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Affidavit Of Obligation Commercial Lien Salusbury Harding & Barlow

All this started when i received an email from my sister to which resulted in myself serving my ex solicitor a Notice of Interest and the start of a commercial lien process. Below is what happened within the affidavit of obligation commercial lien which has never been answered/replied to let alone with substance for a […]


Public Notice Salusbury Harding And Barlow

TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN A Common Law Commercial Lien has been LAWFULLY established between myself, Steven: of the family Kirk, and the individual who accepts liability for the Names “Lisa Mandy Bacon January 1967, Colin Derek Gooch September 1951, Richard Jonathan Poyner June 1959, Clive Roy Cook May 1964, Robert Ian Hilton-Tapp December 1966, […]