Have you heard of Swissindo???

I recently came across Swissindo and have looked into it a fair bit to have this understanding and this is genuine and from what i have found out should have been in place in 2016 and this is to end world poverty and slavery that has been hidden for centuries.

JFK signed the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement 10 days before he was assassinated.

Everyone, every man, every woman and every child are entitled to the prosperity payments 1-11 which includes everyone have 6 million in currency and as well for men and women 1200 a month for life and the children have 600 a month until they reach adult age. Therefore NO ONE will every be poor, hungry, a slave ever again. But just like everything these corrupt bastards in the government and the puppet sat on a throne lie, deceive and murder anyone to keep their sick system in place a force everyone into slavery without knowledge or consent. This is done by the Birth Certificate which is fraud and unlawful and the legal system of lies and deceit will put people/persons in jail, fine them and treat them as slaves because you agree to be a legal fiction instead of a living breathing flesh and blood man or woman.

Like everything else i gave it a try and this is what has happened so far and because of their own actions i do believe the Swissindo is genuine and just like the Cestui Qui Vie trust that has been hidden for generations they are trying to hide this from the public especially with it being signed by the so called world leaders that have agreed to this and have deliberately kept it from every man woman and child across the world.

Here is the website addresses

Swissindo video and there are more on their website and documents and vouchers to download. Swissindo downloads.

NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth -Video Archive

The page to the above link and it has a lot of people with the M1 voucher.

Swissindo FAQ’s this short video explains what has happened and why everyone is entitled to the payments which ARE being deceitfully withheld by the corrupt bankers politicians and the person that agreed to the prosperity payment the queen.


Have a look at the site and download any and all documents fill them out which I will provide the links to some videos that will tell you what to do and where to put your IBAN number and you National insurance number.

In  depth discussion on Swissindo

Neelu Berry trying to claim her payments at halifax bank.

Neelu Berry at barclays bank about 1930: Geneva Convention Statelessness Treaty… UK tried to ban Gold in the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227 21 Sept 1931 League of Nations responded with the Uniform Commercial Code, International Trading law under Gold Federal Reserve Act 1933 treasonously banned Gold 17 Aug 1945, League of Nations Quarantined the Gold under Quarantine laws that anything hidden for 70 years belongs to no-one, but everyone equally The banks were licensed under the 1963-11-14-Green Hilton Memorial Agreement in the 1960’s to honour the Gold (to stop taxes and Interest charges on loans – JFK was assassinated to continue with taxes and usury, inflation, slavery of man by profit led corporations violating the oath to God to maintain God’s laws to serve and protect God’s children which is Treason. The 70 years matured on 17 Aug 2015, to mandate Gold and deem all banks as Gold Mandate Prosperity Payments 1-11 Distribution hubs. PAYMENT ORDER 1-11 This is God’s Mission known as a MANDATE to free and unite the 7.5 billion people through PAYMENT ORDER 1-11. PAYMENT ORDER 1-11 to all 253/357 Countries. It will support the Governments of the World in the implementation of: INDIVIDUAL DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION (DBL): up to a total maximum of Rp. 2,000,000,000 (Two Billion Rupiah) each. CORPORATE DEBT BURDEN LIBERATION :up to the amount of USD $2,000,000,000 (Two Billion US Dollars) each. COUNTRY QUOTA: US$138,990,000,000,000 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Trillion, Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion) each. BANK QUOTA: US$138,990,000,000,000 (One Hundred and Thirty Eight Trillion, Nine Hundred and Ninety Billion) each. HUMAN OBLIGATION: US$6,000,000 (Six Million Dollars) per person, from 17 years of age and with a legal identity and students earn a monthly basic income of US$600 (Six Hundred Dollars) and adults US$1200 (One Thousand and Two Hundred Dollars) for the rest of their lives. THE VENUS PROJECT for the Construction of the Universe: Mr. Jacque Fresco is the mastermind of this magnificent project which represents the culmination of his life’s work: the integration of the best of science and technology within a comprehensive plan for a global society based on human and environmental concern will soon be ours to enjoy. Collectively Known as the WORLD SOLUTION GIFT OFFER For the Highest Good of All 

Neelu Berry at co-operative bank

In the videos Neelu explain what to do with the vouchers and you will need your IBAN number which can be found here.

Here is what i have sent into my bank the Natwest

Their behavior says it all and inside this infinite bank statement you can see the names of all the world leaders that have signed the agreement and have failed to deliver on their promises yet again it is a never ending pattern with these totally corrupt parasites who feed of everyone else and have never done a hard days graft in their entire life and think they are above everyone and keep us all in poverty and slavery. I do not like the all seeing eye on the infinite bank statement as well as the numbers 33 everywhere but if this was signed by JFK and we should have had this payment over 50 years ago and that is the only thing at the moment i have found and do not like but as long as no RFID chip is mentioned or insisted upon it is genuine and something else the corrupt puppets/parasites are deliberately withholding from every man woman and child to deliberately keep everyone in slavery without consent or knowledge.

The more people that do this the more chance we have of getting what we are entitled to and not as a benefit and put the record straight and get rid of all this corruption, tyranny, slavery by the treasonous government and royals and lets not forget the scum of the earth the fucking rothschilds low lifes these all need to be held accountable for the actions on humanity it is totally unacceptable now and at anytime.