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A restricted area ‘ salt mines ‘  is where the Government hide information that is not to be examined or seen by the public.  Access is severely restricted to top level officials and the contents of any file are sealed and kept under coding only known to the secret services, who do not come under ‘ the  freedom of information act’.

‘ The illegal speed trap and the £1.5 million refund ‘

It took ten years to make Dorset Council and Government Officials realised that they were breaking the law.  Almost 25,000 motorists are now to receive compensation and have their wrongly awarded penalty points revoked from their licences.  All of this could have been avoided if anyone at the council had half a brain.  The error occurred as far back as 1997, but they didn’t want to admit that they had got things wrong, something that all the councils do, mostly on the advice of their chief solicitor, and that tells it all.

‘ How to con the NHS and the firm that actually did ‘

DAVID WELSH was the boss of a Diving School in Plymouth, honest and upstanding? definitely not, but thought to be so by Plymouth residents and business associates.  He and his partner Andrew Walker entered into a conspiracy to defraud the National Health Service by faking clients and billing the NHS for services rendered – when in fact no service was given.  He charged the Health Trust £6,500 a time with these false claims he regularly submitted.  His company Fort Bovisand swindled the trust out of £250,000 pretending to treat divers in need of his compression chamber by paying strangers for their personal details for £200 each.  Welsh went to prison for five years and his pal jumped bail before serving his two year sentence.

BOOKS for Reference;


‘ The Fall of Scotland Yard ‘

Barry Cox, John Shirley and Martin Short  expose police corruption and malpractice which involved high ranking officers.  They publish the results of this third corruption inquiry since 1969.  This disturbing story and its implications within the police service were a glimpse of what was to come.

A Penguin Special first published in 1977.

‘ The Poisoned Tree ‘

Kevin Taylor, a police target, gives the complete picture of the police conspiracy to destroy him over his friendship with John Stalker, a former top cop who was gagged over issues on policing during investigations he was carrying out.  The abuse of police power could not be stretched further in this account of deceit and the cops attempts to fabricate evidence against Kevin Taylor.  The Manchester police ended up paying Mr. Taylor substantial compensation.

Published by Sidgwick and Jackson ISBN 0-283-06056-6  1990.

‘ Bent Coppers ‘

James Morton gives a new slant on police corruption in this study going from 1829 and the corrupt bow st runners, replaced by the new police.  The force within four years had dismissals of over a third of them involved in allegations of brutality, sexual assaults, assaulting prisoners, bribery and more, which have been repeated over the past 160 years, now at the present time — 176 years.  Bent Coppers is  the first study into police deviance in all its forms.  He delves into the corruption of the Robbery, Vice and Drugs Squads into the 1990’s and shows that corruption is unlikely to be eradicated.  He also shows and confirms that these conditions and practices cannot be worked without the knowledge and silence of other officers.

He also examines both why and how there has been a continuing reluctance among senior officers, lawyers, judges and magistrates alike to listen to to allegations of corruption and stamp it out.

Published by Little, Brown and Company.  ISBN 0 – 316 – 90525 – 9    1993.

‘ Policing by Coercion ‘

Louise Christian reveals the darker side of on the street policing, the victims of racially inspired cops, the misuse of police powers and the inability of the police to obey their own rules and guidelines.  It gives details of ‘stop and search ‘ and how this is leading to complaints of ill treatment by officers.  Unlimited police powers that threaten liberty and Britain getting more closer to a Police State.

Pluto Press.  SBN 7168 – 1336 – X

‘ In the Name of the Law ‘

David Rose looks at the collapse of criminal justice as he investigates wrongful arrests by the police that lead to wrongful acquittals.  He explains how the law has escaped analysis for too long because of its mystical and ill-conceived position in social order.  He looks at investigations never before aired in the public domain and questions the police tactics used and the ‘too close ‘ connection of some police and the crooks they are supposed to be eliminating for the good of society. 

Published by Jonathan Cape. ISBN 0 – 224 – 0344 – 7.  1996.

