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What is going wrong with the Constabularies of Great Britain? We have a serious problem with Police officers, usually the younger generation, who take the attitude of an overbearing power crazed young ruffian, as they insist you listen to their sometimes childish garbage as they try to conjure a none existent law to harass you, and in the most extreme cases use threats of violence, agitating the public which sometimes leads to extreme violence against the citizen by multiple Constables. Such a pervasive public expected attitude reversal is no accident, from a shadowy force has it been birthed and for the public-police relationship is tantamount to a complete paradigm shift, without the informed consent of the public they serve.

In the early 1990s the IQ level for police intake was lowered removing thinking personnel to unthinking personnel. We must recognise that the younger constables have been trained to the attitude so prolific amongst the ranks today, we must consider the fact that before each shift all constables are briefed on what duties they are to carry out and reminded of the attitude they must keep with the public. We must then consider the cause of this shift in attitude from public servants called the police, as a move coming from the top down.

It has never been a secret that Freemasonry and the Police are one and the same society at all its control positions, for the older generations one only need remember the Sweeney and the Professionals to see this reality. The Sweeney showed us the fact that the CID and all statutory tiers of policing were and remain in the hands of the Lodges, the Professionals gave us the insight as to how the military were being entwined with domestic security. We must then consider that the attitude from the top down is under the command of the Masonic Lodges.

What Freemasons below 7th degree York Rite need to know

In the 1960’s, the British Police service was being reorganised away from small local forces into larger county forces, they said to improve efficiency. The West Riding Constabulary was merged with the six borough forces for the county boroughs of Barnsley (Barnsley Borough Police), Dewsbury (Dewsbury Borough Police), Doncaster (Doncaster Borough Police), Halifax (Halifax Borough Police), Huddersfield (Huddersfield Borough Police), and Wakefield (Wakefield City Police) into West Yorkshire Constabulary. Bradford City Police and Leeds City Police remained as independent police forces. The Sheffield and Rotherham Borough Police forces merged into the Sheffield and Rotherham Constabulary but also remained independent.

In 1974, the West Yorkshire Constabulary was re-organised to incorporate Bradford City Police and Leeds City Police, but ceded Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham to South Yorkshire Police. Other parts of the former West Yorkshire Constabulary were ceded to Cumbria Constabulary, North Yorkshire, Humberside, Greater Manchester and Lancashire Police. The Force was also renamed West Yorkshire Police. Centralisation is the paradigm of the Central Banks.

Freemasonry is a division of the private army of the British monarch known as Blair Atholl, therefore we have to begin to see that the shift in all things policing comes from the very top of corporate power. That means the central banks through the secret society intelligence networks. The Dukes of Atholl hold the seat of the Isle of Man for the Crown.

What is changing
To see what the change actually is we need look no further than the 9 Principles of Law Enforcement, specifically Principle 7 :

Principle 7 :

To maintain at all times a relationship which gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen, in the interests of community welfare and existence.

 See : 9 Principles of Law Enforcement

Under this principle if the police are supposed to represent the realm as an example of this code, then it is clear that unbeknown to the public, the duties have changed, if the public are to follow the duty incumbent on all citizens, including the police, then what the constabularies are saying, defined by there’re own behaviour, is that a bad attitude is good, threats of violence are acceptable, lying about law is groovy, removing evidence… allowed, and lying in the courts are all duties incumbent upon those having taken an oath of office in the upkeep of the realm according to the fiction Queen Elizabeth II. But this is not what the realm dictates therefore the constabularies at leadership level, are not respecting nor up keeping the common laws that make up the British Constitutional Realm. English Common Law is Admiralty Law, or, East India Company Law which was changed during the Civil War period by Cromwell.

We must also consider this : 1689 : The Coronation Oath Act of Great Britain

In behaving in this manner the constabularies are also telling you that the courts will act in sync with this outrageous behaviour, they are by definition of there’re behaviour bringing the entire British system into disrepute. The entire security and Judicial arena are acting in Controversy.

A Police Constable is the constitutional common law title under which they are tasked by the taxpayer (the people) to keep the peace, they hold this office under an oath. A Police Officer is a corporate private security enforcer and by definition of the oath itself, to act in this manner they are acting outside their oath and mandate by enforcing statute rules which are not law. For this they need consent, they require consent from Queen Elizabeth. We are deceived see : The Legal Person : What is its Nature?

How this has been missed by all in the country can only be so by changing the education systems to remove all ideas of constitution, an aim made easy after the Two World Wars, and, the introduction of LSD in the early sixties breaking society cohesion to form the Theosophical script.

But even with that, it still remains beyond all reason that such a thing could happen when the whole constitution is set in the manner which prevents this shift of power without the consent of the people.

However, when you have treason acted from the top, with full compliance from all offices within the constitutional realm then something is indeed being missed by the population. Those whose job it is to ensure our common law constitution is upheld, appear to be existing in the act of treason, with consent, from the top as default, but not with the consent of the people who have no idea this is happening.

