accused of having sex with a young female in return for good grades on two occasions — He has now been formally charged with six counts of corruption.

”” THE STRANGE TRIAL OF THE EX-DISTRICT JUDGE……..Proceedings in the what has been called the ‘ Sex for Grades Trial’ against Law Professor Tey Tsun Hang are getting more bizarre!  The whole thing is turning into a fiasco, maybe intended?  Hang is defending himself and attends in full court wear….. it now turns out that he will not cross examine CPIB Officers he accused of attempting to coerce him into making a confession? which doesn’t add up at all……he feinted in court, apparently on the final day it is said!… there something else going on here? is he now aware that he is ’tilting the judiciary and judges’ and needs to pull back and not embarrass them… return for what? …….. a matter of Asian Honour?…….. and a dismissal of the case against him?

Update:  Tey Tsun Hang is found guilty on six counts of corruption.

SINGAPORE JUDGE SHOULD HAVE STEPPED DOWN IN CASE — An- un-named Judge was rapped by an Appeals Court after they freed a jailed father.  They came to the decision that the Singapore female Judge should have recused herself from presiding over the child custody case, because she had been ‘so heavily’ involved in the child wardship case that her objectiveness had ceased to function when she jailed the man for contempt.  As per usual with the judiciary, her name was not disclosed and there is no mention of any sanctions being decided against her despite the fact she took someone’s liberty and being ‘a chosen one’ she has immunity granted by the Attorney General and Government.

SORRY STATE OF LEGAL PROFESSION — This item seemed to disappear as one tried to get at it, apparently, one Singaporean Teo Soh Lung made this claim after reading an article by Alex Au called ‘The Ghosts of Absent Lawyers’.  Lung says – ‘the sorry state of the legal profession has been in existence for decades — it used to have a few human qualities ‘ obviously referring to the state’s over-riding power which caused a riff between the Law Society and Politicians that revealed state interference getting the upper hand in court decisions and law.

SINGAPORE JUDICIAL SYSTEM NOT AS SAFE AS CLAIMED — Past claims of the judiciary being above reproach and the jailing of those who have ‘libelled’ its ‘good name’ — who now must be feeling angry as recent cracks in the legal profession suggest that they had good cause to claim it but could not prove it…now finally hear that — The Lawyer Ravi (August 31 – 2012) is seeking a court order TO HAVE ALL THE COUNCIL MEMBERS OF THE LAW SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE EXPELLED and a call for new elections.  In a written summons issued he accuses the Law Society of pursuing various judicial and extrajudicial actions against him with malice, bad faith, recklessness and negligence in breach of Statutory and Common Law duties owed to him as a practising member of the Bar.  He said their recent actions concerning the medical checks and actions to have him removed within the Law Society has tainted every member….. suggesting that a ‘clean-up’ is necessary.

SINGAPORE – LAW FIRM CLERK IN ASSAULT AND INDECENT EXPOSURE – JAILED — Rick Tan Eng Lam was a Clerk at a City Law Firm, he went on a drinking binge with friends only to end up being arrested and charged at the police station. However, he then walked out and stood in the middle of the road, dropped his pants and underwear and then spat at officers who promptly arrested him…… the court jailed him for a month.

SINGAPORE LAWYER GUILTY OF TAKING CLIENT MONEY — Selena Chiong Chin May who holds the status of solicitor and barrister was found guilty on six counts of a criminal breach of trust.  The lawyer of 18 years was found guilty of misappropriating $12,900.

Lawyer Selena May was sent to jail for nine months for embezzling client money (Aug 2013)

LAW FIRM PARALEGAL CHEATS LAWYER — Paralegal Jeremiah Aloysius was jailed for a day and fined a total of $25,000 for giving false information to the police and cheating a lawyer at Surian & Partners of $27,990 in 2006 when he was working for the law firm at China Town Point.  He pleaded guilty to 5 counts of cheating and lying to the police in 2010.

LAWYER SUSPENDED FOR MISCONDUCT — Lawyer Mr S K Kumar was suspended for three months by the court for failing to communicate with his client and keep her informed on the sale of her house.  The Judge told him it was wrong to delegate communications through a non-legal member.

TWO LAWYERS FACE MISCONDUCT TRIAL — Singapore Lawyers Mr Manjit Singh and Mr Sree Govind Menon will face a Disciplinary Tribunal after their final attempt to escape was dismissed.  Their last appeal to get the proceedings against them failed despite the plaintiff in the case of a $1.6 million dollar claim withdrew.  But the Law Society ignored this and continued, and so did the Chief Justice on the second attempt to derail the case.

LAWYERS LEGAL SECRETARY JAILED FOR STEALING — Misappropriation of $214,000 and using counterfeit stamp certificates the court report says.  Juliana Abu Bakar received a jail sentence of 30 months and 6 weeks besides being convicted of three other charges concerning property transactions.

FORMER NEA LAWYER Chia Kok Peng was found guilty and jailed for 11 weeks for having sex with an underage girl.  It says he is the 36th defendant in the ‘underage sex trial scandal’   who paid for sex, and that he was a lawyer with The National Environment Agency in Singapore.

BARRED LAWYER BEFORE THE COURT — Disbarred Lawyer Leonard Loo Peng Chee was struck off for misconduct in 2012…when he faced 86 instances of misconduct including dishonesty.  He now faces charges of illegally representing 8 individuals.

SINGAPORE’S ASSISTANT LAW PROFESSOR FLOUTS THE LAW — Law Professor Peter Soosay assaulted a cab driver over a fare charge of 20 dollars, bloodying the driver who later needed stitches and hospital treatment.  He knocked the man to the ground and punched him several times.  The Taxi driver said he could smell alcohol on his passenger before the man boarded the taxi.

SINGAPORE’S ATTORNEY GENERAL’S CHAMBERS CONFUSING ROLE EXPOSED — Political and strange, as the highest legal office sends warning letter to film-maker who interviews striking SMRT drivers He Jung Ling and Liu Xiang Ying who made allegations against the police that they were assaulted in an attempt to get a false confession.  The letter says  the AGC considers the interview and videos could interfere with the court and create prejudice which amounts to contempt of court?  It also shows the prejudice of the legal profession here as we look at something else they did.  Chico Chin a demonstrator says the Attorney Generals Chambers tried to bankrupt her in 2006 over her human rights protests urging the high court to fine her $50,000…..which in most countries would be a tort of law and illegal move which in the first example would inhibit Press Freedom.

SINGAPORE’S ATTORNEY GENERAL DOES NOT LIKE THE INSINUATION ?  — Not surprising really, as the Singapore regime were reminded about the ‘mysterious Shane Todd Death’ which they had hoped to bury.   Shane’s parents in the USA claim that 2 pieces of evidence were ‘quickly’ disposed of to prevent further DNA testing.  The Singapore Attorney General reacted fiercely saying that the towel and strap were destroyed as a matter of ‘protocol’ rather than the cover-up that was claimed…..the family still maintain he was murdered by persons unknown and that a cover-up was instigated in order to protect another agenda the government had.

SINGAPORE JUDGE’S BIAS TOWARDS BRITISH QUEENS’ COUNSEL — Singapore openly showed their contempt again for other countries, and amazingly enough this time, it was Britain, a country that helped them gain independence, and they were proud to tell the World they based their law on Britain….but a criminal case involving The City Harvest Church and a  big amount of money gone missing revealed their true nature.  As with the Shane Todd Murder case and the Chinese Military Technology connection which triggered their refusal to allow the FBI to investigate, they have now, or rather Judge Rajah has refused to admit London’s Q C Jonathan Caplan, saying the locals are okay for this….yet we find defendant Chew Eng Han went to seven legal eagles in Singapore (SC’s) and they declined to defend him… he contacted the UK’s Barrister Jonathan Caplan who agreed…….typically, this shows that Singapore is not what it claims to be, there is something nasty lurking!


IN SINGAPORE YOU NEED A PERMIT TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC, you could find yourself arrested for saying things about the government or police, so be careful because this situation of repression has been likened to China, with some saying it is a little piece of communist China practising in the old ways. This is supported by the fact that Singapore’s opposition —party member Dr.Chee Soon Juan Secretary General of the The Opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) was convicted by the Government controlled Judiciary of ‘speaking in public without a permit’ and was subsequently jailed for it.

UNIVERSITY MAN FLEES AFTER BEING ACCUSED OF ‘REMARKS IMPUGNING THE JUDICIARY’ — This 1994 case should receive more International attention so here it is — Christopher Lingle spent 20 years in Singapore never anticipating the day he would become ‘a fugitive’ because of something he said and printed. He was a fellow of The National University of Singapore.  He had to resign and leave quickly amid charges being brought by the Police and Judiciary for ‘Criminal Defamation and Contempt of Court’  His alleged crime was that he wrote an article in response to a commentary that was published by The International Herald Tribune. The article was a general statement about repressive tendencies in some Asian Regimes, but there was no particular country mentioned. This criticism as we have seen no matter how slight, is not tolerated by Singapore more than anywhere else, except China perhaps. The Police from The Singapore Criminal Investigation Division interrogated Christopher several times, and it was obvious to him they were intent on getting him. Christopher did not wait for the court date to arrive and an almost undoubtedly — a prison sentence…. as he now a wanted fugitive. Singapore couldn’t have done more to prove the point they wanted to deny.

What we can see from the above account is that although Mr.Lingle did not specify any repressive Asian State or Country, the fact that he lived in Singapore was enough for the Authorities to assume it meant them. Legally, this is absurd…at best it’s speculation and conjecture. In most countries this would be ‘an abuse of process’ and be thrown out.  Even if the police came forward and said they suspected it might mean? the CPS would be ashamed to follow this up. It’s like accusing someone of ‘he was thinking of robbing us, he didn’t say so in so many words, but you’d better charge him with doing so, and jail him as a lesson to anyone else thinking of it’   A jury would have no hesitation in throwing this out….but then again, Singapore does not have a jury system or allow one to be involved in its system of law….it has a sort of appeal system, but there are few winners!

THE ‘JAMES MINCHIN’ CASE and his deportation over his book on Lee Kuan Yew ‘No man is an Island’ 1987. His deportation came swift as the angered Lee made his move.  Lee wanted to silence him, and there was only one method he used with foreigners.  Minchin wrote in his book ‘ from early times Lee Kuan Yew has shown aggressiveness, which was often discussed by many who tussled with him and watched him grab for power.  An old family friend said of Lee, ‘he would hit anybody’  This book ‘A study of Singapore’s Lee Kean Yew’ certainly offended him.  Minchin went on ‘ Since attaining office he has tended to indulge his instinct to bully and demolish.  The need to flee from untenable situations have been reduced and dignified by the mechanism of physical or mental withdrawal, power mostly removes the humiliation of being ‘bested’.  He quoted the following story of a former newspaper owner now retired, who was having an audience with  Lee, and apparently having not towed the line, Lee leaned over, grabbed him by the collar and said ‘ I’m a thug, you’re a thug, and as one to another, you’ll do what I say’  

Deportations of foreigners, lawyers assisting the Democratic Party in the 1990’s was kept fairly quiet due to the Internet not being in the position as it is now.  They were detained in rooms at the Airport and disallowed from the use of phones and made to board the next plane home.  Some were interrogated by The Secret Police, often for several hours before being deported.  The intimidation of the Immigration Police, and Officers from the ISD was commonplace.

FORMER SOLICITOR-GENERAL FEELS WRATH OF PM LEE:  Francis T Seow thought he knew Lee Kuan Yew quite well, after all, he was in the high position of Solicitor-General in Singapore…..he watched others around him being targeted by the PM never thinking it might come his way.  But it did, when a case he was given involved the Malaya-Singapore Airline.  This is 1988, and Jerry Fernandez the Airline Secretary ‘maligned’ the Chairman of MSA, who was a close friend of PM Lee.  Fernandez fled to Britain when he became aware of a plot to get him using trumped up charges became evident.  The Government and Law Minister insisted that they bring him back for trial and told Seow to issue extradition papers.  Fernandez resisted the order and it was some while before Britain could assist their ‘pal’……but they did……and Fernandez was sent back to Singapore.  The lawyer acting for Fernandez wet to see Seow and applied for bail…..Seow on reflecting the proceedings could see no objection and released Fernandez on bail.  All hell broke loose as soon as the news got out,  the Law Minister and the PM’s Office were greatly annoyed….and so was PM Lee.  Seow knew that an ‘extraordinary amount of money had been spent on trying to get this man did not equate with the vague charges’ — he did what he decided was right and wanted to halt the expensive waste of resources.   This encounter was to lead to a direct attack, little did he expect that ‘trumped up charges’ would see himself arrested and jailed.  While representing a fellow lawyer detained by ISD and under the Internal Security Act….Seow having seen the PM’s fury inventing charges found himself charged as an agent for the USA (Lee Kuan Yew hated the Americans), he was quickly detained without trial for ‘alleged collusion with the CIA’…….he now knew what it was like to be a prisoner of the PM……he recalls a conversation which he had with Lee…..when Lee said he’d rather be feared than loved.  Seow himself  saw the dangers and fled to the USA, and lives there now…..he knows if he ever went back he’d be thrown in jail…….in the States his phone was tapped and surveillance was carried out by the Singapore Government.

PROTESTOR JAILED FOR PROTEST — Chinese Worker Yang Wei working in Singapore made a peaceful protest over a pay dispute with his employer by climbing to a position where he could voice his complaint to the public. His Lawyer insisted a fine would suffice in court, but Judge Low Wee Ping jailed Yang Wei for 5 weeks saying that this kind of behaviour would incite others to do likewise and a deterrent sentence must be imposed.  I think this says it all about the Singapore Judiciary and confirms that free speech isn’t allowed and innocence disregarded.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER Jiana Lai was arrested by police as she entered the Fairmont Hotel.

SINGAPORE PLAYS THE PERSECUTION CARD — Incident at The MacRitchie Reservoir and Merlion Statue Show 2005 — Ms Ng Chye Huay and Ms Chen Lu Jin were arrested as they practised Falun Gong’s exercises at Singapore’s Esplanade Park. They had been trying to raise the awareness of The Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Gong. Many said they had been wrongly accused and found guilty for ‘assembly without a permit’ and ‘possession and distribution of VCD’s’ without a MDA certificate. What happened subsequently at the court raises much doubt about judicial impartiality. The Judge imposed a disproportionate fine absolutely designed to outway the pettiness of the charges. They pleaded not guilty and filed an appeal, but the Judge set aside due process and jailed them both for 24 weeks each!

SINGAPORE THREATENS MARCHERS AND ACTIVISTS — Marchers and peaceful activists wanting a fairer society actually based on democracy, are being threatened and investigated by the police. YouTube shows several of those individuals who have bravely expressed their views, are being visited by the Singapore Police.  One Activist said that when you are put in front of the court for protesting, the Government Judges are throwing out human rights and supporting the accusers. And what crime has the protestor committed?  ‘To participate in a peaceful march for democracy’…..and what happens to the protestor, they are fined or jailed.

SINGAPORE REPRESSION CONTINUES — Singapore continually claims it is fair and a good place to come to, but recent news showing that Four men accused of being ringleaders involved in a SMRT Bus Strike ( 6th Dec.2012) are facing charges and jail terms for asking for better wages and living conditions!  One unrepresented Driver Bao Feng Shan has already been jailed for six weeks….and 29 other bus workers have been deported, or as they put it — repatriated!    171 bus employees stayed away from work on a two day strike to protest about how they were treated and the authorities are planning to punish them too..  What appears condemning of this authoritarian country is this –  Senior District Judge See Kee Oon agreed with Prosecutors for the need to give out a deterrent sentence ‘ The Courts must send a strong signal in sentencing to ensure that others are not emboldened towards attempting similar displays of disaffection over employment terms of conditions’…….two other workers on a Construction site, who were owed wages made a protest on two tower cranes, were grabbed by Singapore Police……….this is real proof that Singapore does not condone a ‘free society’ and persecutes to the point of imprisonment those that do not fall in line with their regime (as the Judge expressed ), which it certainly is. The Judiciary is certainly carrying out the wishes of the Government…rather than the independent claims they make to the Press.

NB Amnesty International called on Singapore to stop these restrictive laws and defamation suits to gag and muzzle critics…..but apparently this is ignored by the regime.

SINGAPORE LAW SOCIETY IN TROUBLE — In 1986 October, The Law Society was said to be ‘deficient in handling eleven complaints’ at a Select Committee Hearing.  A year later in 1987 there was talk that The Law Society dare not utter a word of protest against the Government.

SINGAPORE SNUB THE INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION — In the 2008 meeting in which Lawyers from most countries met, representing Law Societies and Bar Associations including the Singapore Judiciary, it was openly stated that ‘Singapore goes beyond recognised constraints and provisions that allow the restrictions of freedom of expression beyond these limits — and are inconsistent with established customary International Law and should be repealed.  ‘ Defamation Laws (Criminal and Civil) are tightly drawn together and used in connection with its constitution in that a person sentenced to 1 year in jail or fined $2,000 dollars or bankruptcy (and the disproportionate court awards can easily bankrupt the opponent), is not eligible to stand for election in Parliament for 5 years, thus enabling these defamation cases to have the potential and prevent Political Opponents from standing for Office. The Association was also alarmed at the way PAP Officials initiated a series of defamation cases against Opposition members and never lost a case!!  Singapore is a member state of the UN, and is bound by the UN Charter to respect fundamental Human Rights…even though they failed to ratify the treaty…They denied and dismissed the Associations views and said they were Protecting the values of Singapore!!..and will rule and adjudicate as they wish even if the International Arena disagrees with it.

CANING COUNTRIES JUDICIAL MEETING — Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei collectively met for their second judicial conference. 60 judges met at the Supreme Court of Singapore hosted by Singapore’s Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong. Malaysia Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria said whatever happens in Singapore will have an influence in Malaysian Courts — we will share common practices and see how best we can improve on them. Probably more caning offences to be drawn up for their common practices, and more control of freedom in their penal codes?

Worldwide Civil Society Groups were outraged by the Singapore Government who banned 20 delegates who were to attend the annual Bank/Fund meeting — Singapore went further in its annoyance tactics by restricting freedom of expression and the right to assembly — Singapore they said ‘ is a secure haven with no respect for human rights and civil liberties’

SINGAPORE – WHAT PRICE IS JUSTICE? — Anyone embarking on the task of taking a civil suit to The Appeal Court has to find a staggering S$20,000 dollars as a deposit (Lawyer Mark Goh remarked in 2009 – Only litigants of ‘high net worth’ or those who have means to lodge an appeal can do so) ‘Seeking Justice now has a higher price tag’.   Strangely for a country eager to show strength in their belief in justice, not all that long ago (referring to the World Bank) Lee Kuan Yew said ‘ It makes the hopeful assumption that all men are equal, that people all over the world are the same. They are not!’  If this Singapore leader really does not believe that all men are not equal, how does his government strive to build a nation ‘based on justice and equality?’ when he denies it exists.

WHAT JUSTICE? a blog in January 2015 mentions the case of a 71 year old man who was sent to jail for 4 weeks for causing $100 worth of graffiti, and a teenager who vandalised a rooftop with graffiti who got 80 hours of community service and put on probation for 15 months.  The blogger goes onto say that he remembers the Chief Justice in Singapore who made boast of his quality of justice relied on the situation that he was ‘satisfied with his breakfast’ on the day he was in court?  and furthermore it goes on to say this same Law Maker loaned his lecture notes to ‘a Prime Minister’ when they both were studying at Cambridge in the UK….somewhat now categorised as cheating had it been discovered.

THE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE IN SINGAPORE  — A report revealed that a man was jailed for 9 years and given six strokes of the cane on conviction for alleged trafficking of Cannabis — 15 years later, the conviction was overturned by Justice V.K.Rajah on appeal on the basis of a lack of evidence provided by the prosecution at the time(1992). The court’s decision was purely based on him being ‘urged’ to plead guilty at his trial and an inadequate representation. We tried to trace the outcome in respect of compensation, but found this ‘not available’ and the judge, but were denied this line…its almost as if it didn’t happen…..but what it proves is, he would never get back the nine years lost, nor reverse the severe traumatic caning…and Singapore doesn’t care!

MISCARRIAGE No2 SHOWS UNETHICAL PRACTICE BY POLICE AND PROSECUTION — The case of two men who were convicted of robbery and murder, were eventually overturned, and odd job man Mr Ismil was cleared of any offence by the Judge.  The case had alarming revelations — A) Serious Lapses by the Police in that they were rapped for not following procedure in recording the statement made by the victim’s husband who told them he saw only one man in the flat during the fatal robbery.  B) Prosecution Lawyers were criticised for not making known to the Defence Lawyers the statement made by the victim’s husband. Even during the appeals the state prosecutors did not come clean and thought it best to reduce the the conviction to robbery with hurt knowing at this stage that the two brothers were not in the flat robbery. The Appeal Court and Law Minister Shanmugam have now said ‘ the police must disclose all evidence to prosecutors’ he seemed to leave out the inclusion of the Defence?  and the fact that the Prosecution did know, but chose to conceal it in this case.

SINGAPORE TRIES TOO HARD TO APPEAR BENEFICIAL — Firstly, when one reads their reply to the ‘White Paper on Repression of Political Freedom in Singapore’ by Amsterdam and Peroff — a Canadian Law Firm, it comes across as Pompous. It reels of the why and wherefores citing law sittings and judicial clarification, and a rather dry account of how it had to because? and propping this up with assertions that the people were behind them without as they often mentioned ‘ any shred of proof’ and why so? because they know the public will not speak out against them for fear of judicial backlash of course. It is indeed a strange Government that wants total control without challenge. The Dr Chee Soon Juan saga reveals a government out of control, one seeking to have him committed. because he does not represent their ideals. Dr Chee joined the SDP in 1992..he has been in and out of jail for violating rules on public speaking, fined for selling a book on the subject of oppression in Asia. Fined for writing an article…and jailed for attempting to attend an International Democracy Conference. He openly challenges PAP because he is against the enforcement of Singapore’s unconstitutional laws.  Prime Ministers have sued him and he has been prosecuted for speaking in public without a permit…he’s been bankrupted by his own country’s government!  One is left with the question, Why all this effort to convict one individual?   Why is a state that is now so wealthy and law conscious so eager to spare no effort or money in silencing its critics?

SINGAPORE’S LOWER CRIME RATE DUE TO TOUGH LAW DOES NOT ADD UP — Singapore’s Judiciary and Government continually contest that ‘they are revered by the world for their low crime rate and protection for citizens because of their unyielding tough sentences ‘ Yet close scrutiny (and our inside contact in Singapore who says the crime figures are actually rising as seen in a internal memo) and research, reveals in their own admissions that Drug crimes continue with the young doing more, and in just a two day period they seized S$290,000 worth of drugs. Which was followed by the biggest bust so far, estimated at $644,800 being 2.9kg of Ice and 450g of Heroin.  Recent reports show that they have more ‘repeat offenders’ despite the harsh punishment  (More than half of the prison population in 2011 were repeat offenders who have been in jail five or more times)– the DPM Teo Chee Hean has said they are considering the parole system instead of the ‘one-third off the sentence for good conduct’…and that three groups of high-risk repeat offenders are being put onto a mandatory aftercare scheme which is compulsory in order to combat the problem. Ng Boon Gay of The Narcotics Bureau announced in February that 26 Drug Syndicates were being busted every year; one every two weeks! Loan-sharking is virtually a weekly crime with raids being carried out netting several at a time. These offenders do destruction to property, intimidate and harass victims (the public) including assault…then there is the regular bag snatch thieves and several guys arrested for ‘modesty crimes’ which carries prison and caning…..yet the claim that citizens have protection and it is a safer city are still peddled in the face of this……I don’t think someone having their door set alight, paint being used to write slogans and being punched will agree in certain areas of Singapore (a small State).. As for the rest, cops have committed crimes, lawyers have been caught, and business corruption exists even in government departments as we have shown……it’s time for the Justice Minister to stop this moral high ground as a reason for repressive government  policies…… they would say in court ‘your argument is flawed’

OBSESSION WITH JUDICIAL PUNISHMENT AND DRUGS BLIGHTS SINGAPORE IMAGE — Regular visitor from the UK to Singapore, Dr Reece Walker has told the public that Singapore’s  draconian antidrug laws and policies on severe punishment like canings and executions for drug dealers isn’t working and they know it. He confirms what our insider says, and confirms that heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines and marijuana are all available if you have the money and are prepared to take the risk of using drugs.  He says the drug trafficking in both Singapore and Malaysia is controlled by gangs who are violent when they have to be. All couriers hired are replaceable if caught and if executed, another takes their place so that there is no interruption to the supply.

NB: ‘ENHANCED PUNISHMENT’ apparently a person charged in court can be liable to enhanced punishment?  there is no such law or amendment in British Criminal Law, to which Singapore claims to go by, nor is it known in the International Law….we tried to find it….and there is no law in Europe allowing ‘enhanced punishment’…..and furthermore, what is it and what does it mean?   Dr Reece Walker is quite right about Singapore’s warped laws.

THE CASE OF THE 13YR OLD AND SINGAPORE MORAL OUTRAGE VS NEAT DEFLECTION TRICK — January has started with a ‘Public Conundrum’ — 13yr old student from India kicks out on webpage ‘mouthing off’ on a Facebook Blog.   Aditya Bhatia (the name he used) posts bomb threat and says he hates Singapore and criticises the government, and says he’s gonna take big revenge?       So the Singapore Police arrest him under a sort of terrorism law and threat to Singapore…carrying a long jail term. The boy is 13, and words are the only thing they have as evidence…….what bomb?  could he really get one?….very doubtful….where are the elements for this serious crime? a crime that hasn’t taken place. Some Singaporeans (locked into flogging) have suggested caning and jail…which is not surprising from a State that clings to the ancient past of punishment and torture, yet welcomes a cash society into profit and wealth and silicone city lifestyles of the future. They laughingly fall back on the claim that they use the cane for violent crimes of hurt….yet a recent case of two men arrested for ‘illegal departure’ carries 6 months jail and at least 3 strokes of the cane…. where is the element of violence here?  nowhere, yet in another case a man gets 6 months jail for beating a 12 yr old boy with a belt causing serious hurt over a long period of time……there was no order made to cane the offender? yet in this latter case there was violence….so it doesn’t add up….what judicial reasoning can say this is justice.  Aren’t they just going after the boy because he has upset others, and the mob want revenge….and the government see this as another opportunity to curb another critic? even though he is only 13.,,,,it’s time Singapore stopped this piece of theatre.

DEMOCRACY! the words emblazoned on ‘the vandalised’ War Memorial — Singapore says they will spare no effort to get the culprits and deal with them severely, yet sadly they miss the point — just as the case above, the young want a change and they want better rights and a different justice system….the defaced 1914-1918 Cenotaph at Esplanade Park may be shocking, but its significance to youth now might have been better if the authorities conformed with Human Rights…and let them have a say without being arrested and detained.

NO DEMOCRACY IN SINGAPORE — The Republic does not allow it.  To muster support for a cause whether it is political or not comes under tight police scrutiny in Singapore.  The suppressive reign backed by swoops and police terrorist activities make ‘canvassing’ for support against unfair laws almost impossible.  The proof of this came to light when Mr Ghani stopped over in Singapore on May the 2nd on his campaign tour from Malaysia; the Singapore Police filed a report against him.

SINGAPORE GENERAL CRIME RAID BY POLICE NETS 150 PEOPLE — On the small island state of Singapore, police in an island-wide operation taking around 18 hours arrested 150 people, who were charged with crimes such as drugs, gang related offences, illegal betting, immigration etc.  Reported on June the 10th 2012, it was said to have involved The Narcotics Bureau, Police and Customs.

SINGAPORE announces fall in crime rate as they fix the figures — and finally admit that ‘youth crime’ is on the increase.  They also say that this is in the area of ‘assisting loan sharks’ but neglect to mention the drug situation and leave that out of their report.  (we have already seen the rise in youth drug taking and supplying earlier and mentioned this with an official verifying the rising trend back in 2011/12 — see ‘More Singapore Youth on Drugs’)

MORE CRIME IN THE ‘LOW CRIME SOCIETY’ where crime is claimed to be down because of harsh penalties — Another 200 people were arrested in suspected drug offences in a 5 day operation in Singapore (Aug 31 – 2012) 17 of whom were arrested for drug trafficking — drugs to the value of $159,000 dollars were seized.  In a separate Loan Shark Operation, police arrested 22 men and women during a 10 hour operation.  14 were males aged between 24 and 62yrs, this operation was done between Tues, Wednesday and Thursday in the last week of Aug.

SINGAPORE DRUG CRACKDOWN NETS 84 SUSPECTS — Despite claims of low crime and the harsh penalties for drug offences, in October 2012, eighty-four suspects were arrested in a five-day operation on the island state. 84 drug offenders were arrested by the CNB who grabbed S$54,000 worth of drugs, Other cops arrested 21 suspects for various offences in the Greylang area….and another police department arrested 81 people for offences of Public Order, illegal employment and immigration…..186 people in just a few weeks in an island area of 28 miles by something?……and they still maintain they have a low crime rate!

ALL NOT WELL IN SINGAPORE  – their claims of tackling crime have hit another barrier, Drug arrests are up four times more than it was seven years ago despite the death penalty and caning — The government are now having to increase the jail time and make it 30 years plus 15 of the cane — two new offences put into the penal code are: the illegal recruitment of the young into the drug trade — and those who throw parties and organise gatherings that have drugs will now face 20 years jail and 10 of the cane (16the Oct 2012)  This does not come as a surprise to us as we’ve seen the figure of drug offences rising among the young…increasing the penalties only shows that Singapore’s tough justice isn’t what they claimed it to be nor is it a deterrent to criminals!

EVEN MORE DRUGS CRIME – SINGAPORE CNB POLICE carried out a five day island raid and arrested 96 suspects and seized S$25,900 dollars worth of drugs – heroin, Ice, Cannabis, Ecstasy and Erimin-5……which rather blows the theory of ‘severely punishing drug offenders’ will lower this offence…this is Dec 14th 2012.

SINGAPORE CNB ARREST ANOTHER 231 PEOPLE — For various crimes around the Island State. 138 men and 93 women were arrested aged 15yrs to 69yrs…..after an Island operation which started on the 18th Dec 2012 ending on the 20th Dec, netted the 231 suspects — 149 of whom were suspected of loan-sharking activities, illegal money lending and runners and harasses.  82 of the total were grabbed in a raid on entertainment outlets, coffee shops and youth hangouts.  The raids were carried out by the CID and CNB, and Singapore Customs.

Later news — 20 more people were arrested on Friday Dec 21st in a 17 hour operation by police.

Year end news on crime — 14 more people were arrested in a 10  hour operation by the CNB on the 29th of Dec. The anti-crime raids in the Eastern side of Singapore (Geylang – East Coast Park) netted suspects involved in loan sharking, drugs, secret societies and contraband.

This brings the total of such raids in the last few months to having arrested 897suspects on one small island!

The Drugs bust situation rolls on into 2013 with the Singapore CNB seizing 1.4 kg of heroin at the Immigration Authority Tuas Checkpoint when they arrested a Malaysian Courier bringing in $160,000 dollars worth of drugs.

SINGAPORE LOWER CRIME RATE CLAIMS– HIDE DRUGS RISE: The Singapore Prison Service are currently in self-congratulate mode (Jan2013), but this was not the whole picture — the number of people admitted into drug rehabilitation has more that doubled according to the recent figures — in 2010 there were 688 prisoners, but now in 2012 there are 1,384…and a great number of them are between 21yrs and 30yrs of age.

New Year’s Eve brings more DRUG ARRESTS — 113 Suspects were arrested by the police and CNB in a three day operation….they seized quantities of heroin, Ice, Ermin-5 and Ecstasy valued at around $57,000 ( 31/12/2012)

1st Feb -2013 CNB DRUG RAID SEIZES BIG HAUL OF DRUGS — The Police and CNB say they netted a quantity of different drugs – 1kg of Heroin, 68g of Ice, 188 Ketamine, 450 Ermin-5, and 98 Ecstacy tablets….they did not however, disclose the number of arrests or suspects?

90 MORE PEOPLE NABBED IN DRUG RAID (21/2/2013) — SINGAPORE CNB arrest 90 suspects during an 18 hour island wide operation.  Police and Narcotics officers seized $180,000 dollars worth of heroin and 300grams of Ice and took into custody a 34yr old man for drug trafficking; 200 police officers were used in the operation.

85 SUSPECTS ARRESTED IN TWO-DAY ISLAND WIDE RAID — (4/3/2013) – SINGAPORE CNB along with police went on a two day operation which netted $15,000 worth of drugs including 117g of heroin, 14g of Ice, 25g of cannabis and a small quantity of ketamine.

340  SUSPECTS ARRESTED IN ANTI-CRIME CRACKDOWN — Singapore Police in an island-wide operation to stop crime (May 20 – 23rd 2013) caught 340 people, of which 190 were suspected of being involved in loan shark crime – there were 200 men and 140 women.

92 MORE DRUG SUSPECTS ARRESTED IN 3 DAY OPERATION — The police and CNB scooped up drug hauls valued at $214,000 and $113,000.  They seized 1.3kg of heroin,  1.7kg of cannabis and 330 Ermin -5 tablets…and 912g of heroin and 514 g of cannabis. on June the 10th.

SINGAPORE CNB POLICE grab drug haul of heroin valued at $200,000…. 1.9kg were seized (June 22/2013)

108 PEOPLE ARRESTED IN POLICE OPERATION — (July 6th) the CNB and Civil Defence Force arrested 21 men and 87 women on suspicion of vice related crimes, drug offences and gang involvement.

21 SUSPECTS ARRESTED in an 18 hour police operation on the Island State targeted drug-related, gambling and other criminal offences (July 10th)

SINGAPORE DRUG ARRESTS ARE MOSTLY REPEAT OFFENDERS — Yes, contrary to the lies and propaganda peddled out by the Singapore Government in support of caning and long prison terms, in the first half of 2013 the drug offences arrests were 1,790 according to released figures… yet in the same period in 2012 it was 1,731 showing a deterioration in their deterrent effectiveness as repeat offenders are being sentenced a second time after having received a caning and jail and are back for more of the same!

SEX WITH MINORS CRIMES INCREASE IN SINGAPORE — Devastating figures emerged to reveal that sex crime had increased especially with minors.  12 convictions were recorded in just 6 months of 2013, whereas in 2012 there were only 13 for the period of 12 months.

PAEDOPHILES DISCOVERED IN ONLINE INVESTIGATION — Several Singapore citizens have been nabbed in a USA sweep of the Internet child sex abuse operation launched over a 5 week period.  The task force targeted online sexual predators and abusers who not only perpetrate, but produce and trade in child pornography. Some of those caught were teachers and clergy!

SINGAPORE VICE SCANDAL HITS PURITAN IMAGE — We made mention to this earlier when around 80 men were taken by police for questioning over under-age sex. It has now hit the roof and looks set to be a major embarrassment to the Government and Singaporean Society, especially in the light of the above article of a low crime society.  This was hidden just after Christmas, and by February arrests were being made as small groups were appearing before the courts. The under-age online call-girl operation has now sparked disquiet and involves law enforcement and many representing lawyers who are preparing cases. Of the 46 so far named, they include a Police Superintendent, Teachers, businessmen, civil servants, a Naval Officer, Lawyer and Military uniformed officers so far…. namely, Singapore’s economic and political elite. Prominent high society figure Howard Shaw is mentioned in the list, along with school principal Lee Lip Hong who was jailed for 9 weeks for his part.  Calvin Yew Boon Liat, Sing Kok Wee, Ng Guan Mean, Choo Yao Chuen, Kwah Wee Nam, Emlyn Thomas Thariyan, Raziuddin Mohammed Naseem, Lim Kok Tong, Chua Ren Cheng, Koh Zi Yang, Kelvin Peck Yong Li, Pyi Kyaw Han, Foo Kim Meng, Frederick Chen Kwek Kwong, Reyner Desugndo Suhartonou, Nguyen Van On, Chia Kok Peng, Low Teow Guan, Danny Wang Wee Jin, Tan Wee Kiat, Tan Wei Siong, Tan Kok Wee, Choong Sin Jian, Loh Ben Ni, Koh Ching Shyang, Qiu Wen Bo, Ken Sim Choon Wee, Desmond Quek Jin Yang, Leu Xing-Long, Ong Chee Wah, Wong Yih Yong, Chiang Meng Chuan, Lee Vin Sen, Atet K Sianandar, Lee Ching Hsuin, Fong Kok Liang, Chan Wei Kiat, Louis Lee Lip Kien, Wilson Oei, Yap Eng Kian, Goh Wee Seong, Teon Nai Jin, Juerg Buergin and Edward Whistler Goh, with more to be announced!  Squeaky clean Singapore doth protest too much!

SINGAPORE PM LEE SAYS THEY MUST TIGHTEN UP ON CORRUPTION? — he said this in the light of recent cases involving the CPIB itself and senior officers.  He pledged there would be no cover-ups!  but a cover-up would never be known to the public, so this pledge is rather futile and meaningless without accountability.  This speech at a public forum is of course – Propaganda — to throw off the recent scandals including the sex scandal and the CPIB.  He repeated the tired claim that Singapore is regarded as one of the least corrupt nations in the World? — his words, the world does not share his view at all……this is the same man that said there was no corruption and crime was low.

THE UNMENTIONED RISE IN CRIME — THE PERVASIVE COMPUTER CRIMES — Despite the continuous claim of a lower crime rate (always aimed at drugs and the Geylang area where the poor live), Singapore, the small Island State, play down and hardly admit to a proliferation of computer crime that is fast growing in this country.  The KPMG audit firm looking into fraud (computers) identified that in 2004 — 19 percent of firms reported computer fraud, and by 2007 it had gone up to 59 percent — emerging as the fastest growing and pervasive category of fraud — it also has the second highest number of ‘ Cyber Bullying’ cases — Some 25 per cent of Singapore students out of 3,488 said they had been bullied online. Since 2007 it has been identified as a major player in computer crime throughout the World.

THE CASE SINGAPORE HAS TRIED TO GAG — The authorities have said nothing and pretend that this story of a ‘Man who may have been murdered in connection with military technology’ does not exist, but it does, and we have the paperwork:  18/2/2013 — US Citizen, Shane Todd was in Singapore working at a government research institute working on a high electron mobility transistor, an amplifier with commercial and military applications, one partner in this is the Chinese Company IME and Huawei  (said to be a security risk by USA Law makers). Shane Todd before his sudden death, told his parents he was worried because he was being asked to do things with a Chinese Company that made him uncomfortable, and felt he was being asked to compromise American Security and could harm National Security.  He said he was quitting IME and had given a period of notice.  Shortly before he was due to leave Singapore, he was found dead.  He was found by his girlfriend who said he was packed for leaving, 48 hours later the parents arrived to find the death scene did not look anything like what the Singapore Police had written up.  From that moment, things got more bizarre, the parents approached IME and after a frosty reception, Lawyers for them said there would be no more contact!  Suddenly, the research Institute director Dr Kwong calls in co-workers who worked alongside Shane and told them they were not to discuss anything with outsiders or reporters?                Police who were called to the death scene quickly took away his computers and hard drives.  The FBI, considering it was a US Citizen, offered to help investigate, and the police turned them down twice!  Shane had been sending messages about ‘the theft of Military sensitive technology at the Institute’ indicating he was in mind to be a whistleblower, he’d been working there 18 months and knew much about what was happening. The Institute of Microelectronics is Singapore’s high profile scientific research company….and Shane was an Electronics Engineer.  The Singapore Police said they’d kept the FBI informed of the ‘murder’ investigation.            It was said that the Singapore Government and other other bodies began to ‘stonewall’ any attempt by outside investigators…..The Financial Times Investigators who did much of the work, Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar kept up the pace as long as they could following any and every lead, much to the annoyance of The Singapore Government and police……Shane had five folders on his hard drive labelled IME….his father on entering his son’s death scene found Shane’s back-up external hard drive and had it analysed….it showed thousands of work files were transferred to the pc hard drive that day….and the Todd’s are willing to hand the Singapore Police a copy of what they have provided the Singapore Police send them a copy of all of the files on their son’s laptops they seized…and have custody of… inquest is to be held in March.  The Financial Times says there are serious discrepancies in official accounts surrounding this death of a US citizen, and it raises serious questions about relations Singapore and China….and additionally the USA and Singapore?

Case Update on Shane Todd — TWO AMERICAN SENATORS BLOCK FUNDING TO IME IN SINGAPORE —  After the mysterious death of Shane Todd (who was found hanged, claimed by the Singapore Authorities as suicide until defence marks were found on Shane’s wrists etc, proving he resisted and struggled), The Singapore Government said they were deeply disappointed at the USA when Senators Baucus and Tester introduced legislation to block US funding to IME until Singapore allowed the FBI to go in and investigate — and have full access to all evidence and records held by the Singapore Police.

Update: The Todd family walk out on case and dismiss their legal team — as case in court begins to look ‘rigged’ by government and judiciary.  Certain evidence is being redefined to look like ‘suicide’ despite alternate views pointing to ‘suspicious unexplained events’ that are being side-stepped.  The Todd’s are convinced that a ‘whitewash’ is being done about their son’s murder so that Singapore can throw off the China connection they desperately want to bury…..they flew back to the USA before the end of the Inquiry.

PS It will not surprise you to know that has suggested earlier, this case has been whitewashed and thrown to the sidelines amid denials and government rhetoric……which has been expected right from the beginning.

SINGAPORE ACCUSED OF REFINING STOLEN OIL FROM NIGERIA — here’s a little item that sneaked its way to us — which does not help Singapore’s claims of no corruption!  — The former Nigerian Presidential Advisor has openly stated that 180,000 barrels of stolen Nigerian Oil each day, is being bought and refined by Singapore Industry. (Oct 2012)

SINGAPORE RATED AS ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST ‘INFAMOUS’ TAX HAVENS — Tax dodgers and avoidance find a suitable home in Singapore, which has been graded as one of the seven best places for the rich to get their tax down (reported 30/3/2013).

SINGAPORE GROUP LIAISE WITH NORTH KOREA SECRETLY — While the International Community was being threatened with a near state of war by the North Korean Junta…. a secret committee of Singapore Young Professionals from The Choson Exchange were regularly sending members to build economic ties with them as they had many similar goals and idology.

SINGAPORE CORRUPTION — HISTORY REVEALED – Wherever corruption is on Singapore we will find it….and this next selection in addition to what you can already see certainly blows the myths that this government issues…….. ‘The Patrick Tan Affair’ The son of a prominent figure in Government circles was given special privileges — according to a report he didn’t meet with the National Service requirements…but was still given an honour and fast-tracked into positions that nobody could figure out why………we then have the secretive case of ‘The Helicopter Bribery Scandal’ when Eng Heng Chiaw appeared in court for offering a Defence Ministry Official a $500,000 bribe.  The ‘sensitive’ trial was held behind closed doors…and was deemed ‘classified’ by the Singapore Government….. we come then to ‘The National Kidney Foundation Scandal’ in July 2005, which still has repercussions today.  The NFK corruption case netted the Chief Executive Officer T.T.Durai who was charged under the prevention of corruption Act……in 2006 a civil action was lodged with the court for damages of $12 million which included him and four others. All of which, came to be revealed because of a failed defamation case!  Before all of this…14 civil servants including statutory board officials were charged with various offences in 2005…..and even in 2003  there were 32 civil servants caught and charged with corruption.  ( for links to this article go to  )

SLEW OF SINGAPORE CORRUPTION SCANDALS — Highlights a growing problem in Singapore says a report at Aljazeera. com.  They say that many Singaporeans are alarmed at the surge of Corruption cases now happening through the courts and fringe media…..but some see it as a sign of their justice system working?  It says that Singapore said nothing when the International Community discovered that a Global Crime Syndicate responsible for rigging 100’s of football matches including World Cup qualifying rounds, plus Champions League matches was being run by a Singaporean who they did not touch!   The City Harvest Church Case of misappropriating $50 million is another.  Pop star Sun Ho’s husband Kong Hee is charged with fraud and siphoning off millions, some of which supported her career and failed album.  The year long corruption investigation ended with their trial on the 22nd with six Church leaders in the dock…..Sun Ho complete with bodyguards went to the first day of the trial to support her husband.  We also have the ‘Under Age Sex trial’ netting over eighty males….most of whom are getting prison sentences……..but despite this, Singapore is keen to classify it as ‘not that bad compared to other countries ‘……..even a Dr Wolfgang Sachsenroder, a visiting Politics Professor at the Institute of South East Asia Studies, prefers to categorise it so — ‘ Corruption in Singapore has not yet reached a stage where the Public should be alarmed ‘   Yet, Georgia Funn, Administrative Clerk for the Court (18th May) says these corruption trails have shown what kind of country Singapore has become……’The five C’s of Singapore’ seems to have got a new C…. and that is corruption, and that is nothing to be proud of ‘

SINGAPORE GOVERNMENT OWN ‘ THE STRAITS TIMES ‘ and is controlled by the authorities…The Government have the power to hire and fire.

SINGAPORE ALLOWS ‘MONSTER CROOK’ MUGABE of Zimbabwe in for medical check-up and treatment. See the ‘MUGABE AND THE HISTORY OF EVIL’ article lower down the page for common friendship links and ideals with the Singapore Government.

SINGAPORE SHIPPING COMPANY FINED £20,000 with £50,000 costs by U.K. Court — Pretty Time Shipping — a Singapore based company went on trial at Southampton Magistrates Court for illegally discharging a quantity of palm oil into the sea close to the Isle of Wight. They at first denied all knowledge but later changed their plea.

CORRUPT POWER GRID OFFICER TAKES BRIBE — An officer with the Power Grid of Singapore received 4 weeks in jail and was fined $1.600 dollars after he was found guilty of taking a bribe of 800 dollars from Ng Ah Tai at Ley Choon Construction in return for withholding the truth in the form of a report.

SINGAPORE CITIBANK IS BEING SUED FOR £8 MILLION POUNDS..88 year old businessman Le Seng Hoan and Indonesian trader, has accused the bank of making false and misleading statements, and exerted undue influence on his investment decisions, which has resulted in a loss for him.  This sounds very much like the FSO Fraud cases and recent bank activity in the UK, which has swindled customers out of many millions in recent months.

CORRUPTION PROBE BY SINGAPORE CPIB — Singapore Civil Defence Chief Peter Lim and Central Narcotics Bureau Director, Ng Boon Gay have been suspended   and are being questioned after allegations of serious misconduct were made in connection with alleged corrupt practises. Both of them have been bailed in separate investigations — the government have asked the people not to see too much into this??

GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL IN CORRUPTION PROBE as Deputy Director is accused of soliciting a bribe from a contractor.  Peh Chew Seng head of Projects and Developments at Tan Tock Seng Hospital was bailed in a surety of ten thousand Singapore Dollars and will appear in court at a later date.

CHAIRMAN OF SINGAPORE STARTECH stole S$29 million in a bank swindle with five accomplices. Saw Chee Keang fled to China after jumping bail in 2003. He returned to Singapore in September 2011 and gave himself up as he was a wanted fugitive. He with others cheated Maybank and the DBS Bank. Startech was a Sesdaq listed Company. He is hoping to get a reduced sentence by returning.

LAND AUTHORITY EXECUTIVES JAILED FOR CORRUPTION — Two Senior executives were jailed for cheating the government out of 12 million Singapore dollars — a report announced — both were not named. …… We have traced a case of two land Authority Directors who stole 12.2 million dollars — named as nKoh Seah Wee and Christopher Lim Chai Meng, both convicted of fraud and money laundering, so these could be that case. Koh was the Deputy Director at the Singapore Land Authority Technology Department and Meng, a Manager at the SLA. It was revealed that they had created false invoices. Koh faced 249 counts of cheating and other offences, revealing a huge elaborate fraud. Koh drove an expensive Lamborgini and invested in property, which was not picked up by the CPIB or Internal Staff, even though he was seen in it away from the Company?

SINGAPORE’S RE-ASSESSMENT OF CORRUPTION FOR IMAGE —  Moving the goalposts for gain is not new, and Singapore obviously do not believe in the ‘a spade is a spade’ argument, and this certainly applied to the ‘Corruption Perceptions Index’ when they decided it must drop from 5th to 7th position.  Two high profile cases, one concerning The Singapore Civil Defence Force Commissioner in the ‘sex for contracts’ scandal and the Assistant Director of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) for misappropriating 1.76 million Singapore dollars.   Amid a corruption case of Teh Cheang Wan caught taking cash from contractors in his Ministry of National Development Office, we see his appeal of 2014 when the judge said his actions did not amount to corruption because there was no ‘third party’ to induce him.  This same assessment was given to an IKEA food service manager…. when the same judge, Justice Choo Han Teck said again there was ‘no third party’ inducement — yet he had ripped off the company.  In another case involving the Judiciary this time, and the Legal Profession — a complaint against Solicitor Alvin Yeo involving ‘overcharging’ legal fees while representing The Medical Council — the judge ruled there was ‘no professional misconduct’ as he did not prepare the invoices.  And in another strange case of the law being able to interpret how it sees fit — we have solicitor Yang Yin who is involved in filing court papers demanding access to $1-13 million in cash while at the same time he is facing ‘a criminal breach of trust’ charge for misappropriating $500,000 dollars in 2010 and another count of $600,000 dollars in 2012?  Will this be seen as ‘no third party inducement’ and another case of corruption being re-classified in the interest of Singapore’s Government and elite?

A source revealed that Government Agencies — M.D.A — M.O.E. — M.T.I. and Mindef were found to have serious lapses on financial accountability by Auditors — The M.D.A. was said to be a serial offender and had failed Audits several times. The Education Ministry was rapped for paying out too much on equipment, and the Defence Ministry carried out a wrongful certification for a consultancy project parting with an advance of S$289,499 to the Defence Science and Technology Agency?

NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT SENIOR OFFICER JAILED FOR CORRUPTION — A senior officer with the National Environment Agency in Singapore was given 36 months in prison for corruption.

EMPLOYEES OF NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL CHARGED WITH THEFT — Three men were charged with taking $800,000 from the Traffic Police Bank accounts over a period of several years.  Honourable Secretary General Siu Chin Hwee and two others — Saidon Hassan and David Kan Tuck Pui appeared in court.

SINGAPORE FINANCIAL ADVISOR GOES TO JAIL FOR SCAM — Edwin Lim Gee Chai cheated clients out of $265,000 in an Investment Scam. He pleaded guilty to cheating and forgery charges and was sentenced to 22 months in prison. Police Investigators said that he confused the trail by accusing colleagues in the firm of Elpis of being involved.

MINISTRY INVESTIGATOR IS JAILED FOR ACCEPTING SEXUAL BRIBES — Senior Investigator Norezwan Em an officer at the Ministry of Manpower, admitted to three charges of corruption, in that he accepted sexual favours in return for issuing an extended stay permit in Singapore.  He was jailed for eight months.

EDUCATIONALISTS CHEAT BANKS OUT OF S$2.5 MILLION — Private School owner Benny Yap Chee Mun and Go Boon Chai were jailed for 5 years after running a loan scam aimed at three banks. It was said that Chai was learning business studies and learned enough to figure how to get loans fraudulently with Mun’s cooperation.

FORMER MINISTRY OF AFFAIRS ‘PROTOCOL’ CHIEF GUILTY OF FRAUD — Lim Cheng who worked in the Public Service for 38 years gave into greed, and submitted false expense claims, faced 60 charges of fraud when he appeared in court.  He was found guilty on ten counts.

SINGAPORE BUSINESS WOMAN FINED $250,000 FOR MARKET-RIGGING OF SHARES — Lee Siew Ngan was fined by the court for conspiring to prop up share prices in her company along with associates, two dealers — Frank Ng Poon Khiana who was fined $200,000 and accomplice Kelvin Ng See Kim who was fined $180,000.

SINGAPORE FORMER CIVIL DEFENCE FORCE CHIEF FACED 10 COUNTS OF CORRUPTION — The former Chief Peter Lim Sing Pang was facing charges referring to ‘sex for contracts’ in the island corruption case.

THE APPLE KICKBACK CORRUPTION PROBE IN SINGAPORE — USA grab Singaporean Andrew Ang of Jin Li Mould Manufacturing and American Paul Shin Devine to face civil suit in US Court. The case is said to involve bribery and US$ 1 million concerning the trading of confidential information on products in exchange for cash. Two other Singaporean Companies — Glocom/Lateral Solutions and Fastening Technologies are named in the corruption scandal. The Singapore CPIB were said at the time to be evaluating the case.

SINGAPORE ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER JAILED FOR CORRUPTION –Oh Hian Kee faced 15 charges of accepting bribes from Mr.Tan Boon Gee of Mincon Engineering. Kee, a Senior Technical Officer was found guilty and sent to prison for 3 years.

SINGAPORE TOWN COUNCIL PROPERTY OFFICER JAILED FOR BRIBERY — Former Civil Servant Mohd Nor Atan pleaded guilty to five charges of corruption and accepting $3,700 in illegal payments. He was jailed for six weeks.

SINGAPORE ‘SUNSHINE EMPIRE FRAUD’ — Two Directors go to jail for scamming $180 million in 26,000 package deals in a scheme they knew would fail, yet still grabbed the cash.  James Phang Wah and partner Jackie Hoo Choon Cheat got 9 years and 7 years respectively.

SINGAPORE LOAN SCAM of $63 million by banking executive Winnie Goh Li Ching leads to jail, along with two accomplices in the corruption fraud.  She pleaded guilty to 33 charges of fraud, she was the banking executive with the OCBC Bank. The scam involved forgery and deceit carried out by the three — Accomplices Lau Thuan Heng and Siti Rahayu Masud were all jailed for 5 years.

SINGAPORE CIVIL SERVANT POCKETS PUBLIC CASH — $617,000 to fund his lifestyle.  Liew Chee Meng was with the Home Affairs Ministry of Singapore, and it was his job to buy gift vouchers for prizes in the competitions run by the Ministry.  He forged e-mails to look as if he had been grant authorization in a very elaborate plan. He was jailed for 8 years and 8 months.

SINGAPORE’S SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL IN BRIBERY CASE — Ho Sze Khee was the Assistant Manager at the firm where he was arrested for corruption. He was charged with three counts of accepting bribes to the tune of $157,508 dollars.

SINGAPORE OLYMPIC TENNIS CHIEF IN CORRUPTION CHARGE — Choo Wee Khiang a silver medallist in the 2008 Olympics is accused of taking bribes between 2003 t0 2005.

SINGAPORE MINING BOSS IN $1.8 MILLION CORRUPTION CASE — Willy Teo See Khiang was charged with 127 counts of aiding and abetting an employee to falsify invoices for the purposes of cheating the firm — Phosphate Resources.  He was accused of taking bribes from Tan Tuck Soo of Assets Shipowners — he will appear in court later.

SINGAPORE COMPANY DIRECTOR IN COURT — Director Lee Chiang Theng pleaded guilty to 33 charges out of 100 for manpower offences.  He was jailed for four weeks — he failed to pay foreign workers, 7 of whom did not have a valid work permit.

PONZI SCHEME FRAUD MAN IN SINGAPORE GOES TO JAIL — The Investment scam was run by Dickson Tan Jing Yun who sucked in punters to his $6 million dollar fraud which had fifty members.  The scheme ran like the pyramid system which cheated the members like an elaborate confidence trick. He was sentenced to 6 years.

SINGAPORE SECURITY BOSS IN $15 MILLION BANK RIP-OFF — Lee Chin Khuay, the director of Gatekeeper Resources was jailed for one and a half years for defrauding banks. He made 117 bogus applications using fictitious invoices and was also accused of laundering funds.

SINGAPORE AIRLINES PRICE-FIXING CASE TO BE HEARD IN AUSTRALIA — The ACCC’s purge on stopping Cartel misconduct which is damaging and unlawful because it harms competition, and unnecessarily raises prices for consumers has yet to prosecute Singapore — it has already penalised eight international airlines. Australia said the ‘racket’ must be quashed, and Singapore Airlines will appear before the Federal Court.  The Australian Regulators fined Singapore Airlines Cargo a massive $11.75 miilion dollars over its price-fixing conduct — the airline admitted breaches under the Australian Trade and practices Act in the Federal Court.

SINGAPORE AIRLINES FINED — A South African blog has revealed that a price-fixing scandal has resulted in the National airline being fined around $3 million.

50 MILLION DOLLAR CHURCH FRAUD IN SINGAPORE — The City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee, along with four others, John Lam Leng Hung, Tan Ye Peng, Sharon Tan Shao Yuen and Chew Eng Han faced court after having been charged with the misuse and fraudulent use of $50million from the Church’s Building Fund, which then went into a sham investment scheme.  The five are said to be facing long jail sentences.

SINGAPORE BUSINESSMAN ENTERS GUILTY PLEA TO CORRUPTION –  Former Vice President of the Singapore Press Holdings (Newspaper Group) was charged with taking bribes amounting to $83,500 dollars and the misappropriation of $23,095 dollars worth of vouchers — he is charged with corruption an criminal breach of trust. Executive Peter Khoo Chong was with the newspaper group for 22 years.

SINGAPORE EXECUTIVE JAILED FOR BRIBERY – Alex Chee Eng Huat was sent to prison for two months for Corruption — after accepting $67,000 dollars for awarding a contract to the ‘right applicant’

SINGAPORE AND CORRUPTION VISITS THE COURT AGAIN — Former Chairman of AEM-Evertech accused the co-founder Chief Executive Ang Seag Thor as the master behind the corrupt activities exposed — Tok Kian You was jailed for 12 months and fined $60,000 for corruption and bribery.  Ang was fined $200,000 for corruption and bribery that was aimed at the firm STS Shenzhen — ST charges of altering accounts and $1 million kickbacks were mentioned in the court trial.

SINGAPORE SEA FREIGHT DIRECTOR JAILED FOR CORRUPTION — Former Director Tan Tuck Soo of Assets Shipowners and Managers, was fined $30,000 for giving bribes to an agent of the Australian registered Phosphate Resources (PRL) and jailed for four weeks.

SINGAPORE IKEA MANAGER IN CORRUPTION BRIBES CASE — Said to be one of the biggest Private Sector Corruption Cases involving $2.3million dollars, Manager Leng Kah Poh was jailed for 98 weeks after it was revealed that he took bribes……and was fined the same amount of $2.3m.

SINGAPORE WEALTH AND SUCCESS IS BUILT ON CHEAP LABOUR — Foreign mostly, according to a study done by one of its own officials turned dissenter and the people’s mouthpiece.  He says that although Singapore is about twice the size of the Isle of Wight off the South Coast of Britain, is by all accounts overcrowded — and this works to the advantage of a wealth seeking Government who put money before its people (not the rich ones it protects) and can just about put a high price on anything — often boasting about its remarkable success in the finance market — while leaving the poor, of which there are many (mainly kept in the social housing area of Geylang where the Druggies operate along with the loan sharks and red light district).  Singapore is considered one of Asia’s richest and most expensive countries (where dissenters are not allowed), they made their money on the back of the poor in the deceitful knowledge of knowing the less fortunate could not react or retaliate against a brutal law system and the connivance of a dictatorial republic regime.

SINGAPORE PRESIDENTIAL POWERS ARE ‘MUTED ‘ BY GOVERNMENT — Minister K.Shanmugam made it plain that the newly elected to be President cannot publicly challenge or speak out against the Government without acting against the Constitution, Law and Foreign Affairs. He can only act and speak as advised by the Cabinet, as he will not hold any executive power, which means he is a mere puppet whose strings are controlled by those who want no changes.  The last elections were in 2005, and now Businessman Andrew Kuan of the JTC Corporation wants to be elected.  He has been around the island talking to local people saying he wants to hear them and be the next ‘ People’s President ‘  He also stated that he wants to share the ‘ unfiltered voices’ of Singaporeans — which indicates that the Government put pressure on critics and suppress any real opposition to their decisions, hence the fact he could do very little for changing things…especially not in Law or the the Constitution, which in fact that people’s voices will be just as ‘filtered’ as they were before…

SINGAPORE EX-NNP PARTY MAN SAYS Any civilised Society should accept and embrace a brutish Government – these were the strange but true words of Calvin Cheng…which rather explains why Singapore is like it is.

CLAIMS OF CLOSENESS OF TIES BETWEEN SINGAPORE AND USA ARE RATHER FLAWED, and we give you the following reasons: Foreign Minister to Singapore, K.Shanmugan is in America making claims that the USA have a special bond between them — (we saw such claims in the government paper The Straits Times, but it has suddenly disappeared on their on-line edition) because they now have warned the USA not to use rhetoric and words of condemnation on China suggesting this could cause strife in Asia (this coming on the heels of the USA and UK calling China and Russia despicable at a UN Meeting over Syria). Singapore needs trade with China so the reason is plain to see.  We now see more on why Singapore and the USA could not be the buddies as hoped;

America 1993 and the outrage over Michael Fay, further outrages concerning other American citizens treated to Singapore laws — Amnesty and the Foreign Office US are collecting data on human rights infringements every year and are the only ones able to record what is happening in the country’s system of punishment. Singapore claimed victory over the Americans by caning Fay — saying that they’d seen this mighty power cringe and walk away with its tail between its legs.

Philippines relations were strained with Singapore, and they vented their frustration at their own government who they requested should take action against Singapore after Flor Contemplacion’s hanging….diplomatic relations broke down for three years …. even today, that anger still exists against Singapore.

Australia was furious with Singapore – Attorney General Philip Ruddock condemned the Singapore Authorities saying the hanging of Australian born Nguyen was a barbaric act — Singapore rejected five pleas for clemency — one  was from John Howard the Prime Minister of Australia.

Singapore and Australia it is said — are in a joint defence pact and have been bowing to each other as a recent meeting (Sept 2012) indicates. How quickly the Aussies forget, and play politics — and how nice for Singapore to know it has them at its feet — its intentions have been seen for many years as its arrogance grows stronger.