‘ THE FORCE – Inside the Police ‘

Robert Chesshyre looks into the police organisation and reveals the crisis that confronts the police.  He reveals that police officers are now held in such low public esteem that they are no longer believed by juries due to police malpractice which has eroded trust between the police and the policed.  He shows the confusing state and clash between loyalty to their colleagues and their duty to the public and the mistrust that it has fostered.

Published by Sidgwick and Jackson.  ISBN 0 – 283 – 99872 – 5  1989.

‘ Police Power and Black People ‘

Derek Humphrey writes on the issue of how the police treat ethnic communities.  He investigates the supposed equality and the judges and magistrates who pay lip service to it only.  ‘ Are all people of whatever colour equal under British Law ? this seems unlikely as he reveals that the blacks receive worse treatment in the hands of the police, and courts.  Victimization by police, denial of basic liberties, and cases of harassment.

Published by Panther.  588 – 03731 – 4  1972.

‘ The Boys in Blue ‘

Christina Dunhill looks into the women and the police.  She looks into the failures of the police into treatment of women in rape cases and the problem of women in the police force who are held back by male colleagues who see them as second class.  What happens to those of us who find ourselves on the receiving end of police powers?  the book looks at contemporary policing from the point of view of women who have requested police action, and of those who have had action taken against them.

Published by Virago Press.  ISBN 0 – 86068 – 967 – 0   1989.

‘ HILLSBOROUGH – The Truth ‘

Philip Scraton introduces this revised edition after two senior police officers are brought to court by the private prosecution for manslaughter by two families.  It examines the 7 week trial.  It shows the inadequacy of the law to deal with the situation truthfully, the negligence by police officers and the alteration of police statements in the South Yorkshire Police, the managers, and their solicitors who perpetuated these activities in order to cover up lies and misconduct.  The Whitewash inquiry by the West Midlands Police and Lord Justice Taylor, and his refusal for a retrial on Chief Superintendent Duckenfield. It goes onto show a failure in the law that fails to provide appropriate means of access, disclosure and redress for the negligence of policing at Hillsborough.

Published by Mainstream Publishing Projects Ltd. ISBN  1 – 84018 – 156 – 7   2000

‘ The Abuse of Power ‘

Patricia Hewitt writes about the eroding of civil liberties and how the police continue to use it to their own advantage, abuse it and rely on it to convict not only the guilty, but the innocent too.  She investigates Censorship and Secrecy and how it has enabled the police to threaten existing rights and freedom.  She shows the blatant problem of ‘ Proof ‘ and how the law tends to rely on the evidence of police officers alone. The case of the three boys arrested by police on charges of arson were convicted on police evidence and three years later had their convictions quashed as a result of ‘ unreliable evidence’ and only received £65,000 between them for three years spent wrongly detained.

Published by Martin Robertson – Oxford.  ISBN  0 – 85520 – 379 – X  1982.

‘ Wasting Police Time ‘

David Copperfied Pc. writes on police matters within the force in an attempt to provide some hilarity whilst confessing and showing us the way senior officers waste our money while fiddling the crime figures to meet bogus Home Office targets.  He says ‘ why can’t you find a policeman when you want one? because they are down at the station writing reports, photocopying anything, stapling and filing when they are not getting caught up in petty squabbles of the underclass.  It goes on to claim the Chief Constables will not like the revelations in the book and that the policeman author wrote under the name of COPPERSBLOG.

Published by Monday Books.   ISBN 978 – 0 – 9552854 – 1 – 7    2007.

‘ Corruption and Misconduct ‘

Alan Doig investigates the police in our society and the ‘ Operation Countryman ‘ scandal focusing on why police officers are susceptible to malpractice.  Operation Countryman was one of the biggest and expensive investigations into police corruption.  From the start it was bedevilled by officers who were hell bent on scuppering the investigating officers by non attendance and some merely left the force to avoid court action.  100’s of officers were involved, but only a few were every charged, and the Government abruptly closed the investigation.

Mr. Doig also includes cases of Government misconduct in this book, the Poulson Affair. and the roll local government officials/ MPs/civil servants/police officers played in the case.