The Government is a bankrupt corporation and as such takes its orders from the Central bank network through the Bank of England, or, Rothschild.

The corporate realm is dependant on the legal term; tacit agreement, in so much as, the people do not refute the situation in legal format. This can be defined in the fact the Police Constables have a duty to arrest all who act in a manner to impersonate a Constable, yet this is the current situation expanding at an alarming rate, with the judiciary and political establishment in full support of allowing PCSO’s who are private corporate security, supported by the police, to harass the citizens, especially the children, demanding names and monies under threat. The entire political and judaical system and all beneath them are acting a script disallowed by Constitution, so what is really going on for this to be so?.

There is a secret to be known and voiced; Queen Elizabeth II took a differing oath to that of her predecessors in 1953, an oath not sanctioned in statute therefore an illegitimate oath. According to Greg Hallet, QEII is an “Acclaimed Monarch” achieved through the launch of the BBC. The consequence of this treachery has been the creation of a corporate realm now sitting over our constitutional realm, was it not so, the lords, politicians, judiciary, military, security services, and the constabularies could not attempt to enforce corporate statute rules and regulations as law. 

Who Takes The Oath And Who Doesn’t
Government and Judiciary
[From Halsbury’s Laws of England] [1]
As soon as may be after their acceptance of office the following executive officers and members of the judiciary must take the oath of allegiance and official or judicial oath, in the form and manner prescribed :

First Lord of the Treasury (The Prime Minister)
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lord Chancellor
Lord President of the Council
Lord Privy Seal
Secretaries of State
President of the Board of Trade
Lord Steward
Lord Chamberlain
Earl Marshal Master of the Horse
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Paymaster General
Minister of Agriculture
Any Minister of State who is eligible for a salary under the Ministerial Salaries Act 1975
Lord Chancellor of Great Britain (as a member of the Judiciary) Recorder of London
Justices of the Peace for counties and boroughs
District Judges
Master of the Queen’s Bench Division
Master of the Chancery Division
Registrar in Bankruptcy of the High Court
Taxing Master of the Supreme Court
Admiralty Registrar
Lord Chief Justice
Master of the Rolls
President of the Family Division
Vice Chancellor
Lord Justice of Appeal
Puisne Judge of the High Court
Circuit Judges
Master of the Court of Protection

Others required to pledge allegiance to the Crown
Archbishops and Bishops
Members of Parliament
Members of the Scottish Parliament
Members of the Welsh Assembly 
Privy Counsellors 
Members of the Clergy (Church of England)
Armed Services (excluding the Navy)
Police Constables
Aliens upon naturalisation (foreign citizens wishing to become British citizens)

Those exempt from swearing allegiance to the Queen
Members of the Royal Navy
Northern Ireland Police
Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Magistrates in Northern Ireland
Civil Servants 
Local Government Councillors 
Local Government Officials
The Queen!

Within the British constitutional realm we are all said to be equal citizens/subjects in right to justice at law. Yet republicans are told they must lie if they are to be allowed to join the police or army, or if they wish to take a seat in parliament. In itself such a reality blows the idea of equality yet the people see this as being loyal to the British Crown which is how it should be if indeed the British realm was the object of this discussion, but the realm served by the entire British establishment while remaining the realm of Queen Elizabeth, is not the Constitutional realm, it is the global corporate realm administered by the supranational Committee of 300, Elizabeth is the facilitator to the takeover of the Constitutional realm to be replaced with the corporate realm under the Bank for International Settlements bankruptcy doctrines. They have been pushing this since 1930.

It is perhaps the parliamentary oath which is most offensive in our current situation. The people of each constituency freely choose from a shortlist they do not control in order they pick a person to represent them in parliament, or in real terms we give the MP the power of attorney to act on our behalf in the commons, yet when that person arrives in Westminster they are forced to take an oath not to their electorate but to a monarch who acts contrary to the coronation oath, sanctified because she took a differing oath.
Here is the Oath taken in the various parts which make up the Constitutional Realm; Great Britain :

English Oath Police
I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law.

The Reality
First point ; the Queen is in treason against the constitutional realm, it has been so from the outset of her coronation, we must recognise this reality.

Second point; impartiality in today’s service is none existent, because if you serve the Queen then you are acting in contradiction to the constitutional realm. More than that, we now fully understand our Constabularies operate for the all things corporate, in following this line the police are becoming nothing other than goons, debt collectors with menace and brutality.