The Netherlands were another country that positively hated Singapore and its people called for armed response against Singapore — we have featured that article earlier.

So this chummy claim can only be based on arms bases, business investments, strategic ties and little else as we bring you some facts and history related to how China fits in with Singapore from the 1990’s to now:             Mr Shanmugam, who says that the law in Singapore applies to everyone as he pals up to China can be explained quite simply — China has great holdings in Singapore, in other words — leverage!   HPL — Hotel Properties Ltd are a Chinese Corporation owned by Ong Beng Seng — they have a huge portfolio of properties in Singapore including 50 per cent of HRC Holdings backed by Chinese Business Groups. Another Chinese mogul is the Salim Group owned by tycoon Liem Sioe Liong — it is known as an investment vehicle — and runs the United Industrial Corporation Property development — Singapore Land Subsidiary being one of the largest property firms in Singapore. One can plainly see why China is more important to the Singapore Government.

One thing Singapore keeps quiet about is — China said in the 1990’s ‘ The jewel in the Chinese Crown is Singapore ‘ which seems to explain why they so readily come to China’s aid.

More on the above — SINGAPORE SITS ON FENCE AS IT STIRS UP CHINA — US WRATH — Despite his visit to the USA –Minister Shanmugam has been at it again, —On his recent visit to Beijing, China where they are praising him for ‘ticking off the Americans in his warnings of rhetoric and anti-Chinese dialogue — he appears to be playing both sides. Neighbours to Singapore have stronger views on China — The Philippines’ who are not buddies with Singapore have allowed the US to build up a greater Military Presence on seeing China expanding its territorial claims in the South China Seas!!  It may come to ‘choosing sides’ warns Asia — and Singapore may end up in the mud…and instantly lose three members of the 5 members defence pact – maybe they know that considering their new move to closer military ties with Malaysia?  see below.

At the present Singapore are enlarging their defence capabilities with Malaysia, and only Malaysia?? Could this be to get ready for China’s bid to take the Spratly Islands in The South China Seas?  Trouble has been going on there recently with China reasserting itself, and its new found strength of ‘muscle flexing’ in the area, after all, they have been wanting these 60 strategic islands for many years because China considers control of the South China Seas as an essential prize they must obtain for military and mineral reasons (oil rich deposits). Singapore obviously wants to be assured of a ‘friendly relationship’ in that event, but at the same time have a plan B. which is a sort of ‘ wait to see which side wins and then join them because you supported them anyway ‘

SINGAPORE ACCUSED OF MEDDLING IN THE SPRATLY ISLANDS — The Philippine Star revealed that Singapore was meddling in the issue of the Spratly Islands — an issue involving China. It claimed that Singapore had no business in the Spratlys because it is a non-claimant country — 4 main and two others — Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, and the Philippines along with Taiwan and China have a legitimate claim — so why does Singapore want to be included?  In 1998 a regional code of conduct was established within the South China Sea in order to create peace and security.  Suddenly, Singapore steps forward wanting to be involved directly in the activities of the islands (there are already 10 signatories to the declaration). Is it seeking to get in and benefit from the oil and mineral rich area for nothing?

SINGAPORE GETTING READY FOR WAR? — The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has made a report claiming that Singapore is the 5th biggest arms buyer in the world…as it buys a range of Artillery Rocket Systems, Fighter Jets, Battle Tanks and Seahawk Naval Helicopters. One has to look at recent activity in the Singapore Government and meetings held. It’s a small place to be buying so much in the weapons of destruction area… doesn’t spend huge sums on arms in a peaceful country to just look at….they are clearly bought for a purpose other than just defence….are they planning to give assistance to one of their treasured neighbours?

‘Singapore Getting Ready for War’ part two –strange developments — Singapore seems to be playing a strange game as it now warns of a US-China War, Singapore’s Defence Chief Ng Eng Hen was in Washington on the 4th of April urging the US to have more engagement in Asia and referred to the US as a ‘Resident Power’…he made much of the US-China Conflict and told some he was very concerned about a war,,, yet we suggested and worked out that Singapore held this knowledge many weeks ago as it became engaged in arms buying and cementing closer ties with China, as you can see from our articles. Is this Singapore climbing into bed with both sides in a bid to benefit either way?

SINGAPORE RESORTS TO MUTE LEGAL JARGON AGAINST REUTERS REPORT — The Reuters report on Singapore allowing Iranian Cargo to pass through its port cannot be all wrong as they indignantly protest and claim — the fact they have retaliated with issues such as ‘confused several important legal points’ only tells one that they are looking to interpretation of the law, and anyone who has studied law knows that this means whatever a judge may choose in his opinion from a choice of several other meanings, The fact that they rebut the report on Iran Sanctions being breached shows how sensitive they are right now over the China issue.

SINGAPORE MAKES WAVES — Indonesia says Singapore has refused to ratify an extradition treaty with them until they get their way over a defence pact. Indonesia say they rejected a proposal that Indonesia’s Military have a say over the scope of naval exercises by Singapore that are held on Indonesian territory as part of the pact.  Indonesia wants the ratification of the extradition treaty because it says it wants to track down fugitive business executives who owe money to the state and ran down over the border and into Singapore. 18,000 Indonesian key clients with more than a $1 million reside in Singapore and have assets of 87 billion dollars. Of course, the Singapore government denies everything said and have blamed it on Indonesia!!

SINGAPORE PLAYS THE JAPANESE CARD! — Having extolled their relations as chums of China, just how far one will go to profit by a situation has arrived in Singapore — in that they have now announced friendly bilateral defence ties with Japan…..their one time enemy, and still in conflict with China….another great pal of Singapore!

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES — Interestingly, and possibly another missing piece in the jigsaw, we have noted that China is introducing an Internet search engine in Singapore! — Baido Lab with the Singapore R & D Agency – A*Star….concentrating on?  yes, you might have guessed it — a search engine allowing users to conduct searches in the southeast Asian language. ( Another aspect could be to identify protestors and bloggers who criticize both countries, something very likely)   You might ask is this odd? but consider this, in the region — China claims that Asia countries primarily use the Chinese language…Singapore have English, but appear to be turning away very covertly and backed by China to do so. It was once acknowledged that Singapore was  previously known as ‘a Chinese run island’ – and this subtle move certainly indicates something more than what it pretends. Singapore is cosying up to China as we have shown — is China about to wage a land grab and begin the next war situation with Singapore on its coat-tails?

Interestingly in addition to Minister Shanmugam’s China friendship — 3 years earlier, Lee Kuan Yew brought China’ s wrath upon the country when he suggested on behalf of the Singapore people that Asia needed the USA. 

SINGAPORE ANGRY OVER ‘LEAK OF SECRECY’ attack Taiwan Press for report on the secret Military Meeting involving Taiwan’sd Minister of National Defence, Kao Hia Chu, which has now led to a suspension of military cooperation. Singapore was said to be unhappy that this meeting had been revealed. The Taiwan Newspaper retaliated by saying ‘Singapore have a cheek in trying to control outside journalism — they kick up a stink if anyone tries it with them’companies as a way of possibly laundering drug money? What is now known is, that the Singapore Authorities did nothing to deter this?   Another sad and disturbing fact is — It was also a known thing before the millennium that arms dealing and an arms industry is a Singaporean speciality — European arms made under licence went to regimes like Pol Pot and Sadam Hussein….British manufactured arms went on to buyers through Singapore with false end use certificates.  Arms for Iran were secretly sent via Singapore, and in 1990, BMARC secretly supplied a shipment of arms and ammunition to Burma through Singapore — it was openly said that Singapore was ‘an aid in a time of need’ and was twice this for SLORC…Singapore is considered an important ‘back door’ for regimes in need of weapons.

MALAYSIA ACCUSES SINGAPORE OF INTERFERENCE — This time it is Singapore doing all the denials, as it emerged that some of its Foreign Affairs Officers (Diplomats) were present at the Bersih Protest Rally in April at Kuala Lumpur. Some reports say that two or three officials were taking sides, but the Singapore MFA said they were not trying to interfere in Malaysia’s Domestic Policies and that the delegation were simply – ‘impartial observers’  (the government line)

SINGAPORE ANGRY OVER ACCUSATIONS OF BEING A REFUGE FOR ‘DIRTY MONEY’ AND FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICE — Eric Tan Chong Sian, Director of Singapore’s Corruption Investigation Bureau refuted claims made in the Jakarta Post – the 11th of Sept — that said Singapore was a safe haven for criminals with their ill gotten gains.

SINGAPORE IN TENSION WITH INDONESIA OVER AIR POLLUTION — News that Singapore were angry with the smog that engulfed the Island Republic State in its worst air pollution in sixteen years led to a diplomatic tiff as the plantation firms in ‘slash and burn’ land clearing in Indonesia caused the region’s air to be thick with smoke.

SINGAPORE AND WIKILEAKS — ‘The Revelations’ — From the 251,000 cables released, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were shown not to be that open or truthful — what they admit to on a ‘specially prepared’ forum is an exercise in cover-up and carefully fed statements.  Three of Singapore’s Ministers — of the Foreign Affairs Ministry were revealed to have secretly trashed Malaysia in 2008 and 2009. Peter Ho, Bilahari Kausikan and Tommy Koh made remarks concerning the Malaysia Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim saying that he’d been set up by the government on ‘sexual perversion’ charges and that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak could face a murder charge (of Mongolian Transalator Atlantuya Shaaribuu), plus the the possible issue of fleeing Chinese Malaysians ‘overwhelming’ Singapore in the event of unrest and a purge on them. Even comments about Malaysia being a corrupt country were published as spoken by Singapore diplomats in communicates.

THE SINGAPORE BLOG AND DISSENTERS MYSTERY — Myth or Manufactured?  — We have at several times tried to track down this band of protestors — but alas, they disappear.  We tried one recently, the mystery CPIB man who blogs as —  Singapore Recalcitrant….and got nowhere….and again with Gerry Heng…who featured on blogs……but all our e-mails bounced and came back… where are these people…..and what’s their game?

SINGAPORE NEA THROTTLES THE THE LIFE SUPPLY OF SMALL BUSINESS —The National Environment Agency uncaringly hit a Street Vendor with a rent rise that smothered the entrepreneur to bankruptcy. Chenwh492 as he names himself for safety reasons was appalled when the NEA arbitrarily increased his father’s food stall at Old Airport Road by 36 percent (nearly a thousand dollars to fifteen hundred) a price he couldn’t afford. He says the letter of notice was callous and impolite and did not take into account the circumstances of the vendor. They indicated that he ought to find alternative locations…..and this was after building up a life-supporting business for three years in that area. This doesn’t convey a picture of Singapore fairness, furtherance of opportunity or economic pride for everyone they boast about…this is the other side of that one-sided coin.

DEAF EARS IN JUDICIARY as foreigner pleads against sentence for man who robbed his flat — David S Powell lived and worked in Singapore for two years, and on returning from a trip, found his flat had been burgled. He was told by the police the robber had been caught and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 strokes of the cane.  Mr Powell saw this as excessive and the caning as barbaric, and went to appeal to have this sentenced reviewed because he was the so called wronged citizen, but was told it had nothing to do with him and that the man had been caned and would serve the sentence.

SOME ‘HOME TRUTHS’ ON SINGAPORE — Singapore is about twice the size of the UK’s Isle of Man or Isle of Wight, about twenty miles long and eight to ten miles wide, not big at all for a country….yet, a lot has gone on over the years, some things never revisited such as — Their connections with Burma in the 90’s when it joined ASEAN, which is primarily devoted to making money, and has hardly any interest in Human Rights or Democracy. Burma is in fact very keen on enriching the drugs trade, and Burma is one of Singapore’s biggest investors. It is said, the sanctimonious Lee Kuan Yew is often lecturing the world on Moral Purity of Asian Values and the need to engage constructively with oppressive regimes (such as Burma) — is at best a joke, and a poor one at that. In 1996 when Lee was in overall power, the Bangkok NATION reported that Burma’s drug lords — Ling Ming Xian and Lo Hsing-han who head the major multi-million drugs trade in Upper Burma, frequently made visits to Singapore  and set up


It is said that Singapore’s real achievement is ‘Social Control and its Attendant Fear’ making democratic debate impossible.  They have a great desire for oppressive uniformity — a trend the regime has responded to with relish and aggressive support — The Racial Harmony Act prohibits sermons on social and political issues saying they are irrelevant?    What one can easily identify here is numerous contradictions to what they preach and what they do….they hang druggies, yet deal with drug producing countries…they appear to embrace ties and tourists and despise violence…yet cane over-stayers and immigrants who haven’t raised a fist to anyone? Another conflict in their claim of ‘the cane is there for violent crimes’ is absolutely flawed by a 2013 case of two thugs, Hock and Chong 46 and 41, (both within the caning age of 18 to 50) were described as ‘being one of the worst cases of violence against a public transport worker in Singapore (and several passengers on the bus) — the level of hooliganism was appalling, audacious and shocking’ said the judge, but they both got 15 months jail (no caning)….yet the authorities say the reason they must add a caning is because of violent crime?  One recent case involving two suspects in Drug Trafficking ended up with one going to the gallows and the other getting life imprisonment and 24 strokes of the cane? (what the caning serves to do is mindless, he’s no threat to the public he’s serving life in jail, so it could not be seen as a deterrent to him)  Muhammad Ridzuan Md Ali 28, is going to hang, his friend, Abdul Haleem Abdul Karim 30 is getting life in prison (plus the cane) and they are both guilty of the same crime.  He appealed to Judge Tay Yongkwang to be fair and let him hang alongside his friend….the Judge said ‘the court dies not have complete discretion to do whatever you want me to do, you have a certification from the Attorney General’s Chambers — your friend does not’   Yet, Changes in the Law in 2012 gave Judges the discretion not to impose the death penalty on drug couriers….. so yet again we find the Judiciary being steered by the Government…. and….the claim to keep the cane doesn’t add up!

THE SINGAPORE ACTIVIST MYSTERY — When one trawls the Internet Pages and eventually finds the bloggers and dissenters putting up videos and other material, The Democratic Party being a huge contender here, one quickly accepts something is going on……even if it isn’t……one of several of those people ‘want the outside international community to take notice’……but,,,,,we tried to make contact with these so-called ‘urgent cries for help’ and we found ‘no one’……not a single reply……..having thought about it, it could well be the PAP inventing an opposition so that they remain in power and create a sort of enemy to fool the citizens into trusting the PAP absolutely…..much like the Police and Security services using deflection methods to hide covert operations.

ANIMAL CRUELTY CASES ON THE RISE IN SINGAPORE — THE SPCA say that according to new figures, animal cruelty has gone up by a fifth in 2012 and looks set to rise further.  Last year there were 1,017 reports of abuse against animals, some beaten to death, legs cut off, poisoned and cats slashed.

SINGAPORE COPS CARRY GUNS — Unlike the British, Singapore follows the USA tradition of Gun Law, which could make a visit more dangerous……and it ties in with their penal codes and why they are heavy on anyone carrying a replica or fake gun.

MORE SINGAPORE YOUTH ON DRUGS according to figures issued on users after increased arrests — the age of drug users is said to be rising with the teens in Singapore — up by 45 per cent (Singapore Press 2012) Drugs and the death penalty have stirred up ill feelings and is condemned by the UN — but research tells us that most of this drug trafficking comes via Burma, a country that strangely has some influential business deals with Singapore?

FOOTBALL MATCH-FIXING RING ARRESTED — Based in Singapore, Fourteen people have been arrested in the global (International) football match fixing network… by leader Dan Tan Seet Eng. The ring was first discovered by the Europeans who told Singapore that they had found the ring operating there.  It took mounting International pressure to get the Singapore Government to do anything…as they didn’t feel the need to get involved and Tan just laughed the matter off.  It now appears that 12 men and two women have been arrested.

EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS DON’T MEAN MUCH SAY SINGAPORE MINISTERS —  In a reversal of the many cries throughout the years for students to excel and grab certificates and degrees — Ministers turn back the clock!   NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT MINISTER Khaw Boon Wan said ‘ You own a degree! so what? You can’t eat it if that cannot give you a good life, a job…. it’s meaningless ‘     EDUCATION MINISTER Heng Swea Keat said ‘ That a good qualification alone does not guarantee a career, let alone a job ‘    ACTING MINISTER FOR SOCIAL AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT Chan Chun Sing said ‘ Soft skills, not a degree, are the most important thing for young people to learn ‘

A   UK Diplomat said the ideals of Singapore is to make money first and foremost, and that meant preferring to forget that a Foreign Power provided the set-up for the acquisition of wealth. Some who see the Singaporeans are repelled by their self-righteousness based on nothing but deceit. The thing often not mentioned is the shame of 1942 and Singapore’s surrender….the appalling military disaster and shameful disgrace in Britain’s Imperial History. The British had a duty of defending Singapore, not only because of Britain’s ‘other interests’ but the British Might that suddenly vanished. The hollowness of Britain’s promise was laid bare and exposed…so much so that today, no Singaporean mentions February 1942.  They lean more towards the USA who rode in, and with the Atomic Bomb brought down their captors the Japanese…..and strangely enough, the USA does all it can for Japan these days to ease their conscience of that decision to nearly obliterate that country…to end a war.

SINGAPORE HIDES BEHIND PROPAGANDA – Singapore may show off its cars for the wealthy and make claims that it is a rich man’s paradise — but behind the facade of lies it hides the simple truth ‘that is a con’  the country or better described as ‘dictatorship’ is corrupt and this corruption has been aided and abetted by the UK, Australia and New Zealand to a greater or lesser extent — reason being?  that it suits their governments to see it like this.  This country ignores its stand on ‘torture’ — the added torture of prisoners, which it clings to as ‘Internal Affairs’ and its Secret Police State that can do anything without fear of being brought to book — Yes, its Security Police besides locking people up can force confessions using any means….the Government interferes with the Judiciary and the AGC do as they are told.  They have recently hidden facts in a Prison Death Case and closed the inquiry….luckily they are now being sued over the dead prisoner….and then there was the ‘Shane Todd’ case which was closed by the government amid accusations of their arms links with China and a firm dealing in secret projects….. Singapore may look clean and prosperous, but one should look at how it came about.

SINGAPORE, WHERE THE POOR LOSE OUT….in fact they’re priced out….they have no say really…and the very wealthy get more rich.  A Report has just announced that Singapore is now the World’s ‘most expensive’ city to live in.  The wealthy are actually increasing, but only in the stockbroker financial belt….which the Singapore Government encourage.  The survey (2014) concluded after looking at 131 cities, that it is the most expensive place to run a car (and quite a number have Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royce)…where the cost of living has risen quite rapidly…..and where the rich dictate the laws and who they want shoved out of the country.

NB; most of the featured crime – corruption, police, lawyers etc was taken from just a 3 to 6 month period, and that is high for a colony area which is in fact city size and a little bit more – now turned state and country.



Note: What we show here is not the full story but a mere scratching of the surface…we will look for more. 

Twelve related articles of note: — (1) Professor Hussein Alatas made the observation that corruption is least pandemic in Malaysia since Independence in 1957. He goes on to say corruption has definitely been growing especially in public office, customs, police, the courts and various Ministries.

(2) ‘Singapore should cease violating fundamental rights citing self serving Historical and Cultural excuses that only tarnish its global image’ — Report by The Human Rights watch, New York. February the 3rd 2011.

(3) Singapore’s Government says it’s laws are protecting the people and its culture — the sacrifice of certain freedoms for the good of the economy and prosperity requires a strong law,  — this strangely echoes what Adolf Hitler said ‘  The individual is nothing. The group is everything — When group rights get the upper hand, gone are the ‘inalienable rights’ given to the individual by his Creator’

NB: Hitler says he drew his inspiration and belief in the above from The American Declaration of Independence?

(4) Lydia Loh of the Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office, an agency of the Singapore Government, has denied Activist Dr Chee Soon Juan permission to leave Singapore to go to a conference in Oslo.  He was invited by The Oslo Freedom Forum in connection with The Human Rights Foundation to speak over three days – the 7th,8th and 9th of May. The operators who have booked his passage say he is being penalised for criticising the Singapore Authorities.

(5) One Singaporean observer said ‘ This obsession with flogging is a real sickness in Singapore in epidemic proportions, and because of this, has become a pariah internationally ‘

(6) It is said Singapore suffers from the ‘Kiasu Syndrome’ = ‘Afraid to lose out, or fail’

(7) Singapore have no studies published, nor release any statistics on punishment, prisoners and the judiciary, but the judicial system grants the police absolute power.

 (8) Singapore in meeting with China again discussing Maritime Law Enforcement in the South China Sea! — Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean went to Beijing to meet Communist Party Member czar Zhou Yongkong of the Politburo to discuss security– law enforcement, cyber crime and maritime law enforcement — which points to recent aims of Singapore to crush dissenters via the Internet with partners, China, who are equally disposed to the same ideal, and for the same reasons — plus maritime discussions, which points to China’s activity off the Philippines and Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, and their intentions of getting them,  and as we have already seen; Singapore’s interest in trying to be involved commercially despite not being a signatory to that treaty …repressive law, well, both of them indulge in that.  Lastly — The English and Chinese language in Singapore that nicely places them in a position to benefit from both the West and East in the event of a war that Singapore expects- (see Getting ready for war part two – Singapore Defence Chief Ng Eng Hen in Washington)

 (9) Singapore has three Judicial Acts that allow immediate detention without trial — The Internal Security Act, The Criminal Law Temporary Provisions Act, and The Misuse of Drugs Act vehemently and rigorously applied by the Police of Singapore.

(10) Singapore makes ‘minor’ changes in Death Penalty Law — claiming they wish to appease ‘modern day thinking’  — so they claim?  However, they still remain ‘doggedly’ steadfast to the idea that Judicial Murder is a good thing — it is quite clear there are no Christians in the Singapore Government and Judiciary or the people for that matter — In the Bible the fifth commandment says ‘Thou shalt not Kill’ — but they have their own perverse version handed down by the ancient Gods of The Rising Sun.   Lastly, their ancestry, mostly from China, murdered and butchered many without ever being hanged…so murder is one of their traits, yet they act as if murder now should receive the death sentence when their relatives engaged in it like a way of life.

(11) Singapore and China get together to build strong bilateral relations between each other — indeed, a meeting with China’s Security Chief Zhou Yongkong and Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister looks very cosy and more than just a coincidence? They claim they can learn from each other, and why is that? China’s recent mood is convincing us all that a war looms, even Singapore said that. China thinks nothing of intimidating its rivals and shows a willingness to bully anyone especially as its economic power builds…it is for this reason alone that the threat of war is certainly real, and will come. It is said by a few Western journalists now focusing on China and its recent behaviour, that it is becoming a dangerous nation…and although Singapore is not willing to admit it, they and other nearby Asian countries are hitching themselves to US defence. Japan has already installed new US anti-missile radar systems! and of late, there has been several defence drills involving US troops in Asia and around the South China Seas.  America has already confirmed they have sent several battleships to the region.

 (12) Singapore is in the United Nations? — it maintains the right to cane and flog prisoners? — it signed up to the United Nations Human Rights Convention against torture? or did it?  — we see Jamaica has abolished whipping of prisoners as ‘degrading punishment — an anachronism  which violates Jamaica’s International obligations and was preventing  the government from ratifying the United Nations Convention on Torture — which tells us they were unable to join unless this practice was abolished…..yet Singapore continues to use it….so how did they get in….and why were they allowed to override the convention requirements?

NB: While Singapore continues to cane….think on this — Dr Maggie Atkinson (Anti-smacking of children) says that Physical Chastisement is an abuse and a criminal action, and that ‘You are forbidden from striking another adult and from physically harming your pets under British Law and in many other countries in the civilised World’  Dr Atkinson is The Children’s Commissioner for England who says allowing children to be smacked is wrong and morally unjustified as the Law says hitting another is assault and criminal.   Singapore modelled its courts and justice on British Law, yet orders the assault to be carried out on defendants found guilty of certain crimes along with a jail sentence……..why isn’t Dr Atkinson and other campaigners taking Singapore to task Internationally? and why isn’t this seen as ‘indecent assault’ when they strip prisoners naked to be thrashed while up to seven others are in the room watching as the caning is being administered….are we looking at money, power, and politics?

(13) After a lull or brief stay on executions, SINGAPORE HANGMAN begins again, as two men were hanged in July 2014 returning the status quo and indulging in canings too.

14) LEE KUAN YEW Dies — and interestingly, a Western newspaper article sums his life up as ‘ he traded freedoms for prosperity and a nanny state that flogged prisoners, granting powers of detention that were unlimited in their application allowing a brutal security regime to quell those who questioned it and took anyone to court for comments contrary to his rule.  It was also mentioned that his ‘vindictiveness bordered on vendetta situations’ and that as a child he was denied a pet canary so he plucked out all of its feathers to get back at his parents.  He once pioneered human rights and attacked detention without trial prior to becoming the PM, and said repression is a habit that grows, and later strengthened detention and brought in strict repression along with a tight reign on law and the citizens……that only Hitler could admire (and Mugabe of course).

PS. If you are thinking of a holiday in Singapore, take these two points into consideration, 1) their culture may be quite an eye-opener despite the English Language being spoken  2) there are dangerous snakes at large anywhere on the Republic Island State — a Deadly Cobra was faced off by a cat in their Labrador Park area of the City……..other snakes have also been known to be coiled up and asleep in door wells and apartment blocks.

And lastly, Singapore is not good for your health.

Request — We tried to obtain some documents from an ex-prisoner in Singapore who said he had proof of an historic secret war crimes abuse by Singapore Officials and the Government….and it suddenly ceased after he sent us our required proof of one document which had enough for us to continue….we should like him to reconnect with us using our agent in Singapore.

One MEP urging Europe to sort itself out says we should all in the west beware of the ‘rise of Asia’ ?

PS: Singapore is about the size of The Isle of Man, and if all of what we listed on this republic happened there, there would be a government change and a scandal that would not be tolerated or allowed to continue!

Need some info about ‘hidden war crimes’ and Singapore…..somebody must have some stuff they hid.

‘The Desperate Situation and Lawless Law of Africa ‘

SIX SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE OFFICERS ARE SUSPENDED AFTER FILMED BEATING – Johannesburg police were filmed as a result of a documentary which was not supposed to feature this kind of thing.  Mark Reynolds a police spokesman said that six white officers have been suspended and charged with assault and intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE DETECTIVE ON ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGE….yet he is involved in the detection of the ‘Pistorious Murder Case’  Hilton Botha a lead Investigator has now been taken off the case because charges relating to an incident in 2011 when he was accused of opening fire on a minibus full of passengers (then dropped under strange circumstances) have now been reinstated by The National Prosecuting Authority on the 4th of February just 10 days before he was assigned to the Pistorious Case.  They told the Press that Officer Botha has now been suspended while they proceed with the charges against him.

News Update: it now appears that Detective Hilton Botha has resigned from the force claiming ‘ that he has been stitched-up by colleagues and the police command’ and hung up to dry.  (This could indicate like Britain, that he will escape charges when Officers can use ill-health etc to resign and offences are dropped in recognition of it)

EIGHT AFRICAN POLICE OFFICERS from Gauteng are to appear before magistrates on charges of stealing alcohol. The eight policemen are to be tried at Potchefstroom Magistrates Court. It appears that a Senior Policeman driving past the officers saw them loading the crates into police vehicles having taken them from a truck. An officer from the South African Police Service found them loading the beer after claiming it fell from a truck, a truck they were following. The driver of the truck stopped after another vehicle owner said that his load was being grabbed by the cops, and the truck driver rang for police back up. All eight were arrested at the scene.

THE EVILS OF ZIMBABWE – Another Caning Country like Singapore, but in respects of Death — far worse. This brutal regime fronted by MUGABE is a blot on this Earth that should be engulfed in fire and burnt to ashes.  This African hell hole with its torture camps manned by soldiers of the army murder citizens without any fear of going to the gallows where they should be. Ordinary citizens found guilty of murder are hanged without the slightest blip from the judiciary,, but the judiciary cannot touch army personnel or put them on trial for committing atrocities. Soldiers laugh and admit freely they shot and tortured victims, and why can they do that — because the judiciary and police force is corrupt from the core. MUGABE has got away with genocide and laughed at the whole world, and opinion is that he will never stand trial for anything. The PF who pretend to consider human rights in the area and monitor the ‘blood diamond ‘ situation ignore reports and are now prepared to let this man trade on the open market despite the atrocities…..all for money, because that is how Governments measure human existence.

ZIMBABWE SENTENCES MAN TO 290 YEARS IN PRISON — Said to be a ‘record sentence’ a court in Zimbabwe actually  decided to sentence a rapist to 290 years in prison,,,,,,,,awarded by a Magistrates court!

ZIMBABWE EX-LAWMAKER ON PORN CHARGE — A former Congressman from the USA appeared in court for possessing pornography.  Mr Mel Reynolds is also on another charge of breaking the country’s immigration laws.

MUGABE – A HISTORY OF EVIL — Robert Mugabe the State President of Zimbabwe — his notorious Fifth Brigade troops all trained in Asia’s North Korea, responsible for the slaughter of 1500 Ndebeles. Mass torture in Zimbabwe jails as reported by Amnesty International: victim’s heads forced into a waterproof canvas bag full of water — tightly tied around the neck until they choked or vomited to death. Repression -a lawless dictatorship — bankruptcy and slaughter — all these things said in 1989 and Mugabe is still wielding the power.  Those convicted (without evidence) of political and economic crimes are publicly flogged or executed — Mugabe’s Government —(1) controls the newspapers, radio and television.  (2) it tolerates no criticism.  (3) those that dare to do it are rounded up, secured with rope or handcuffs, shackles, bound and beaten with canes in prison.  (4) They are then sent to re-education facilities and programmes to eliminate deviants and dissenters of the ruling party.  Similar in some ways to how Singapore does things when one considers (1)  (2) and  (4) — the beating part is additional and a deterrent.  (Mugabe is welcomed into Singapore quite regularly — see the Singapore article)

MUGABE said ‘We have to ensure that our society is rid of those undesirable elements whose own attitudes militate against the attainment of unity’    —- another ideal that Singapore subscribes to.  It vaguely feels and smells like ethnic cleansing hiding behind a different brand name.

AFRICA’S POLICE VIOLENCE AGAINST PEOPLE IS STILL ON THE UP — From 2009 to 2010 there were 1,667 cases of assault by police in Africa. The Independent Complaints Directorate with the help of David Bruce, compiled figures that were higher than 2008 to 2009. Bruce had been investigating cases lodged against the SAPS, and also revealed that one of the leading causes for this was criminal members joining the police and infiltrating the force for their own pleasure and gain. This report was issued on 26/5/2011.

OTHER CANING COUNTRIES IN AFRICA ARE – UGANDA – BOTSWANA – KENYA – JOHANNESBURG – All of these countries have no regard for human rights, and are ruled by despots and dictators who are in the main, corrupt and evil, and until the west wake up and stop worshipping position, power and money…these things will continue as they have done….death and violence is what they deal in, life and decency means nothing.

NIGERIAN COURT ORDERS 20 STROKES TO GAY MAN — a Bauchi Court sentenced a homosexual man to twenty lashes….. Mubarak Ibrahim faced being stoned to death by the Islamic Court, but because the ‘ offences’ took place seven years earlier…corporal punishment was given to show leniency!

UGANDA ANGERS USA AND OTHERS — The International Community reacted angrily at the decision by its President to introduce an ‘anti-gay Bill’ to punish and outlaw those with leanings towards homosexuality within the country.  In an already ‘anti-human rights’ country soaked in corruption, President Yoweri Museveni signed a Bill publicly  which can jail ‘an offender’ for up to 14 years… was leaked that the original sentiments of the legislation was intent on bringing in the death penalty.   Sweden has threatened to cut aid, which has also been put on the USA agenda.

CORRUPTION A WAY OF LIFE — South Africa is riddled with corruption in every form from murder to inter-government ministers etc,  A recent Channel 4 programme showed murder being committed by villagers without any law being present.  It also showed housing officials taking bribes,,, and denying it, which comes as no surprise.  One top Party official became aggressive when he was questioned over how he’d suddenly got rich, showing Mugabe qualities of threat.  One is always hearing of denials by countries regarding corruption, and it doesn’t wash.  Ourselves and Wikileaks are dedicated to exposing this until this world wakes up and owns up to its many crimes, and pays for those crimes.  All these regimes and countries hide behind lawyers and judicial systems that are not fit for purpose, and until they go there will not be one honest society or people.

AFRICA BLOOD DIAMOND TYRANT FORMER PRESIDENT OF LIBERIA IS JAILED —  Charles Taylor Former President was sentenced to 50 years in jail by The International Court in The Hague for war crimes, and crimes against the people. The atrocities were enormous and numerous, all of which he denied of course.  All of his brutality happened during the 11 year war in Africa. Sadly unlike those he had murdered, he will spend the rest of his life in the comfort of a UK Prison and not on the rat infested bare floor of a cell like those he incarcerated.

SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE CHIEF EUGENE DE KOCK, Hitman and leader of a death squad was convicted of murdering five African National Congress members. His trial in the Pretoria Supreme Court lasted 18 months and he faced 116 counts of attempted murder and fraud. The report states that he carried out the campaign between 1985 and until 1994 — he was known as a police colonel of the South African Police — one of the highest ranks.

Update: PAROLE DENIED TO DE KOCK — Former Head of a covert police murder squad, that tortured and killed many people, was denied parole because the families of those who were killed were not consulted, which is part of African Law.  De Kock apparently confessed to murder and other crimes and was given a life sentence.   The case highlighted the need for other officers who should have been punished to be tried, but got away with it because of the ‘reconciliation move’ that allowed many killers to own up and move on with their lives….which really flies in the face of justice…..this same country hangs murderers for less crimes without hesitation, why should ‘Historic killings’ be different?

Update: Unbelievably, De Kock is seeking parole, which is something his victims never got when he killed them.

SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SHOOT AND KILL 34 IN MINES MASSACRE — Mineworkers protesting about pay and conditions were gunned down by a unit of cops who murdered at least thirty-four men and injured seventy eight others,  They claimed they ‘were under threat of their lives and it was a safety issue’  — this battalion of police officers were dressed in full combat gear like soldiers and had automatic weapons — the mineworkers had stones, sticks, and alleged knives?

MASSACRE AND THE POLICE FIT-UP — It has emerged that the police have been accused of planting weapons at the scene of their killings to justify any court inquiry. It is said that two photographs of the scene immediately after and later are different, the later ones show weapons next to corpses.  Photographs taken earlier show the same corpses with no weapons!  Human Rights Lawyer George Bizos has accused the police with tampering at the scene of the crime.  ‘There has been a deliberate attempt to defeat the ends of justice after the events took place’ he said.

COMMISSION SAYS THE POLICE LIED OVER MASSACRE — The President’s Commission has now come to the conclusion that the police lied about circumstances surrounding the events of the Miners being massacred.  It was found that police withheld documents and falsified statements (and evidence) to make out that the South African police acted lawfully when they didn’t.  They put forward the lie that they acted in self-defence, but this is no longer accepted by the Commission.

NO ONE CHARGED OVER MINERS DEATHS — In 2012 34 miners were killed by government police with dozens of others injured.  18 months has passed since false promises were made about carrying out a proper investigation into why armed police killed so many, and then went on to tamper with the crime scene.  There has been no indication that the Commission will go after the police chiefs or officials who gave the orders to shoot and kill.

SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE IN ‘MURDER’ ACCUSATIONS — Police were caught on a phone camera dragging a taxi driver tied to the back of their van, and was later found dead in a police cell…….seen all over the world, the South African Police find accusations of corruption and murder being more credibly laid at their doors.  News broke saying that a murder investigation has begun over evidence showing a taxi driver being assaulted and dragged tied at the back of a police van.  The film shows at least 4 police officers involved who tie the man to the van and the police van drive off pulling him along the ground.  27 yr old Mido Macia was later found dead in a police cell two and a half hours afterwards.  under questioning, the officers made no reference to the tying and dragging incident (because they were obviously unaware or blasé about phone videos) and concocted lies about a gun and a struggle which they instigated………24 hours later a Police Chief announced that 8 police officers had been suspended as was the Police Station Commander.

It is said in an update that 9 police officers have been charged with murder in connection with the taxi driver.

DEATHS IN POLICE CUSTODY were 860 in 2009/10 compared with 695 in 2003 to 2008…..and the Independent Police Investigation Department (IPID) say they are currently investigating 720 new cases of suspicious deaths.

NIGERIA ILLEGALLY DETAINING PEOPLE — Reports are being read accusing the Nigerian Authorities of Execution and Torture — AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL have said the African Country are holding hundreds of people in inhumane conditions without access to lawyers etc, and they are merely suspects.  They are being held without any criminal charges, and some have been summarily executed by Security Forces.  People held have been shackled for days wondering or awaiting their turn to be beaten in order to get a confession.

NIGERIA MILITARY DETENTIONS — 100’S DYING — Amnesty International announced in a report that hundreds of people are dying in detention — from starvation, shootings and suffocation.  The Nigerian Forces Crackdown as claimed the lives of 950 people who died in military custody in the first six months of 2013.  A source said apart from what is known, others grabbed have simply disappeared!

KENYA’S GOVERNMENT IS SUED OVER POLICE BRUTALITY —  Following the Elections in 2007, the Government of Kenya is being sued by 4 Human Rights Groups and the families of seven people shot dead by Police — The Law Suit has been filed by the Law Firm Nderitu Partners Advocates.  Records of this period show that police shot dead 405 of the 1,100 people assembled at the elections….and many were shot in the back.

KENYA POLICE IN BRUTAL BEATING OF BRITISH CITIZEN — Reports say that British National Alexander Monson lay dying on the floor of a Kenyan Police Cell in the coastal town of Uganda three years ago after a beating by police while in custody.  It says that officers ignored him and his pleas for help and denied him medical help said a friend at an official inquest into the circumstances of how he died.  The incident which was kept quiet by the authorities happened in 2012 one May night (the 18th).  Pathology said he had died from a severe blow to the head…..he was apparently brought into the police station for a cannabis charge.  The family say that police began a cover-up and despite other actions no one was charged at the police station……..not really a surprise there!

BURUNDI -AFRICA — THE JUDICIARY APPROVES LAW TO FORCE REPORTERS TO REVEAL SOURCES — Seen as a move to really protect government officials and police etc, taking away Press Freedom.  Recent events have shown this country very fond of jailing journalists (several)…..they are also threatening reporters with financial penalties.  Rights Watch see it as the Law being able to nip in the bud any investigation they see as harmful to the government by gagging reporters.

KENYA POLICE ACCUSED OF ABUSING REFUGEES — Human Rights Groups have accused the Kenyan Police of massive abuse against Somali Refugees; that they indulged in rape, beatings and extorting money from them.  This happened when Kenyan Police arrested over a 1,000 asylum seekers from Somali. 

KENYA’S POLICE ATTACK PROTESTORS — Citizens protesting about Politicians’ wages were brutally beaten by Riot Police in Nairobi.  The aggressive cops set about beating 250 protestors with batons, used tear gas and water cannons.  The group of protestors were outside Parliament when the squad of Riot Police came rushing at them.  Some people were seen to be bloodied after falling to the ground still being beaten by police officers who continued hitting them mercilessly.   It is stated that Kenya’s politicians are amongst the highest paid in the world despite obvious poverty their citizens endure.  Salaries such as $126,000 (£82,600) are paid to some MP’s and middle ranking ones earn $78,500 (£51,500) and at the lower scale salaries are $1,700.

KENYA’S DEPUTY PRESIDENT MUST ATTEND HAGUE TRIAL — He has been told that he must attend his own trial throughout rather than pick and choose.  Deputy President William Ruto was told by The International Criminal Court that he cannot be excused unless the court grants it.  He is accused, along with President Uhuru Kenyatta of orchestrating violence during the 2007 elections which resulted in 1,200 citizens being killed.

MINISTER IN KENYA IS SACKED AFTER MASSACRE — More dark deeds in a country besotted by such evil and corruption.  Uhura Kenyatta sacked his Interior Minister after a massacre by Islamist gunmen shot and beheaded 36 labourers……this being the second such massacre in less than fourteen days.  There has already been the resignation of the Police Chief David Kimaaiyo.

NIGERIA – 10 GENERALS FOUND GUILTY IN ARMS DEAL  —  Ten army Generals were found guilty of giving arms to Boko Haram, the leader of a gorilla band of extremists and providing information.  15 other officers in the army are being tried at divisional level.

NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF COMMITTING WAR CRIMES — Nigeria is said to be terrorising part of its population and committing war crimes in its battle against Boko Haram.  Human Rights Investigators believe that 4,000 people have died while held secretly in custody over the two year campaign to defeat Boko Haram.  And of course, the government deny the suggestion it acted unlawfully!

RWANDAN WAR CRIMES SUSPECT ARRESTED — Jean Leonard Teganya had already fled detection by going to Canada…..and it was only after he tried to cross the border into the USA that a Border Patrolman in Maine became very suspicious.  He was duly arrested for walking into the US illegally and detained.  On further inquiries it was found that he was on a list of suspected war criminals and will be handed over after the process for his removal from the United States has been formalised.

KENYA PARLIAMENT IN BUST-UP WITH CIVIL RIGHTS —  A debate in Parliament about changes to the civil rights ‘in the interests of security’ led to a brawl between legislators.  It is said opposition MP’s threw bill papers on the floor while rivals fought each other…. all aired on live TV.

‘The Cousins Down Under or the influences of transportation’

AUSTRALIAN POLICE CORRUPTION COMES UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT  — A new article coming out of the UK’s near relative says ‘ The mire of bent cops and drug connections ‘ surrounds a huge enquiry into the Gold Coast  Investigations. 20 police officers are being forced to give evidence about corrupt colleagues concerning activities of police officers in this region. The CMC have ordered officers to cooperate with the current investigation which has numerous officers under investigation. It is said to be the biggest scandal since the Fitzgerald Inquiry in Queensland.  Victoria in New South Wales was rocked by a scandal when the ‘ Beach Inquiry’ of 75-76 netted 55 police officers who were charged with corruption.  42 were actually prosecuted, but none were convicted? despite public calls for a Royal Commission which never happened.  In other news Senior Detective Dave Miehel was arrested for trying to steal $1.3million worth of drugs, and Officer Paul Noel Dale was charged with conspiracy.

THE VICTORIA POLICE SCANDAL 1990 – 2005 – FIFTEEN YEARS OF POLICE CORRUPTION – The Director of the OPI Office of Police Integrity, an off-shoot of the Ombudsman’s Office, Mr.Brouwer, said they had uncovered corruption when he was interviewed by the Australian Newspaper The Herald Sun. He said the OPI are forcing cops under suspicion to hand over documents in connection with ‘ theft while executing search warrants, drug dealing and intimidation’ (just a sample of the offences) in gathering evidence on police misconduct. He said that 136 summonses had been issued on police officers. A separate investigation centres on 40 cases of police corruption, and another 50 are to be quizzed over unexplained assets of millions of dollars.  West Australia Police Commissioner Bob Falconer was accused of serious corruption in Victoria in the 1990’s when he was Chief of Police Internal Investigations.  ‘The Hoser Files’ a book published highlighting police corruption by author Robert Hoser was illegally banned by the police following their intimidation of booksellers who were prepared to stock it. Luckily, their coercive ban backfired and what they didn’t want known is now public.  Interestingly in the face of this rising police corruption, the government rejected a Royal Commission in 2004 and were only prepared to let the OPI investigate the allegations. Mr Stewart, a Senior Legal figure who previously conducted three Royal Commissions into crime, said ‘ Victoria has failed to address police corruption in 2005, and it is now at its highest level ever ‘  Former Supreme Court Judge Don Stewart came out against the force by openly saying ‘ the Victoria Police and Bracks Labor Government oppose investigation by a Royal Commission because they do not want the extent of corruption within the force being revealed.’

THE MELBOURNE CORRUPT COPS — Simon Illingworth spent just over seventeen years trying to expose the corrupt police in Melbourne who take bribes from the gangsters. At 38, he admits that once he started to go after these cops that the risk factor became high.  At first he thought he was only just looking at a small number of cops that had turned bad, but this situation only got bigger as he researched and checked incidents that finally led to files being kept and records of what was taking place between cops and the gang-leaders. On realising what he had uncovered he made the decision to write a book and expose the cops and robbers of Melbourne.

THE CORRUPT COPS IN NEW SOUTH WALES — Another cover-up detected, as a new inquiry in ‘ shot dead man case’ reveals that Police officers of the New South Wales Division misled the Public and Senior Officers concerning an incident when Sergeant Sheree Bissett shot a man in the back, (Mr Adam Salter). Not only did the cops at that division cover it up, but it then led the force failing to investigate the findings of a cover-up — despite having known about it for ten months.  A new hearing has been called into investigating — as it now suggests that accounts by other officers given at the time were ‘wrong’ and that false information was given out to avoid public criticism?  The coroner suggested there was misconduct involved….which more or less exposes corruption from the ranks and up to the senior posts in the police with Government doing nothing until the story goes public ( a case of the usual passive resistance in the hope it will never be known about). (A 2012 Case)

THE CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL IN AUSTRALIA — The Cover-up involving the Church, and the state’s reluctance to own up.. A Corruption that Australia must not be allowed to brush aside or forget…..There was an investigation into abuse at boys detention centres from 1911 to 1990 which suffered many interruptions in its passage mainly by certain officials wanting it stopped, as some feared that it might lead to the arrest of prominent figures who had been at those centres. Even though reports related to excessive uses of corporal punishment, there was no focus on that aspect of the abuse.  In 1998 The Queensland Commission of Enquiry examined child abuse at more than 150 orphanages run by the Christian Brothers, what emerged was horrifying cruelty and sexual perversion sadistically mounted on young boys….kept hidden and denied by the Church and Government alike.

The Orphanage School at Picton in New South Wales — Eric Leonard aged 11 recalled the hard work the boys were forced to do under the threat of a whipping if it wasn’t done right — Carers were not allowed to be friendly or show compassion for children. The cane was frequently used and even a joke ended up with a boy being bent over for 8 strokes. Runaways were severely thrashed in front of everyone and given 10 strokes of the cane. Kevin who was 15, remembers his orphanage school in the 1950’s run by The Catholic Church, corporal punishment; a bamboo cane called ‘the swish’ was used everyday and was feared by every boy regardless of age. Some Priests used heavy punishment straps mostly when a boy was taken into their rooms; it was done on the bare bottom. What happened at night you didn’t dare talk about because you knew some of your pals were being sexually messed about with. You couldn’t even approach the nuns, they didn’t care.  Barry Reamsbottom, was at an Orphanage School in Stonehaven Road, Queensland, — it was at the end of a very long track. He remembered 35 boys being caned for talking on his first day there. They had to clean and polish floors and work long hours. At bath time, a communal thing, bruises and welts on bottoms was a common site, but you never asked why!

We now move onto the final inclusion for this article as it would not be right to miss out the most infamous Orphanage most children in Australia came to know and fear.   Bindoon Boys’ Town, the Catholic run home for boys controlled by Brother Paul Keaney, a former policeman whose capability for brutality equalled his attitude to boys in his care.    One young boy named Lionel Welsh remembers the regular beatings he got at the school when you talked out of turn or even too loudly.  For Brother Paul this was a crime that had to be punished, and he would read out the crime before having the lad come forward.   The boy would have to lower his shorts to his feet and drop his underpants before bending over.  Keaney would then lift up the shirt-tail and lift it clear of the buttocks and raise the strap high and well back before bringing it down hard across the quivering cheeks.  No boy was tough enough to endure it without tears, and if he moved or flinched he would get an extra stroke each time.    Lionel Welsh later wrote about his experiences and memories of Bindoon in a book called ‘ Orphan of the Empire’     1990.   Another boy named Des, who met with Lionel, confirmed the state of Catholic care, as he went to Clontarf Catholic Boys’ Home in Perth.  He too was beaten many times.  He recalled the 14-hour days of work which only a small part was school.  The Brothers made all the boys work hard or else you got a hiding he said.

NB: 132,000 Children were shipped off from Britain to Australia, most were told they had no mothers or fathers, which was often false information……it took the Australian Government 25 years to apologise, and even that was forced by events and was not sincere.  The British Government were equally guilty but again would not admit fault and wilfully obstructed every investigation in partnership with Australia.  A Major Film release in 2010 called ‘ Oranges and Sunshine ‘ focused on the struggle to expose the abuse…..and should be seen……’s only then you will realise the horror….and see the opposition to this story coming out by the Australian Government.                          (look for a DVD on Amazon and order it)

AUSTRALIA’S ABORIGINE SCANDAL — Another blot in the History of a Government that made violent attempts to rid themselves of the native Aborigines. They were shunned like ‘the blacks and negro’s’ just as the American’s did, put into slavery, and the law of the land often beat them and hanged many at the slightest excuse, some did it for just the sadistic pleasure it gave them, without repercussions or being charged with any offence. Killing them was seen as doing the country a favour!  Australia like others preferred to forget this episode and hairbrush it out of History…but this they will never do, and must not be allowed to either. THE ABORIGINES GENOCIDE is something the Australians do not like to talk about.  White Australians were guilty of mass genocide of the native aborigines but prefer not to admit it in favour of terminology like – pacifying, cleansing, shooting, beheading, exiling, exterminating and removal. They pretend not to be connected to it in any way or having taken part in the killings and mistreatment of these people. The Australians on this subject, shun away from accusations of their acts being compared to the Nazis in Germany.  British Colonisation was in 1803.  Even in the final chapters of the survivors these people were lied to — being promised if they surrender they would get their lands back — it never happened and it wasn’t going to happen.  The White Australian Politically Correct hide the underlying racism, because it is forbidden in public, especially with the World watching these days.   In 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a ‘sort of apology’ in that he was ‘sorry’ for the ‘stolen generations’ in the hope of quietening the issue and long remembered scandal — after 220 years!!  But they didn’t actually mean it, as a Compensation Motion was booted out by the government, 65 to 4 shortly after his apology fiasco.

AUSTRALIA’S SECRET OF  THE ABUSE OF THE ABORIGINES — John Pilger, top journalist and born in Australia says that his love for the country cannot justify keeping its human rights abuses a secret, and must be exposed.  These natives of the Real Australia before the ‘Whites’ arrived from Britain etc, were wiped out and had their land stolen by the new ‘masters’ intent on secrecy and distorting the truth from the prying eyes of outsiders.  They actively engaged in cover-ups and denied that atrocities had ever happened.  Australia has a society with a deeply racist past, which lurks beneath the surface and is in the main, kept hidden.  The Internet has now made it harder for them to conceal and the world’s do-gooders motto of ‘let’s get integrated’ has pushed these racists into hiding so that it can now appear on the surface as ‘a decent nation’ dedicated to ‘human rights’….which of course is not entirely true.   Much of what happened to the native Aborigines ‘court wise and official’ was in fact conveniently destroyed or disposed of by government officials and the legal profession.  But one rare court record escaped and is in existence, much copied by historians and analysts who have secured its exposure and place in Australia’s ‘criminal past’     It mentions that 28 Aborigines taken prisoner in 1838, were tied up and slaughtered by order of the court.  Other records unearthed showed that the authorities often used the official word ‘dispersal’ in documents, often hoodwinking people into thinking it meant taken to or given more suitable surroundings etc, was actually the word for ‘mass extermination’ in regard to Australian Blacks.     Even the Army were keen to destroy documents, but some got out and are known of such as — they used chemical weapons when they found themselves outnumbered by the Aborigines (even though they only had spears, knives and bows)….. soldiers poisoned the natives on mass using strychnine phosphorus and arsenic.  In one journal by a Queensland Government Official the comment said ‘ It’ll keep the niggers quiet’    The authorities had a special colonial army formed to annihilate the blacks — likened to Hitler’s Einsatzgruppen, who used Snider rifles capable of tearing apart a man’s body because of the wide bore and calibre.  At the recorded Incident called ‘Skull Gorge’ the special army trapped and slaughtered innocent men, women and children.

AUSTRALIA’S SHAMEFUL POLICY TOWARDS THE ABORIGINES:  The Australian Government led by John Howard slashed the Aboriginal Affairs Budget by a staggering $A400 million dollars, and executed this move quite casually and without any feelings for these people.  CUSTODY DEATHS – At this time it was recorded that 58 per cent of Aboriginal youths and juveniles were in police and prison detention, and many received regular beatings akin to torture, and most of this was covered up by the police and government with the aid of the Judiciary.  Neglect at that time was considered a standard police procedure.  A Royal Commission looking into the abuses committed against the Aborigines cost in the region of $A30 million dollars over a two year period.  They made 339 recommendations, none of which called for criminal charges to be brought against the police or prison officers.  Even in 1996, a photograph, followed by others appeared in the National Newspapers showing a series of photos showing NEW SOUTH WALES POLICE officers at a party with made up black faces and wearing mock nooses around their necks — portraying detained Aborigines who had suffered and died in Police Custody, NO ACTION  was taken against them…….the government preferred to look the other way…..just as it had done in other shameful circumstances.

AUSTRALIAN COURT SYSTEM TARGETS ABORIGINAL CHILDREN — Similar to the US who would often put down and punish the blacks because they thought them inferior, The Australian Court System has been exposed as imposing harsh sentences on the Aboriginal youth.  One boy who it was said stole a packet of hamburger buns received a 12 month detention…confirming statistics that showed a bias toward the Aborigines. Davies, the 17yr old had no previous convictions when he appeared before magistrates…..yet aboriginal children are jailed at 31 times the rate of their white counterparts. In another case Laurence Boney 17, from New South Wales got 12 months for a small cannabis charge….two other Aboriginal children were dealt with similarly.  Even in the early times, the whipping of young Aborigines was ordered, whereas the white boys received a ticking off.  Stephen Lawrence of the Aboriginal Legal Service said that the courts regularly impose extraordinarily harsh sentences that cannot be justified under state sentencing law.

ROTTNEST PRISON — THE HORRORS — Another scandal that Australia would rather forget, let atone for… in fact it has been ‘hair-brushed out’ by the new Government (2012)…. the notorious concentration prison camp is now a sort of leisure hotel… camp style…. with former cells (where people were tortured and killed) made into chalet rooms at $240 dollars a night.  This horror site was called THE QUAD and 1000’s of  Aborigine boys and men were tortured and killed.  Rottnest Island as it was referred to hid the atrocities from the mainland of Western Australia.  White Australians still believe in a sort of apartheid without actually saying interviewer approached an Australian family in the street, and all went well until he asked them if they knew Australia was stolen from the Aborigines…. and they immediately walked away.  (the prison was built by the British)

A Minister said the Justice system failed badly over an incarcerated black man who was ‘cooked to death’ in a cell with just one air vent above the door… the coroner was appalled.  In another instance footage was shown of a police station in the Northern Territory, a young Aborigine was being roughly manhandled by police even though he had done nothing wrong….but a little worse for wear because of drink….the police said they’d taken him into custody for his own protection! …….. when in fact, he needed protection from them.

Then there was the awful case of Eddy Murray who died in custody… his sternum was badly damaged from a blow….. they claimed he did it himself……however, a Royal Commission examining the case said the police had committed perjury, falsified records and lied consistently…….. no police officer was ever charged!

Finally…..2012, and the Justice Dept and Prisons are now ‘stacking and racking’ prisoners similar to the way the slave ships did…….. and those prisoners are predominantly Aborigines……..Justice Denied….this is Australia.

NEW SOUTH WALES CASE — WHAT THE STATE DID — Barry Hart was subjected to all sorts of medical traumas and tests, which were kept silent by the Australian Government — This was exposed when Barry won his case for ‘false imprisonment, assault and battery’ against the state’s Chelmsford Hospital. Sadly, due to the Judge who he feels deliberately steered away the jury from making the state’s role more of an issue, made the verdict empty thus causing or misleading the jury into thinking they were compensating him for injuries and only made the financial award of $36,000.  He says the solicitors and judges were acting against natural justice and had a agenda that was government led.  see more on   Australian Legal System corrupt.

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT TRY TO SILENCE CORRUPTION WHISTLEBLOWER — The Australian Government failed to censor the Internet in an attempt to gag and suppress hidden facts being made public on the web. It appears they went to great lengths to keep the truth secret and knock out as many websites as they could to hide behind a web of deceit.  They were gunning for Raymond Hoser who revealed the Victoria police scandal, an investigative website owner who regularly gets under their skin to expose corruption that pervades public ideals and runs all the way up to the government.  They were outraged when he exposed the Tax Directorate Terry O’Keefe, the lies and dirty dealings etc, MP Victor Perton took a more personal dislike to snoopers like Hoser and tried to coerce the Internet via ISP’s to wipe out his sites and associated sites. Hoser seeing that he was getting in the way of truth being out there! switched ISP’s to the USA where Australia had no legal jurisdiction and he was taken to court several times as the government used the familiar ‘ We’ve been defamed’ much like the tactics Singapore and China use to silence critics etc,  They even falsified criminal charges against him in a bid to get him off their back. But Hoser continued exposing corruption, notably corruption in the Carr Government — more of this can be seen at the link  and there is more at another site called

THE WHEAT BOARD BRIBERY SCANDAL indicates more corruption destined to be kept hidden from the people and world no doubt. Whistleblowers discovered secret and restricted intelligence reports and communications between various Australian Embassies, Trade Officials, the UN, Public Servants and the Australian Prime Minister. revealed the story of Ministers, Mark Vaile and Alexander Downer, who in a memo claimed no one will ever find out anyway!

THE CORPORATE FRAUD item came up with an expose on Labour MP Craig Thomson who it is stated was involved in a $17 million dollar fraud involving contract tenders and transactions in the Federal Government of Canberra. The police it says are paid to bungle investigations and judges bribed to throw out cases against Corporate Directors in case the country is affected by economic loss on a huge scale.

THE BIGGEST INSIDE ROBBERY IN AUSTRALIA — Was orchestrated by one of the country’s upstanding and fine citizens, one Corporate crook, ALAN BOND who built a ‘Paper Empire’ owing the Government 14 Billion dollars.  He was finally imprisoned for a ‘moderate’ 3 years, but not before he siphoned off a billion dollars with the help of Corporate Aides and people in ‘high places’

AUSTRALIAN REFUGEE POLICY EXPOSES NASTY DETENTION METHODS — Australia’s detention policy on refugees has suffered a blow as Lawyer David Manne has launched a case against the government on its mandatory handling of boat people who remain behind bars because they are deemed a threat to the community by the Immigration Authorities. He says they they are taking arbitrary decisions, mostly based on self-preservation and a dislike of foreigners. ‘It is like a secret trial, we don’t know the process, we don’t know the rules, its all down to secret assessments. It’s a denial of natural justice to lock them up indefinitely, and possibly forever.’   One man was locked away for three years after an adverse ruling, and the Australian Government haven’t told him why?  The glib phrase by officials say ‘It’s in the interest of National Security?’

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS/NAVY GUARD HIDES IDENTITY AS HE FIRES ON BOAT — It was notable that one officer on a patrol boat masked himself to avoid identity as he prepared to man the machine gun and shoot towards a Indonesian boat in Australian waters. There’s something typical about legality when it wishes to conceal, and Australians are no strangers to deception. Its Government pretend to be open and law abiding, but it is even harder to find truth in what they do. Politicians are corrupt and if one digs beneath the surface, there are many who have their fingers in the till.

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT PAYOUT $3.25 MILLION DOLLARS OVER WRONGFUL CONVICTION — Andrew Mallard was kept in prison for 12 years from 1994 — 2006 for a crime he did not commit…which happened in Perth.  The murder charge was found to be tainted and THE SENIOR LEGAL PROSECUTOR WAS FINED $10,000 DOLLARS FOR MISCONDUCT in the case. Despite having freed him in 2006 it took the state three years to finally pay compensation for their wrong-doing — The West Australian Government made a settlement of $3.25 million dollars (hoping to make up for taking away the man’s liberty and subjecting him to the harsh prison regime). No other official was brought to justice over this and to this day, Australia hides behind its laws in the pretence that they are fair and just.

AUSTRALIAN COPS CHARGED OVER DEATH — Five Police Officers from the Tongan Region were charged with manslaughter.  It originally contained three officers on the serious charge until a judge said that ‘assault’ with two others must be upgraded to manslaughter. An Inspector and four constables are charged with causing the death of New Zealand Police Officer Kali Fungavaka in custody.  The details of why they killed the fellow police officer from another country on a visit is not known.  Speculation suggests corruption — to the victim having discovered something he should not have witnessed…..which led to five officers conspiring to commit the crime.

AUSTRALIA IN BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS INVOLVING ‘Child Abuse ‘  — Children were locked up in jail and for convenience; counted as adults to satisfy Customs Staff consciences — Catherine Branson Of The Human Rights Commission said there were 180 under age Indonesians being held and thrown into prison by the Australian Authorities during 2008 – 2011.  The Australian Authorities and Customs Branch along with Immigration Officials, were reluctant to comment on their treatment of the children locked up.  Ms Branson said ‘ The Government should apologise for breaking the Human Rights Treaty ‘ but are apparently not prepared to do so. — This has similarities to the ‘Child Abuse Scandal of Australia ‘ already featured where it took the Australian Government many years to apologise, and that only happened as they were brought ‘kicking and screaming’ into the court.