Published by Penguin Books.  ISBN  0 -14 – 02.2346 0   1984.


Stephen Knight looks into the secret world of the Freemasons and the connection with the police.  It looks into scandals involving the police and Masonic influence surrounding some of them.  Whilst looking at the way the police are covered by oaths of allegiance within the society and influence exerted outside, it questions the part the Barristers and Judges play in things as they too join the masons. 

Published by Granada Publishing Ltd.  1984

‘  Inside the Brotherhood ‘

Marin Short (The Fall of Scotland Yard) reveals further secrets of the Freemasons in this follow-up to Stephen Knight’s ‘ THE BROTHERHOOD ‘    He once again looks into police corruption particularly in such cases as the ‘ Stalker Affair ‘  and the ‘Woollard Inquiry ‘  He shows how the Freemasons can alter careers, even break them and the murky influence they have on British Justice.  The Lodges and the refusal of cops to admit their memberships whilst maintaining that everything is above board yet offering no proof that it actually is.

Published by Grafton Books.  ISBN  0 – 246 – 13020 – 2  1989.

‘ The Stalker Affair and the Press ‘

David Murphy looks into the aftermath of the Stalker story and the amazing actions the Manchester Constabulary took to muddy things, and the Northern Ireland puzzle over their suspension of this senior officer.  He was removed from all duties and allegations of misconduct were made against him.  By 1988 it was acknowledged that all ten charges against him had been lodged in an attempt to pervert the course of justice by Royal Ulster Constabulary officers.

Published by Unwin Hyman.   ISBN 0 – 04 – 445411 –   2 HB       1991


JOHN STALKER former Deputy Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police gives his own account of the affair which led to his suspension and the bogus charges that eventually led to his early retirement.  He explains the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s fury at his report on ‘ the shoot-to-kill policy ‘ being practiced at the time.  How he was gagged by fellow police and the attack on his friend Kevin Taylor that followed.  He explains how he ‘trod on toes ‘ and invited those in the police force who wanted him out without knowing it. 

Published by Harrap.  ISBN  0 – 245 – 54616 – 2         1988.

‘ Police Corruption ‘

TIM PRENDER writes about the many facets of misconduct in the UK police.  His book boasts of the full story behind abuse of process, bribery and other crimes committed by policemen of all ranks.  The book is available in hardback from Tesco Entertainment through their stores and book service. 2008

Information; publishers not ascertained — private limited copies run. ISBN not established.

‘ White Law ‘

A BOOK BY PAUL GORDON who has researched the elements of racism practised in the Police, Courts and Prisons.  He tells of cases and accounts where racism is covered up and the victims largely forgotten, and even when some are brought before the court, they find no justice there because of a bias towards them.  He deals with the prison system and the cover-ups by warders on victimisation of ethnic minorities and blacks, confirming much of the suspicion that racism in the law is ever present and not going away whatever whitewash is invented to fool the public.  (Review comment – ‘impressive’ New Society )

Information: Publishers – Pluto Books. Pluto Press Ltd. The Works, 105a Torriano Avenue, London NW5 1YP

‘ BUDDY BOYS ‘  When good cops turn bad ‘

Mike McAlary gives us an insight to American Cops and the corruption that penetrates the precincts.  Mike deals with the New York Police Corruption and the cops that are eventually turned to become crooked.  The Brooklyn 77th Police Precinct revealed corrupt police officers who made the news in the New York Newsday.  It all began when Internal Affairs persuaded one officer to give them a list of cops who were killing, robbing and blackmailing suspects to get money and cover their crimes.  His investigations helped break the Alamo Scandal; he recounts the shocking story of a precinct gone mad in a world where the lines between integrity and greed, law and lawlessness have blurred into a purgatory of corruption, violence and tragedy.

Published by G.P.Putnam’s Sons/ New York.  ISBN 0 -399 – 13295 – 3   1987.