Third point : quote :
will to the best of my power cause the peace to be kept and preserved
In 2009 while placing leaflets on car windscreens on the Asda car park I was assaulted and threatened by an Asda security guard, when I confronted the manager about this issue I was told by the manager and an Asda employee who was also a PCSO, that for a private security guard to touch my good self is no longer deemed an assault by the police, or the police are giving license to private security to assault the general public. This is in direct contradiction to any idea of keeping the peace, they are encouraging and then protecting the assault of the British citizens leading to a breach of the fourth point :

Fourth point; quote :
And prevent all offences against people and property

England and Wales Constables appointed under the Police Acts
These are the members of the territorial police forces in England and Wales which are responsible for general policing . The Police Reform Act 2002 requires the constable of a territorial police force to take the following oath :

The phrase Territorial Police Force varies in precise meaning according to the country to which it is related, generally distinguishing a force whose area of responsibility is defined by sub-national boundaries from others which deal with the entire country or a restricted range of crime.
Police Reform Act 2002

England and Wales Parks Constables
Constables obtaining their powers from the Parks Regulation Act 1872 are required to be attested as a constable by making a declaration before a justice of the peace that he will duly execute the office of constable, with no specific words prescribed in the Act. These constables include such as the Kew Constabulary and others (but not all others) responsible for some public parks.
Constables obtaining their powers from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Provisional Order Confirmation (Greater London Parks and Open Spaces) Act 1967 are required to be attested in accordance with that Act. These include staff employed to protect local authority housing estates and parks in individual boroughs in Greater London. Examples include the Wandsworth Parks Police and the Hampstead Heath Constabulary.

British Transport Police
Constables of the BTP are required by s.24 of the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003 to make one of the following attestations depending on the jurisdiction in which they have been appointed :
In England and Wales The same oath as prescribed in the Police Act 1996 (as now amended by the Police Reform Act 2002), i.e., the same oath as prescribed for a constable appointed under the Police Acts.
Original Source

Police Reform Act
Note : the definition of an Act is a play a deception, nothing other than a set of rules and regulations, therefore a Statutory Act is not a Law. Therefore any Act which changes the role of a police Constable is unlawful, it is a play by the Crown via the government in which they present a play which they then promote as reality and one we all must follow, deception at best, treason and fascism at its worst in that they do not explain your right to deny the authority of the statute rules.. All Statutes require your consent before they be enforced against your name, no consent the statutes cannot touch you.
The above explains in full why we must not under any circumstances follow the Contingency Act which is now our entire body politic, taking precedence over our common law foundation. We no longer exist as a democracy we exist under Contingency, this is treason by the Crown in forming corporate ministries in place of civil departments. In the creation of the Ministry for Justice, Constitutional law is no longer precedent, they enforce Statutes. lifeinthemix disputes this play, this Act, in the strongest possible terms. When you have the situation whereby the Minister for Justice takes his dictate directly from the London School of Economics coming directly out of Adelphi House, it becomes clear the Queen and the Crown she represents have full and complete control of all that has gone on in this country which is destroying our whole way of life and balanced foundation, we traced down their headquarter to Adelphi terrace off the Strand in London, we call them the John Adam Street Gang.

The Police Reform Act 2002 (c.30) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom
Amongst the provisions of the Act are the creation of the role of Police Community Support Officer, who have some police powers whilst not being sworn in constables, and the ability for Chief Constables to confer a more limited range of police powers on other (non-sworn in) individuals as part of Community Safety Accreditation Schemes.

The 2002 Act has been criticised as advancing efficiency, promoting public confidence in the system, and clamping down on anti-social conduct in pursuit of a populist agenda.
Section 59

Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 is a common tool now used by Police Constables & Police Community Support Officers to seize vehicles used in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance.
The legislation states where a constable in uniform has reasonable grounds for believing that a motor vehicle is being used on any occasion in a manner of careless/inconsiderate driving or prohibition of off-road driving and is causing, or is likely to cause, alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public the vehicle AND driver/rider can be issued an official warning or seized if this is impractical.
An example of being impractical would be the offenders leaving the vehicle/making off, or the vehicle being unregistered/uninsured and therefore a warning unable to be placed.
Official text of Police Reform Act 2002

It does not come any clearer than this, the Crown have manoeuvred the entire emergency services into an attack force, an attack force which is now controlled by private corporations which ultimately belong to the Corporate realm, a realm which includes the European Union, the United Nations, GAT, NAAFTA and all other contracts with foreign power structures, exactly what the Magna Carta forbids.

What we face on a global scale is the agenda of the Committee of 300, having removed western industry to their new playground China and India, with India set up to be submerged into the realm of China, they are moving to form a war bigger than any so far witnessed. The aim is clear, destroy the West as they retrain the East, bring east and west to a war footing then destroy the whole show. The military might of the Committee of 300 is where it has always been on the oceans. 

Not a great future at all, yet when it comes down to demolishing this agenda, it comes back to an individual level, do you consent to be governed by statute rules of contract, or do you demand your god given rights under the constitution our forefathers gave us?

This question is for everyone to consider, be you citizen or office holder; freedom or dictatorship? That is the question.

When A Government Becomes A Corporation, What You Need To Know

[1] Halsbury’s Laws of England

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