Scottish Power Notice Of Malfeasance

©steven of the family: kirk
Care of address
Our Ref: sk-10122018-sp-aocl-1m

03rd March 2019

recorded delivery to Scottish Power GQ 6228 3789 1GB

previous recorded delivery number sent and received GQ 6228 3790 5GB, GQ 6228 3773 8GB,
GQ 6228 3774 1GB

recorded for fraud and treason purposes. we do not communicate with a PO BOX..

common law jurisdiction applies exclusively

notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent applies.

this is not a complaint, a query, a request for a statement/agreement and is not to be treated as one. by doing so, you will agree to pay (£5,000.00) five thousand gbp/personal property in damages.
do not refer to me as sir/Mr/Mrs/Ms or any title, which is a legal fiction name fraud and is not me. by doing so, you will also agree to pay (£5,000,000.00), 5 million gbp/personal property in damages.

to treat these notices/affidavits/documents/correspondences with the respect they deserve and by not doing so ie re-naming them you also agree to pay (£10,000.00) ten thousand gbp/personal property in damages. all correspondences must be under common law.

Do not CAPITALIZATE any part of the legal fiction name and private dwelling the care of address above this is A-S-L American-Sign-Language and me/myself/i do not understand A-S-L should you do so, you will agree to pay £5,000,000.00 (five million GBP/Personal Property) as this is GLOSSA hidden/corrupt/poisonous text which is fraud and it is also Copyrighted and Trade Marked.

Sheila Duncan,

Charles Langan,

Jonathan Cole,

mike thornton,

keith anderson

frank mitchell

lindsay mcquade

neil clitheroe

david wark

marion venman

hamish watson

richard taylor

elaine bowker

ann mckechin

sarah mistry

anita longley

maria elena sanz arcas
Lynda Clayton
/Respondents/lien debtors/SP BOD.

Me/myself/i ©steven: of the family kirk™ hereby Serve Notice.

Notice: Agreements

Pay special attention to the above agreement in red ink for all correspondences with myself the living breathing flesh and blood sovereign Man with a living soul that is capable of processing knowledge. Therefore failure to agree with this agreements will constitute the above in red ink legal accord. These are the terms for communication/correspondences and by doing so you agree absolutely with these terms. Unless you are really that completely stupid to use the above in any way you have agreed to pay for committing legal name fraud against myself the living man.

By replying you lien debtors absolutely agree 100% (one hundred percent) with this agreement.

Leviticus 26 verse 23-24
And if yea will not be reformed by me by these things but will walk contrary unto me then i will also walk contrary unto you and will punish you seven times for your sins. Therefore these damages will be times by seven (x7) as per your own accord.

Find enclosed the following:

  • The payment default returned photo copied as evidence against lien debtors (payment means the fulfillment of a promise. Or the performance of an agreement) me/myself/i have never promised to pay neither to perform.
  • A witnessed Default Certificate.
  • Recent UCC filing.
  • A up-to-date statement requiring urgent attention.
  • Bills as per lien debtors own accord, Leviticus-ed.
  • Photo’s of before and after the change over of the gas and electric meters (already received) as per your own agreement. Video
  • me/myself/i notice of understanding intent and claim of right. Again.
  • Recent certified copy of a notice served to David Gauke, and should he fail to address this David Gauke will have agreed to be added to the affidavit of obligation commercial lien Our Ref: sk-10122018-sp-aocl-1m served to lien debtors, which has never been unrebutted neither replied to. The standard commercial penalty for willful obstruction is 3 plus 1 (three plus one) the value of the commercial lien.

Find enclosed the fraudulent payment default dated 28th March 2019 received 02nd April 2019 and notice no date on the non-existent stamp ie no postmark and as lien debtors can clearly see me/myself/i have taken over this fraudulent letter and claiming common law. By writing the following in red ink over the fraudulent letter, Without prejudice UCC 1-308 means me/myself/i have reserved my common law right not to be compelled to perform under any contract me/myself/i did not enter into knowingly, willingly, with full disclosure, is true, voluntarily, and intentionally. And me/myself/i do not accept the liability associated with compelled benefit of any UN-revealed contract or commercial agreement.

Are lien debtors completely stupid or do they taken lessons and me/myself/i bet they are all top of the class for stupidity, theft, lies, deceit, fraud, treason the list goes on and on and on this does not include the latest sick and twisted device you have openly admitted to installing in, 11 million sovereign men and women’s homes over the UK the weaponised 5G smart meters.