‘ AN AFFAIR OF STATE — The Profumo Case and The Framing of Stephen Ward ‘

This deals with the police framing of Stephen Ward and the Government’s use of the police to silence Ward by any means; even if they were unlawful.  It deals with the eventual trial which had already been decided on by a judge selected by the Government to bring Stephen Ward down.  Met Cops were assigned to get anything on Ward and urged to fabricate it when necessary. They wanted his conviction at any cost in order to take the heat of a Government Minister who was compromised by a sex scandal that was about to blow the lid off the U.K. Government and reveal far more than they decided the public ought to know.  There was ‘a farce trial’ staged that already had its verdict of guilty.  The Police team calmly walked away from their subversive actions and were never brought to trial — they couldn’t be, the state had used them as a weapon and tool to get Ward.

Written by Phillip Knightley and Caroline Kennedy.  Guild Publishing — Jonathan Cape 1987.

‘ BENT COPS ‘   The Brighton Corruption

This 150 page paperback book mainly deals with the case of corruption in Brighton and the downfall of the Chief Constable Charles Ridge, along with two CID officers who were jailed as a result of the case being taken to the Old Bailey.  The case concerned the ‘Conspiracy to solicit and obtain rewards’    (case of 1957) The author was in fact a police officer who joined the Brighton Police after the scandal.

Wriiten by David Rowlands of Finsbury Publishing — ISBN: 978-0-9539392-7-5 


This rather full and thick paperback edition features, dirty cops, bent justice and racism in Scotland Yard. It is considered an expose of great work carried out relentlessly by two leading investigative journalists who went for their targets and spilled the beans revealing many unknown practices and skulduggery within the police force. A work that was painstakingly put together after much research. The authors claimed that Scotland Yard tried to prevent publication.  The book in total is 783 pages, being one of the most in-depth studies of police corruption ever attempted, and it took five years to complete.

Written by Michael Gillard and Laurie Flynn….Bloomsbury Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4482 0903 3   published 2004


Dealing with the issue of corrupt cops it explores police deviance and crimes committed by police officers most of which was when they were actively on duty.  A journalist of quality, he gives lots of detailed work and also features as many cases as he can without sparing the police their embarrassment. It is referred to as the definitive edition by critics, and said to be the most comprehensive one to date.  It is 256 pages in length.

Written by Maurice Punch. Published by Willan- 2009.  ISBN 978-1843924104


Another book of the same title but written by another author.  It is said to look into the goings on at Scotland Yard and the troubles they encountered over cases that revealed wrongdoing by some officers.  Critically, it is flawed in that there are accusations that he tended to go easy on the Met despite his mandate to expose corruption. It is also said that he rather features himself too much and therefore covered less of the actual subject, and is further accused of too much repetition. It is 272 pages in length.

Written by Graeme McLagan.  Published by Weidenfield and Nicolson  2003  ISBN 978-0297830931


A Book mainly telling of the Met’s Crime Squad and the ‘Dirty Dozen’ revealing the work of the Undercover Cops who kept one step ahead of the CIB (Internal Corruption Squad), and how they were a law unto themselves as they fixed things, denied suspects of their rights and did away with incriminating evidence….retired policeman Duncan MacLaughlin who spent 20 years in the Central Drugs squad and Regional Crime Squad adds more info to the tarnished reputation of the 1980 squads who were ‘a little bruised by corruption’ as they worked undercover at Scotland Yard…….not entirely forthcoming, but enough to see the apples turning sour in the orchard….we call the Police Service.   It is 255 pages in length.

Written by Duncan MacLaughlin and William Hall.  Published by Mainstream 2002  ISBN 1 84018 5764


A book about a miscarriage of justice, The Lancashire Police and flimsy evidence…pursued until an innocent man spent four years in jail for a crime he did not commit.  Incredibly, the innocent man was ex-cop Noel Fellowes, who was sentenced to 7 years.  Ludovic Kennedy a pioneer of outing rough justice hit out at the Lancashire CID and Detective Chief Superintendent Mournsey who suppressed evidence of other suspects in order to get a confession out of Fellowes…..who’s conviction was quashed at the Court of Appeal.

