TAX needn’t be TAXING..

We’ve been getting a little entrenched in the commerce game lately, which never really did jump out as our saving grace due to the fact that it is all based upon fiction TITLES, ACTORS and PERSONS. If commerce is fiction created by men, then it can be easily twisted by men to suit them selves. It may be that the odd one or two of us will slip the net and claim we found the remedy, but soon as all the rest follow they’ll find they can’t get into the party even by using the exact same methods. So it’s come to our thinking that there can only be one sure fire way to deconstruct the assumed authority of any ‘living thing’ – fiction title – actor – authority – claimant – etc and that surely must be their own commercial book of ‘rules’ commonly called ‘The Bible’.

The SYSTEM we have been ‘subject’ to since the beginning takes its assumed authority from the Bible. A masterpiece of illusion written by Man, the Bible has been used to create the belief that we are something other than that which we really are. We have been educated to take the word of the Bible literally, when in fact we must see it symbolically to find the true reason for its existence. When we begin to see it for what it really is, we can then use it to our advantage, as those who perpetuate the current SYSTEM of control are forced to admit that in truth they have no authority other than their own assumed STATUS as ACTORS in the WORLD they have created on the earth. However as with all Grand Illusions, the trick, once exposed, brings down the whole house of cards as it implodes into itself. This is happening right now. An example of how we can use what we now see is to show anyone who claims to be an authority or is ACTING for an AUTHORITY that they too have been sucked into this myth and are being used to perpetuate it unknowingly.

If one were to draw a tree on paper would it be a tree? The answer is no, of course not. It’s a drawing of what appears to be a tree. So when we receive a piece of paper with a NAME on it from a COURT asking us to ‘appear’ is it really us? No, it is not. It is words on paper which we only see as us. It is this trick which forms the foundation of our enslavement. In a WORLD of fiction there can only be one resolve, that of the Truth. And the Truth is, that God is very cleverly switched to LORD God, and the whole SYSTEM of Law is built around LORD God’s rules.

Before any claim can be enforced it must first either meet with our acceptance or be JUDGED by some sort of recognised ‘authority’. But who or what are these JUDGES and where does their ‘authority’ come from? JUDGES are given their authority by the QUEEN. The QUEEN is given authority from the POPE. The POPE claims to be given authority directly from God. Until recently we have allowed ourselves to be fooled into thinking we are separate and of lesser significance than these RULERS which have used their TITLES to strip us of our born rights, freedoms, property and money. They see themselves as MASTERS and us as their SLAVES.

Before any of these ACTORS using fiction TITLES all representing LORD God can have any authority over us they must first gain our consent. They know that we are all God and God is all of us created in our image. LORD God represents Lucifer who is ultimately responsible to God. This could be why we have a House of LORDS. All representative of the SYSTEM designed to make us their SLAVES.

So before we go ‘paying’ the ‘bills’ we think we ‘owe’ as a ‘DEBT’ to ‘SOCIETY’ we might first consider why we think we owe them and ask those who perpetuate the SYSTEM a few choice questions. Just to make sure we do actually owe anything to anyone for the right to exist.

The LORD in the case of COUNCIL TAX is the LAND LORD. It takes its authority from the GOVERNMENT which uses its other fictions, the JUDGES and BAILIFFS to collect its TAXES. However quite simply all these TITLES are THINGS which, according to their foundation the Bible, have no dominion over us. It is we, who have dominion over they. We are real living beings. JUDGES, OFFICERS, COURTS, etc are fictional THINGS living or not, over which we as Man created Male or Female have dominion.

We as real living male and female beings are sacred and should never need to ‘pay’ for our existence. It is only FICTIONS and TITLES and NAMES which must pay. We need not believe in God, but so long as they think that we do, their self assumed authority is powerless.

It is not advisable that we as living beings ever attend a fictional COURT. In the light of this, we need to prepare for the eventual SUMMONS which will arrive ADDRESSED to the PERSON which has been ORDERED to APPEAR in a COURT. Before any of us attempt to question any fictional ACTOR, we must first gain a solid grounding of the truth and of who we really are.

The form here is one which draws attention to their foundation. In order for it to be successful we must be ready to defend ourselves against an ignorant SYSTEM which cares not for us as it is FICTION and can only recognise FICTION.

The bottom line is that no fictional THING could ever have dominion over a living being. And, if we are to question any claim for any BILL, TAX, FINE, or ORDER we must be prepared for any eventuality and to stand for what we know to be the Truth. This could mean defending our homes and property from other ACTORS such as BAILIFFS, COLLECTION AGENTS, OFFICERS and the like.

If any ‘body’ makes a claim to the property of another it must make that claim by ‘judgement’ of a COURT. All those which ‘Judge’ claim themselves to be given the ‘authority’ to make judgement by the QUEEN. So, an ACTOR in fiction gains its authority from another ACTOR which got theirs from another ACTOR in the role of POPE. All ad-MINISTERED via a network of COURTS and JUDGES and OFFICERS co-ordinated by the BAR ASSOCIATION dishing out its LICENSES to those worthy few who show their allegiance to Lucifer or ‘LORD God’ as he appears in the Bible.

The trick, of course is to make us forget we are Man created male/female by God as stated in Genesis 1: 26, 27, 28.  In Genesis 2 we are fooled by Lucifer (who makes his appearance as LORD God) into thinking we are PERSONS which have no rights and are not respected by God. Of course they’re not! They aren’t real! Man created male/female has Dominion over all Living Things. Hence all ACTORS at Law are Living Things representing LORD god and have no dominion over Man.