AUSTRALIAN COPS COLLUDE AND LIE — This is yet another case where CCTV nabs the police and shows them assaulting a suspect and then following it up with fabricated charges against the person they’ve kicked and punched.  Police like this always feel sure they can get away with it because ‘nobody is allowed to impugn the respect of law and order’ so governments believe (like neighbouring Singapore)….even when video evidence is shown the government will take every measure to distort the obvious until they have no way to turn and then suddenly claim ‘rogue incident’  The incident shown on the Internet shows FIVE POLICE OFFICERS kicking and punching suspect 22yr old Corey Barker (Aborigine) as he lays on the floor of Ballina Police Station.  Strangely as a Public Prosecutor pointed out ‘ the CCTV tape was damaged?…and was not found or given up immediately.  The report claims only THREE OFFICERS have been held for perjury after submitting false testimony, those officers are Senior Constable Ryan Eckersley, Constable Lee Walmseley and Senior Constable David Hill….the other two are nowhere to be found? despite aiding and abetting the crime.  These police actually took the young man to trial on their colluded evidence….the court threw out the case as they should and ordered the police to pay $30,000 to Barker’s legal costs.  The Cops lied under oath and colluded with everyone in that room, and that was five cops…..the Commission says that a Corruption Inquiry was launched (2012), but so far we haven’t seen these cops jailed or charged….we have looked for the outcome, but its absence is deafening!

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS ARE GIVEN EXEMPTION OVER CRIMES — Human Rights abuses are common in Australia, most are hidden from public gaze due to Government interference and local law enforcement who are paid to eradicate the problem or hassle the whistle-blower. What is so amazing is that they are blatant hypocrites as they often declare themselves to be supporters to the Treaty, and readily accuse other countries.  The Australian Government are founded on criminals and transportation; something they don’t like being reminded of!…One woman Australian was recently seen being pushed to the limit by Customs Officials who searched not only her belongings but also intimately too…yet found nothing….they neither apologised or paid compensation. They cannot be taken to court because they are a ‘protected species’ (a very UK thing) because the law favours the government — a government seriously flawed by corruption in its administration and police service.

THE AUSTRALIAN BORDER OFFICIALS CORRUPTION CASE 2010 — 24 Customs and Border Officials are under investigation for misconduct and on suspicion of corruption.  The report says a joint Federal and State Inquiry into Organised Crime in the area of New South Wales, has been ordered to look into officials who are being paid by Crime Syndicates to co-operate in the smuggling of shipments of drugs.  The Customs Department has already suspended or dismissed 15 officers over corruption and misconduct.

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS ARE HIT BY ANOTHER CORRUPTION SCANDAL — The Australian Government has announced that it must look thoroughly into the Customs Service after eight people were arrested in a corruption investigation linked to an alleged drugs ring at Sidney Airport.  A Spokesperson said an overhaul of the system was now needed in the light of two customs officers and a Quarantine Official being arrested in the eight suspects, they further indicated that more arrests were expected in connection with the Customs. (2012)

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AND SEX SCANDALS — Legal Law Maker and Politician Craig Thomson is set to cause Australia another scandal — Canberra 2011 — It is said that he misused a credit card to pay for a prostitute — a conviction for theft or fraud would force him to quit the government — severely embarrassing Prime Minister Julia Gillard.  It is said that Thomson went into denials and damage limitation mode explaining that an unknown individual had taken his credit card and forged his signature? — following up quickly, he tried to silence a newspaper belonging to the Fairfax Media — but dropped the court action before the hearing. But, he has now been too late to stop the police investigation which has been started because of new evidence being supplied by an opposition senator.

Another Political Sex Scandal — The Porn Scandal hit the Internet in 2010 concerning Fred Nile of the New South Wales Australian State Government — Christian Democratic Party, who is said to have been visiting many adult websites — it was mentioned as 200,000 — Minister  Paul McLeay resigned over his porn scandal.

Sex Scandals and Politicians — Two Australian Labour MP’s Keith Wright and Bill D’Arcy went to prison for sexual offences linked to underage girls.  gives us an insight into politics, sex scandals and fraud featuring eleven incidents over recent years.

Policeman guilty in sex film case — A New South Wales Police O0fficer, Marc Osborn was convicted on three counts of filming a person engaged in a private act without their permission for sexual gratification.  He did this by using a ‘pinhole camera’ in a clock which was positioned to take film of sexual acts on his bed unknown to those who were there.  He then proceeded to download the finished film on to is ipod and passed it around to fellow police officers in the station…..33 such acts were found on his device, it was only when a ‘brave’ colleague reported what was going on that Osborn was hauled up before Senior Officers; he now faces dismissal the report says.

ANOTHER SCANDAL AND MORE ABUSES –  AUSTRALIA’S CRUEL AND DEGRADING ASYLUM CAMPS — Nauru in the Pacific Territory hides away another Australian Government scandal — Amnesty have described conditions at the camp as ‘ cruel and degrading’ saying the conditions are inhumane, this comes as frequent Asia Reports tell of Australia deterring Asylum Seekers in their coastal waters in every way they can, those often being mass arrests.  It is said Nauru is only one inadequate camp, there is another on the Manus Island of Papua New Guinea. Officials in Australia are glibly saying that it may take them 5 years to process the Asylum seekers claims.  The Government in answer to Amnesty made one of those tired ‘colonial’ responses and attacked Amnesty rather than own up to their own faults — ‘they said they were not surprised that Amnesty did not agree with the Processing Centre – their opposition to us was established long before the facility was!’

AUSTRALIA’S ABUSE IN ARMED FORCES OVER 60 YEARS — Much being sexual abuse, has surfaced causing the Minister to say ‘sorry’ in a broadcast. Australia’s Government and Commander of its Defence Force apologised to the hundreds of victims that suffered abuse and mistreatment within the Military, finally allowing the way for these people to launch their claims for compensation.  1,000 people came forward with allegations of abuse which had gone on for almost 60 years without ever being taken seriously or even recognised….such was the scale of secrecy within the top brass of the Services and Government Officials who tidied this secret into the drawer marked ‘ not to be seen by the public’  A report says two cadets have been charged at the Defence Academy, one of an indecent act, and the other being the secret filming of a female cadet which was posted on the Internet.  Even the Navy have fallen foul of this report and it has been revealed that they are now being investigated over ‘sex games’ regularly engaged in.  Lawyers for the victims say they found 775 ‘plausible allegations of abuse and mistreatment’    There are now calls for a ‘wider’ investigation!

THE AUSTRALIAN SPORTS DRUG TAKING SCANDAL — Yet another scandal that seems to have caught this country unaware?  Like its child abuse scandal, Australia have only just realised that their country’s athletes have been doing enhancing performing drugs in order to win on the International Sports Arena.  It was revealed that doctors have assisted this, and that it has organised crime behind it (Match-Fixing). Team coaches have been included in the frame as the investigation is set to reveal a large scale situation.  A Minister said that they had 100 cases so far to deal with. He said that they will pursue and catch those involved and they will be brought to justice.  It was stated that this was a part of a one year investigation by the Australian Crime Commission.

THE AUSTRALIAN SWIMMING TEAM SCANDAL — Yet more embarrassment for this country….as it was discovered that former Olympic Swimmers attending the London event in 2012 were engaging in disruptive behaviour, which included prank calls while they were in Manchester, and taking the pills – Stilnox.  The team apparently did badly at the Games…..Swimmers James Magnusson, Eamon Sullivan and Cameron McEvoy admitted they had got up to silly things.  Allegations of bullying had already been reported, and Swimming Australia, had received reports and were launching an investigation into the culture of the National Swimming Team. It was said two swimmers kept their body hair they’d shaved off before the competition and scattered it in the beds and luggage of other swimmers at the event.

AUSTRALIA IN THE BUSINESS OF CURBING FREE SPEECH — Yet another so called free country doing one thing and insisting the public do another.  Australian Internet Civil Liberties Lobby Group Electronic Frontiers Australia said woefully, ‘ we don’t have a constitutional right to free speech in Australia, like the USA ‘

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS QUESTION ‘BRIT’S’ RIGHT TO ENTER COUNTRY? — Why? because he had a criminal record, and they questioned whether he was fit and proper enough to be allowed to stay in Australia.  Rather rich this, seeing as most Aussies were descended from convicts sent by Britain to languish in Australia for crimes committed in the UK. (featured in one of their televised Border Patrol and Customs Propaganda TV Series)

AUSTRALIA HIDES THE TRUTH — Much of its past has been hidden and re-written to look legitimate.  Different Governments have indulged in ‘secrecy’ and denial, and fooled most of the people for most of the time.  It is not an ‘honest’ country nor interested in transparency at all, each successive government have covered-up the many scandals that would have shocked the International Community.  Financial and power have corrupted the police force for several years, and chiefs have made deals to have the damage limited so that the truth will not come out.  We hear from journalists who tell us that they have been threatened and had their offices broken into when they’ve been investigating cops and government.

Further to the above, our contact in Australia has sent us ‘memos’ that show that some courts on behalf of the Australian Government have acted illegally.  Cases against the Government have been circumvented and Law Makers have fabricated and altered documents, including lying on oath.  We can also see that the authorities have deliberately ‘thwarted’ claimants and interfered with cases in order to prevent a payout (one payout estimated at around thirty million dollars)…..a line says that ‘this payout must be prevented as it could cause the government and taxpayer too much and lead to a public inquiry, not to mention the opening of flood gates and many other large financial claims that would seriously affect the insurance liability which must be capped’

AUSTRALIA CAUGHT SPYING — As Australia sits back looking innocent on the world stage everything changes as they take a seat in the spying game. Their neighbours in the North, Indonesia (riddled with corruption) have recalled their envoy after finding out that Australia’s spy agency have been tapping the mobile phones of top officials including the Indonesian President and his wife.  This comes immediately on the back of ‘friction’ between the countries over asylum boats and asylum seekers.  This arrived as Whistleblower Edward Snowden released secret documents revealing what the spy agency was doing in Australia.

AUSTRALIAN LAWYER IN RACIAL ABUSE CASE — Struck off for misconduct, Lawyer Megan Maree in de Braekt was found guilty by a court and fined $15,000 dollars as a result of an incident in 2009 when she deliberately insulted a Singaporean Security Officer at the Court.  She told him to go back to where he came from, and that he had ‘short man syndrome’ when he demanded that she had to be searched when entering the Central Law Court in Perth.  It was said by the Law society that the lawyer had a history of abusing officers!

HEROIN HAUL GRABBED ON WAY TO AUSTRALIA — A £55 Million drug haul from Thailand was seized on its way to Australia.  It was reported that there was 147 kilograms of heroin worth a street value of £55 million… there were 420 packets hidden in frozen seafood containers.

ILL-TREATMENT CLAIMS LEVELLED AT AUSTRALIA —   Sri-Lankan asylum seekers have accused the Australian authorities of mistreatment since returning to their island nation.  Australia acted indignantly to this claim saying it was ‘offensive’   37 Sinhalese and four Tamil asylum seekers said they were ill-treated by Australian Customs Officials……The Sri-Lankan group have told others to stay away from Australia……….definitely good advice!

AUSTRALIA — INVESTORS SEEK $20 MILLION SETTLEMENT — 2,000 Investors who were victims in a collapsed investment scheme.  Lawyers representing them are fighting to get a $2million settlement with Bendigo & Adelaide Bank overturned by the Victoria Supreme Court.

SIEGE VICTIM GETS KILLED BY POLICE BULLET — It emerged amid the police response of ‘we cannot comment’ that Katrina Dawson held hostage by gunman Man Haron Monis was shot by a police officer at the scene when officers stormed the building.  In the initial investigation it was found that as the Tactical Operations Unit moved in to storm the Lindt Cafe in Sydney and suggestions say the bullet ricocheted, Katrina Dawson died of her injuries, but as the investigations are ongoing – the police now remain ‘tightlipped’

NB: Like many of the Governments and countries we feature, they do not mind having good publicity reported but go to enormous lengths including legal to have bad incidents eradicated or removed in case it damages its International Reputation…..which of course is built on a false premise complete with lies and corruption!

A FRIENDLY LOT THESE AUSTRALIANS?? NO WAY— forget ‘Neighbours and Ramsey St’ — its fiction.

We shall follow the thread of the above and come back with more, especially in the light of this country being more corrupt than at first thought. Corruption is on the up and the public are often right in there themselves.

‘ Canada in the spotlight ‘

‘ Canadian Cops can get away with Perjury ‘

We now finally have CANADA in our list — It now appears that four Canadian Police Officers; one of whom is Constable Bill Bentley, can walk away from 28 allegations of misconduct and perjury, according to a ‘leaked’ confidential document obtained by CBC NEWS.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police represented by Senior Lawyer Len Doust says ‘ While it might seem a troubling concern for the officers involved despite their testimony conflicting and puzzling to to others, it does not always amount to perjury — especially when entered into the legal arena in the court ‘    This case which began with the death of suspect Robert Dziekanski in 2007 at the hands of four police officers has had its useful delays for the police and defence fully exploited by their legal team despite a Special Prosecutor indicting the four cops for misleading attempts to dispense with the case against them.  Len Doust made it clear that ‘foggy recollections and hazy suggestions by witnesses can easily be wiped out because of the time situation….what somebody thought happened then cannot be that clear now’  Many are waiting for the case to return to the court, as they seem to be predicting a ‘whitewash’ by the court and police.

‘Montreal’s Mayor is arrested for Fraud ‘

THE POLICE ARRESTED Michael Applebaum, the Mayor of Montreal in a corruption investigation.  The News report would only say that the Mayor was arrested on fraud charges and full details of any crimes were not available to the public or Press.

It is said that the former Mayor Gerald Tremblay resigned amid corruption claims.

Other information in relation to the above says that this relates to Property Development Projects in 2006/2011.

‘ Toronto Mayor filmed smoking crack ‘

MAYOR ROB FORD appears on a video that the police discovered, smoking pot (Crack Cocaine)……this video evidence is said to have come from his computer according to Chief of Police Bill Blair in Toronto.  Although there was not enough evidence to press charges, the Mayor’s driver and friend, Alexander Lisi is to go on trial facing drug and extortion charges.  It states that the Police Chief was ‘disappointed not to have found more’

‘Canada caught up in Paedophile Ring Arrests’

CANADIAN POLICE obviously knew when they undertook the huge investigation in child porn and paedophiles that they would net a considerable amount of citizens from their own country.  They grabbed 108 as they made their action felt in Toronto arresting people in the child-porn network which hosts the sex film business.  They arrested hundreds of individuals some in law enforcement, the teaching profession and clergy.  The Scoop not only took into consideration Canada, but the US, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, the UK and Mexico.  76 were arrested in the USA alone….Brian Way of Azov Films in Toronto was arrested on soliciting and distributing vast volumes of sex material featuring underage boys.

‘ A look into other reported evils and human rights violations ‘

DUBAI POLICE IN COVER-UP OVER BRITON BEATEN TO DEATH IN A POLICE CELL — The family of the man beaten up in a Dubai police cell have made a formal accusation in connection with this, saying the cops are instigating a cover-up. The Dubai Authorities entered into the cover-up by saying the man, a British citizen had died of natural causes, but this flew in the face of witnesses who saw him being beaten by police.  Inmates said that Mr. Brown, a maintenance worker, who was arrested for swearing and alleged assault, was stripped naked by the cops and handcuffed to a chair, and was badly beaten by six police officers who looked to be enjoying themselves (a common element found in this type of accusation). They then put him away in a solitary cell, where he was found three days later —- dead. To make matters worse — the Dubai Attorney General Elsam Al Humaidan has fabricated a fancy story of  a ‘cannabis’ connection and other nonsense to save face, and the authorities are having to be pressurised into giving the facts, which they clearly do not want known.

DUBAI — POLICE TORTURE AND BEAT BRITISH TOURISTS — Three British visitors found to have had small quantities of cannabis say they were beaten and tortured in a police jail, and that some of the torture was of an ‘electrocution nature’    Grant Cameron, Karl Williams and Suneet Jeerh from the London Area, were arrested while on holiday….the men in their twenties claim they were forced to sign ‘Arabic Documents’ they could not read (False Confessions), whilst being threatened and beaten.  The Dubai Police denied this to lawyers acting for the men, but these words mean nothing, as it has long been known that this country thinks very little of either Human Rights or punishing people way ahead of any trial…….police in this area are known for ‘confessions’

EGYPT — SAUDI ARABIA — AND THE ATROCITIES OF LAW  — One must not rule the Saudi’s out of the big bad nations, they too are barbaric as we are about to show.  Thousands are held without trial and denied visitors, Human Rights Activists are constantly notching up the list this nation does in barbaric practises.  At Cairo there is new prison with fifteen foot thick walls, ordered under the instructions of President Mubarak, which holds 17,000 men. Torture goes on here and is well documented, 20 prisoners in Section 4 of Block 2H were stripped naked and flogged with canes because a soldier discovered a pocket radio and a watch on one inmate, Gamal Osman, a medical student. 

EGYPT’S ARREST OF NEWS TEAM SUGGESTS COVER-UP — Egypt arrested a journalist News team because they hadn’t permits to record the atrocities going on.  This shows they which to conceal this and control the lies they issue in the International Community.  When a country closes the door of truth it inevitably rules by fear and Egypt are obviously doing this.

EGYPT PASSES NEW ANTI-PROTEST LAW to silence all comers…. and has started with a trial with 24 people who it says has broke the new law.  Suppression by law isn’t new to these countries…..Egypt looks to the past and protects the wealthy who hold the power.  Alaa Abdel Fattah was arrested in November for ‘protesting without the permission of the Authorities’  (Singapore has a similar law in order to suppress critics etc)

EGYPT GRABS BRITISH JOURNALISTS — British journalists in Egypt are facing criminal charges with eighteen others.  They are being detained and accused of manipulating video footage to show the world an unreal scene that harms the country or is a threat to Egypt’s National Security.

EGYPT SAYS POLICE STATE NO LONGER NECESSARY?  — Whilst admitting to have had a Police State, Egypt now announces that it will no longer be necessary, claiming recent uprising had put an end to abuses….this coming on the back of police excessive force……but, the new Security Forces are being complained about, much in the same way as the police…which looks like they’ve swapped one evil for another.

EGYPT JAILS THREE JOURNALISTS — International Journalists doing what they get paid to do were arrested and jailed by the Egyptian Government causing the International community to feel anger.  Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohammed Fahmy and Eyptian producer Baher Mohammed were  jailed for at least 7 years for ‘spreading false news and aiding a ‘terrorist organisation’ which none of them did.

EGYPT DEPOSED PRESIDENT DENIES ORDERS TO KILL — As so often when caught, leaders of countries deny liability or giving orders to execute or kill those who oppose him.  Former President Hosni Mubarak sat in the accused cage of the Cairo Court to deny giving the order to kill protestors in 2011.  The trial which has gone on for a year thinks he did nothing wrong! and deludes himself by colouring his career listing his achievements to those that will listen and his followers…he now claims he was not forced from power but gave it up.

EGYPT ATTEMPTS TO CURB FREE SPEECH — in an attempt to make cover-ups normal practice, Egypt wanted several hundred journalists to agree to a policy pledging support for the state and banning any criticism of the police, army and judiciary.  The press rightly were not going to endorse this as it amounted to a voluntary surrender of the freedom of expression and giving in to secrecy and letting the authorities do what they like.  The policy was rejected.

EGYPT POLICE OFFICER CHARGED — A Police Officer who shot a protestor, a young mother who died as a result of his indiscriminate shots into the crowd ‘ forced’ the prosecutor, Shaimaa Sabbagh (a rare action only brought about by the fact someone photographed the young woman bleeding and dying…which was then shown on the Internet) to bring criminal charges against the police officer ‘on a lesser charge’ (than murder)…because he was a member of the Security Forces…….otherwise there would have been no case and no charge…the authorities would have seen to this on any other occasion….only the Internet forced it.

SAUDI and its Draconian sentences, — It is reported that nine men with gay tendencies, whom they label as ‘ deviants ‘ were sentenced to 2400 strokes each?  the floggings are to be carried out fortnightly at 60 strokes a time until the full sentence is carried out.  Neil Durkin of Amnesty said these people were being denied a fair trial and the only evidence offered was that the men wore women’s clothes while being involved with each other, and that confessions had been forced out of them, they were not allowed legal representation. A gay man can be sentenced to death — for being gay!! — which is either hanging or beheading.

ABU DHABI and the Ras al-Khaimah emirate — decided to invent a law where bad drivers were publicly flogged, or ten days in jail — it said violators of traffic rules will be flogged in public at the mosque nearest to their houses. Police confirmed that up to fifty strokes would be given to anyone driving badly, ignoring red stop lights or driving without a licence.

BEHEADING: Egypt’s favourite game of justice — Ancient Laws, Ancient methods and swimming in modern money….. We came across a report that one Filipino man has bought himself off the death list, yet another one awaits death by sword as he will be beheaded in a public square… was interesting to note that the two men have been waiting for 12 years…..along with many others on death row!

EGYPT’S FINANCE MINISTER JAILED — Former Minister of Finance, Yousef Boutros-Ghali was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty of squandering in the region of £2.3million in the last few years of his job for the country.

EGYPT CONTINUES ITS SUPPRESSION AND CRACKDOWN ON DISSENTERS – An Egyptian Blogger went on trial for ‘ insulting the President’ — Ahmed Douma called the President a criminal and murderer on his Internet blog during media interviews…..and was arrested in April….The USA who give $1.5billion of aid each year to Egypt (used mostly on the Military) are said not to be pleased by these arrests.

SAUDI COURT JAILS HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER — Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Waleed Abul-Khair was jailed for 15 years on the charge of ‘inciting public opinion’…..they’ve also barred him from travelling out of the country for a further fifteen years for being an activist…(so that he can’t tell his story to the Western World)

THE SAUDI’S FLOGGED UK Citizen Nigel Maidment arrested over an alcohol incident, he was sentenced to 70 strokes, and another Briton, John Kelly was given 250 strokes for a similar offence.  One can agree that a country must pursue its own laws, but it still does not take away the fact that the country practices barbaric rituals disguised as law….and it does not make one ounce of sense that one man gets 70 and another 250 for a drink related incident apparently under the same law, which does not show an equal fairness under the judiciary that on the face of it seems to be wholly corrupt.

SAUDI’S SENTENCE BRIT COUPLE TO FLOGGING – 57 yr old Ann and 59yr old Peter Goldsmith have been sentenced to 500 strokes each on yet again, a alcohol related charge, and that sentence is double what the previous sentence has been in relation to the above article making a nonsense out of a so-called judicial sentencing law. The couple were held at separate jails, and that fact was held secret for some time as Shari Codes of Islamic Law allow detention without trial and restrict legal representation.

SAUDI’S FLOG BRITON IN SECRECY DESPITE DIPLOMATIC PROMISES THAT HE WOULD BE SPARED — Qatar Lawyers assured British Diplomats that they would not proceed with the caning, but went ahead despite these shallow and untrue statements issued by the Saudi’s.  Gavin Gerrard-Smith who was led out of his cell and made to strip and remove the prison overalls and t-shirt for the doctor’s examination before being caned by several policeman who carried out the sentence in front of a religious judge, senior policeman and the doctors. Three policeman carried out the caning.  Apparently at the prison, they cane prisoners on Tuesdays, it’s nice when these barbaric sadists have made a day for it ?  It’s a pity there isn’t a day for their downfall and destruction!!

SAUDI ARABIA ORDERS 50 STROKE FLOGGING  FOR  MAN WHO INSULTED POLICE — In keeping with their ways the court in Jeddah gave a woman a prison sentence of one month and 50 lashes for insulting the police?  despite an Appeal, the court upheld the sentence because she called them ‘liars’ during an argument.

SAUDI ARABIA IN ANOTHER FLOGGING SENTENCE AGAINST BLOGGER — The backward courts of Saudi Arabia still lost in the past and grabbing the wealth of the future sentenced Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes besides 10 yrs in jail for insulting Islam on a Internet forum….the court says that he will be given 50 lashes every week for twenty weeks as ‘an example for others to see’…….apparently he was sentenced in May 2014 according to Amnesty.

SAUDI ARABIA DEFENDS FLOGGING OF BLOGGER — In a news report it comes as no surprise that the Saudi government like this ‘hang ’em flog ’em’ thing……its all there in their history, as they live that way except with bigger wallets and embracing capitalism for their own greed.  They claim that the attack from the outside nations is unjustified and their commitment to human rights is all too clear?……pull the other one, it doesn’t work.

SAUDI’S BEHEAD 7 CONVICTED  PRISONERS DESPITE UN PLEAS — Yet another case of ‘we the ancient, and now powerfully rich’ will conduct our barbaric practices as we see fit — but we still want to squeeze the West over our oil fields ‘  The UN asked for clemency for the seven men convicted of theft, robbery and looting, one of those executed said he was forced into a confession by torture….it was said that the judges refused to see the marks in the three years of trial….the sentence was death by crucifixion or firing squad, but news emerged that the seven men were beheaded in the Southern city of Abha in March.

(Hopefully Electric fuelled Cars will finally dominate motoring, and the Saudi’s wealth will topple like rotten apples…..because beyond oil they have nothing to offer…..and nothing to blackmail the West with anymore)

EGYPT TORTURES CHILD DETAINEES —  A report has revealed that the Egyptian Authorities and Police are detaining and torturing children.  State Brutality has made a return say observers who monitored recent protestors, and have resorted to unlawfully detaining children, who were quickly taken out of view and incarcerated in jails were they were systematically tortured.  One lawyer interviewed said that around 400 kids, mostly young boys were being stripped naked before having cold water thrown over them and some were whipped.  ‘This level of institutional abuse of children is unprecedented in a country that pretends to have values whilst embracing capitalism’ said a Human Rights Observer…’They want the world to think they’ve improved but behind it they are still in the past and believe that beating someone gets what you want….even if they die!

EGYPTIAN TERRORIST MADE GOVERNOR OF LUXOR — A former Terrorist Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya (who it is said committed a notorious massacre in 1997 targeting civilians) was appointed Governor of Luxor by the President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi,  Many protestors came out in uproar when the appointment was announced.

EGYPT PUTS INTERNET BLOGGER ON TRIAL — Ahmed Douma is charged with ‘insulting the President’ after calling him a murderer and criminal during recent interviews he did.  This latest arrest against disidents shows that President Mohammed Morsi is seen as an escalating crackdown on those who wish to speak out. Some say that Morsi is using his Presidential powers to influence the court, and the USA have now begun to look at their position especially in the light that they give Egypt $1.5 billion of aid a year….which they know goes mostly to the Egyptian Military?

EGYPT SENTENCE FOREIGN ACTIVISTS IN ABSTENTION —  Egypt Courts have been handing out jail sentences to Foreign Activists a report says.  Judge Makram Awad gave out several 5 year prison sentences to at least 15 USA citizens (who luckily left Egypt before being detained), one American who did not leave was jailed for two years, as was a German Activist.  It was revealed that the US give Cairo $1.3 billion in aid (used by the Military), maybe its time to axe both Egypt’s $1.5 billion and Cairo’s $1.3 billon……especially as this country was once run by a Military Council.

EGYPT ANXIOUS TO RETURN TO BEHEADINGS AND DICTATORSHIP — Egypt are increasingly moving back into the distant past to re-enact brutalities and fit them in ‘modern law’ — Recently they jailed three secular activists for their involvement in the 2011 Revolution….. convicting them of ‘holding a rally without authorisation’… they also added ‘attacking police officers?…. they got 3 yrs under the new law made to suppress and curtail the freedom of expression…….and there is a return to that good old ‘police brutality’ which throws light on the added convictions involving police claims.

EGYPT AND THE FREEING OF 26 CHARGED GAY MEN — Police it is said went deliberately out to capture the homosexuals at a Cairo bath-house and seized twenty six men…….charging them with committing indecent acts, but a judge acquitted all the accused men on hearing that the raid was televised and orchestrated to make the public disgusted so that a crackdown on such people would be welcomed.

EGYPT FORMER PRESIDENT GETS 20 YEARS JAIL —  The Muslim Brothers leader Mohamed Morsi who was arrested after three years of becoming Egypt’s first freely-elected President was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing protestors. He along with 12 other Muslim Brothers were convicted of using violence, kidnapping and torture during the demonstrations of 2012.  Amazingly? they were acquitted of murder (which carries the death sentence) and found guilty on lesser charges related to the deaths.  Amnesty called the sentences a travesty of justice…..and shows up the warped and impartiality of Egypt’s criminal justice system……probably fixed!

DEATH OF BRITON DUBAI RAISES QUESTION OF TRUTH IN POLICE ACCOUNT — The Dubai Police now under suspicion of falsifying testimony around the sudden death of Brit Lee Bradley Brown, protest too much as they claim ‘distortion of the facts’ whilst appearing to act furtive over their own actions.  Brown was kept six days in a Dubai police cell in 2011 when he was arrested after a disagreement with the hotel and a staff member….he was thrown into Bur Dubai Police Station’s cells…..and died later amid allegations that he was beaten by police while he was in custody (which is by no means a rare event — it happens in most police stations around the World).  New documents obtained are said to carry serious doubt on Dubai’s official account by police.  A UK post mortem examination showed discrepancies in police claims……..Dubai of course, will sweep this nicely aside.

BAHRAIN — BOY OF 11 PUT ON TRIAL FOR PROTESTING — Al Hasan, a boy of eleven is to stand trial accused of taking part in an ‘ant-government’ rally that is protesting against the Monarchy. The report says he faces other charges linked to the Gulf State, and had to take his school exams in prison.           What we don’t see here is, Childline, Save the Children, Amnesty, Human Rights…..why?     could oil and power be the reason?  The world goes on about protecting children, so what is being done….this child has been jailed and is to go on trial… not for theft, robbery, vandalism….just protesting about injustice…..which he soon will become part of after the trial.

INSULTS AGAINST BAHRAIN KING LEADS TO PRISON — A report says a civil court has jailed an online activist to six months in jail for posting words against the king on Twitter Pages.   The authorities apparently arrested four people for ‘defaming’ Bahrain’s Monarch.  This news as highlighted the now revealed crackdown by Arab rulers to suppress free speech.

BAHRAIN COP SENTENCED TO 7 YRS JAIL — A policeman involved in the fatal shooting of a protestor two years ago was jailed by the court for seven years.

BAHRAIN REFUSES UN TORTURE INVESTIGATOR ACCESS —  Torture is being covered up as Bahrain Officials cancel the visit of a UN Investigator, and will not say why they cancelled his trip, nor have they offered another date.  Juan Mendez the UN Investigator said this was the second visit that had been postponed at short notice, he said this move by Bahrain effectively cancels any investigation into torture activity going on in the country.

THE AFGHANISTAN’S RESORT TO PUBLIC EXECUTION — The West come in with troops and fight for their freedom, and the sickening scene of a woman executed in front of a baying crowd shows the real Afghan — A woman accused of adultery is shot five times by a public executor with an assault rifle in front of a crazed crowd who have little regard for life. This kind of warped justice is an affront against humanity, and the people who support it have much to answer for.

AFGHANISTAN — BRIBERY AMONG POLITICIANS AT 50 PERCENT — Half the politicians in the government are on the take according to official figures…..and the public find it acceptable!  They calmly reply that they understand that bribery is widespread throughout society.

AFGHANISTAN RE-INTRODUCES ‘STONING TO DEATH’ — Resorting to its previous behaviour, Afghanistan is back to the death penalty of ‘stoning adulterers’ …… and observers see this as going back to the old ways now the foreign troops are leaving….. this again reveals the people’s support for brutal and fatal punishment.

AFGHANISTAN HANGS FIVE — If they’re not stoning they’re locked in the ancient ways of 1066 whilst driving expensive cars and indulging in Capital enrichment, and keeping the poor poorer.  Karzai signed the men’s death warrants before enjoying his rich lifestyle.

AFGHAN LEADER ENJOYS LUXURY OF UK HOTEL AT £7,000 A NIGHT — As his people, who are said to be some of the poorest in the World, President Hamid Karzai enjoys the luxury of £7,000 a night London’s Claridges Hotel with the British taxpayer footing the entire bill for him and his 40-strong entourage.  Amid the fact that half his government are corrupt as the above article confirms, is meeting with PM David Cameron over two days. It is said that corrupt Afghan Officials took £2.5billion a year in bribes, twice what the government collect in taxes!

‘ Other ‘Nasties’ around the World – in brief ‘

GREEK JOURNALIST EXPOSES 2,000 TAX CHEATS — An Investigation Journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis was actually brought before the court for revealing the names of 2,000 tax cheats, because he published a list.  Publication of the story was met by outrage the report says, which blamed the Government for not targeting the cheats who evaded tax by having secret Swiss Bank accounts.  Luckily the court acquitted the journalist who faced jail.

GREEK MAYOR JAILED FOR CORRUPTION — Vassilis Papageorgopoulos who embezzled 20 million Euros; half of the budget for his city’s public works account, was sentenced to life imprisonment.  He was the Mayor of Thessaloniki from 1999 to 2010.  Three other officials were found guilty of money-laundering and forgery, one was the former Treasurer.

GREECE – POLICE STATIONS RAIDED BY INTERNAL AFFAIR SQUAD — Officers from the Greek Internal Affairs Dept swooped on Police Stations in the Athens area after the replacement of five senior police officers as part of an investigation into the activities of the far-right Golden Dawn Party.

GREECE — CORRUPT MINISTER FOUND GUILTY — Akis Tsochadzopoulos was found guilty of money-laundering along with 16 co-defendants.  The major socialist minister had spent nearly two years in detention awaiting the trial… ‘pre-trial detention’ — his corruption was significally worse considering how cash strapped the country is.

GREEK PRISON GUARDS CHARGED OVER TORTURE —  8 Prison Guards have been charged with torturing a prisoner to death.   The Albanian convict had been accused of stabbing a guard when he was refused leave to see his ill mother.  The Prosecutor issued warrants for the guards to be arrested….they worked at the Nigrita Prison where Illie Kareli was found dead in his cell after receiving a severe beating.    It is understood that if found guilty the guards face a maximum life sentence?

GREECE – POLICE OFFICER IN SMUGGLING PLOT — A serving Police Officer along with eight other suspects has been arrested in connection with a plot to sell a 1 million Euro statue.  The ancient marble statue was recovered in a raid….and interestingly, the officer was with the antiques protection department!

GREECE AND THE CIVIL SERVANTS INVESTIGATION — 5,000 Civil servants are being investigated for potential tax offences.  This refers to cash being sent out of the country during a financial crisis.  It quotes that each civil servant sent approximately 275,000 Euros abroad. 

SHAME OF FACEBOOK FOR CORRUPT BULGARIA COPS — The citizens of Bulgaria turned to the Web and the Facebook site to vent their frustration with ineffective law enforcement by showcasing images of the police breaking the law.  It went onto show badly parked police vehicles, some in a disable only area, and uniformed police downing beer whilst on duty….. and cops deliberately driving on the wrong side of the road.

PRISONERS ABUSED IN IRAN — Prisoners staged a strike in Iran Jails, the Political Prisoners held have gone on hunger strike in protest at violations against them meted out by guards.  This action concerned the main prison at Tehran….the accusations include beatings and verbal insults.

IRAN — DEATH OF BLOGGER IN POLICE CUSTODY? — The suspicious death of Blogger Sattar Bebeshti is being investigated by Iran’s Parliament? which in turn raises suspicion too.  International condemnation of the death as suggested that Iran Judiciary failed to address his death because they didn’t want to.  Apparently, Sattar ran a anti-government blog on the Web (which would not make him popular with Iran).  Torture has been suggested by Amnesty.  Outspoken Lawmaker Ahmed Tavakuli said in a statement ‘ I recommend that instead of dealing harshly with bloggers, you go after corrupt officials ‘

IRAN GUILTY OF KILLING POLITICAL PRISONERS — A tribunal revisited the horrors of the killing of thousands of political prisoners in the year after the Islamic Revolution.  It said during the 1980’s the Islamic Republic were guilty of the murder of 15,000 to 20,000 political prisoners. 

IRAN HANGING A SHAME ONE MUST NOT FORGET — The brutal regime in Iran yet again demonstrated its capacity to rule by fear.  Hashem Shabaani  was executed for ‘spreading corruption’ according to those that cannot allow ‘free thinking’   He is just one of hundreds hanged for their own beliefs and talking about the need for fairness.  His killers are The Iranian Interior Ministry and a Revolutionary Tribunal Judge Mohamed-Bagher Moussavi…..Shabaani said he could not remain silent against the ‘hideous crimes against  Ahwazis perpetrated by the Iranian Authorities…. especially arbitrary and unjust executions’

VIETNAM JAILS MUSICIANS FOR WRITING SONGS — Two popular songwriters who cover topical subjects have been jailed for 4 and 6 years for ‘spreading propaganda against the State’   They are said to have spurred on criticism from the USA and Human Rights Groups.  Some songs included ‘China and the South China Sea Saga of Oppressive Measures’

VIETNAM BLOGGER IS JAILED FOR CRITICISM OF RULERS — More news of suppression here, as a Hanoi Court jailed a blogger for 15 months for posting online remarks and criticisms of the ruling Communist Party.  The Judge in question, one Ngo Tu Hoc said that Pham Viet Dao was guilty of ‘abusing democratic freedoms to infringe the interests of the state’…. and that he also ‘distorted, vilified and smeared Senior Leaders’

ANOTHER VIETNAM BLOGGER JAILED FOR CRITICISM — Well known blogger Truong Duy Nhat was given 24 months in jail, and found guilty on exactly the same charges as seen above….what do you expect from a country ruled by dictators?  freedom of speech and human rights are not even believed in.

FOURTEEN OF MEXICO’S POLICE ON MURDER CHARGES — 14 Federal Police Officers have been charged with attempted murder on two CIA Agents the report says.  It revealed that a Diplomat vehicle sustained 152 bullet holes.  It says the Mexican Government are seriously embarrassed over this, while sources indicate that the corrupt police were working with drug gangs….so says the Mexican Security Agency.

MEXICO MAYOR ARRESTED OVER GANG CONNECTIONS —  Uriel Chavez the Mayor of Apatzingan in the State of Michoacan was arrested on the orders of Prosecutors who said he had aided suspected members of a gang into drugs and extorting cash from members of the City Council.

MEXICO MAYOR’S WIFE ON CRIMINAL CHARGE — The wife of a former Mayor has been arrested as a suspect in a plot that was to massacre 43 trainee teachers.  A gang massacred and burnt the bodies of 43 students of which only one was identified.  Prosecutors say there was Police Involvement in the crime, in that a body of police handed over the students to the gang in the city of Iguala.  She is to be tried in the Federal Court for engaging in organised crime.  The government blames former Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda in connection with masterminding the massacre of the students and their disappearance.

ARAB SPY CHIEF GOES TO JAIL FOR CORRUPTION — Jordan, retired General Mohammed al-Dahabi former chief of the country’s Intelligence Agency, was found guilty of money-laundering, embezzlement and the abuse of power.  One of the country’s Political Elite, the former Chief was jailed for 13 years.

SOUTH ARABIA — COURT ORDERS PARALYSIS SENTENCE ON MAN — ‘Grotesque’ yes, that’s what the Foreign Office of the UK says.  A Court and judge ordered that convicted prisoner Alial-Khawaher 24, who has spent ten years in jail awaiting sentence is to be medically paralysed as a punishment because the victim of a dispute he stabbed was confined to a wheelchair…….yet another example of Islamic Sharia and its barbaric methods.

KUWAIT COURTS SENTENCE OPPOSITION LEADERS TO HARD LABOUR — Three former politicians were sentenced to three years jail each with hard labour for ‘insulting the country’s ruler’  It is stated that the Kuwait leaders are involved in a crackdown and suppression on political dissent in the nation!  …..all these men did was to make speeches opposing changes in the voting rules.

KUWAIT JAILS ACTIVISTS OVER ‘TWITTER’ POSTS — Two Activists have been jailed for ‘offending the Kuwait authorities’ who said the ‘ruler’ found the comments offensive.  One was sentenced to 2 years and the other to one year in prison yet again showing an escalating backlash by the authorities to stifle and suppress free speech now being employed by many countries who claim democracy but do not allow it.

KUWAIT JAILS EX-MINSTER FOR ONLINE NEWS SITE ARTICLE — For being critical of the Finance Minister, the ex-minister Saad bin Tefla was arrested and sentenced to a week in jail by the authorities said his lawyer.  He was apparently convicted in his absence for publishing an article on government spending?  He was arrested as he was about to leave the country at the airport.

MOROCCO — JUDGE FORCES MAN TO KISS HIS SHOES — An arrogant Judge who didn’t think a motor mechanic repaired his car on time verbally abused him and ordered him to kiss his shoes.  The mechanic, Hischam Himmi had an argument with ‘the un-named judge’ after trying to reason with him, but the ill-tempered judge took the matter to new heights – sinking justice to pre-slave times.  The Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid told the Press that the Judge had been suspended, saying that the Judicial Council will be investigating the incident.

MOROCCO JAILS MAN FOR BEING GAY — In ‘sweet’ Morocco, they jailed a British holiday maker for four months after grabbing his phone.  Ray Cole almost seventy and with his partner when they took his phone and although password protected, still got in or coerced him? to obtain it.  Apparently an appeal got him a conditional release and he flew back to Britain…..hopefully Morocco is off his list to visit, as it should be yours!

MALDIVES — 15YR OLD VICTIM OF SEX CRIME IS TO BE FLOGGED: The teenage girl was raped by her stepfather the report says.  The girl from the remote island of Feydhoo had been raped repeatedly in 2012 said the police. Although she confessed to having sex the court using Sharia Law sentenced her to 100 strokes, to be administered when she attains the age of 18.

MALAWI – NINE SENIOR POLICE OFFICERS ARE JAILED – In a fraud case netting 55 million kwacha ($164,000) for a band of corrupt cops — nine senior policemen were sent to jail for 14 years each…a 10th cop, a woman police officer was given a suspended sentence because she was pregnant.  It took the case 4 years to come to trial.  The cash was siphoned from the Malawi Police Service.

SOMALIA — STONE MAN TO DEATH FOR BEING GAY — The Tyrannical Authorities ordered the death penalty for a man because of his sexuality and allegations he had sex with a 13yr old boy.  The court judge ordered his execution.  The 18yr old was blindfolded and buried in the ground to his waist and then stoned by Shabab Fighters until he eventually died……..yet another example of modern man with ancient beliefs that are grotesque and flourishing in ignorant societies.

IRAQ — EXECUTES 21 MEN BY HANGING — War torn Iraq, now in a state of complete devastation and unruly, is reported to have hanged 21 prisoners.  The Justice Ministry says these men were terrorists, and the total hanged so far is 50 for this year. In 2012 it executed 129 prisoners, and Amnesty says there is a doubt whether any of these condemned received a fair trial. In fact according to Amnesty Iraq ranks 5th in the World’s Executioners.

IRAQ HANGS ANOTHER 26 PRISONERS — Saying they were convicted of terrorism.   68 other prisoners were hanged during 2011….despite World criticism, Iraq has taken little or no notice of the West.  A further 11 were executed by hanging within a week of this article.

COPS ON THE TAKE — INDIA: 36 POLICE OFFICERS SUSPENDED FOR TAKING BRIBES — A  World News report says that thirty six police officers in Mumbai were filmed as they accepted bribes — a spokesman at the press release said it was ‘shameful’ (11/4/2013)

TWO FORMER SPIES IN NETHERLANDS ARE JAILED — Both former spies were said to have leaked secrets about security for the Delai Lama in 2009. The Man and Woman both worked for the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service…..the man got 16 months imprisonment and the woman eight months.

SLOVENIA — OPPOSITION LEADER AND FORMER PRIME MINISTER IS JAILED — For Corruption.  He was jailed for bribery in a 2006 arms deal.  Janez Jansa was sentenced to two years in prison for taking the money involved in a aborted arms purchase the report says, while he was the Prime Minister of the country.  Two co-defendants were also jailed.

ROMANIA – DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER ON FRAUD CHARGES — Romania’s Prosecutors charged the Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragneu and 74 local officials with fraud.  It is reported that the Deputy PM abused his authority by using his position to adversely influence the outcome of votes.  He and the others are also accused of falsifying votes in order to unseat the President.

ROMANIA – PRISON COMMANDER ON TORTURE CRIMES — Says he was only carrying out the orders of his government in relation to ‘torture and starvation’ of inmates.  Alexandru Visinescu is charged with war crimes when he appeared before a court.  12 inmates who died were said to have been abused and starved. 

SPAIN CONVICTS 53 PEOPLE FOR CORRUPTION — In Spain’s biggest corruption trial which has taken two years to see daylight, fifty three suspects were convicted of corruption in the real-estate and bribery trial.  42 were acquitted it is said….among those in the dock were Lawyers, City Hall Officials and businessmen.  The master – mind is named as The City Urban Planning Officer Juan Antonio Roca….who was jailed for 11 years.

SPAIN IN TOWN HALL CORRUPTION PROBE — The report says that the Spanish Police have arrested around 51 people in local government positions who had contact with construction contracts.  The corruption probe is said to involve the sum of 250 million Euros.  The ‘Operation Punica’ is investigating town halls in Madrid, Murcia, Leon and Valencia amid numerous corruption scandals already emerging.

SPAIN’S PRIESTS ARRESTED ON CHILD ABUSE — Four Priests have been arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation into child abuse and child sex allegations.  Police made their arrests in Granada, but would say no more about who they had arrested other than that they were priests.  The report says that the Spanish Interior Minister has shown special interest in uncovering this, adding that the Pope was anxious in bringing the case to light….. as the victims had written to the Pope.

SPAIN PUTS PRINCESS ON TRIAL — Princess Cristina, the sister to King Felipe, was not only the first Royal to ever be answering questions in court over tax fraud, will now be the first Royal to go on trial for tax fraud, when it was previously thought she was immune.  A short time before this new change, the state prosecutor Pedro Horrach recommended that she pay a fine of E600,000 Euros rather than face trial with her former Olympic Sportsman Ifiaki Urdangarin.

12 SPANISH LAWYERS ARRESTED OVER ETA LINKS — A Report says that around sixteen people were arrested and of them, there were twelve lawyers suspected of having ties with the Basque Separatist Group ETA.  The Minister for the Interior said they were being charged with having not only a connection but actual membership of the terrorist organisation.  They are also being charged with tax fraud and money laundering.

CHILD ABUSE CHARGES FOR TEN SPANISH PRIESTS —   It is reported that ten Catholic Priests have been charged with sexually abusing boys in their care.  The Pope ordered an investigation and crackdown on the priests who have done harm to the Church after receiving a distressing letter from an alter boy who was 14 when he was abused.   It was also revealed that he no longer believes in just the odd rogue priest, but that a pack of priests known as the ‘Romanones’ are at work in the church, and as a result as ordered an internal investigation to flush them out.

TURKEY APOLOGISES FOR POLICE VIOLENCE —  The Deputy Prime Minister has apologised to citizens who suffered violence from the country’s police.  He said Police efforts to quell protestors were excessive and not lawful, because most of the protestors were behaving with respect for the environment, therefore the actions meted out to all were unfair, said Bulent Arinc.  Protestor Umut Caglar said ‘ The problem here is that, even in a Democracy we have a Dictator running the country ‘

TURKEY POLICE USE EXCESSIVE FORCE THE EU SAYS — Turkey’s Police were criticised in a European Union Report, and says that an investigation must be undertaken by the government.  The Annual Report says that this must be one of the requirements before the EU will allow Turkey to join The European Union 28 member bloc.

TURKEY MINISTER IN BRIBERY ROW OFFERS TO GO —  The interior Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has offered his resignation over a massive bribery and corruption scandal that had his son arrested with 23 other defendants by investigators.  They have all been charged with facilitating bribes or taking bribes.

TURKEY’S PREMIER TOLD HIS SON TO HIDE MONEY — A recording has revealed that the Turkish Prime Minister is heard telling his son to hide large sums of money.  The Premier hit back saying it was fabricated, but this has not stopped the Opposition asking for his resignation.

TURKEY COPS IN DILEMMA — The Turkish Prime Minister purged hundreds of police officers as part of a showdown with an opposing cleric…..some 350 police officers were moved to traffic duties…..and some were dismissed….the cleric is accused of trying to grab power by orchestrating a corruption investigation…said to be in property and construction, plus Turkey’s gold trade with Iran.

TURKEY IMPORTS BRIBERY ARRESTS — Around 30 suspects were arrested in a corruption raid on the  Halkah Customs Office after irregularities gave rise to suspicion of bribery.  Police seized seventy containers of textile goods.  Among those detained were several textile business owners and Customs warehouse employees,

TURKEY CITIZENS PROTEST OVER DEATH CAUSED BY POLICE — Citizens of Istanbul turned out in their thousands to mourn the death of a teenage boy, Berkin Elvan, who was wounded in street clashes with the police….the boy died after being in a coma for nine months……Police used water cannons on the protestors.

TURKEY  BLOCKS THE INTERNET OVER LEAKED ITEM —  The Turkish Government hastily moved into secrecy mode as it blocked YouTube over ‘Syria Leak’   The item on YouTube revealed top security officials discussing military operations in Syria.  The ‘anonymous posting’ on YouTube annoyed government officials who have already attacked Twitter over media reports they did not wish seen or read.

TURKEY DETAINS WOMAN OVER CORRUPTION TWEET — A Turkish woman was arrested by police for posting a tweet on the Internet suggesting that there was corruption in the government and that a cover-up of a scandal was implemented by officials.  She cited the name of a Judge who had dropped a corruption and bribery probe without any explanation.  The woman is said to be a former television presenter……this comes at a time when Turkey is set on a course to suppress freedoms like several other countries now engaged in this practice.

TURKEY REFUSE TO ADMIT BUTCHERING A MILLION CHRISTIANS — Not unusual really for a country like Turkey that made complaints about the film ‘Midnight Express’ which depicted them as barbarous….and even 100 years on Turkey like others prefer to pretend that their past was brutal.  These countries do not make reparations or put their state murderers on trial….they’d rather honour them and ignore what they are.

TURKEY POLICE IN ILLEGAL SPYING ON PM — 76 Police officers have been detained on the orders of the Minister.  It is said that there are also several high-ranking officers who have been accused of spying and the illegal monitoring of communications involving Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his inner circle.  The Chief Prosecutor said the attempt was a concocted investigation, they made up an inquiry into an alleged group ot terrorists in order to tap the phones of the minister and the national intelligence agency.

Update: Turkey’s police arrest 33 colleagues in Istanbul and placed them in custody.  More than a 100 police officers have been grabbed and detained over the ‘Erdogan Spy Scandal’…it brings the total to 115 so far.

NETHERLANDS — YOUNG FOOTBALLERS KICK MAN TO DEATH — Hooligans of an unlikely different sort found themselves in the court charged with the manslaughter of a ‘volunteer linesman’ at a football match.  Six boys in the football team killed Richard Nieuwenhuizen, they appeared before a court in the city of Lelystad.  Five of the teenage footballers received two years each in detention and the other one aged 15 was sentenced to 30 days in a youth detention centre.  The father of one of those ‘incarcerated’ was jailed for six years for incitement.

BRAZIL — COPS MURDER TWO BOYS –Eight Policemen have been charged in the connection with the murder of two boys according to A World News Bulletin (2/4/2013).

BRAZIL — ASSAULT COPS CAUGHT ON VIDEO — four cops in Rio De Janeiro have been suspended after video evidence showed them beating up journalists during an anti-world cup protest.  15 members of the Press were injured including a Canadian.  A Police Spokesman said the cops will remain suspended while investigations are ongoing into the incident.

BRAZIL — POLICE OFFICERS UNDER SUSPICION IN DEATH — Brazil’s Civil Police concluded that 10 police officers and a Commander of the UPP, Major Edson Santos should be charged over the disappearance and shooting of Bricklayer Amarildo de Souza, an epileptic who died after being interrogated by officers from the Pacifying Police Unit in Rio de Janeiro.  Prosecutors say that he was tortured to get information about drug dealers.

BRAZIL  POLICE  IN REVENGE SHOOTING TO BE QUIZZED — The Police in Brazil are investigating whether fellow officers gunned down at least 12 young men in separate incidents within hours to avenge the death of a colleague.  The killings happened in Campinas….and came after an off-duty cop was killed.

BRAZIL POLICE OFFICERS ARE JAILED — 15 Brazilian Police Officers were jailed over what they did in a prison. They were sentenced to 48 years each after being found guilty of killing four prison inmates in 1992 at the Sao Paulo Carandiru Prison.  It says that this has taken four trials to finally reach the final outcome in this case. 

23 Brazil Cops were found guilty of killing 13 inmates, and were sentenced to 156 years each.

BRAZIL POLICE IN OVER 11,000 KILLINGS IN 4 YEARS — Shockingly, the Brazilian Police Force have the worst reputation of murders and killings, which average at 6 killings each day.  Statistics taken over a four year period 2009 to 2013 shows that 11,000 civilians have been killed as a result of police action.  One international Observer said this callous behaviour in uniform is an abusive use of lethal force to respond to crime and violence.  The study was carried out by the San Paulo based Brazilian Forum on Public safety.

BRAZIL TORTURERS MAY FACE JUSTICE? according to a news report that says that investigators are running an inquiry into atrocities committed during Military Rule.  The National Truth Commission said these things happened in the period 1964 to 1985……and the victims want the ‘government shields’ lifted on the perpetrators and former officials who ‘escaped’

ARGENTINE JUDGE IS EXTRADITED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY — The Judge who fled from his own country to avoid arrest Judge Otilio Romano is accused of committing 100 human rights crimes when he was a prosecutor during Argentina’s Dictatorship (1976- 1983). Interpol said he was caught  in Santiago where he was in hiding.  He was flown back to Argentina under escort and handed over to the authorities.

SWEDEN, AND POLICE COMPILE SECRET ROMA REGISTRY — Parliamentary Justice Committee Chairman Morgan Johansson said the discovered list was illegal because it listed people by their ethnicity.  The secret Registry contains more than 4,000 Roma including children.  In a country known for its stand on human rights, this comes as a shock observers say. The List on the Roma Community was said to have been originated in the Skane Police District in Southern Sweden, but is accessible to police nationwide.

MADAGASCAR AND MOB RULE — Madagascar finally gives way to mob rule as they burn and kill foreigners merely because they suspected them of ‘organ trafficking’   The tourist Island of Nosy Be (Remember that place) became a deadly nightmare to two Europeans who were hunted down by the mob, killed and burnt.  The French Foreign Ministry warned its 700 citizens in Madagascar to avoid travel. Instances of mob justice are common in Madagascar….not just the North West region……this country should be avoided, economically and be on no-ones list of holiday destination spots — you have been warned! (Sept 2013)

SRI LANKA AND THE ATROCITIES REVEALED — The storm hit the fan as Canada, India and Mauritius  pulled out of a Commonwealth Heads Meeting over human Rights violations.  The Sri Lanka leader President Mahinda Rajapaksa is accused of presiding over war crimes.  This all came to light in the UK when a programme featuring secret filming in the NO FIRE ZONE showed the army shelling people and wholesale killing.  They opened fire on the UN safe Zone despite calls made to troops to stop, and even the Red Cross Hospital was targeted.   For 138 days ordinary citizens were ‘murdered’ in September 2009. (The USA even knew)…..78 per cent of civilian deaths occurred in the ‘Safe Zone’   In 2005, the President appointed members of his family to Government positions as he declared war on the Tamil Tigers….in 2008 the war started.  Benjamin Din a UN Staffer was removed from the area so that he could not be a witness to the atrocities.  But he did stay around long enough to see that the government soldiers were killing people in the ‘Safe Zone’    Although the UK’s PM Cameron was asked to pull out, he went and in one news clip Official Security Staff in Sri Lanka were assaulting a camera crew when they were trying to get film of protestors and interview them’

SRI LANKA – UK SHOPKEEPER IN PRISON DEATH — An Inquiry has been urged by officials to investigate the death of a British Shopkeeper visiting the country.  He was detained and kept in prison without charge for five years?  He died at the Welikada Jail in Columbo.  The Foreign Office was notified. Since his arrest in 2007, the Foreign Office raised his case several times without much success or cooperation.

SYRIA TORTURES UK DOCTOR IN PRISON — The UK doctor was found dead, but letters he sent out whilst he was detained in prison revealed beatings and torture to prisoners whether guilty or not.   Dr Abass Khan arrived in Syria to help the people but after only forty-eight hours he was seized and thrown into prison where he spent a year.  He said ‘prisoners were beaten for gratification and forced to beat other prisoners’ as he had been…  The authorities claim he committed suicide, but this was suggested as murder by his family… the authorities could have helped when he was grabbed, but they didn’t because of the corruption.

SYRIA MAKES CIVILIANS DISAPPEAR — Not only murder, but in Syria civilians are systematically disappearing without a trace.  This is blamed on a widespread campaign of terror against the population says a United nations Panel probing War Crimes.  They told the News that they had found a ‘consistent country-wide pattern’ of Syrian security Troops and Pro-Government Militia seizing people in mass arrests.

SYRIA REGIME — PROOF  OF 11,000 SLAIN BY REGIME SAYS QATAR  — A group of Lawyers representing the Arab State of Qatar claim they have the evidence smuggled out of Syria, that shows the ‘systematic killing’ of around 11,000 Syrian detainees at the hands of the Regime of Bashar al-Assad.  The 31 page report is to coincide with the Geneva11 talks.  It is said they want to see Syrian Officials charged with ‘War Crimes’.

SYRIAN WAR CRIMES BEING LOGGED BY LEGAL TEAM — A Canadian legal team are preparing a prosecution case against individuals responsible for crimes in the Syria War……but news is ‘that no court will hear the case?’  William Wiley leads the Commission for International Justice and Accountability, a team funded by the US and several European governments.  It is said that they have been ‘quietly’ busy building three cases that it will have ready at the end of 2014. 

ISRAEL WHISTLEBLOWER IS FREED — A soldier passed hundreds of classified documents to a newsman and ended up in jail for two years, has been freed.  Anat Kamm walked out of jail after being sent there in 2011…he wanted the public to know what they were being hid from…and what the Government did with the Military.

ISRAEL — POLICE BEAT UP PALESTINE/AMERICAN BOY — the 15yr old who was visiting was the cousin of a teenager who was killed in what was believed to be a revenge attack.  the boy Tariq Khdeir was seized by three to four police officers in military wear and beaten.  The police immediately said on finding out he was American ‘that he was attacking police’ in order to justify their actions, something commonly resorted to in the police of every country when they get found out.  To compound things they have put the boy under house arrest for nine days.  The US State Department was ‘profoundly troubled’ by this incident and demanded an investigation, which so far as resulted in the authorities having the police involved referred to Internal Affairs.

ISRAEL ACCUSED OF WAR CRIMES — Human Rights Watch have accused Israel of committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip…..especially in relation to schools attacked and citizens shot by snipers.  They said that the soldiers or groups fighting for Israel caused numerous civilian casualties in violation of the laws of war.

ISRAEL POLICE COVER-UP MURDER OF BUS DRIVER — The Police are yet again in the frame, as they often are around the World, but few seem to see the connection between them and corruption.  The bus driver was found hanged and was labelled a suicide, but the family say that Yousef al-Ramouni was murdered by Israelis because he was an Arab.

ISRAEL EX-PRIME MINISTER GUILTY OF CORRUPTION — Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is facing five years in prison after being found guilty of unlawfully accepting cash from an American Supporter when he faced a retrial on corruption charges.  This second guilty verdict will now be in addition to the fact that he was sentenced to six years on a bribery conviction in 2014.

ISRAEL – SOLDIERS IN MONEY THEFT — In an announcement, the Israeli Military said that they had indicted three soldiers in Gaza for taking money from a building during the war against Hamas militants.  Two were said to have helped themselves to $605 each….aided and abetted by a third soldier.  News reports also said that an investigation into 120 soldiers had begun over their conduct during the fighting.

ISRAEL POLICE BRUTALITY — Protestors came out in Tel Aviv to highlight Police Brutality and Racism mainly targeting Israel’s Jewish Ethiopian Minorities.  Thousands turned up and were blocked from getting too near Government and Police Buildings.  Most people chanted that violent police officers should be doing jail time. This Protest came shortly after the nation saw footage of an Ethiopian Israeli wearing an Army Uniform being beaten by police.

SUDAN — TO HANG WOMAN FOR APOSTASY — She married a Christian, because she gave birth, she is being allowed to nurse her baby for two years before they hang her.  The Sudanese court also awarded her 100 lashes for committing zena (illegitimate sex)…..this is her sentence for marrying a non-muslim .

SUDAN BAR UN FROM INVESTIGATING RAPE CRIMES — Typically, countries aspiring to preach one thing do the exact opposite if it doesn’t suit.  The Sudan Authorities have refused to let UN and African Union Peacekeepers visit a village in the region of Darfur to investigate allegations of mass rape for the second time!  proving how unsuitable they are to be on any United Nations Council or even deserving a place in the civilised World.  Should countries like these need outside help, it should be denied emphatically…..and no aid.

MONACO JAILS MAN FOR SPEAKING OUT — Sadly Monaco join the list of suppression and intolerance to any view the authorities don’t like.  A Tunisian man was jailed for three months after ‘insulting the Prince’ under the law ‘lese-majeste’ which makes it illegal to insult the head of state.   A Frenchman was jailed for six days in another case for hurling abuse during a drinking binge.   One ought to be aware that Germany, Denmark and Spain do the same thing….. and the worse place is THAILAND where offenders can be jailed for up to 15 years.

MONGOLIA — PRIME MINISTER SACKED OVER CORRUPTION —  The country’s Parliament voted to sack their Prime Minister, Altankhuyag Norov as allegations of corruption were exposed within his administration.  Those close to him have been arrested said a political analyst, ‘they are being investigated by the ‘anti-corruption’ agency…..this follows criticism of a disasterly slow economic growth.

AFGHANISTAN BANK HIT BY FRAUD — The Bank’s governor said that the recent fraud scandal when almost one billion dollars was embezzled from the Kabul Bank which collapsed in 2010 is now being addressed and that they were clawing back $300 million in assets seized.  Major shareholders of the bank including senior politicians such as the former President Hamid Karzai were accused of using bank funds to live a life of luxury.

