First Edition of Halsbury’s Laws of England Digitized

Posted on March 21, 2017

By Alan Kilpatrick

The first edition of Halsbury’s Laws of England has been digitized and made freely available by the University of Toronto Robarts Library. Halsbury’s Laws of England, a comprehensive and popular legal encyclopedia covering all areas of English law, has been published for over a century and is currently in its fifth edition.

For some, the first edition of Halsburys constitutes a benchmark for Canadian and Saskatchewan law. Fortunately, you can now access the first edition of this seminal encyclopedia, originally published from 1907 to 1917 across 31 volumes, right on your desktop.

You can find an online index to all 31 digitized volumes here. Links to each volume can be found below:

Volume 1: Action to Bankers and Banking
Volume 2: Bankruptcy to Bills of Exchange
Volume 3: Bills of Sales to Burial and Cremation
Volume 4: Carriers to Commons
Volume 5: Companies
Volume 6: Compulsory Purchase of Land to Constitutional Law
Volume 7: Constitutional Law to Contract
Volume 8: Copyholds to County Courts
Volume 9: Courts to Criminal Law
Volume 10: Crown Practice to Dependencies and Colonies
Volume 11: Descent and Distribution to Ecclesiastical Law
Volume 12: Education to Electric Lighting
Volume 13: Equity to Evidence
Volume 14: Execution to Fisheries
Volume 15: Food and Drugs to Guarantee
Volume 16: Highways to Income Tax
Volume 17: Industrial, Provident, and Similar Societies to Interpleader
Volume 18: Intoxicating Liquors to Libels and Slander
Volume 19: Lien to Malicious Prosecution and Procedure
Volume 20: Markets and Fairs to Misrepresentation and Fraud
Volume 21: Mistake to Partition
Volume 22: Partnership to Post Office
Volume 23: Powers to Railways and Canals
Volume 24: Rates and Rating to Revenue
Volume 25: Royal Forces to Sheriffs and Bailiffs
Volume 26: Shipping and Navigation to Solicitors
Volume 27: Specific Performance to Trover and Detinue
Volume 28: Trusts and Trustees to Work and Labour
Volume 29: Consolidated Table of Cases
Volume 30: General Index A-L
Volume 31: General Index M to Z

In the introduction to the first edition, the Right Honourable Earl of Halsbury, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, explained that,

“The result is not a mere encyclopedia, it is not a mere collection of cases, but a number of treatises composed by learned lawyers, supported by the decisions of the great judges who have from time to time adorned the English Bench; and it is hoped that when finished the work will finish a complete statement of the Laws of England.”

We encourage you to check it out!

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