The Birth Certificate Bond

The Birth Certificate Bond, What Is It? What Does it Do?


It is very important that you realise that without the above document, you will not be able to fulfil most of the remedies mentioned in “Standing in Commerce” aka “Commercial Redemption”

Your BC bond if you like starts you on your way to your personal sovereignty it is the first step, the meat and potatoes of all that you do afterwards.

You want a simple explanation on how important it is? Ok, if you enter a courtroom un-bonded you stand little or no chance, the minute you step into the courts territory you are in contempt, I am not saying you cannot win, but I am saying you enter as a debtor!

If you enter a court un-bonded, you are already in contempt of court! Why? Because you have entered a place of business, a place of commerce and you are not insured to operate!! So you are operating in a position that it is very difficult to rise from.

Let’s not forget that if you are not bonded you cannot start down the road of identifying yourself as the creditor e.g. “Guy Euden” to the Debtor “GUY EUDEN” (the legal fiction, your vessel that sails in commerce) yes you may file a UCC1 or equivalent but is that enough?

To perfect the bond process you need to follow the steps on our Standing in Commerce forum, but in the interest of giving you a clue here and now, you need: Full “Certified copy of an entry” or “Birth Certificate” An EIN number from the IRS in the states.

You will need to file a UCC1 at some pointAnd you need to purchase a “Winston Shrout” DVD (he supplies the template for the “Bond Order etc.. in one of the DVD’s in whatever set you buy) Once you have these things you can then create your bond, you will need a close group to help you, as you will need 2 Surety’s (your wing men) they must also have EIN numbers, known as their “private offset account” these will need to be placed on the bond, with signatures and a thumbprint in red YES A THUMBPRINT! Two more witnesses to the signatures and you can file it, you give the treasury Thirty (30) days to rebut the bond (they won’t unless you have made a mess of it) after the 30 days are up you are bonded!

The thing is, and it is important for you to understand this, the bond is “unlimited value” I mean they cannot put a value on the substance of life so the bond is unlimited, now in a courtroom a Judge has a bond (it’s his bar number for insurance or indemnity if you like) the court will have a bond so will the barrister etc.. (Insurance against their wrong doing!)

so you see you enter the courtroom with a bond you are already equal!! But wait there is more!! You see, by having a private bond of unlimited value you trump their bonds, as theirs will be corporate bonds and of little value compared to yours!

Now when you have a bond in place you can issue other bonds off of it (you need to do a seminar for this or you might get yourself in trouble) so you may indemnify the court you are about to go into, this is a double edged sword, it gives them insurance against you doing something wrong, BUT it gives you a means to ensure proper due process, how? I’ll tell you.

If you write a bond to indemnify yourself you also indemnify yourself from them (judges, court etc..) if they do not adhere to due process you can liquidate that bond!What do you think happens if you liquidate a bond worth say,, £300,000,000, I’ll tell you, the brown stuff hits their fan!!

The courts worth what £2 million? The judges bond poultry few hundred thousand? And the rest… well chump change!! So let’s be kind and say £3million top whack! Where’s the other £297,000,000 coming from? Enjoy those thoughts I’ll leave that bit with you, watch “Winston Shrouts Kelowna” for more detail. So it really is the meat and potatoes of the “Standing in Commerce” technology The BC bond also helps with the AFV technology covered in part one! As I stated in the part one article you can use two steps to ensure performance on their part to honour your presentment, however here in the UK this is a new process, so they may still silly and dishonour you!

So you use your bond to liquidate the asset they have presented to you and are now in dishonour with by keep returning it (the bill) when you do this (liquidate) your tiger the IRS (more on this at the seminar) will take that money straight out of their account, they will go crazy!! Nothing is going to make them look twice at what they have done like cash disappearing from their accounts! Remember we are in an equivalent bankruptcy to (chapter 11) but the Lying Deceitful British Government and Judiciary don’t like to admit it, so don’t bother trying to get them to admit it, they won’t! So as I have stated in the past, you cannot pay a debt, we have no means to do so, they fraudulently creating “resulting trusts” as liabilities for you to pay, so AFV their presentment and present it back to them to settle the account!! But to get full satisfaction “GET YOUR BOND”