Over time, a catalogue of forms will be created which when used with a firm belief and understanding will slam any claim by any FICTION over which we as a real living male/female have dominion. When the PERSON is ADDRESSED by an OFFER or SUMMONS these new forms can be used to expose the Trick and express our Dominion over all Living Things upon the earth as stated in Genesis 1: 26, 27, 28.

It is hoped that all OFFICERS or any other TITLE will realise their game is up. And, should any claim reach a COURT, a specific form will be directed to the man ACTING as JUDGE or MAGISTRATE in chambers asserting our dominion over Living Things, JUDGES and TITLES and requiring him to deal with the matter out of COURT. A signed copy of the PERSON’s Birth Certificate is proof of Bond and an instrument the JUDGE can use to set off any matter.

The form shown here is directed toward COUNCIL TAX but can easily be modified to work against; TV LICENSE, PERSONAL TAX, PARKING FINES, etc.

Have a look at the form:

Notice the Forename appears in red, indicating a living male of female. Only the forename is used as NAMES and SURNAMES indicate PERSONS.

Notice that ‘Great Britain’ is used rather than UK or UNITED KINGDOM which is the STATE and not the area of land we live on.

A POST CODE indicates jurisdiction, hence we do not use them. Its use would indicate an ADDRESS which is the fictional TITLE. All COUNTRIES, NATIONS, COUNTIES, TOWNS etc are fictional and indicate jurisdiction.

The inclusion of Genesis 1: 26, 27 and 28 are powerful and paramount to our aim. Showing clearly that all ‘living things’ fall under our dominion as a living male/female. Are they going to argue the word of their own Bible?

This Form is just one example of how by using the very word of the Bible can empower us to protect our selves, our property, rights and freedoms. By alerting those in Office who unknowingly by their own ignorance of the truth, perpetuate frauds we not only rise above the myth, but help educate those involved. If we are to overcome our oppressors it falls upon us to show them who we really are and help them, to remember who they are.

Simply sending back any mail addressed to a PERSON will work, to a point. But the machine will continue to do what it does regardless. It is paramount therefore, that we stop it permanently by education. It is this which forms the reason for these documents.

 Forename   IN RED

Address line 1

Address line 2

Address line 3

Great Britain

The Acting OFFICER

Revenues & Benefits Service

Address 1

Address 2 (change where necessary)

Address 3


Your Reference No: ********/*** Page 1 of 2

Declaration of Dominion and Notice of Non Recognition

Dear Name of Sender

Deuteronomy 1:17 (Moses) : Ye shall not respect persons in judgment;

A letter from you has come to my attention today. The letter appears to be a Bill, to a PERSON, ‘NAME AS ON BILL’ and not me. As man created male/female by God it is vital for me to clarify at this time that I hold dominion over every living thing on earth. If you are ACTING as an OFFICER you are assuming the role of a CHARACTER and therefore neither male nor female and not capable of a meeting of minds. Proof of my dominion over any ACTOR can be found in the following text from the Bible which represents the foundation from which all commercial Actions and Actors derive their claimed authority

Genesis Chapter 1

[26] And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them

have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the

cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon thee earth.

[27] So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;

male and female created he them.

[28] And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and

replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and

over the fowl of the air, and over everyliving thing that moveth upon the earth.

It is therefore clear that if you are acting as an ‘OFFICER’ for the corporation known as ‘NAME OF OFFICE’ that you are re-presenting a TITLE which has no dominion over the living. Since I have dominion over all living things as defined in Genesis 1: 28 then it follows that I hold dominion over your TITLE and the corporation you are ACTING for until you can prove otherwise. Your paperwork is also created from the earth’s natural resources which are subject to my dominion.

Page 2 of 2

I conditionally agree to perform and to ACT on the paperwork you have sent, if you can satisfy me of the following points. If you cannot, it will be clear that you have no claim in the matter which you believe that you have and agree that no fictional entity or officer thereof has dominion over me and thus you abandon your claim.

Please provide the following proofs:

1. Either: a) Prove to me that you are God.

b) Prove to me that God gave you dominion over me while you act as an officer.

c) Prove to me that you stand between God and I.


2. Prove to me that a thing, a fictional entity, corporation, or officer thereof can have dominion over me.

3. Prove to me where, in the Bible that God states a law which requires me to pay ‘Council Tax’

4. Prove to me that a law which you are attempting to enforce applies to a living man created male/female by God.

5. Prove to me that I am not who I say I am and that I am a PERSON which is not to be respected according to Bible Law.

You must provide me with the clarification I require. If you do not respond by day/month/year

offering me full and concise clarification I will know that you cannot provide me with the information I require and must therefore be operating in a jurisdiction other than that of Gods Kingdom.

If you attempt to ignore me or trick me into paying a Bill which a fictional ‘PERSON’ owes by means of threat or fear of loss you will be called upon to express why. Since a ‘COUNCIL’ cannot speak, nor write, nor think rationally, whomsoever represents the ‘COUNCIL’ on its behalf will be asked to provide proofs to the points contained herein. And, should you choose to instruct the services of any 3rd party interloper (e.g. a COURT) it will also be asked to provide the same. A copy of this document will be supplied to any such interloper as evidence of your non response to this conditional offer.

Any correspondence you send which does not contain the clarification I require will be returned to you clearly marked REFUSED FOR CAUSE : NO CONTRACT

Honestly and Sincerely



All Rights Reserved

Encl: Your Original paperwork