Sheffield’s Magistrates Court Is A Court De facto

It is not just Sheffield all the courts across the UK operate a court De facto and not a court De Jure and there is a massive difference between the two.

A court De facto is the Legal systems laws that needs peoples consent but when in their place of business it is totally one-sided ie their courtrooms and YOU always loose. Why because of trickery with words like do you UNDERSTAND and usually we would answer YES and that is when you have agreed to STAND-UNDER the legal systems rules of statutes and acts which need YOUR consent to be governed. Do not consent and stand under common law the law of the land and the legal system can not touch you the living man or woman.

On the 1st May 2018 I went to Sheffield’s Magistrates Court as a McKenzie friend and what a complete farce they are running which is nothing but a SCAM and are committing FRAUD on a daily basis on the innocent people who are unaware of the criminality going on right in front of their face. These judges ACT and make believe they are supreme and in charge when in FACT YOU are in charge that is until they gain joinder which if you declare common law right from the start they have a bit of a wobble and throw their dummies out the pram.

Below is a statement of truth that has just been witnessed and will be used to serve the judge of that day a notice. This was because I wouldn’t given him joinder by remaining in my seat when the pretend judge walked into the fake courtroom. TWICE.

Lawful Witness Statement

01 May 2018


Dear Amanda,

This is a lawful document I, ©Steven: of the family Kirk (as commonly called), being the Undersigned, do solemnly swear, declare, and depose:

  1. THAT I am competent to state the matters set forth herein.
  2. THAT I have first-hand knowledge of the facts stated herein.
  3. THAT all the facts stated herein are true, correct, and certain, admissible as evidence, and if called upon as a witness I will testify to their veracity.
  1. That I attended Sheffield’s Magistrates Court business address Castle St, Sheffield S3 8LU at 10 O’clock am on the 01 May 2018, which on that day was a court for making profit and not a common law court.
  2. That I was there as your, Amanda-Jane’s McKenzie common law friend.
  3. Having witnessed Amanda-Jane having a panic attack with-in 2 minutes of going through the security checks, I tried to find Amanda-Jane’s name on the Notices to locate the actual courtroom as there was no information regarding the courtroom on Amanda-Jane’s letter sent from SSE which was not from the COURTS.
  4. That I could not find Amanda-Jane’s name anywhere on any notices even outside
    courtroom’s 4, 6 and 8.
  5. We are told by security that the courtroom for SSE was courtroom 8, but at that time the lift wasn’t working and Amanda-Jane was unable to climb the stairs due to being in a mobility scooter.
  6. A short while later the lifts were okay to use and we went in the lift and went up to courtroom 8 and waited outside.
  7. Amanda-Jane saw the representative from SSE and went to have a chat with him.
  8. A while later Amanda-Jane was told that SSE was now going to be in courtroom 4.
  9. We went down in the lift to courtroom 4 and within a few minutes of waiting we were told it is in courtroom 8.
  10. Back to courtroom 8 we go in the lift again and we wait for a while outside courtroom 8.
  11. The representative from SSE made a phone call to his head office and he told his head office it would be a waste of time trying to obtain a warrant due to the account being in dispute.
  12. His head office ignored his advice and she told him to continue and go into the courtroom.
  13. After a while we are told SSE are now moving to courtroom 6.
  14. We go in the lift once more down to ground floor and then to another lift to go up to courtroom 6.
  15. We enter courtroom 6 and the SSE representative was already sat down in a chair waiting.
  16. I sit down while Amanda-Jane parks her mobility scooter in the courtroom 6’s isle.
  17. A pretend judge walks in for the first time and the clerk of the court waves her arms about to suggest I stand up and give joinder to a pretend judge for the day.
  18. I refuse to give joinder and remained seated as I stand solely under common law only.
  19. The pretend judge asks me who I am?
  20. I replied “None of your business”
  21. The pretend judge replied “It is my court, do you not recognise this court”.
  22. I replied to the pretend judge “I recognise the court as a court for making profit”
  23. The pretend judge decides to leave the field of battle for the first time.
  24. The clerk ask me to stand when the pretend judge comes back and called me Sir
  25. I reply “ Do not call me Sir it is a legal fiction title and I do not consent”
  26. The pretend judge walks in again and again I remain seated.
  27. The pretend judge states to me “That this is the second time I have walked into the courtroom and you have remain d seated”
  28. Amanda-Jane claims common law jurisdiction.
  29. The pretend judge shouts for security because he is not getting joinder.
  30. The clerk of the courts asks me to leave but Amanda-Jane could stay which would leave Amanda-Jane vulnerable and is also denying Amanda-Jane her unalienable rights.
  31. I remain seated and two G4S security men enter the courtroom and ask to have a chat with me.
  32. The pretend judge leaves the field of battle for the second time.
  33. The clerk is trying to get rid of the both of us and states “If you do not recognise the court then I ask you to leave”
  34. I replied and stated again “I do recognise the court I have already told you it is a court for making profit and not a common law court” also that “Common law is above corporation laws” Was not that the correct answer?
  35. Both the clerk of the court and the pretend judge denied me of my unalienable rights.
  36. We are asked to leave by the clerk of the court and were escorted out of courtroom 6 by the two G4S security men.