EUROPEAN EU OFFICIALS IN BRIBERY RACKET — A Legal Expert on European Law and The Eulex Mission which investigates organised crime and corruption (and war crimes) is now compromised by news that its officials were paid to drop organised crime cases they were working on.  The UK Prosecutor, Maria Bamieh found that she was suspended in August after documents were leaked revealing possible bribe-taking.  In the light of this a top Legal Eagle Federica Mogherini will be employed to investigate the allegations and scrutinize Eulex in a corruption inquiry.

CZECH REPUBLIC – FORMER PM’S WIFE ON TRIAL — She is being put on trial over a case that brought down the government, her husband former PM PETR NECAS  who went on trial charged with corruption.  His wife Jana Necasova is charged with abuse of power with two former high ranking Military Intelligence Agents.  She was in the position of Chief of Staff…..who ordered the Agency to spy on Mr Necas, her husband.

BURMA RIOT COPS TARGET STUDENTS IN PROTEST — Students protesting about the new education law have been beaten and arrested when over a 100 Riot Cops were ordered to quell the protestors.  Eye witnesses said the students were hit with batons and dragged along the ground.  The new law which puts every decision on Education policy in the hands of government ministers steps away from the more free movement of letting the Universities decide this and undermines the autonomy of universities…. say those highly suspicious of another agenda the Burma Authorities have to suppress Human Rights and Free Speech.

BURUNDI POLICE SHOOT PROTESTORS — Two people died as a result of police officers who fired at several protestors, wounding one and killing the two.  The demonstrations were against the President who is seeking a third term in office.  The report says the cops used water cannon, tear gas and live bullets in Bujumbura.

IVORY COAST FIRST LADY FOUND GUILTY — A court jailed the first lady of the leader of the country and region for 20 years saying that she was guilty of being behind a civil war that killed around 3,000 people.  Her husband the former President Laurent Gbagbo who is awaiting trial accused of crimes against humanity says these charges are politically motivated.  Simone Gbagbo’s lawyer said the court had found the first lady guilty of organising gangs, disturbing the peace and undermining State Security.

LIBYAN SOLDIERS RAPE MAN — According to news, a victim accused the Military and especially two Libyan soldiers of a serious crime whilst wearing their National Uniform.  The unnamed victim appeared at Cambridge Crown Court saying that Libyan Soldiers Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila attacked and raped him whiile they were undergoing training at Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridge.  ‘He said they behaved like animals and held him down to do their despicable deed.’ 

NB: The strange thing about corruption is that there is hardly a murmur about the ones who made it possible for them to hide their crime……and none are brought to trial once the cover-up is tightly tied up and put out of sight.

It is well understood why the West dare not interfere other than complain about these countries, and that reason is OIL, they are rich in oil and have the upper hand in what goes where and who does what, and the Saudi’s know it all too well — and use that tool as a lever to make the dog lie still and keep the bark in check.

 ‘Pakistan, not quite out of the Barbaric Ages ‘

PAKISTAN POLICE ACCUSED OF SYSTEMATIC TORTURE  — 9364 CASES OVER A NINE YEAR PERIOD according to data provided by Amnesty International.  This damning case highlights huge wrong-doing by the country’s police force. Much of this was suppressed and hidden by the Interior Minister who was not available for comment.  Mainly relating to the Punjab, figures were revealed regarding 2007 in which there were 1,723 cases of torture and beatings by the police.  1289 male persons of adult age were subject to violence by cops, 193 females were assaulted etc, 98 girls were abused, and 143 boys beaten and abused figures confirm.

PAKISTAN AND THE EXECUTIONS BY HANGING — Asia and its fondness for flogging and death sentences, a report says they have carried out their first death sentence in four years, they hanged Mohammed Hussain, a soldier who was convicted of murder in 2009 of a colleague.  He was executed in the Mianwall City prison, the last hanging was in 2008…..the Human Rights Commission have criticized the authorities of maintaining the outdated policy…..which is out of step with the modern world.

PAKISTAN NAMED AS ONE OF THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRIES — A report says Pakistan suffer serious corruption throughout the country and in government, yet they received £1.4billion in aid from the UK in 4yrs.

PAKISTAN PRESIDENT IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION — Even if he has committed a crime, and recent news that the Swiss Authorities have refused to re-open a bribery case involving the President in the 1990’s tells us that you can escape justice if you rule over others, and that the law does not apply equally for all.  It appears that there is a rule that a President as Head of State has and enjoys immunity.  Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari was accused of ‘graft’ before he became President.  The case was one involving bribery, multi-million allegations against Mr Zardari who was accused of laundering US$12 MILLION DOLLARS in alleged ‘kickbacks’……the case is now dead in the water……and justice will not be done.

PAKISTAN WANTS CIA TO STAND TRIAL FOR MURDER —  Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf political party claims it has a Islamabad station chief who is a CIA spy…. and they want him and the head of the CIA to stand trial for the recent drone missile attacks….Shireen Mazari the party secretary says the station chief did not enjoy diplomatic immunity.

PAKISTAN DENIES LEGAL HELP FOR BRIT FACING EXECUTION — Pakistan moved back in the past again to show just how out of touch they are underneath the surface….a surface of call centres for the West and Europe.  A severely mentally handicapped man has been denied basic legal help to organise an appeal against him being hanged….lawyers for 69 year old were barred from the court…..the man’s crime is blasphemy according to their laws.  The sentence and behaviour of the court has brought outrage from the West.

PAKISTAN POLITICIAN ARRESTED IN UK —  British Police arrested London based powerful politician in connection with a money-laundering case.  Altaf Hussain Head of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement in Pakistan was arrested by The Met police.  Karachi Security Forces have been placed on high alert since receiving the news of his arrest in London.

PAKISTAN LIFT SUSPENSION ON THE DEATH PENALTY — Returning to the past and adopting the principles of barbarism (like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and others), Pakistan’s government are to continue with the executions.  The Minister for the Interior said the penalty applies to all the prisoners on death row, and those that have had their appeals thrown out will be executed soon irrespective of the nature of the crime.

PAKISTAN TO HANG TEENAGER — CLAIMS OF TORTURE GO UNHEEDED — As Shafqat Hussain claimed he was tortured into a confession that will now see him hanged, which has already been done by the time this is up on the list of barbaric incidents.  He was arrested when just 14yrs old, and tortured for nine days by the Pakistan Police….he was accused of kidnap and murder in 2004 and convicted in 2007….there was no other evidence than the suspicious confession, but the High Court now back to its hanging game, dismissed his appeal and ordered that he would be hanged.

PAKISTAN HANG 15 CONVICTS —  A report says that 15 convicts were hanged on one day in the province since the country’s moratorium on capital punishment was lifted.  Prime minister Nawaz Sharif ended the stays that were only a delay in the light that the moratorium was unofficial anyway.

 ‘The Big Corruption Problem in Indonesia ‘ (One of the most corrupt countries in the World)

INDONESIA AND ITS POLICE CORRUPTION REVEALED BY AMNESTY — Amnesty have released a scathing report exposing the Indonesia Police.  It accuses them of brutality going unchecked as they seem to behave without any accountability. It says they continue to exploit and enjoy this favour because the government lack the will or interest to look into it. They went onto say that the police were shooting, beating and killing civilians without fear of prosecution.

On top of this comes the whiff of a cover-up being set in motion as police are searching for the creator and distributor of an Internet online sex tape featuring a female Legislator? (Jakarta)

Lawmaker Angelina Sondakh has been said to be the latest law maker detained on suspicion of corruption in South Jakarta. The KPK said they had evidence linking her to a second ‘graft’ case. — The arrested lawmaker Angelina Sondakh who is under suspicion of grafting, has been offered a ‘leniency deal’ by the government if she helps track down others implicated in her case!!

The Indonesian Public were outraged by police as it tries to push for a new electronic data card system which will cost 4.7 million dollars, which would overlap an existing Identity Card System already being used.

Information denied! After a Freedom of Information Law was passed in Indonesia, the legislators and public officials are ignoring what is required of them and still only allowing very limited access to documents despite the law say civil rights groups in Jakarta.

INDONESIAN POLICE SHOOT MAN AND THEN LIE ABOUT IT — Jayapura Police shot a 20 year old man begging for change. When witnesses reported the incident which happened at 8-15 am the police issued a denial that no such thing had taken place?  However it later emerged in a police statement that a report had been entered of a man being shot saying he was ‘accidentally shot’  Eyewitnesses said that the 20 year old, Seus Tabuni was rather drunk and in the vicinity of the University of Yapis. They said the young man shouted at the police and they opened fire, wounding him in the leg. It was said that Seus tried to run but was shot in the head twice — the bullet of one shot came out of his mouth. It wasn’t clear whether he died from this, though extremely likely, he had no gun or weapon — the two police officers have not been charged? if they are it should be murder in the light of wounding him first, then pursuing him afterwards — a premeditated decision to inflict fatal wounds.

MALIGNANCY OF INDONESIA ‘JUDICIAL MAFIA’  — Tax Evasion laid bare was certainly one fact as Indonesian Tax  Officer Gayus Tambunan was jailed for 7 years for corruption.  However, this case  stirred up the public annoyance as he openly accused the government in court of massive corruption in the tax administration. The Country’s Attorney General’s Office said the case has been severely compromised by Judicial Corruption.  Tambunan is said to have caused the state to lose Rp570.9 million. He was arrested and brought back from Singapore to face charges. The case blew wide open and Jakarta Lawyer Advocate Haposan Hutagalung was charged with bribery and forging court documents. Conspirators – Two National Police Generals, Raja Erizman and Edmon IIyas, senior Attorney Generals Office officials and executives who bribed him… remain untouched?

CORRUPTION IN INDONESIA FORESTRY SECTOR — Calls for The Corruption Eradication Commission to hurry have been made known as numerous public officials and around twenty companies are still yet to be investigated.  

AN INDONESIAN ARMY CAPTAIN IS CAUGHT ON CAMERA ASSAULTING MAN — You Tube showed a video of a ranking serviceman attacking a motorcyclist in a West Jakarta Street.  It has been reported that the police have taken the Army Captain in for questioning.

INDONESIA MINISTER ACCUSED OF TAKING BRIBES — Youth and Sports Minister Andi Alfian Mallarangeng has denied allegations made by a convict who says he gave the minister $2milion dollars in relation to a construction of a stadium.  This story wouldn’t have much credence if it were not for the fact that the convict referred to is interestingly? — The former Treasurer of The Democratic Party Muhammad Nazaruddin!!

INDONESIA PRODUCER AND MARKET FOR DRUGS — Despite the harsh penalties like whipping and the Death Penalty, in 2011 there were 30,000 cases in the court involving drug offences. Even in 2010 there was 26,000 cases before the courts to do with drugs, which indicates it went up by 4,000 from the previous year, hence drug offences are rising every year. Why this is so, is because Indonesia are in the drug business, creating and selling drugs in a thriving Asian market that is often denied by the government. (In one mass raid by police there were 547 drug suspects arrested — 2 importers — 136 traffickers — and 407 distributers — 2 insiders at the jail)

INDONESIA ‘CONFLICT OF CONTRADICTIONS’ AND TWISTING JUDICIARY — Featured here is the ‘One Law for the Poor — One Law for the Rich’ — Two foreigners are to be executed by firing squad in July 2012, for drug offences. The two men were convicted of smuggling heroin in 2001 and having exhausted their appeals whilst being incarcerated in a Penitentiary, the state have decided to execute them in a few weeks time.  The Authorities have made a statement saying they have informed the men’s Embassies, the Penitentiary, The Justice Ministry and Human Rights Ministry. They also say ‘The Police will act as the men’s Executioners and carry out the death penalty (something as we have already seen is their speciality in Indonesia)……yet we also have a report saying that LAW ENFORCERS ARE COMMITTING INAPPROPRIATE ACTIONS as police and soldiers have been told to abide by the law?  Many groups are pointing out that the rich on drug charges are not being sentenced to death…the bloggers cite the recent case of Deputy District Chief Syukur Bijack who was arrested for taking and possessing Crystal Methamphetamine at his villa party with six friends, they are anxious to see if the authorities are prepared to do justice and put the prominent government figure to death or even jail him?  at the same time we have An Indonesian Armed Forces Commander denying that drug smuggling and affiliation to drugs is not widespread in the Army as an un-named SERGEANT MAJOR IN THE ARMY attached to The force’s Intelligence Unit has been arrested over 1.4 million Ecstasy tablets from China were seized in a police raid.

THE 1995 LIE — Indonesia 1995, Jakarta, The Campaign for Democracy and Freedom of Speech in Indonesia led by founder of TEMPO (banned), and the Alliance of Independent Journalists — Taufik, spoke out about Indonesian troops who brutally attacked demonstrators — which according to the authorities who dismissed the incident as ‘squaddie indiscipline’ — he visited Britain and spoke to Carol Robson of The Foreign Office about how she had really supported the lie of improving human rights in Indonesia by citing in a statement that lighter punishments had been meted out to journalists who had protested in the streets of Jakarta. He told her that this was incorrect as he could give testimony to the fact they were beaten senseless by the police. The worst part of this was, that when he returned to Indonesia he was seized and arrested, and was quickly found guilty in court of ‘ insulting the government’ and jailed for two years and eight months?

THE GRASBERG MINES COVER-UP AND THE INDONESIAN MASSACRE OF 1965-1966 — History will always come back to haunt a country, because the past reflects on its present and future….such is the Unrest over the Grasberg Mines, which sparked off claims of brutality and global injustice that is being downplayed by the authorities.  Details emerged of a massive strike at the mines and workers being mysteriously gunned down and killed — thought to be connected with a struggle for control by the police and military who are keen to financially benefit from the mineral assets.   The Indonesian 1966 Massacre is still haunting the government as claims of four decades of injustice have been allowed to pass by without restitution — hundreds of thousands of people were imprisoned and tortured.   We now go onto the ‘Flip Flop Case’ CHILDREN JAILED BY POLICE –The arrest and trial of a 15 year old boy over a pair of old sandals taken from a garbage bin led to the youth being badly beaten with a stick by three police officers….when his father went to complain the police said the boy would face five years in jail over the 3 dollar sandals?  A second boy 14 years old was in a Jakarta Prison for three weeks before coming up before a court charged with allegedly stealing a one dollar, fifteen cents cell phone voucher? Luckily the judge didn’t like the case and he was set free.  The Flip Flop Case has yet to be decided upon!

THE ATROCITIES IN INDONESIA COVERED UP BY BRITISH OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT — Foreign Secretary Robin Cook (1980’s) arrived in Indonesia to get a deal on Human Rights, fully knowing he was dealing with a vile and vicious dictatorship. He offered to provide senior British police officers to lecture on non-violent crowd control. Unbelievably, this visit was badly timed, as his Indonesian hosts were already engaged in a crackdown on dissenters ‘Operation Finish them Off’ in East Timor — using British type arms that Cook refused to put an embargo on.  Robin Cook concealed the re-supply of rapid firing machine guns, ammunition and nuclear equipment by conveniently using The Official Secrets Act to gag this from being known at the time, which rather pleased Indonesia.

THE INDONESIA MASSACRE AT SANTA CRUZ — Indonesian Troops killed 400 peaceful protestors and murdered demonstrators in Dili on the 12th of November 1991.  Witnesses said the soldiers deliberately killed survivors of the shootings including the wounded (in the time of the Suharto Regime).  The UK Government acted coy along with its cohorts The Australian Government, describing what had happened as an ‘incident’  The British and other Western Governments entered into a sort of conspiracy to deflect the truth and participated in propaganda claiming that the Indonesian Rule in East Timor was no longer ‘harsh, brutal or oppressive’ —  However, Bishop Carlos Belo in East Timor discounted this and said ‘this isn’t true, there are even more restrictions than ever before.  No-one dare speak out and neither can they demonstrate, people disappear if they do, it never stops!’

INDONESIA TAX OFFICIAL IN BRIBERY SCANDAL — Tax Official  A Sidaorjo has been allegedly caught accepting a bribe of Rp 280 million (30,000 dollars) in the latest case of ‘graft’

TOP OF THE CORRUPTION LIST = INDONESIA’s HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES according survey by The So-egeng Sarjadi Syndicate.  They claimed this was the second time the House of Representatives topped Corrupt Institutions List. 2011 and 2012.

POLICE SHOOTING IN INDONESIA OF ACTIVIST CAUSES RIOT — Police deliberately and without provocation shot down and killed an Independent Human Rights Activist on the Papua Island. It was said by police he was resisting arrest — they later claimed he was armed.  An un-named eye-witness at the scene said there was no weapon to be seen.  It is generally claimed that Police Corruption and The Authorities are working together to keep foreign eyes and Press at bay.

INDONESIA JAIL MAN FOR FACEBOOK CONTENTS  — Yet again we see another Asian case of Injustice in its bid to curb the freedom of expression and comments it does not like — and it uses the Law to persecute those who challenge it.  Alexander Aan was jailed for 30 months for showing an article ‘ God doesn’t exist’ on his Facebook page. The Authorities found him guilty under ‘The Electronic Information and Transactions Law’ — Judge Eka Prasetya Dharma presided over the case in court.

INDONESIA POLICE COMMANDER DOES NOT DENY OFFICERS COMMIT MISCONDUCT — Pushed by a recent post on Twitter, the South Jakarta Senior Commander of Police Rikwanto, said there were some police officers who commit violations — in 2011 there were 79 police officers dismissed for misconduct. This revelation was made in the light of an incident posted on Twitter revealing police conduct in a drug raid at Kemang — the driver of a car was stopped and pills were found. The officers were said to have acted in ‘an intimidating manner’ — the pills were examined and found to be a legal purchase and prescription.

INDONESIA IN TURMOIL AS PROTESTS BREAK OUT — Protestors hurled stones it was reported, mentioning fifty or so involved in which two men were arrested — the reason being over a ‘folk song’  …..another protest that escalated into a riot that involved the random burning of motorcycles involved over 1,000 students at Banda Aceh which lasted three hours…it was stated that police fired shots, and this was over a ‘football match’

INDONESIA in riddle concerning author of a ‘conspiracy book’ disappears…..Ali Azhar Akbar author of the controversial ‘ Lampur Lapindo File’ — Konspirasi SBY-Bakrie, which is to do with the Lapindo Mudflow Disaster, was supposed to have turned up at a book session. The book mentioned the conspiracy between President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the Golkar Party  Chairman, Aburizal Bakrie and the link with oil and gas Company Lapindo Brantas.  Ali was fighting to stop the government from using state money to pay for mistakes made by Lapindo.

INDONESIA RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS MINISTER SUSPECTED OF CORRUPTION — Indonesia’s Golkar Party Lawmaker Zulkamaen Djabar has been accused of taking bribes to approve a Koran Procurement Project — it was said he had been paid an undisclosed amount to approve the spending of Rp 35 billion (3.71 million dollars) on the project, however, amid denials, a travel ban was placed on him and the Deputy Chairman of the KPK said an investigation would begin on July the 21, 2012.

THE BRUTAL SUPPRESSION OF 1962 and the scandal the authorities would rather forget — when Yangon University Students (300) were subjected to a ‘bloody’ blitz by army troops. 20 students have been detained at Yangoon on the 50th anniversary of that awful incident…and they were calling for the release of the dissidents who were jailed without trial. (The Myanmar Activists)

INDONESIA’S FLOOD OF CORRUPTION CASES — The Corruption Eradication Commission Spokesman Johan Budi of the KPK said that ‘Indonesia’s most successful generation — has been the ‘corrupter generation’ and the endemic problem of corruption is being employed and steered by young men mostly in their 30’s — which is not healthy for the welfare of the nation.

INDONESIA TAX OFFICER CAUGHT TAKING BRIBES — Yet another tax man in corruption case — Bogor Tax Office Chief Anggrah Suryo was caught in the act of receiving Rp 300 million (31.800 dollars) from the executive of the firm Gunung Emas Abadi — The KPK handed over the bribery case to the Attorney General’s Office. It was said that the tax man waved large parts of the tax owed for a generous payment.

INDONESIA PROSECUTORS WANT 12 YEAR SENTENCE FOR TAXMAN — The Authorities are calling for a twelve year prison sentence for taxman Dhan Wydyatmika who was found guilty of corruption after taking bribes.  They also want a large fine imposed, so that if he fails to pay it, they can add a further six months in jail!

INDONESIA CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM ‘SERIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS’  — 1965 was the year Indonesia committed unforgivable human rights atrocities, One Major General Suharto was responsible for this and up to half a million people died — he hardly took any notice as he seized power and became the President for thirty years.  And even then, there was no atonement for these outrageous acts of violence perpetrated by his military forces — Slavery, extermination, forced eviction, deprivation of freedom, torture, rape, abuse and physical punishment of an extreme nature that resembled ‘sadism’ followed! — all of these things would get an ordinary citizen hanged or jailed for life — but no-one was ever prosecuted.  Komnas HAM — The Rights Commissioners led by Nurkhalis say they’ve analysed and took masses of evidence during investigations, and can now take action against some of those who committed the atrocities  — they did not hesitate in naming The Command for the Restoration of Security and Public Order (Kopkamtib) the pervasive security network set up by President Suharto.  They have 349 surviving witnesses — the case has been put before the Attorney General in the hope that he will bring a rightful honest closure and investigate and prosecute those who were responsible wherever and whatever position and power they now hold without delay?

LAW IN INDONESIA CRIPPLED BY CORRUPTION — The recent case of the jailing of ‘pop’ star Nazriel ‘Ariel’ Irham for producing a pornographic video highlighted the inconsistent way the law is being used and applied  to some things and not others — completely without explanation.  He was convicted under the 2008 Electronic Information and Translation Law for distribution of the said video, despite prosecutors failing to prove it was he that had released it to the Internet.  The video was discovered to have been stolen by an employee and posted onto the Internet by his cousin.  The employee was jailed for two years, but his cousin who’d put it up on the Web was not charged?  Another strange fact was the video was made in 2006, some two years before this law came into use…and it was revealed that the authorities tried in the void to fit a law to suit before turning to the 2008 law.  Yet, some politically influential people who have been caught in connection with indecent photos and porn have not been charged at all — Legislator Max Moein engaged in nakedness with his secretary in pictures shown on the Internet but was not charged — Law maker Yahya Zaini was not charged when he was featured on a Internet sex video with Maria Eva in 2006 — Rich Politician Arifinto was caught watching a porn video but again was never charged — three cases no-one jailed?  one law for the poor and another for the rich, that is what we have here…..and it looks as normal as day turns into night.

120 INDONESIAN COPS FACE INVESTIGATION OVER BOY’S DEATH — Nothing to fear about as the police are only too aware, investigations into the police are often pulled or set aside to be ‘white-washed’ by the Attorney General ‘Lawmaker’ — A 13 year old boy protestor was shot dead by police in Cinta Manis, which has triggered an inquiry.  120 police officers from the local patrol are to be questioned? or given commendations more likely. The boy has not been named and it appears the authorities are in ‘cover-up’ mode — and the suggestion that the inquiry will reveal the police involved is already flawed by measures to get the bullet casings which will not determine much at all…and officials know that.  The officer or officers who shot the boy have not come forward and in this country like many others — it’s a case of ‘come and get me if you can prove it’….this country have an appalling record of cops killing citizens…Amnesty have shouted this for years…..they also have some of the worst prison conditions known – 20 men to a cell, disease and violence…some prisoners are actually murdered and it is covered up by the authorities….no prisoner is charged…as some are there for life anyway, so who cares about the odd killing of a prisoner…clearly not the Government or people of’s a way of life or death!

INDONESIA ANTI-TERROR COPS ACCUSED OF SHOOT TO KILL POLICY — The US funded police squad of Indonesia killed seven suspected militants, a report says.  This has renewed allegations against the police that the state force is operating a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy.  It was said ‘no shots were fired at the officers’ during three related raids in Eastern Indonesia.  A Rights group spokesman said ‘ this killing of seven people appears to be ‘extra-judicial executions’ and should be investigated by an outside commission.

INDONESIA AND THE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION — ‘Australian wrongly convicted by corrupt police chief ‘  An innocent man was jailed in 1985 and went to prison until 1996 because of Indonesia’s corrupt judicial system and Government.  Australian Christopher Parnell was a tourist on holiday in Bali with his wife and 32 years of age when police swooped into their holiday lodgings using force and guns — The Police Fit-Up had started, and police fit-ups are common in Indonesia…’s almost part of the law…and considered by the judiciary as fair game.  They actually charged him and suggested a bribe (the handing over of his watch, money and travellers cheques which he refused) if he had bowed to the corruption of the police chief it was said the charge might be ‘smaller’ — the situation got worse and they claimed his fingerprints were on the packets of drugs which they said he’d smuggled into Indonesia.  A test of the fingerprints finally proved they were not his, but to ‘save face’ the police charged him on the drug charges despite knowing they had the wrong man — which points to a deep evil in Indonesia’s society and Government Judicial system, which is highly corrupt.  In 1987 he was given a life sentence that meant life.  He tried to escape but was brutally beaten by guards and a murder attempt followed that almost took his life. After a massive attempt by his family to get him released, he left the prison in 1996 after spending 11 years in a cell for something he had not done.  No compensation, restitution or apology was made by the Government of Indonesia…they more or less treat foreigners and tourists with contempt…they certainly have no regard to human rights….the cop never stood trial, and the guards were never charged.

…Indonesia is no place to visit or give aid to….it is a hell spot on Earth, and should be drowned in the ocean to be rid of the vermin.

INDONESIA — POLICE WANT TO INVESTIGATE OWN BAD COPS IN CORRUPTION CASES — The KPK Conflict  — The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Chairman, Abraham Samad has made a stand against the police over the ‘Controversial Driving Simulator Graft Case’ involving bribery — Police General Djoko Susilo has been named as a prime suspect and major player.  The Justice Minister says the police have the right to handle the case when he replied to KPK’s demands to have the matter investigated by them in an independent inquiry. The KPK said this was not a wise move or morally right for the citizens of the country. Samad said the police would naturally be loathe to investigate their own generals, and an investigation by them would always be suspicious.

INDONESIA POLICE IN KEDIRI ARE TO BE INVESTIGATED — Eight police officers in East Java have been brought in for investigation over the beating of an innocent man who was set upon by the police officers — the officers are claiming it was a case of mistaken identity — but that doesn’t excuse the vicious beating the victim received said a spokesman for an activist group.

INDONESIA POLICE FORCE CURFEW OVER SHOT COP — It is said that the police forced an immediate curfew after a police officer was shot in Paniai — reports say it has resulted in an abuse of power and there are reports of civilians who have had their homes raided and fifteen people being tortured.

CORRUPTION IN INDONESIA WILL NOT BE ERADICATED — It will in fact survive well due to the inefficiency of law and government because of its weakness in dealing with it.  Franz Winata from the National Commission on Law says corruption refuses to go away.  The State budget has had a huge increase in the area of law, yet an inability to clean up bureaucracy — people in the act of taking and giving bribes are not at all worried in being found out or prosecuted because the penalties are weak — no one goes to jail for long! some not at all?

CORRUPTION UNCOVERED IN INDONESIA’S UNIVERSITIES — In 2011 it was discovered that 16 state universities were found to have a high number of ‘graft’ cases involved in their financial structures, which is sad to cause great losses in the trillions of dollars to the state. This stark notice was issued by The Supreme Audit Agency — BPK — The University Gajah was singled out the worst culprit with $34 million dollars mentioned!

CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS UPSET INDONESIAN POLICE — Tension between the National Police and The Corruption Eradication Commission got worse as the Commission began investigating corruption allegations within the police ranks.  It was stated that the last time the (KPK) Corruption Eradication Committee investigated allegations of corruption against the National Police they responded by criminal methods aimed at discrediting members of the commission and fabricating ‘bogus’ bribery allegations against two deputies of the commission, and actually arrested the Chairman on murder charges — all designed to thwart the commission and destroy it!

INDONESIA POLICE CORRUPTION – The KPK, The Corruption Eradication Commission, claimed a victory as former Traffic Police Chief Inspector General Djoko Susilo is now in detention, which could mark the beginning of a ‘clean up’ of the State police.

INDONESIA – COURT WITNESS SAYS CORRUPTION IS RAMPANT IN GOVERNMENT – Accused turned informer and witness, Angelina Sondakh told the court that several members of The House of Representatives were involved in corruption; namely graft crimes.  This statement accusing factions of Government were made at the Jakarta Anti-Corruption Court hearing on Thursday the 4th of October 2012.  Sondakh was a Law Maker!

INDONESIA JUDGES OFTEN USE DRUGS — Fallen Judge Puji Wijayanto in Bekasi made a statement that he and many other judges used ecstacy and other substances at so named ‘drug parties’ held by the influential and rich.  He narrowed his claim down by saying it related to colleagues in Jakarta — judges who worked at the Central Jarkarta District Court and The Supreme Court, but he would not name them?

P.S. Strangely, as netizens have commented on blogs, that these are the judges that hand out death and whipping sentences to mere mortals who are caught and tried by them!

1000 OUT OF 7000 COPS ARE TESTED POSITIVE FOR DRUGS! — INDONESIA:  A routine testing of police in Aceh found that out of 7,000 police officers tested for drugs, 1,000 proved positive, but nothing came of it?

CHAOTIC INDONESIA — Despite The National Police boycott of the Corruption Investigators and their order to forbid officers to help The Corruption Eradication Committee, five police officers only, have stayed and ignored the recall saying ‘they want to fight corruption’.  This was because the police were being investigated!

INDONESIA – DRUG CASES AT CONSISTENT HIGH — Authorities have admitted that drug cases have not decreased in 2012.  In 2011 there were 26,500 cases and 33,000 people were charged in connection with drugs.

INDONESIA — DRUG USE GROWING (23/2/2013) — ‘Emergency Proportions’ says the National Narcotics Agency Head of Affairs, Anang Iskandar — ‘It is now an emergency situation, drug abuse is enormous, and it is not sufficiently tackled ‘ They report that it will hit the number of 4-6 million users, most under 30yrs, will be taking drugs by the end of 2013.  ‘We used to be a drug transit country for ATS, but now we are becoming a producing company considering the growing number of factories and labs detected in the past five years’ says Inspector General Benny Mamoto — BNN’s Dep Chief for Drug Eradication.  About 60 percent of drugs are produced locally and the rest are imported.  Bloggers on Indonesian Forums say this has been going on for years.

INDONESIA HAND OUT DEATH SENTENCE TO UK NATIONAL — A Bali Court handed out the death sentence to a British woman who admitted her part in drug smuggling…the shocked court gasped, and her lawyer said he was expecting a jail sentence says he will appeal against the harsh sentence — The Indonesian authorities say they must send out a strong message to restore their good reputation Internationally?  which is indeed a joke….as you can see in the many other articles and what they reflect of this country… can’t have a good reputation while it indulges in regular corruption……and that applies to their police and judiciary…..this sentence is an obvious attempt to deflect World attention away from corruption in their government.  Other details are that Lindsay Sandiford was interrogated by police without a translator, and was not allowed legal representation or the assistance of the British Embassy for 10 days?

INDONESIA’S SOLDIERS ATTACK JOURNALISTS — In an attempt to cover-up a crashed Jet of the Indonesian Air Force, soldiers of the government  made violent attempts to stop journalists from taking photos and recording the incident.  One journalist was choked and two had their camera’s confiscated at the scene of the incident in Pekanbaru.  It seems openness is sacrificed for secrecy… it always will be by governments who promote suppression and lie about liberty and justice for all!

INDONESIA AIMS TO PASS BILL LIMITING FREEDOM — Yet again this country preaches one thing on the International stage and does the opposite.  The Defence Ministry is pushing through a bill that will return the country to suppression and loss of freedoms, such as speech…as it was in the time of leader Suharto…who led a regime to subvert democracy and told the people it was in the name of security.

INDONESIA ENTERS THE WAR GAME? — A Defence Industry Law was passed by its House of Representatives to develop modern warfare technology after 20 years of dormant non-interest.  Thus indicating the new readiness to go to war….especially considering the China tensions in the Asian Region as things move closer to conflict.

INDONESIA DENIES MASSACRE VICTIMS TRUTH OR COMPENSATION — Victims of the violence and struggle for freedom spanning 40 years in Indonesia have been denied justice of any kind.  The Government have refused to give any true accounts of the suffering of its people in the Communist Coup Massacre, and no compensation has been offered to any of the survivors.

INDONESIA TROUBLED WITH PAEDOPHILES — Says Lawmaker Martin Hutabarat, who is pushing for tougher penalties on offences against children after there was another rape involving an underage girl.  He wants revisions to Indonesia’s Criminal Codes.   And Prosecutors want Anti-Corruption Judges to sentence businesswoman Sri Hartati Murdaya Poo to five years in prison for bribery. (14/1/2013)

INDONESIAN CLERICS WANT RAPE COPS TO BE CANED — Calls for three police officers to be caned by the Islamic Clerics under Shariah Law are being thrown aside by the State Police — Simieulue Police Chief Adj, Senior Commander Parluatan Siregar has refused to apply Shariah Law and has changed the charges to drug consumption, indecent behaviour and violating the code of conduct.  He said ‘ under Islamic Law called for, they’d likely get six strokes of the cane each – that wouldn’t deter them’  The three police officers are in custody.

INDONESIAN COPS IN DEATH SHOOTING GET OFF WITH WRITTEN WARNING! — Six Police Officers who were the main suspects in a shooting at a sugar plantation which left a teenager dead and three others injured, walked free with just a written caution.  The Officers were publicly identified as Adj. Senior Commander Deni Darmapala, Commander Awang Hariono, Commander Ridvan Simandjuntak, Commander Barliansyah, Commander Yuskar Effendi and Adj. Commander Agus Selamat. (the boy was actually described as being 12 years old).

AN INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT WATCHDOG FINDS 1,107 COMPLAINTS AGAINST JUDICIARY — The body that looks at public performance in the legal system says it has been monitoring its prosecutors during 2012 and found that they received around 1,107 complaints from the public that included extortion and collusion with law enforcement officers (police).

INDONESIA GOVERNOR IN BRIBERY CASE — Corruption busters, the KPK, the corruption eradication committee has named Riau Governor Rusli Zainal as a suspect in a bribery case relating to the running of  the National Games in Pekanbaru.

CALLS FOR INDONESIA JUDGE TO GO BEFORE COURT — Judge Daming Sanusi is said to have made a ‘rape joke’ which was dismissed by the Supreme Court as not particularly worrying — but the Judicial Commission have not agreed and are seeking to have him brought before an Ethics Tribunal.

INDONESIA — 12 COMPANIES IN BEEF IMPORT SCAM:  Dradjad — A rival Politician caught up in a bribery investigation has said that twelve beef import companies entered into a conspiracy to evade tax payments to the authorities, and used the money to bribe Law Makers along with Customs and Excise Officials. (10/2/2013)

INDONESIA POLICE IN TORTURE VIDEO — Torture claims mounted up against dozens of ‘Anti-Terrorist Police’ as a YouTube video showed cops abusing victims.  The 14 minute video shows police officers forcing a man to strip to his underwear (to belittle and degrade him) before they shoot him.  It goes on to capturing other officers trampling on shirtless suspects, and officers shooting into the ground to cause alarm and fear into the un-armed citizens — and chanting verbal insults at them.  The video has been acknowledged to be a case of law enforcement in 2007.  The source of the video is unknown, and the report says the police are rounding up the officers from that incident, and will investigate the abuses seen.

INDONESIAN SOLDIERS TORCH POLICE STATION –In the aftermath of the shooting of a soldier (First private Her) by Police — seventy soldiers of the Field Artillery Battalion went to the police station in Ogan Komering Ulu to demand that officers investigate the fatal shooting of a soldier by police — this ended up in soldiers torching the station and allowing 16 prisoners to escape — but this is not the first incident of soldiers fighting the police, previous reports mention the incident of the TNI’s Air Battalion clashed with the Lang Kat District Police, which resulted in 7 deaths…….these are being called the ‘latest’ incidents between the Police and Military!

THE SMELL OF CORRUPTION IN INDONESIA’S COURT SYSTEM — A Watchdog in Indonesia are becoming increasingly alarmed at the lighter sentences and high acquittal rate handed down to prominent figures, some in government, in graft cases (Bribery) in the Anti-Corruption Courts outside Jakarta.  One observor said ‘this does not look good and gives one the distinct impression that the government justice system is looking after its own, and heaping savagery and harsh punishments on the most poor in society.’

INDONESIAN VILLAGERS ACCUSE POLICE OF BRUTALITY — Families of several shot citizens who were injured in a clash at a Police Station in the Padang Lawas District, have vowed to report this to the authorities in Jakarta saying the police used excessive force without good reason.

INDONESIA’S ANTI-TERRORIST COPS ACCUSED OF TORTURE –  The Elite Anti-Terrorist Police Group are facing allegations of torture and unlawful killings — some observers say that they are deliberately fuelling Jihad for reasons of keeping power and fabricating the need of their presence in situations which prove questionable?

INDONESIA’S POLICE KEEP QUIET OVER $10 MILLION — A Watchdog looking into the accounts of the police were amazed to find that they failed to declare a sum of Rp 98.7 billion (ten million dollars) in revenue meant to go to the Finance Ministry…..they opted to keep this a secret and spent it on household expenses etc, for top police officers. (March 2013)

INDONESIA COP DETAINED OVER SUSPICIOUS BANK ACCOUNT — A low-ranking Police Officer was detained for investigation when it was discovered that he had a massive bank account containing Rp 1.5 trillion in financial transactions.  It is reported that the Papua Police are investigating this?

INDONESIA COPS STOP CANING OF CONVICTED POLICE OFFICER —  Despite being convicted of gambling by a court under Sharia Law, punishable by a caning, fellow officers prevented the caning from being administered.  Observers said this shows that there is a ‘double-standard’ in operation when enforcing the law.  It seems okay to cane a nobody, but if you’re in the law or government you don’t get caned despite committing the crime!

INDONESIA – THREE MARINES JAILED FOR ASSAULT ON JOURNALISTS — Two Sergeants and a Private were jailed by a Military Court for interfering with the Freedom of the Press at an incident in Padang, West Sumatra in 2012.  As to why they were ‘obstructing’ journalists who were at the time covering a story on the demolition of several buildings used for prostitution, remains a mystery?  None of those jailed were prepared to reveal the ‘agenda’ or who might have given them orders…or who wanted the journalists silenced!   (This is the second such item involving troops and attacks on journalists)

INDONESIA – GROUP OF SOLDIERS FACE COURT FOR DETAINEES EXECUTIONS — A group of serving soldiers engaged in the summary execution of four detainees in Police Custody.  Doubts now arise as the Military Chief of Staff ‘promises’ full transparency in the trial of these soldiers.  Due to a long record of lies and mistrust, the public do not readily believe that the Army will co-operate fully or tell the truth.

INDONESIA TAX OFFICER CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION — The KPK arrested Government Tax Officer Pargono Riyadi for bribery.  The report says that he was caught accepting a bribe and later said he had extorted a bribe from a former Racing Car Driver.

INDONESIA — VICE PRESIDENT SUSPECTED IN BANK INQUIRY — The House of Representatives are to have Vice President Boediono appear before them to answer questions in regard to the Bank Century Bailout when he was The Bank of Indonesia Governor, and his role in issuing power of attorney concerning 690million dollars – Rp6.7 trillion.

-Continued: THE BANK BAILOUT INQUIRY — Nets Managing Director at the World Bank — Anti-Corruption and Bribery Investigators are to question Sri Mulyani Indrawati, who at the time of the bailout was in the position of The Indonesian Finance Minister in 2008.

INDONESIA — CORRUPTION SUSPECTED IN EDUCATION AND EXAMS — An Inspectorate for the Government is investigating a Watchdog’s allegations of corruption during the process of The National Exam Printing.  National Exams were halted in 11 provinces.  FITRA said there were irregularities which should be investigated (they are a body that look at Monetary Budgets and the transparency of accounting).

INDONESIA — AND MORE CORRUPTION:  Raids were made at the Trading Company Gerindo Perkasa in Bogor, West Java.  A Director and the staff were arrested for bribery over land concessions — all seven were grabbed by the KPK Corruption Eradication Commission.

INDONESIA LAWMAKER IN COURT FOR CORRUPTION — Prosecutors are demanding jail time for suspended Law Official Zulkarnaen Djabar……they say that he should be sent to prison for 12 years.

INDONESIA’S JUSTICE PARTY UNDER BRIBERY ALLEGATIONS — The KPK Anti-Corruption Committee have questioned the Chief Patron of the PKS – Prosperous Justice Party, Hilmi Aminuddin in an ongoing investigation into bribery and corruption, and money-laundering in which several members have already been implicated.  The PKS is the biggest Islamic Party in Indonesia.

NO TRUST IN INDONESIA’S MILITARY COURTS — They lack neutrality, accountability and transparency says a Human Rights Watchdog Group who have witnessed ‘dodgy’ decisions being made in court when soldiers committing atrocities, abuse and assaults on citizens are just ‘ticked off’ no matter how serious the charges are.  Human Rights Watch Phelm Kline Deputy Asian Director said ‘for a better relationship with citizens the soldiers should be tried in a civil court — for too long Indonesia’s Military Courts have helped foster a culture of impunity by letting abusive soldiers off with just talk or no punishment at all.  In the recent case of four detainees in a police station who were executed by soldiers, the Senior Military and Government Officials publicly defended the ‘killer soldiers’ and actively played down the crime.

THE INDONESIA KPK TO INVESTIGATE ‘The Beef Corruption Scandal’ — The Corruption Eradication Commission is to begin inquiries into where the Rp 10 million in transfers from Ahmad Fathanah went.  Evidence so far points to celebrities, students and 45 women…..the KPK says they will uncover where this cash went.

EVEN INDONESIA’S CORRUPT POLITICIANS HAVE PRIVILEGES IN PRISON — Democratic Party Treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin sentenced to 7 years jail for bid-rigging in 2011, maintains his hold onto political status and power within Cipinang Penitentiary.  It has been revealed that he has turned some of the building into his new office where he now holds meetings with party members.

HUMAN RIGHTS STILL A PROBLEM IN INDONESIA —  The US State Department in a press statement said that despite Indonesia’s small movement towards progress in 2012 regarding democracy, the Government stills errs on the suppression of citizens who speak out, yet lets off officials committing corruption disproportionally, and there are still many reports of torture claims in police detention…..of which there were 86 reports of abuse involving 243 victims, so far unresolved and in the main, ignored.

INDONESIA VILLAGERS BEAT ANIMAL TO DEATH — in ACEH, villagers beat a female Orang-utan to death says An animal Watchdog Group — The animal on the ‘Critically endangered Primate’ list was clubbed to death by a large group of villagers.  (July 2nd 2013).

INDONESIA IS LOSING THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION — A recent 2013 survey aimed at the subject of bribery and corruption, has indicated that Indonesia is not managing to eradicate this type of crime much as they’d hoped, in fact — quite the reverse.  71 per cent of the people believe that corruption is more common compared to 2011 when the KPK said they were out to eradicate it….recent figures show that it is still on the increase.  People have little trust in the police, judiciary, civil service or the legislature….it is almost absent!

INDONESIA — KPK DETAIN EMIR OVER BRIBE — The Corruption Investigation team arrested Law Maker and Legislator Emir Moeis over his involvement in a power plant corruption scandal.  He is said to have received a $300,000 bribe from a French contractor — he was taken into custody at Guntur Penitentiary in North Jakarta.

INDONESIAN LAWYER ARRESTED OVER BRIBING COURT OFFICIAL —   Well known Lawyer Hotma Sitompul was arrested for ‘bribing a Supreme court official’ on Thursday — the bribe of Rp 100 million ($9,700 dollars) was given during a high profile corruption case it is reported.

INDONESIA’S KPK GO AFTER CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS — News from Indonesia says that the Corruption Eradication Unit the KPK is targeting more government officials in order to return to the public purse a fortune in stolen money — by using money-laundering laws they are managing to target those who thought they might not get caught.  Prosecutors in corruption cases are looking into official’s personal wealth, bank accounts and wage income etc, often finding huge discrepancies far beyond their salaries.

COURT CHIEF JUSTICE IN CORRUPTION SCANDAL — INDONESIA’s Disgraced Law Officer, Court Chief Justice Akil Mochtar fell foul of the KPK Anti-Corruption Agency who seized luxury cars, narcotics and more when they raided the Judge’s home.  This latest move and revelation it says, has threatened to critically undermine Indonesia’s reputation for electoral integrity. (Oct 5th 2013)

In Addition — Government workers and civil servants in the Education sector are being asked to justify their apparent wealth — as reported from the Education Ministry who have begun a Corruption Probe.

INDONESIA- GOVERNOR OF BANTENG IS DETAINED — Ratu Atut Chosiyah was detained and charged with corruption…. he had deliberately evaded several calls for him to be questioned by the Anticorruption Squad, the KPK in connection with two high profile corruption cases.

INDONESIA’S POLICE INSPECTOR GENERAL Djoko Susilo convicted of corruption had his sentence ‘made heavier’ by the court who said he must serve 18 years in jail and refund the state of what he took illegally.

TWO INDONESIA JUDGES IN BRIBERY INVESTIGATION — Jakarta — The Corruption Eradication Squad KPK has named two Judges as suspects in a bribery and corruption case involving the former Mayor of Bandung, Dada Rosada.

INDONESIA – PARTY OFFICIAL CHARGED WITH MONEY-LAUNDERING — The Democratic Party Official Anas Urbaningrum was charged with money-laundering by the KPK anticorruption squad.  His arrest has now made it possible for a wider and more thorough investigation into other corruption allegations.

INDONESIA -POLITICIAN CHARGED WITH CORRUPTION — After getting him for money laundering Politician Anas Urbaningrom of the Democratic Party was charged with corruption and money-laundering in connection with the Hambalang Graft (bribery) case.  It is said that he could be jailed for twenty years?

INDONESIA AND THE RIVER OF DEATH — It comes as no surprise to learn that Indonesia has the most dangerous and dirtiest river in the World.   The River Citarum, Java, is toxically polluted by industry, and the people throw their rubbish into it.  Scenes released show plastic bottles, rubbish and worse floating on top, whilst young boys bath and swim in it, (there are no fish, the ones seen are dead, along with animal carcasses) only to find they have skin rashes later.  This is also the drinking water!  and a report says metals in the water can cause cancer….there is a 2009 law…..but villages interviewed say nothing much is going on in that department due to the industry ’employing people’ and making money!

INDONESIA DEATH ROW RULING IN DOUBT — ‘Drug conviction of UK citizen’ — Cheltenham Grandmother  Mrs Sandiford, who was sentenced to death is now being doubted by the Supreme Court in the UK who are urging The Indonesian Judiciary to take another look at the case after reviewing new evidence…they came to the conclusion that the new evidence was not made available to the lower courts in Indonesia…which raises serious issues about the Government and its policy being unlawful.  The Judiciary appear to have ignored ‘substantial mitigating factors’………well UK…’re on a bad wicket if you just take a look at this article and what the law is.

POLICE CHIEF IN ‘SECRET’ DEAL — In line with much of the way that corruption permeates Indonesia, a Police Chief attempted to defend his position over the inauguration of Commander General Budi Gunawan, which was done ‘under the radar’ meaning entered into by an act of secrecy and deceit.  National Police Chief General Badrodin claimed it was due to a scheduling conflict?….you can fool some people for some of the time, but not all the people for all of the time…..something he seems to forget.

EXECUTIONS TO GO AHEAD IN INDONESIA FOR DRUG OFFENDERS —  Its incredible really that this country can indulge in executions whilst its politicians continue in corrupt activities without such penalties being imposed on them.  A report says that they have taken two Australian convicts to the ‘execution site’ on an island where they will be executed with seven others…..upsetting several countries…..and according to their office the executions are to be done because Indonesia is suffering a ‘drug emergency’ situation.  President Joko Widodo has refused clemency pleas from Australia, Nigeria, The Philippines, France, Ghana and Brazil…..he’s rather good at making friends….and perhaps the souring of relations will come back to haunt him, especially on the aid front….because that’s the first thing that ought to be cancelled on economic grounds.

INDONESIA DECLINES CLEMENCY FOR FOREIGNERS — The Supreme Court turned down the final appeals for the prisoners from France and Ghana….in the ‘closed door’ hearings, the men will be executed by a firing squad with the other 8 prisoners awaiting death by the ‘State’

AUSTRALIA PULL OUT AMBASSADOR OVER EXECUTIONS IN INDONESIA — In protest and ignoring clemency pleas for two Australian Nationals, Andrew Chan being one, Australia recalled their Ambassador.  Attorney General Muhammed Prasetyo urged that the death sentence should be carried out without delay on the eight men (who’d been in detention and jail for ten years on drug charges)…. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo agreed….and eight coffins accompanied the prisoners to the site of the execution.

PS: It should be noted that government officials guilty of corruption which there are many, have been given ‘consideration’ by the Indonesian courts, as can be seen by the huge amount of corruption cases involving the government, police and military we have….and we actually stopped recording more because they were coming in every week…and showed no sign of abating.  The KPK corruption squad look weak and can be easily compromised by the judiciary and government…they admitted that corruption was too widespread and have no hope of stemming it due to the lack of support from the Indonesian Government.

INDONESIA TEACHER IN CHILD SEX CASE — PROSECUTOR SEEKS 12 YEARS — although the news item refers to one lone individual, there are two involved…. a Canadian teacher and an Indonesian teaching assistant who have been charged with sexually abusing three young pupils.  Neil Bantleman and Ferdinant Tjiong were detained at the Jakarta International School….and the prosecutor is seeking jail terms of 12years for each of them.

PS: We may not be adding much more here because these incidents go on every week….and that means corruption on an enormous scale…….an ongoing problem that is never addressed properly……the corruption is overwhelming in this country.  It is hard to figure out why we the Western World trade with Indonesia or give it aid, it should be stopped as any aid looks likely to go into the pockets of corrupt politicians, army personnel and police.

What is wrong with Indonesia? a whole lot –  Activists on Human rights say and accuse Indonesia of not wanting to relinquish its brutal grip on civil society!  …… and by what we have seen so far……that appears to be the case… if you are thinking of holidaying in Indonesia……choose somewhere else…..and don’t trade with them.

‘Corruption in New Zealand? ‘

We initially thought we’d leave this one out seeing as we’d featured Australia, but e-mails from New Zealand made us reassess that situation…..and give it a whirl for the sake of balance.

OWNER of Megaupload. com Kim Dot-com has been allowed to sue the spy agency of New Zealand for the routine and illegal surveillance on his home and his Internet site.  The site owner also wants the exposure of the fact that the New Zealand Government authorised the unlawful police raid on his home.  The Government wishing to cover its tracks tried to prove by way of its lawyers in the Attorney General’s Office they were immune from legal action (as they do) but The Appeals Court rejected the idea, and held that the Government Communications Security Bureau was involved.  The suit even got wider as it also involved the USA and the FBI who also accused Kim Dot com of copyright infringements etc.  However, the courts did find and agree that the GCSB spied on him in the days and weeks up to the police raid.  Mr Dot com is a registered German National living and having residency in New Zealand which makes it illegal to spy on him.  Since this espionage by the New Zealand Authorities became public, the Prime Minister has made an apology only…….damages financially are still to be assessed and awarded by the court.

LODGE OWNER HITS THE NEWS FOR ABUSE — A New Zealand  Proprietor Michael Harris who runs the Main Street Lodge house for Guests on the North Island, Kaitaia was facing 39 charges including indecent assault, aggravated wounding through alleged drugging, and making intimate video recordings.  He is said to have committed these acts on males….. 16 guests from 18 to 25 years of age over a period of two and a half years.  Most of the young men came from overseas and stayed at the Guest House.  The Tourist Lodge owner is accused of sexual abuse in these crimes.

CORRUPTION AND NEW ZEALAND COPS — Some general items here:  Top Cop Superintendent Bill Harrison retired just before police corruption was fully revealed to the public.  He was found guilty of serious misconduct, but elected quickly to take ‘the retirement option’ (often used by suspect cops in the UK who know that it means a get-out and the dropping of the case against them).   

WEST AUCKLAND COP ON 6 COUNTS OF ASSAULT — Police Officer Martin James Folan was charged with six counts of assault and one of intent to injure in the case of beating up a youth.

SPEED COPS — AND 38 TICKETS ISSUED AGAINST THEM — A report shows that The Bay of Plenty Police Dept had thirty-eight cops with no real excuse for speeding.  Twenty-four of the speed tickets were waived and fourteen officers received fines (2011).

For more info on NZ Corrupt Cops go to  http://police_corruption/tag/new-zealand-police-corruption/

‘ Another look at Germany as Nazi Groups hit the news ‘

GERMAN POLICE REVEALED IN CORRUPTION PROBE – It seems as if many of the world countries police forces are into corruption while their governments continually deny this. Death Squads and taking drugs off street pushers for their own use is now an accepted fact rather than being a one-off. Police in German cities have cops that are on the take and using violence to rob while wearing the uniform of law and order. Certain police stations have little networks of police gangs within their CID units profiting from crime. Our source says that in Frankfurt and Berlin, undercover cops are working outside the law and getting cover from uniformed colleagues so that any investigation into them can be terminated quite quickly. This kind of thing is so typical of the police in every country and it is rapidly spreading.

GERMAN NAZI ATROCITIES — Tempted not to include the mention of the Wars…… it would be a sin not to include mention of the Death Camps — 15,000 people murdered every day, mostly for sport and extinction of a race, enemy? that was how the Germans saw it. Nothing was too brutal, and no-one was safe from their inhumane practises — that had no limits, millions were exterminated.  Luckily due to old newsreels and history channels it will never be forgotten and never should be…there must never be a time this goes from their history…many of those who did the killings on the orders of the commanders and generals escaped justice….one must not be tricked into thinking that they were tried in courts, only a few appeared in court despite Nazi hunters trying to locate them.

NEW RISE OF NAZI INTEREST IN GERMANY — A top German news magazine has revealed that the ‘Nazi Days’ are not entirely gone despite what it meant in History.  It says the far Right in political circles especially from the young are attracting recruits with its messages of racism and arrogance.  DER SPIEGEL says that ‘The scandal Germany is now facing is that young Germans in the 21st Century feel the need to be Neo-Nazis’

NAZI WAR SUSPECT CAUGHT AND CHARGED — Former Policeman and Concentration Camp Chief Lazlo Csatary who fled to Canada after the war to avoid capture, was finally arrested in Hungary.  The 98 year old had managed to hide in Canada posing as an Art Dealer for over 50 years.  He was always aware that Nazi Hunters were looking for him even today thanks to a dedicated group — The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a Jewish Organisation who spent its time looking for and tracking down the ‘monsters’ of the Holocaust.  Most people today are on the side of reconciliation and forgetting the past atrocities, so it is good to know that Nazis still alive will be hunted down where-ever they are.  The Budapest Police Investigation Unit said Csatary had been charged with war crimes and will go on trial in 90 days.  It was said  Csatary fled Canada in 1997 just before he was to attend a deportation hearing……his citizenship was revoked.  One Holocaust Survivor Edith Salamonova remembers him clearly as a tall man with a heart of stone, that whipped prisoners using a dog whip and beat them with his hands. Men, women and children alike.  He was charged with ‘Wilfully assisting the unlawful execution and torture of Jews sent to his Concentration Camp from Kosice.’

‘ Germany reminded about  those war crimes ‘

GERMANY DISLIKES THIS CONSTANT REMINDER but it will have to accept that one of its citizens did take it to war and in doing so broke all the rules of decency by committing crimes against humanity — something they have to bear the responsibility of and repay victims.  Greece has recently brought this up and wants £86 billion promised under the 1946 Paris Reparation Agreement which to date, has not been honoured by the German people or its government. We have also discovered this to be the same case with several other countries who are still waiting for compensation.  One fact that has emerged is that the International Court of Justice in the Hague actually ruled that Germany was exempt from being sued in overseas courts by sufferers of Second World War atrocities? which is an outrage considering the barbaric acts this country engaged in when it wanted to dominate the World.  Nazi War Crimes may date from the late thirties, but thanks to certain Jewish Association bodies, the hunt for these people still continues.  Many soldiers got away with their crimes, and it is a fact that the USA offered some of the worst offenders asylum in return for their skills? Such is the moral code of some countries and governments. Germany will not escape its past nor will its future citizens enjoy a ‘clean slate’ — the world has many records of what it did, and despite the German efforts to burn evidence after the war, there are restored films and too much evidence that can be seen on the Internet Web Sites and Pages — and in archives, which will be their eternal reminder.

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE WAR WAS OVER? — The Eichmann Files are to stay a secret because of the trouble they could cause in the World today.  NAZI COMMANDER ADOLF EICHMANN considered to be the original  architect of the Holocaust who hid in Argentina after fleeing from Germany until his arrest in 1960. Secret files still in existence on his command are said to be too dangerous according to a German Court.  it is said that they have too much information on Nazi pasts, the mass deportations of Jews and full details of establishment figures who helped him during the war (which he was prepared to use if brought to trial) The Bild Newspaper made a request to see the files and this was rejected.  Lawyers for the German Intelligence Service said the material in the documents had the real potential to threaten state security interests and damage diplomatic ties with international intelligence agencies around the world.

GERMAN POLICE OFFICER HELD FOR KILLING — The policeman was detained in Dresden on suspicion of killing a man he met and chopping up the body.  Investigators said he stabbed the Internet Contact who had fantasies of death.  City police said the suspect showed them the yard where he buried the body….the case continues.

PRESIDENT OF GERMAN FOOTBALL CLUB IN TAX EVASION — The boss of Bayern Munich Football Club went on trial for a £22million tax evasion…..  Uli Hoeness, the President of the club stunned admirers when it it the news that he was on trial.  He could face up to ten years in jail….the verdict is to be announced later it said.

NAZI GUARDS FOUND — 20 German Nazi guards have been traced and found by investigators, who are still alive and may face trial.  These guards were from the Death Camp at Majdanek.  Federal Prosecutor Karl Schrimm said that he would recommend that state prosecutors pursue charges against all the men and women despite their ages.

GERMANY SAUSAGE MAKERS FINED E338 MILLION EUROS — The fine for colluding on illegal price fixing is the country’s largest imposition….The Federal Cartel Office said the fine is to be shared among 33 individuals and 21 companies for collusion over a 10 year period that pushed through higher prices and made agreements  on price ranges for various products.  It was announced that 11 of those companies admitted to ‘wrongdoing’

NAZI ‘MOST WANTED’ ESCAPES JUSTICE — Despite hunters trying to track him down, War Criminal Alois Brunner managed to hide away in Syria, and died in 2009 undetected.  It is said that the Nazi sent at least 128,500 people to their deaths during the Second World War.  It was revealed that Brunner died at the age of 98, having got away with his despicable crimes.  He ran into Syria in the 1950’s…..and offered his experience in torture to Syrian President Bashar al-Hassad’s father in return for shelter.  In 1985 emerged briefly in a magazine, saying he should have murdered more Jews.  He then fearing detection and disappeared into the Syrian wilderness.

GERMAN POLICE OFFICER JAILED FOR MURDER — A Cop who went on an Internet forum chat room devoted to the subject of cannibalism specifically to exact his own justice, was sentenced to eight years and six months in prison at the Regional Court in Dresden.  Officer Detley Guenzel was found guilty of killing his victim, cutting the body into pieces and burying it in the garden of his guesthouse. (update to previous story recorded)

‘ Once thought pleasant and ideal, but here’s another story ‘

PHILIPPINES MAN BRINGS DOWN MORAL VALUES OF NATION — It is quite sad to report this in the light we often see Filipinos as nice gentle Asians who deserve better. But one man, working in the UK as a nurse, described as being a pleasant family man, showed that violence is something easily resorted to when he assaulted an old frail woman in a nursing home, that is suffering from dementia.  Jonathan Aqino.30, was filmed on a secret camera casually slapping the woman several times.  The disgraceful incident has resulted in four other Asian workers being dismissed and him going to jail for eighteen months. The judge said ‘ It is distressing for anybody to have to watch this footage, this poor woman had been transferred to the home in the hope that she should receive proper care and attention, but you didn’t believe she needed that and abused her’ The case received UK National TV coverage….Aquino is lucky that he didn’t commit this in Asia, Singapore or Malaysia, where he would have most certainly had a caning added to his jail term.  Deportation was mentioned as being sought at the end of his time in prison.

FORMER PHILIPPINES PRESIDENT ON CORRUPTION CHARGES — Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was arrested again in the third indictment case.  She has been charged with corruption – this being her second detention since stepping down from the Presidency.  The Anti-Graft Court ordered her arrest for the misuse of almost ten million dollars of state lottery funds during her last years in office.

MILLIONS IN STATE FUNDS LOST IN UNAUTHORISED EXPENSES — In connection with the above story — The National Philippines Audit showed there were 4,000 cases of unaccounted cash advances, unauthorised expenses and abandoned projects in government  — 101.82 billion pesos (3.02 billion dollars) amounting to over five per cent of the State Budget gone during President Arroyo’s term in office.  This was the result of an Investigation into 61,000 government agencies in the Philippines?

PHILIPPINES STILL HAVE DEATH PENALTY – yet another Asian member of the ‘let’s kill them, it saves on jail time’ brigade lovingly adhere to by Singapore and Malaysia. It’s war with the USA in 1899 amazingly revealed the atrocities, despite them losing of course.  However, the Philippines might have improved, but behind the eager attempts to nurture capitalism, there is still the attraction of Paedophiles that continue to lurk among its folk!

PHILIPPINES COPS IN EXAM CHEATING — Police taking exams have been discovered cheating a report says, Thirteen officers have been dismissed and 350 other officers are under investigation.  The National Police Commission announced that they had ‘invalidated’ the exam results of 386 officers in Zamboanga, finding that many of them had given the same wrong answers in their written exam papers.  A spokesman said the cheating had only been discovered in recent weeks, and may have been overlooked many times before.  The exams are set for officers, would-be officers and officers seeking promotion.