Lien debtors are a complete joke treasonous traitors to all man kind, how dare you continue to carry on ignoring everything and then for the first time I get a letter from the Treasury in over 12 months, what’s up need help and asked treasonous traitor David Gauke to get someone to reply and make out there is/are no bonds. Great evidence.

I just can’t wait to get you lien debtors in a Common Law Court which is coming and this is your first notice regarding being served notice to attend a CLC. We the people have totally had enough of this utter bullshit you treasonous fucking traitors will hang for your crimes against all sovereign men and women. (Word used from Oxford and English dictionary pages 198 and 586) don’t like the words don’t put them in a dictionary. Don’t like this treatment stop this treason immediately plain and simple if not this will be seen as an act of war and me/myself/i will defend me/myself/i and private dwelling by any means necessary.

As lien debtors have agreed by tacit agreement by acquiescence by admission to pay at present five (£5) GBP/private and personal property per meter per day, as also agreed that the lien debtors failure to collect their meters which lien debtors have been noticed and a video was put up on YouTube provide time and date when both meters were changed and ready for lien debtors to collect them but lien debtor are above every law going the laws don’t apply to the criminals whatsoever. I do not think so and the sooner you imbeciles get that into the only brain cell functioning the better. Which doubles in standing charges every month until collection.

What a joke you lien debtors are, spineless traitor cowards, prove nothing and bully, intimidate, lie, deceive, commit fraud daily willingly, treason, high treason, trespass to force men and women pay for something we own, absolute scum of the earth and the gallows await all traitors.

A default certificate has been witnessed and uploaded to the UCC as a security interest, as collateral and it is over 90 days and an account receivable/collectable and it is my will these fees for damages are paid in full and without further delay as these fees will only increase over time and enforcement will be a matter of time.

This record of the UCC filing is enclosed and will remain on public record until such time as, until the debt has been satisfied. The Record will then show that the default has been satisfied. This will effect credit scores and will any borrowing’s from the corrupt foreclosed banks, so I am doing the lien debtors a massive favour.

How to improve lien debtors ways.

Stop ripping every sovereign man and woman off at every given opportunity, stop double, treble, quadruple dipping, stop committing treason, stop committing high treason, stop deliberately enslaving all man kind without knowledge or consent, stop being the scum of the earth, stop being a traitor, stop being a treasonous traitor to all man kind, stop weaponizing meters to harm sovereign men and women and children, stop 5G technology, does me/myself/i need to carry on war after war.

How to pay

By check/cheque is the preferred method of payment and can be sent directly to the care of address above, other than a check/cheque the personal and private property of the lien debtors to the value of the unrebutted affidavit of obligation commercial lien Our Ref: sk-10122018-sp-aocl-1m. Therefore the unrebutted affidavit stands as truth and also the judgement in commerce which is why it was uploaded to the UCC and that process will now continue.

Helping and support with the lien debtors payments.

If the lien debtors are having difficulties paying, or the lien debtors circumstances have changed, please contact as soon as possible as me/myself/i want to help.

Me/myself/i can discuss the payment and standing charges options available to the lien debtors to help the lien debtors better manage their crimes against all man kind.

All words herein as me/myself/i define them. Words used from the Oxford and English dictionary and Blacks Law dictionary 4th edition.

The rest of this page is intentionally left blank.

In sincerity and honour, without ill-will, prejudice, frivolity, or vexation with clean hands in equity.

By reasonable accommodation

Crown: DOE (De Facto)________________________

Sovereign: John-Henry [CD](De Jure)__________________

Private Persons Personal Representative [AB]: (Christian)________________


Sheila Duncan, Charles Langan,

Jonathan Cole, Mike Thornton,

Keith Anderson, Frank Mitchell

Lindsay McQuade, Neil Clitheroe

David Wark, Marion Venman

Hamish Watson, Richard Taylor

Elaine Bowker, Ann Mckechin

Sarah Mistry, Anita Longley

Maria Elena Sanz Arca, Lynda Clayton /you/your/Respondents/lien debtors/SP BOD.

C/o Address:
Scottish Power
320 St Vincent Street
G2 5AD
Registered No: 190287 Sincerely,


Sui juris

Without Prejudice UCC 1-308

non-negotiable autograph, under seal, all rights reserved.
Authorized Agent and Representative for STEVEN KIRK™

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End of document.

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