In total we were at Sheffield’s Magistrates court given the run around and finally to a hired out courtroom/courtrooms for the day with a pretend judge with no jurisdiction over myself or Amanda-Jane for over 2 and a half hours and the judge was looking for any excuse to not see true justice done. Why would anyone prefer to use a secondary law like the legal system laws instead of common law which is above the legal systems man made laws that needs consent to be governed.
£££ by any chance?

Amanda-Jane also stated while still in courtroom 6 that she would be issuing the judge a commercial lien and this is my truth and my true and accurate account to the best of my ability from that few minutes in the make believe courtroom with fictitious actors as a pretend judge and courtroom staff of that day 01 May 2018. After being given the run around to different courtrooms.

All I witnessed today 01 May 2018 was a charade like a punch and Judy show, a bully who thinks they are in control and throws his teddy out the pram when he realises he isn’t in control and not happy with doing it once does it again and still not happy with still not being in control throws another teddy out the pram and calls for security this is after the lets send a very poorly lady in a mobility scooter up and down and back up to 3 different courtrooms and end up back at the start to be told go to another courtroom and Amanda-Jane is on medication and in a mobility scooter and suffered 2 panic attacks whilst trying to defend a fraudulent claim against her person as a sovereign living breathing woman in a hired out courtroom with fictitious actors as judges and court clerks.
It is nothing more than a punch and Judy show for adult entertainment.
Totally disgraceful, was all this done deliberately? I personally think so.
It is no wonder the legal system is their choice (ALL the CORPORATIONS), you can get away with anything under the legal system if you know how to play the game.

The only thing missing was a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits because it was simply a business meeting, a totally one-sided business meeting that didn’t go to their plan.

That’s why we chose common law you know exactly where you stand above the legal system of lies and deceit.

In sincerity and honour, without ill-will, prejudice, frivolity, or vexation with clean hands in equity.

Yours sincerely,

By reasonable Accommodation

Crown: DOE (De Facto)________________________

Sovereign: John-Henry [CD](De Jure)__________________

Private Persons Personal Representative [AB]: Christian________________

Yours sincerely, 

By: Sovereign ©Steven of the family: Kirk
Authorized Agent and Representative for STEVEN KIRK™
No assured value, No liability. Errors & Omissions Excepted. All Unalienable Rights Reserved.

Calls maybe recorded.

Dated: __________________________________

Claimant: ________________________________

Notary Public/solicitor: ____________________________
End of document.

This is the witness statement of my day in a court de facto what a charade a punch and Judy show, no tea and biscuits totally one-sided, which is why you loose in these de facto courts. If there was a proper court a court De Jure which is common law and a trial by jury of your peers. Where the judge is there TO JUDGE and not tell the jury which way to go simply because they are being paid to sentence the person instead of seeing true justice.
The company taking my friend to court would have been fined millions for what they are doing and the jury would have found my friend not guilty of all charges. There is NO REAL CRIME COMMITTED. Which they are claiming she hasn’t paid the gas and electric bill when she clearly has and has the evidence to prove this but these corporations think they are above the laws and continue and make their own court summons up and rubber stamp court orders/warrants which is FRAUD.

Here is a link to Amanda’s affidavit statement of truth.

This was the second time I went to Sheffield’s Magistrates court the first time the case was suspended and we were only at the courtroom half an hour. Instead of the charade that went on the second time, these people need to be held accountable these corrupt judges are PURPOSEFULLY KEEPING EVERYONE IN SLAVERY. Along with the totally criminal corrupt fraudulently run banking system.

Here is a video by another good friend of mine Sandy Steel and he PROVES beyond doubt the true power of common law he also uses Magna Carta Article 39 and 40 and serves the judge a notice. Absolutely brilliant and well done to Sandy for upholding common law as it should be.

Update as of the 03rd May 2019 just over a year ago, nothing has happened, no further court offers have been received and Amanda and myself discharge the energy bills using the Bills of exchange.