PHILIPPINES POLICE SHOOTOUT KILLS 3 CORRUPT COPS IN GANG —  Manila, three members of a gang were police it is stated, and they were shot dead by ambush cops in Antimonan Town south of Manila.  One dead cop was named as Senior Superintendent Alfredo Consemino, the other two cops are merely described as aides.  The shootout happened when a road block was set up and that triggered a shootout with the 13 man gang.

16 PHILIPPINES TOP COPS CHARGED WITH MISCONDUCT — Sixteen senior police officers have been charged in connection with the buying of 59,904 firearms, violating the anti-graft and corrupt practices act in the offices of the ombudsman says a report on the 8th of Jan 2013.

ACCUSED MAN SHOOTS PROSECUTOR DEAD IN COURT — A State Prosecutor in Manila was shot dead (along with a Doctor) inside a Philippines Courtroom. A 66yr old Canadian pulled out a gun just before the hearing started and killed the lawyer at point blank range…..and then shot himself as he left the court.  No-one can explain the lack of security that allowed a man to carry a gun into court?

PHILIPPINES TAKE CHINA TO UN COURT — Foreign Secretary Albert  Del Rosario confirmed that their Country has taken China to a UN Tribunal Court over the disputed territory with China in the South China Seas,… he said they had exhausted political and diplomatic avenues in order to get a peaceful solution — both China and the Philippines are signed to the 1982 Convention Treaty on the Law of the Sea.

PHILIPPINES SHOW THEY CAN GO LOWER — This country have yet another addition to how low they can sink, and it is the cruel and unpleasant interest of ‘horse-fighting’ calling it a sport? backed by gambling fanatics that have no conscience at all.  Greed and intolerance towards animals survives in this country because of the ignorance so commonly practised by those who pretend to be moral.  This only reflects another more sad and damaging side to their inhumanity that should be exposed here. It is said in a report that the government are reluctant to enforce the law, and have to be pressured by outside nations before they act…which is a sad indictment to a country once thought as gentle and nice!……..perhaps they are heading towards another war?

‘South Korea — President’s brother jailed 2 years for corruption ‘

24/1/2013 — LAW MAKER Lee Sang Deuk, brother of the country’s President, Lee Myung Bak, was convicted of corruption and found guilty of accepting substantial bribes from bankers and businessmen amounting to millions.  His activities were linked to a major corruption scandal in 2011, when four Savings Banks had their trading suspended for inadequate liquidity, which then led to the authorities putting in force a wider probe by the police who eventually arrested the President’s brother and led to his court appearance.

‘North Korea — and the Nuclear  Weapons Threat ‘

NORTH KOREA once again is advancing its programme of nuclear weapons.  The US Intelligence Agency says that despite previous threats of war posed against America and South Korea, the secret dictatorship regime has expanded its uranium enrichment at its Nyongbyon Complex and restarted a plutonium reactor shutdown in 2007.  Despite nearly going to war with a show of Missile strength, the regime is still wanting a nuclear weapon.

NORTH KOREA AND THE HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE — Their prison camps are currently holding around 120,000 people.  A UN Report laid out widespread abuses including a harsh system of political prison camps. The false face of friendliness has brought the reaction from observers saying the attempt by Pyongyang to show openness as both ridiculous and remarkable.  This is the country that wants no contact with Western ways and hates America…apart from its threats to its neighbour South Korea.

NORTH KOREA GET CALL FROM PUTIN THEN THREATEN   NUCLEAR TEST —  The fact that Russia and Putin are getting friendly with Kim Jong-un comes as no surprise really, as Putin made similar strides into China, who we know support North Korea.  North Korea’s threat to continue with a new nuclear test coincides with news that the UN General assembly allowed and approved measures for their human rights abuses to be taken to the International Criminal Court. (2014 Nov)

NORTH KOREAN EMBASSY OFFICIAL ORDERED TO LEAVE BANGLADESH — An official from the North Korean Embassy was caught with $1.4million of unauthorised gold he had smuggled in using his diplomatic status when he set foot on the Airport tarmac at Dhaka.  Son Young Nam, the First Secretary was ordered to leave the country after arriving from Singapore….and went through ‘the nothing to declare’ channel where he was detained for a search.  It is suggested he probably was going to change the gold for hard currency because of sanctions against North Korea who cannot benefit from the International Currency Financial system.

‘ Spotlight On Russia — and it’s Suppression ‘

RUSSIA AND CORRUPTION — The Russian Defence Minister Anately Serdyukov has been dismissed by Putin because he is linked to a corruption scandal a report says.  Corruption scandals in Russia are not that new, even though most go unreported.  It says there was an Investigation into the Defence Ministry and as a result the Defence Minister was fired. 

RUSSIAN BROTHEL SECRET IS UNCOVERED — It was found to be on the grounds of a Moscow Monastery — The Orthodox Church is said to be furiously engaged in suppressing the media on what the police uncovered in one of the most prestigious monasteries in Russia.  Not far from the Federal Security Service, the ancient institution – ‘ hotel for lovers’ was found operating out of a building belonging to the Monastery.  Although it’s reputation was already common knowledge, the authorities are pretending otherwise.

PROTESTORS SENT TO HARSHEST PRISON — Russia, in it’s attempt to silence dissenters have sent the two girls convicted ‘politically’ of a riot — performing a song in a Church, have been sent 800 miles from Moscow to prisons which have the harshest conditions.  Nadezhda Tolokonnikova was sent to a prison in Mordovia, referred to as ‘the camp of hell’ by inmates.  Maria Alyokhina has been sent to a prison in the Ural Mountains……………….. obviously to teach them as lesson not to mess around with Putin!

RUSSIAN ACTIVISTS JAILED have been supported by demonstrators in Moscow who want the dozen people released from jail.

RUSSIAN JUDGE IS DISMISSED — A Judge who was videoed asleep during a case was sacked.  Judge Yevgeny Makhno of Blagovshechensk City was forced to resign after being filmed by a defence lawyer who posted the phone video pictures online.

COLD WAR AND RUSSIA NOT OVER? — More and more news out of Russia points to bad things on the way in this 21st Century, Putin is stepping back into the days of assertive reactionary measures that lead to conflict and war, and shows little bother over this.  But as we already know, he has backed China to such an extent that they know he will need them in any exchange with the West.  A recent case as revealed that The Russian secret Services had no qualms about kidnapping a person in a neighbour country despite sovereignty or borders.  This kind of thing was thought to be fiction and stuff of spy films…but for Russian dissident Leonid Razvozzhayer who thought he was safe in the Ukraine, the reality arrived, and he was snatched by a the Russian Squad who took him to the border where they met others in the plot and he now languishes in a Moscow jail.  This certainly proves that Russia has no regard for borders, much like its old days when it thought it could wipe out the West and dominate as many people they can.    Many suspect Putin is bringing back the old regime in revenge for Russia being considered no longer a threat by the USA.  The dissident has claimed he was beaten and tortured in order to sign a confession….the sad part here is that the Ukraine actively or passively admitted that they knew he had been kidnapped offering the feeble explanation – ‘it was an appropriate police action’

CAN WE BE SURE?  Well, according to a two page article in a November newspaper (in 2013) the answer seems to be NO…… because it is assumed by one and all when in fact, there is no real proof of it.  The threat of war with Russia has not vanished forever, and in some ways now, Putin looks to be sizzling ahead for that situation to be finally achieved.  In 1983 it was the closest to Atomic War no holds barred as America pushed the pen-ultimate standby button for a nuclear launch against Russia in response to aggression and moves by the Russians to Attack the Western World.  Luckily say some, it was just a Military Drill Exercise?

Invading sovereign territory in order to commit a crime has been already experienced by the UK….when Russian Secret Services had a contract killer murder one man using a radio-active substance in a cup of tea in a cafe, and yet again with a millionaire at his secured estate.  Alexander Perepilichny was found dead in strange circumstances — who had fled from Russia after he turned on a Russian Crime Syndicate and gave evidence.  A report says a Russian Police Official warned the man he was on a hit-list.  Tests here at the forensics are looking to see if he was poisoned.   Another Russian businessman was gunned down at London’s Canary Wharf….and of course the famous case of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko a former KGB man who fled to Britain in 2006. When PM Cameron visited Putin in Russia and demanded to have the suspect who escaped back to Russia, he was bluntly told that it would never happen! no matter what.  In another case of ‘murder by the state’ sixty Russian Officials were implicated in corporate fraud and a lawyers murder (the case of Sergei Magnitsky) – who was beaten to a pulp in a cell.   Those sixty officials have been banned entry to the USA. The Scam uncovered by Sergei was a £150 million scam…who was labelled ‘a threat to national security’  The scam he said was a product of a circle of interior and tax ministry officials who had conspired in the fraud.

RUSSIAN LAWYER ACCUSED OF CONSPIRACY BY STATE TV — This surrounds the trial of Sergei Magnitsky, accusing the dead ‘whistle-blowing’ lawyer and his bosses of conspiracy involving Britain’s MI6.       The Posthumous trial — the news says – ‘appears to be a vitriolic rear-guard action by the Russian State’  It was leaked that the lawyer was locked up in prison, refused medical treatment, was mistreated, and died in 2009.

DID RUSSIA REACH OUT TO SILENCE ARCH ENEMY? — They’ve done it before, and have the capabilities and know how to get away with it.  Putin’s ‘thorn at his side’ former friend Boris Berezovsky who fled to Britain after many attempts on his life, was mysteriously found dead in his Berkshire Home.  The multi-millionaire in exile has long challenged the Russian Leader.  The Police said they found nothing and put it down to suicide after finding him with a ligature around his neck…..but three other exiled Russians were killed off in circumstances that had remarkable expertise stamped over them — Alexander Perepilichnvy died whilst jogging near his Weybridge Mansion and he was assisting Swiss Prosecutors in a case against a Russian Official.  Arkady Patarkatsishvili was found dead in his Surrey mansion and he was linked to Russian Political Scandals…. and we have Alexander Litvinenko died after having his tea laced with radio-active poisoning at a meeting in London with two fellow Russian KGB spies……all these men told police they feared murder attempts by the Kremlin.

RUSSIA ENCOURAGES SOCIETY TO HARM THOSE IT DOESN’T APPROVE OF — A lot like the Nazis and the persecution of the Jews, Putin’s Laws are actively encouraging the public to seek out and eliminate ‘gays’ in its homophobic drive to ethnic cleansing.  Sordid photos in the International Press show a gay man on the ground surrounded by so-called good citizens kicking and punching the victim, and there is even a boy of around 10 being encouraged by the adults to follow this criminal act……Russia’s people may not want conflict, but its government headed by Putin is certainly committed to riding through a ‘cold war’ situation and causing the next one…… and recent activity via communicate leaks show them to be buying more arms and weaponry!

PS  A cable shows that they increased their financial budget to increase their missile and rocket power. and were also engaged in secret talks with the Chinese during 2012 to merge in intelligence.  Putin sent a team from the High Command to work with China’s Military…their aim   — to compromise NATO.

DODGY DEALINGS IN RUSSIA? as Sochi Games costs get higher — A report tells us that the 2014 Winter Games may be extraordinarily expensive as Russia seeks to create an improved image to the West.  Talk of corruption being widespread and workers rights being violated abound…. the cost of presenting the Games at Sochi are already estimated to be $51 billion dollars, proving it to be as yet, the most expensive show of this kind.

RUSSIA HIJACK GREENPEACE BOAT — And charge people with ‘Protest Piracy’…..Yes, Putin’s Government forcefully grabbed the Greenpeace ship as it protested near an oil platform.  30 protestors from the International community were on board as armed Russians made their threatening attack.  The Russian Coastguard seized the ship in September 2013.  The ‘arrested’ people are being held in jails in Murmansk.  Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged that they adopt tougher penalties for trespass on Russian Territory.  The crew have been charged with piracy which could result in a 15 year sentence.  Perhaps the ‘hijacking’ of a Russian ship might be an idea to see how Russia reacts to their crew being detained in a foreign jail….for months and years.

RUSSIA CONTINUES TO HARASS GREENPEACE — Not content with ‘piracy’ claims in Russia are alleging that they found drugs on board the ship, and that they are considering extra charges….yet we hear in a report that in actuality, Russia may dismiss all of this provided they can be seen to have ‘made an example of these people for the outside world to see ‘…….which means it all comes down to a ‘power thing’

DUTCH DIPLOMAT ASSAULTED IN HIS FLAT IN RUSSIA — Tensions between Russia and the Dutch has flared up as two ‘unidentified’ Russian men beat up the Diplomat Onne Elderenboach.  This attack uncannily follows the incident of Russian Diplomat Dmitry Borodin who said he had been beaten by police in The Hague, and had briefly been detained….which sparked a row between the Netherlands and Russia!

JAILED RUSSIAN RIGHTS PROTESTOR CALLS FOR BOYCOTT — Boycott the Russian Games says the jailed Pussy Riot girl.  She is asking the world countries to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympic Games to be hosted by Russia.  Yekaterina Samutsevich now free after serving her jail sentence imposed by the authorities who have recently ‘tightened the screws’ on freedom among the citizens urged all countries to stay away and withdraw their athletes.  This is not the first time for Russia — In 1980 they were boycotted at the Moscow Olympics when dozens of nations pulled out.

RUSSIAN ACTIVIST IS JAILED — Amid the Olympics Charade and Propaganda, Putin’s Russia continues its crackdown on Activists and Protestors.  Activist Yevgeny Vitishko, who said that environmental damage had been caused in Sochi by the hurried construction was sentenced to three years in prison.  It should be noted that this man was a Geologist……Human Rights Watch said this was a politically motivated move, not proportional to the supposed crime.

CONCENTRATION CAMP RUSSIA — That is how Greenpeace observer Kieron Bryan (freelance journalist) and a female Protestor associate described the prisons in Russia……’ Rats and terrible conditions’ …. they said that the prisoners they met showed ‘more humanity’ than the guards and prison staff……..showing the International Community the reality of Putin’s rule — a man who jailed a billionaire who went politically against him….. having him put away for ten years.  Even Greenpeace said that they could have got 6 years in prison for ‘hooliganism’ the charge brought by the Russian Authorities.  Concentration camps was the Hitler Nazi way of detaining people you don’t like, and one remembering that the Germans hit Russia in WW2 using barbaric methods… one can see why Russia uses similar methods now… the legacy has made them wanting to hit back at all countries west of them.  The release of Greenpeace detainees is a move to avert another ‘Winter Olympic Sports’ like the one in 1980.

RUSSIA ATTEMPTS TO START WAR — Putin flexed his muscles and prompted the prospect of World War Three as he committed an act of Aggression using the Ukraine as a starting move.  Putin has long smouldered with hate that Russia is not on top…and over recent years he has taken chances to annoy and work against the West in a show of strength….some say because of the UN and how close it is around Russia’s border.  The Ukraine wants to be in the EU, and that didn’t sit well with pro-Russians who like Putin want power to challenge other countries.  Putin sent in soldiers and the Navy which held Ukraine captive…he had no worries about the USA and the International community….and even when they said he would pay the price for this, he warned the West that he still held the upper hand and retaliate…….luckily he has pulled back…..and waits for when the time is right?

As one US reporter said, ‘The Cold War Situation could well be back’

NB: ordinary citizens around the world do not welcome war in this time, but it becomes quite evident that several countries rulers and politicians are about to engage in this….. and it will happen….and the victims will be the people, and what follows is famine, food shortages, economic devastation and subjugation….this will be the prize they seek….all because of power, just as it was in the Second World war……… we will not escape this….. Russia have always sought war as a goal…..and Putin is likely to bring this about.

PUTIN EAGER TO START WORLD WAR THREE — Ukraine now a hotspot of Russian Interest, has accused the Russian leader of wanting to start the next World War…..and this might not be far from the truth.  Russia is playing quite a Military role around the Ukraine and taking no notice of the West, a former and present enemy in the Cold War when Russia was about to chance itself on waging a war with America.  Recent history shows us that the next war could certainly be with China or Russia….and Putin is very angered by NATO who are very much present around them.  Putin has already said he aims to ignore sanctions and will retaliate….and this leaves one question, is he ready to take Russia to War…..and be the man who started World War Three?

FIVE MEN CONVICTED OF 2006 MURDER — The murder of critic/journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was shot dead, led to fears that these were the risks facing Russians who criticised the Kremlin.  A lawyer who has waited years for this guilty verdict said  ‘The murder will only be solved when the name of the person who ordered it is known’   The killing was notable for its ‘contract style’ which the state wasn’t willing to accept.

RUSSIA MILITARY EXERCISES IN BALTIC ARE IN RESPONSE TO NATO — Russia and Nato are not what you’d call on the friendly side, especially as NATO are close to Russian Borders.  So Russia responded with Military exercises in the Baltic because Nato were having drills in parts of Eastern Europe, which was a response to Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

RUSSIA DEFIES SANCTIONS AND SIGNS HUGE DEAL WITH CHINA — Not unexpected, CHINA and Russia ‘Cold War Alliances revisited’ sign £237 billion deal to sell oil in China amid West sanctions.  It was said that Putin got a warm welcome in Beijing when he arrived for talks.  Putin said ‘China is our reliable friends’ and we know what he means by that…….China is the dark Enemy on the horizon and Russia will be there to lend a hand.

RUSSIA AND ITS ILLEGAL BIOLOGICAL WEAPON PROGRAMME — In 1990 it emerged that Russia had been secretly engaged in an extensive weapons programme of nerve gas, toxin and other such as airborne and water weapons… that are now looked on as similar to nuclear devices and weapons of mass destruction.  It would only take 30 grams of anthrax spores delivered in one warhead to kill 80,000 or 100,000 people in an area of 10 kilometres.  The Russians were taking this chemical programme to a more advanced level until it was eventually discovered…. and Yeltsin finally admitted to having this when confronted by the West and the USA,  He issued a decree ending it?  However, this isn’t the ending of this story, because Russia up to this day have never provided convincing proof that the programme had been fully dismantled, and as yet, this has not been provided or asked for??….. so it is quite likely that they resumed it ‘secretly’ under Putin once the furore was over, and now they probably have it ready!

RUSSIA ACCUSED OF INVOLVEMENT IN AIR STRIKE —  Considering that they back  a pro-Russian Militia in the Ukraine, and have provided the group with support and arms….many countries are now pointing the finger at Russia over the passenger plain from the Nederland being shot down by a missile (Russian made).  Despite posturing from Putin, Europe and the West are being hampered and denied access to the crash site by masked ‘soldiers’ of the pro-Russian group….and black flight boxes were seized by them to be taken to Russia….apart from this the site has been ‘damaged’ and flight investigators say that this could be damaging and destroying evidence….one man from the International team said when he approached a masked soldier he was told not to move any further towards the crash site, and when he asked why…the soldier said ‘you are unarmed and I have the gun, that’s why’     The Plane was Malaysian….and the boxes were handed over only after numerous calls.

RUSSIA MOVES A STEP CLOSER TO THE COLD WAR STAND OFF — Putin looks set on returning Russia to the past and the ‘Cold War’ status of being the enemy to watch.  NATO has announced that it is going to step up its military capability, and is calling on its member nations to provide support so that it can fend off any threat from warmongering Russia.  A spokesperson said ‘ it had looked at the situation of Russia and its military and sees the need to step up its own capability to confront Putin’s war machine and keep the Nato countries safe’

RUSSIA MIGHT BE REOPENING MILITARY BASE IN CUBA? — Russia and Cuba…. is Russia trying to repeat History to infuriate the West and in particular the USA.  News says a provisional agreement has been made with Cuba to re-open the Soviet Base where they used to do their spying on the US and intercept calls.  Putin may be heading for more conflict than he thinks he can deal with….not everyone will back down….so beware USSR.

RUSSIA GETS ANGRY OVER COURT ORDER TO PAY £30 BILLION IN DAMAGES —  Russia intends to appeal against a ruling in the International Court ordering them to pay compensation of £30 billion to oil shareholders.  The Court ruled that Russia had launched a series of ‘politically motivated attacks’ on the oil company Yukos aimed to destroy it through spurious bankruptcy proceedings.  They said the Russian courts, ‘subverted by Moscow’ had targeted the majority shareholder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky who had spent nearly ten years in a Siberian jail, because he was clearly a political competitor to Putin.  The Hague Court said that it was clear that Moscow intended to strip the company of its assets and seize everything, claiming the law had done its thing.

RUSSIA’S CYNICAL ACT OF HELP — Whoever thought sending a convoy of aid into the Ukraine must have been heavily on the Vodka in Moscow… showed a kind of farcical childishness that all might be forgiven…if Russia had the face of being concerned.  But nobody fell for it, least the Ukraine who barred the huge convoy from entering its territory, it wanted nothing of the aid and definitely not from Russia!

RUSSIA RETALIATES AGAINST WEST WITH ‘ONE YEAR SANCTION’ — Putin and his government have put a year ban on food imports from the West, including Europe and the USA……as yet another round of the ‘new cold war’ now takes place officially.   This move now shows clear indication that Russia is now not recognised and is out of the World G8… will be interesting to see if they keep their seat in the World Forum.

RUSSIA JAILS THREE ANTI-PUTIN PROTESTORS — Putin abides no dissenters and three such protestors were jailed for up to three and a half years for  making a protest against the dictator leader.  It is said that this is part of the Kremlin strategy to stifle free speech and return Russia to the cold war days.  Police detained 400 in 2012 for protesting… a fourth protestor received a three year suspended sentence.

RUSSIA TALKS OF NUCLEAR WARNING TO WEST — As Putin steers his country back into another cold war situation without any thought of how long it took previous leaders to achieve good relations, Putin made references to Russia’s nuclear arsenal and warned the West not to mess with him.  Sounding more like Hitler every other week, the dictator has warned off the West from attempting to support the Ukraine  in efforts to defeat Russian Separatists.  The Russian leader has also been annoyed that NATO has stepped up its military  observation jets along the Russian borders and prepares to hold more exercises in EU Military drills.

PUTIN THREATENS SANCTIONS AGAINST EU — Russia led by dictator Putin attacked the West again, especially Europe over new sanctions imposed by the EU.  These new sanctions brought a swift reaction in that Russia would hit back with possible bans on imported cars and textiles….and even go as far as banning Western and European flights flying over Siberia.

PUTIN  CALLS FOR DEEPER TIES WITH NORTH KOREA — Typically, Putin has now publically shown he intends to pile on the anti-west pressure by calling Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea, one of the most secretive and dangerous dictatorships at present for closer ties.  Putin already has made strong ties with China, an ally and protector of North Korea….indicating his own anti-west stance and intention to begin a new cold war or something far more dangerous.

RUSSIA THREATENS WEST WITH GAS CUT-OFF — Putin racked up his anti-west cold war attitude to telling Europe and the west that he will cut off gas supplies in a bid to show himself a dictator who can take on the World…..much like a rising Hitler.    The Western Press are dubbing him as being like a ’20th Century tyrant’

RUSSIA AND CHINA MARCH TOGETHER ON HUGE MILITARY PARADE – to show their Military Might to the Western World while purporting to claim that it was to mark the event of them defeating Hitler and the Nazis. Putin’s special guest was the China Leader…….several other Western countries stayed away from the event.

‘ Criminal element in Military and Police ‘expect’ to escape Columbian Courts ‘

UN ADVISORS HAVE EXPRESSED SHOCK at proposals to ‘excuse’ crimes committed by Columbia’s Military Personnel and Police Service.  It is stated that many charges against both of these services are Murder and Torture?  Yet they fully expect to be untouchable in the eyes of the law.  This rare joint letter outlining the proposals to let these bodies get away with crimes against the people has annoyed teams who wish to have people properly accountable and dealt with….just like the War Crimes Court….yet the Columbian Government led by President Juan Manuel Santos has suggested that this fact be brushed aside.   UN Human Rights have written to the President calling him to reconsider this and instead, expand the power of Military Tribunals to investigate and prosecute all criminal offences including those of police officers.  They said these cases should remain under the jurisdiction of the civilian courts as this proposal could seriously undermine the administration of justice especially concerning violations by the Military and Police – as the World would now be observing via the Internet — something the President should be aware of these days unlike the old days when it was hushed up.


PROSECUTING LAWYER GIULIANO MIGNINI of Perugia was convicted of corruption and sent to jail for 16 months charged with criminal abuse of his position.  The court heard how he used his legal position to harass investigators and journalists alike, initiated wire taps and fabricated charges against journalists in a series of bogus investigations to keep them off his back.  The Prosecutor was able to steer police movement away from himself even though suspicions had already been raised about his conduct.  Being a lawyer protected him from an outright arrest, and he used this power to delay proceedings enabling him to thwart and confuse those who were seeking to look into his corrupt activities.

ITALY — DEFENCE GROUP CHAIRMAN ARRESTED FOR CORRUPTION — Chief Executive & Chairman Giuseppe Orsi found himself arrested in a corruption probe, surrounding the sale of 12 helicopters to India. News coming out from Italy states that the arrest is in connection with bribery, and that three others have been placed under house arrest.

NB: Revealed also was that there have been a series of corruption scandals in the Corporate Sector of late, and it is fast becoming an issue in the country’s elections to be held on February the 24th to 25th 2013.

ITALY — Restoration commissioner held on corruption charges.  Pompeii restoration moves were compromised as police arrested the commissioner for corruption, five others are also being investigated.

ITALY — Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi went in front of the television cameras and told the viewers that ‘paying bribes to companies in order to gain big contracts’ is an acceptable part of International business.  he said if one practises this morality stand you can’t be a businessman at international level, these bribes do exist, and you cannot ignore the necessity’

ITALIAN PRIEST ARRESTED OVER £3.4 MILLION THEFT — Catholic Priest Father Franco Decaminada, the former chief executive of the Rome IDI Hospital was placed under house arrest……it was said that he had run up debts of £600million that forced the hospital into bankruptcy. Police seized a farmhouse in Tuscan they say was bought with the stolen money.

MILAN’s POLICE CHIEF CHARGED WITH MURDER  –  Police Chief Francesco Fories was arrested in connection with the murder of Vito Ferrarese.  He is also charged with instigating a cover-up and pressurizing colleagues not to incriminate him in the murder. Five other officers were also arrested for corruption.

MILAN – ITALIAN POLITICIAN SLASHES PENSIONER’S TYRES, says ‘ other people have done worse’ as defence when questioned about the incident.  Politician Antonio Piazza is among the politicians who have a reputation for their inability to apologise, says the report — apparently he had parked his Jaguar car in a ‘disabled bay’ reserved for this. He was politely asked to move by a police officer, but returned later to find a car there, took out a knife and ripped holes in the vehicle’s tyres.  However, he failed to notice security cameras filming everything…….he was later fined eighty euros.

ITALY’S PRIME MINISTER SILVIO BERLUSCONI  is sentenced to 7 years in jail after being found guilty of an ‘under-age’ sex crime.  The Three time PM of Milan was banned from public office by the court for abusing his office and trying to conceal the offence.  Some observers are saying that Berlusconi will not see the inside of a jail at all as he can now launch two appeals that are likely to go on for years!

30 COUNCILLORS IN ITALY DOING FALSE CLAIMS FOR BOGUS MEETINGS — A report issued says that thirty councillors have been inventing 100’s of bogus meetings in order to pocket the expenses….claiming 10,000 Euros each.  When angry citizens got to hear of it, they marched on the town hall of Agrigento to get them dismissed.  It says Police and prosecutors are now investing the thirty officials.

‘ Court Prosecutor suspended after caning youths ‘

ULRICH BACHRINGER, COURT PROSECUTOR in Dusseldorf found himself appearing in court charged with administering corporal punishment to 22 juvenile delinquents.  He chose to cane them bare-bottomed instead of prosecutions and carried out ‘ the sentences’ at their homes telling the parents all charges would be dropped against the boys.  He was suspended as ‘ a juvenile prosecutor ‘ and given a suspended one year jail sentence.  The judge dropped the charge of ‘ perverting the course of justice’ in favour of cutting Bachringer’s pay by half.

‘ Swedish Judge with Rent Boy keeps his Job ‘

ONE OF SWEDEN’S SUPREME COURT JUDGE’S – JUDGE LEIF THORSSON is to keep his job despite having confessed to paying a rent boy for sex.  He initially denied the allegation then changed his mind when it looked as if he was going to be charged with breaking the law.  His resignation has been demanded by Anne Ramberg, General Secretary of the Swedish Bar Council. ‘ It has harmed the reputation of the Swedish Supreme Court, The judge paid a fine of 40,000 kronor, which is said avoids a trial.


‘ Former President of France – Jaques Chirac faces embezzlement charges ‘

ONCE POWERFUL POLITICIAN JAQUES CHIRAC is due to appear in a Paris court charged with embezzlement. He is accused of defrauding the French taxpayer of £2million between 1977 and 1995. The report says that these charges have been brought by two anti-corruption groups who have declared themselves as civil plaintiffs.

‘ Smuggling French Politician ends up in jail ‘

COUNCILLOR CHRISTIANE CHACAT was jailed for her part in smuggling immigrants into the U.K.  She was jailed for three years by Portsmouth Crown Court.  She and her son, Benjamin smuggled 16 Vietnamese migrants using a hired van in a journey from Cherbourg to England.  The prominent French politician flew in the face of her own authorities who are currently making a stand on cutting down on illegal immigrants.

‘French accuse Mittal of telling shameful lies ‘

LIES – ARCELOR MITTAL was accused by French Minister Arnaud Montebourg, and said France no longer wanted Mittal in their country because they have no decent respect for the French People.  The war on words intensified between the two men as Chief executive Lakshmi Mittal (Britain’s Richest Man) planned to close two of France’s blast furnaces at Florange when a promise to keep them open had been made previously with Mittal.

FRENCH IMF CHIEF IMPLICATED IN ADIDAS FRAUD — Christine Lagarde, was accused of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’  The Anti-Fraud Police in France  raided the home of a former close associate of the International Monetary Fund Chief in connection with an investigation into ’embezzlement’.

FRENCH NARCOTICS POLICE OFFICER ON THEFT SUSPICION — The un-named officer is under formal investigation on suspicion of stealing more than 50 kilos of cocaine from the police headquarters in Paris.  He was also placed under arrest on suspicion of  drug trafficking and money laundering.

POLICE ON TRIAL IN FRENCH ‘ELECTROCUTION’ CASE — Two un-named (back to that old game as seen above) police officers have gone on trial in Rennes charged with failing in their legal responsibility to help those in danger…..regarding the deaths of two ‘minority’ teenagers in 2005 (Zyed Benna and Bouna Traore).  Some say this case has been beleaguered by official delays and police tactics to derail it over the past ten years, and it certainly looks that way.

FRENCH MILITARY AND THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF BOYS — France’s Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian urged any soldiers involved in alleged sexual abuses on boys in the Central African Republic to come forward in order to limit the damage it was inflicting on the French Military Image.  He described his disgust to reporters of reading a report detailing accusations of displaced children and persons having been sexually abused at a camp managed by French soldiers involving boys as young as nine.   He says the Authorities are now Investigating it.

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT STILL GOING ON IN FRANCE — A report has revealed that smacking children for misbehaviour is still going on despite rumours over the past forty or so years that nothing of this sort was happening in France.  And we now find that French law does not prohibit the parents and others from using corporal punishment on children.  A Rights group who brought this out in the open said France was not doing enough to end it as it is violating the European social charter.  the 47 member council of Europe have slammed France for failing to ban this completely. (2015 March) It said that besides smacking their was use of other instruments.

‘Iceland’s Former Prime Minister found Guilty ‘

FOUND GUILTY OF NEGLIGENCE – Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde was found guilty of negligence in regard to the Bank Crisis in 2008 when UK savers lost £3 billion in Iceland Banks, causing councils and charities to endure crippling financial losses.  Haarde is apparently, the only country leader to face prosecution over the crisis….but there is not going to be any punishment imposed!!  He walked away from the court unrelenting as the guilty verdict meant nothing to him — as he is immune from penal or financial sentences.

‘ Dutch Diplomat jailed for spying (for Russia)’

THE HAGUE DISTRICT COURT sentenced Diplomat Raymond Poeteray to 12 years in prison after finding him guilty of passing confidential Nato and European classified documents to Russian Agents.  The Judges said that he had damaged the interests of the Dutch State and its allies, which had been going on for several years with the involvement of the Russian Federation.  They said he did this purely for profit and the pursuit of wealth….There was no comment from the Russian Government.

‘ Ireland’s church-run Workhouse Scandal’

LIKE AUSTRALIA, IRELAND REFUSED TO OWN UP FOR ITS PAST and continued down a road of denial for a great many years in the hope that it would either go away, disappear into the past, or people would not talk about it anymore…..strangely, this is the common element with governments and citizens when faced with something awful lurking in their ‘cellar’…..keeping it locked away, trapped, or building over it never really works in the long run…..the truth will eventually come out, maybe not all of it (as we well know), but enough to stir things up.

So let us look at this case………Humiliation, Exploitation, may cover some of the deeds carried out in the name of Christ, the Nuns thought so, along with abuse both physical and mental.  From 1922 to 1996,  Ten Thousand girls and women were subjugated to appalling treatment ignored by the Irish Government, some say they knew but preferred not to admit it or do anything about it.  These workhouse laundries were said to house females from the early age of 9yrs to the oldest at 89.  Work was compulsory, unpaid, and refusal meant punishment….the Sisters did not tolerate anyone challenging their authority.  These women were labelled as ‘fallen women’ or ‘morally troubled’ or mere orphans who wandered the streets in search of finding care, but what they found was ‘evil’…..or ‘evil’ found them, and whisked them off to be imprisoned behind high walls where nobody could see what was going on.  It is said that these places became more ‘prison-like’ despite no-one ever being sentenced for a crime…..the only crime being committed was being done by the Government and Church….and they were too powerful to be hauled up before a court and stand trial…..The Irish Government was ‘immune’ from the Legal Framework…..because they considered themselves the law! 

It says that little physical treatment was recognised (wrong) and admits to only ‘verbal’ and ‘put-downs’ on the inmates. The Irish Prime Minister says today, that they are sorry!  but issued no formal apology on behalf of the State (nothing unusual there), and even though there has been calls for compensation no-one in the Government has responded (they will run a mile away from this one, the cost! the cost!).  The girls were made to get up at 6 am and work through to 2pm, the food was awful (in fact described as being horrific) Nobody was allowed to talk, (reminds us of something at a Singapore Detention facility)….girls would be punished for a variety of offences, none particularly nice….often demeaning and cruel.  One of the Religious Orders involved were the Sisters of Charity? they said ‘they apologised reservedly to the women hurt in their care’….all a bit too late really, and they know it…..the horse has bolted and the stable door is open!  Many of those angry say the Church should stand up and admit the damage they did to us and the scars that are with us for life…….but of course, they won’t……this scandal has been known for the past twenty years or more…..a film was done on it around 2000…..titled  ‘The Magdalene Sisters ‘ set in the 1960’s depicting one such laundry run by The Catholic Church and then the subject was quietly tossed away…

…….. just like the Catholic Scandal of the Abuse by The Catholic Brothers (Australian Child Abuse) in the sadistic Reformatory Schools in the 1930’s when boys were not only physically abused but sexually too…..and that provoked the launching of at least two films, one an American Production, and an Irish film’ Song for a Raggy Boy’ which was hard to watch as the cruelty unfolded……….in which they invented a good guy to stop the film being as it really should — without a happy ending,… those beaten boys did not end up being winners or saved!…’ and Ireland never quite owned up to their complicity in a cover-up and measures to suppress investigations that were leading to the Church hierarchy and prominent Government Officials.

‘ State told to pay victim £30,000 for historic child abuse ‘

IRELAND’s Government have been ordered to pay compensation by a Court Judge who found in favour of a victim who suffered terrible abuse from the teacher at a Roman Catholic School forty years earlier.  The European Court of Human Rights found that the State violated her rights and ignored their duty of care.  She was awarded £30,000 and the costs of the case said to be £85,000.  Louise O’Keeffe  received systematic abuse when she was a girl at Dunderrow National School, County Cork in 1973.  She said she was delighted that the State was at last, held accountable.  She now hopes that other children abused in the Catholic Schools will now come forward to get proper justice, which they have been denied by the State (the teacher named was Leo Hickey).

…… but all of these incidents, long long ones, involving lonely and desperate children, have all been failed by inadequate and useless words of ‘sorry’ forced out by embarrassed Governments trying to make it all go away…. and avoid making any compensation available to the victims.

NB: It is a scandal that State involvement is not accepted or recognised because they merely claim it happened a long time ago….and that victims of the state’s callousness have to sue the state and be put through a gruelling long expensive wait to have their day in court.  Countries that use the excuse it happened in the past should never be allowed to get away with it…..they committed crimes knowingly or unknowingly during their period in office and turning a blind eye or disposing of the evidence only amplifies their responsibility to own up and be transparent as they so claim these days.

‘ Explosive fraud case starts against the Galleon Group ‘

THIS INSIDER DEALING FRAUD CASE is against traders Galleon headed by Raj Rajaratnam who was arrested by the FBI.  It is stated that this will reveal the murky world of the ‘ hedge fund operatives ‘ who trade on information gained illegally through insider dealing.  It says there are 21 defendants appearing in court.  The mention of ‘phone taps ‘ look straight out of a TV movie, except that these are real.  Galleon was into £2.34billion of trade before Rajaratnam was arrested.  He was said to be the 559th richest man in the world with a bankroll of £822million.  But since his arrest 30 others related to the Galleon Group have pleaded guilty in civil and criminal cases. Federal investigators have spent two years investigating the company.

‘ Turkey  top of the Suppression league ‘

TURKEY have topped the league in jailing the highest number of journalist for two years running, followed closely by CHINA and IRAN.   All three account for half of the 211 journalists imprisoned up to December the first.  Most of these journalists have been taken to court for taking pictures and writing about incidents that look bad for these countries who have a bad record on human rights and suppression of information.  Soldiers in INDONESIA destroyed journalists cameras when they attempted to get a news article…..and this kind of thing is on the increase around the World as Governments make attempts to suppress wrongdoing going public.  Their attempts to ‘gag’ the Internet are becoming more frantic, and dissidents are being secretly detained and jailed so as to keep the situation under control.  SINGAPORE have similar measures in place.

‘ Policeman’s son in £40million gems Robbery ‘

ETHIOPIAN AMAN KASSAYE SON OF A POLICE CAPTAIN was convicted of being involved in the robbery of £40million in jewels, one of the biggest heists in the UK.  He with another raider held staff at GRAFF DIAMONDS at gunpoint as they escaped with the haul.  Woolwich Crown Court found him guilty of conspiracy to rob – kidnap and possession of a firearm after the nine-week trial.

‘ Police Computer Worker in child porn investigation ‘

ALAN COATES a civilian communications officer with the Cleveland Police in Middlesbrough was suspended after they found paedophile and hardcore adult images had been stored in a secret file on the computer.  The terminal had registered 40 hits to paedophile websites over a few weeks.  Due to the Senior position of Mr. Coates, senior officers were given special permission to access his personal files and raid his home address. Coates maintains the previous user had done this while he was away.


It was discovered in 2007 that Southern Water lied and deceived the public on a huge scale.  Misreporting and a billing system covered the fact that they were fleecing the customer over a lengthy period.  Ofwat said they deliberately concealed it’s low performance in dealing with customer complaints to hide what was really going on in the management and board rooms.  They misreported information from 1999 to 2004 so that they could gain £18.5 million out of the customer.  Southern water’s shareholders took responsibility for the entire cost of the £20 million fine.  The Consumer Council said this was the right level of fine for these deplorable actions of a company that should have been above reproach.



BRITISH WATERWAYS AND DIRECTORS have found themselves in court over the death of a diver who lost his life after failings of the company regarding health and safety rules. The Company have been fined around £200,000 and the directors are due in court next as culpable in these offences. 


THE ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY ARE TO INVESTIGATE BRITISH GAS over misleading advertising over a period of 18 months.  It breached the guidelines eight times with adverts that said ‘ Enjoy savings of 15 per cent ‘ and ‘ Guaranteed cheaper electricity prices ‘  Ofgem promised to launch a legal investigation.


British Gas were heavily criticised for running adverts showing they take care, when in fact they break into customers homes when they feel like it.  Watchdog received many complaints in this area from angry customers who had been victims of these break-ins by British Gas.  The actor Timothy Spall might make the ad seem friendly but in reality it is a complete fraud.  Ann Robinson tried to get a response, but as usual the gas company retaliated by issuing meaningless statements.

BRITISH GAS STILL MAINTAIN SWINDLE RACKET despite complaints and lies about what service they can provide — and all in the face of massive profits recently published.

BRITISH GAS WRONGLY BILL CUSTOMERS — Yes, British Gas up to their old ways, — Donald and Starma Rennocks were billed for £1,500, and British Gas pushed hard saying they owed it. However, it was one of those errors? an error on their database so they claim. The couple from Leicestershire say that British Gas apologised for the inconvenience. What they can’t put right is their conduct and the stress they caused these people.

BRITISH GAS FINED £2.5MILLION over mistreatment of customers and small companies.  The report issued by the watchdog OFGEM said that British Gas failed to respond to customer complaints and actively abandoned the codes of practice. There were ‘ basic failures in Customer Services’ that were not being addressed, and that the company was not new to this sort of behaviour.  OFGEM said it had to be a large fine to show the company how serious this matter was.

BRITISH GAS – THE BARE-FACED CHEATS, Lies and covert extortion revealed itself with British Gas as they were discovered to have lied in order to persuade a customer to pay for a new boiler at a rich price of just over £3,000.  They even misled her and said repairing her machine could not be done because the part needed was now ‘obsolete’ — yet, when her local tradesman tried to get the part he found it readily available on the Internet.  He charged the lady £97 to repair her boiler. Apparently, researchers found that British Gas engineers were pulling the same scam elsewhere.  Spokesman for the Industry, Chris Jansen did his utmost to deflect the fact that they had behaved disgracefully and said he supported the ‘good character’ of British Gas Engineers??

BRITISH GAS were yet again featured by Watchdog in that they actually entered a man’s flat and took out the meter.  It turned out they got the wrong flat and as the man said ‘broke in’ thinking they could use their special powers granted for entry.  But that doesn’t apply if it’s the wrong place, yet they eventually paid a ‘goodwill’ amount and made repair……they were not however, prosecuted under criminal law…. which shows how the law can be used to the benefit of the energy business and essential services.


THE ENERGY COMPANIES who manipulate and hold the country to ransom over essential services like water, electricity and gas have been in a long conspiracy of corporate takeover in regard to the UK establishment.  Their aim is to control and create their own invincible empire within the country so that it is so powerful that they can threaten the very foundations of democratic government.  It is only recently that the British Public woke up to the fact that UK Politicians have little or no influence over the Energy Giants in law or otherwise.  The electricity supply can go off when and if it likes without explanation and often does — just as water and gas supplies which are often excused by stupid statements thought up by Electricity, Gas and Water Company staff.  Even now, these companies flout the phone system at every move, inconveniencing householders with nuisance calls at all times of the day having obtained data meant to be private, but handed on easily in a single act of financial movement.  One would think there was no telecommunications Act….. to the Energy Companies it doesn’t apply or frighten them, like another corporate giant, BT, they know they have a monopoly on the market. and corporate strength to fight off opponents.  They will win at any cost, and these people aim to stay that way, now, and in the future……playing the game with loaded dice!

Energy Giants cause complaints to double……..N-POWER AND SCOTTISH POWER are both receiving double the amount of public complaints in first quarter of 2014 according to research by Citizens Advice.  Both of these power giants blamed new billing methods for the increase in complaints.  N-POWER’s complaints grew from 306.8 per 100,000 customers to 592.4 per 100,000, while SCOTTISH POWER’s complaint grade rose from 100.5 to 197.7 between January and March.


THE BANK GIANT BARCLAYS was in the news again and this time, it was over their ‘cold calling’ practice on the phones.  The biggest Credit Card Company have been fined £50,000 for the misuse of the telephone system.  The consumer watchdog Ofcom said it was the most serious case of persistent misuse by making silent and abandoned calls on the public phone network.  Had they not been limited by the statutory limit on a fine, they would have imposed a financial penalty that properly reflected the offence Barclay’s committed. 

BARCLAYS BANK PAYS COMPENSATION OVER BAD ADVICE TO CUSTOMER – £200,000 was paid out to Mr  Isaac Price after they had officially advised him to gamble his life savings in one of their schemes.  Once he agreed, his life savings fell at the rate of £70,000 a year.  The Investment fund was said to be safe said Mr.Price of Llandrindod Wells, Powys.  The Barclay’s salesman said the ‘high risk’ fund was completely safe.

BARCLAYS BANK TAX AVOIDANCE SCHEMES finally failed on them as the HMRC demanded they pay £500,000 retrospectively. Analysts said that down at Canary Wharf the Barclays Lawyers were in fact a team of tax avoidance experts using loopholes and interpretation to save Barclays from paying out, but this has now brought about a change. It also came as an embarrassment to the bank after it publicly claimed that it would pay more tax in 2011 meeting in front of media cameras.

BARCLAYS ‘CARD-FRAUD’ NIGHTMARE TO CUSTOMERS — It seems that care for the customer rates very low in the Bank Industry, and Barclays hit number one on this.  It is stated they play mind games, keep people hanging on the telephone line knowing that they are deliberately causing unnecessary expense to the customer and client.  A recent case has alighted the ‘Chip’n’Pin’ flaws that ultimately is being used to penalise the customer. The Industry knows this system is not security proof but remain in denial.  Audrey Bruce, of London, a loyal customer with this bank found herself being doubted and virtually called a liar when she was robbed by an unknown and unidentified person who accessed her account on several occasions. One ‘weird’ incident involved an over-the-counter withdrawal of £6,000. They refused to reimburse Audrey who produced evidence of not being in the bank on the day of question, they didn’t even inform her of the large withdrawal. She only realised things when another few thousand disappeared out of her account.  The bank reversed the phrase –  innocent until proved guilty, and declared her guilty until proved innocent!   They did all they could to fob her off and make things very difficult and unpleasant for her over the months that followed.  She finally asked for the CCTV footage they said confirmed it was her? and let the police have it. When it came to push and shove, hey Presto! the video CCTV had gone missing!   

BARCLAYS BANK announced it was taking on more staff in its CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS Department — not really surprising in that it was voted the worst bank for customer satisfaction.

‘ Barclays Bank prey on the bereaved ‘

WHICH MAGAZINE hit out at the greedy banks who look for easy targets, and Barclays Bank found one in client elderly Miss Valerie Sage.  Her estate was valued at around £650,000 and Barclays were charging her £25,000 as executors.  Relatives said that saleswoman who called on their aunt was very evasive about charges and dodged the issue several times.  When the Berryman’s complained about the charges to their aunt’s estate, they immediately halved the price?  When they approached a probate broker they were amazed to find out the whole thing could be done for £4,450 including its own charge.  WHICH found out that many other High St Banks were charging double the normal rate.

‘ Barclays Bank shares down as complaints go up ‘

259,266 COMPLAINTS WERE LODGED AGAINST BARCLAYS BANK, which accounts for around 2000 customers having issues and grievances against this one bank each day.  A great deal of these involve risky business advice in relation to investments and poor service on the high street.  Most of these reported figures were up to now — kept secret and closely guarded within the banking system in order to create an image that wasn’t true or actually open.  However, due to the difficult process of The Freedom of Information Act, as from Sept the 1st 2010, they will be required to reveal the number of complaints nationally throughout the banking system — it would be fair to say that the banks have resisted this for many years.

‘ Barclays ordered to compensate customers over mis-selling ‘

12,331 BARCLAYS CUSTOMERS TO GET PAYOUT over ‘serious failures ‘ in their organisation. The FSA have ordered that Barclays pay compensation of around £70million to customers who lost out over their handling of an investment scheme. It began when Barclays sold two funds — Aviva and Global to 12,331 investors who put £692million into Barclays thinking it was secure. However, Barclays failed to ensure the funds were suitable for customers or suitably train staff to explain the risks involved.


Independent advice says under the Data Protection Act one is entitled to see the evidence and transaction logs kept, and one should be aware that False claims can be made by the bank as well as anyone else.

Banks are often contradictory and obstructive — being very dismissive of customer claims. Even most companies and organisations play this obstruction card from day one… and this rubs off into public accountability and people too (the likewise factor)     LLOYDS BANK ARE NOTED FOR THIS AS WELL.

‘ Barclays Bank and the Greed Factor — the 2012 Scandal ‘

Waking up to the banks corruption seems to be slow, despite our items indicating this, so in June 2012, another scandal erupts to show how deep this corruption goes —

THE FSA HAVE FINED BARCLAYS BANK £290 MILLION — The case still ongoing relates to bank operatives manipulating the interest rate for their own gain and bonuses…..It was found that they told lies, almost of a criminal nature if it were not for the lack of response by the government to judicially come down hard on ‘white-collar’ crime.  The FSA have watered down the seriousness by uttering excuses and saying it comes under civil offences?  Yet there is a call from the disgusted public for those involved to face criminal charges of fraud, instead of this ‘fines system’ which flies in the face of the ‘rioters’ who were marched off to jail for a lot less in many cases.  These bankers lied for financial gain.  It is said that this bank is only the first to be fined in this scam…RBS, LLOYDS, and HSBC are on the list as well as others. Somebody said ‘ what we have here is just the tip of the iceberg’ and we have said that all along….there is and will be more to come on ‘banks behaving badly’

BARCLAYS BANK CLERK JAILED  — A cashier preyed on an elderly woman and stole £17,500 from her account, Ann Marie Jones from Wrexham took a further £1,000 from 70 year old Margaret Francis’s account and kept her will. She was jailed for fraud and received six months jail by Mold Crown Court. Barclays compensated the victims.

WORST BANK FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BARCLAYS — According to recent reports by WHICH in 2012, Barclays have been shamed over the Price Fixing Saga of ‘The Libor Case’ and 2,538 complaints received at the Which Contact Centre.  The Libor Case has now turned to having Barclays Executives Named… was stated that they had dismissed five employees in an internal investigation shortly after the scandal hit the headlines.  There is currently a trial in the High Court, and around 104 employees could be called as witnesses. Executives, Bob Diamond, Jerry del Missier, Chris Lucas and John Varley may also be called.  Guardian Care Homes have brought a case against Barclays and is seeking £37 million.

BARCLAYS IN SPOTLIGHT OVER RIGGING ENERGY PRICES IN U.S.A. — The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has accused Barclays Bank of rigging energy prices in America. 

‘Barclays Bank rate-fixing Scandal scorned by Bank of England – who are involved ‘

It seems incredible and absolutely shameful that The Bank of England’s boss Mervyn King has had the gall and affront to declare Barclays and other banks as ‘shoddy and deceitful’ when it has emerged that the Bank of England was involved in the cover-up and knew about the rate-fixing when it began.  King of course, does not want an inquiry, a far reaching inquiry….and one can see why.  The mis-selling scandal involving many banks who also manipulated the rates that banks lend to each other, known as libor — silently remained behind closed doors as Bob Diamond the boss of Barclays implicated a ‘small number of people’ of whom were in the government and the Bank of England who urged the rate-fixing in the first place…’oh what a web we weave ‘ Some are saying it was fraud, criminal fraud, but the government are trying to distance themselves from the truth of this statement by declaring black is white and that it wasn’t actually criminal? but only they believe that!

THE LIBOR SCANDAL AND BARCLAYS — Now Barclays are to be investigated over £12 billion Gulf Deals — It seems as if Banks are riddled with corruption, it goes on an on from one scandal to another. They are now being quizzed over Middle East Royal families bunging the bank £12 billion to fend off Nationalisation.  The FSA are still investigating four of its senior employees — one being finance chief Chris Lucas.  There was also the £450 million bill it had to settle for the loan scam in which it was involved in ‘mis-selling’

BARCLAYS BANK TELL ACCIDENT VICTIM ‘SUE US’ When 85 year old Bert Lock fractured his hand after it was trapped in a ‘faulty’ sliding door at the bank.  Bert was visiting the bank in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, to collect bank envelopes.  All went well in the bank until he left and as he got in the doors, he was thrown to the ground when they kept closing…….normally a sensor holds the door and returns it to open when someone approaches it.  After the event a woman called from the bank, no apologies tendered, and told Bert’s daughter, Mrs Walker that ‘if you want any financial help or assistance then you will have to sue us’

BARCLAY’S TOP BOSS GETS £40 MILLION IN SHARES — Fury erupted over Rick Ricci and eight other Barclays Bosses picked up £40 million in shares in a bumper payout, said to be ‘performance related’

BARCLAYS IS FINED $453 MILLION FOR RIGGING — Barclays have been told they must pay the fine by the US Energy Regulators after they upheld the decision and amount of the fine imposed because they believed that Barclays had rigged Californian electricity markets between 2006 and 2008.

‘Barclays receive fine for failures ‘

NO STRANGER TO COMPLAINTS – BARCLAYS is fined £2.3 million because of its failure to keep proper electronic records such as e-mails and instant messaging.  Over a period of 10 years – 2002 to 2012 these failures went unchecked and systematically ignored.  The FSA Regulators made it known to the bank who still continued to not save electronic data over orders and trading……interestingly Barclays don’t think they did any wrong-doing having that attitude — ‘Come and prove it if you can — we’ve got expensive lawyers waiting’……so it has fallen to the U S Regulators to fine Barclays!

‘ Barclays are sued for ‘dark-pool trading’

SYSTEMATIC FRAUD AT BARCLAYS — The Bank has been charged with systematic fraud and deceit against its customers….which includes investment institutions.  It is accused of duping investors who traded shares in the bank’s ‘dark-pool’ — a secretive market where people buy and sell stocks without disclosing information about the transactions according to an American Lawsuit.  If found guilty the Bank could face fines of multi-million sums besides compensation and other lawsuits.  The bank has already had scandals costing them, especially the PPI mis-selling saga.  Lawyers say this dark-pool and rigging system which is full of predators could well cost the bank very seriously.

NB: Will Banks be reigned in? doubtful really, as they are often in bed with the government itself………A report says Banks charge something in the region of £9billion a year on current accounts (2012)….this comes from the Office of Fair-trading, who say little or no interest is being passed onto the customer……just more charges!

‘ Abbey National fined over call centre failures ‘

OFCOM said they had also fined ABBEY NATIONAL over misuse of the telephone system, saying silent calls are a significant cause of inconvenience and anxiety for thousands of people every month.

‘ Other firms fined by Ofcom ‘



The Banks resorted to quietly and secretly putting up interest rates on overdrafts that had already been agreed upon by the customers beforehand.  Small print added by the banks later led to ordinary borrowers finding they had charges of up to 20 per cent more on their accounts. 


The banks were accused of ‘using sharp practices to get back the millions they were forced to refund customers over excessive charges.

‘ LLOYDS BANK accuse pair of innocents of Defrauding the bank ‘

NO APOLOGIES FROM LLOYDS or the police after wrongly identifying two women as suspects in a fraud sting.  The bank handed the wrong photo still from CCTV cameras of Nicola Channing and Julie Evans, the real fraudsters were at an adjacent till.  The innocent women’s photos appeared on Crimestoppers a BBC programme when the trail went cold.  All the bank could offer was sorry, nothing more, yet the damage to their reputations had been done. 

LLOYDS BANK have also been involved in other dubious activities concerning investment mishandling and poor customer relations.

LLOYDS BANK LIKE TO SAY NO TO E-MAIL CONTACT – ‘Contact Us’ cannot be found on any page of the LLoyds web site, and their explanation? — it is a security matter.  This would look good if it were not for the many articles we have showing Lloyds in a very different light.  Lloyds have a problem with open-ness and honesty, something it lacks when dealing with a number of its customers.

LLOYDS SUFFER AS A RESULT OF ITS PPI SCHEMES SCANDAL — Lloyds Bank declared themselves to be in the red by £3.5billion due to paying out compensation to customers it mis-sold (didn’t tell the truth- sold insurance to those who didn’t need it — misled customers) payment protection schemes. 42 per cent of the Lloyds Banking Group is owned by the taxpayer after it was bailed out and given public funds.

LLOYDS IS MOST COMPLAINED ABOUT –Banking group Lloyds have become the worst bank at No1 in 2011- with 20,310 complaints in just one half of the year….Barclays had the distinction of being runner-up in 2nd place.

‘ Highest number of complaints against Lloyds Bank ‘

 LLOYDS BANK are the worst bank with customer complaints.  The Financial Ombudsman received 9,952 individual complaints in the first six months of 2009.  These complaints were about the service, misleading financial advice and trickery by staff who were not properly trained.  BARCLAYS came in as the runner-up having achieved the second spot withy 5,476 complaints about the poor service.  It was said that most of these banks lived in ‘ a denial culture ‘ and were not prepared to face the truth or learn from the bad press.

LLOYDS AND MIS-SELLING PPI CLAIMS — The Bank has announced that it is putting another £1 billion to remedy the growing bill in regard to claims against them by customers who were mis-sold Insurance cover.  Its Bill now is around £5.3 billion, and still could rise further.

‘ Commission Rip-Off by LLoyds Bank ‘

After selling off its private client business to a group of advisors Lloyds wrote to clients offering to dispose of existing holdings and convert them into funds managed by Scottish Widows.  It failed to say that Scottish Widows is owned by Lloyds and is a subsidiary.  Investing client funds would mean Lloyds making huge sums without their clients realizing it.  Clients would be urged to think it was an outside deal they’d invested in.

LLOYDS BANKING CHIEF ERIC DANIELS WALKS AWAY WITH A £6.8MILLION PAY PACKAGE, mostly thanks to the taxpayer.  Daniels was involved in the disastrous Halifax Bank of Scotland fiasco.  LLOYDS is largely owned by the public—41 per cent.  The Scotland bank had bad debts of £20 billion.

‘ Risk Manager at Lloyds steals £80,000 from account ‘

Bank Manager Darren Pease of Romford stole £80,000 out of accounts belonging to his niece and grandmother. one was a trust fund and the other a private investment account.  He was jailed for four years by Basildon Crown Court.

‘ Lloyds TSB let down 91 year old customer in crass refusal ‘

One elderly customer was burgled while she was in hospital, she had an insurance policy with Lloyds, and they refused to pay out because she did not say she was in hospital, so they rejected her claim.  The poor lady had a broken leg, why has she to inform Lloyds, she wasn’t burgled until she was hospitalized.  Thieves smashed open her house door and stole money and valuables.  TSB even lied to cover themselves, they claimed data protection made it difficult.  They have now paid the claim after being shown up, waived the policy excess of £50 and sent £100 of vouchers and flowers as a belated apology.

I would say it’s hard to believe that a bank can be so low, but LLOYDS TSB can.

‘ Lloyds Boss in £2.5million Fraud Case ‘

LLOYDS EXECUTIVE JESSICA HARPER is charged with fraud, she was accused of stealing £2,463,750 from the bank by submitting false paperwork and invoices to claim payments.  The £70,000 a year bank security boss in the digital accounting system committed the fraud over a period and was only found out when the bank carried out an internal investigation was launched in 2011.  She had worked with Lloyds since 2000 and was highly respected and thought of by the Bank.

‘ Lloyds Credit Card Company in bogus 24 hour service ‘

LLOYDS BRIGHTON RUN CREDIT CARD FACILITY run a customer service that boasts of  running 24 hours, and the first thing one notices is that the automotive voice cannot get your credit card number right, and actually repeats it back wrong? Many people who contacted us say that this is a regular feature designed to throw callers off. It then steers the caller on to waiting for a operator in a queue? and having tried this it appears the same queue is there at 2 am and 4 am any evening, which points to a con and a lie. Who has ever heard of hundreds of UK customers hanging around until 5 am just get into the queue; Lloyds want us to believe that in the face of the British Tradition of most folk being in bed after 11pm.

‘ Lloyds Bank con customer into paying twice ‘

INFORMATION sent to us has revealed how a branch in Cosham, Hampshire cheated a loyal customer into paying twice for an account that had been closed some weeks earlier. This bank billed the client for a new month despite one of its staff having closed it for the client and charging the client to the full saying there was no more to pay. Yet the client found another charge being levied on the account and was asked to pay it. A complaint was made but the bank said the original clerk was not in so it would have to be paid. Strangely, if this had been on the other foot the client might have faced a court action fully supported by the law, and showing that the law can have double-standards — and this is not for the first time either.

‘ Poor customer service at Lloyds Bank ‘

We’ve heard of another two cases of incredible awful customer service with this bank. The first concerns the ordering of a cheque book by one customer in early December 2010, and even now in February 2011 it has not materialized. Excuses have taken the shape of — gone missing, and it was your fault, the address was wrong, and of course the ‘ we’ll order you another one ‘ speech.  Another customer got so fed up with waiting for his new cheque book that he actually closed his account with Lloyds and told them what he thought about their service.

‘ Lloyds Bank Payout £3.2billion for treatment to customers ‘

THE HIGH ST BANKING GIANT LLOYDS BANK are having to payout a staggering £3.2billion for running roughshod over customers when mis-selling insurance cover. This came about when the bank dropped their court action to contest claims.  Allegations were made accusing the banks of looking after themselves.

‘ Boy on wanted poster to sue Lloyds ‘

Chistopher Lapworth of Warwickshire found to his disbelief that he was on a police poster and a reward of £500 had been offered for his apprehension. It was said by police who are also being sued, that Lloyds Bank made the error and picked him out as being a robber on their ATM camera system.

‘ Banks deprive their customers of a tax bonus ‘

A report has revealed that many banks are pocketing tax benefits meant for savers.  One of the worst offenders is LLOYDS TSB BANK.  The most common investment is the ISA and banks are conveniently playing around with the rates so that they get the bonus rather than the customer.

‘ Lloyds fined £28 million for poor practices ‘

Yet again LLOYDS  find themselves caught and duly fined by the Regulator — time and time again Lloyds pay another fine for giving the customer the ‘brush off’ and operating ‘a toxic sales culture’ which of course led to mis-selling by staff.  It is stated that this all operates around policies that not only encourage, but force staff to deceiver the customer and get as much as they can out of them.  Bonuses and demotion are quoted in the statement…… yet Lloyds will go on…….just like the previous cases………fines can be paid and Lloyds know that.

