Using A Promissory Note

Using a Promissory Note

First of all it is important to remember that the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 (and many Statutes subsequently) consider a Promissory Note to be the same thing as “cash”.

This is reasonable, because a Promissory Note is only a ‘formal IOU’.

A judgement by the late Lord Denning can be quoted, based on this. It says a Bill of Exchange, once tendered, has to be treated as cash . . .

The principle is that a bill, cheque or note is given and taken in payment as so much cash, and not as merely given a right of action for the creditor to litigate a counterclaim (see Jackson v Murphy [1887] 4 T.L.R. 92).”We have repeatedly said in this court that a Bill of Exchange or a Promissory Note is to be treated as cash. It is to be honoured unless there is some good reason to the contrary” (see per Lord Denning M.R. in Fielding & Platt Ltd v Selim Najjar [1969] 1 W.L.R. 357 at 361; [1969] 2 All E.R. 150 at 152, CA)

So, if a promissory Note is tendered, and it is rejected, then there was no ‘debt’ in the first place.

If the Promissory Note is accepted, then the ‘debt’ no longer exists (because it’s been paid in full).

This is particularly relevant in the case of Attachments to Earnings Orders, whereby a clown calling himself a ‘Judge’ will rubber-stamp such an ‘order’ (usually via the Northampton Bulk Clearing Centre), and a craven set of cowardly Employers will start to make salary or wage deductions.

The rubber stamped ‘order’ was (of course) UNLAWFUL and VOID … but no-one will listen to any protestations in that respect.

However a Promissory Note can put ‘the boot on the other foot’.

Click here for the Template (You would need to get it Notarised click here to see how that is done)

And here’s what you can do with it.

You create one, and send it to whoever has got the rubber-stamped ‘order’ against you.

They will reject it (of course).

When they do, you can write to them pointing out Lord Denning’s judgement. 

They may not write back. Or they may do … it really doesn’t matter … or matter what they say

Because you can eventually take the situation to the point whereby you can claim that

(a) Either the Promissory Note PAID IN FULL,


(b) There was no ‘debt’ in the first place.

Either way:

(a) Continued deductions are a continued series of CRIMINAL ACTS against you,


(b) The original action was a CRIMINAL ACT against you.

And that this can only be righted by:

(a) Stopping all deductions forthwith,


(b) PAYING YOU BACK EVERYTHING THEY TAKEN ***WITH INTEREST*** (as per ‘normal business practice’).

The boot is now on the other foot.

If they don’t stop IMMEDIATELY, then they are making themselves (i.e. the Sender of the letters you have received, or the Originator of the phone calls you have received – that have made you sqirm) subject to a Private Criminal Prosecution (click for details), for “Misconduct in Public Office … click link” (maximum penalty = LIFE IMPRISONMENT).

That might – just might – sort things out for you? What do you think? Would you like to be some small-time clerk, in an office in Gateshead, and be told you could be sent to prison for life – if you carry on? Isn’t it time to make THEM squirm?

What happens if I do this, and they claim the IOU?

They can’t. They can’t ever do that because you’ve said that you’ll pay them “… subsequent to the Bank of England having honoured their promise on their banknotes“. Which the Bank of England can NEVER do, because ‘money’ is only ever an ILLUSION … has always been so … and will always be so.

The Bank of England can never fulfill on the promise they make on every banknote. It’s an ILLUSION, and everyone who thinks that’s ‘money’ – is living under a DELUSION.

The Bank of England have only ever promised “The Pot of Gold, at the End of the Rainbow“.

You don’t believe me? Try it. Try going to the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street, offering them a £10 note (which bears the wording “I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND THE SUM OF £10”, and is thus a Promissory Note), saying “I’m the Bearer, and wish to exchange this for your promise of the sum of ten pounds”.

They’ll frog-march you out, lock the doors, and call the Police.

Simply because “a sum of ten pounds” does not exist … never has … and never will.

It’s an ILLUSION. And a piss-take. In fact the MOST GINORMOUS PISS-TAKE EVER.

People slave, from cradle to grave, for AN ILLUSION.

People kill for AN ILLUSION.

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