Written by Noel Fellowes.  Published by Lion Publishing 1986.   ISBN 0 86760 830 7

‘ The biggest gang in Britain’ and ‘ Fifty shades of Black and Blue ‘

BOOKS OR VIDEOS?  but available on the Internet and payment by PayPal……Conspiracies and cover-ups by police according to the author who uses a web page to illustrate what he is offering in the way of information about bad cops and the police service etc.

Author – Stephen Hayes. (Best to search Internet for Stephen Hayes or the Two titles, which should be enough)

NB: There are several others in addition to the above if one searches the Web, indicating the subject of police corruption has in fact become more visible, and more widespread than the police would like the public to know!



Michael Joseph lifts the lid on the box marked ‘ secret ‘ to show what Lawyers are really like.  The rogue lawyer infuriated the legal profession with his book ‘ THE CONVEYANCING FRAUD ‘ and in this he goes on to reveal that lawyers have been able to foist a ludicrous system of compensation on the British Public.  He accuses them of incompetence and corruption (Barristers and Solicitors).  He exposes the deliberate delays and the shabby way they treat their clients.

Mr. Joseph was a solicitor, and is therefore qualified to expose fellow lawyers.

Published by himself.   ISBN 0 – 9505023 – 2 4     1984.


Michael Joseph updates and revises his first book, which annoyed the Legal Profession in that he accuses them of maintaining ‘ a confidence trick of massive proportions ‘  He says in his introduction — the traditional system of house purchase and sale (conveyance)  as operated by solicitors; is so bad in the service they give the client, and so far removed from the claims they make for it amounts to fraud. — The art of conveyance, as practiced by solicitors, is to do as little work as possible, while relieving the house buyer and seller of as much money as possible.  The fraud lies in the solicitors’ claim that they safeguard the house buyer in the most important purchase, whereas what they actually do is not only useless, it is worse than useless.’

Published by Michael Joseph.  ISBN 0 9505023 3 2   1989.

N.B.  The above book is a must for those who do not wish to be robbed by solicitors, the legal profession have been fleecing you for a very long time.  Do your own conveyance and save yourself lots of money.  Go online and search this book out, some copies are relatively cheap, and that is all in your favour.


Mark H. McCormack warns about the solicitors and Barristers who steer proceedings so that they are drawn out, and that means – the longer a case draws on, the less it is worth, except to a lawyer.  He goes on to say lawyers don’t service legal business, they create it.  He says much of the resentment solicitors and barristers face is well deserved, he used to be a lawyer.   He also says that in a world where time is money, lawyers are masters at stalling.  Everything you suspected about solicitors and Barristers is more or less true.

Published by Collins.   ISBN  0 -00 -217869 – 9    1987.


David Pannick comments about the judges that he has seen and met, and as by way of a history tells of the judges that were corrupt and those that were sacked before powers were introduced to make them immune from public prosecution.

Published by The Oxford University Press  ISBN 0 -19-282236-5 1988


SIMON LEE takes us behind some of the controversial decisions made by judges — looking at some of the derisive and ludicrous attempts to satisfy Government through the Judiciary.  He enlightens the situation of politics using judges to enforce the whim and absurdities, and the failure of judges to realise what their role is to the public who pay their salaries.   He shows what happens when the law misuses its power in ‘The Supreme Injustice’ and how Rights are seen, damaged and twisted to suit decisions.

Published by Faber and Faber  ISBN  0-571-14830-1  1988


The book by Judge Constance Briscoe, a biography that had her mother furious and a court case then ensued.  More amazing than spectacular, as it deals with abuse ‘suffered in childhood’ by Constance Briscoe who is at the current time of publishing this, being charged with forgery and perverting the course of justice.  Constance Briscoe was and is a Barrister, who in 1996 elevated to part-time Judge. She is married to Barrister Tony Aldridge QC and lives in London.

Published by Hodder and Stoughton.  2006  ISBN 0340 89597 7


‘ The Abuse of Power ‘

James Margach looks at the political figures and scandals surrounding government failures.  Royal Commissions, tribunals, threats of official secrets act and the might of the law.  Downing Street deploys its own array of ‘ dirty tricks’ when the heat in the kitchen is at its most intense.