‘ Lloyds snub loyal 40 year customer ‘

‘PROVE THAT YOU ARE REAL CUSTOMERS’……that’s what Lloyds did to customers in this entry.  R.C. of Epsom said they like to use a Club Lloyds account which pays interest on balances of up to £5,000.  The customer easily qualified for this on the amount they pay in each month…..and they liked it to be by direct debit so that they could manage it themselves.  but they were asked to provide proof of two direct debits going out each month to qualify….yet these customers have banked at the same branch for 40 years.

‘Lloyds in trouble again over Libor Scandal ‘

LLOYDS BANK are yet again facing a hefty fine (2014) in connection with ‘The Libor Price Fixing Scandal’… The Banking group have announced that they will be investigating around 15 staff members in an attempt to seize bonuses paid during the ‘manipulation’ of Libor Interest Rates.  The bank said settlements are to be agreed in several claims as it waits to find out how much it is to be fined in the USA.  Speculators are expecting the fine to be around £200 million plus.  It also revealed that Lloyds had suspended half of the fifteen to be investigated.

‘ HSBC Bank in Madoff Fraud Scandal is sued ‘

THE HSBC BANK IS BEING SUED FOR £5.7Billion over their involvement in the Madoff Fraud. Irving Picard the court appointed trustee said that HSBC had facilitated Madoff’s £40billion swindle.  He accused the bank of being ‘ deliberately blind’ to what was going on. Picard has also sued Wall St and the bank JP Morgan Chase.

‘ HSBC is fined record amount of £10.5million for mis-selling ‘

THE FSA ANNOUNCED IN DECEMBER 2011 that HSBC have been fined £10.5million after selling policies and deals to mostly those who were 85yrs and over — who would benefit very little from it and in many cases find themselves penalized monetary-wise. It agreed that this should not have happened and has now said it will pay out compensation of £29million. Some figures say this is around £12,000 to 2000 people, but it is probably higher. Even Help the Aged, the charity once backed these deals without realising how awful they were to the very people who they profess to help. Many pensioners who were advised and duped into these deals are now unfortunately deceased and what happened clearly did them no good, nor are they around to be compensated.

HSBC IN OVERDRAFT CHARGES RIP-OFF — Howard Rutherford suffered badly at the hands of this uncaring bank who showed no concern or care for a client, they put charge on charge and failed to notify him or keep him informed of how changes would affect him. Things got so bad that he had a possession order against him and almost lost his house over a small amount that was allowed to spiral to unimaginable proportions.  At one time, the bank were taking half of his monthly income in charges and interests. This happened to coincide with the anger at the banks called ‘the bank rip-offs’ when thousands stood up to banks and demanded repayment of unreasonable overdraft charges. 


‘ HSBC knew all about the money laundering but did nothing’

At an inquiry into the serious underhand activities of banking, it was revealed that the HSBC boss Stephen Green knew about money-laundering in the banks for seven years –as far back as 2005, but said nothing about it.  Even the bank’s compliance chief David Bagley quit and said that staff at the bank’s Mexican Subsidiary forged paperwork designed to help prevent money-laundering?  It also came out that Senior persons within the compliance unit fabricated records in order to prevent detection of the wrongdoing.

HSBC FINED £1.2 BILLION BY USA REGULATORS OVER MONEY-LAUNDERING AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES — The highest ever fine has been imposed on giant banking group HSBC.  Sources say that inside the bank it was known that money was not being checked as it made its way from drug cartels and countries that were viewed as corrupt.  The bank checking system did not seem to apply, where ordinary everyday customers suffered humiliating checks on accounts…….the company believe that this sum will cover other issues outstanding and under investigation bringing the episode to a close?  Criminal charges being urged have not been adequately addressed, said a spokesman, this side of it seems very obscure and we are getting words like ‘we shall have to see’ being used, most likely so that a ‘watered down effort’ can be used to sideline this ‘touchy’ issue.

In addition, it was revealed that from 2002 to 2010 during the time HSBC were in the habit of laundering cash for drug barons and dictatorship regimes, Mr Green now a Government Minister, was their Chief Executive, and he walked away with a pension of £19 million.  In relation to the exposed criminal activity of HSBC, he said the situation was ‘regrettable’

HSBC ACCUSED IN FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS — Argentina’s Tax Agency say they uncovered £51 million in fraudulent transactions by the HSBC Bank — they have asked the Judicial System to order an investigation.

HSBC IN LAWSUIT — The Company  are to fight a £1.5 billion class action lawsuit in the USA over the selling of sub-prime mortgages……the suit was filed in 2002…..and concerns charges of fraudulently misleading investors.

‘ The HSBC AFFAIR and Scandal ‘

THE GOVERNMENT, A BANK, AND A FRAUD — All elements of a neat little grab and snatch that involves tax evasion on a huge scale, with a government pretending not to know.  But one of those HSBC men present at that company when the deals were done and evasion, avoidance, whatever, was David Cameron’s appointed Minister Lord Stephen Green (who wouldn’t say anything on a Panorama programme)…who was made a peer by Cameron’s government….this man refused to talk about the tax situation and Swiss Branch Bank of HSBC.  He spent three years as a minister when thousands of clients were exposed by a whistleblower who grabbed many thousands of data on people and firms involved in a tax scam.  The scam was exposed for five years in France first before the dossier was sent to the HMRC in 2015.  Lord Green was Head of the HSBC during some of this period,,,but denies all.  THE HSBC Offices were raided in Geneva as this became a criminal inquiry as Swiss Prosecutors launched the investigation into HSBC.  Swiss Whistleblower Herve Falcianni grabbed documents to expose the fraud and gave them to the French Government.  Cameron was questioned about links to the scam but has remained quiet and scathing when others have pushed him on the subject, especially the hiring of Lord Green.  the inquiry is going slow! and looks set for being after the election, who’d guess that? and their are rumours that HSBC may have a few more skeletons in the closet?

THE GOVERNMENT BANK NS&I ARE CHEATING THE PENSIONER – around 8,000 pensioners have lost out in the National Savings Scheme it has been revealed.  The bank have used the excuse ‘ technical problems’ to cover their mismanagement of pensioners savings.

‘ Banks have been profiteering again at the customers expense ‘

A REPORT LEAKED has shown that withdrawals from a branch-based ATM to be 28p and 40p for a machine.  A financial watchdog has written to the Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers over this matter.  The Banks argued that reports by Don Cruickshank were not correct, but the Director General of Fair Trading, John Bridgeman has launched an investigation on behalf of the customers.

‘ Banks target the vulnerable in bid for profits ‘

CUSTOMERS ARE BEING PUSHED INTO FEE-CHARGED ACCOUNTS – and those customers that appear to be naive to greedy staff are the main victims of this action.  They are steered to take premium accounts which are costing the customer £150 a year.  NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK was one such case who sold an account with perks to an elderly lady who could not possibly gain by such a deal.  LLOYDS BANK argued about their methods of business and have applied for their case to go before a senior ombudsman.  They also refused to pay £100 compensation to a cheated saver.  This case went before a senior ombudsman who found for the saver and Lloyds had to pay compensation of £350.

‘ Banks accused of double-standards and deceit ‘

A LEADING CREDIT CARD FRAUD EXPERT SAYS BANKS ARE DECEIVING CUSTOMERS and have been for a very long time. He said the pin situation was not as banks said it was ‘foolproof ‘ and they continue to be blinkered and not own up to cases where fraud has happened in regard to the chip and pin process. One case in particular highlighted this – A woman who was a civilian worker with the police found that her EGG credit card account had been plundered by someone else; she had stopped the account months before and cut up the card. She reported this and soon she entered a nightmare not of her own doing. EGG accused her of fraud, and to her amazement ten cops swooped on her home, searched it and arrested her — the same cops she worked with? One woman cop whom she knew stood and watched her dress in the bedroom which was highly embarrassing. She was suspended from her job and suffered being under suspicion and stress for many months. However, luckily, she got help and the expert uncovered how it had been done. EGG suddenly made a turnabout, and she was acquitted at the court hearing. She got no apology from EGG who thought a mere £700 would take care of the mistake, and the police as usual made no attempt to be sorry, but said she was re-instated. The expert said on camera that had the case been in the U.S. they would have been paying up to $1million dollars in compensation, and quite rightly so.  The police should have been sued, collectively or individually and it should have been a claim for around £200,000.

‘ Banks attempt to muzzle watchdog team ‘

In 2000, well before the Bank scandal of 2008 made serious attempts to silence a watchdog committee according to Don Cruickshank who headed the inquiry.  He accused the banks of ripping off the public to the tune of £5billion a year.  But the British Bankers Association Tim Sweeney dismissed the report and had strong objections as they reflected restrictions of flexibility in the financial sector.  Mr. Sweeney denied that banks do not care about customer complaints.  His objections to the Watchdog horrified consumer groups who wanted the Government to implement the Cruickshank recommendations as soon as possible.  As a result, the ‘ policing Authority’ recommended to prevent bank ‘rip-offs’ was put on hold.

In March of 2007 a report from a whistleblower revealed bank swindles and overcharging by Lloyds and other  banks in an article ‘ Banks and Corruption ‘

And in 2008, we saw the results — bust banks, big bonuses and a recession brought about by bank greed.

‘Banks have been discovered sending fraudulent letters ‘

WONGA DID IT, AND NOW BANKS have been sending ‘fake legal demand’ letters to customers.  BARCLAYS, LLOYDS, HALIFAX, RBS and HSBC have been trying to frighten people by sending customers letters that appear to be from outside legal firms, when they are not.  The report says that Energy Firms have been doing the same and MP’s have said these are ‘dishonest and distressing tactics’   Peter Killan who received a ‘threatening letter’ said it looked like a legal thing based on a debt collection notice, and found it very frightening.

‘ Abbey – Santander, the Banking Society that likes to say No ‘

ABBEY MAY FIND ITSELF BEING SUED over it’s jobs worth response to a depositor who needed his cash for a house purchase which they refused to do.  They claimed the necessary security precautions over ID and crime meant they could not process the bank draft even though it was the customer’s money.  The need for exceptional ID meant the man could not provide the extremes needed to satisfy staff.  Well folks, the staff at Abbey are not entirely honest just as some of the senior management at this bank.  We have info going over some years that shows fraud within their own ranks, yet no one was brought to book.  They have intimidated investigations in past years and as far as being transparent, the fog appears very thick.  If you want to lock yourself out from your money then bank with them, but if you heed this case, then steer clear of investing in Abbey and take your money elsewhere.


SANTANDER – ABBEY ACT DESPICABLY TOWARDS CUSTOMERS — D.M. of Canturbury had the debt collectors swoop on her by order of Santander, and why? — she had a fraudulent cheque placed in her account for £9,000, and she respectfully informed them she wasn’t expecting it or really knew anything about it and they ought to know.  They never replied but instead – FROZE HER ACCOUNT — and later had the cheek to inform her that the account was overdrawn by £1,800 — and sent in the debt collectors?  She has asked for explanations on several occasions but Santander ignore her despite the fact that she is a customer.  The account was frozen for five months, Santander have decided to play the ‘ confused we don’t know’ card and arranged for the debt to be called back and end the matter.  But it still doesn’t excuse their shoddy unprofessional service.

SANTANDER DENY SISTERS ACCESS TO BANK ACCOUNTS — Two sisters Victoria and Virginia Spill suddenly found they could not access their accounts because Santander kept getting the accounts mixed up.  A catalogue of errors by the banking firm led to Victoria being shut out of her ISA because it had been transferred to her sister’s account. Statements were wrong and often sent to the wrong person, and staff seemed to be unable to understand or be willing to use commonsense.  Amid a tide of complaints against them, a Santander spokesperson said the problem had been investigated and as a gesture of goodwill they sent £50.

Santander lost Isa for 60 days — Marjorie Adderly applied to transfer her £28,000 Isa to M&S Money, but they never received it from Santander.  She phoned them repeatedly and was fobbed off by staff, and this lasted 60 days.  Santander because of pressure gave Marjorie £50 for the inconvenience they had caused.Heather Ward’s savings just vanished at Santander, after transferring cash from her Isa. When she looked at her account later she found no mention of the account — it had disappeared.  SAhe wrote and phoned Santander to no avail, deaf ears prevailed

Mark and Penny Norman are deeply annoyed with the service they get at Santander. Their problems started when they tried to transfer their Isa to Yorkshire BS. Penny from Ipswich said she has moved all her savings from Santander because of the awful service, She was promised action and call backs, but no one did and the problem just went round in circles. When it was eventually sorted out, all Santander could say was ‘ sorry ‘

Roger Pipe of Essex tried to transfer £5,100 from an account to his Santander cash Isa, but the money disappeared for six weeks even though it had been taken from his other account.

Norman Payne transferred his money from Giro Bank to SANTANDER in the hope he had chosen the right bank, but alas, what a mistake to make!  he suddenly had two account numbers and sort codes for one account? and demands for all sorts after Santander failed to pay most of his direct debits.

John Gorrod mailed Santander £5,100 to open an ISA account, but they lost his application. He then had to do all the running about because of their mess. It took ages and he lost out in the end.

Sue Anderson had a joint account with her sister in Santander.  All they asked, and wished they hadn’t six months later, for an address change on the account.  It went onto involve letters and phone calls, being put on hold and generally being messed about by staff who couldn’t care less.

Steve Boyle had an account with Santander, he switched his Alliance and Leicester account to Santander and when he applied for a credit card — it was rejected because Santander had the incorrect details on file.

One couple, Reuben and Val Goldthorpe found £5,100 in their Santander account which was not theirs.  It took them more than two months to remove the money after many phone calls. They even had trouble with the taxman over it and it took over three months for the bungling bank to write a letter of explanation which they had to send to the local tax office. They later switched their account to another bank.

Ricky Kasabi closed his account with Santander after they showed not the slightest commonsense over a credit card security question.  Instead they froze his account when his he quoted eight, which he took from his house number in North London.  Things got so bad that he had to visit his local branch with his passport and found out a computer glitch at put an ‘0’ in front of the 8, and he had no idea about that. As soon as it was cleared up he closed the account right there and then.

Helen Taylor of Huddersfield became another victim of Santander…..she reported a fraud to them, and that one single fraud transaction made a mess of her account….and the matter was not resolved for two years.  Her credit rating was affected, she opened a new account, but still the problem existed.   No matter what she did the thing grew to epic proportions….until they finally owned up to having caused the ‘mistake’ themselves, and they sent her a payment of £495 compensation!

SANTANDER STILL TOP THE LIST FOR THE WORST BANKS — It has a record number of complaints mainly to do with customer service, poor and quite often — disastrous advice according to a new report. A quarter of a million people were caught in dispute with the company over overdraft charges. In just six months there were 1.4million complaints. LLOYDS and THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND receive 3,600 complaints a day between them, which is lower than 11,000 a day that SANTANDER get. The report slammed the top six banks saying they hardly ever apologised for their errors and most of the time ignored customer complaints. BARCLAYS received 259,717 complaints about their poor customer service. The Financial Ombudsman Service is being overwhelmed by the size of their mailbag requiring them to investigate complaints.

SANTANDER CUSTOMER ACCOUNT SECURITY FAILURE — A report has revealed that this banking giant has sent 35,000 bank statements to the wrong addresses.  The statements contained not only account details but personal account numbers and details. Santander are stated to be playing down the claim of it giving data useful to any criminal element. The banking giant could now face hefty fines from the banks watchdog the FSA..




SANTANDER fail yet another customer with poor service — Dartford customer Ms R.B. attempted to withdraw £250 from the Santander cash machine in Bluewater, Kent. The machine paid no money out. A Santander advisor told them to wait by the machine and sent out another employee to look into things outside with the customer. They retrieved the bank card telling the customer the machine was at fault and that no money had been withdrawn from the account.  The customer later tried another machine and the money was refused saying that a sum of £250 had already been paid saying they had exceeded the daily limit. 

SANTANDER REFUSE HELP OVER MYSTERIOUS TRANSACTION — a transaction that was not made by their customer.  Paul Saunders and his wife in Caerphilly, South Wales have been trying for two years to get back £540 from Santander after the sum was withdrawn from his account in three separate transactions by someone else….but Santander says it will not compensate them for the missing money!

SANTANDER INVESTIGATION DROPPED BY JUDGE WHO FACES COURT ACTION — Judge Baltasar Garzon. one of Spain’s top judges is currently facing charges of overstepping his authority and misconduct in that he ruled that an investigation into Santander’s boss should be dropped. He is also said to have illegally authorised police to record conversations between lawyers and clients. If he is convicted he could be suspended from the legal profession for 20 years.

SANTANDER MAKE £25,000 DISAPPEAR FROM OLD CLIENT ACCOUNT — Customer Linda, who banked with the Halifax in the 1990’s left the sum of £25,000 in her account for a ‘rainy day’….so in a deposit account this money stayed for over ten years.  Linda and her husband had an idea for the house and decided the money would now be needed.  She decided to withdraw the money and took her paying in book to get it from Santander who took over the Halifax.  It wasn’t there! the money had vanished…..they pathetically claimed she’d probably taken it, but the book has to be used, and there id no stamped withdrawal……she took the case to the banking Ombudsman who amazingly came down on the side of the bank!…….so effectively, they have stolen her money!

ANOTHER CASE OF VANISHING MONEY — SANTANDER made £8,000 disappear from Valentine Brown’s Savings Account, and wouldn’t pay him back.  They actually had the cheek to say that he was either mistaken or couldn’t remember withdrawing the money.  But he didn’t do either, and the bank actually closed the account without notifying him.  Sadly for Mr Brown, even the Financial Ombudsman backed Santander despite making the comments that the evidence provided by Santander was incomplete using words like ‘indicates’ which is mere conjecture.  There was no record of a withdrawal in his bank book….but Santander said old accounts where the money was not being put in at intervals often showed no action, and besides that they destroyed paperwork after six years.  Two more cases, John, had £1356 in his account and Santander refused to pay up saying it was closed and he must have taken it.  Avril had £1700 plus, and again she lost it with the Ombudsman backing the bank on the ‘probability’ that she had taken it.    Santander achieved the status of being in the lowest in thirty worst banks voted by the customer.

Santander had 85 complaints regarding vanishing money via deposit accounts, and only 4 complainants got their money back.

Although this next item wasn’t Santander but another bank — read on — One local bank made a pensioner’s account containing £97,000 disappear…… saying that the elderly lady had withdrawn the cash and closed the account.  They continued to fob off and obstruct the claim…..virtually calling the customer a liar.  Eventually the lady got help and representation arrived at the bank.  They still refused to accept that they were liable for the money and refused to pay it back.  The Representation threatened to bring in the police….and hey presto, after a while they ‘miraculously’ recovered the old account, saying there had been an IT error?

‘ Credit Card Customers are being charged by sneak fees and charges ‘

SANTANDER charge customers a £10 fee for non use of their cards the report says, and only mention this in the very small print that many people cannot read or even notice. The report revealed that these firms offering the cards were continually trying to profit in a sneaky way, other firms mentioned are – DEBENHAMS – HOUSE OF FRASER – TOPSHOP – LAURA ASHLEY – DOROTHY PERKINS – and the Amex platinum cashback card.

SANTANDER CHIEF EXECUTIVE RESIGNS — A Legal Dispute has forced Santander’s Chief Executive Alfredo Saenz to quit his position as the Head of the Eurozone’s largest Bank….following a lengthy and damaging legal dispute since he was convicted of making false accusations against debtors while he was in charge of the Banesto Bank in 2003 before it was taken over by Santander.  It was reported that he received a suspended prison sentence in 2009 (but was later pardoned by the former Spanish Prime Minister).  The pardon has now been overturned by Spain’s Supreme Court who are to reinstate the conviction, which has now compromised his current position.

SANTANDER IN ‘ADVICE’ FINED £12 MILLION — Santander were fined £12 million, its UK Bank was fined by the City Regulator, The Financial Conduct Authority.  This was over its Retail Investment Advice, the Regulator said there were ‘serious failings in the way it offered financial advice’ with customers….and has ordered them to contact all affected customers, and where necessary, pay them compensation.

BANKS SAY NOTHING ABOUT HOW EASY THEY MAKE YOUR MONEY VULNERABLE TO THEFT ON THE INTERNET — A report says millions of customers are at risk because of three major banks. The report highlights the fact that accounts are plundered by online fraudsters who have no problems in lifting cash from many bank accounts deemed to be safe by the banks.  The banks named are the HALIFAX, LLOYDS and RBS

‘ Customers to pay for bank errors at the Clydesdale ‘

CLYDESDALE BANK ALONG WITH THE YORKSHIRE BANK were reported to have made errors and mistakes for years in regard to client mortgage payments  — now they want these customers to pay for the bank’s errors, because mistakes happened that were not picked up when the mortgage arrangements were entered into with the customer — report July 2010.

‘ National Westminster Bank told staff to deceive clients ‘

In 2001 a memo revealed that Nat West Bank management told staff throughout their many branches to con clients into keeping their savings in low interest accounts.  Staff were told they could earn bigger and better bonuses by urging customers to purchase poorer products rather than get a good return on their investments.  The internal memo said the best accounts E-Savings and Savings Direct should not be offered, except as a defensive measure to appease a customer if it looked like they would cancel their account.  The Rip-Off as described by Mike McAteer of the Consumers Association is unacceptable and shoddy behaviour — this came at a time when the four major banks made £20 billion in profits amid falling returns for savers.

NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK MISLEAD THE PUBLIC — A watchdog report banned a television advert that told customers they were open on Saturdays. The lie was uncovered when it was revealed that only 43 per cent of the branches were open out of 1500 leaving 877 still closed. The Advertising Standards Authority said it was totally misleading to the 7.5 million customers, and was a disgrace.

NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK BLAME COMPUTER FOR OWN FAILURES — June 2012, A crisis at Nat West Banking led to millions of customers being unable to access their accounts because the computer system locked them out.  This screwed up customers bank accounts despite previous adverts on TV extolling the virtues of safe, secure and reliable banking were promised and assured to all Nat West Customers. It is said the ‘glitch’ also affected RBS of Scotland, but this did nothing for the angry customers whose standing orders and bills were not being paid on time.  ‘Weak apologies were being given by the bank’ and information being given out was ‘vague’ and unconvincing. They said things like ‘ the issues have been addressed but we are still working on it?’ which indicates this statement was issued to allow time. As to the thoughts of compensation? they are not offering a penny towards people’s inconvenience of being compromised with late payment fines which in many cases is triggered immediately one defaults by reason of date.  Apologies are worth NOTHING!

NATWEST IT PROBLEM — caused a man to be held in prison over a weekend because his bail payment could not be honoured — This man has just cause to sue Nat West and the judiciary for ‘unwarranted detention’ or ‘unlawful imprisonment (due to the fact they were aware of the Nat West Bank problems).

NAT WEST BANK BULLIES DEBTORS — The National Westminster Bank which was bailed out by the taxpayers was found guilty of using nasty tactics by the Office of Fair Trading.  They ordered RBS-Nat West to stop their bullying and harassment campaign to threaten people who were doing their best to cope with and pay off their debt to the bank.  The Watchdog said the bank had used the courts to get charging orders which transfer these debts to customers homes, already knowing that they gave assurances that the unsecured loans would not cause any client to lose their home…..yet they were actively engaged in this with an eye on snatching a share of the sale price…..and be in a position to apply to the courts to force a sale.   

NAT WEST BANK AND THE MISSING MONEY — A Customer’s Money!  Ray Francis (who was a retired bank manager in fact) had two Isa’s and dealt with Northern Rock — he decided after cashing them £16,000 that he would transfer to The National Westminster Bank.  All seemed well and he was assured by Northern Rock that they had sent the cheques to Nat West.  When he checked his account with Nat West the money was not there, and the bank said it was not their fault, and in a carefree couldn’t care less fashion, they said he ought to chase Northern Rock.  After giving him this cold shoulder treatment he took things further, and eventually Nat West owned up that the cheques had gone missing in their system.  His account was reinstated with the £16,000 and they sent him a ‘Good will Gesture’ of £790.

NB: as one observer noted — this in stark contrast to the generosity of the public who bailed them out to the tune of £45 billion.


BARCLAYS, WESTMINSTER, LLOYDS AND OTHERS are actively writing their own conditions and calling it LAW.  The F.S.A. a regulating authority have stated that payment should be immediately paid when credit cards are stolen and used — but the banks claim they cannot release funds to cover this because of fraud investigations  — what about banks defrauding customers?  — nothing much said about that  — or laws eager to tackle the banks.  The so-called Financial Ombudsman is in many ways — USELESS, and customers are expected to accept this without question   — when in fact — without the customers the banks would not exist.  One case cited concerned a woman customer of BARCLAYS who had her credit card stolen and used.  The thief was caught and convicted, BARCLAYS  still did not pay compensation despite this proving that the woman had no blame in the incident or behaved responsibly.  BARCLAYS if you remember was involved in South African arms deals and money laundering to support these awful causes (that Britain at one time deplored — but secretly assisted).

BANK COMPLAINTS STILL HIGH — THE THREE TOP OF THE LIST ARE — BARCLAYS,  LLOYDS TSB and SANTANDER — 1300 a day against Barclays, around 1200 for LLoyds and just under that for Santander.

‘ £62 billion ‘ Secret Loans’ by the Bank Of England exposed ‘

DECEPTION YET AGAIN, — Criminal Law has a section under ‘ Deception’ but Solicitors, Barristers and Crown Agents including Civil Servants are conveniently immune from prosecution under the Deception requirements and that shows that lies and double standards were catered for when they were finally made Law — but, all Laws are passed by Parliament — by Lawyers and Politicians — so what else can be expected when they have a self-written pass to corruption.  A year ago in October 2008, before the bank bubble broke revealing ‘ toxic loans’ the Bank of England secretly loaned The Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS and Lloyd TSB ( and others) a staggering £62 billion and shareholders at Lloyds were not told a thing.  Transparency and Public Accountability was voiced and promised by the Government when the next amount to bail out the banks followed — yet they still indulged in secrecy and continue to do so in the light of this secret being revealed.  This clearly shows that no amount of denials can cover the fact that the government lies and hides the truth when convenient.

‘ Ombudsman reveals that Banks are yet again breaking the rules ‘

Despite the articles we feature here about bank corruption, they continue to flout the rules while standing firm on how good they are and what changes they have done.  The Ombudsman recently came out and said they are still failing to handle the payment protection insurance and that their claims that complaints are reducing are in fact — a lie.  Complaints are up a staggering 45 per cent on last year and the banks are blatantly claiming their prediction of complaints falling is on target.  Two million people have been miss- sold payment protection insurance leaving consumers out of pocket.  High Street brokers SWINTON were FINED £770,000 for its part in miss-selling and was ordered to refund £7.8million in premiums to around half a million customers.

‘ Banks dismiss 300,00 complaints and flout the warnings ‘

YES, THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN, MAKING THEMSELVES THE LAW — mis-sold payment insurance, denied refunds totalling thousands of pounds for rip-off protection insurance is still going on because of bank greed and staff who have been told to reject complaints.  The FSA have found that this attitude by the banks is forcing too many into having to take up their cases with the Ombudsman.  From our articles, and there are many, the banks could not care less about warnings as they are clearly beyond the law and have no desire to adhere to it.  There is an amazing 1000 complaints a week, many of these being ignored, deliberately misled and others being railroaded by the banks.  We have a week government who worship money, and the banks are untouchable because of this despite the fact that it isn’t really their money.  People deposit money into banks, investors put money into banks and finally — the taxpayer props up banks, but this has no sway whatsoever when you have bank corruption on such a large scale.

‘ WHICH magazine slams LLoyds and Santander for poor service ‘

THE LATEST SURVEY ON BANK PERFORMANCE BY WHICH reveals that LLoyds and Santander are in the bottom three of the poorest performing banks in relation to customer service and good value.  The survey suggests they go back to the drawing board in regard of training, as staff do not meet up to the needs of customers and flagrantly flout all the rules in order to protect the bank’s interests rather than the customers who actually put cash in to them.  Time and time again we have highlighted and featured these banks and their fiddles, but nothing gets changed, not even the boring rhetoric from the banks spokesperson who regularly spouts rubbish about how well they are addressing the problems when in fact they haven’t a clue.

‘ Secrecy in Bank Investigations rules yet again ‘

It came to light on a channel 4 news item that the FSO who were conducting an inquiry into the bankers over the financial mess they spawned, and their huge bonuses, are being shielded from the public by a gagging order which has not been challenged by this ‘ transparent and clean ‘ government. A secrecy now exists with the findings, a secrecy the last government were keen to tell us would no longer exist and a freedom of information that looks as fake as the government does. Remember Accountability, well we said earlier that you will not get it from any government that perpetuates secrecy and corruption, and here they are again allowing big bankers bonuses and very little if none — truth or accountability.

‘ The Greatest Banking Swindle of all time ‘

THIS GOVERNMENT AND THE BANKING FRATERNITY OF THE UK PULLED OFF THE SWINDLE OF A LIFETIME, yes indeed, the rich got richer and the poor have been conned and used to scrimp and save to fund the lifestyles of banking investors, the rich, and the privileged. When one looks at the so-called bank collapse, no-one in the banking industry were that worried or showed the least signs of being troubled. They knew and counted on a rescue because it had to be and they were dictating the terms, and always have, and will. Even now while the country forks out to prop up the system, they yet again help themselves to the billions of bonus money and dare anyone to stop them.  These elite were always there, plundering the wealth of others and paying themselves well over the odds to secure power for those that they really served. Not ‘ Joe Bloggs ‘ but the powerful, authority, politicians and business moguls, some of those that still get up to insider dealing, fraud so huge, that to discover it would only hurt those investigating. That’s business, banking on getting very rich and never losing no matter how the dice are tossed.

‘ Banks to pay more big bonuses in 2011 ‘

THESE UNTOUCHABLES ARE YET AGAIN PAYING BIG BONUSES – Despite the new Lib-Con government and its promises of a shake-up in the banks, bankers are set to receive more super big bonuses. JP MORGAN CHASE have defied this government with ease and self assurance — they intend to lift the bonuses pot by 4 per cent to neatly nine billion dollars. The Investment Bank pays no heed to world cries. MORGAN CHASE said they had spent £17.7billion worldwide on pay and bonuses. David Hillman spokesman for The Robin Hood Tax Campaign is calling for a global tax on these banks saying ‘ if they can afford to pay more to staff then they should pay more in taxes ‘ Figures released show that an average London Banker earned around £150,000 a year.

‘ Disgraced Bank Chiefs make legal bid to gag public from information ‘

TWO MAJOR BANK FIGURES who were involved in the banking crash have launched a legal battle with the Watchdog Committee to have information censored in order to prevent the public from knowing what happened. Sir Fred Goodwin and Peter Cummings former senior executives clashed with the Regulator and contacted lawyers to suppress and silence the coming FSA report, which has already been delayed by the banks. They are fighting to avoid details being placed in the public domain, this flies in the face of accountability and supposed transparency and the taxpayers bail out to these firms to the sum of £65billion. It also shows the bigger you are the more you can get away with it. —- Power does breed corruption.

‘ Banks revel in Deceit ‘

Yet again the shame returns to banking and the low standards they achieve — WHICH  reported on the complex overdraft charges that banking lawyers have invented for their masters to fleece and extort out of customers who find the system very difficult to understand. Accusations that this is deliberate is now believed as the banks extort the maximum capital from those who unwittingly borrow too much.

‘The Holidaymakers ripped-off by Banks ‘

It doesn’t seem to change no matter how many items we publish on the banking system, they neither atone or care, so we will just carry on like them….. and what next? ”’ Yes, they are now exploiting and extorting yet more cash from the public, the holiday maker and the exchange rates. A report says they are making £millions on exorbitant fees on debit cards.  It says holidaymakers are being charged well over two pounds to withdraw twenty euros which is around sixteen pounds at an ATM. The report says that these fees are not up front and more often than not put into small print hidden by the forest of other jargon.

‘Banks Accused of Serious Misconduct ‘

THE FSA has strongly criticised THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND saying that they will be subject of hefty fines for serious misconduct. The FSA said there had been a reckless culture where staff were to focus on signing up more borrowers to raise revenue while playing down the risks.

HBOS BANK IGNORES THE RISKS – HBOS was found guilty of serious misconduct by the FSA who said there was a ‘collective denial’ in the bank over the banking crisis. The FSA said there had been ‘severe’ failings and that the bank had only just escaped a substantial financial penalty.

‘ Standard Chartered Bank pay over £300 million to US to make the problem disappear ‘  AFTER DENIALS and a battle that has lost them millions in share prices, the Standard Chartered Bank finally owned up to having ‘done a little money-laundering’ by paying out multi millions to the New York Department of Financial Services, who branded the bank as a ‘rogue institution’ whose dealings with Iran plus the ‘denied’ claims it hid transactions of £160 billion from the Regulators crossing Britain to the USA. The bank said they were settling the matter to bring a close to the revelations that have been released and anymore that might have been.    Interestingly like others caught in the cash till, they say it was all to do with ‘administrative errors’

‘ Banks in push to cease ‘free banking’ after their own criminal scandal ‘

Actually, there are no ‘free banking deals’ — research shows that banks are already charging in other ways by subterfuge and covert activities fuelled by their greed to elicit payments in any way they can by means fair or foul. The fact that banks can get away with engaging in criminal deceit and fraud is now firmly established as the Judiciary shy away from taking proper action because the government thinks this is unwise!  The LIBOR SCAM has taken no prisoners in the UK Banks, quite the opposite really…but what is now emerging is their new requests for ‘all bank accounts to be charged for’ despite fleecing the customer by way of being bailed out for millions by the taxpayer, paying themselves huge bonuses and sticking two fingers up at the public. Extortion is an ugly word, once having legal properties…but for banks it is a byword and practise they may pursue without interference….that is the power of banks today. Mike O’Connor of the watchdog Focus said ‘ customers are already facing indirect costs, poor service and customer care along with immoral sales techniques and this moves adds more to that — yet it is the people and customers supporting this institution that has no qualms about inflicting it’s perverse regulations and demands on them with as little accountability as possible.’

WHICH MAGAZINE have revealed that some ‘overdraft’ customers are being charged up to £900 a year — and others are paying penalty charges of £20 plus for late payments – penalties incurred by Mail Deliveries and transfers being held-up between accounts — the banks do not feel obliged to overlook this, yet pay nothing in compensation for their own errors unless forced to do so by the Ombudsman — and even then, they take their time knowing it annoys the aggrieved customer.

‘UBS Bank fined over Fraud ‘

THE FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY FINE UBS BANK £29.7MILLION OVER ADOBOLI FRAUD – for failing to stop rogue trader Kweku Adoboli who was recently jailed.  The fine was based on fifteen per cent of the bank’s annual revenue.

‘ RBS Face Criminal Charges in Libor Case ‘

THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND are facing criminal charges in the USA over the Libor Price-Fixing Scandal. US Attorneys say that its traders fixed the interest rates in order to deceive investors.  They say a fine  in the region of £500million must be considered over the wrong-doing at the bank (as it was with Barclays which paid £290m), the bank watchdog says pleading to criminal charges could expose the bank to huge civil actions in the American courts.


‘ RBS to be investigated by police ‘

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND — are to be investigated for wrong-doing after an FSO Inquiry.  The FSO was examining the Bank’s behaviour after being alerted to a Civil Case against RBS  which concerned a former client who had his assets seized by the bank.  This uncovered ‘serious allegations’ that the bank were defrauding companies and forcing some to close.  The businessman presented the City of London Police with a dossier supporting his civil action.

FORMER GOVERNMENT ADVISOR SAYS RBS GAVE MISLEADING EVIDENCE — Lawrence Tomlinson a pillar of the financial institutions says RBS executives are making a mockery of the system.  Lawrence was for a time a chosen one, and was with Vince Cable’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills.  It is reported that he ignited a storm of controversy RBS’s Global Restructuring Group which led to a series of investigations.  City Law Firm CLIFFORD CHANCE ‘said they found no evidence to support the claims’.  The Bank of England Deputy Governor criticised the RBS but said it was beyond the scope of his remit, and couldn’t involve himself.  However, despite two executives going before the Treasury Committee and making denials of any wrongdoing, they were forced to issue an apology to the Committee for misleading evidence they had backed and supported at the Interview.

RBS AND MIS-SELLING TO FAILING FIRMS — Lending to firms in trouble did not stop RBS from granting such loans because they were actively mis-selling and knew about it.  Some 1,800 loans are being scrutinized as RBS admit to selling loans to firms in distress.  The bank’s troubles are still ongoing as they try to steer clear of the public.  Lending to small businesses under The Government Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme has revealed that borrowers through the scheme are still liable to repay the entire cost, which may have not been explained to them when they took the loan.  Under the Enterprise scheme the government underwrites (takes responsibility) 75 percent of the loans that are offered to businesses unable to secure lending.

‘ Banks rely on ‘small print’ to confuse and deceive clients ‘

A new 2012 Report says there are 30,000 words in a current account agreement that baffle customers, let alone help them. which they certainly do not.  It says it takes up to 90 minutes to actually get through the jargon and implied terms, actual terms, liabilities, and terms that cancel out what was seemingly straightforward, which enables the banks to deny any liability when anything goes wrong, which it frequently does.  It says they conceal rules on penalty charges and use jargon to take away rights and hold ultimate power of being able to change anything without giving notice…..words such as ‘assign, transfer, obligations, unlimited time, refer, subject to, conditional, pass on and period of, etc, are used frequently….meaning very little to the ones who can actually read the small print….others simply hope that it is fair.

‘ Banks are receiving over 11,000 PPI complaints and claims each week ‘

THE COSTS ARE SET TO BE IN THE BILLIONS OF COMPENSATION — The mis-selling scandal has not shown any signs of decrease as the claims are arriving at around 11,000 every week.  The Ombudsman has had to take on more staff to cope with the deluge of calls….they received 145,546 complaints about PPI in just three months, and had to employ a thousand new and extra staff.  Banks are being forced to set aside something in the region of £11 billion at the present time, and this is seen as inadequate already.  RBS added a further £400million to its expected payout, LLoyds announced an additional £1 billion  to its sum bringing it to £5.3 billion, Barclays said it needed to find another £700 million on top of its agreed £1 billion.

BANKS TO BE GIVEN ‘FREE  PASS CARD’ ON PPI SETTLEMENTS:  A recent report has revealed that banks are going to be allowed to renege or throw out the biggest claims against them….and this has been given the go-ahead by THE FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY. 

‘ Banks omit information on hidden bill to taxpayer — £12.4 Billion ‘

AS USUAL the banking Industry kept fairly quiet about the £12.4 billion when the Labour Government overpaid on shares in the banks back in 2008……..the money was written off and hidden away in the budget of 2010.  It now seems that Treasury Officials have exposed this debt — as Lloyds is about to offload the taxpayers stake…..this debt was caused by Gordon Brown’s Government because they pumped £66 billion of public money to bail out two banks and paid over-the-odds as per the real market value — and said nothing about the secret write-off.

BANKS CAUSE ANGER AS CUSTOMER’S CARDS ARE DECLINED —  Customers were fuming when they found they were unable to draw their money out at cash machines.  Customers of Halifax, LLoyds, TSB and Bank of Scotland…..all more or less under the Lloyds Banking Group….could not access their accounts for several days.  It was blamed on a Server error…..and technicians were called in to fix the problems.

‘ Norwich and Peterborough Building Society are fined ‘

FINED £1.4 MILLION, NORWICH AND PETERBOROUGH BUILDING SOCIETY HAVE TO REPAY £51MILLION to thousands of pensioners and other savers they lured into investing in risky schemes. The FSA said a company called Keydata went bust in 2009 and around 40,000 investors lost their investments including 3,200 ill advised Norwich and Peterborough customers. The FSA said each customer will get around £15,000 each.

‘ Halifax Bank of Scotland pays harassment victim of phone calls £7,500 ‘

BULLYING that was the decision made against the Halifax Bank of Scotland, and much of this was levelled at the staff who work for this bank,  Armanda Roberts was awarded £7,500 for harassment after receiving 550 phone calls from staff at the bank ‘which shocked the court on hearing the recorded messages’  This all came about because she missed a single payment on a loan.  This bank branch is situated in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, for those interested to pinpoint the culprits of the vendetta against the customer.  The court heard how thoroughly and upsetting these calls were, and how they pervaded into her private life from 8 am to 9 pm for days.  This wasn’t all this bank did — they blocked her account and staff refused to sort it out.  It was quite obvious that the bank thought she had no proof when they sent a team of expensive lawyers to ‘crush’ her……but luckily she had recorded every call… was also heard in court that the calls continued after she had paid the arrears?…..and furthermore, at the end of the case after losing, the bank spent £30,000 on an appeal, which thankfully, they lost at the London Appeals Court.

‘  Eight Banks in ‘foreign rate-fixing’ investigation ‘

EIGHT BANKS are to be investigated by the Watchdog in relation to suspected foreign rate-fixing…. this includes BARCLAYS and THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND.  WEKO the Regulator are looking into collusion and the collaboration between these banks to manipulate exchange rates in foreign currency trading.  More than a dozen regulators throughout the world are looking into this practice…. the UBS suspended up to six traders bringing the current number of suspensions to 30 so far.  The FCA said they will be looking into this more widely!

CURRENCY FIX AND BANKS –six   of the banks investigated are said to be facing a £2billion fine for rigging the currency market.

‘ Bank of America – Merrill Lynch International fined  £13.3 million ‘

LONDON – US BANK BROKERS MERRILL LYNCH found themselves being fined £13.3million by The Financial Conduct Authority for inaccurate reporting.  It was said that the firm had been given a prior warning in 2002 and fined £150,000 for the same offence in 2006.  Now 2015, the Authority found that the company was engaging in transaction reporting failings of a high nature and volume.  A spokesperson said ‘it seems the company has not learned at all from the fine it paid before.’

‘ Investigation into the Credit Card Industry by Watchdog ‘

Trouble on the Credit Card front as the Financial Conduct Authority moves in to investigate the credit card giants who it is said are being market too aggressively.  It was revealed that there was around 30 million card holders who have an outstanding debt of around £56.9 billion.  The regular complaint is that the card companies are pushing customers into running up debts they cannot afford, and some who cannot repay them.


This scandal involved the Government no less.  People who provided for their pensions with the company were told lies — in that it was a safe company — one the Government backed.  The Treasury said they could not pay out anything despite the collapse, and were waiting for the findings of the Ombudsman.  Any payout in the long distant future IF OF COURSE A PAYOUT IS MADE, will be too late for many, thus avoiding any payout to them.  It is of course ‘ a conspiracy to defraud pensioners’ and no one will be held accountable.

£1.5billion has been offered by the government in compensation — just a third of the £4.5billion needed. The blame is constantly on the regulators — people highly paid to get it right and keep an eye on the company, but they just walked away from the problem leaving many with huge losses and reduced pensions. Government spokespersons say it’s a fair offer especially as they mention what the country can afford at the moment. But this does not excuse the fact that this company was heralded as safe by government. the present government want closure — but no-one will be brought to face a trial over this as expected.


WHICH MAGAZINE openly attacked AVIVA saying they were misleading savers in their high profile TV ad campaign. Which says their claim offering pension incomes 20 percent higher than others in 22 per cent of cases was inaccurate. The real figure was 3 per cent of cases, and the Advertising Standards Authority have banned the advert because Aviva had not produced the evidence to back up their claims.

Beware of the clauses that don’t seem relevant because you may not get paid out if you make a claim on your life insurance having discovered you have cancer just before the end of the insurance policy… man found this and because it was in the last eighteen months…..Aviva refused to pay out…..and that clause situation covered them.


THIS INVOLVED BRITISH AIRWAYS AND VIRGIN AIRWAYS.  This centred around fixing surcharges on fuel.  Board Room Executives Ian Burns and Martin George both executives with British Airways came in for the severest criticism.  The United States Justice Department revealed that VIRGIN AIRWAYS  colluded six times with BRITISH AIRWAYS, and had it not been for the fact they helped in exposing the matter they would not have received immunity under the Enterprise Act.  The United States fined BRITISH AIRWAYS the sum of £270 million for price-fixing.


After months of wrangling ASDA were found guilty of negligence regarding their barriers in parking facilities on their premises.  A customer’s death came about when a barrier suddenly sprang or fell and hit the vehicle killing the driver.  Their Trade Lawyer tried to pass off the incident as a mistake, yet made no comment about their responsibility for the death caused by their barrier.

ASDA have not paid any compensation in regard to the above and nor have they been fined despite being found guilty of negligence (we scoured the Net and put in a Freedom of Information Request to no avail)

The same company were accused of ‘ price-fixing’ on their videos and using the discount to mean what they liked at the time.


ASDA SUPERMARKETS keep running promotional and end of the line bargains enticing customers to get items with good reductions.  Some items have clear red labels and are in rows where the price can clearly be seen, but this is often a nonsense.  Staff mark up the items at a previously higher price and claim that it has come out as showing it on the till pc.  It appears they do not actually know what is going on themselves, but they continue to charge the customer the higher price despite the markdown on the items which is against the sale of goods and Trade Descriptions.  Clearly a case of ripping off the customer yet again.

‘ ASDA OFFER WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE  –Asda annoyed many customers when they offered a deal of giving a voucher worth £75 to reduce bills.  This online offer was a weekend thing, and many people logged on to benefit from it.  However, before the 5000 plus customers had their deliveries, ASDA bosses pulled the offer.  They blamed it on a mix up causing many of the people who made large orders in order to benefit from the voucher pay full price and lose out.

‘ ASDA IN OVERCHARGING SCANDAL – Asda Supermarkets have been exposed by BBC’s Watchdog over hiking up bills of customers – some as much as £100 over the actual bill. Hundreds of customers contacted Watchdog to complain about the callous way they were dealt with by staff when they queried the bills. Blame again! was put on computer systems, but angry customers pointed at inexperienced and incompetent staff.

‘ASDA CHEAT ON ‘ROLL-BACK’ PRICES — Asda makes continuous claims of giving value to the customer, but this is a misleading claim — as it now appears that many items on the ‘roll-back’ have been compared to one year previously — the rule is supposed to refer to the previous price, but Adsa have acted deviously with slight-of-hand intentions to deceive its customers and have in fact, been breaking the Consumer Protection Laws, and doing it furtively.  It was urged by a spokesperson for the consumer watchdog that Trading Standards should prosecute them.

ASDA – A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES — It is a fact in the 21st Century that Big Business can literally write their own rules and codes of conduct; the latter not being worth the paper it is printed on!  Management of course does not take any responsibility for indiscretions by staff — and they are monumental and many, but you will not find these written anywhere…they are concealed and kept under wraps. We can confirm that such reports are ‘confidential’ according to memos leaked to us. Staff with convictions are quietly withdrawn and are made aware of ‘the company policy’ and those caught removing ‘perks’ – goods from the company warehouse whether after date or otherwise are not prosecuted — they are removed from the premises or dismissed very quietly without fuss.  Asda claim the right to ‘discipline’ misbehaviour as they see fit without any recourse to Law, yet they go against this with their public stand of ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted’ — indicating their twisted concept of Law.

‘ Tesco accused of dirty tricks ‘

THE GIANT SUPERMARKET CHAIN TESCO found itself in serious trouble over using financial muscle and dirty tricks to push through its plans to build new big stores. Even opposition seems to be ignored and actually stepped over in many cases where complaints outweigh their proposals the report says. There were allegations that the company bought a shopping precinct through a ‘fronting’ company, and allowed it to become derelict. This allowed them to use the poor state of the shopping centre in Linwood to win council backing for a massive new Tesco complex, sidestepping opposition more easily.

TESCO was also involved in what was termed on the BBC Watchdog programme – conducting a fraud and lie in relation to ‘ Better Value Packs’. A survey showed that bigger packs actually cost more than if you bought two individual packs that contained just as much as the big value pack, and this was apparent on a number of products. Asda did not fair well either as they indulged in the same trick.  Morrisons reduced? well that came out at being reduced quality, reduced honesty and the ‘reduced deals’ as being a nonsense.

TESCO Staff ignore good procedures of shopping to further management profits. Staff we are told do not exactly induce confidence in customers, and some act rude and antagonistic deliberately at several major big stores around the south. Reports of ignoring customers have been made, but laughed at by staff. One customer in the Portsmouth Region actually found themselves to be victimised by security when an alarm went off several times, which humiliated the customer — who left the store buying nothing, — well done that customer.

TESCO came into a wrangle of meat prices and identification as it was revealed that they were misleading customers because of their lack of knowledge, which did not seem to stop them breaching the Trades Description Law and getting away with it.

TESCO PAVE WAY FOR SUPERSTORE BY BUYING POLICE A NEW STATION — certainly looks like a bribe, feels like a bribe, but not an ordinary one — more subtle perhaps. A spokesman for the campaign group Tescopoly said ‘ this is another example of the Tesco takeover of towns by buying and influence to gain’  Labour MP Barry Sheerman said ‘ I cannot see the difference between this and a bribe ‘ ‘ If a dodgy bloke went to the council and said give me planning permission and I’ll make sure you get a nice new police station, it would be referred for investigation ‘

TESCO FINED £10MILLION by The Office Of Fair Trading for Price-fixing, along with eight other big firms such as ASDA. These companies were said to have been nudging prices up on the shelf and working in collusion to fool shoppers. Much of the evidence centred on dairy products such as milk and cheese.

TESCO IN UNDERHAND JOB OFFER ISSUE APOLOGY — Supermarket Giant Tesco have been rapped after it was discovered offering jobs seeking permanent staff for expenses and jobseekers allowance.  Tesco spokespersons said this was an error? although it appeared on a Jobcentre website.  As we have already shown, the use of the word ‘error’ is a massive cover-up for the truth.

TESCO RAPPED FOR SELLING TAP WATER IN BOTTLES LABELLED FALSELY — It has been established that Tesco have calmly deceived and breached the consumer regulation Trade Descriptions Act, but that has not been followed up on…instead they have labelled this act as ‘Immoral’ — yet another false description…. they called it filtered water and sold it for 17p a bottle (economy range- own label) –and were placed on the shelves alongside their ‘spring water’ display with an obvious intention to mislead the customer.  (ASDA have done this)

TESCO AND THE ILLEGAL WORKERS — Tesco faces massive fines over the employing of foreign students in one of its warehouses.  Border Agencies arrested 20 workers in a raid at Croydon over breaches of visa conditions. Tesco said they were cooperating with the investigation fully! TESCO IN ‘FALSE BARGAIN’ IDEOLOGY TO FOOL CUSTOMERS — Tesco have continually fed the public with mis-information about saving money for the customer…but customers recently pointed out that the bargain deals just didn’t add up.  One bargain pointed out was the chocolate muffins…often sold in four packs for £1 or £1-20…yet there exists a two pack of muffins £1 sometimes on the reduction counter marked down to 65p — even at that with less packaging it’s no bargain….they’ve simply upped the price before pretending to offer it as a savers deal…this also goes for the pack of apple turnovers that went for 98p up to £1.20p calling itself a saving?..and iced Belgian buns once in a two pack for just under a pound now being sold single at nearly 80 pence each…and reduced on special offer to 65p each….still claiming a save….but the maths show this to be yet another falsity

TESCO AND THE ‘TRADES DESCRIPTION’ ACT FRAUD — Sadly not just Tesco….News that Tesco advertises on its meat products as being 100 percent beef turned to disaster when it was discovered that many products contained horse meat….and no beef…….their value range on burgers and spaghetti bolognaise turned out to contain no beef whatsoever…..just horsemeat, but that wasn’t listed in the ingredients…..which makes a nonsense of this law entirely.

TESCO IS FINED £60,000 — Tesco had been warned at an earlier date about hygiene at some of its stores and had been warned by health Inspectors.  It appears they had an infestation of rodents ‘an extreme plague’ it was said which was enjoying the food at a Metro Store in Covent Garden….the strange thing about Tesco is that they neither care or have any real concern for their actions — whether it is ‘short-changing’ customers at the tills, the incorrect labelling and false bargains…..they repeat these things so often and use words like ‘ we didn’t know and it wasn’t meant to deceive’

TESCO SHAREHOLDERS SUE THE COMPANY — Because of a gaping £265 million black hole in the finances, Shareholders are now to sue the Management it is reported.  Millions was wiped off the share values in the £265 million profits black hole scandal.  Shareholders acting in a class action have allowed a firm specialising in funding legal actions to pay for the lawsuit against Tesco.  This accuse Tesco of misleading shareholders in statements about its true financial position.  The case is being brought by STEWARTS LAW who it is said is fighting RBS Bank on behalf of 800 major shareholders.

Update April 2015 — The action has been filed in the court………Tesco declined to comment on the case.

TESCO AND THE ACCOUNTING SCANDAL — TESCO found itself unable to shake off the revelations and bad press highlighting their dubious trading methods and deceit to the customer.  Reports say that the Government Grocery Watchdog is launching an investigation into Tesco’s abuse of suppliers.  At the same time the Serious Fraud Office and Financial Reporting Office are conducting a full scale inquiry into Tesco’s £268 million profit mis-statement.  The inquiry will also be looking into delayed payments to suppliers and whether it imposed unfair and  impossibly large fees on suppliers for prominent end-of-aisle positions, neither of which are allowed under the trading practices.

‘ Breaches of trading regulations — The big four shops do it regularly ‘

THE BIG FOUR – ASDA, TESCO, MORRISON’S and SAINSBURY’S have yet again been discovered as committing those acts of deceit with customers, especially in the weights and labelling of products.  The law has been criminally broken, but no-one at any other supermarkets will go to prison, why? because it is a corporate situation and fining is all there is. Every time, like so many others, that they are caught out it is conveniently called ‘an error or were not aware the ‘mistake’ had occurred’ never actually what it is like deliberate misleading and deceit.  One gets tired of the word ‘allegedly’ bandied about, and ‘thieves’ should be inserted where it is appropriate…..these corporate giants will continue to play around with the law for their own purposes using lawyers to interpret these deceitful moves as ‘not quite criminal not intended and cannot be seen as a deliberate attempt to flout the law, and oversight that will be rectified…..they will invent and come up with something.


OFGEM are a board set up to observe and make sure consumers get a good deal, but they don’t, and they are not willing to explain things either.  Accountability nil.  Taxpayers pay all the civil servants wages for working there, but they don’t do anything.  Millions is paid to this company and its building costs the taxpayers too.  All the workers should be fired along with the bosses — this would be a saving.  On the subject of prices and a fair deal for consumers the Government refused to account for this along with the retail prices commission leaving the public without an answer.  What you have here is arrogance and deceit on a huge scale, none of those mentioned cannot tell the truth and that is a scandal that should be investigated and those involved fined and sacked wherever possible.

OFGEM PAY OUT MILLIONS IN BONUSES TO STAFF despite being the watchdog for regulating prices and making sure that people are not ripped off on prices for energy.

‘ N-POWER refunds £70million to overcharged customers ‘

N-POWER one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, finally admitted to its mistakes and is about to pay out a record sum of £70 million to overcharged customers. The firm acknowledged that it left customers angry and disappointed with its service and billing.

‘ N-POWER is fined £2million ‘

OFGEM FINED N-POWER £2Million for mishandling customer complaints and had warned them previously over this kind of behaviour.  The German owned giant took too long to deal with complaints and was seen to be actively ignoring them in attempt to push the problem away.  They also misled customers about their rights to take the firm to the Ombudsman, and kept others in the dark when they could. N-Power offered lame excuses!

‘N-POWER is fined over ‘silent intrusive phone calls’

N-POWER IS FINED AGAIN OVER AUTOMATED ‘SILENT’ PHONE CALLS.  N-Power found themselves again in trouble with the Regulator over disturbing cold calls to people.  The telephone calls came from generated auto-calls created by pc’s……some thousands were just silent….others had recorded messages. The company was fined £60,000.  It had made 1,756 abandoned telephone calls and played marketing messages.  Ofcom were given assurances that N-Power would be compensating some of those affected by the intrusions.

‘ N-Power is hit with £3.5million penalty for mis-selling ‘

THE GIANT ENERGY COMPANY has been hit again over its commercial misconduct —  They broke the rules again when they attempted to persuade customers to switch suppliers over the phone…..Watchdog OFgem said that they were giving these callers misleading estimates on how much they could save by coming with N-Power when it wasn’t exactly true.  The Company was also found guilty of failing to properly explain when monthly direct debits would come under review, and when customers could expect to receive discounts.

‘ N-Power receives most complaints ‘

TOP OF THE PUBLIC’S LIST is N-POWER, the company that imposes the highest price rise of 10.4 per cent in Britain 2014 (Winter Period).  Complaints against the company from customers rose by 25 percent.  Consumer Focus said the results were very disappointing….. but N-Power blamed it on their new billing system!

‘Cold Call complaints go from 1,136 to 2,630 in 12 months ‘

THE COLD CALLING METHODS invented by Jobcentres and Industry in the Eighties were supposed to have been outlawed in the millennium….. but in 2012 they are said to have doubled.  Unwanted calls by marketing companies have ignored the Telephone Preference Service at times and gone ahead despite knowing that some numbers of people were not to be inconvenienced.  Ofcom say they will taker a tougher stand against companies if this trend increases.  Companies are using technology to ring lots of homes without having the staff to deal with its business….so when the person picks up the phone there is just silence…which can make or cause people to think they might be burgled or are being stalked or watched.  HomeServe was fined £750,000 for persistent calls to people.  Talk – Talk was another….and many complaints were about the mis-selling and Insurance calls where companies claimed you had a claim and they could handle it, when in fact you had no such claim, least with that company…and it turns out to be an annoying fishing expedition by agents to lawyers.

‘Cold-call scandal by energy giant EDF’

THE FRENCH OWNED Energy provider EDF were blasted by the Regulator for a con that involved door-to-door staff not being trained enough and didn’t give customers all the information needed before signing a contract. OFGEM said that vulnerable people were being ripped off by cold-call salesmen. Facing a mammoth fine, the French owned group who claim to have policies designed to prevent vulnerable people being cheated say they will pay a poultry £50 to each of the 70,000 customers taken advantage of.

OFGEM say they are investigating SCOTTISH POWER, SSE who used to be Scottish and Southern Energy, and the giant company N-POWER.

EDF  to pay  £3million over complaints ‘

Energy Company EDF owned by the French, landed in trouble again and was ordered by Ofgem to pay £3 million to ‘vulnerable customers’ over the way it routinely mishandled complaints.  The regulators said that EDF failed to have sufficiently robust processes in place when they introduced the new IT system and this led to the unacceptable handling of complaints.  They were not geared up to properly receive, record and process all customers’ complaints in accordance with handling rules.  Customers were kept on hold for long periods with many hanging up the phone.

‘Energy Firm Scottish and Southern are fined £1.25million ‘

Using the trick – to get people to switch energy suppliers has cost the major supplier £1.25million in a court action brought by the Trading Standards Dept and Surrey County Council whose officers found that the company was ‘misleading’ home-owners over the amount they spent on energy bills and promising to undercut them or provide cheaper alternatives. Guildford Crown Court found the firm guilty of taking part in misleading selling practises during 2008 and 2009. The Firm’s doorstep team were told to tell people they had information showing they were paying an excessive amount for their energy from their current supplier when in fact, there was no information at all.

‘ Power Giant EON found to have overcharged 94,000 customers ‘

EON ARE TO PAY OUT £1.4 MILLION to around 94,000 customers it overcharged on energy bills.  The Watchdog said a fine would not help as it was better that EON voluntarily agreed to pay compensation to these angry customers.  They used words like ‘regrettable and an Oversight’ to describe the situation and say they are updating the system….’very sorry, and it will never happen again?

‘ Eon fined £12 million for mis-selling ‘

EON are back again, and in a similar situation to the above — ‘misleading customers’ now fined a record £12m the company have been caught giving out misleading information to potential customs, doorstep selling methods that have been pressurised selling techniques, tricked into buying unrealistic packages, and aggressive phone selling.  They were told by the Watchdog that the company suffered management failures which should have been examined earlier, now they have been told to compensate around 500,000 customers.  It has yet again apologised…but trust in these companies is said to be at an all time low……in the first article they said it would not happen again……so let us see what comes next!

‘ Power Giant SSE fined £10.5million for ‘Lies’ ‘

THE WATCHDOG REGULATOR has fined SCOTTISH SOUTHERN ELECTRIC a record £10.5 million pounds for regularly lying to customers about pricing and making rash promises on what could be saved on bills by switching over providers.  MP’s were urged to put the matter into police hands and said they hope their will be a thorough investigation.  One MP said it was nothing short of fraud, and that’s what any investigation should concentrate on. 

‘Leading Energy firms are fined for bad service ‘

FINED £3.3MILLION FOR LEAVING CUSTOMERS IN THE DARK……Power Providers SSE and UKPN have been fined by the Regulators over the prolonged power cuts during the Christmas period of 2013.  The Regulators concluded that they could have handled the situation better.  It is said this fine follows a customer compensation deal of £4.7million agreed upon bringing the total payout cost to £8 million.  regulators are already planning to raise the minimum payment of compensation from  £27 to £70 for each customer in future where customers are left without gas and electricity for 24 hours.

‘Energy Firms accused of robbing millions of families ‘

SIX BIG ENERGY GIANTS have been listed as ‘fleecing families out of £100 plus’ because they didn’t tell their customers of falls in the price of gas and electricity….and neither did they voluntarily pass this cut to help families at a time when they needed it.  While wholesale prices fell, the prices to the customers remained the same.  The six are British Gas, SSE, Npower, EDF, Eon and Scottish Power.  Joe Malinowski of the Energy Shop .com said consumers should have been paying around £104 less each.

‘ Farmers and the National Union of Farmers in false poverty claims ‘

One hears that the farmers are having a bad deal theses days, but that is absolutely false.  Our Private Detective Richard Barrymore can reveal the darker side of these claims.  It appears that many of the farmers are getting large benefit cheques at the taxpayers expense with a little false and incorrect claiming methods. The union is looking the other way and in some cases, actually helping them to steer round difficult answers by being rather ambiguous.  Many such cases of this fraud are occurring in the south of England, but there is a secrecy in place which permits this situation to go on.  Some farmers even approach lawyers in order to grab land back or get higher premiums for land that had little value due to sea reclamation.  Because of the worry about ‘food for the nation’  ministers fear to upset this elite group in case they get angry.  Subsidies for farmers are above average and this certainly provides a nice little earner for the majority of farmers.

If you think we’re being unfair to farmers in exposing the scandal above, do not forget about the battery farming of hens and the cruel ways these creatures are being treated on farms.  Hens are kept in cramped conditions and some are lame as the farmer ignores all of this in order to boost profits while causing misery to the chickens.  When investigations were carried out many of these farmers resorted to bully tactics and tried to prevent filming by protestors.  Some so called gentleman farmers actively encourage blood-sports on their land and pay no heed to the ‘hunting of fox ban’ relying on their financial power to influence judges, magistrates and lawyers to decline any real action against them.

‘ Is Public Greed and Selfishness allowing Corruption to thrive?’

INDEED IT IS, one has only to see the ever increasing ‘want-to-be’s’, the people who want to get rich and famous above all other considerations.  They care little about conscience or moral values, the latter is like a moving goal post.  Some mothers, in fact many really, try to realise wealth through their children — often taking on a rather sickly paedophilic and suspiciously unpleasant appearance that stalks the current family position in today’s society.  These people will lie and cheat to obtain their goal and you will see many articles on this page that support this as the truth.  They merely grumble as politicians fiddle, steal and lie.  It goes on constantly due to inaction and attitudes, so we shall continue highlighting cases of public corruption — of which there is a constant supply.

‘ Royal Mail profits over unprotected Redirection Scam ‘

THE ROYAL MAIL GIVE THEFT AN EASY RIDE AT THE EXPENSE OF FAILING CUSTOMERS that is the real outcome over their profitable mail redirection service.  A report shows them hiding behind Data Protection at every turn when customers already hit by thieves need help.  Royal Mail doesn’t help and the report emphasized that all too clearly.  Identity theft is rife enough and the Royal Mail are helping these scammers every possible chance of using the service without the real person’s knowledge.  The report shows they are getting rather good profits from this and to the customer? — a poor service.  If this wasn’t bad enough there are postmen who have been committing criminal acts and stealing mail, and this was once the subject of a television programme when workers were watching out for bank credit cards and using them — and selling them on. 

ROYAL MAIL HIKE UP ALL PRICES as they sell off contracts to franchise deals. Customers that had deals in 2008 and up to 2009 faced their rents of PO BOXES nearly doubling in 2010 t0 2011, and then being hiked up again the following year 2012 to almost double again without having to consult customers at all. Nearly all of their services were farmed out to profiteers before they announced their stamps were also to go up dramatically in price.  What about the service? that’s the same as usual unless you are already suffering a poor service.

THE NEW ROYAL MAIL PARCEL SIZE SCAM — When can a large parcel fit into a medium parcel and when can a small parcel be categorised as a large parcel?      Only when Royal Mail Mathematicians’ get together.  Forget logic or commonsense, neither of these things apply……they can actually turn white into black,,,,,,and iron into gold.  WATCHDOG did a test where they could actually fit a large size parcel into a medium parcel, and it worked,  The small parcel being priced as the dearest could go twice in the medium parcel, which didn’t cost as much as the large parcel — costing less than the small parcel…confused?


BP HAVE BEEN FINED 87 MILLION DOLLARS over failures concerning health and safety regulations.  The giant oil firm are no strangers to fines and an appalling record of failures.  270 violations have been levelled at them, and this is years after the scandal of 170 workers injured and 15 killed.  Bosses play it down by claiming it is exaggerated or not reported correctly, — but it is them lying and believing the lies they have told.  Even when they promised the regulators that improvements would be made — they failed to honour these pledges.  It’s easy to see that they consider themselves above the law — and possibly buy the law when it is possible in the interests of the company.

BP FINED £2 BILLION after its holding in Russia resulted in a Siberian Court suing the company for damages. BP commented by saying it was all part of ‘a corporate attack’ on the company. The Court Action had been brought by Andrey Prokhorov a small shareholder in the UK Oil joint Russian venture in 2010. He said this violated another ongoing agreement which stated that all BP-Russian ventures should be controlled by TNK-BP.



BBC’S BLUE PETER PROGRAMME AND THE RIGGED COMPETITION.  It was discovered after many children phoned in to the programme in the hope of winning a prize were deliberately deceived.  The winner was already chosen and in the building, but the presenters carried on the charade throughout the transmission.  The BBC was fined for deceiving the viewers.

BBC’S WATCHDOG claimed that they had revealed that TINY the Computer firm was having difficulties and had gone bust.  This was not so, they had been contacted by post and e-mail months earlier by a customer who told them things were not going well with the computer company.

BBC’s COUNTRYFILE entered into a deception on the 6th of July 2008.  The programme tried to make out that John Craven was live in the transmission.   Yet, he was featured in an old piece showing Somerset — previously shown a year earlier, no doubt another piece of intentional deception.


‘ Taxpayer’s £3m bill for luxury flights at the BBC ‘

FREE WITH THE LICENCE FEES would be correct, the BBC used over £3m of the taxpayer’s money for staff to enjoy luxury first class seating on planes.  A report revealed that BBC bosses claimed thousands of pounds for hotel accommodation and theatre reservations etc. 

‘ BBC in misrepresentation claim concerning Global Warming Programme ‘

LORD MONCTON accused the BBC programme of deliberately misrepresenting his views in that they deliberately showed them out of context suggesting he looked rather insane, not unlike a ‘mad professor ‘ who didn’t really know what he was talking about.  OFCOM are investigating the complaint that the BBC unfairly edited the programme to disqualify his views as not supportive to his argument, and that they were biased.


THE BBC MADE A FIVE FIGURE PAYOUT TO BLIND REPORTER Gary O Donoghue after they stopped him presenting his own story.  The veteran Reporter who mainly worked in Radio was due to present a feature on the BBC but was suddenly replaced by June Kelly.  It was levied at the BBC that Gary was the victim of discrimination but an internal inquiry said they could not find any evidence of this.

Internal Inquiry? would you expect them to find evidence? Not a chance, not at the BBC.

‘ BBC in apology over bad taste ‘

The BBC admitted it was wrong to show a man being shot dead on a news item.  150 viewers rang the switchboard to complain about this choice.  A spokesman said ‘ it is not normally the BBC’s policy to show the moment of death, but these kind of decisions are always hard to make.’


BBC EXECUTIVES MARK THOMPSON, JENNY AMBRAMSKY, JANA BENNETT and TIM DAVIE are accused of using the expenses situation to spend, spend, spend, all on the taxpayer thank you.  The high paid earners filed £3,780 on overnight stays, £8,889 on entertainment, and £2,096 on flights and other expenses.  Deputy Director Mark Byford claimed £160 for Prom tickets.

It’s not bad having all that licence money to dip into, is it?


THE BBC WERE FORCED TO SUSPEND TWO PRESENTERS, JONATHAN ROSS AND RUSSELL BRAND OVER INSULTS ON AIR – when they made lewd comments about a family member of Andrew Sachs, the actor.  The two high paid presenters were high and possibly intoxicated when they issued remarks during a live radio show.  Jonathan Ross was immediately suspended from his prime time BBC show and Russell Brand resigned.

‘ BBC in another deception to viewers ‘

YET AGAIN the BBC have indulged in fakery, and again they have been discovered.   It was revealed that production staff posed as contest buyers on a buying antiques trip to France.  They pretended to be customers and members of the public during the programme hosted by Angela Rippon, — who it is said — had no knowledge or part in the deception.

‘ BBC’s Watchdog Co-Presenter in Benefits Allegations ‘

DAN PENTEADO, who works with Matt Alwright on the ‘Rogue Traders’ section of the Consumer Expose Show with Ann Robinson, was rudely brought into the News by the revelations coming out of Bournemouth. The council were accusing the BBC Presenter of falsely claiming benefits to the amount of £24,000 — it was stated that he did not attend the court to face the ten fraud charges against him for the false claim for benefits during 2008 to 2012. saying that he ‘ failed to declare a change of circumstances’  It was said that the magistrates had issued a warrant for his arrest, but this was withdrawn when Mr. Penteado reported into the local police.

WATCHDOG AGAIN — THIS TIME IT’S ANNE ROBINSON — The ‘Mean Queen of TV Quizzes’ it is reported that she has avoided paying her tax dues on £4 million.  The report says she joined an aggressive scheme which allowed members just to pay 7p in the pound….thus escaping the 40 per cent normal rate from the Treasury….it is stated she is one of the more prominent celebrities involved in Liberty Tax Strategy…..thus enabling many so-called stars to be sheltered from high tax rates they don’t like paying…..neither do the poor or less well off….but they can’t cheat the system like these people.

‘ BBC guilty of age discrimination — tribunal rules for sacked presenter ‘

THE BBC had its nose bloodied when a tribunal found the corporation guilty of discrimination. Presenter Miriam O’Riley took them to court and won. This kind of thing by the BBC is not the first, similar incidents have occurred at the BBC often disguised and kept away from the public. Controller Jay Hunt came under fire for the way in which casual staff are treated — the word being complacency.

‘ Row erupts over BBC Chief’s £834,000 salary ‘

Staff at the BBC were greatly annoyed to find that their chief Mark Thompson is earning £834,000 a year, and some allege this is corrosive in an industry that claims to be cost cutting.  At a time when morale is low many workers were shocked to hear Radio 4’s interview when P.D.James the thriller writer brought up the topic of executive pay with their boss.

‘ The Facebook scandal of the BBC ‘

THE BBC IS SQUANDERING THOUSANDS OF POUNDS on teaching staff to use the Internet Facebook program. Hundreds of BBC workers have already signed up to learn out to set up accounts on this website, yet the website is free on the point of signing up.  It has already spent £23,000 on two day courses and at a time when the BBC is supposed to be looking for cuts in spending licence payers cash they appear oblivious to thrift?

‘ BBC Director  claims £7,514.80 for his flight to Seoul ‘

BBC DIRECTOR OF FUTURE MEDIA ERIK HUGGERS  claimed his flight costs on expenses paid by the licence payers.  This arrogance has been denounced as it was discovered that a cab he ordered cost £627 and £4,984 was spent on a limousine and chauffer over a three month period.

‘ BBC Executive in bid to conceal facts from the public ‘

BBC BOSS ROBERT JOHNSON in partnership with PHIL AUSTIN made a deliberate attempt to deceive and disguise the fact that a number of BBC senior staff were being paid over £100,000 plus in salaries.  In a memo they agreed to disguise the figures and lower or not mention those in the high pay band making it less obvious.

‘ BBC ignore pay crunch and award a pay rise ‘

The BBC enjoyed paying out more licence payer’s cash despite promises of a tightening in the costs area  —  Seventy per cent of its staff will receive a pay rise of £475.  It is estimated that the wage boost for BBC staff could cost the licence payer at least another £6million.

‘False Promises and £1million bonuses at the BBC ‘

The BBC lied and deceived the public as they do over promises to cut back, yet it has been revealed that £1m pound bonuses were still being paid out to senior and executive staff surreptitiously. The report says the BBC was misleading the public in a big way hoping that it would not be found out.  The corporation was giving rewards to a variety of staff members  — £790,000 in bonuses to 161 members of staff up to April in 2010.  More than 382 staff at the BBC are on £100,000.


‘ BBC Bosses hike up the Expenses gravy train ‘

FIGURES PUBLISHED REVEAL THAT BONUSES ARE TO BE GOING UP BY 7 PERCENT AT THE BBC this year and every other foreseeable year. Pledges to cut back have been thrown out or ignored altogether the report says. It says senior management are putting in their expenses claiming as much as they can and anything else they can think of.  The list published is like the cost of a big do on the Orient Express, but one for several days and months.  The TV Licence payer is being taken for a ride, a very expensive ride.

 ‘ BBC Controller as shallow as a paddling pool’

PANORAMA Bosses were caught out in a storm of criticism revealing their weaknesses and conniving side not seen by the public.  Jay Hunt theBBC1 controller was described as shallow and lacking vision by journalist John Ware who said she patronised viewers.  He said she was obsessed with ratings, a fever that existed throughout the BBC.   John Ware not only worked on Panorama, but Inside Story, Rough Justice and Taking Liberties.

‘ Shameful BBC admitted by Director General Mark Thompson ‘

THE SHAMEFUL PAST OF THE BBC WAS FINALLY ADMITTED TO by its boss Mark Thompson who said that the BBC was institutionally corrupt and totally unfit for purpose. The Tebbit report about the BBC which was highly accurate about the BBC was branded as libellous, but Mark Thompson now agrees they were accurate. The BBC chose to spin and lie about the report.

‘ More Deception at the BBC as carmakers sue Topgear Programme ‘

Just how far and how many times the BBC will con the public is now looking like many times over.  Deception has yet again been exposed as carmakers are to sue the motoring programme Topgear over an article they did on an electric powered car.  The firm says the programme used false figures and did not carry out a proper test and when one considers that the presenters make remarks and conclusions about cars that the public are keen to see, a lie about a test can have devastating effects on any sales that manufacturer has hoped for. The BBC declined to comment

‘BBC caught out for telling lies ‘

THAT BASTION OF BROADCASTING — THE BBC have had to make apologies over fake footage in a Panorama documentary covering a story about Primark.  This severely lowers Panorama’s credibility and points to the BBC increasingly reverting to lies and denials that hold no water.  The BBC has been accused of twisting facts and evidence to make a propaganda point. A body called the BBC Trust was formed to keep the corporation in line, but this shameful act as shown it to be looking the other way.

‘ BBC caught telling more lies have to issue apology — worldwide ‘

THE BBC Don’t seem to know when telling lies becomes a habit — and this habit has been revealed yet again, this time over documentaries made by another television company backed by PR clients and corrupt regimes that paid to have them aired on national broadcasting equipment. The client broadcaster – FBC Media UK made eight shows for the BBC concerning Malaysia, yet failed to declare it was paid £17million by the Malaysian Government for ‘global strategic communications’.  The programme was designed to give positive feelings about the controversial palm oil industry and paint an inaccurate situation to viewers in the West. The FBC failed to say it was in league with former dictator Hosni Mubarak’s regime. The FBC went into administration last year. The BBC was found guilty of 15 breaches by the Broadcasting Regulator, and it apologised worldwide to viewers and listeners for the deception.

THE BBC NEWSNIGHT CHIEF IS SUING THE BBC — a BBC Editor Jonathan Steer said the BBC failed him in a duty of care as they knew he had bipolar disorder, yet he was sacked and accused of bullying.

BBC PAY CONSULTANTS £8MILLION whilst claiming to be ‘cost-cutting’ — A report says the finance complaining BBC are lavishing millions on consultants amidst stringent cost cutting drives for advice.  Money is spent on how to save money say the critics, which hardly seems to make sense, especially to the licence payer.  Yet they are about to shed 3,000 jobs.

BBC AT IT AGAIN WITH BONUSES — The BBC have given out bonuses of £275,000 to four senior managers in top up payments, and pay rises to other staff right in the face of a pledge by boss Mark Thompson who said that bonuses would be scrapped and pay frozen in light of the squeeze in the economy. It certainly shows that he really couldn’t care less, after all, what can the licence payers do? Nothing I guess, and he’s banking on it.

BBC IN £4MILLION PAY-OFF TO WORKERS LAID OFF AND THEN CONTINUE WORKING? — The BBC have struggled again to explain why workers laid off are given compensation amounting to £4million, and half of them continue working as normal!  This peculiarity surrounds relocation issues where staff get £57,000 each — it says this applies to around 17 people and a further 15 pocket the cash and move to the Salford Offices anyway — where they are re-hired in the same jobs.

BBC GARY LINEKER and the  £2million salary plus travel expenses of £15,000. Outrage has emerged over the fact that Lineker gets a terrific salary from doing BBC Programmes, but does not pay his own travel bill out of it.

BBC SAYS NOTHING OVER ‘TAX LOOPHOLE’ AND STARS — It was revealed that many stars working for the BBC are channelling their pay via private companies set up to dodge high tax. Accusations of ‘Off-Payroll’ manoeuvres that can cut stars tax bills by thousands every year were challenged as the BBC went silent amid pressures to explain this situation to the normal taxpayer.  The Government admitted that 2,400 civil servants had been paid through private companies, but were unable to provide this kind of information on those who worked at the BBC and local councils?

BBC’S WATCHDOG AND ROGUE TRADER SIDEKICK JAILED FOR BENEFITS FRAUD — Dan Penteado the motorcycle ‘comic personality’ accompanying Matt Alwright as they pursued rogues was finally judged to be so himself when he appeared at Bournemouth magistrates court.  He initially claimed that it was all a mistake, but now he is spending 12 weeks in prison for fraudulently claiming £25,000 in benefits.  The BBC said in a statement that Penteado would not be returning to the new series of the show.

BBC AND THE INQUIRY INTO 194 £100,000 PAY-OFFS — News in says the BBC are to be investigated by the National Audit Office.  It was revealed that payoffs to around 200 managers have been in the region of £100,000 each.  The Watchdog on BBC spending are to start examining the scale of the ‘severance’ payout deals.

BBC SHAMED BY THE ‘JIMMY SAVILE ABUSE SCANDAL’ — Years and years have passed and controllers turned a blind eye to sex favours being demanded by ‘celebrities’ and producers — Women have come forward to say how Savile abused them and his position as a ‘telly good guy’.  Jimmy Savile will not be called because he is dead and as they say ‘got away with it’  While he cavorted and played the dynamic ‘Top of the Pops’ presenter and ‘Jim ‘ll fix it’ icon he hid another side — and used the mantle of the public image of respectability to conceal his less than favourable pursuits. Janet Street-Porter revealed that in the 70’s when she was a young presenter, the BBC knew about Jimmy Savile and did nothing, and she said there were others!  She recalled how Savile used his ‘Charity fund raising’ as a technique to keep the newspapers in line and back off — by saying he would hold back finance to Charities if anything bad was written about him.  She also added that the BBC were not alone in this secrecy, and the ITV commercial networks were also into covering up this kind of abuse too.   Society is to blame, it helped this rich powerful individual to use his position to have any accusation thrown out….like other rich powerful men and women, he could influence others to silence and if necessary, destroy the credibility of those who might stand in their way….they say power corrupts….it is true.

NB: Gary Glitter once proclaimed himself a ‘people’s person, loved by the audience’ on a BBC  Pebble Mill broadcast….he turned out to be a paedophile……now we have Jimmy Savile described as a ‘Saviour and wonderful man who pioneered charities ‘ and now accused of many abuses of women, children and boys… who will we have next?  How many more ‘ of the great and good’ are there hiding behind fame and fortune?

GARRY GLITTER NOW ARRESTED in Jimmy Savile Paedophile Investigation.  Second time for Glitter in this country after serving prison time for child porn photos.

Update – Gary Glitter (Paul Gann) has appeared in court (June 2014).

GARRY GLITTER IS JAILED FOR 16 YEARS — The escapist former pop star that claimed to be the best and family’s favourite….is now set to do at least 8 years in prison after being convicted for sex offences against minors.  The 72 year old was driven off to jail after the sentencing.  Paul Gadd, his real identity, said nothing as the judge announced the sentence at the Crown Court.  It must seem an eternity away from that deal he signed with Virgin Records to do five albums in the 90’s for ? millions, and have the support from the Jeff Hanlon Management…….where are they now eh?

NEW NEWS ON THE ABOVE:  The Savile Story has now turned to one of ‘Suing the BBC’ as lawyers line up ‘victims’ in big claims….one cannot help seeing some just making up claims with the help of lawyers as one of our team suggested……the reality being that compensation lawyers are always in at the trough —  based on greed.  On another note we find that a ‘Newsnight Team investigating Savile with a programme to be broadcast ‘  was pulled just before other shows went out on air praising the virtues of Savile!……..and nothing more was said…….for a very long time?

Savile once told an interviewer ‘ my legal team are ready’ when asked what he did about any comments made that suggested he’d been molesting or abusing….and it was said he had ‘wiped the floor with his opponents in court’………one has to look at these lawyers, and it comes immediately across that having been ‘bought’  — it didn’t matter about the truth or Savile’s actions……lawyers frequently work without any moral code whatsoever, and our files show this……they’re never looking for the truth, sometimes more interested in concealing it and making threats against people who know what the truth is but cannot prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

Latest News: It now appears that lawyers for many abuse victims in the ‘Savile’ saga will be suing the BBC and Savile’s Estate.  Lawyer Alan Collins said a writ has been issued at the High Court on behalf of 81 alleged victims with another possible 50 still in the pipeline.

Also, a Police Officer, a former inspector in the West Yorkshire Police Force is being investigated over links to Savile in that he has been accused of contacting the Surrey Police before they questioned Saville in 2009.

A BBC Driver has now been charged in connection with the Savile Inquiry — David Smith of Lewisham is said to be the seventh person to be arrested in the Police Operation.  He was charged with 2 counts of indecent assault, 2 counts of gross indecency and one of serious sexual assault committed in 1984.  (they say this makes eleven arrests since the investigation began).

Incidentally, recent news says the CPS and Police apologise for their non-action!

THE BBC are now trying to close this story and go into ‘damage limitation’ despite further investigations!

BBC PERSONALITIES – Dave Lee Travis and Stuart Hall have both been included in Sex Abuse allegations and had visits from the police in wider investigations involving what was going on at the BBC. Update — Dave Lee Travis appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court to hear that he is to face 11 counts of indecent assault which go back over a period of 30 years.  He briefly conducted an interview showing his anger at the media.

DAVE LEE TRAVIS was given a three month suspended jail sentence, but remained unrepentant after the trial was over.  A Journalist said afterwards, that she had seen the other side of Mr Travis and from our own research it is often true that the smiling stars are not so wonderful after all.

STUART HALL has been charged with sex offences the police announced…………and following this we now hear that after many denials Stuart Hall has been found guilty of child abuse sex charges.  The once loved and revered man of ‘It’s a Knockout’ was not what he represented when over fifty years he hid the fact that he had committed grossly offensive crimes against the young — some 13 victims including a nine year old girl. It was said that he admitted to 14 counts of sexual assault; a further charge of rape and three other sexual charges were left on file.  The 88 yr old ‘star’ faces 10 years in prison, and will be sentenced in June 2013.

Stuart Hall was sentenced to fifteen months in jail. (his sentence was extended on appeal later)

ROLF HARRIS has been the next one to fall foul of the fallout from ‘The Savile Inquiry’ — It was said that his lawyers desperately tried to suppress information about him being arrested in connection with Operation Yew Tree….investigations continue as Rolf Harris ducks out of TV appearances and show.  News Update — The CPS have charged Rolf Harris with Indecent Assault — he is facing nine counts, which includes the recent 2012 addition of making indecent images on his pc….most of the other charges relate to the 1980’s.

Update: Rolf Harris was convicted on 12 counts of indecent assault and sentenced to 5 years and 9 months in prison.  At Southwark Crown Court they said Harris was ‘a Jekyll and Hyde’ character who continued to play the system and fool those around him (much like Savile) and was greatly admired.

Another Recent News item revealed that MAX CLIFFORD the well known champion Press Agent for the wealthy and Showbiz hierarchy has been accused of sex crimes…..and denials have been instantly uttered!

MR ‘WONDERFUL’ MAX CLIFFORD  JAILED FOR 8 YEARS — Loathed by many for his arrogance and assumed ‘I’m Untouchable’ — PR man Clifford was found guilty on eight charges of sexual abuse.  The man who stood for his showbiz clients in other cases, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

NB: The ghosts of the past are never quite buried — skeletons in the closet can be found in the majority of people, and more so with those who claim to be ‘squeaky clean’  one just needs to look for the clues.

BBC FORMER PRESENTER IS JAILED FOR 22 YEARS — Predatory Paedophile Michael Souter who was with the Norfolk Area BBC and Radio Clyde broadcaster was convicted of sexually assaulting and abusing seven boys over a period of two decades.  Norwich Crown Court found him guilty of 26 offences…..indecent assault on a child, serious sexual offences on a minor and seven counts of possessing indecent images of children.

BBC DJ CHRIS DENNING PLEADS GUILTY — Child abuse Case defendant Chris Denning who started on Radio 1 in a pioneer role after coming from Pirate Radio Ship Caroline…pleaded guilty to 29 counts of indecent sexual assault on young boys….he denied an additional 12 counts and will go back to Southwark Crown Court.  The case refers to 1970 and 80’s activity….he is to remain in custody.

OUTRAGE OVER JONATHAN KING BEING  ON PROGRAMME — The BBC have fallen into yet another mistake by featuring convicted sex offender Jonathan King who has just finished three and a half years in jail for sexual assault on five teenage boys in the 1980’s.  King was once a Kingpin of music, doing radio, recording and promotions working at the BBC with shows ‘No Limits’ and ‘The Great British Song Contest’


THE BBC TICKET SCANDAL — It seems the BBC never learn and are not likely to either.  This time its another one of those ill-fated competitions…..the report says two fans of the One Direction boy band paid out £350 to meet their heroes….but suffered a huge ‘letdown’ due to Radio One at the BBC.  Winners Hannah Hastings and Louisa Marsden just got an apology! ……lucky them? after being promised the best seats at a show in Belfast, but ended up with ‘restricted viewing’ seats and their special meeting with One Direction not on……it is said that Ofcom are investigating the case…….they ought to be investigating the BBC.

BBC PROGRAMMES — 10 MINUTES OF SUBSTANCE AND 30 MINUTES OF DRAMA — Such is the state of things shown.  One Viewer in a letter page puts the case very well — ‘The BBC often claim they make quality programmes — perhaps they should examine this more closely, especially with things like ‘Cowboy Trap’ hosted by Jonnie Irwin who makes sure he tells you that he was a surveyor, not once but several times….and he continually repeats himself throughout as they stretch the show to an unbearable level.  He coaxes the victim to make more of the same comments on the same thing until you get thoroughly bored with his awful presentation which, is tedious and full of his own ego….somewhat following in the style of that ‘celebrity’ Dom Littlewood.’

THE BBC LISTINGS THAT FAIL — You’d think the programmers would know what they had on daily listings, especially as they seem to give out the information two weeks in advance.  But no, they invariably cock it up and leave the viewer mystified as to why it says one thing and suddenly without notice changes it… their Channels BBC3 and BBC4 aren’t up to much either.

BBC REALITY PROGRAMME CALL CENTRE IS FINED — The Information Commissioners Office fined two companies owned by the BBC — Reality Star Big Nev, We Claim You Gain was fined £100,000 and the Nationwide Energy Services were fined £125,000.  They were fined for carrying out ‘Nuisance Calls’

BBC SILENT ON HACKING REVELATIONS — The otherwise do-good campaigners went silent with coverage on the revelations about blue-chip hacking, having given little or no space to the emerging story of corruption.  Whereas they did blanket coverage on Leveson and the stars such as Hugh Grant — who also has gone silent!

BBC PANORAMA PRODUCER SUSPENDED OVER BRIBERY — Matthew Chapman was suspended by the BBC and an episode of the Panorama programme pulled. 

AUDITING THE BBC?  MINISTER WARNS AGAINST IT? — A former minister has said the independence of the BBC could be seriously threatened if the National Audit Office are allowed to investigate the Corporation when they feel like it.  Former Minister James Purnell did not like it when Culture Secretary Maria Miller said that the National Audit Office should have ‘unlimited access’ to the accounts of the BBC, in order to avoid another repeat of the excessive pay-off scandal.

BBC LINK TO TAX SITUATION FIRM IS CRITICISED BY WATCHDOG — The BBC’s relationship with a powerful property company which was criticised for its tax arrangements has sparked fierce criticism from the Public Accounts Committee who said the Peel Group were not contributing enough to the Inland Revenue.  The BBC have a 20 year lease with the company on three office buildings in Salford with a rental cost of £171 million, it has a separate 10 year deal at the studios at the site paying £82.8 million.

BBC SHOW MORE CONTEMPT FOR THE TAXPAYER — The BBC it has been revealed are getting the taxpayers to pay their legal bill for a case to sue a union for libel.  The Licence fee seems to be a money pot that can be used to fund a legal action for its ‘Head of Human resources’ as she pursues a legal action against the trade union, despite her nice little annual earner of £320,000.  The BBC’s Lucy Adams was already criticised in the executive pay scandal……now she wants her lawyers fees to be covered as she launches a libel suit against the NUJ for what she says was ‘highly defamatory’ claims they made.

BBC MISLEAD MP’S — When Executives attended a meeting of The Public Accounts Committee.  In a report it is stated that a senior executive could be held in contempt of Parliament after members of the committee studied a damning report into large pay-offs….. giving rise to suspicion the BBC misled the committee when they were questioned.  Margaret Hodge Chairperson of the Committee said the BBC bosses seemed to allow a very liberal use of other people’s money (licence-payers)…..and that they also had a culture of ‘cronyism’

BBC DISMISSED CHIEF SUES THE BBC — A Technology Chief at the BBC, John Linwood who was in charge when the BBC wasted £100million of Licence payers cash is suing the Corporation for terminating his employment.  The £287,000 a year executive is taking legal action because of the way he was treated and the matter is over ‘contractual obligations’.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT CLAIMS AT THE BBC — A number of employees have been disciplined over ‘sexual harassment claims’ the report says.  Eight staff members have been ‘disciplined’ over bullying etc, during 2013 but only one was dismissed. (Apparently there was 42 incidents of whistleblowers in 2012 reporting matters of misconduct and misbehaviour)

BBC BOSS CREATED CLIMATE OF FEAR! — Rod McKenzie was named in the matter, and the report says that he was given ‘a final notice’ and moved to another post.  Mention of a dossier containing statements that public humiliation was dished out regularly from 17 members of the BBC’s Youth service.

BBC SHOVE UNKNOWNS TO ONE SIDE — A report says the BBC should give unknowns a fair chance of TV exposure instead of using a ‘talent pool’ they built up and keep using.  The actors Union Equity said that the corporation needs to widen opportunities and be more transparent about the casting process….certain actors now well established are appearing almost every month in some play, programme or chat show which appears unfair.  The top agencies are using their power to have big artistes grab most of the limelight and the BBC are going along with this.

BBC IN UNFAIR DISMISSAL OF TECHNICAL WORKER — The BBC were said to be harbouring a culture of blame-shifting coming from the top executives.  This directly affected former technology chief John Linwood who earned around £280,000 a year after being recruited from Yahoo.  It is said the BBC sacked him in the wake of the £98.4 million collapse of an attempt to integrate the BBC’s digital production system.  The tribunal heard that he became ‘the scapegoat’ for the company….they ruled that is dismissal was unfair.

BBC GIVE OUT BONUSES TO STAFF WHO TRACK LICENCE DODGERS —  The BBC give £1,000 to any member of staff in the licence enforcement business.  This was revealed as it became known that around 200,000 people are taken to court each year for failing to pay their TV licence.  The firm responsible is CAPITA, which is worth remembering if you want to do research or investigate them (you might be surprised what you can find out about them on internet pages).  This purge comes as MP’s plan to drop the threat of prison currently connected to this.  The suggestion of ‘Aggressive methods’ being used is not that surprising with the BBC, they don’t seem to use this in connection with ‘The Savile Scandal’, perhaps the thought of anyone operating on their turf and exposing stars and workers is something they’d rather keep locked away as ‘private BBC property’


THE BBC AND ITV COMPANIES HAVE BEEN ACTIVELY ENGAGING IN COVER-UPS AND FRAUD for many years and no-one has been able to stop them because they have ways of dodging commissions and inquiries, and they have stopped some of these in their tracks by using deceitful lawyers who can turn a trick or too.  Many programmes have been changed, taken off and virtually disappeared when certain people required this, and that includes Government politicians…..and when it happens there is no explanation given? it just fades away like the villains that are involved, rich and conniving……. in case you are wondering about the evidence, which we have trailed……that disappears too!  (A little bit like the Savile Affair which was denied and not discussed at the time because certain BBC executives and producers wanted it to be swept under the carpet…. and even now they are hoping nobody will get any nearer to the truth of what they actually did to hide his crimes. A recent Newspaper editorial says that BBC Bosses should be in the dock….and that up to now, not one of them has, which it openly suggests indicates as a curious kind of justice system that shows no interest in doing so ).

BBC ACCUSED OF ARROGANCE BY AUTHOR — Michael Dobbs who wrote ‘House of Cards’ had a go at the BBC for their arrogance, both intellectual and organisational.  ‘The BBC is undermined by spending scandals and fails to own up to its mistakes’ he said.  Lord Dobbs accused the BBC of a left-wing bias in its reporting structure.

BBC IMPARTIALITY FAILS OVER BRAND — The silencing of Russell Brand seems to have reporter Nick Robinson, the usual political face on these issues actively attacking Brand over his opinions on the ‘call me Dave’s government’…..the BBC is clearly not acting impartial according to Derek McMillan of Durrington, Wilts.


‘ TV Licensing Scandal of telephone scam to deceive ‘

BRISTOL AND THE TV LICENSING CENTRE, a multimillion pound rip-off by the government.  They have a telephone system which we are informed takes the customer through various options again and again and again.  It usually ends up with cutting off the customer by saying goodbye, when in fact the customer has not got through to anyone.  It is yet again another civil servant blunder that is designed to infuriate and swindle the licence payer whenever it can.  Cancelling a licence is horrific we are told, it just does not happen if you telephone them, and our informant tells us they tried three times.  Their blurb says if you cancel then they will check and a threat follows of instituting a fine? 

Well, if these corrupt and licensed thieves offered a decent service and a proper system — people might just imagine they do a job for the public but right now — it is legalised robbery.

‘ BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF THE TV LICENSING CENTRE ‘ —     in our quest to reveal corruption in Government establishments concerning civil servants, we have ascertained that quite a number of staff at their licensing centre in Bristol have convictions for various activities; some being just illegal and others of a criminal nature besides civil cases, — yet they continue in employment at the centre unchecked, thus being allowed to bully and threaten the public (mainly in the enforcement division).  Under an agreement with bosses things are kept confidential and secretive (out of the public domain) — something we all see too often with the current Labour Government — the Expenses Scandal and torture cases.  Corrupt practises of civil servants are indeed difficult to expose due to the Lawyers who have the expertise to cover their tracks and tell staff to utter standard phrases in case it’s the press that have come snooping.  Attempts to confirm the names supplied by our insider source were answered by someone at their offices via the telephone, — ‘ we cannot answer the question due to the data protection act, nor will you find it on a request to the freedom of information office, we do not disclose personal histories of our staff or discuss the information you seek with people outside this building ‘ they quoted.  These facts have been verified by our private investigator Richard Barrymore whose files support this article.


ITV’s London Weekend Television were fined £4,200,000 by OFCOM for the deception over a phone competition during an ANT AND DEC Saturday show. 


OFWAT fined ITV’s GRANADA TELEVISION £1,200,000 for deceiving viewers during a phone-in programme.


ITV’S CHANNEL 4 were fined £500,000 for misleading and deceiving phone-in contestants during the programme ‘Deal or No deal ‘   They were found guilty of unfair practice as they knew the viewers were paying money for calls when they should have closed the lines.  Even when it was discovered, CHANNEL 4 kept this formula going for several weeks, showing a complete disregard for viewers and arrogance.


Channel 4 wants taxpayer’s handout ‘

BACK IN 2002 CHANNEL FOUR WANTED PUBLIC CASH to fund their programmes.  Due to a shortfall in advertising revenue the then chief executive, Mark Thompson made a request for taxpayer’s cash to fund more challenging and dangerous programming according to the report.  The Commercial Television Company said that pressures caused by failing revenue and ITV had forced them to ask for help despite complaints regarding their controversial programmes.

CHANNEL 4 TV DO TEN ADVERTS EVERY TEN MINUTES — Viewers have expressed concern and anger at the way Channel 4 have been covertly placing up to ten adverts over a period of 5 minutes each nearly every ten minutes of programme content.  In one hour there is five advertising slots, and this is certainly getting near to the USA level.

‘ The Disgrace of the TV Companies ‘

It comes as no surprise to find deceit by these networks who make great efforts to sidestep recent revelations showing repeated attempts at conning the public.  It shows they are willing to go to huge lengths to hide corrupt practices, false accounting and concealment of criminal activities in order to make themselves seem successful and the window of society.  An insider told us – ‘ there’s a lot going on behind closed doors that would shock viewers and anger many.’  What is amazing about the situation is that the public appear to tolerate and condone the corruption despite it being exposed by people who take great risks to inform them of this situation.

ANOTHER BIG OPENING FOR CORRUPT ACTIVITIES is blatantly obvious with the Freeview multi channel situation. There is 97 company channels already listed and it is still ever-growing — mostly with rubbish – another awful bi-product copied from the USA. In March 2011 over 105 sites exist on the freeview plus radio, and a fifth of those are adult porn channels — something they promised was going to be vetted and minimized but hasn’t been, all amid outrage of what children can access and their concern over sexualising programs that children can see.

FREEVIEW COMPANIES DISREGARD ADVERTISING RULES — It has been noticed that the Freeview television companies do not stick to advertising guidelines and adopt a policy of putting them up as often as they like and for as long as they like according to many viewers who observed it and timed them.

CORRUPTION is never applied to many of these TV networks however blatant they are, and much of what they do behind the scenes is governed by corrupt practices such as ‘backhanders’ abusing the rules, rigging and many other unsavoury activities. Some TV networks get away with it because they are broadcast from overseas and maintain they are doing nothing wrong, because they are adhering to their country’s regulations. Companies should be shutdown instantly when caught cheating and the entire team prosecuted. A Corporate responsibility should apply instead of this ‘challenge to identify the person’ which the law currently exercises, and we all know they inevitably get away with it because of the proof needed. It wasn’t thousands of years ago when ‘association’ sealed this in law eg; the Tolpuddle Martyrs when everyone involved were rounded up, the leaders executed and those not at the top were subject to ‘transportation’ and sent off as convicts to Australia! — strangely enough, there are still some countries that do prosecute by ‘association’ (Singapore and China, just two to start with). They round everybody up at the scene and charge everyone, even those who are not actually participating, but are present at and contributing to the atmosphere of the situation’ therefore being associated to its activities. In fact, the UK almost went down this line with the riots, and apart from getting looters, charged some with being involved and actively engaging in the commission of the crime by taking part in it thus creating the opportunity for lawbreaking whether conscious of it or not, ignorance was no defence and neither was the ‘passive’ stance accepted, and they sent most of the offenders to jail. The UK dressed this as a special need under ‘The Emergency Powers Act’ whereas other countries openly apply it as ordinary law. So this need in law to identify the person actually doing anything can and is set aside by countries when it suits them. Nobody came up with ‘Human Rights’ at all and that was never addressed in court.

‘ ITV depressed by probe launched by Ofcom ‘

SHARES IN ITV DROPPED as the Watchdog Ofcom launched an investigation into the TV’s Advertising. They warned that this early examination could escalate into a full blown inquiry.  Ofcom are concerned about ad slots and how they are bought and sold, and the possibility of distorting competition. The Company’s ‘ poor transparency’ in costs are said to be making it difficult for advertisers to gather information.

‘ Challenge – the Company that isn’t ‘

CHALLENGE ON CHANNEL 46 is at best ‘poor man’s television’ it is neither innovative or good viewing. It is often unattainable with weak or no reception strength at all.  It’s adverts dominate the hours well over the agreed limit imposed on regular channels of the commercial variety.  One evening showing a re-run of the Crystal Maze with Tudor-Pole, the adverts appeared closing the ‘third quarter’ at 6-50 pm…going through 6-55….then returning to the show for 4 minutes….and then back to another onslaught of adverts!  ITS REPEATS are repeating themselves very frequently and the automated studio voice is on a loop throughout the day or week….and then there is the narcissism that it indulges in showing previews of forthcoming stuff over and over….such is bad television.

THESE ‘FREEVIEW’ CHANNELS are at best rubbish, and run on a shoestring budget by dubious companies out to bombard viewers with ads appearing every ten minutes……and importantly, if warm weather arrives they break down…. and you see ‘No Signal’ and neither do you get an apology or explanation to why this high tech stuff was not able to operate….they just come back on 24 hours later pretending nothing happened!  That is your so called free channel system….run by rogues and getting away with poor quality services.

‘ BSkyB Channel unfair monopoly to be investigated ‘

THE TV BSKYB CHANNEL is to be investigated by the TV Watchdog for pushing up prices on premium pay-tv movies.  The Competition Regulator is to look into the reports that BSkyB has the incentive and ability to distort competition, which would mean less choice, less innovation and higher prices.

‘ TV Companies are sexualising children to get ratings ‘

A REPORT SAYS TV SHOWS AIMED AT THE YOUNG are making youngsters ‘ sexual’ in order to grab more ratings.  Much blame goes to the USA programmes which present youngsters as sex objects or always on the lookout for sex at any price. Youngsters are encouraged in shows and TV to dress more sexy, to look older and available.  It accuse the TV producers of warped values. The report looked at 14 shows that are aimed at and involve youngsters including Glee and High School musical themed shows, and agreed that they ‘ were associated with higher amounts of sexual depictions compared to adult shows where bad language seemed to rule more. ‘ It said that it gets youngsters to believe their sole value comes from their sexuality.

THE BAILEY REVIEW — Looking into the sexualisation and commercialisation of children, says it has to be stopped. Mr.Reg Bailey was commissioned to look at tv ads, clothes and billboards by advertisers featuring kids in sexy poses. The British Retail Consortium have signed an agreement to guarantee that retail chains don’t sell sexualised clothing to pre-teens and put up ads giving rise to how sexy it can look on young children. he is also looking at TV and Internet advertising with the intention of putting a stop to blatant selling of sexy items for kids and references making out that kids looking sexy is good and fashionable.

THE CUBE TV SHOW added it’s own sexualisation along with ‘ let’s have the little boy in camera shot’ on the 30th October 2011. Is this show in the child adoration league? or something else. Philip Schofield made several special notices to the young boy thus having several camera shots of the child. In its adverts all sponsored by PLENTY a firm who manufactures table wipes like kitchen towel, viewers were deliberately taken to view the ‘Spanish guy and a close-up of his wiggling bottom to those around him. This would not have been allowed if a child had done it, it would be firmly off limits and called sexualisation, something they tell us is not their aim. But this cannot be brushed aside as they have no real answer.

TV COMPANIES TO FACE FINES over repeat programmes being shown before the 9pm watershed — it says Ofcom have grown very annoyed at the blatant showing of adult theme programmes with foul language and sex being transmitted by TV Companies before 9pm. Ofcom did concede that many of the stations were digital but that will not excuse them. Many of these lewd and suggestive programmes breached the rules — one cited was ‘Road Wars’ going out at 6pm which contained the regular use of the F-word.

TV COMPANIES AND THE ‘CELEBRITY QUIZ’ — More and more quizzes are featuring ‘so-called celebrities’ in specials that eventually becomes the standard show. It used to be ordinary people that appeared and contested for prizes. But now its regular, presumably to keep these ‘celebs’ employed…and they feature the families too. No one seems to have seen that the ‘business’ as taken care of its own…Family Fortunes is now totally ‘Celeb’ and Wipeout goes for celeb editions, The Cube, and many more…Is this the deal that the TV producers form with the entertainments industry to appease flagging show biz careers?

FREEVIEW – HIGHLY UNRELIABLE — Freeview if you can get it?  Many times this so-called Digital Wonder is not there, it simply breaks down without notice…….with ‘Channel unavailable’ or ‘Signal weak’ ….. a little bit like the people who run this service…..provided you think its a service in the first place!    Sky and Virgin have nothing to fear from Freeview…..except the adverts, which they screen about every ten minutes…. with some being double the time getting up to ten or twelve ads in…over 5 minutes in total…..but its free, isn’t it?  repetitive and tacky!


‘ Let’s not forget the Film Companies ‘

Yes, the Crap Directors and their lousy film making — many of whom could not direct themselves even in traffic.  There is also the matter of those video distributers who peddle awful stuff so called ‘direct to video trash’ often with rubbish actors — not fit for the bin (which should be treated with respect)……and lastly the most infuriating 20 – 30 minutes of adverts before the feature which is never wanted by the purchaser which is said to be the distributers little annoying game.

If you wonder where the corruption is in this, it does exist if you go looking for it…..try the Internet pages.

‘ When Celebrities moan they never atone ‘

Recently we see CHAS HODGES of Chas and Dave having a go at Mick Jagger for rudeness and snubbing him and his pop star partner Dave while on an early tour. News for you Chas, most of your lot snub people. He talks of the stones being in a corner and not acknowledging him and Dave, well in fishing around we come up with Brian May of Queen, hung up lately on Foxes — in the face of anger by others and disregarding their views in favour of his own. He often likes to call himself Dr. Brian May moving  in circles with Patrick Moore for one. He and his band except for Freddie Mercury did loads of snubbing when they rehearsed in North London. One musician who accompanied pal Peter Straker, found they ignored him, especially May in those early days.  May has a website and signing-in book for guests, and he never reads it. One comment there is not as ‘fan worship’ as he would like.  You can fool them some of the time May, but not everyone all the time. Jeff Hanlon the management who supported paedophile Gary Glitter were nowhere to be seen when the bubble burst on their star turn, did they accept responsibility? No, they were there to grab the cash and promote him, and did they know about him? — of course they did, they just hoped it wouldn’t have any effect on their profits.  Many of these so called celebrities need adoring, that’s why they cannot function on the real level.  Robin Gibb is another, we saw him looking quite stupid on a ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire celebrity edition ‘ he looked out of his depth and tried too hard to be amusing, but he’s another who can’t get on with anybody ordinary. Their Biography ‘ The BeeGees’ a huge thick thing said very little about truth and more look how wonderful we are. We could add more names here but we don’t want to waste time on these shallow citizens of their own importance.

THE BENEFIT CHEATING POP PERSONALITIES — Just of late we have seen ‘fallen idols of the pop world ‘ appearing in court for defrauding the benefit system having enjoyed fame and a lifestyle that brought them millions or many thousands of pounds.  P.J.POBY alias James Smith was done for defrauding £50,000 in benefits he wasn’t entitled to. BRONSKI BEAT KEVIN CLANCY was in court for defrauding banks out of £10,000 after his career flagged. Recently we see IRON MAIDEN’s PAUL DiANNO being jailed for benefit fraud who appeared before Salisbury Crown Court charged with stealing £45,000.  In another arrest (not benefit fraud–we see WAYNE FONTANA — alias GLYN ELLIS being arrested for non payment of fines, and other information saying he had been jailed for 11 months for setting fire to a bailiff’s car in a previous incident. This comes on top of another rock artist being seen performing on stage whilst collecting invalidity benefit a few months earlier.

QUEEN MAY, yes Brian May, has been protesting about the terrible attitude of obliterating foxes because of bad press. He also took up a feud with an MP which resulted in ‘words between them’  This stargazer known to the high personalities in the Astronomy World is strangely wanting to identify with the ordinary person or assume saviour status. But this saviour has not always been the charmer, Someone who knew him in the earlier days and in the same profession visited Queen at a North London studio with Peter Straker, a close friend of Freddie Mercury. Although Freddie was forthcoming, May was indifferent and did not make any attempt to be friendly. In a recent Matthew Wright programme it was revealed that ‘Animals Welfare’ guru May, had been shooting Deer on his preserve in order to keep them off his land!   ……….. something that May was not too keen to have known.  ………and furthermore…..a fox bit a child in a recent attack… May isn’t doing all that well as the Animal Guru.  He may be able to stir up his ‘starry-eyed’ fans into believing him some kind of God, but in essence he’s a bedraggled looking ‘geezer’ who played guitar in a glam rock band…and embarked on a ‘see me, look at me, I’m great’ campaign when Freddie departed…….you don’t really see the other members of Queen,…..they don’t crave recognition beyond the fame they got in earlier days……only May does that.

MAY is the Vice-President of the RSPCA…..he hit out at the critics.  See the Lawyers section and What the RSPCA have been doing to harass….and the case of them trying to ruin a barrister (all to be seen in the files)

A PROGRAMME ON BBCTV 3 called ‘ Most Annoying People’ revealed that Pop Stars and Film personalities along with TV Celebrities’ and we use that word sparingly plus regret, were the most egotistical and selfish people ever known on this planet. They cannot take criticism without flying into a temper and always want to be the centre of attraction. The latter word shows deep emotional problems hiding beneath the false bravado and deceit. Most of these people have no talent but seek out the riches at any cost, mainly to escape an ordinary job and poor wages. They have cracked personalities that are driven by a lust to be liked, but it is just a one-way thing, once they acquire wealth they want no-one to bother them unless it is to their advantage. Sadly the show did not reveal everything there was to see about these boring individuals who parade across the screen and turn out mindless pop records designed for the brainless youth who have no taste, no dress sense, and no goals.

ANNOYING TWINS labelled no talent — JEDWARD defied all the odds and are milking the situation of being able to make £2million in a pop industry that worships image without substance. Simon Cowell labelled them as vile creatures when they failed to be the winners of X-Factor.

THE KINKS RAY DAVIES AND DAVE DAVIES FEUD looks more like a stunt as they emerge again into the spotlight on the back of articles. Dave Davies does TV and Brother Ray gets publicity suggesting the re-launch of the Kinks. It looks too much like a ‘plan’ and that stinks, and they should know better.

PETE DOHERTY on his 26th Drugs Charge makes a mockery out of the law and shows the worst of what pop stardom has to offer. Even his 6-month Jail sentence doesn’t bother him.

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK leaves debts of near £250,000 as comeback tour fails — so he, a millionaire now living in California decided to fold his tour company just 29 days after it was incorporated. It has gone into voluntary liquidation leaving creditors such as stage lighting, transport, associates and suppliers out of pocket. This flop comes just after his Eurovision catastrophe when the song and him was just second from the bottom, and talking about a bum note; it was obvious the song wasn’t strong enough, not even memorable, the hype only made things worse, and what he resembled on the night was an aged pub singer with no charisma, the sixties was fifty years ago and ‘Please Release Me’ was more fitting for him to get out of the Eurovision contract.

BBC’S ‘ THE VOICE WINNER’ has only 895 copies of her record sold and barely makes it into the top 200. Despite winning a Record deal said to be around half a million, the female winner with much publicity had a flop compared to relative unknowns on the Internet iTunes who have sold more via their fans….it is said that the BBC is spending £22 million on a third series.

EUROVISION ENTRY 2013 BONNIE TYLER suffers embarrassment of having a flop with the song which was released as a single.  Dismal sales despite a high profile promotion flopped leaving Bonnie Tyler at 179 on the top200 chart….the highest position she obtained.  She didn’t fair that better in the Eurovision Show either being in the last eight of a 26 country music entrants.  Like Humperdinck she no longer hits the headlines….and has faded from the public view….a little bit like her web pages, the ones that bar any contact with her unless its business and financially worth it……..luckily at 61, she’s rich and can just park in one of her homes and retire.

HEAVY METAL STAR ARRESTED OVER KILL-WIFE PLOT — Tim Lambesis of the USA band ‘AS I LAY DYING’ was arrested in California  by the San Diego Police Department.  He was charged with ‘soliciting someone to kill his wife’  The Band formed in 2000 had several albums with one in 2007 reaching number 8 in the Billboard Charts.

POP (STAR) – Poor On Personality — which goes for most of these shallow individuals — one such guy that has hit the headlines is MEATLOAF as his masquerade of ‘good guy’ slipped away fast — this overweight American pop star who hasn’t had a hit for ages was never that good; he only thought so, and even bolstered up the Bat out of Hell single by having Cher on board in case it flopped.  He also convinced himself he was a film star, incredibly unsuccessful too….he rambled about in scenes and when he spoke it was like as if he had jelly in his mouth., but he thought his ‘tough guy’ image said it all, it did…..and when those parts dried up he was back to peddling out yet another hits album with Bats out of hell on it…just in case the pop world forgot.  Right now he’s suing a fan (who should have known better than supporting this American crap) for £64,000 because he emulated his idol with artwork on his van……Fan Dean Torkington even has a tribute band to Meatloaf…but now he has met the real guy behind the hero-worship…a guy who has bullied him and called him a fraudulent imposter and cyber squatting…..hence, Meatloaf wants the man’s website address too – to destroy it…..his ego knows no bounds.

RAPPER 50 CENT FACES CHARGES OVER ASSAULT — The Rapper was charged with assault after attacking his girlfriend the report says, after trashing her flat in a rage.  Rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent, caused injury and did $7,100 worth of damage to her flat.  If he is found guilty he could be jailed for 5 years with a fine.

ROCK STAR JACK WHITE BULLIED WIFE — It is reported that the wife of Jack White, frontman of the band White Stripes has obtained a restraining order against him.  She said he had a vile temper and sends profane e-mails besides the frequent use of derogatory names.

SINGER CHRIS BROWN PLEADED GUILTY TO ASSAULT ON FAN — USA singer Chris Brown broke a fan’s nose when he assaulted him.  The singer appeared before the District of Columbia Superior Court and was sentenced to serve two days in jail and pay court costs of $150…he had faced a possible six months in prison and a thousand dollar fine.  However, he apologised to the fan after rejecting a similar plea deal……which now leaves the fan able to sue Brown quite successfully for a tidy sum.

POP SINGER FACES DRUG CHARGES — Tulisa Contostavlos appeared before Westminster Magistrates charged with supplying class A drugs. (Dec2013)

ROCK FRONTMAN VOCALIST IAN WATKINS of ‘Lost Prohets’ multi-million selling group was Jailed for 35 years at Cardiff Crown Court.  The Pontypridd singer pleaded guilty to a string of sexual abuse charges against young people and was labelled a ‘paedophile’ by observers.  The Judge said Watkins was arrogant and showed no concern to what he had been doing.  The band sold 3.5million albums……they have now split up and HMV have removed the band’s music from sales.

IN THE NEWS: Showbiz stars in ‘TAX AVOIDANCE’ furore — ‘Comedian’ Jimmy Carr came under heavy criticism when it was discovered he was paying just one percent of his income in tax, yet in a sketch in one of his shows he was seen to be having a go and ridiculing the rich who only paid one percent…….he later claimed it was very remiss of him to use the K2 system that moved cash earnings around the system so that it couldn’t be asked to pay tax….this also netted in Singer Gary Barlow from Take That who was in a similar scheme whereby he could pay just one percent too…..despite the fact he recently picked up an MBE for his efforts towards the country?

‘CELEBRITIES?’ and POP STARS IN OFFSHORE TAX  AVOIDANCE — Guitarist MARK KNOPFLER (Dire Straits) has been ousted in a document file so called ‘the Jersey Files’ that has tax avoidance schemes available. GEORGE MICHAEL is yet another and of course GARY BARLOW (Take That) who was in the press recently when he was discovered along with another member of the group.  Many other wealthy individuals — Michael Caine, Bryan Robson, Eddie Jordon, David Beckham and High Court Judge Sir Edward Evans-Lombe just to name a few (for now anyway)…..who are  doing nicely out of these schemes, but under The new Finance Bill they are to be targeted by the Tax man.

‘Local’ Pop musician is labelled disabled benefit cheat — after swindling the public out of £56,000 as he went out to venues playing the double bass in a rock’n’roll group. David Ballantyne was jailed by Leeds Crown Court.

CHERYL COLE SUES X FACTOR USA — She sued the programme producers Blue Orbit for $2.3million dollars for loss of earnings last year…..Her new payout was settled out of court.

JUSTIN BIEBER ARRESTED — The teen USA/Canadian pop sensation was pulled over in Miami by police who followed his Lamborghini…. he was charged with resisting arrest, racing his car, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  To add to this, more than 110,000 people signed a petition asking the US authorities to deport him back to Canada…. and revoke his green card.

SINGER DAPPY of N-Dubz was charged by police in connection with an assault.  Essex Police said that the incident took place outside a night club in Chelmsford.   The singer, real name – Costadinos Contostavlos has been bailed.

FORMER BRONSKI BEAT SINGER – Kevin Clancy received a 12 month suspended jail sentence for benefit fraud.  The former backing singer was found guilty of six offences including ‘Falsely Obtaining Benefit’ and ‘Making a false document to deceive’….it was stated that he had two previous convictions for deception.

RAPPER VANILLA ICE IN ‘BURGLARY INCIDENT’ — Arrested, Robert Van Winkle alias Vanilla Ice was charged with stealing by the police.  On being bailed after being at the Palm Beach County Jail, he told reporters ‘that it was all a misunderstanding’  — the incident occurred when the rapper was doing his new show the host of a reality home renovation in Miami close to a vacant property from which items had gone missing/stolen…..and some of the recovered items were discovered at the Rapper’s house.

HIT SINGER TAKEN TO COURT FOR COPYING SONG MATERIAL — Singer Musician Robin Thicke is facing a six day trial after being served with papers from Marvin Gaye’s family who accuse Thicke of plagiarism.  Even though he had a go at the Gaye family with his own writ, things did not go well when it was known that he had lied whilst being drunk when making a sworn statement in regard to his track ‘Got to give it up’.

STAR SCARLET JOHANSSON HITS LEGAL TROUBLE OVER BAND NAME — the new band had been called ‘The Singles’……and within a week of its launch was issued with a ‘cease and desist’ notice from a band of the same name.  Vincent Frederick lead vocalist of The Singles accused Scarlet Johansson of committing a trademark infringement.  He told reporters that his band had been going out as The Singles for 16 years….he added that the star should have had someone check things out on the Internet, because it was there for Johansson to see.

THE LONDON GUITAR CENTRE had 23 guitars seized when they ignored a court order — A customer approached the shop to handle the sale of a rare ‘1959 Fender Jazz master Guitar’ valued at around £3,000, they sold it and didn’t pay the client anything — they were taken to court and a judgement was made against them, and they still did not honour their commitment of dealing honestly with the client — so they had a visit from bailiffs and guitars to double the value were seized and auctioned off…. the shop didn’t pay up, they said they were having trouble with the council…..but even so, you don’t take someone’s property and sell it… and then refuse to pay them!

MUSIC GROUND GUITAR SALES nicked for handling stolen goods.  The North Country Music shop specialising in guitars, ‘collector’s guitars’ were raided and investigated by the police after it was discovered that guitars stolen in Spain belonging to a collector turned up in their shop.  Many were said to have been tampered with, which alerted specialists who uncovered that certain guitars had been taken apart, necks removed and had new paint work added.  Richard and Justin Harrison appeared in court and a conviction was secured.

RADIOHEAD’S THOM YORKE PULLS HIS MUSIC DOWN FROM SPOTIFY — over Royalties row….the singer and front man hit out at the payments being made in their streaming service.  He said the online music distribution was paying next to nothing in royalties to musicians….’new artists on Spotify will not get paid’ he said, ‘but the shareholders in Spotify will’  Yorke until recently supported the company who claimed they were there to give a good deal for new artists….but he no longer sees this, and has removed his new album.

SELF OBSESSED POP STARS — Who Love Themselves!  Yes, not entirely unexpected in the Music Industry. A report by Katherine Knight in the newspapers tells us that more and more so-called pop stars post things about themselves on twitter, flattering pictures and fabricated stories of their image as they would prefer known…you have sites with Justin Beiber posing to look macho, pouting and getting his best side….and then uttering drivel that he hopes the fans will lap up….especially after that untimely incident when he flew into a rage and wanted to assault a photographer.  Brian May, Bonnie Tyler, Nigel Kennedy etc, absolutely lording it with sites dedicated to themselves….of course….saying look at me…..I’m wonderful….this kind of nauseous pretence that they connect with the public….which is a farce at best…..because they never allow an individual to contact them this way.

$8 MILLION HIP HOP  BROADWAY SHOW FLOPS — The new musical lasted less than two months after struggling to sell tickets.  The cast did only 55 performances and received poor reviews.  ‘Holler if ya hear me’ was about a murdered rapper’s poetry and music (Tupac Shakur).

COMIC DUO’S YOUTUBE VIDEO LAMBASTS AND RIDICULES THE POP INDUSTRY — A Norwegian Comedy Duo decided to make a video putting down the pop world by highlighting the pretensions and posing whilst wearing animal costumes.  The video is said to be a hit and has had more than 17 million views.

LABEL DROPS MORRISSEY — Capitol  Records Harvest label have parted company with the singer Morrissey despite his new album selling well.  Morrissey says this is to do with his comments about the label and the fact he speaks out and criticises the music business.  The former SMITHS front man says he’s been snubbed by the TV companies….and in his autobiography they said he had been less than complimentary about the company?

RAP ACT WIN MERCURY PRIZE DESPITE LOW SALES — Scotland’s band YOUNG FATHERS were not overjoyed when they were called upon to accept the Mercury Music prize.  To date they have only sold 2,500 copies of their album ‘DEAD’……which has now been crowned the album of the year.  The Edinburgh Three piece Rap Band’s victory in the music only raised sales by 561.  The NME said that this award was often seen as a curse to new acts, and said they’d never interviewed a more sullen, deadpan and genuinely nonchalant band at an awards ceremony.  Setting aside poor sales, the band are hoping to play larger venues and stadiums!

THE PAYOLLA  RETURN —  Not much is said about the scandal of the DJ’s who took bribes from the Big Recording Company Giants to play certain artists records….some were nabbed, but the Record companies got away with it……Lawyers for those companies shielded their clients by challenging accusers to bring proof,  and eventually the whole thing died down with words like ‘a clean up’ and ‘we are making sure it doesn’t happen’.  But it didn’t stop, it goes on now in 2013, bribes are being paid under the guise of ‘promotion’ by those big record companies that have survived.  Small Independent labels still suffer from ‘the closed door system’ of Radio 1 and others filling their playlists with artists from the big promoters who can pay their way in!   Corruption in this Industry is little revealed or talked about, it just happens behind closed doors with no regulators at all…. if you can pay a large enough ‘donation’ to a DJ or the bosses, then the artist and record will get played, so long as the gravy train continues……and it looks like this will continue.