Published by W.H.Allen and Co.  ISBN 0 352 30300 X   1978.


David Craig reveals the incompetence, cover-ups and cuts that new labour has undertaken over eleven years.  He shows the wasted spending introduced by Gordon Browne that is amounting to trillions of taxpayer’s money.  Mismanagement has led to more bureaucrats and unimaginable sums of wasted money. 

Published by Constable. London.  ISBN 978 – 1 – 84529 – 832 – 6    2008.

‘ The Bumper Book of Government Waste ‘

Matthew Elliott and Lee Rotherham (Taxpayers Alliance)  highlight crazy spending, utter incompetence all funded by the taxpayer and invented by the Government on our behalf.  This comprehensive book shows the Government in a state of spend, spend, spend, and it will all get better.  But the Taxpayers Alliance shows that this will not happen.  Billions are being thrown away as Government Departments overspend their budgets.

Published by Harriman House Ltd. Hampshire.   ISBN 1 -897 – 59779 – 7    2006.

‘The Penguin BOOK OF LIES ‘

AN ANTHOLOGY of deceit and whopping great lies told by eminent figures in government and beyond.  Among the many are — The Westland Affair, The Spy catcher Affair and economical with the truth! — The Profumo Affair, and the security smears surrounding Harold Wilson and many more.

Published by Viking and the Penguin Group –  ISBN 0-670-82560-3 1990.


Malcolm Balen looks into the South Sea Bubble crash and the first great Financial Scandal in England.  A share scandal and monumental deceit involving government at the highest level, which was quietly covered up and hidden.  The deception involved the establishment, King and the Church, who should have been brought down. The rotten edifice had supported the scam, but in the usual way of the English, the guilty parties were protected from the full force of justice.

Published by Fourth Estate, London. ISBN 1-84115-552-7


Nick Davies exposes the falsehood in his own profession – The Press, whom he admits are corrupt, and engage in distortion and propaganda.  He tells of corrupt cops, council and government evil, all not covered by the press as it should be.  He tells us of the lazy reporting, lies and other antics by colleagues.

Published by Random House, ISBN 9780701181451 2008


JOHN PILGER, Investigative Journalist, War Correspondent, Winner of many awards brings out the book all those who have been brushed aside as ‘loony theorists and conspiracy geeks’ wished they’d read. He lifts the lid on Governments who have lied and cheated the people, UK, USA, EUROPE and ASIA… revealing deception intended to suppress acts of utter contempt by the powers that cover-up and make information impossible to be seen (so they thought) in order to further greed and access to power — political and economic. He exposes Asia and schoolchildren being made to kneel and then being shot dead by soldiers, arms being conveniently sifted through ‘ backdoor’ Singapore and drug barons of Burma using companies in Singapore to launder money and no-one in Singapore deterring this. British Military atrocities via concentration camps more evil than the Nazis yet run by British Soldiers. Indonesia mass killing not meant to be questioned and anyone doing so imprisoned and tortured. USA and UK Police brutality and the denials and whitewash campaigns to save face. Deals made that cost human life and suffering in Asia brokered by the UK and USA. for financial gain and cooperation.  He tells of discussions with leaders and high ranking civil servants who told him of things that will be denied if ever told in the press………..papers and documents made to disappear so they cannot be called into account if something should go wrong…..this expose, 610 pages in length is an eye opener to those who seek real information, researched and accounted for by a world renown journalist and author of incredible stature.


Published by Vintage, 20, Vauxall Bridge Rd, London SW1V 2SA    ISBN 0 09 974151 2  1998.


2.1.  The right To Freedom of Expression.  Article 10.  Schedule 1,  Paragraph 1.   HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998.

The right to hold opinions/ impart information and ideas without interference by Public Authority and regardless of frontiers.

Libel was never designed to suppress this right, but UK courts and Lawyers continue to abuse it.

How to avoid libel and defamation damages — and stack up the costs for the state.