PERHAPS IT’S TIME FOR U2 TO FADE AWAY —   Free songs to iPhone users met with ‘no thanks’ by thousands of Apple Users.  Many did not want the free album which automatically appeared on their phones.  This was part of an iPhone 6 launch and they saw it as a ‘gift’ to customers.   Instead of thanks many complained that they did not want this album…..and iCloud launched the uploads to 119 countries…thinking they were doing something good?

TAYLOR SWIFT FALLS OUT WITH SPOTIFY — She announced that she was pulling her back catalogue and other material from Spotify, one of the ‘distribution online companies Dementia’ that have sprung up to get fees and commission from music artistes, established or otherwise.  She was not happy about the payment of 0.4 pence given by Spotify for streaming her songs.

AC/DC and MCCARTNEY have also refused to have their catalogues sold from such sites too.

PHIL RUDD OF AC/DC CHARGED WITH  PLOT TO KILL TWO MEN — Phil Rudd the drummer of AC/DC appeared in court charged with conspiring to hire someone to murder.  Living in New Zealand, the percussionist with Scots band AC/DC looked dishevelled as he stood in the dock.  It was said he left the band in 1983 over a bust-up and  rejoined it later in 1994, but was not present at the Press release of their new album. The names of the two men and the hit man was ordered to be suppressed by the Judge.  Rudd is also facing drug charges after cannabis and methamphetamine was discovered at his luxury beachside home in Tauranga, New Zealand’s north island.  It is said he faces 10 years in prison if he is convicted.  Angus Young (in schoolboy shorts etc) has recently had to accept that his brother, fellow guitarist Malcolm Young is no longer in the band due to being diagnosed with Dementia.  AC/DC is going out on a World tour in 2015.

ELVIS LOOKALIKE BRANDED PAEDOPHILE — After being on The Jerry Springer show and singing for Elton John, Elvis Impersonator Louis Fella who claimed to be the number 1 Elvis…was arrested and jailed for 12 months after being convicted as a paedophile.   It was revealed that he had some 900 indecent photos of children on his pc, and that he contacted others similar to himself by e-mail and Skype.

STING FEELS THE STING OF  BROADWAY FAILURE —  Sting found himself replacing Jimmy Nail as his show plummets on the ticket sales.  So in order to provide the audiences with a ‘star’….. himself, he now takes over in the lead role in the hope that his fame will draw in fans from his ‘Police days’ and record buyers… he now no longer can depend on theatre-goers to support his Broadway show ‘The Last Ship’, which it might well be.

CANADIAN R & B ARTIST ASSAULTS POLICE OFFICER — News in is that Abel Tesfaye known in Canada under his stage name ‘The Weeknd’ was arrested in Las Vegas in a hotel.  It is said he hit an officer who was trying to break up a fight on one of the hotel floors.

THE OLD PALS ACT IS CRAP — ANOTHER LIE — The Music Biz has this pretence that all is ‘spiffing’ and okay ‘We are networking’ rubbish.  In fact its a load of ‘bollocks’ as one famous punk band said.  One man in particular let this be known, and that was JET HARRIS a former original SHADOWS bassist behind Cliff Richard.  He died not long ago in his Winchester flat.  He spoke out against fellow band members who ignored him and treated him as an outcast.  They didn’t even invite or contact him for a ‘Reunion tour with Cliff’ and chose to book another bass player as a replacement.  That is the plain truth about pals in the Music Industry calling themselves friends… in truth they are just shallow shits of the worst kind….ego ridden and deeply selfish.

THE FAKERS ON LINKED-IN…… A sort of glossy pro take of Facebook…..aimed at Professionals….and jobs; not the creation of or offering, one puts up a CV of sorts and tells everyone…how wonderful you are….and you just seek out names – much like Facebook.  But again, many of these people are not honest or reliable to say the least….. examples being RAY WILLIAMS a one-time big shot on the London Pop Scene…Manager of big names, who picks and chooses what is recorded on his online CV….he quotes being the manager of Ricochet with the ex-Kinks manager Robert Wace….but leaves out Mafalda Hall?  yet she appears on the company’s letterhead in the 70’s…..and why is that Ray?   Well shining some light on that, Mafalda was already planning to leave and looking to join Track Records and become involved with The Who….she’d had enough of Ray and is too polite to say what really went on….but we can see that Ray Williams knew or he wouldn’t have omitted her name from his credits if he really liked her or got on with her!    Secondly we have DEE ANDERSON a sort of Jazz singer with no notable hits with her fame merely linked to The Thunderbirds Puppet series created by her parents Gerry and Sylvia Anderson……she like Williams says things on Linked-in with a falseness that shows both of these people utter promises and offers (Williams) that they have no intention of keeping.

In addition! to the above, it appears that these self obsessed celebrities and pop-stars have been collecting fees from Facebook who are charging users around £11 per contact so that they can get in touch, no wonder they are all for manipulating ‘their own sites’ so there is no contact, they want the fees from Facebook; it’s a sort of scam really, poxy big headed popsters out for cash in any way they can get it.

‘PRETENTIOUS CELEBS’ Self-opinionated, shallow and pathetic can be levelled at these so-called celebrities, especially the ‘new comedians’ that positively ‘suck’ — they often think they’re clever and funny, when in fact, their jokes are completely brainless.  What with X-Factor encouraging a new breed of selfish preening artistes who have a desire to be worshipped (and get at the money) queuing up to have the camera on them so that their pathetic parents can write it in the scrapbook ‘as stardom’….and these quizzes that have dropped real ordinary folk in favour of filling the agents booking sheet with ‘celebs’ because they did sport, or went on a reality TV thing…the Media just promotes it.  Even the adverts are spawning ‘celebs’, so it doesn’t take much to have these nerds on the screen….saying ‘just look at me I’m famous’

HOLLYWOOD ACTOR ROBERT DOWNEY WALKS OUT DURING STUDIO INTERVIEW — In a show of ‘Celebrity look I’m famous’ Robert Downey (of the Iron Man films) objected to questions put to him when he did an interview on Channel 4.  Apparently he was only prepared to discuss the new movie.  It was also revealed that the infamous ‘Violent Film’ maker/actor Quentin Tarantino did the same thing to Channel 4 when he refused to discuss the violence in his movies by the same Interviewer….he too, in act of petulance walked off the studio floor.

TV WEATHERMAN TALBOT FOUND GUILTY — Fred Talbot was found guilty on child abuse/sex charges and faces jail.  His past caught up with him, and his sexual assaults on two boys at the school where he worked in the 1970’s has brought him down.  The one time Celeb’ who pranced about on Morning TV on a floating map was found guilty by a Manchester Crown Court.

‘ Scam Talent Agency StarNow second only to My Space ‘

ONLINE TALENT AGENCY STAR NOW. CO. UK (A New Zealand Company in Wellington) is being known better as a scam by many people who have posted pages on the Web of anger and disappointment as a result of signing up to this agency. Reports of the company not being able to deliver or get anything done abound in large numbers, and all of them appear to call the Agency a scam. Allegations of cheats and con artists appear several times along with disappointments and calls for the company to be closed down.  Those who pay full membership have openly said on the pages that they have been the subject of an extortion racket that has no real ties with the entertainment profession and nor can it provide any proper link to a contract or paid work.  We checked this out and have to admit, most of the ads wanting musicians etc were not prepared to pay anything.  It was more or less — give away your music and talent free — when we looked at their artist members and play list chart, almost all of them had no plays a ‘0’ zero, which translates into not being known or heard of, and little chance of doing so. One guy who was a member earned $3 during six months of his membership which cost him around forty dollars. One girl who wanted to be a model found herself being picked by a porn film company which she instantly declined, but Star Now turned to her complaint and told her it ‘was a job’ —in regard to music, if no one is visiting the site to hear them what company is going to contract them??  Our Investigator e-mailed several Major Record labels and publishing houses, and none of them endorsed this Agency or said they used them.  We also discovered that they boast of having testimonials on their press page, but that is no proof at all, and as far as we can make out the case of a scam is proved. One of their phrases is ‘Your career starts here ‘ They have not issued an answer to their critics or denied scamming, so on all probabilities it looks as if they are into a scam that they believe in.  My space as we said come second to this pie in the sky offering of helping to promote unsigned artistes, when in fact it really promotes the music industry via their Google contract and advertising, even it’s so called friends is a weird scene where people collect people like numbers…one guy on the site told us connecting with friends doesn’t happen, and if you do connect it is short lived…yet some of the members claim 15,000 friends, really rather ridiculous.  So I suppose we have yet another scam here. the only good news is that some group has promised to take down Facebook in November, let’s hope they succeed, let’s hope they get to My Space too.  Note – Star Now is a New Zealand Company, not running in the UK so beware you Brits, they cannot be reported to UK Trading Standards and are not exactly involved in the UK showbiz field nor do they operate in the West End like Wardour street and Regents street where  you would find such reputable talent agencies. Complaints against Star Now can be found by searching for ‘The Star Now Scam’ in the wikipedia pages.

‘StarNow lie Revealed’ ……..We have now obtained what some of the professionals in the Fashion and Modelling area and Music Industry say about Star Now —

Professional Photographer, Frank Longo on models says ‘ You have almost NO HOPE of becoming a top model via the Internet with the occasional exception of You Tube, and that’s free — No top Agency recruits from Web Site agencies’

Virginia Doyle of the Reihardt agency says this ‘ As an Agency who handles top models year in and year out, and grooms new and up and coming ones, we wouldn’t look to Star Now for models ‘

Al Cayo of LOOK, the New York Agency of The Male Division said ‘ We have enough models knocking on our doors and sending in their cv’s with photos, why do we need to go to Star Now? — We don’t, and we don’t use them either.’

Mafalda Hall a former Exec for Track Records says ‘ We wouldn’t look to Star Now or the London agency Writertap for artistes, we have masses of demos arriving every week– we wouldn’t direct our artistes to them either. We have, as so many top Record Companies have, in-house systems and departments that have bona-fide and established agency people of vast experience in the Music Industry. We contact artistes managers not web agencies who charge fees to thousands of hopefuls who are laid bare to cheats, false promises and jobs that do not materialize or even get paid for. Any so-called ‘client’ can put up an advert on these talent agencies and get loads of replies from serious applicants who do not know that the client has very little cash, has no clout in the Industry and is just trying out an idea they have without serious experience to draw from or even the contacts to see it through, and of course, there will be the clients who are intent on stealing new material such as songs or ideas all for free…plagiarism is on the up, and only members with cash can take them to court if they manage to find the thieves. Where will Agencies be like Star Now and WriterTap when a member gets a court case? — running a mile and claiming no responsibility. These Agencies will probably tell you on joining that they do this and that and act very strongly to the benefit of the member, but this is probably all talk…you will find there is no contractual promise to protect your rights or legally act for you.’

IS THERE A LESS DODGY SITE THAN STAR NOW? — One Australian who has put up a blog on the Internet doesn’t think so and invites people to prove her wrong —- so far the replies remain at ‘0’

We turned our attention to Reviews on Star Now and their claims of success? — this was rewarded by a casual look at which states ‘ No description could be provided as to reviews for Star Now, because the site owner did not provide one — the site made itself not available when Talk reviews tried to contact it.  The web page continually says Cannot Display.

IS Yahoo in the Star Now Lie and Scam? — Yahoo have a question and answer page and many of the comments are from five years earlier, and none or most of them do not ring true — they actually bear the resemblance of being deliberately set up to deceive and give Star Now a boost…..and strangely they label this as ‘ is anyone joined Star Now….is it any good? ‘  the beginning ‘is’ tells you a lot and the probability that Star Now and Yahoo thought the whole thing up looks a definite.  You are not going to get the truth from Star Now or a real survey… we are the site that will tear off its mask and give you the real image.

‘StarNow and the $30 Competition Rip-Off Partnership in the USA.’

They always say never pay anyone to review your musical talent when they are saying they are giving you an opportunity — But StarNow have entered into a partnership with a USA Songwriting Competition saying that they invite entries at $30  dollars each. They claim to have judges Tom waits, Tori Amos, Jeff Beck etc and Record Label Executives. It should be reminded here only one person can win, so thousands more paying that fee will leave this unknown US Organisation with oodles of cash. Hopefuls desperate to succeed will not be able to stop themselves and that is known and beneficial to the organisers. They probably need some of the cash to pay the fees of the Judges who will win anyway.

STAR NOW AND THE FALSE ADVERTISERS — You would be quite mistaken if you thought that applying to one of Star Now’s adverts would lead to a genuine subscriber on their system.  One such advertiser, pretending to be a ‘Producer’ wanted songwriters and performers to give him their creations, in written form, and CD etc, and all to be sent to an e-mail address? ….this ‘Producer’ could not even answer the question of what he had produced! he also put up an incorrect e-mail address…and on being found out….sorry!…a mistake….he promised to talk about the arrangement and made an appointment to phone… call…..was reminded….said he had family issues and would be back later?…….and didn’t of course… another thing that emerged was that so-called companies requiring songwriters failed to know what a CAE number was which should raise an alarm as this is an essential part of the music publishing registration besides MCPS and PRS, thus revealing some dodgy listings and advertisers on this site….never send any of Star Now’s advertisers all you have with the lyrics etc, especially to the ‘invented e-mail user accounts’  the material will disappear and your claim to having written the material……the ‘Producer Guy’ said he was collecting a portfolio……don’t let him have your stuff or anyone else without a phone number and address…..Star Now will not be supporting you if you are ripped off by one of their clients…..they are based in New Zealand…….and they don’t care!

‘ StarNow and the unauthorised access to members cash ‘

A Very disturbing feature of what the StarNow Agency is up to when a member is completely unaware (it is normally called theft in legal terms).  We can reveal that StarNow accessed a member’s PayPal account and took a six month payment without authorisation. The member, who had written to the company via e-mail had only just expressed how disappointed he was with their agency and that he wasn’t going to continue with them.  Despite this and the staff at StarNow being aware of the message, their finance division merely went straight to his Paypal account and took nearly £30 for another six months without explanation or a formal request for these funds.  We contacted Paypal, giving them details of this incident…and their client was immediately refunded by their resolution team who confirmed their had been ‘an unauthorised payment made to StarNow’ and apologised for not spotting this until the client complained a few days after discontinuing the membership with the ‘ talent agency ‘

DO THE FIGURES REALLY MATCH UP?  — A member having been involved in forming an ‘actual’ project did a listing…seeking talent for the project — the expectancy of wannabe’s was large in view of it leading to a possible recording deal……yet after days there was only 13 applicants…and an investigation on StarNow’s pages showed 303 viewings, not big as ‘hopefuls’ go….so where did the 290 vanish? …presumably they were encouraged to seek this ad out because it matched their criteria…something that StarNow praise themselves for…and recommend as they claim they notify members of ads suited to their profiles.  A look at some ads just featuring songwriters wanted have around 900 viewings claimed?……are these exaggerated?  because it certainly looks like it.

Note: What we show here merely scratches the surface….so we will continue to bring you more on Star Now.

‘ The CDBaby Customer Rip-off Scam ‘

ANOTHER AMERICAN SCAM in league with MySpace (Americans).  We keep finding that The Americans are behind most of these ‘rip-off’ scams involving the subtle deceit of pretending to be of great help when in fact they are extorting cash out of the unsuspecting customer.  CD Baby are labelling themselves as a company who help musicians promote their recorded content and place the product out on the Internet via online stores (some of whom are dodgy too, in that they offer 5p to 10p for a song, which is pitiful and should be outlawed).  They make many noises about being Mp3, but actually deal in wav sound files…..but that’s not discovered until you come to upload.  And while we are on the subject of uploading……3 four minute songs takes up to 45 minutes to upload, which is ludicrous and reminds one of the speed thing the pc’s of 2000 took to do connected up to a phone line.   They also go on about doing CD’s for the customer, but nicely omit to say what that cost would or will be…..we did our own research into a South of England CD copying firm…..and the quote for 100 pressings with labels were well over a £100…no wonder CD Baby don’t like to mention the money here!……..They also charge $20 dollars for getting you a bar code, which might seem fair, if it wasn’t for other music distributers charging nothing!……..Then there is the huge time consuming form-filling thing online, which can take up to an hour or more, as it requires information either conjured up immediately or stored elsewhere on your computer ………..and guess what?  they charge you $49 dollars  (This expenditure is not mentioned until the final bill) despite you doing all the work… you have now spent $69 dollars trying to get some sales on your product.  Then you see your return?  saying 91 per cent (not guaranteed as 91 pence)…….and if as we suspect this really means cents….then you only get around 50p(or lower) on a downloaded track, provided it’s sold with someone like iTunes (another American Company) because it could well be much lower, and nothing!………….so who’s getting the money here?  the musician or CD Baby?………the latter of course, because they got an upfront $49 dollars to start with….and that applies to every application made… that means they’re in the money…..and you?…….you just keep waiting to see that non existent cash flow that doesn’t come your way…….they also try to con you with ‘customer satisfaction’ stuff that clearly looks fake……so if you want to be scammed, use these thieving Americans, they’re happy to take your money….anytime….any day……’ve been warned!

‘ CD Baby and the Lawsuit ‘

CONTINUING THE ABOVE – We have actually confirmed it by pushing aside those Search Engine ‘false blogs and self congratulant websites’ and as we always do, dig out those hidden facts that tell the real story about CD Baby –  It is very obvious that CD Baby went downhill in 2009 angering many who thought this module and template for the musician was ‘for the rights of music makers’…….and staggeringly it still persists in 2012 according to our in-depth research:   Headlines like ‘ CD Baby becomes a Disappointment ‘  and ‘ CD Baby bombarded by thousands of Complaints ‘ seem to blow the ‘caring for the customer’ image right out of the door.   One of their believers and steadfast supporters changed his view on CD Baby and has this to say:  CD Baby is now just like a plain e-commerce site, out to fleece the Independent Artiste Community, money grabbing etc (Richard MacLernale says on an internet page).  He goes on to say that CD Baby hasn’t reported digital sales figures since May (2009), they ignore e-mails (and we tried one the other day May 2013 which came back via The Hotmail Postmaster with a notice that it had been ‘delayed’)……he also says they don’t answer the phone. More on his blog can be seen at      We delved further and came across a website the CDBabyLawsuit……explains it all, this complainant and user of CD Baby’s so called distribution service can be seen on the  who accuses them of ‘allowing artistes to pay for services they know they cannot provide!  He says he paid them 55 dollars for distribution…..which after two months they still hadn’t carried out their ‘contractual duties’ which they insist the new client must read (which must be ‘do as we say but not as we do’)… and his music did not show up as ‘available’ on their website…. he firmly says ‘THIS COMPANY IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED.’  As to the Lawsuit we tried to follow that, but found it removed! by persons unknown? or otherwise…..could this be ‘toddler intervention?’           

We move on to March 2012 — Another disgruntled artiste tells us they uploaded a CD for distribution with CD Baby and were charged $49 dollars which was referred to as a ‘One time, one Lifetime fee’……during the upload a mistake occurred…..and they contacted the Customer Services….and found to their horror and disgust that the CD Baby company wanted them to pay out another $49 dollars for the artiste to edit the upload, regardless of their contractual ‘One time, one lifetime fee’ as expressed and implied.  The Customer Service did the usual thing of ignorance and wouldn’t budge….the artiste claimed a refund……but again got nowhere…….this is a very recent complaint…..and can be seen on

Yet another  CD Baby rip-off: It now looks like the water tap has been turned on to reveal the ‘dirty water’ from the overflow.  We now have a case where a client artist had to pay the whole thing twice due to an error made by CD Baby……which brought their total to $138 dollars…..all because CD Baby don’t answer the e-mails as we pointed out earlier, they actually and deliberately ignore them in order to prosper from any foul ups.  They actually have a notice that says this at the audio upload stage ‘ Please note that our tracks must meet all of our partners standards before we begin processing your album submission, if there are any problems we will e-mail you immediately so you can upload new tracks’ —- actually, they don’t do any of this, it’s a complete lie and fabrication.  In this case they didn’t even spot the ‘dud’ track which had been cut in half….they just went ahead and were prepared to send it to all online shops like it was…and did a preview piece they made of the three tracks…..the client e-mailed them to no avail…..and in desperation had to abort that album….and start again.  They also had to pay again…..and what about ‘customer service?’  there wasn’t any…………..this is real CD Baby values.

Two more actual complaints out of many on the Internet.

Its now coming to many artist’s attention, that CD baby employees are setting up Bogus and scam retail seller accounts on etc. They are duplicating discs and keeping the proceeds, I believe musicians are filing with a substantial evidence record to the federal bureau in portland, oregon.for an internal account enquiry, Hopefully this will lead to the real story coming to light.

9th of May, 2014

I uploaded a song to them recently and find them terrible to deal with – the left hand just doesn’t seem to be communicating with the right, you get automated generic emails from them which are misleading and don’t aid communication and on top of that they have ignored most of the emails i’ve sent them anyway which i think is really unprofessional in this day and age. They have all these rules about the pictures submitted for the musicians artwork which seem really picky and which i’ve never come across when uploading songs and pictures to any other online distributor and because they kept ignoring my emails i eventually had to call them from europe and was then kept on hold for an age before someone finally took my call – when i pointed out that i had sent in 3 emails without getting any response over the previous week i was told that that they hadn’t been in the office for the last 2 days – in fairness it was coming off a weekend but is it justifiable that an international company of this size would shut up shop from friday to monday every week? They really need to start putting the customer first, after all they’re the ones who are keeping their lights on – definitely not recommended


We have news in that one client is approaching the Portland Police in the USA and making a charge of fraud against the online distributors…… we will follow this and be back with the details etc.

CD BABY ‘nothing but the truth, well nothing actually’ — Several customers of this so-called distribution company say they have been ‘short-changed’ by CDBaby when they came to look at their sales….many said the cash was so little that it looked as if their CD had sold to about six people in one street, whereas they’d chosen to have their product sold ‘worldwide’   Others were quick to notice that certain places they’d told their fans to look at which CDBaby had mentioned, their tracks and CD had no mention and nor was it being sold there.  When they complained to the company they were ignored.  One girl called Elli discovered that CDBaby had taken the money twice for one CD Album….and got nowhere with her inquiries and complaints….and to top it all, over a period of six months she didn’t even receive 40 dollars in sales……yet it cost her over 60 dollars to go with this company, which she says she will now steer clear of, and warns others to do the same.

Another thing we spotted, which could be called ‘a breach of contract and unfair terms’ is that when a client of CD Baby opts to not sell a track on its own…..this is not adhered to by CD Baby who say they cannot impose this on other online music outlets?………absolutely ridiculous…..if an EP or album is $9.99…..with no tracks sold separately….. how can it be worthwhile to the artist if it goes to other dealers for 99 cents a track……who’s going to pay the $9.99?……this never happened in the 80’s and 90’s….there was a retail price guide, which gave a fair return to the artist………what CD Baby are doing here is colluding in a scam to devalue and take financial advantage of a situation they have created.

On closing this for now, we started to take a look at other Internet Music Distribution….and discovered that there is a scandal waiting to break…….because many online music distributors are ripping musicians off.


‘The Big Online ‘Records Distribution Scam ‘

THE EVER INCREASING RIP-OFF one that is not being addressed at all by the Financial Authorities….have you ever wondered where your royalties have gone?  and why the ‘returns’ don’t add up no matter how hard you try to blame yourself and find an ‘error’  — Don’t look any further than these ‘multiplying’ highway robbery firms that call themselves online distribution such as CD BABY, Tunecore and Ditto etc, who set up without no experience or qualifications in the Music Industry, they’re just Computer Geeks who see a ‘killing’ they can make on the gullible.  They are completely unregulated and have no agreements with Industry — even when they draw up the ‘unfair’ contracts it’s worded so that they take no blame for anything that goes wrong, they throw off all liability yet capitalize out of a musician’s intellectual property thoroughly and absolutely.  These many online ‘fairy godmothers’ say anything and print loads of ‘online shops’ they have deals with, but often when an artist has put up a single or album for distribution — they cannot find the sale and often come across ‘could not find a match’ when they use a search engine.  The other side is financial rip off, beside store name cloning, and an artist receives a lot less than they were expecting despite consulting their fan bases…..CD BABY gave just fifty dollars to one guy who knew this was a theft and he blogged that they had ripped him off.

ONLY JUST A SHORT WHILE AGO IT WAS FOUND THAT ‘FAN RIGGING’ was coming out of India regarding stars who endorsed tweets for gifts….and an undercover reporter who set up a fake band and bought thousands of fan hits all fake to bolster the impact of the project….and even COCA COLA was in there…..issuing all sorts of denials.  Facebook was being used to invent fake profiles in the thousands all controlled by guys in Media companies offering to fake instant recognition for fees…..that’s the Show Biz and Music Industry of today.

NB. You can read about Myspace further down in their own ‘rip-off’ mode and complaints and porn investigation etc.

‘ The Fostex Dilemma —  ‘Peddling Crap’

We all know the phrase ‘used to be’ which often means the great days are well behind them, and FOSTEX are in this category…. especially with their recording gear, once desired, and now no longer needed.  We’ve heard of their ‘budget 8 trackers with very little hard drive memory which causes the buyer loads of problems and the limitation on track use –‘unknown to the user’ because the limit could not be found in the manual….which isn’t of that much use anyway.  Then we have the ‘D; series of the multitracker with the lift off front panel, supposedly used by the best?   What you’re not told is that they baulk on tracks with ‘hiccupping’ and even ‘ghost’ reversals has been known…mainly down to a faulty drive that does not reveal this for a year or so….this obviously affects reliability….so if its reliability you want and the truth, go elsewhere for a recorder that gives value and not huge problems like Fostex.

The Web Providers:

‘ Web Sites are spying on Internet Users ‘

NOT SURPRISING REALLY, they have the technology and the desire for money, so one should not be surprised if they engage in ripping off users and secretly using data that is deemed to be protected — when it isn’t.  Recent news tells us they using hidden software to track users habits and collect data which they then sell off or supply to others, including Government Security Agencies.  The report says they are actually monitoring people’s personal banking and purchasing like E-Bay and Amazon….all unknown to the account users of those sites….they gave examples of just a few firms such as T-MOBILE, WESTERN UNION,…..leaving out many more.  In its initial investigation the researchers found 145 sites…..some using Flash Player software…..and 404 used Java Script to secretly lodge the spyware….. Big Brother Watch said that for many of these sites ‘the privacy thing did not appear to be an obstacle they couldn’t sidestep ‘…… was also quite obvious many were profiting from getting users personal data.


YAHOO appear to be convivial, all embracing agents of fairness, — NOT SO.

An Insider at British Telecom says that their association with Yahoo despite BT being tagged to Yahoo visually online, has in fact been terminated according to the source.  A disagreement over policy issues is suggested has being one of the main reasons for the parting of the ways.

Another consideration to suggest Yahoo are not to be trusted comes from a trusted source who says that they act arbitrarily or at a higher powers wishes as in the case of a Lawyer who put pressure on Yahoo and without further ado got them to do his bidding.  They censored the person and threatened to remove them.

Yahoo in trouble again.  A report says that Yahoo fail to meet promises set by the company to clients.

YAHOO GEOCITIES   is being closed by the web provider who are yet again in the business of silencing views or groups the authorities do not like.  Yahoo work in hand with the ‘big brother theory’ and some of the groups under the Geocities openly protest about wrongdoings, now they are being suffocated by the Yahoo bosses who are in fact riddled in corruption.  They only pretend quite falsely to be open, but their policies suggest and show their real object == make money, make friends with the industry giants and freedoms that might get in their way.

YAHOO BROWSER HAS BEEN DROPPED BY BT – News in says that BT are informing all Internet users on BT that they are closing down their link with Yahoo, and are advising customers to find an alternative browser.  We called BT and were told that there was no further contract with yahoo or would be.  They would not go into detail about the problems they were having with Yahoo, but we understand from past moves that the relationship was poor and over administration contracts.

YAHOO IN LOTTERY SCAM — Yahoo have been named as ‘ enabling con artists to rob consumers ‘ in that they allow associates to send out false win messages to vulnerable targets of the fraud. Many people suddenly get a Yahoo message saying ‘ You have won on the lottery’ and only in small characters is the one that is sending this out, Yahoo are heading the message.

YAHOO AND THE LACK OF SECURITY — A recent report revealed that Yahoo could not protect passwords on their own site, and that they were urging people to change passwords because their safety security was flawed by a technology defect in their own structure. What more reason do you need to boycott this web company?

YAHOO BEING SUED BY SINGAPORE PRESS — SPH, a leading Press house in Singapore, which also has the STRAITS TIMES — Government owned, so this may be government led, are suing YAHOO in the Singapore High Court for copyright infringement.  They have lodged the writ citing 23 occasions when Yahoo printed content on the web without authorization. It is said to be the first time a News Company has sued a website. It claimed the articles were related to politics and crime.

YAHOO PROVIDE THE CHINESE AUTHORITIES WITH ACCOUNT HOLDER INFO TO IMPRISON JOURNALIST — The lengths Yahoo will dip down to ceases to amaze.  Dissenter and critic of China’s rulers, Shi Tao, is serving 10 years in jail for allegedly trafficking in state secrets, possibly cooked up by the communist government. His crime was to use his Yahoo account to e-mail instructions from a central propaganda department to an overseas website concerning the coverage of the anniversary of the crackdown in Tiananmen Square.  When asked about their role in revealing Shi’s identity to the Chinese Police, Yahoo simply said it was complying with local law. It strangely says very little about its involvement in helping China with technology to aid China’s repressive policies. They also say very little about being summoned to Capitol Hill and appearing before a Congressional sub-committee and being reprimanded for co-operating too closely with Hu’s crackdown on China’ critics.

YAHOO CHIEF  EXPOSED OVER ‘FAKE DEGREE’ — Yahoo caught again. Director Scott Thompson becomes the fifth director to leave Yahoo. News says that his degree listed on his CV said it was a Computer Science Degree which was found not to be true by activist shareholder David Loeb who sought his dismissal. Yahoo have said they are near to reaching a ‘truce’ and are discussing an agreement with Loeb.

YAHOO ACCOUNT HOLDERS ARE SPIED ON AT HOME — A report has revealed that Yahoo knew and said nothing about the British Government and the programme ‘Optic Nerve’ which is operated by those at the GCHQ who regularly observe and spy on millions of Yahoo users in their homes as they use the webcam chat system.  The company claim ‘surprise’ in an attempt to lay the blame elsewhere.  They agreed that these activities were a new level of violation on privacy…. something the British Government pretend to care about….which it clearly doesn’t.  Optic Nerve was in place in 2008  and within just months the spying was covering 1.8million Yahoo users, and thanks to Edward Snowden……..we all now know.

YAHOO AND THE ‘NO COMPLAINTS ADHERED TO’ STORY — What can one say about Yahoo that hasn’t been said of this awful Internet Company? nothing really, they have enough complaints, but none you can readily find.  Because they are all ignored by staff at their helpline which is a sort of no-go area where commonsense is not readily available.  They strangely pretend to be so friendly at their help desk while protecting the company from bad publicity.  But as with any of the Web Giants, it’s all ‘hokum and deceit on a grand scale, thoroughly planned and carried out, amid court actions lodged against them for more serious matters both criminal and civil. They treat account holders of e-mail accounts with contempt… new account holder, a pensioner who is still trying to come to terms with computers and the Internet…managed to form an account with help but rarely used it because of his lack of knowledge….logins confused him as did the password saga.  Sadly when he boldly went to look at his e-mail he got locked out of his account and couldn’t understand why — well, it was a simple case of memory and a missed number brought him stress and grief, all added to by Yahoo staff who made him go through hoops and questionnaires etc,  Even when they finally got the message; and that took these genius’s a long time…. in fact around two weeks.  They wouldn’t let him complain even though he had requested to make an official complaint three times during e-mails with them.  They actually ignored his right to complain and he eventually gave up.  Obviously to us here at this site, this is the way Yahoo kills off complaints and do not allow them to be conveyed to a forum or actual department in Yahoo, which of course there isn’t!

YAHOO AND THE NO REPLY SERVICE TO USERS —  It is indeed a strange and dubious practise to say that they can be contacted, when in fact this is not true….only by their address ( Yahoo, 701, First Avenue, Sunnydale, California,  CA 94089)…even trying to access old accounts have the usual ‘blind’ problem…in that they are asked to verify their account…and a box appears saying that there is a number or quote that must be entered…but it cannot be seen….and the contact bit leads to another blind alley…because if your query doesn’t match the ridiculous assumptions they have pre-printed….you have nowhere to go.  The only kind of company that does this sort of thing is a ‘crooked one’ and Yahoo have all the hallmarks of this kind of operation.

YAHOO are FLAWED and they cannot be ruled out as being corrupt.  Any news on their corrupt activities or whistleblowers who have serious accounts of insider crimes that need revealing — we want.


It has been learned by our source that AMAZON the online shopping company had one of their bigger clients pull out.  The Toy Firm decided not to continue with Amazon after policy arrangements became unacceptable for the company and they saw selling with the company as unworkable.

AMAZON are linked to ‘ backdoor deals ‘

AMAZON were investigated and found to be engaged in the sale of offensive and illegal weapons such as any kind of knife, pepper sprays and cs gas, 

AMAZON staff deliberately delay any complaints by side-tracking them into nowhere.  The system ‘ contact us ‘ is geared to veer the complainant away and it’s automatic response completely leaves out the subject ‘ complaint ‘ and why is that?  — they do not want to record any so that they can claim there are non, and furthermore they do not wish to hear.

AMAZON fail on promise to stop fake brand name goods being sold via the site.  Yes, another vow to clean up set aside in the interest of profits, not really surprising.

BEWARE OF AMAZON – they are concealing evidence that customers have been hoodwinked by their system into revealing bank card numbers and details – thus having their accounts dipped into by online thieves, Amazon offer no redress or help in this area saying that they have no control, but it is their messages that are fooling customers into repeating their details and wondering why they should have to having dealt with the company over a period of time.  The fooled customer is trapped into revealing details and this leaves their accounts to be plundered due to the activities of AMAZON.

AMAZON RUN HIGH PREMIUM TELEPHONE HELPLINE SCAM – Customer messages sent via e-mails to customers other than the automated ones, are suggesting a complainant contacts their helpline – and if you do, on arrival you will find 0904 169 0065, and guess what? they say in small print – this telephone directory is not affiliated with Amazon?  if this were true, then why are Amazon steering their helpline to this site? because they have links with them of course, who do Amazon think they are kidding?

AMAZON could not care less in regard to whether they resolve an issue, be that a customer loses out or is a victim of fraud, they simply con the buyers and sellers into thinking they are respectable and can be trusted; it’s absolutely nonsense, this company is corrupt.

AMAZON PUBLISH GUIDEBOOK FOR PAEDOPHILES – Amazon were forced to stop the guidebook after complaints. The web giant bosses had to comply with public pressure, and would not comment after they had pulled the book from its site.  In doing so it proves censorship truly lives, something that Amazon said it was not going to do or give into, but they did.

AMAZON SACRIFICE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION TO PLEASE AUTHORITIES — AMAZON yet again show that they cannot be trusted or relied upon. Corruption in AMAZON is at an all time high according to leaked sources and we await further developments on this so we can print the details. Freedom took a back seat also when AMAZON interfered with the banking and funding online services on their servers for Wikileaks, by removing them for the government and state who are actively seeking to silence them. The main player is the USA, and this is not really surprising as they have more departments acting covertly than any others. Secrecy whilst claiming to be open has been a by-line to their history, and strangely we all know how they try to suppress corruption on a day to day basis. The UK sidekicks act or jump when the master-race shout from their Sheriff offices — claiming to do this as a sign of the special relationship.

AMAZON is a U.S. Company remember that when you get conned by them.

AMAZON use  Luxemburg to avoid paying higher UK tax.

AMAZON SHARES PLUMMET DOWN ON EXCHANGE as poor sales results show the company not in such a good condition as they portray on the open market…….Mail Money News February 2012.

THE DISGRACE THAT IS AMAZON — A company that pretends to provide a service of excellence whilst not achieving it, is company that conceals much in the hope of hoodwinking the casual observer. We shall now illustrate a case we shall call the one that tells all — A customer, who had been bitten once already by poor service, bought on Amazon and paid promptly through PayPal…the order to one of Amazon’s sellers went through on the 15th of the month — the seller e-mailed through the Amazon system that dispatch of the goods took place on the 17th and amazingly used the long route asking that delivery had up to the 31st….The buyer got worried by the 28th, as they had ordered other items that arrived in just 4 days; quite the norm, an e-mail sent to the seller was not replied to…then Amazon on the 31st said they had a problem with the seller, but insisted that the aggrieved party the buyer should wait until the 4th of the next month to make a claim, which of course takes time to process….this is a disgrace of such a company and one should steer away from buying there.

The goods never arrived — and Amazon already knew they were not going to — that is the Amazon Guarantee.

AMAZON.Com inc  — AND THE COMPLAINTS YOU SHOULD SEE BEFORE TRADING — The Seattle Company mostly ignores complaints as can be read and seen on web pages that have had to be set up because Amazon doesn’t want them to be seen.

COMPLAINTS BOARD — go to and you will read the first 100 complaints by clients and customers that have had poor service and rotten deals due to this company. It lists Amazon as committing fraud, gift certificate theft and online scams and much more — so check it out before placing an order.

amazon@pissedconsumer gives the lowdown and real truth behind the Amazon Company Welcome and shows the failures by the corporation and how they are intent on ignoring the issue of complaints.

Another hefty complaints against Amazon is which spells out the complete dissatisfaction by customers who have been ripped off by Amazon and that their complaints are ignored — there is a huge list so put your reading specs on.

D of Duluth on Feb 2/2012 tells us he is out by 100 dollars and had to wait for a refund that took two weeks.

TWO WEEKS — yes, we can confirm that Amazon make the ripped off customer wait 4 days after the final expected delivery date, then add more misery by saying they require 14 more days just to reach a decision on a claim….even though they were well aware that the sellers in question were dodgy.

AMAZON AND THE PACKAGING FIASCO — Their motto emblazoned in the small print is – we save on packaging and deliver economically in line with saving the planet — but this is not true.  They have been found to be sending things over-packaged in the majority of cases. Things as small as a cup or metal blades are in boxes four times the size of the item…..and this translates itself into higher postal rates, something that is not on the side of the customer.

THE AMAZON TAX SCANDAL — We have been saying that Amazon have been up to no good for a long time, and at last the wider world is hearing that AMAZON DID NOT PAY ANY COMPANY TAX IN BRITAIN FOR TWO YEARS. The American Internet giant has been secretive and staying clear of paying tax in the UK until now. Finally, the UK Authorities are to begin an investigation into the company, and in the light of this, Japan, Germany and France are also in the wings to do the same.  Amazon failed to pay Corporation Tax which would have been around £35 million, and they have just been caught before fleeing off to a tax haven in Luxemburg, moving their headquarters from London to Luxemburg.  The HMRC has said it can’t discuss the Amazon Tax situation for legal reasons, and Amazon issued a gobbledygook explanation that made no real sense other than it being an excuse.

AMAZON ADVERT BANNED BY ADVERTISING STANDARDS — Amazon have had an advert banned after the Watchdog Advertising Standards declared the advert misleading.  It said membership and delivery free package at £49 annual subscription.  Amazon said they had to word the advert this way, but the Watchdog said Free wasn’t as the charge for membership caught the customer and they were paying £49 annually…so the Watchdog said it was a misleading statement and offer.  They told Amazon to remove it and come up with a clearer advert.

BUY ON AMAZON AND YOU COULD WAIT 15 DAYS BEFORE DELIVERY — And even then, it may not arrive at all, such companies as Zoverstock who do DVD’s regularly make customers wait the full period of fifteen days before they receive ‘the prepaid order’……and this company has at times failed to send anything to the customer which then means a whole lot of red tape to get through…..Amazon has a poor record on addressing problems and while the post office tells us ‘ we normally take just a week to deliver a second class package’ the firms use Amazon’s postal policy of 15 days to their advantage…… and this appraisal is not linked to any statistics at all.

AMAZON IN DRUGS FOR SALE ONLINE — Fury has erupted over ‘deadly drugs’ being allowed to be sold on the Amazon site…….A Health Watchdog and Charity Drugscope say that the deadly sachets of the drug salvia are being sold online by John Strong Supplies for £7.99.

AMAZON ACCUSED OF DELIBERATELY UNDERCUTTING SMALL FIRM — Giant Website Selling Merchant Amazon ran into new trouble when they were accused of using ‘underhand’ tactics to force out small businesses such as those that are family run.  The family-owned kitchen goods firm were trading on Amazon and suddenly found one of their products being undercut price-wise because Amazon had gone to their source and suppliers, Lurch and an item called ‘Spiraliser’….the family firm ‘Juicers’ claimed they had sole and exclusive British rights to the product.

MAN SUES AMAZON OVER BOOK — Ken Cook is looking forward to finally getting Amazon into the Small claims Court next February (2015).  He says it has been a nightmare trying to sue them amid a campaign by the Ministry of justice to deny people their rights in the County Courts by making it too expensive.  He says the fault lies mainly with incompetence in the courts as they get overwhelmed by too many cases.  Mr Cook wrote a travel book…and he started his claim against Amazon in February 2014.  He says this has played well for big companies like Amazon…..they know that the mere peasants can’t afford to keep the lawyers in the manner they expect and decline to sue.

If we get more on Amazon we will consider making a special link page with the whole story on Amazon Rip-off.


GOOGLE, ONE OF THE WEB GIANTS made sure it escaped a UK tax bill of £450m concerning corporation tax it was revealed.  The Web company claimed their Irish registration in Dublin was in line with normal practice as stated by their spokesman, Peter Barron.  UK accountants said the revenue of £1.6billion in advertising had stayed in Britain would have been subject to  28-30 per cent tax, but this could not be levied and the only bill Google was liable for was £141,519 — a mere fraction of what should have been paid.  Google’s lawyers realized they could not dodge the tax by tax evasion and the alternative could only be avoidance — a way that is accepted by the law, this secured them a legal position in not paying.  This is certainly an example of the bigger you are the more you can get away with, and Google like Bill Gates think they are above any law.

‘ Three Google Executives Guilty of Violating Privacy Laws ‘

DAVID CARL DRUMMOND, GEORGE DE LOS REYES and PETER FLEISCHER of Google were given suspended jail sentences after a video on their site showed an autistic boy being bullied. The European Commission is said to be considering fines that could top a billion pounds.

‘ Google streetview featuring a naked child is condemned ‘

GOOGLE WALKED INTO ANOTHER GAFF when a mapping service featured a naked child on the web.  It had scenes of the boy with his trousers down  in a toilet on Wimbledon Common.  Google have apologised but despite this the registration of the mother’s vehicle could be possible to trace.


It is quite sad to see the first three articles in the light that they defend free speech and take on China over its attempts to gag items and suppress truth.  Google threatened to pull its internet services out of China  if the Beijing Authorities continued with their filtering and censorship of internet searches by residents of China using Google.  It is stated that this row may upset negotiations with Microsoft who are set to be pulled into the national quarrel. Relations between the United States and China dipped to a level equal to the mistrust and suspicion that existed during the ‘ cold war period ‘.

‘ Google face more legal action over snooping — from France ‘

FRANCE IS ABOUT TO PROSECUTE GOOGLE after the web giants ‘scooped up’ personal information of internet users while doing their street view service.  The Data Protection Agency in France is investigating the U.S. Internet Giants to see if they broke their privacy laws.  It also appears that several other countries are already considering taking Google to Court over the same issue. France fined Google £87,000.

‘ Google can’t stay away from trouble ‘

GOOGLE have annoyed and stirred up the situation again — Only a few weeks ago they were given a reprimand over the image of a nude young boy being easily seen on one of their mapping and camera stunts.  Now it seems they have broke the law regarding private computer data regarding these ‘ street view’ activities.  Australia are set to put Google in court for deliberately breaching privacy regulations.  Federal Police are already carrying out investigations into Google over the matter before charging the giant website of criminal activities.

‘ Google in corruption scandal ‘It seems like the friendly ‘ oh look at us doing good ‘ company have secrets to hide on a massive scale.  Our undercover man has found out that company executives are fiddling the books to an alarming figure, but of course nothing will be done about this because of the way they are needed on the Internet.  Several directors are pocketing huge sums and diverting cash to hidden accounts right under the noses of auditors who are too dim to discover this

‘ Google are not to pay fine over the street-spying ‘

GOOGLE ESCAPE FINE — Google  were accused of stealing private e-mails, passwords via their street mapping system by the Information Commissioner. It was stated that they seriously breached the Data Protection Act, yet in the end their influence ended up with no action being taken despite the offences?

‘ Google are the tops in the lies department ‘

We have recently intercepted a internal document that points to mis-truths and deliberate lying by Google staff and managers. It appears that Help-line staff are not there to really assist but control the users according to the briefing that says the customer is not always right and should be turned away if a problem occurs.

‘ Google, simply one of the worst web search engines ever ‘

THERE IS NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT GOOGLE AT ALL, many problems, many complaints, all attributed to this woeful abysmal web host whose achievements are few, unless you count extorting cash out of innocent people looking for a good deal on the Internet, of which there are few.  It never addresses complaints, lies, cheats and still reckons it is a pioneering site, but being American says it all…loud noise and cowboys.

‘ Google Payout $500 million over Canadian Viagra Incident ‘

GIANT SEARCH ENGINE COMPANY GOOLE paid out a huge 500 million dollars rather than fight it out in court. The company decided to make a settlement with the U.S.Dept of Justice, after it made claims that the Justice Department was making money from Canadian Adverts selling prescription drugs to U.S. customers.

‘ Google is being sued by Max Mosley ‘

GOOGLE THE INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE is being taken to court by Max Mosley who accuses them of leading people to articles and links to illegal orgy images.  Mr.Mosley said if Google had not placed the images there allowing everyone to look at them and make judgements there would be no need to sue, but they don’t care, said Max.  Google replied by saying they would remove the pages if ordered to by a court.

The Max Mosley Case has begun in Germany (Sept 2012) — Hamburg State Court is now in session and hearing the case against GOOGLE — the breaching of its privacy laws.  Mr Mosley’s legal team have already removed material from 193 websites which is part of the action that includes 22 other countries that did not take down the link that Google supplied to the article Google published.

‘ Investigation into Google over Web Dominance Abuse ‘

GOOGLE are set to face possible break ups like Microsoft as Regulators in the USA launch a formal investigation into the unsightly and disturbing dominance of the Internet. Accusers say they have been regularly abusing the Web as if they own it and can do as they like.  This investigation comes amid several Anti-Trust Probes in recent years similar to the Microsoft actions by the Federal and Supreme Court.  Like Microsoft it is charged with exploiting its power in subverting competition from entering the market on a fair and level playing field.  A spokesperson said ‘ They get so big that they consider themselves untouchable, and that’s what we had with the Microsoft situation’  A wide and massive investigation has been on the agenda for months said a spokesman for The Federal Trade Commission.

‘ Google profit from advertising illegal websites selling 2012 Olympics ‘

The US and FBI arrested and charged UK citizen O’Dwyer a student for the very similar action Google have been doing directing users to illegal websites to benefit from purchasing unauthorised Olympics tickets right under the noses of UK organisers. The only difference here is, Google is not being charged? it has the backing of a corrupt FBI and Government. Britain daren’t charge US run web giant Google with this criminal offence in case those bloody Americans don’t approve. One journalist claimed the UK plays poodle to America, a whiny pet dog that comes to heel, and he is bang on the mark. No one as he says no one is dreaming of prosecuting Google the American based company worth tens of billions in dollars — Perhaps that is it, pigs in a trough –US Diplomats, Politicians, FBI and Lawyers who protect Google for a price? — and one more reason why Google gets away with crime — it is another U.S. Company.

‘Google Spying given Go-ahead by Government Legal Departments’

GOOGLE CAN NOW ACT ILLEGALLY WITH AUTHORISATION — Laws of Libel and Defamation do not apply to Google, but do everywhere else according to a new legal ruling in the High Court.  Mr Justice Eady’s ruling means that Internet Giants such as Google do not have be responsible for defamatory posts. Spying too is now legal for Google as it presses ahead with a new system that spies on everything a client does on the net. Google said this only affects Google Account holders. This is happening despite an investigation by EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding who said that Google may already be breaking the law in ‘numerous respects’ Monopolists? indeed, Google enjoy all the benefits of being untouchable……just like Microsoft…..only a while ago Google were organising its users to lobby against the ‘Stop Online Piracy’ Act designed to protect intellectual property, now they are effectively adopting the opposite stand…..and why is this?  MONEY!

 Google in plan to remove critical remarks against them’

STRANGELY ENOUGH, this American owned trashy search engine is currently trying to remove any and all criticism levelled against them, especially in Google Accounts where they have control. Luckily outside Google they don’t and we can cover that angle.  Google have been trawling through sites and pretending to update them and review options suggesting to accounts that linking them will be better…but better for them!  They claim to and add ‘hateful’ to their site descriptions of abuse…but hateful isn’t a legal definition as it is a state of mind and one person’s so called hateful remarks could be perfectly legitimate in many situations. This is Google trying to cover the bases in order that it can suppress and creating their own law in their image. The other thing here is — Google have no ‘contact us’ on any of their pages, which indicates the help they are pretending to give is nothing…and as a rule you get nothing. They are not unlike China and the Communist line — control all and hairbrush out the truth at all costs. It’s time Google were exposed for the villains that they are.

‘Google face yet another inquiry over abuse of domination tactics ‘

Yet again the authorities fail to reign in Google who is abusing its dominance of the Internet and search capabilities. European Consumer body BEUC have raised another attempt to have Google obey competition rules in the face of its mandate to ‘squeeze out’ competition. It says Google is directing users to all of its money-making peripheral services and franchises by introducing its new Universal Search mechanism at the expense of its rivals. BEUC are considering instituting a formal inquiry.

‘Google in collusion with China ‘

GOOGLE, the masters of deception and dodgy practices, who are now smarting after their climb-down on standing up to China actually opted to have its tail between its legs and compromise instead. the so named ‘Don’t be Evil’ Search Engine bowed to China’s demands by offering a censored version of its search engine to China to assist them repress Internet Users who post ant-China blogs and criticise the Chinese Government. Google vigorously defended its decision, but Congress reprimanded them for participating too closely to a repressive authoritarian communist government. A case of money and business over Human rights and freedom.

‘Google in row with Microsoft over exaggeration’

A Lawyer for Google expressed his feelings as Microsoft Lawyer Jeff Johnson showed an e-mail to the court making out that former vice-president Kai Fu Lee of China’s Microsoft Company had colluded with Google Chief Eric Schmidt allegedly saying he was working on areas very related to what Google were doing and moving forward with. Google’s Lawyer said that the inference was exaggerated. Microsoft were in court with a suit against Kai Fu Lee who has gone over to work with Google?

‘Google and Plagiarism, no problem, its regular practice ‘

GOOGLE have no problem with plagiarizing according to Internet users, they take the credit for someone else’s work when and if it suits them.  This allegation was supported by users on forums who saw Google as a cuckoo in the nest who gobbles up anything and forms it in its own image. This was featured on CBC News – Technology and Science.  Amazingly enough, Microsoft in a tiff have accused Google of this several times.

‘ Google — ruthless monopolists with connections in UK Government ‘

THE GOOGLE TAX AFFAIR came up again as Amazon was exposed over its non-payance of tax for two years. Google used Ireland as a get-out to avoid tax…it now seems as if they have allies in the UK Government that could be of use — Steve Hilton married Rachel Whetstone former head of Google Communications…Hilton was an advisor to David Cameron.  Whetstone was connected by being a Godmother to Ivan, the Prime Minister’s deceased son.  Chancellor Osborne moves in the Google crowd and attended the Google Campus opening. In order to escape tax Google deployed complex techniques known in tax circles as ‘Double Irish’ to funnel profits to Bermuda via The Netherlands.  Its advertising revenue peaked at £2.1 billion in the UK but they only paid a fraction — £5 million of tax. Google has shielded itself from the UK taxman and wormed their way into the British way of life, contributing very little as they continue.

‘Google remove blogger’s page — about them!’

GOOGLE say they are open and boast about their policies to enrich the members, but we have news that they removed a blogger’s pages saying they broke company terms regarding abuse…yet the blog was highlighting abuses by GOOGLE.  This clearly shows that accountability and transparency isn’t one of their strong points, as they reveal a two tiered system of dealing with members.  On here we reveal and expose Google and what they get up to, thankfully they cannot come in and remove it…as they do not have the authority to conceal their indiscretions as easily as they do with members on Google backed platforms.

‘Google had been collecting people’s data for 3 years without revealing it ‘

GOOGLE BRAZENLY ADMITTED TO COLLECTING PRIVATE DATA BEFORE OWNING UP — For three years the Internet Search Engine played hide and seek, withholding the fact they were storing people’s private data, and actually denying it too. They actually knew they were in a ‘Cover-Up’ but carried on business as usual. Their controversial Street View Programme was collecting private wi-fi data for 3 years since 2007 — harvesting things like e-mails and passwords. But it took until 2010 to get them to release the information. They said they hope that they can now put the matter behind them?

‘Google fined for wilfully violating orders ‘

2012 April — GOOGLE were fined £15,000 by the FCC after they found the company had ‘wilfully and repeatedly violated orders to hand over information it requested while investigating ‘Street View’.  It said Google deliberately and without remorse spied on people’s networks and lied about what they were doing, they didn’t even ask their own lawyers to review what it was doing.

‘Google face Anti-Trust Investigation ‘

News that there is to be an investigation by The Federal Trade Commission has spurred a watchdog group to file for information seeking all documents related to the Commissions Investigation relating to the Google Wi-Spy Scandal that is now tarnishing the Internet Giant that boasts of openness.  Questions are being asked in relation to how much Google knew about the rogue engineer ‘ supposedly’ responsible for Google’s gathering of massive amounts of data from private Wi-Fi Networks?

‘Google collects UK Politicians for ‘firewall’ when needed’

NEWS REPORTS have indicated that the UK Conservative Party are seen to be forming ‘close’ ties with The Web Search Engine Giants.  Google Executives and Ministers such as David Cameron PM, who addressed the firm’s annual conference twice — 2006 and 2007.  Talk about storing NHS patients medical records with such companies? Google?  Lib Dem Norman Lamb did not mix his words when he said ‘ These repeated references to Google by the PM leaves a nasty taste in my mouth given the closeness of Cameron to the organisation, it leaves concerns about commercial advantage’

‘Google acts Coy over Porn Site Profits’

When Google were asked about how much they made from advertising online pornography via their search engines, an Executive of the Company said he had no idea?  Sarah Hunter Head of Public Policy pleaded ignorance when the subject came up at a debate hosted by Google.  An analyst said it is clear they make thousands of pounds per day from paid-for advertising in the search results by offering up sites to visit via an Internet user typing in the word ‘porn’ on British Sites. A spokesperson for Google said ‘ Our policies allow ads to appear next to search engine results that contain links to legal pornography’

‘ Google covered up data stealing for several years ‘

It was revealed that web giants GOOGLE had deliberately covered up the fact they had been stealing personal data from online search users.  It has now prompted the Information Commissioner to investigate and examine the work and ethics of this rogue corporation.  It is stated that they downloaded e-mails, text messages, photos and documents as they embarked on a road ‘friendly user’ network tool while not revealing another part of their agenda which bosses and managers kept secret. This was also approved by the parent company in the USA, who consistently denied allegations that it was accessing data without users approval.

‘ Google angers users and non-users over data and camera saga ‘

MANY PEOPLE NOW SEE THAT GOOGLE STOLE DATA and are openly accusing this American Search Engine of riding roughshod over people’s rights and breaching the Data Act.  Writer and Author David Thomas has declared that he is ready to do battle with Google over this blatant misuse of personal data.  He says that he found out that Google came to his West Sussex property and took photographs of his house for its Street View Project. Little did he realise until a neighbour logged on and saw nearly every detail of the house, making it an excellent target for a break-in by thieves. he said ‘ it’s like providing criminals with a plan’  Another disgruntled victim like David Thomas. Noreen Dockeray realised her property had also been ‘Googled’  after she had made a claim on her insurance for an unsafe chimney hit by gale force winds, only to be turned down because the insurers had seen a google photo map showing her house and a slight crack in the brickwork of the chimney. She had to pay the entire repair bill herself and has no idea how it looked before the winds and cannot challenge the decision due to Google.  There are also claims that Google Equipment spied on laptops and desktop pc’s getting into passwords and data while travelling around the towns and villages.

‘ Google games of deception and gameplay’

It’s not surprising that we hear more about the shifty way Google operate, now they have hired one of the the people from a watchdog that investigated them and guess what? let them off!!   Stephen McCartney now employed by Google was with the Information Commissioner’s Office during the investigations into the street view affair…he was a Senior Official that actually cleared Google after it had secretly collected personal data from millions of people. The relationship between him and Google was a rather secret affair, one MP, Robert Halfon said ‘ this is a pretty shocking revelation, it raises more questions about the Information Commissioner than it does Google, especially when he now joins the company he was investigating’

GOOGLE DECEPTION TAKES NEW TWIST — GOOGLE DID NOT DELETE ALL DEVIOUSLY ACQUIRED DATA — Despite giving out press statements and assurances, the giant search engine have not destroyed all the data they collected which was ‘stolen’ as reported in another article.  The American Corporation have now admitted that they failed to destroy all sensitive data and information….yet they signed an agreement in November 2010 to wipe every bit of obtained data from their data files and hard disk storage.  Rather late by the Commissioner’s Office who now say there has been ‘a breach’ of the undertaking by Google…..they say the Company could now face a penalty of £500,000 for breaching the data protection act.

GOOGLE AT IT AGAIN WITH TAX AVOIDANCE — They yet again avoid paying £218million in tax to the UK after making around £2.6 billion — The American Search Engine Giant managed to squeeze past the Inland Revenue with clever systems to minimise ant tax payments. It has already been accused of doing deals with the HMRC over the past few years with a little help?  They actually claimed they had made a loss in 2011…what a joke!

GOOGLE FINED FOR OBSTRUCTION A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION — Looking at FBI notes and communicates we see that Google Lawyers acting for the Corporation carried out obstruction tactics when Investigators began to look into the dealings the company handled of a more dodgy nature.  They were also fined for assisting in the illegal sale of prescription drugs online as we well know, and fined again for hacking into people’s personal information through their web browser — Google is under investigation in six US states and on 4 continents!

JUDGE ORDERS ARREST OF GOOGLE BOSS FABIO COELHO — The Brazilian Judge Flavio Peren who sits in the Regional Electoral Court in Matto Grosso do Sul State, ordered the arrest of Fabio Jose Silva Coelho the President of Google over ‘slanderous videos’ (26th Set 2012).  This was a result of non-compliance after Google ignored a request/order to move the offending material.  Google claimed it wasn’t by their standards, which seems to be the way with Web and Host sites who ‘lord’ over others with their own interpretations!

GOOGLE BLACKLISTED BY RUSSIA — The Federal Mass Media Inspection Service in Russia has put the Google IP address on the blacklist of Internet sites containing prohibited information.  It is the third time Google have merited such a move in Russia.

GOOGLE IS SUED OVER SECRET MONITORING — Customers said it was like being stalked, but you didn’t expect it to be a giant search engine corporation.  More than a hundred Apple Product users are involved in a lawsuit against Google demanding compensation.  They are accusing the Corporation of tampering with their security software in order to access personal information.  Most say they were bombarded by ads for all sorts and numerous e-mails, all unsolicited and not wanted.  One claimant Mr Bradshaw an IT expert exposed their lies when it emerged that Google had worked around the privacy settings…..he said they tried to bluff him and pass it off as an error, but it was no accident, and he knew it.  Campaigners against Google’s behaviour suggest that around ten million people may have fallen victim to Google’s snooping.  Lawyers for the claimants said that this might become one of the biggest cases in British Legal History when the final list of claimants go against the web giant and the snowball eventually comes to a stop.

GOOGLE IS SUED BY PRICELINE OVER PATENTS VIOLATIONS — Walker Digital who own is suing Google over unlawfully using four patents — the lawsuit has unspecified damages and wants a permanent injunction.  Earlier, Walker Digital filed 15 lawsuits in 2011 against Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and E-Bay over its ‘friending’ technology.

GOOGLE FINED £4.6 MILLION OVER SNOOPING — BUT THIS EQUATES TO ONE HOUR’S EARNINGS!  yes, just one hour of revenue, not even a mere drop, Google will hardly flinch, nor take much notice of the fine.  Google even conceded that they had violated privacy in collecting personal information from millions of computer users without their knowledge…..and agreed to pay the 34.6 million fine to 38 US States and the District of Columbia.  John Simpson of a Consumer Watchdog in the US said ‘ It’s clear that the Internet Search Giant sees these fines as just the price of doing business and quite a reasonable cost rather than anything significant as to breaking the law.’

‘ Google and the unsafe e-mail accounts ‘

GOOGLE’S G-MAIL system came under scrutiny as they shocked account holders by announcing that users should have no ‘legitimate expectation’ that messages and inboxes will remain private, according to a US submission in a court by the Internet Search Engine giants.  This was the result of a Californian Lawsuit in which certain details were laid bare to the 425 million users of Google G-mail.  Plaintiffs in the case accused Google that they ‘unlawfully opened and read the contents of private e-mails’ after acquiring them on their database and storage facilities.  Google accused the court of attempts to criminalise ordinary business practices when it tried to have the case dismissed.