This might seem like difficult advice, but one must remember in law that libel must have a winner who can get a cash reward in the amount of damages.  There is no prison unless it can be proved you harassed them.  So if you gather your points and tell all at one time believing it to be true and publish it once and leave it, there is no harassment there.  Libel and defamation is a silencing tool and one should consider that and look for a safe place to publish it without having it removed easily.  —- outside the UK.

Your first step is to get a document of transfer with seal and sign over your entire estate including all monies to another person who you trust.  It must be witnessed to become legal and signed by the witness.  Your things and I mean all things are now someone else’s, they are now a third party and a judge cannot issue any order to make a third party liable.  However, one must do this transfer long before anyone takes you to court or any bailiffs come to take your goods (they cannot seize a third party’s goods), as the judge will directly link the transfer by date to deliberately perverting the course of justice.  If it has been done a year earlier when there is nothing happening, the prosecution would have to prove a link where one could not be found if you do your planning well.

Make sure the person who you transfer your goods to allows you full use and get them on the phone if the bailiffs come in connection with any high court order.  If they take anything the owner can prosecute them under the 1978 theft Act and request the police to act on it.  Action against the Judge and court can be done through the Lord Chancellor’s Department.

One more point — if you are employed with a company they can get an attachment of earnings to get money from you, whereas if you are self employed the courts cannot attach a levy at all.  It might be best to be unemployed which would leave the courts and claimant helpless as it is unlawful to leave you without enough to live on. 

You cannot get legal aid for libel cases so remember that.

To avoid the consequences of a gagging order use another name to fund and own the site as this will enable you to put it up  again under a new ownership and keep cd and flash copies of your site somewhere else other than where you live for safety.

If you have nothing, then there’s nothing they can get, and the bill increase for the court and claimant.


The strange thing is, the majority of British people condone corruption or look the other way because they do some of it themselves, if this was not true, then corruption would not exist.

One only as to look at a recent news item from the USA.  CORRUPTION IN NEW JERSEY.  Over forty people including mayors, religious leaders and businessmen have been arrested by the FBI for money-laundering and other offences.  These people have been involved with this for some time said one investigator, corruption is just a way of life to them he added.  Over ten years 150 people in New Jersey have been convicted for corruption.   This only goes to show that what this site shows is not only correct, but that we only scratch the surface in regard to the Lawyers, cops, and civil servants in Government, it probably reaches far deeper than just the subjects we cover.

The Internet reveals corrupt cops in other countries ‘

Luckily these days, the Governments and Authorities cannot suppress things as they used to — and get away with it.  Corrupt cops can now be listed and talked about in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada and many more countries showing that it is widespread and a growing menace to truth and freedom.  Type in corrupt cops in the search box on your opening browser and you will be amazed at the choice.  All this official response of ‘minor and only a few’ is completely untrue as we have shown you on this site.  But, even so, they will pedal out familiar denials and tell lies because a lie by them soon turns to truth because they have no other way out.

‘ Denmark suppresses evidence and groups monitoring corrupt police’

High ranking police officers have over many years, been actively taking suppressive action against individuals and groups in covert operations to silence critical information.  The listing and compiling of corrupt activities within the police and government officials is subject to swift elimination — one person who contacted us — and we cannot name him for his own safety says ‘ adverse publicity is removed or snatched by order of the government concerning criminal activities by police officers and officials of the Swedish Government.  Many people know of this, but many fear what might happen if they voice an opinion or mention bad cops.  Just making it known you are collecting material on them brings you into their target area — it makes it very difficult and puts off any genuine research which ought to be exposed to public scrutiny.’

THERE’S ONLY A FEW OF US THAT STAND AGAINST IT, that is why the perpetrators try to silence us.

NOTE – This site does not invite E-Mails- hence there is no contact address for that reason — or discussion on the reports herein, they will not be altered or amended (unless by editorial decision) or withdrawn  — they will continue to be shown as they are.  We do not look for public approval or ask for donations.  This site is privately funded, and will be for some years to come.  All the reports have files and they are not made up, we report corruption as it is and where it is.

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